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This story is full of all sorts of perverse and unlikely things. It 
includes all sorts of bizarre things, which happen to turn some people 
on. Things like bondage, non-consentual sex, exhibitionism, and even 
incest. Minors need not apply. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 
Delete from incoming box. (Like you'll listen if you're a minor... but 
at least you've been warned).

If this kind of writing causes you discomfort, if it bothers you or is 
even likely to bother you, please don't read it. Consider yourself 
warned. If you read it despite all these warnings and are offended,
the heck are you doing? Give yourself a shake.

I guess I should point out that this story is fictional. I have never 
figured out time travel and if I did, I suspect I wouldn't misuse the 
privilege nor would I engage in non-consensual sex or incest under any 
circumstances nor would I counsel anyone else to do so. These are bad 
things. <Does this really need saying? Isn't this common sense? Hello?> 
Any resemblance to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Also, let's be clear about this. Archiving of the story is OK. But 
charging money for it (including charging for access to any archived 
copies) isn't cool. Needless to say, giving me credit for the story is 
not an option. This work is copyrighted by the author subject to the 
above stated conditions.

This is a work in progress. I will continue posting it as long as there 
is interest (both yours and mine). Any comments, good or bad, are 
welcome. Suggestions for the storyline are also welcome.

If you are still with me, read on and please enjoy.

- crimson


Chapter 116 - Time Out Of Time


By Crimson Dragon (


She bent again. I could feel the tremors from her body as she 
struggled with her teeth to release the clasps of my jeans. Her head 
pressed against my body, and I could actually feel her sobs of 
frustration and fear as she strained with the button. I raised my 
head, trying to see what she was doing down there.

Finally, she let out a cry of dismay and frustration. I felt her take 
the edge of the denim in her teeth and pull back. Her teeth slipped, 
but the fabric came free. She almost sobbed in relief as the stubborn 
button released its hold. Tears running down her face, she knelt up 
and looked at me, triumph replacing the frustration.

"Ouch," she whispered. She moved her jaw and pulled at her bound 
wrists, her face crunched up in mild pain.

"What happened?"

"My teeth slipped. Clacked together."


She stared at me, but obeyed, opening her mouth widely, probably 
expecting a gag. I merely reached up and ran my finger over her lower 
teeth, trusting that she wouldn't try and bite me. She didn't.

"Nothing broken."

"I could have told you that."

I smiled at her. "And if I wanted to touch your teeth."

"They're yours to touch." She flushed. She sighed and bent her nude 
body back to her task. I felt her hot breath against me, through my 
underwear, and heard the zipper fall. She tugged ineffectively at the 
denim of my thigh with her mouth and then rose back to her knees. Her 
face was tear streaked, but with her success with the button, she had 
managed to stop crying. A new frustration had appeared.

"Christi?" I inquired sweetly.

"I. I can't."

"Can't what?"

"Get them off. Please, sir. You. Please help me?"

I reached down and raised my pelvis at the same time. I pushed the 
jeans over my hips and off my legs. I sat up and pulled off my t-shirt 
as well for her. I kicked off my shoes and socks, leaving just my 
underwear for her to struggle with. I lay back down, taking the weight 
off my pelvis.

Her eyes followed my movements, probably surprised that I'd helped her 
this much. She was probably expecting at least a half hour of painful 
struggling against her restraints in order to get my clothes off. I'd 
done in thirty seconds what would have taken her thirty minutes. 

She smiled down at me, gratefully. "This slave thanks you."

She bent again, nuzzling me through the thin material of my underwear. 
I gasped at the sensations. If it was possible, I found myself getting 
harder. At last, she teasingly gripped the material in her teeth and 
pulled them slowly down my legs until they caught at my ankles. I 
lifted my feet allowing her to pull them completely off me. She looked 
up at me, smiling as she bent again to take my toes into her mouth.

