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Copyright 1998 By Greatness ( All rights are
reserved. Archiving permitted on free sites, but please advise me.
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(Edited by a friend)

If you are below legal age, do not read this story!

Blackmailing My Sister Sabrina

By Greatness

Hi I'm Michael, Michael Storm. I'm 12 years old, and yesterday sex
was the farthest thing from my mind. Girls were never something I
really was interested in. My friends and I thought that girls were
gross! But today for the first time in my life, I noticed something
that I never even wanted to look at, let alone play with.

I was standing outside the bathroom door, waiting for my sister to
get out of the bathroom. I really had to pee so I pounded on the
door and yelled, "Come on Sabrina! Hurry up, or I'm going to pee
in my pants!"

I had to go so bad my cock was hard. I hated trying to pee when it
was like this. Trying to bend it down to pee hurt. I was getting mad
and I was biting my lip trying not to pee. Finally the door snapped
open. Sabrina with standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped
around her wet hair, and another one wrapped around her body.
"Don't rush me, Shit!"

Standing there hopping up and down, with my hand holding my
cock trying not to pee. "Out of the way!" I said, as I pushed by her
into the bathroom.

"Hurry up so I can dry my hair," Sabrina snarled back at me as I
slammed the door.

As I stood peeing, I thought how pretty my sister really was. "No,
she's a girl, and my yucky sister." But when I finished peeing, my
cock stayed hard in my hand. "Why?"

I thought of Sabrina standing in her towel drifted back into my
mind. I rubbed my balls, and squeezed my cock, trying to get it
back to (what I thought was) normal.

As I squeezed, a weird feeling went through my body. Well not
weird bad, but weird good. So instead of squeezing I moved my
hand up and down my little shaft. Thoughts of my sister standing in
the hall dripping wet, went through my mind again. Then...  Sticky
stuff squirted out of the head of my cock. "WOW!" The feeling
almost knocked me off my feet. I stroked again and more shot out,
"Double WOW!" I could hardy breathe. I had to do it again.

"Come on, Shit.  I need to dry my hair!"

"O-oh okay, I'm almost done," I replied, trying to sound normal.
But I know it came out making me sound like I was out of breath. I
wiped the white stuff off my hand, then opened the door. "Here

"Ha Ha, very funny," Sabrina said, as she went by me back into the

When she pushed by me, her tits brushed up against my arm. For
some reason it felt good. Sabrina had nice boobs too. The older
guys were always talking about getting their hands on her BIG
HOOTERS. That's what they called them. I always thought they
make her look stupid. But tonight they made her look different. I
guess you could say sexy.

I looked back at the door and it was open just a crack. I could see
her in the mirror. Sabrina was standing running her fingers through
her wet hair. Sabrina's hair was actually pretty tonight, long,
naturally curly, and blonde. She looked in the mirror and tried to
look sexy. She smiled and puckered up her lips. Then she reached
down and squeezed her boobs through the towel. She licked her
lips, then dropped the towel on the floor. She was now naked! She
cupped her breasts lifting then up and let go, they bounced and
jiggled. She looked in the mirror and stared at her hands as she
squeezed her tits, and pulled on her nipples.

That was enough for me. My cock got hard again, and I didn't even
have to pee! As Sabrina played with her nipples, I rubbed my cock.
I don't know how big my sister's tits were, but the boys at school
always said that they must be 37-D at least. They said they
probably would sag without a bra, but they didn't. She closed her
eyes and kept pulling and twisting her nipples. As she played with
them, they even got hard!

I never could figure out why men thought women were anything to
look at. But now I couldn't imagine anything that I'd rather look at
more than Sabrina, my own sister playing with her boobs. The
feeling started swelling up in me again. I looked down at my cock.
There was stuff running out of the end, making my hand slide
easily up and down the shaft of my cock. I looked back to see what
Sabrina was doing. What I saw made me squirt sticky stuff all over
the bathroom door. She had one of her breasts in both hands, and
had bent it up to her mouth. She ran her tongue around her big hard
nipple, then locked her lips around it and started sucking.

