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Usual disclaimers apply.
NOT for children!
This is written by adults for adults only. If you're too young to
legally read this then please find something more appropriate.
This text is copyrighted by Anna.X and Alex.X . The use on commercial
sites without our consent is prohibited. Please ask us for permission
if you plan any other publication than Usenet-use.
Thank you for your consideration.

For comments in regard to the following account you can contact . Feel free to share your own experiences.

(First revision 7/5/98)

He ain't heavy, he's my brother   Part 1 + 2   (M/F,  inc, cons)

The following account traveled large distances over time and space. In
the process it got translated into English by the current co-author.
The story begins on one evening in the year 1972 somewhere in West
Germany. Anna is a 30-year-old high schoolteacher for French language
and German literature who lives in the same apartment building as her
20-year-old brother Alex. Anna was born under the sign of Scorpio and
Alex under the sign of Aquarius. This evening changed their life in
certain ways forever.
Even 1972 in Europe was not an era when B/D or similar kinky stuff was
acceptable in society. The few people who practiced it were very
secretive about it. This might explain why 25 years had to pass before
Anna was interested and willing to publish her vivid memories of one
particular crazy night. Her style of writing was sometimes difficult
to translate and some details might have been lost in the translation.
English is not my natural language. German is though. [Hier wird
Deutsch gesprochen.]

Time permitting I will attempt to add a chapter or two of what
transpired after that particular night. (A few rather crazy things
happened.)  Anna chose to limit her participation to the following
story only.  

PLEASE:  NEVER give LSD or other potent drugs to people without their
consent! It might very well kill them or drive them insane under some

Part 1.      [by Anna]

It took me a while to even consider to write about these incidents
that happened over 25 years ago. But my brother was rather persistent
till I finally gave in. After starting over again and again twenty
times I realized that it is still difficult for me to talk about that
time period and our involvement. Mainly, because describing it
accurately means obviously to relive it in a way. I found out that I
was afraid to do that. This chapter was long closed for me. Staring
at my old diaries from my safe deposit box I finally got curious
enough to re-read the entries from 1972/73. I hadn't read them in a
very, very long time.
To be fair, the actual entries in my diary were a lot more brief than
what you will read later on. But after going over some of my notes my
memory somehow came back to me in more and more amazing details. I
will only tell you about the evening that started it all because to be
honest, I'm still not quite comfortable with the later encounters that
my brother usually initiated. Maybe I should have put that one night
of indulgence in perspective as an unusual aberration of life as it
sometimes happens and leave it at that. But the excitement and
attraction of the forbidden was still pulling on me with a subtle
strength thereafter. My brother often sensed that and took advantage;
took advantage of me. He is not to blame alone though, it takes two to
dance after all.
In a brief attempt to defend my pride I will say that we had only a
limited number of "encounters" but some of them seem still rather
embarrassing for me even today. In the safety of our mutual trust
(we're family after all) we sometimes explored a depth of intimacy
(kinkiness) hardly found in a "normal" relationship. I'm sure the
sociologists out there will disagree with me but I'm simply trying to
understand why we did what we did.

I'm most comfortable with the description of the one night that
started it all since I can claim to have been somehow impaired, under
the influence, of LSD that is. It might not have been very strong but
it was enough to erode some of the strict restraints that keep us
usually bound to the moral rules of society and culture we live in.

There is no moral to my story. Nobody got hurt, nobody got caught. We
somehow got away with it. There were no "bad" consequences for us or
others. When I got later involved with my future husband, the relation
with my brother returned to "normal" and we soon also went our
separate ways geographically.

On the other hand I can not recommend to anybody to get light-hearted
into such intimate relations. Society is rather unforgiving in such
matters and the moral punishment is usually swift and without mercy.
Once discovered, it can effectively destroy a whole family including
friends, husbands and lovers. Which is meant more as a stern warning
rather than trying to be morally correct.

You might have guessed that "Anna" is an assumed name. So are the
other names of actual real people out of our life.
The Anna who lived back in 1972 was at the time pretty promiscuous I
have to admit. Let's call it sexually active. A few years in a
boy/girl boarding school might have helped in that regard. At age
thirty I was comfortable with my body so to speak.
The Anna of 1972 was rather pretty, brunette with a healthy bust that
got away with wearing no bra for years. Even Europe was feeling then
the influence of a late imported "flower power" that included
recreational drugs, great music and liberated women who burned their
bras at parties. I was a well paid teacher and living in a rented
apartment. My 19 year old brother had just finished school and moved
into the basement of the same house. He was pretty lazy at times and
joined me for meals that I usually prepared. We got along very well
usually. I was the big sister who was kind of pitching in for mother
most of the time. Alex was a bit of a hippie still, long hair, a few
drugs, music, searching for himself and a decent place in life.

A neighbor and girlfriend of mine, Pamela, was living across from me
and we often talked story about men and fashion. She was about 26
years old then and married to a surgeon who was working like 80 hours
a week. She was alone a lot. My brother Alex had taken an interest in
her somehow and they were often alone in Pamela's place for hours,
talking and playing games. I learned only later that they were getting
sexually interested in each other, too.
One day I needed the typewriter from my brother since mine was
broken. So I gave Paul, a date of mine that week, the key to my
brothers place. Alex was out for the evening. Paul gets the typewriter
from my brother's desk only to find a love letter in there. The letter
was addressed to the lonely, attractive but married Pamela. Wow.

The content of the letter didn't leave much open to interpretation
when I read it. Immediately I was seeing major problems written all
over the wall. While I was still thinking about damage control my
friend Paul decided in his morally correct wisdom to show it to
Pamela's husband the next day. Things didn't develop very well
thereafter. My brother was emotionally destroyed, Pamela was
embarrassed beyond belief and her husband furious. I kicked Paul out
of my place for good. What a dumb ass.
My brother Alex was assuming that I had leaked his letter and wasn't
talking to me anymore. I was distraught now myself. I put a note on my
brothers door, explaining my view of events. Alex still was angry. He
would only show up in my place to pick up his laundry twice a week.

I needed some company for a change, so I decided to call Phil, a
remote friend who was studying chemistry for over 12 years now. He
never got a degree, he just liked the university so much. Phil was not
a man for lengthy conversations, he was a man for sex. And he took
pride in being on the cutting edge of sexual vogue. He liked to
surprise me with push up bras and silk stockings from Paris, fancy
negligees or new sexual positions he had learned from other women or
books. I invited him a few times a year to have some good steamy sex
for hours and he always delivered. He had the habit to bring his own
champagne, always. He never touched beer or hard liquor. He claimed
it helped his libido. I wasn't arguing. His only hang-up was his
penis, it was on the small side so to speak and he was very sensitive
on that subject. I learned to be quiet about it fast.

	Phil showed up on the weekend, champagne and his "surprise" package
in his hands. He had his best Lex Barker-imitation smile on his face.
Too bad I hated Lex Barker then. He was eager to tell me about a rock
festival he had attended and was hinting at a "very special out of
this world surprise". Heh. Heh.

I took a bath while he chilled the bottles. After I splashed on some
perfume in all the right places we were soon hitting my bedroom. He
got back to my fridge soon to retrieve one of his champagne bottles.
He was now explaining to me that this bottle was "very special", to be
cherished. But I wanted to see his surprise package first and he
finally obliged. He asked me to undress first and he dimmed the lights
a tad. I was looking surprised indeed when he pulled out a number of
ropes, plain sisal, rough as they come, finger size thick. Phil tied
me up without much comment while his smile was driving me nuts. I had
heard about the Marquis de Sade and stuff like that but had not
connected any sexual interest with such activities yet. But I was good
game and let him do his thing. Soon I was spread eagled on my bed, my
wrists tied to the head board of my bed, my ankles to the foot board
and a few ropes across my chest. He looked anxious at me, maybe
awaiting some form of submissive acknowledgement but hey, I'm a
Scorpio! I could see some disappointment on his face already. Finally
he decided to knot a silk scarf around my head, covering my mouth. I
like to talk. This was a real restraint.

Somehow this felt silly to me and I had to restrain myself not to
giggle. Phil was now slowly undressing which usually is an important
stage for him where he gets exited showing off. Before he got to the
last item he turned around and fiddled with something.
When he turned around I noticed a strange extension at the front of
his slip which looked like a foot long funny hat of a dwarf from
SnowWhite fame pushed over his penis. He now topped this appear-ance
with his Lex Barker smile.

Scarf or not, I was laughing so hard that the ropes bit into my
wrists. I just couldn't contain myself. Sorry.

Phil didn't take it very well. Not well at all. Before I knew it he
had his clothes back on and stomped out. Oops. My scarf prevented me
from any intelligible talk. I tried hard though.