I shivered as her tongue explored my toes. After a few minutes she 
glanced up and began her slow journey back up towards my head. With 
her hands behind her, she had some difficulty maneuvering herself 
upwards. At last she straddled me, her bare legs lying easily on 
either side of my body, looking at my face. Her bare breasts were 
rising and falling beautifully with her laboured breathing and I could 
feel her arousal and heat as she pressed herself into my belly.

Carefully, she lowered herself to touch my lips with hers. I could see 
her frustration, knowing this would be ever so much easier if I'd just 
release her wrists. But she didn't complain or beg me to let her free. 
She merely kissed me, pulling lightly at her ropes.

"I can't wait any longer," she whispered as she ground her pelvis into 
my body. "I swear, I'm going to cum like this."

I smiled up at her. "You'll do no such thing."

She closed her eyes, remembering that I wasn't a normal lover. She 
needed my permission for her release. She nodded, silently promising 
that she wouldn't climax without my permission.

She lifted herself, straining her thighs. I had to help her a bit, she 
not being quite strong enough and being restrained, she couldn't find 
the leverage. Finally she was poised over me, her thighs straining to 
keep her body lifted off mine, her toes curled into the bed sheets.

She moaned as I guided myself to her. I nodded to her and she gently 
lowered herself, impaling her body with mine. We gasped together at 
the penetration. Slowly, she slid herself up and down, pumping, 
gripping at me with her internal muscles, rocking herself. After the 
mornings activities I wasn't going to last very long. She took her 
time, savouring the sensations, feeling the sexual energy. She had cum 
once this morning with Jane, but she was more than ready for me.

I glanced once at Elizabeth still working diligently between Amy's 
legs. Amy had her eyes closed, trying to ignore Elizabeth's tongue 
now. She was probably spent for the day. The sight of the female 
lovemaking heightened my arousal again. I closed my eyes to 
concentrate on Christi's softness. Images flipped behind my closed 
lids. Knowing that she was restrained, couldn't use her hands made it 
so much more enjoyable for me. Amy. Elizabeth. Jane, still bound in 
the other room with Sheila. The syrup. The girls, trying so hard to be 

I exploded, not being able to hold back any longer. Christi cried out 
as I thrust one last time deep into her softness. My body arched, 
muscles fighting with one another, moaning. I fell back to the bed 
under her, gasping and fighting off the residual spasms. Christi had 
stopped her thrusting as I climaxed. I could still feel her wetness 
and her arousal as I remained inside of her.

"Please?" she whispered. Seeking permission for her release. I imagine 
that she had been holding back. She was as ready as I was after the 
morning of being bound and teased.

Not getting an immediate answer, the flushed girl began to cry softly. 
She needed the release, but I wasn't allowing her. She pulled futilely 
at her trapped wrists, wanting to touch herself, needing just that 
tiny push over the edge. Resignedly, she lifted herself on quivering 
thighs and extracted me from her. I gasped at the sensations.

She moved her bare body as best she could and lay down, still crying 
softly beside me. She buried her head in my shoulder, her skin still 
hot pressing into me. I let her cry for a few moments as I recovered.

"That was wonderful," I whispered to her.

"Please. I. This slave. She wants to cum. Oh God. Please." She looked 
up at me with earnest deep blue eyes. "Whatever I did, I'm sorry."

"You didn't do anything." I gently told her.

"Then why? Please untie me? I'll finish myself. You don't have to do 
anything? Please?"

"Will you accept a gag?"

Her face registered confusion, probably so aroused she couldn't form 
any thought that didn't directly involve her swollen clitoris.

"You know, to keep you quiet?" I elaborated.

"You want me to keep quiet? I will. You don't have to gag me. I. 

I reached over the side of the bed, fishing through the equipment bag 
that was still lying on the floor. Finally I touched a shiny hard ball 
shaped object which I pulled up onto the bed with the attached leather 
straps. Christi's eyes opened wide as she saw the ball gag, not 
understanding why she had to have it. She would keep quiet if I told 
her to. Not even a cry. She had enough self-control and I knew it. It 
wasn't like I was going to whip her.

"Please. Why?" she pleaded with me. She knew, by now, that she was 
going to be gagged, like it or not.