I squirted again, causing me to moan out loud. Sabrina's head
jerked around and looked at the door. I ran to my room and
slammed the door, hoping she didn't see me. After thirty minutes,
when she didn't come pounding on the door, I knew she didn't see
me or she'd be screaming her head off. I closed my eyes, and
quickly fell asleep. I dreamed all night about my sister sucking on
her huge tits. When I woke up there was sticky stuff all over my


The next day at school I couldn't get what happened the night
before out of my mind. Why was my cock getting all hard and
squirting, and why did watching my sister make my cock hard?

"Hey, Mike!"

Down the hall came my best friend Harry. He was a lot like me.
But he was two years older than I, so he was always talking about
how sexy this girl looked or how big that girl's boobs were. We
talked about everything, so I decided to ask him about what
happened to me last night. But I'd tell him that it was about a friend
of mine. I didn't want to sound stupid in front of my best friend.

"Did you have fun with your family over the weekend?" I asked,
thinking I'd make small talk so I wouldn't sound so stupid jumping
in and asking him about sex, and stuff.

"Boring as usual," Harry replied.

We talked about baseball for a little while then I asked, "I
overheard Sabrina talking to Mary about sex. But I couldn't hear
everything they were saying. I was wondering if you knew
anything about, well, sex?"

"Sex? I haven't really done it. But my brother told me about it,"
Harry said, with that dumb look on his face he always got when I
talked about Sabrina. I think he must be in love with her or

He told me things that I didn't believe, like putting your cock into a
girl's pussy, makes girls pregnant. That didn't sound like it could
happen. But I knew now that guys' cocks get hard when they got
excited. And if you "jack-off" you cum. He also told me that a girl
had a thing near the top of her pussy, called a "clit" that if she rubs
it, it would get kind of hard, and it would make them cum just like
a guy.

When he got done, he said, "Why don't I come over tonight and we
can watch TV or something? Sabrina won't be there, will she?"

"Why wouldn't she be? She lives there, stupid!"

"Well, I didn't want her bothering us."

Sure that's what he was worried about all right. Every time he got
to talk to her, he sounded like some babbling dimwit. I couldn't
understand why until last night. My sister was actually pretty. No,
she wasn't pretty. She was gorgeous, tall five feet nine, 110 pounds,
all in the right places. Sabrina was really into fitness. She would run
every morning, and go to the gym three times a week. She was
toned and tight, with great legs to go with what guys say is her cute
bubble butt. With her curly blonde hair and green eyes and a tan
that now I knew went everywhere, she could really turn heads.

"Why don't you come over after dinner, about seven?"

"I'll be there at seven," Harry, replied, as he caught sight of Mary,
my sister's best friend turning the corner down the hall. "I got to go.
See you tonight." Harry ran down the hall to get another look at
Mary. Mary has been best friends with Sabrina since they were
both eight years old. Sabrina turned out to be the prettier of the
two. But Mary was pretty in a different way. She wasn't tall, five
feet two, maybe 95 pounds. Her body was as nice as Sabrina's, but
Mary's tits weren't nearly as big, maybe as big as grapefruits. She
had short red hair, and she had freckles all over. I always thought
she looked cute for some reason. While Sabrina could be a real
tease, Mary was a little shy. I wondered if Mary had freckles on
her boobs? That thought got my cock hard.


Mom and Dad had gone out to dinner with the neighbors. So
Sabrina sat across from me at dinner table. As I ate and looked at
her, all I could see was her bending her tit up to her mouth and
sucking on it. My cock was so hard it hurt. Sabrina put a piece of
spaghetti in her mouth and sucked it in. I thought it was gross a
couple of weeks ago. But now I was straining to sit still, as she
sucked another piece through her pouty lips. With sauce dripping
down her chin, she caught sight of me staring at her and said,
"What's your problem, Shit?"

"You're gross."

"Oh, am I, Shit?" She replied, as she sucked another in, and took
her finger and wiped the sauce that had dripped down her chin off,
then stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. Then stuck
her tongue out at me.

The FEELING came over me again and I knew I'd just cum in my
pants. We sat for the rest of the meal without saying another word
to each other. Sabrina finished first and took her plate to the
kitchen. I reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants
and came again.

The doorbell rang and Sabrina came running out of the kitchen. "I
got it."