 From the hallway he was finally shouting something I didn't quite
understand. The main door banged close. He was gone. What an idiot.
Wasted my evening.

I wasn't to concerned with my ropes yet. I was still giggling about
his penis outfit. Did he ever look at himself in a mirror? He would
have died from embarrassment!

Finally I started to check my own situation. Four ropes were holding
me to the bed. My head board was against the wall. It couldn't move.
So I concentrated my attack on the foot board of my queen sized bed.
It was attached to the main metal frame holding the mattress. I had
great faith in my strong thighs and I started to jerk on the rope with
my right foot. Nothing happened. Darn. This rope hurt.
With a good portion of anger I gave it another try and I saw the foot
board starting to give way. Almost there. The right side of the foot
board finally broke under my efforts.

The problem was that the mattress and frame weight were leaning on and
pushing the board away from me now. The ropes suddenly went tight. I
was now in worse condition than before. There was no more slack on the
ropes. They were tense and it started to hurt. I tried to pull up the
whole foot board in vain. It moved a few inches till I ran out of
steam and let it go again. I was close to panicking. My right leg was
pulled off the bed by the tension of the rope. I cursed Phil under my
scarf as I heard a key opening my front door. Jesus, I thought, he had
a change of mind...

I relaxed. As far as that was an option. I my mind I prepared already
a few soothing words to heal Phil's battered self esteem. He took his
time. I stretched my head to see through my open bedroom door. No sign
of him. I tried to call his name. "P" is an explosive consonant and
it doesn't work very well if your mouth is covered with a scarf. I
tried anyway. Finally I heard his steps.

Clutching his laundry against his chest, my brother Alex walked in. I
died right then and there. Oh my god. Oh my GOD !

I believe I just closed my eyes as if it might have made a
difference. When I finally was looking again Alex was sitting in the
armchair across from me. He was sipping on the champagne. It was the
first time I saw him smiling in a week. It was a mischievous smile. It
made me instantly furious. He could see it on my face. He also saw
that I posed no danger.
"Phil's idea?" he offered.

I nodded. Looked away. Alex sat down on the bed beside me, almost
touching my body that was by now covered in sweat from my physical
exhaustion. I was not in a position to move.

"That must hurt..." He said quietly, "but, you know... it isn't even
close to the pain I 'm going through. The whole house knows now about
Pamela and me. She probably won't talk to me ever again. We were
very close. She was special to me. Very special." His voice almost

I looked up to him. My mouth was dry. I slowly nodded.
He held up the champagne as an offering. I nodded again. Even though I
needed a real drink now.

Alex pulled down the scarf and held the bottle to my mouth, I got a
few healthy sips. I felt better right then. Not just because of the
cold champagne but also because Alex had shown some mercy with me. The
end of my silly situation was possibly getting nearer.

"Will you untie me now?"  He didn't react.

"Please!", I added. "...I can explain all this..." 

He slowly looked me over and I wished I was able to at least close my
legs. Not a chance.

Alex finally stood up, bottle in hand, "I'll think about it. Gotta
watch the news."

And he was gone. Sitting in my living room watching TV. Great. 
The sheets on the bed were getting moist with my sweat. I shifted
around. A little bit. My muscles hurt.

Time went by and disappeared. My heart was beating. Somehow I was
more aware of it now. The sound from the TV was louder now. The
quality of the tension in my arms was slowly changing. The pain
changed its character from sharp to something else. Alex was back in
the armchair. Good. One leg felt better now. It moved around. It was
free. Good. Alex had fixed the bed and untied my right leg. I close my
legs. Real close. Feeling better that way. The ropes don't bite no
more. Still there though. The bed feels gentler now on my back.
Everything feels better now. I remember Phil's face and his small
penis in his funny hat and I start giggling instantly. I can't stop.
The image plays in my mind. I start laughing. It's wildly funny. Alex
is laughing now, too. It is feeling good. My body shakes. I'm feeling
hilarious. I somehow realize that something is gently out of whack.
Ahh, the champagne. The special champagne. Oh, yes. Special.
My train of thoughts is going way fast. The ropes, the scratchy sisal
started to feel different on my skin, somewhere between itchy and
exiting, every sensation strangely amplified, larger than life. I was
becoming more immediately aware of my body sensations. My sense of
smell was now sharply enhanced and I became aware of scents that I
didn't know even existed, the sweat from my pores, the perfume, even
my own sex made itself known in ways that were rather strong. My mind
was playing back scenes of my earlier day including TV-news I had
watched and I found myself laughing about some of the pictures that
flickered across my mind. Pretty soon I was laughing out loud, shaking
on my bed till the ropes tightened up. I felt good. I felt hilarious.
This champagne was really good.

At some point I realized that Alex was standing at the foot of my
bed, watching me with a wicked little smile on his face. That was
quite a change from our earlier exchange. The pupils of his eyes were
huge, diluted. I kept looking into his eyes. It felt so natural to do.
He still took sips from the champagne bottle. He looked different
somehow, softer than I remembered him. I always cared for my brother
but somehow I looked at him through different eyes right now. I
started to say something but realized only a mumble. I had forgotten
the scarf over my mouth. Alex left the room again. Oh well. I felt
good. My whole body had developed a minute but interesting vibration
going through it. I liked it. I moved my arms and legs around for the
sheer pleasure of movement. It was very sensual. The ropes over my
breasts felt much thicker and tighter now. The harsh fibers were
causing now a very sensual sensation when I moved around enough to
have them rub against my nipples. I liked that a lot. So I kept moving

	I heard the sound of the bathroom door and my brother walked back
into my bedroom. I laughed at the sight of him. He still had his pants
down at his knees! And he was not even aware of it. His soft cock was
just dangling around while he came walking in and sat down on the
armchair across my bed and joined me in my laughter like some crazy
man. Soon we laughed about each other laughing for no god reason. Oh
well. Acid.

It was silly but I couldn't possibly care. I wasn't even aware of it
being silly. I do not remember what happened next but soon my brother
started to play with my knitting needle set that was sitting in a
basket besides his armchair and he pulled out the knitting needles
which was a set of  two dull plastic coated needles that was joined in
the middle by a solid nylon core. As I was watching him I realized
that his soft cock had grown to a rather large and rigid shape
somehow. Alex had a huge hard on. And he started stroking it. And I
was looking at it. With curious fascination. And it was getting bigger
still. At least I remember it that way. My mind was as shocked as it
was confused. It was not quite right and I was halfway prepared to
start a protest but somehow I couldn't put together a clear thought. I
wasn't used to look at my brothers cock at all. But I didn't flinch

The sexual scent of his cock reached my nostrils. It changed
everything. Pretty soon the thought of protest had sunk beyond the
surface of other feelings that were now bubbling up in me.

I could smell it. I really could. In my mind I was somehow isolating
this beautiful cock from the fact that it was my brother's. That
allowed me now to actually enjoy what I saw. The scent was filling the
air like an exotic fragrance. I looked with amazement as he
meticulously caressed his penis. He made love to it in his own unique
way. He took his little finger tip into his mouth, moistened it and
inserted it care-fully under his foreskin and rubbed it around and
around in circles. I had never seen anything like it. He moaned
quietly, self assuring. Then with quickening, long strokes he worked
up his penis. Totally unaware of the surroundings. I hadn't seen my
brother's erect cock in 10 years or so. There was a hint of
embarrassment still present but it was soo sexy to watch.

I was soon mesmerized. Breathing a tad harder I finally allowed my
mind to realize that this was not just another cock of one of my
lovers. This was far more personal. This was forbidden territory. Even
for me. But my body reacted it its own way now, ignoring my little
analysis. I was flushing all over somehow. My nipples had turned into
hard little marbles which I kept rubbing against the rope and
something warm and wonderful was happening even deeper inside me. For
a brief moment I was aware again of my naked skin that was so
blatantly exposed. But proper judgement on such intimate details was
fading rapidly as my sexual barometer was turned up a few notches. 

As I watched the beautiful cock being teased in front of me I began to
feel the early stages of a compulsive desire. The desire to touch my
skin. To touch myself. Even to touch my brother. To stroke his hair.
To hug him. To tell him that this is so exiting. That I can barely
take it. The train I was on was accelerating at a breathtaking speed
now. And I was just hanging on. What a strange champagne. The French
know their stuff.

Everything in my bedroom but was so quiet. The movement of Alex' hand
was now my sole focus. Naturally. His hand finally slowed down. He
picked up the knitting needle kit he had been playing with. 