"I just want to see you in it. I'll let you climax if you willingly 
take it. You have a choice."

Christi's brow furrowed, but her body betrayed her. She didn't like 
the idea of being gagged, I couldn't remember if I had ever made her 
wear one before. She had always been good at keeping her mouth shut 
when told. She slowly nodded, wanting the climax more than she didn't 
want the gag.

She silently opened her pretty mouth as I approached her with the 
intrusion. I slipped the red ball behind her teeth and gently 
connected the straps behind her head. I worked the hair out from under 
the strap, allowing it to fall free around her bare shoulders. Her 
mouth stretched wide to accommodate the gag, but I hadn't wrenched it 
in, like I had a few days ago with Elizabeth and Jane. Christi wasn't 
going to have to wear it very long. I just wanted to see her climax 
with it.

Christi tried to mumble something around the gag, but it wasn't 
intelligible. I was guessing that she had tried to beg for its 
removal, but she wasn't in any position to get rid of it herself. In 
frustration, she tried reaching around her nude body with her bound 
hands, but she wasn't even coming close to her breasts, her vagina or 
her mouth with her hands tied the way they were.

I gently urged her legs apart with my fingers. She lay her gagged head 
back into the pillows and more than willingly spread her long legs, 
her toes curling as she did.

I idly stroked her skin, causing unintelligible begging noises to
from her mouth. She breathed easily through her nose, eyes closed as I 
gently parted her lips. Her body went rigid at the first light touch 
of her swollen clitoris. I eased off, teasing her, lightly stroking 
her slippery outer lips and entering her with my fingers. I purposely 
avoided her center until her mewls of dismay and arousal came at fever 
pitch. If it wasn't for that gag, she would have been begging 
shamelessly and unreservedly.

I whispered to her, "You may climax, little one."

Relief flooded into her unusually expressive eyes as I began to 
lightly stroke her clitoris. It didn't take much, she was so aroused 
and ready. She exploded with a scream that was evident through the gag 
wedged behind her teeth. She screamed repeatedly into the gag as she 
orgasmed, her entire body arching and tensing as I continued to rub 
her lightly. Finally, spent, she collapsed into the sheets, trying to 
pull away from my still stroking fingers. I gave her one last light 
stroke on her sensitive clit causing her to jump and then allowed her 
to rest. She shivered as I ran my fingers lightly down her leg as I 
rose to my feet.

I gently touched Elizabeth's head, and she gratefully stopped licking 
at the girl in front of her. Using a pair of handcuffs, I had her sit 
with her back to the footboard of the bed. I casually connected her 
wrists to the bedposts, but she was far too tired to care. I suspect 
that she was thankful that I had even let her stop. She let her head 
droop towards her bare chest, her legs drawn up and pressed together. 
She looked pretty sitting there on the floor, arms outstretched, but I 
didn't tell her. She closed her eyes, resting her tired body.

I returned to the bed and sat down beside Christi. She looked up at 
me, helplessly, pleading with her eyes.

"You want something, pretty girl?"

She nodded her head. She was still flushed from her exertions, I could 
see it in her distended cheeks. She wanted the gag out of her mouth. I 
could see her tongue pushing against the intrusion. Even though it 
hadn't been in her mouth long, it was probably uncomfortable.

"More sex?"

Her eyes betrayed her confusion. She didn't know what the right answer 
was. She wanted the gag out, but she also would be willing to put out 
more to keep herself out of trouble. She was likely fully recovered 
from her climaxes and could probably go again if I wanted her. Problem 
was, as enticing as that gagged, naked, gorgeous creature was, there 
was no way that I was ready. Perhaps in a while. She struggled and 
opted for honesty. She slowly shook her head, preferring to take her 
chances that I'd guess again what she wanted. I could see it in her 
eyes. She knew that I was teasing her.

"You'd like to sleep?"