"If it's Harry, tell him to come in the kitchen," I yelled, as Sabrina
ran by me with her breasts bouncing up and down.

She opened the door and Mary was standing there smiling at her.
Up the walk behind her came Harry.

"H-hi Sabrina, you look handsome tonight. No, I mean you look
pretty," Harry said all tongue-tied.

"Shut up, you creep," she spat back at him, letting Mary in, then
slammed the door in Harry's face.

"Your creepy friend is at the door, Shit!"

I hated it when she called me that. One day I'd make her pay for
that. I opened the door and let Harry in. Even though Sabrina had
slammed a door on him, Harry still was smiling because he caught
a glimpse of my sister.

"Boy, Sabrina looks pretty tonight," Harry said.

I never thought so until yesterday. But she sure was. "You know
what? I saw her topless, and she was playing with her tits!"

"No way!" Harry replied, with a wanting look on his face.

"I sure did. She left the bathroom door open a little and I saw her in
the mirror. You know how the other guys at school say her breasts
would sag without a bra. But they didn't sag at all!"

"I wish I could see that."

"You should have seen it. She even sucked on them!"

"No way!"

"She sure did, and it made my cock hard."

"Boy, I'd do anything to see that."

"I'd like to see it again too. Why don't we sneak up and see if we
can get a look at them?"

"I'm right behind you."

I didn't think we would see anything at all. Sabrina would have her
door closed. Even if she didn't, there wouldn't be much to see. As
we quietly walked down the hall toward Sabrina's room, we could
hear them giggling. As we got closer, the giggling turned into voices
we could understand.

"Did you see Troy today? He's so cute," Mary said.

"Yeah, he sure is. And I'll bet he's got a big dick too," Sabrina said,
which made them both bust out giggling again.

Listening to them you'd never believe they were two 22-year-old
girls. Sabrina was a senior at the local college, and Mary was a
teachers' aide at our school. They started talking about other stuff
that got pretty boring. We were about to leave when...

"You know what I did last night?"

"No, what?"

"I sucked on my own tits. I was feeling horny, and I just pulled
them right up and did it. I love having my tits sucked. I was so wet,
I thought I'd pass out. Then I heard a noise and stopped. I think my
shithead brother was trying to get in the bathroom."

"You can suck on your own? Wow! You're lying, yours are big, but
you couldn't," Mary said, with a look of disbelief on her face.

"Fuck. I'd like to see that!" Harry whispered.

I turned the knob on the door and slowly pushed it open, just a
little. What luck! Sabrina had a mirror on the wall by the door and
one on the wall. We could see everything. They reflected into each
other. Sabrina and Mary were sitting on the bed facing each other.

"Show me."

"I don't know."

"I knew you couldn't do it."

"I can too!"

"Prove it!"

They sounded like two ten-years-olds arguing back and forth.
Finally Sabrina grabbed her top and pulled it over her head. Then
she reached around and unhooked her bra. I couldn't hear Harry
breathing anymore. He was like me: holding his breath. Sabrina put
her hands on each bra cup holding them on her breasts.

"Pleeeeease," Mary said pleadingly.

"I don't know maybe I shouldn't." As she finished, she rubbed the
cups into her breasts then took the bra off and dropped it on the


"Ssssh! They'll hear you."


They were both too preoccupied to hear him. We both started
breathing again, but just barely. Watching now was even a bigger
turn-on than last night. Mary couldn't take her eyes off Sabrina's
breasts. She just stared as my sister's hands cupped her tits. Then
Sabrina closed her eyes and began to slowly squeeze them. She
would go from the base to the nipples, then back again. Soon her
nipples were hard little points that she rolled between her fingers.

Mary had absent-mindedly raised her hands to her own breasts and
was squeezing them through her T-shirt. My hand was down on my
own cock. I unzipped my pants and started beating away. I didn't
bother seeing what Harry was doing. But by the way he was
breathing he was enjoying what Sabrina and Mary were doing, too.

Sabrina suddenly stopped and wrapped both hands around her right
boob. I knew what was coming. "Here it comes," I whispered back
at Harry, not really caring if he heard me or not. Sabrina slowly
bent her tit up to her mouth and sucked the nipple into it.