With a mixture of wide-eyed excitement and utter surprise I watched
his hands. As he took one needle, moistened it briefly on his tongue,
took careful aim and [ gasp ] slowly inserted it into the urethra of
his erect penis. Very gently he pushed it in. I could see how the
opening expanded and the dull needle tip slid down the urethra. One
inch. Two inches. Three inches. He slowly pulled the needle a bit out
again to only push it in deeper again. I was mesmerized watching. I
felt warm flashes radiating over and through my skin where it counts
most. That is usually my pussy.

Five inches. The stiff needle could obviously only go so far in a
straight way. My stomach was tightening with erotic tension. My
brother now gently pulled the needle out of his penis, looked around,
searching, and grabbed the scissors from the weaving basket. He cut
out the foot long soft nylon section from between the needles. He lit
his cigarette lighter and held one nylon end to the open flame till
the cut softened. With his fingers he molded the end to a smooth round
tip, moistened it and inserted it gently again into his penis. Slowly
he also started stroking his penis again, to allow for a deeper
descent. One inch glides in. Two inches. He gently wiggles the nylon
while pushing. Three inches. Four inches. I'm glued while I glow

He moans softly while he bends his penis forward to ease the entry
into deeper areas. Five inches. Gently moving the nylon fiber in and
out, it moves deeper and deeper. Six inches. 

Following the spectacle with rapt attention I wonder if it is going
all the way into his bladder now. Or maybe into his balls! [gasp] And
I wonder with erotically charged curiosity what it might feel like. My
sexual arousal becomes more urgent now. I decide to enjoy it, let it
come in. It quickly spreads through my whole body like a sweet poison.
My brother moans as he gently strokes his rigid penis. I moan into my
scarf. I can smell his cock. I desire to smell his cock. I watch it
now and it is glorious in its beauty. His strong hand grabs it gently.
The veins are clearly showing on the cock. Each time the foreskin
moves back I see the exposed  penis tip, glistening with moisture. The
scent of sex is in the air. It makes me feel liquid. My brothers hands
perform magical moves. I've never seen anybody doing what he does. So
perverted somehow. So delicious. 

Each time the nylon fiber is pulled out an inch it brings a few drops
of liquid with it. He moans. I moan. He looks over to me with a bit of
surprise. Then he smiles. Our eyes meet for a brief moment and we
communicate somehow. I don't know what my eyes expressed but Alex
turns towards me and repeats his sexy operation just for my pleasure.
The plastic fiber goes in even deeper this time while he bends his
penis gently forward. There must be eight inches down his urethra now.
Only an inch is sticking out now and he gently taps on the end with
his finger. He must have reached a final destination somewhere. His
posture is tense and his eyes express utter excitement.
I try to imagine the extent of the sensation inside his cock as the
smooth surface slides through his tight little channel. Entering the
bladder. Poking inside the bladder. Or maybe even entering his balls!
Is that possible? I watch his eyes and sense his feelings. The
separation between him and myself becoming blurred. My eyes are
stroking his cock. Inch for pretty inch. Fascinated. The sexual
excitement on his face showing so clearly now.

My mouth is salivating. Being now strangely aware of the sweet taste
of my saliva. I feel wet throughout my whole body. My thighs are
involuntary moving against each other, enjoying the touch of soft warm
skin on skin. Getting into a serious mood of pure sexual lust. Feeling
the desire to display myself now, not hide no more.

I look at him intently with an expression of warmth and desire and
move my right leg ever so slightly, opening myself. His eyes rest on
my body waiting and watching. Wow. I feel tense and horny at once.
What a moment. Watching his eyes watching me, I open my leg further.
My pussy is in the open now. I can barely believe I'm doing this. 
Sensing his appreciation in his face I go even further, stretching
till my pussy opens ever so slightly. I feel strange satisfaction as
he displayed his arousal with freshly energized stroking of his
bulging cock. His eyes sharing his mounting desire with me for the
first time quite openly, honestly. 
Something melts away in me that I soon miss no more. The fire was lit
now and I liked what it felt like. My breasts were heaving with my
faster breath, feeling full, stretched tight, yearning for the rough
touch of the ropes, sweaty. Again, offering themselves to the watchful
eyes of Alex, feeling, pure, unbridled excitement in my shameless

Watch me. A beautiful woman. Restrained. Aroused. Sensuous breasts
with hard little nipples. Soft, moist opened pussy lips. Feeling
desire. I offer myself now.

My brother was breathing harder now. Moaning under his breath. Tension
in his whole posture while he was laying back in the armchair. His
strong thighs were now spread apart, tension in his stomach visible.
I moaned at the lively picture. He looked at me. He slowed down his
stroking, finally slowly stood up and proudly displayed himself. Huge
penis and everything. Still stroking himself. The nylon rod was
obscenely sticking out of his penis tip. He completely pulled back the
foreskin from the shiny cockhead. Wow. He came closer. Close enough
for me to see his rigid cock in all its sexy details. I looked up to
him. Wide-open pupils expressed ecstasy beyond normal means. He held
his cock now close to my face. I was getting high from expectation.
He pulled the nylon rod very slowly out of his penis. Right in front
of me. His face showing delight. 

Then wiped it over my skin, right under my nostrils. A few drops of
liquid. The scent hit me instantly with the devastating impact of a
missile. Within moments I became flooded with uninhibited desire. My
body saturated with sheer horniness. All stops pulled. I let out a
deep animalistic grunt. Flexed all muscles against the ropes, fighting
the restrictions for a second. The ropes cut back instantly with their
rough ignorance. I enjoy the bright sensation. Like a potent poison
the scent of my brothers cock and its secret fluids flush through my
veins into seemingly every cell of my body. Wiping out any reasonable
thought whatsoever. Any thought. Wow. 

Sexual impetus becomes the only focus of my unfocused mind now. My
nipples glow red hot suddenly under the touch of a hot tongue, which
teasingly moves on, touching down randomly on other hot spots on my
body till it settles on my right foot. My big toe. It disappears into
a tunnel of hot liquid warmth. Alex is sucking it into his mouth. And
I love it. Everything starts to glow down there now. There is a fine
line of bright sparks making its way to my pussy now. My toe and my
pussy become connected as if somebody threw a secret switch. My leg
starts twitching from excitement, muscles gently tensing.

His hard cock is twitching on my belly as Alex is lying across my
body. I'm biting my lips under the scarf. Moaning as it pleases me.
Uninhibited. Pulling wildly into the ropes as they bite back
I smell his sex. I smell his penis. Feel his hard penis rubbing the
skin on my belly somewhere somehow. A familiar contact now. I can
"see" his touch on my skin now as little streaks of colored light
flash inside my eye lids. Wow. I forget to breathe, I think. Then I
stop thinking. The string of intense sensations becomes a fast busy
highway at night as I close my eyes. Lights go on and change colors in
wicked ways. I moan. I love the sound. So I keep moaning. Feeling the
vibrations of my own sound on my naked sweaty skin. Heaven. Going to
heaven on a roller coaster.

My toe turns itself into a penis.
Wow...Nothing...Ever...Felt...Like...This.  Yes! Suck it, brother.
Suck it good. Suck this little cock that talks so dirty to my pussy.

I'm flying now. Hands touch my thighs in secret places now. My toe is
wet and warm and exited. So is my pussy. Signals travel faster now.
Forget to breathe again.

Nerves on my skin are turning into singing sirens. Countless small
sensations roll themselves into huge waves that come crushing down on
my shore with increasing energy. Till my body finally takes off. Just
takes off. I throw myself willingly into a wild stream of liquid
warmth and sharp needles as my legs and arms pull recklessly against
the ropes. Beaming. Glaring. Gushing. Blasting. I come. All over

The river of warmth finally subsides. I feel like slowly returning
into my body. But did I ever leave?

Brother and his stiff cock are sitting between my stretched legs now.
His penis seems huge. Veins showing. Throbbing in his charming hand.
He takes good care of it. Proudly stroking it. I look into his eyes.
Desire looming. I close my eyes. Colored headlights are coming my way
again. Wow.

Something nice and warm is touching me between my legs. Where it
feels so good. Where I'm so wet and horny. Two fingers I feel. Opening
me softly. Something new and very pointy is "writing" mysterious
messages around my clit. Mapping out lines of exited nerves. Then the
sensation fades. Gentle finger tips open my pussy up and soon I feel
the dull tip of the nylon rod slowly traveling up my urethra. Wow.

So tight. Erotically tight. Intensely tight. A tingling vibration. I
sense the gentle back and forth of the smooth nylon rod gliding gently
through my most intimate parts. Penetrating forbidden territory.
Entering boldly into my bladder now. Feeling the rod rotated as it is
finding its way even deeper into me. Electrifying and scary at once.
Endless tingling excitement through out. Wow. I forget again. To
While a wet warm finger is exploring my clit. Playing with the hood in
a rhythm till I shiver inside. While the nerves inside my urethra are
simply going crazy. What a feeling. The smooth rod is traveling back
and forth at a slightly faster rate now, inflicting stronger, sharper
sensations that grab my full attention. The tip is roaming around
freely inside my bladder now. Touching randomly against the inner
walls it creates strange new feelings that border on ecstasy. 