She looked a bit worn out, but that would have been normal, I 
supposed. She had been struggling in ropes, forced to exert herself 
without the benefit of her hands. But she shouldn't be sleepy tired 
for a while yet, despite her rigorous activities. Elizabeth, and maybe 
Jane, could use sleep again, but Christi should still be viable. 
Predictably, she shook her head again, mewling into the ball. Probably 
trying to beg for the gag out.

"What does she want?" I mused to myself as I idly stroked her skin. 
She squirmed, kicking her bare feet at the touches. Leaving her 
frustrated, I rose and quickly dressed myself. When I finished, I 
lowered myself back to the bed and gently kissed at her lips. It was 
an odd sensation kissing a gagged girl. Her lips were tight around the 
intrusion and she moaned at the touches. She probably thought it was 
more odd than I did.

She tried to talk around the ball again, but finally gave up, 
realizing that I would take it out of her mouth eventually, and that 
she just had to wait. I touched the red surface of the ball between 
her lips.

"Must be hard to talk with that in there," I commented idly.

She nodded her head vigorously, her eyes pleading with me.

"You want it out?"

She nodded again. My fingers were idly caressing her nipples, causing 
them to involuntarily, or perhaps voluntarily, harden. She squirmed, 
but didn't pull away.

"Will you be a good girl?"

Her eyes registered disbelief that I would even ask. She'd done 
everything she was ordered to today without complaint. She'd taken off 
her clothing, had sex with me, made love to Amy, made love to Jane, 
suffered the syrup. She knew that she hadn't so much as complained. 
She'd been good and didn't deserve to be lying there naked begging for 
her gag to be removed. Despite all that, she swallowed her pride and 
slowly nodded her head.

"You'll be quiet?"

Again, a hesitant nod. I could see her squirming, trying to keep still 
but so anxious to get the ball out of her mouth.

I smiled at her and gently lifted her blonde head. I reached under her 
hair while she struggled to help me, twisting her head to allow me 
better access to the clasps. I slowly released the straps and then let 
her head fall back onto the pillow. The gag was no longer forcibly in 
her, she had closed her eyes and held it behind her teeth voluntarily, 
waiting for my fingers to pull it free for her. I watched her face for 
a moment, stretched by the intrusion and struggling not to push it out 
with her tongue. I wouldn't have punished her if she had, I kind of 
expected her to do it. But she lay there, fighting with herself. It 
was beautiful to watch. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked at me, 
pleading. I was surprised that she'd had the self control to hold the 
uncomfortable position.

I gently grasped the ends of the straps, slowly pulling the gag from 
her lips. As she felt the outward tension, she opened her mouth a 
little wider allowing the ball to slip from behind her teeth. She 
gasped audibly as the ball gag swung out of her mouth. It was wet, but 
it hadn't been in her long enough to cause uncontrollable drool. She 
began to say something, probably a whispered thank-you, but I touched 
her lips with my finger before she could utter more than the initial 
"Th-", gently reminding her to keep quiet.

"Stay there. When I come back, I'll let you get dressed again. If you 
are good."

"Please untie me," she whispered pulling at her trapped wrists.

I motioned for her to be silent and she closed her mouth, realizing 
that she would be bound until I returned. At least I had left her 
ankles free.

I rose and walked towards the door. As I passed Amy, she looked up at 
me with hopeful eyes. She whispered as well, "Please. I've been in 
this chair for hours. Please let me go. I won't go anywhere. I'll sit 
still wherever you put me."

I raised my finger to my lips, shushing her. Her face drooped as she 
too realized that she was stuck in the ropes for a while. She 
squirmed, trying to get more comfortable. I felt a bit sorry for her, 
her bare body was probably aching. Probably her rear end was numb from 
sitting in one position so long on the hard chair. I stroked her hair 

"When I get back, I'll let you out. I promise."

She numbly nodded, tears falling gently from her eyes. She had been 
good all morning as well. I know I really should have let them free, 
but as I turned, regarding the three bound beauties, I again marveled 
at their exquisiteness lying and sitting throughout the room. Such 
delicate and desirable creatures. Mine. I didn't want to let them go.

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