"Ooh," Mary moaned, her eyes as big as saucers. Her hands went
under her T-shirt pulling at her nipples, which looked like they
would rip through her shirt. Her mouth was half open and her
tongue was just hanging out of her mouth licking her lips. I looked
at my sister, then back to the expression on Mary's face, then came
all over the front of my shirt and pants.

Sabrina let go of her breast, and it fell back into place, but bounced
up and down for several seconds. Harry shot his wad watching as a
drop of spit dripped off Sabrina's still rock-hard nipple. "I have to
stop. That really turns me on. When I get turned on, it makes me
lose my mind. I'll do anything," Sabrina said, quite breathless.

"If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. I wish I could do
that. Bob isn't into tits, and I'm like you, having my tits sucked
turns me on to no end," Mary said, as out of breath as Sabrina was.

"You too! Do you want me to suck on yours for you?"

"No way! I'm not a lesbian."

"I'm not either. But I thought you'd like it, that's all." Sabrina's
hands were back at her tits pulling on her nipples.

Mary watched Sabrina's hands, then looked around the room.
"Well, maybe for a second or two, but that's all," Mary said

"Take off your shirt and lie down."

My cock sprang back to life as Mary's tits came into view. I was a
little disappointed that the freckles didn't cover her boobs, but they
were nice anyway. Just like Sabrina's, but not half as big. Her
nipples weren't any bigger than the end of my little finger, but they
were rock hard.

"Lie down."

"I don't know about this. Maybe this isn't a good idea."

"Are you sure?" Sabrina said, reaching out and touching the tip of
Mary's nipple. Mary shivered, then laid down with her hands
behind her head. Sabrina flicked her tongue out teasing each

"Ooh that feels soo good," Mary moaned.

"So you like this do you?"

I nodded yes at the same time Mary moaned, "Yesss."

She took Mary's nipple in her mouth and sucked it lovingly.
Sabrina switched from breast to breast, causing Mary's moans to
grow louder. I shot my second load, watching as Mary grabbed
Sabrina's head and smashed it into her left tit. Sabrina's hand slowly
slid down Mary's stomach. As Sabrina continued sucking, she
worked her fingers under the waist band of Mary's pants. Mary
arched her back toward Sabrina's hands.

Harry shot his second wad five feet in the air, but continued
stroking away. Sabrina sat up and unbuttoned Mary's pants, then
unzipped them. This was a dream come true. I was about to see my
first real pussy. Sabrina grabbed Mary's pants on each side and
began pulling them down. Just as we started seeing pubic hairs...

"Michael, are you still awake?!" my Mom shouted.

Sabrina and Mary sat straight up, looking like a deer caught in
headlights. "Shit! My parents are home!" They both quickly got
dressed. As Harry and I ran to my room, I shouted, "I'm in my
room with Harry!"

"It's getting late. Time for Harry to go home!" my Mom shouted

"Okay, Mom!"

While we were both cleaning up, we talked about what we had just
seen. We were so close to seeing a girl lick another girl. We both
hoped that we would get another chance. I don't know what Harry
dreamed about, but I dreamed of nothing but getting my hands on
my sister's big tits, while Mary sat and watched.


The days that followed were just a blur. My cock was hard the
whole time. When I saw Sabrina, all I could see was her naked,
sucking on her boobs. I had to get my hands on them. I just had
too. Then I got an idea. Being twelve, it sounded like a good idea
to me. I told Harry about it and he said that it was a great idea too.
And if it didn't work, so what? I was a stupid little kid, so no one
would care.

That night after dinner I went up to Sabrina's room and knocked on
the door. "Sabrina, I need to talk to you!"

"Go away, Shit!"

Hearing her call me that made me mad. If it was the last thing I did,
I'd make her stop calling me that. "It's important!"

"All right. Come in."

I took a deep breath, and squeezed the envelope in my hand. This
had to work. Sabrina was looking sexy as usual lying face down on
the bed with a magazine in front of her. She was wearing a big 
T-shirt that just came down enough to cover her shapely ass.

"Well, what?" She said, as she sat up and crossed her legs Indian
style, then ran her fingers through her beautiful blonde hair. The 
T-shirt was just short enough for me to see between her legs. My
cock strained, when I caught a glimpse of her blonde pubic hair.