My brother's thumb is dancing around my clit in ways that divert my
attention. But soon I'm hopelessly caught between onstorming
sensations as he pushes his fingers onto my bladder from outside,
which invokes fascinating new feelings inside, and out. The nylon tip
gets very intense on my bladder walls now and sends me into a state of
excitement. I felt my stomach muscles sharply tightening as the thumb
pushed my clit around under its slippery hod. Alex slowly removes the
intruder and is watching me now with curiosity and fascination.
The scent of sex and sweat is in the air. Such forbidden pleasures.
My pussy is soo wet. I can smell it. And I like to smell it maybe the
first time. I pull on the ropes, which hold my arms but don't give.
Alex sits still between my wide spread legs. Stroking his stiff
member. In my direction. I close my eyes. Try to remember something.
But I can't find it anymore. My brain is mush and having a
merry-go-round with too many lights on. Look at all these colors.

I'm curious. I'm horny of the smells and sensations. I see him now
moving real close. Close to my face. I imagine his penis only inches
from my mouth. His foreskin is going back and forth as he quietly
strokes his dick. He moans softly. He pulls the scarf from my mouth. I
stretch out my tongue. Wet. He puts his finger on it. The scent of his
penis is on it. I lick his finger. Suck it. With passion now. I want
it now. I would love to.

The finger leaves. I feel one arm being freed, then another. Soon I'm
free to move again. Wonderful. The penis touches my lips. The cock
head wets my lips. Oh, these scents. My mouth makes now its own
decisions and welcomes a cock in its glory realm of warmth and
moistness. Tonguing and sucking and inhaling have become one natural

Far, far away I hear moans from my brother. Brotherly love. Close up
of his penis. Sexy. I remember to breathe. I need to. I taste a few
drops of liquid coming from his dick. Delicious taste. The hard cock
is withdrawn. Some shuffling on the bed. Bodies move around till I
feel new sensations between my legs. The stiff penis is sliding all
over my pussy. Danger zone. My hand instinctually just moves on its
own. Gently it protects me. Last lonely guardian of the most inner
circle. Gentle it redirects the urgent passion. Touching the hard
cock, holding it, gentle leading it till it comes back to my waiting
mouth. There is no hesitation and soon it slides over my tongue with
newfound determination. Alex thighs are touching my breasts, as he is
sitting over my chest. My hands on his soft ass cheeks. So close. So
intimate. No distance left to close. Filling my mouth with such
urgency. Over and over and over again. My tongue slashing against his
cock. Muscles are tensing under my hands like metal springs. They

Here now comes the flood. Spurts of desire. Lazily oozing liquids.
Flowing  around in me. To be cherished for a moment. Spilling.

My mouth leaves the hard cock behind. My hand gently caressing the
energetic tool. It keeps its solid appearance while our bodies start
breathing again. We stay like that for a long time. Embracing the
moment. And hugging forever.

While the light was rising outside I listen to Alex as he explains to
me what the champagne was laced with as he had recognized rather
quickly himself that night. Weighing his options he had decided not to
tell me earlier, avoiding the greater evil of a panic. He did well.
Alex likes to fly himself once in a while. He knows the stuff, his
Regards to Tim Leary. Fare well.
The sleep after was beautiful. My biggest surprise on the next day was
that Alex had made a huge breakfast. Drinking my coffee I was
recalling the events. I felt a strange and sensual afterglow. 
And then...Oh my god. I fucked my brother. And I liked it. 
Reality would have to make adjustments. Because I was not gonna
regret what happened. No way. Not now, not ever. 
And I never did.

As I still drink coffee.  After all these years. 

Take care,

Part 2.    [by Alex]

[Intro.   To somehow understand the following account of events that
happened about 25 years ago it is required to read Part 1 of "He ain't
heavy, he's my brother" first which was written by my sister. Sadly it
is likely to be her only participation. 

Like her I had to rely on my extensive notes from diaries of the time.
As a man I was not as detail obsessed as women usually are. That left
me with often only fragmented descriptions. I decided to stay as close
to the memories and notes as I could but sometimes to fill in
dialogue and detailed descriptions of actions that most likely took
place but were not recorded in my diary. 

There were a few occasions after my initial encounter with my sister
that are memorable. Some of them were small little anecdotes while a
choice few of other events are memorable even after all these years.
It took over 20 years for me to find a girl friend again that was
willing to be tied up in my bedroom. So in a way I got actually
spoiled of all people by my sister early on. Maybe it was the trust
Anna herself refers to in her introduction that got us to do things we
would never trust "strangers" with. Her marriage in 1974 finally put
an end to our sometimes "indecent" relationship. We both moved on in
life. She holds the position of a school principal now somewhere in

It took me days to realize the true extent of what happened between
Anna and me. It was somewhere shocking and amazing and I liked it a
lot. Two very different aspects were at the core of my excitement. On
one hand was the sexual component, but I also truly enjoyed the fact
that for once I had been able to "dominate" my sister who usually
is clearly the dominating person.

It wasn't long till I itched inside to find another opportunity to
repeat our little game, without the drugs though. But my sister gave
no indication whatsoever that she was interested at all. I found that
very frustrating. In the meantime I had to deal with the fallout of my
now public encounters with my neighbor Pamela. Her husband avoided me
altogether. Which was fine with me. Pamela herself was calling me on
the phone only.

She sounded moody and depressed sometimes. I saw my chances fading
away to get closer to her pussy. I dreamt sometimes of her teenage
breasts, they were truly beautiful.

These were days filled with frustration.

All my efforts to get something going with Anna were hampered by my
still childish attitude and inherent shyness. She didn't make it any
easier for me. One day when we drove to the supermarket in her car I
tried to place my hand on her thigh. She didn't push it off but she
looked at me with a look that told a whole story. I moved the hand
myself. But to have made contact with her warm thigh even through the
fabric of her jeans had an impact on my libido. In the market I tried
with all kind of moves to get another chance to touch her with little
success but I had her scent in my nose that day I guess. Finally when
we arrived back home again and were dragging the groceries upstairs I
looked forward to another chance. My sister didn't rely on nobody to
help her with carrying heavy stuff. She was organized enough to
packing most stuff into one heavy box that she carried on her own. I
carried a few bags on my own. I walked behind her eyeing her pretty
butt that moved soo sexy in her tight jeans.

 [At the time Anna was still obsessed with a truly tight fit of her
jeans. Back then there was no such thing as pre-shrunk cotton and Anna
used to sit for hours in the bath tub with brand new jeans in a
mixture of warm water and secret ingredients only she knew to get the
ultimate fitting performed.]

	Her jeans were sitting on her ass like a skin. My newfound knowledge
about what was hiding inside the fabric made it even more exciting to
look at it. I fell back a few steps to get the ass at my eye level and
pondered my next opportunity. It would come just before entering my
sister's apartment. Usually she pressed the heavy box against the
wall, while fishing with one free hand for her keys in her pocket.
Most of the time she needed to put her whole weight behind the box and
tended to slightly spread her legs in the process. I was sure she
wasn't even aware of it. Heck, I didn't notice it until I started to
watch her every move in these days.

The crucial moment was close now and I worked up my courage. There
she goes, box pressing against the wall...I move behind her, drop my
bags on the hand touching the inside of her thigh just
over her knee and gently moving upwards. Anna didn't move. My hand
completed two gentle travels up and down both thighs and, taking up
all my courage, it moved between her legs to finally ever so gently
rub her pussy with a few fingers. Anna seemed frozen in her position,
not closing her legs as expected nor protesting. I decided to be a
gentleman, not pushing my luck and simply departed my hand with a
last padding on her ass cheeks. Anne silently unlocked the door. We
didn't speak while we put the groceries away. I didn't make any more
progress that day. I went to bed frustrated. 

The next day was a Friday which meant that my sister would usually
take a bath in the evening. I decided to make a few preparations that
might get me into the bath room for a sneak-peek. So I emptied most
every shampoo bottle and conditioner that I found in the bath, it was
quite a waste since women always got more than one bottle around. Then
I hung around in the living room watching TV and waited patiently. At
some point I saw Anna in her bathrobe and I was wondering if my plan
might work. After all she might decide to get her own new shampoo. But
she would have to get out of the tub for that.

Pretty soon the game begun when I heard her shout my name. I promptly
answered her call for new shampoo and walked slowly into the bath to
see what I might see. Well, I had forgotten about the bubble bath, so
all her pretty body was neatly hidden under a layer of bubbles.
But ten minutes later came the expected call for the conditioner. I
had prepared an extended variant this time and while I was inside I
brought up the guts to ask her if she wanted me to wash her back. Anna
responded a bit surprised that, yes, that would be appreciated and
sat up which gave me a quick glance at her pretty tits before she bend
over. The back rub went uneventful, I never had an opportunity to move
my hands into other erogenous zones. In the end I just sat in front of
the TV again, frustrated.

But one day later, on a rather cold night my luck suddenly changed,
with unforeseen consequences.

 [Since my apartment was more expensive than I could actually afford I
had struck a deal with the owners of the house and was given a healthy
rebate for some small but important janitor duties. That put me also
in charge to keep the central heating system of the house in working
order. The boiler room was just across the hallway in the basement of
the house only a few feet away from my door.] 

I was used to the faint noise of the oil burner kicking in and
shutting down every so often. That night while I was sitting naked at
my desk and reading I realized suddenly that it was getting rather
cold. I listened for the noise of the burner but it was silent. For a
moment fear struck my heart. What if we ran out of heating oil? That
was my responsibility after all. It seemed unlikely to me. It
probably was the safety switch on the start element, which tended to
suffer from excessive carbon build up every once in a while. I had no
choice but to check it out. I put my bathrobe on, grabbed my keys and
walked over to the boiler room. 

The door was a heavy steel door insulated for heat and noise and it
opened easily. I heard the phone ring back in my apartment. That was
probably the first complaint by one of the other occupants of the
house. I better fix the problem fast. I closed the heavy door behind
me and checked the burner. The red light indicated a safety shutdown.
I had guessed right. The start element had caused the shut down. I
swung open the movable burner door and saw how dirty it was. I needed
a soft cloth for cleaning now. I checked around but couldn't find
anything useful. I decided to use the soft belt of my bathrobe. I was
a bit of a slob back then and figured I'll clean it later somehow. The
blower nozzle was quickly cleaned then.

 I closed the burner door, reset the start mechanism and hit the
ON-button. With a loud roar the burner came back to life again. The
noise in the small room was tremendous. I would have to endure it a
bit longer to ensure for a reliable operation. The hot water tank was
still radiating a lot of heat and the temperature in the room was
quickly picking up again with the burner on full blast. I decided to
check out a few cardboard boxes that I kept in here for secret
storage. One box was full of old American Penthouse magazines. At the
time they were available in Germany only at the railroad stations at
the premium price of $15 apiece. It was worth it. I looked through the
issues contemplating the possibility to sell them. I sat down on a box
and started to read the forum sections. It wasn't long and my dick got
involved. The temperature in the boiler room was getting to its
regular toasty level and I was quite comfortably sitting there with my
now open bathrobe, stroking my dick as I suddenly felt a draft of cold
air rushing in. 

"Do you know how cold it is in my bedroom?! I tried to call you on
the phone but you didn't answer." My sister was standing in the open
door in her bathrobe, looking at me expecting an explanation. I had
closed my robe in a flash but the magazine was still in the open. I
was embarrassed. Searching for a reply in my confused mind I stood up,
straightened out my robe to hide my huge hard on. 

I raised my voice over the noise: "I fixed the problem, I think. I
gotta stick around a few more minutes to make sure it works ok!"

"How long will it take then to warm up my room again?" Anna shouted

I shook my shoulders, "Thirty minutes maybe..."

My sister was smilingly shaking her had while she looked at the open
box of magazines and turned for the door. She closed the heavy door
behind her. 

Hmm, I wasn't quite sure what to think. I was wondering already if I
missed another opportunity to seduce her or not. But she seemed a bit
angry. And a noisy boiler room is not the greatest setting for a
seduction, I thought. 

The howling noise of the burner was going on my nerves now. I moved
the card board boxes in the farthest corner of the boiler room so I
could sit down where it was a tad quieter. My dick was still in the
mood. I settled down on a box again to finish what I started. But my
mind was wandering as I was trying now desperately to remember every
little detail of how Anna appeared in her bathrobe. The visible
outline of her breasts under the robe, her naked shapely legs, the
slightly spread stance. She surely must have been naked underneath.
She must have felt the hot humid air on her bare legs. Her bare
breasts surrounded by the soft terry cloth of the robe, her nipples
still hard from the cold air of her bedroom.

My imagination was heating up now. Stroking myself. Unaware of my
surroundings. Never minding the noise. Never minding the building
heat. I dropped off my robe. Raising up my body straightened itself in
building tension. I was getting close. In my mind I was opening Anna's
robe now. Looking at her naked breasts as they stood out in front of
me. To be touched. Her legs opening just enough to see her moist
pussy. She was ready for me. Her hands softly touching my hard dick.
Her eyes admiring its sheer size.  She pulled me closer. I felt my
hard cock slide into her...Oh. God....  

I didn't notice no draft of cold air this time. But my field of
vision suddenly noticed a bare foot with purple nail polish entering
and I froze. 
My hand still on my dick I looked dumbfounded at Anna, looking at me.
"It's still cold upstairs, Mr. horny janitor!" she shouted smilingly
over the noisy burner.

As much as I wanted to follow my instincts and cover myself, I decided
against it. It was way to late for decency. The exhibitionist in me
finally won out. She either liked what she saw or not. I might as well
put my best foot forward. Not an easy task for a shy guy. How long had
she been watching me?

I avoided to look into her eyes but couldn't ignore her appearance. A
T-shirt showed the outline of her tits, nipples just barely poking
through. It must be cold indeed upstairs. The fly of her blue jeans
was wide open. Hard to tell when she opened it or why. Her left hand
grabbed into one of her pockets and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.
Her right hand came up with a lighter.  She lit a cigarette. Held it
in her left hand. I observed her eyes and realized that she was
looking intensively at my right hand that had slowed to a rather
languid movement on my dick. Performing the act of masturbation for a
girlfriend is one thing, but doing it for a family member is another.
I cringed inside at the idea of being the center of my sister's focus
but felt somehow that I better keep her attention going. In the right

Anna was leaning against the back wall now, most of her weight resting
on one leg, the other just leaning outward. It was a relaxed stance.
She was likely to stay. And she was not afraid. I slightly turned my
body away from here. She could now observe my butt if she cared. I had
read somewhere that a cute male butt can do miracles. I wouldn't mind
a miracle. Wishing I had an orgasm for every book I ever read. 

Out of my peripheral vision I could see that she had folded her hands
in front of her face. Maybe hiding a smile. Maybe I looked foolish.
But I was rather exited. Having not to face her helped me to relax. I
could see that she moved closer. Not much. It was more like her
staying at the same distance but moving behind me, out of my sight.
Until I saw her image again in one of the mirror tiles that were
stacked against the wall. Another of my unfinished projects that seem
to follow me through life till now. She was standing a few feet behind
me now. Her hands  folded, holding her chin. As if she was
contemplating her next move. One hand moved away while she held the
cigarette with the remaining hand. I felt finally cocky enough to turn
around and face her. To make my move less threatening I quietly sat
back down onto one of my card-board boxes. Anna's face was almost in
the dark where she stood. Her cigarette lit up one more time and she
extinguished it on the floor. Like in a Western flick I was expecting
a move now. She had had her time to think. The oil burner behind my
back was still blasting full power, heat radiating on my back. I
slowly and deliberately stroke my hard cock. She had the best view in
the house.

Then Anna made her move. She grabbed her jeans and slowly pushed them
down all the way to her ankles. Bending very slowly forward she
stepped out of the pants. Slowly her head came up again while one hand
stayed cupped over her pussy. Anna came closer in small lazy steps.
Her thighs closed. Her pussy hidden. She surprised me as she came
right up to me and slowly sat down right onto my lap, just inches from
my hard dick, facing me. Her legs spread she still cupped her hand
over her pussy. Her arms slowly wrapped around my head, she hugged me.
My face resting right between her breasts now I smelled cold smoke and
traces of a very nice perfume on her T-shirt. The closeness was
intimate. Her warm naked skin touching my naked skin, thigh to thigh.
My hands started slowly exploring her back on their way to their
ultimate goal, to touch her naked butt. Her hand intervened before I
ever got there. Her left hand clumsily grabbed the fingers of my right
hand and pulled them along, over the warm skin of her leg, between her
legs. She simply said "Please!?" as she pushed them against her pussy.