"You know the other night?"

"What night was that?"

"Last night?"

"What about it?"

"You were in your room with Mary."

Sabrina got a nervous look on her face. "So?" She said in a low

"I think you two were sexy playing with your boobs!"

"We were not! Get out of here NOW!"

Time to see if my plan would work. "I've got pictures, want to
see?" I said, holding up the envelope in my hand. I didn't have any
pictures. But Sabrina being in college, you'd think she'd be smart
but she wasn't. I've heard that the only reason she passed anything
was because she was so pretty. She'd promise a guy sex, teasing the
shit out of them. Then when she got what she wanted, she'd give
them nothing. They'd be mad at her, but she just did it again and
again. They'd think this time it would be different, but it never was.

"You don't h-have anything," she replied, in a voice so low I could
hardly hear her.

"You're right I don't. I'll just give this to Dad and Mom, and see
what they think," I said, turning to leave.

"Wait! What do you want anyway, money?"


"Then what?"

"I want to play with your tits!"

"Fuck you, SHIT! No way in hell are you going to ever touch my

"Okay, Mom, Dad, I have something for you!"

"Quiet! Get in here and close the door."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Sabrina whispered not looking at me at all. "But if you tell
anyone, I'll kill you!"

"I don't think you'll do anything. I've got these pictures, and Harry's
got copies, too. So if you do anything to me, he'll show

"Please don't, You can touch my tits but that's all, all right?"

"Sure. I'll just touch them."

I had her. I thought my cock was hard before. But when she said
"you can," my cock felt like it would explode any second, before I
even got the door closed.

"You won't say anything, will you?"

"You can trust me. I'm your brother."

I sat down on the bed next to her. My palms were sweating. "Why
don't you undress really sexy, like a stripper?"

"I won't!"


"Sssh, quiet."

"Are you going to do it, or do I tell?"

"All right, but be quiet."

Sabrina got up and started moving her hips. She ran her fingers
through her hair, as she turned around and shook her butt in my
face. She kept moving her hips back and forth, like she was fucking
some invisible guy. Her hands slowly moved up her body, cupping
both breasts squeezing them through her shirt. Her nipples got
instantly hard! Then she turned her back to me.

Grabbing the bottom of her T-shirt, she kept moving her hips and
slowly pulled the shirt up inch by inch. I came in my pants,
watching her tight tanned ass slowly come into view. Up her back
the shirt went until it was over her head. She looked over her
shoulder and gave me a sexy smile then wadded her shirt up and
threw it in my face.

When I got the shirt out of my face, Sabrina was standing with her
hands on her hips. She was gorgeous, that's for sure. I took it all in
starting for her feet. I slowly looking up her great legs to her pussy.
It was perfect too. With a small blonde patch up top, with the rest
shaved clean. That made me cum in my pants again. Up I looked to
her shapely hips, then to her belly button. I never noticed it before
but she had pierced it. She was wearing a little gold ring through it.
My cock groaned and got hard again. Continuing up to her breasts,
then looking her in the eye.

"Well, was that sexy enough?" Sabrina said, as she spread her feet
apart about a foot.

"Y-you bet. Come here, so I can touch your tits."

"If you want them you come get them," she teased. She reached up
cupped them, like she was offering them to me. I wasn't about to
do what she asked. But she lifted her tit to her mouth and licked
her nipple. I got up and walked toward her like a zombie. She was
a good tease. I wanted her to come to me, but I couldn't resist her.

I finally reached her. My mouth came right up to breast level. My
hand shook as I grabbed both tits. I couldn't cover hardly any of
her tits with my hands. I squeezed them hard, which caused
Sabrina to grab my hands. "Not so hard." This time I squeezed and
pulled but not so hard until my cock felt like it was twice its size.