My fingers began their gentle exploration as they came across another
erotic surprise. Anna had been playing with herself. Extensively.
Everything I touched was moist including a sizeable dildo that was
now slowly sliding out of her sexy pussy. I grabbed it by the base and
started to push it into her rhythmically. Anna's reaction was
immediate as she pulled my head against her breast, the moans
vibrating against my ear. My hand kept the dildo moving like a cock.
My sister rocked her hips in agreement. She pulled my head up to her
and kissed me gently on the lips. Soon her tongue slipped through my
lips into my open mouth. Playfully we shared a rhythm between the
dildo and her tongue. As the sexy intruder went deeper into her pussy
her tongue pushed deeper into my mouth. Soon we were both moaning on
our breath. 

This was the sexiest thing I ever did in my life. Anna was soon
loosing her usual calm. She pulled her head away from me and bend her
whole torso backwards. Her breasts pushed out in a sexy fashion. I
took one nipple into my mouth right through the fabric of her T-shirt.
I started to bite gently into it, love bites. Anna was getting close
now and I pushed the dildo into her more forcefully, fiddling also
with her clit. Her nipple abruptly just pulled out from between my
teeth as she came, jerking her body backwards. She kissed me and
looked at me.
I looked away, it was too much for me. There was pain on her face. She
finally hugged me tightly.

She pulled her T-shirt over her head to check her right nipple. A
sharp corner of my tooth had caught it. A drop of blood was forming. I
licked it off while sucking it sharply into my mouth. We hugged and
Anna's hand started a gentle play with my hard dick. I was slowly
pulling the dildo out of her. Her head bent down to my ear. "...And
what are we gonna do for him?"

My answer was quick and cocky. "Can I trade places with your dildo?"

Anna quietly shook her head. Just like that.

I was baffled. She had readily accepted me once before, tied up on her
own bed, flying under the colors of a powerful psychedelic drug. Well,
she had been carried away then, under the influence. 

Anna held my head against her sweaty breast. "...but you may do
anything else, even..." her voice stopped short of details.

"...tie you up..?" I quickly volunteered as a save option.

She pressed my head in a gentle way. Just enough for me to take that
as an positive answer. The dildo was still resting in my hand, still
glistening from her juices. The dildo was hand formed out of a long
but slender decorative candle. Anna's body heat had softened and
slightly deformed it. It was surprisingly long, I observed. It
explained while Anna had been so careful when bending down. The dildo
must have been extending into her deepest erotic places. I gently put
it aside. I had new plans for it already. 

[It was obviously quite common at the time for women to build her toys
from common house hold items. I even found a sizeable wax dildo in my
mother's dresser one day in 1968. And erotic books that presented me
with many memorable moments for years to come.] 

My next move seemed crucial now. As much as I loved and respected my
sister I was now thinking with my dick more than anything else.
Aroused and with a strong desire for relief and satisfaction I set out
to set the stage for an even a more sophisticated assault on Anna's
inherent sex drive. If I could get her into the right state of arousal
I might get her to submit to anything. I was simply obsessed by her

I did not have much to play with in the small boiler room. My
experience with bondage was childish at best but enthusiasm made up
for it. 

Anna's body was covered with sweat and she now used my bath robe to
dry herself off a bit. As she was facing away from me I took the
opportunity to embrace her from behind. I let my dick slide between
her still slick thighs till it greeted her pussy at the front. Anna
gave it a gentle reception with her hand from the front and playfully
closed her legs around it. She let me have my little interlude as I
enjoyed the tight confinement and gave it a few sensual strokes. It
was so close. Desire was flushing through me and I bent Anna gently
forward at the hip while she used her wet hand to push my sliding cock
against her clit. Now, this was getting very close to the real thing.
Anna spit in her hand for good measure and squeezed my dick in a very
sensual manner. My hard prick rubbed now hard enough against her clit
to cause serious reactions from Anna who was pressing her free hand
tighter into my leg. When her fingernails started to dig into my
thighs I decided to try a slick new move.

I caught Anna by surprise. A small change in angle brought my cock
right up to the real thing and I watched it slide into her moist
pussy. Oh YES! I gave it a good push for deep penetration. My second
push got me even deeper. And real close to coming. Anna was bucking in
front to get away. I felt the semen in my balls contracted. My third
entry was sadly my last one as Anna finally got loose. I felt the deep
frustration of no contact no more.  Anna was just standing there and
shaking her head. She was good game though and started laughing about
the surprise expression on my face.

I just muttered: "I'm sorry, it was just too inviting..." Anna looked
at me and gave me a hug that I cherished. I had almost blown it.
Thinking with my dick alone.

Anna was touching herself. "Wow. You can be pretty rough!" 
Back to my old plan. I led Anna into the rear of the room where huge
water pipes were exiting the room at different heights. One especially
big one was heavily insulated with white plaster and just lukewarm to
the touch. It was running horizontally across almost at hip-height. I
wrapped my bath robe over it and I leaned Anna back against it. I had
only my terry belt for rope. It was a struggle to rip into two but I
suc-ceeded in the end. 

"This is it. Hold still now." I announced and started to spread her
legs to tie them up. Anna resisted momentarily, possibly realizing
that her pussy would be quite exposed if she had to lean backwards
over the pipe. She didn't say anything but simply turned around and
spread her legs apart on her own.

I decided to accept her choice and tied her ankles to two water valves
in the floor. Her right wrist got bound onto a ceiling pipe further
back with her T-shirt. It wasn't perfect but I could always improve on
things I thought. Figuring that once she was tied up, she couldn't
really leave anymore. Her bare feet were now resting on the warm
concrete floor while the rest of her body was slightly angled forward
with her belly and pussy resting right on the big pipe. The position
of her right wrist forced her to bend over the pipe. She now used her
free left hand to find some comfortable grip on another pipe.

Anna looked rather vulnerable now and I realized that I started to
enjoy this game myself. My first encounter with Anna had been so
frantic and emotionally charged that I never really have had time to
reflect about it. Anna was a rather domineering person most of the
day and it seemed strange to me that she somehow liked to be dominated

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and briefly thought about my
approach. Here she was right in front of me, pretty much at my mercy,
showing me her whole back side in all its glory. I stretched out my
hand and let my fingers run over her back. Her free hand pulled me
close to her. "What are you gonna do with me?!" 

I replied with a quick and wise "'ll find out!" while I started
to think about it myself. I knew what I wanted deep inside but I
needed to develop a plan to get there. It was simple. I had to drive
her crazy enough to give in. I was determined to succeed. First of all
my dick needed some well deserved attention.

It took me a while to get onto the other side of the room, navigating
around my storage stuff but finally I looked into Anna's eyes which
expressed a mix of fear and curiosity. I bend down to her face, lifted
her head a bit with my hand and gave her a kiss.

"Now, will you obey all of my orders?" She simply nodded, the
expression of curiosity taking precedence now.

I got close to her. "Make me hard again." 

Anna hesitated. She closed her eyes and slowly shook her head. 
"I can't. Please don't ask me to do this..."

Totally unprepared for such a reaction I just stood there.
Motionless. Anna had turned cold I realized. Her sexual fire had gone
out due to all the darn preparations. And no acid to help me out. 

Back to basics I decided. "You will be punished for your refusal..."
I announced like an actor and found my way back to the other side of
the room. The concept of punishment was rather undefined in my mind
and I found myself scratching my head. What to do with her? My
instincts prevailed when I remembered about punishment in school. Cane
and spanking. Since I had no cane I resorted to spanking.

I started to slap her pretty ass with my flat hand. The sound was
rather sexual and so were Anna's reaction. She was flinching and
shouting but the noise of the burner made it undistinguishable. I got
into it. Pretty soon her ass was turning rather rosy and I made sure
that it was nicely even. Anna's legs were pulling on the ropes like
crazy now. I followed my instincts further and starting to lick her
rosy cheeks with my tongue. Anna reacted quite different now. The
frantic jerks stopped and she relaxed still wiggling a bit. She turned
rather quiet. I tried different areas now and observed her reactions.
Thanks to her widely spread legs I had access to the inside of her
thighs. I figured that she might be really sensitive there. 

Her pussy was out of reach for my tongue but I got pretty close. I
didn't quite know how to deal with her anus. It was certainly sexy to
look at. But I was curious enough to try. Anna smelled like sweat and
sex. Nothing bad really. So I gave it a try. As my tongue touched her
anus the first time she immediately jerked her ass around. I grabbed
her thigh to hold her tight. I must have hit a special spot. I started
to get bolder and lick her like I would lick her clit. With
languishing strokes and quick flicks of my tongue. Anna was moaning
now loud enough for me to hear it. I was getting her hot again.

Always looking for extra excitement I remembered her dildo now. I was
wondering if her ass would take it. After I had recovered it I
moistened it with my spit. The dildo still smelled like Anna's pussy
and I rather liked it. I led my nose over it like over a good cigar.
The tip still had the wick visible. Remembering the earlier troubles
with the dildo slipping out I decided to change its design a bit. Soft
enough to be molded by a strong hand I flattened out the thick end of
it and folded it over on itself. I smoothed it out to a round shape
and looked at it. The last section was probably a bit difficult to get
in but it shouldn't come out too easily on its own. 

I lavishly moistened the improved dildo and gave Anna a few good licks
directly on her rectum before I started the insertion. A mixed
reaction was fore coming. Moaning and tension in her rectum at once.
She seemed to resist the new intruder but I considered this still the
punishment phase so I watched with erotic interest as she tried
valiantly to expel the dildo. The anus muscle was fascinating to watch
as it tight-ened and relaxed but pretty soon I had most of the dildo
inside. Finally her resistance faded and I started a new game where I
pushed the dildo in and out like I had done with her pussy earlier.
More moaning was now fore coming. The pleasure phase had started to
take over. I was deeply aroused by her reaction and my dick started to
lift his head again. Now I had to get the dildo fully inserted and
then I would try my demand again. It took a number of determined
pushes before the thick end would pass through her tight rectum. But
the rectum muscle still wouldn't quite close completely over it yet.
Only after I pushed it even deeper with the help of  my middle finger
did I finally succeed. 

Anna lived through it with long moans, evasive movements and several
halfhearted attempts to discourage me with her free hand.
After I was satisfied that the dildo wasn't coming out anymore I moved
to the front of Anna again. She was already looking up to me with a
sense of urgency.
"Alex, what are you doing to's so deep..." She lifted herself
up a bit, her backside slowly gyrating, trying to expel the intruder.
I reached behind her back, found her anus and let my finger check the
situation. Her rectum was expanding. I pushed my finger in to sense
the position of the dildo. 

Anna jerked against me, short moans. The dildo was still in place just

Anna's eyes were looking at me with a sense of desperation and I
started to consider to relief her. But I was aroused by her situation.

"How does it feel like, Anna?"

I held her sweaty head up. 

"It feels...dirty. Tight.'s so deep! ...Let me stand a
moment." She straightened her body as far as the restraints allowed
her to. She slowly moved her hips around and I could tell by her face
that she was feeling the dildo shift around in her bowels. I felt a
bit mercy with her and touched her between the legs, playing with her
pussy, playing with her clit. 

"How does it feel like, Anna?" I repeated. She closed her eyes and
licked her lips but ignored my question. I slid two fingers inside
her. She sucked in her breath.

"Please..." came from her and then again: "Please. It feels...nasty"
more urgently this time. She pushed against my fingers. Her body was
tightening. She pulled in her stomach to give my hand more space. I
moved aside a bit, my fingers still in her pussy.

I put my left arm around her neck now and pulled her head closer to

"Make me hard, Anna. Now!" and slowly pulled her body down again
towards my dick. She bent down slowly, her stomach pressing now onto
my hand. Her lips took me in. I was hard already but it was delicious
to feel her tongue. My hand tried to do its best to please her pussy.
I moved my hand and fingers now with greater force.

Anna gasped. Or at least it felt like it. She suddenly grabbed my
thigh hard with her free hand and pulled herself up. Leaving my dick
just standing alone there.

"Alex! I'm sorry. But I got to pee. I got to pee real bad. Please
untie me..."

I believe I just froze. Unbelieving. What? Stop now, at the height of
excitement? I was feeling betrayed. After all my efforts to get Anna
exited beyond belief to get into her pussy I still fell just short. I
couldn't accept it. With some desperation I ran possible scenarios in
my mind. I was a brutish beginner in the field of B/D and had only my
gut feelings to go by. I was not prepared for a situation like that at
all. My dick was still doing the thinking at the time and I fell under
its influence right there. I loved this moment of her extraordinary
submission that was so unlike my sister in real life. She had
expressed a request, a wish, not shouted an order after all. I
followed now an improvised plan, went back to get behind my sister
again and pulled my bathrobe from the pipe my sister was bending over
against. I folded the large robe a num-ber of times till it formed a
thick pad and put it back in place right under her juicy pussy.

I leaned over to her head: "Feel free to pee into the towel whenever
you're ready. It's o.k." Anna just shook her head slowly in response.
But it seemed a hesitant reaction. I realized that I had gotten away
with it. She was still submitting to me. What a woman...tomorrow she
would again order me around in her kitchen. No doubt about it.

I was waiting. My right hand moves between her spread legs and I enter
her pussy with one finger. It is very wet and slippery. Anna moans or
grunts, I can't tell, moving her ass back against me. I keep working
on her pussy to get her exited again. It is easier to get my fingers
into her from the back. She is getting frantic in her movements now
and suddenly the dildo slips out of her ass. I just let it go and it
falls to the floor. I decide to make a last valiant effort to get to
my ultimate goal.

I pull Anna's head back a bit to get her attention while giving her
pussy my best cock imitation my fingers can manage. "...please let
me...fuck you. Just for a little bit. Then I let you go to pee..."

Her head is shaking slowly but expressively. Her free hand grabs me
with some urgency, pleading. Disappointed I pull my hand from her

Desperate I hug her from behind and draw myself close against her
backside, my dick now pressing between her cheeks. Despite my
excitement I know better than forcing myself into her. 
I was sliding my dick between her sweat drenched ass cheeks now. I
pulled myself against her now, tighter and tighter. This was feeling
just great. With a bit of luck I would be able to come. My arousal
grew in spades mixed with my dormant frustration. My right hand moved
around her stomach trying to reach her pussy again. Anna tensed,
refusing. My hand tightened in frustration and anger. I would have to
help her to relieve her urgent way.

I was getting close now with my cock, furiously pushing, sliding
against her ass. I now used all the weight of my upper body to bend
her forward as far as I could while pressing my fingers deep in to her
lower abdomen, into her full bladder.

Anna gasped loudly in surprise first. "Oh. NO! Oh my god!..." 

I kept my fingers fierce pressure up and we both tensed our bodies in
a short furious struggle of power. 

I felt her resistance collapse under my weight. A slow howling noise
coming from her as she shuddered under me, finally relieving herself.
Into my bath robe. I smelled her pee. It was a bit anticlimactic for
my dick though. The struggle had been too distracting. My final
relief had been sacrificed. Anna was still leaning over the pipe,
getting her breath back. I held her with my arms, apologizing with a
gentle touch while I removed the wet robe from between her legs.

I turned around, walked over to the burner unit and shut it down. The
sudden silence was shocking. I swung open the burner door and tossed
the robe into the opening.

It would make for quite some smoke out of the chimney...
I closed the door with a nice bang and had my finger already on the
ON-switch as I heard somebody in the hallway out side. Somebody was
knocking on my apartment door! 

After a moment of silence I heard two loud thumps against the heavy
boiler door. "Alex! Are you in there?"
My heart simply stood still for a second or so. Oh no! I didn't need
this. Not now. Not ever. Not her! I grabbed the door handle and held
it tight.

The voice belonged to Pamela, a neighbor of us. Pamela was married to
a surgeon who was more at work than home. Pamela was a sexy young
woman I had fallen in love with some months ago. Kind of. She gave me
my first blow job ever one night on my bed. Maybe that was the reason
for falling in love. I was young and still learning then. Well, it's
another story altogether (see short intro) but now she was out-side
the boiler room and she started crying! 

"Alex! I have to talk to you. My husband is divorcing me!" 
There I was, standing naked and sweat drenched in a hot boiler room
with a raging hard on. My very own sister, naked, tied up over a pipe
behind me. Maybe dying in embarrassment isn't all that bad. Sheer
panic was overwhelming me.

I tried to think on my toes. "Listen, Pamela. I'm with you in a
second. I just fixed a problem in here. My apartment is open. Why
don't you go and get a drink already. I'll be right with you!"

I heard her crying in bursts. "I need to talk to you , Alex...Please

She was walking up and down outside. This was getting very complicated
very quickly. I freed Anna's arm because I needed her T-shirt myself
now. She immediately started untying her ankles. She looked exhausted.
Not furious as expected. I hugged her gently till she wrapped her arms
around me, too, reluctant. I felt repentive.

"I'm sorry, Anna. I got carried away... Give me a few minutes. I'll
get Pamela out of the way and you go into my place, grab some clothes
and go back home. We'll talk tomorrow. O.K.?"  She just nodded.

I put on Anna's T-shirt and her jeans which fit just fine. She got
actually larger hips than myself. I smelled like sweat. Strongly. I
hit the switch for the burner and it came back to life, roaring. I
pushed down the door handle and slowly opened the door to the outside.