"Now don't you move," I said, never looking up at her. I didn't
want to take my eyes off her tits. I stuck out my tongue and
touched her nipple, then smashed her breasts together so that I
could lick both nipples at the same time. This was better than I
imagined. Sabrina's boobs were soft but firm. Her nipples were
hard as pebbles as I sucked them in my mouth. As I went tit to tit
sucking, Sabrina started breathing harder. She reached up and
smashed my face on her breast. I wasn't about to stop. The harder
she pushed, the harder I sucked. She began to pull my head from
one breast than the other. She raised her knee and rubbed the
crotch of my pants. Her knee rubbed up against my cock caused
me to cum so hard I fell to my knees.

"There, Shit. You've got to play with my tits, now get out of here!"
Sabrina said, looking down at me with rock hard nipples and the
insides of her thighs dripping wet.

I walked out in a daze. I pressed my ear against her door. I could
hear her moaning and cussing. I had to see what she was doing.
Opening the door just a crack, I could see Sabrina lying in the
middle of the floor with her legs spread wide. She had spread her
pussy with her fingers, and was rubbing what Harry told me was
her clit with the other. I didn't believe Harry when he told me it
could get hard. But Sabrina's clit stuck out like a little dick head.

As she rubbed it she cussed my name between moans. She slid one,
then two, then finally three fingers inside, frantically fucking
herself, while rubbing her clit. She took a deep breath and held it,
then started to shake, and squeezed her legs around her two
probing hands. I also didn't believe it when Harry told me girls cum
like guys. But when Sabrina came she soaked her two hands. She
rocked her hips once more and then spread her legs as wide as she
could, and came again. Cum shot a foot in the air! Sabrina crawled
over to her bed cussing my name one last time, then rolled up and a
sexy little ball on her bed and went to sleep.

I closed the door and rubbed my cock, trying to think of anything
that would have been better than what just happened. Sabrina had
fell for my bluff. I got my hands on a pair of tits that every guy that
saw her wanted to touch. And I got to see a girl shoot cum. I could
hardly wait to tell Harry about it.

I laid in bed thinking about what happened, then I realize that she
called me that name again. I was going to stop that very soon, as I
thought of another idea to try on my sister. Wait until I tell Harry.
He is going to love it.


I told Harry what I'd seen and done. He made me tell him the part
about Sabrina masturbating ten times. When I got to the part where
she came, he always said the same thing, "You mean she squirts!?

"She let you play with her boobs without seeing if you had
anything in the envelope. Man, she is stupid."

"I always told you she was. But you didn't believe me."

I told him what I had in mind to do next. When I told him I'd need
his help, he said yes before I could even finish. The plan was
simple enough. I was going to get her to suck my dick, and Harry
was going to take pictures. That way I'd have real ones, because I
wasn't done with my sweet sister just yet. And what I had in mind,
she'd might not do. So the pictures would do the trick.

Our parents were going to be gone for the evening, so I told Harry
to be here at six, and bring his camera. "Don't worry about the film.
I'll buy it."

Harry got here right on time. He was so excited, his cock was hard.

"Okay, be quiet so she doesn't hear you," I said, as we were
standing outside Sabrina's bedroom door.

"I'm ready." Harry replied, holding up the camera for me to see.

"Sabrina, I need to talk to you again!"

"Fuck you, Shit. Go away!"

"Are you sure? Those pictures just might fall into the wrong

"Get in here!"

I smiled at Harry, then went inside, thinking how stupid could she
be to fall for this twice. Sabrina must have just got out of the
shower. She was sitting on her bed in her bathrobe drying her hair.
Boy she looks sexy with wet hair.

"I was wondering if you would do me a favor?"

"I won't do anything for you!"

"Well if that's the way you feel about it, I've got one very nice
picture of you sucking on Mary's boobs. I wonder what Dad and
Mom would say when I show it to them?" I said.

"You don't have any pictures, you shit!" Sabrina snapped back at

She was calling my bluff. I had to think fast. "Well if you're sure?
I'll just have to make copies of the picture I don't have, and pass
them around at school. You won't mind will you?" I held my
breath. If she wanted to see it, I was dead. Sabrina squirmed
around for a few minutes, then dropped the towel from her still-wet


"I want you to suck my dick."

"Fuck you, shithead! I'm not sucking you or anyone else's, EVER!
That's disgusting!"

"What size should I make the picture? Eight by ten's? That'll be
perfect," I said, as I turned to leave.