Pamela was sitting on the stairs at the end of the short hallway. So
far. So good. I walked out and immediately grabbed her by the arm.
"Excuse my appearance. But it's really hot in there." I lifted her arm
up and she stood up, following me upstairs. I tried to coax her into
her own place. She began immediately to tell me a long story that had
a few choice words for her husband while I tried to buy enough time
for Anna to get into my place. I figured the best approach would be to
go to Pamela's apartment which was one flight up the stairs but Pamela
was somehow adamant that she wouldn't set foot again in that place
tonight. Jesus, her husband was on night shift anyway... My problem
was also that as long as we were hanging out in the stairway my sister
couldn't get back into her place.  Pamela was crying again and I was
getting concerned that neighbors could wake up. Oh, what a night!

I was betting on Anna's bright mind and expected her to put on some
of my clothes and climb out of the window of my place which was almost
on ground level. So I listened patiently to Pamela for the next ten
minutes before I proposed to her to go to my apartment to have a
drink. Pamela agreed and we walked back down the stairs. I saw that my
door was slightly ajar and hoped for the best. Once inside I started
to look around, no sign of Anna. I checked the windows while Pamela
went into the kitchen for ice-cubes and a drink. All my windows were
still locked. She never made it out. 

I was maybe a bit cocky to assume that she would climb out that way.
Didn't she have enough time to grab my clothes? I was saying a silent
prayer that she wasn't in my bathroom. There was only one way to find
out. I had to check.

Pamela wasn't crying any more. She was humming a song now. Good. I
went straight for the bathroom. The door wasn't locked. Good. The
light was off. Good. 

The first thing I saw when the light went on was that the shower
curtain was closed over the bathtub. Suddenly a hand came out and
closed the door behind me. Fuck! Anna was standing in the bathtub,
half-naked, her upper body barely covered with a shirt of mine that
was too tight to close. Her tits were pressed together. "Alex! I ran
out of time! I didn't fit into your pants! You got skinny hips, you

Oh my! Now it's my fault because I got skinny hips.

"Quiet!", I replied, "Pamela is here. She doesn't want to go to her
place yet...Give me some time to get rid of her. O.K.?" 

Anna was moving her head back and forth, mocking me. She was in a
giggly mood.
I was not.
Everything had turned into a disaster for me and it wasn't
even over yet.

On the other hand it was a good sign that Anna was still making fun. I
really wanted her to have some good memories of our night. I wanted a
lot of things to happen but the reality was we were both heavy
smelling of sweat if not sex. We really needed a shower. 

Slowly opening the bath room door I saw Pamela sitting on my unmade
bed. She had a drink in her hand and looked relaxed. "Pamela, I really
need to take a shower. Do you mind?"   She smiled. "No problem. But
leave the door open. I got to talk to you, now!"

Anna was quietly giggling behind the door. I was more edgy about the
situation. I wanted to control it but couldn't. I took off Anna's
jeans and hung them on a hook on the wall. I could feel Anna's eyes on
my back, watching every move. 

The bathtub had a single long shower curtain. As I was climbing into
the tub I realized that I needed to relieve myself. Bad timing. I
stepped back out and took position over my toilet as I saw Anna
peeking over the curtain. No, I don't need this right now I thought
and hit the light switch. It got rather dark and I had a hard time
aiming right. As soon as I started to hit the right spot I heard
Pamela only a few feet behind me. "Are you that shy that you have to
pee in the dark?" She giggled. I mumbled something about a flaky
switch. Flushed. And quickly stepped into the bathtub. Turned the
water on while Anna was sitting in the far end of the tub. It was too
dark to see her but I was sure that she found this all rather funny.

The warm water was a welcome sensation. Pamela was trying to tell me
the story about her husband as he told her he would divorce her. The
running water prevented me to understand all the details. "...And then
I told him that he can go to hell if he is that uptight!" Her voice
now clearly sounding. Jesus, she was right here in the bathroom now.

The light went on again. "Ha, It's working again. Alex!" I heard her
taking a seat on the toilet. "Alex, I don't know what to do now. I got
to move out, I guess. Are you gonna help me finding a new place?" I
didn't answer. Anna's feet were moving between my legs and distracted

Pamela pulled the curtain back a few inches. "I'll make it worth your
while, You know!" I immediately pulled the curtain back close. I kept
my hand on it now.

"You are shy tonight! I've got to loosen you up..."

I watched as Anna was lifting her eyebrows as a comment. I directed
the showerhead towards Anna in response. She took off the shirt and
enjoyed herself in the fresh water stream. I mentioned to her to come
closer for a thorough shower. She moved quietly like a snake towards
me and sat beneath me, legs coiled around my feet. We didn't have much
space to share. 

Pamela stood up and moved in front of the mirror. Doing this and that.
I wasn't sure. "Do you mind if I spend the night here?" Pamela's
question hung in the air more like a statement. I was so distracted by
Anna soaping my dick that I almost missed the whole question. So I
pulled the curtain open just a tad and stuck my head out: "What did
you say, Pamela?"  She smiled. "Oh, you heard me!" I tried to keep my
huge hard on behind the curtain. Which initially was no problem. But
Pamela started to hug me for a quick kiss and I was busy trying to
keep the curtain closed as far as possible. My dick bounced against
her body. "Well, HE heard me at least! Maybe I should join you in

I freaked. "Too late, I'm done...!" I declared spontaneous and stepped
slowly out of the bathtub, curtain closing behind me and all. Grabbing
a towel I realized the water was still running. A bit too late. I saw
Pamela going for the faucet handles. I just grabbed her arm and pulled
her towards me. I hugged her. My hard dick pressed against her body. 

"Heh, Heh. In the mood already? Let me dry you off first." She
wrestled the towel away from me and pushed me down onto the edge of
the bath tub. It was slippery and I almost slid backwards through the
curtain. I grabbed the edge with both hands for life as I felt Anna's
hand hold me from behind the curtain. Saved by the bell.

I had to get out of this bathroom but Pamela had set her mind on
something else. Whenever I attempted to stand up, she pushed me
playfully back down. My hard-on was bouncing up and down throughout.
The poor guy had been teased all night already and was begging for
some detailed attention. He would get it. In a surprise move, Pam
quietly knelt in front of me. With a knowing, expressive smile she
opened my thighs and started to suck my dick. Her lips have something
especially seductive that immediately let the hair in my neck stand
up. I give in without hesitation. Stroking her hair with my hands.
Instinctively I hold her head for a good angle. She moans onto my
hard-on, cherishing my sudden excitement. This feels good. Very good.
I forget the running water. I forget about Anna behind the curtain.
Till I feel wet fingers explore the crack of my ass. Oh.

Everything happened very fast then. I remember looking down onto
Pamela's hands pushing my thighs apart, getting closer. As soon as I
realized Anna's fingers back there, one of them had already started to
slide into my anus. Long fingernail and all. Going straight in. Deep.
Furiously arousing me. Almost immediately pushing me over the
threshold of self control. I remember the water running in the
background as if it were important, my hands pulling Pamela's head
closer, semen spurting effortlessly into her mouth, my rectum tightly
cramping onto Anna's finger, trying to stop it, but failing.

Pamela was drooling semen over her jeans while looking up to me with
pride. "Boy, I really got you off fast this time," she proudly
declared. I tried to smile while Anna's finger was still talking
business in my rectum. Her sweet revenge. Semen was dripping from my
dick like from an emptied coffee creme container. Pamela kept holding
it in her hand, looking with fearful curiosity as I kept wiggling
around, ejecting numerous little after bursts of semen, running slowly
over her small hand. A real mess. I got up, gasping as the finger left
my rectum. This time I shut off the shower myself, grabbed the towel,
grabbed Pamela and headed towards my bed.

She deserved some pleasure of her own now. She was taking off her
clothes fast now and was naked before we reached the bed. She was
aroused and ready for a wet tongue between her legs. I knew that that
was all she would allow me but that was fine with me. Hopefully one of
these days my dick would get his opportunity. I was a pretty patient
guy even then. As I buried my face between Pamela's legs I was praying
that Anna would finally get out of my place. Quietly.

An hour or so later, Pamela asleep at my side, I noticed Anna's
silhouette moving out of the bathroom, wearing my shirt as well as she
could, still struggling with her jeans.

Smooth like a cat she silently moved closer to me. "For what you did
to me tonight... You truly deserve a lesson in kind...", she

She moved her jeans slowly down to her ankles as she squatted down on
my carpet. Right in front of me. 
She looked me straight in the eyes. 
Thighs now spreading wide, I could see her pussy lips part. 

"You can't be serious!", I gasped. 

She gently smiled at me. 
"Try to stop me..." 
She closed her eyes, relaxing, relieving herself.

To be continued

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