"Please don't. I'll... I... You won't tell anyone will you?" Sabrina

"I'll never tell anyone, I promise." I didn't have to worry about
telling anyone. Harry couldn't keep a secret, even if you threaten
him with death. He'd do the telling for me. The look on her face
made me feel sorry for her. Well almost. As I unzipped my pants,
Sabrina closed her eyes and swallowed hard.

When she opened her eyes, I was standing in front of her, with my
little cock already hard just inches from her lips. I was already so
excited my dick was dripping what Harry told me was pre-cum.
Sabrina stared but didn't move. "Come on. I haven't got all day."

"Don't you cum in my mouth. And don't you cum on me either. I
hate that," she said, as she stuck out her tongue and touched the tip
of my cock. She got this look of disgust on her face. Then she again
stuck out her tongue and ran it around the head. It felt so good I
just smiled. I didn't know if she was good or not. But to me I was in
heaven. She licked up and down, she even sucked my balls into her
mouth. That caused pre-cum to run out of my cock. She opened
her month, then closed her eyes, and put my cock in her month.
Neither one of us moved. Then she slowly began to move her head.
It felt so good I started moving my hips, trying to fuck her face.
She sat still as I continued to move faster and faster.

I knew what was about to happen. My cock jumped once spraying
cum into Sabrina's mouth. She coughed and pulled away from me.
My cock twitched a second time, and I came all over her face.

"You SHIT! I told you not to cum on me!" Sabrina yelled.

"Don't call me that again," I replied, as I stroked my cock and
squirted another load of cum in her face. I left her cussing at me
and wiping my cum off her face. Harry was standing in the hall
with a big grin on his face, and two rolls of film.

"I got some great pictures."

Now I had some real pictures that I could use on my sweet sister,


Harry's Dad was a photographer. So he had everything we needed
to develop the pictures. Harry did a great job of taking them, too.
He had some of Sabrina's sucking my cock, and you couldn't see
my face. They would work perfectly if she wanted to see some. I'd
show her those. She could get in trouble, but I couldn't. If I show
dad or mom their little girl giving some guy a blow-job, she'd be in
big trouble. Now we could have fun doing anything we wanted
with her. Harry wanted to be with Sabrina next. But I told him I
wanted to fuck her first. We needed more pictures just in case.

"How about movies instead?" Harry said, with disappointment in
his voice, at not being the next person to have fun with Sabrina.

"Movies? That would be even better," I replied, with a big smile on
my face and a bigger hard-on in my pants.

We got everything we needed. It's nice being friends with Harry.
His parents have a lot of money, so if we need anything he just
asks his mom or dad and he gets it. He got a great video camera.
One that had a zoom, color, and even sound. We were going to do
it in my room. I could hide Harry in my closet so he could shoot
the whole thing, with nothing in the way. I put him in and covered
him with clothes. He looked just like a pile of dirty clothes. Sabrina
wouldn't know a thing. Now it was time to go get Sabrina.

She said no, but one picture was enough to convince her to do it.
This worked better than I thought. She didn't even notice it was my
cock in the picture. Laughing to myself, "I wondered how many
12-year-old cocks she'd been sucking?"

I sat on the bed, then told Sabrina to do another sexy striptease.
She wasn't as good as before, but it was good enough to get my
dick ready for action. After watching her wiggle and dance for a
good thirty minutes I couldn't take in anymore.

"Okay. Come over here and get on the bed."

Sabrina put her head down not looking at me like a just scolded
child. She laid down, spread her legs, and closed her eyes. I was
undressed in a flash and on my knees between her legs. "Hurry up
and get it over with, Shi... I mean Michael."

For someone that didn't want to fuck, she sure was wet. Rubbing
my cock along the folds of her pussy lips, set my ball boiling, and
got her moaning just so I could hear her. Grabbing my cock I
slapped Sabrina's pussy with it. She moaned and grabbed her tits
rolling her nipples between her fingers. It was now or never. I was
ready to cum at any second. I pushed my dick inside. It felt so
warm as it tightened around my aching cock.

This felt better than having Sabrina suck my cock. I didn't want to
move. I was so close to cuming if I moved it would be over. And
there was no way I wanted the feeling of her pussy wrapped
around my cock to end. Sabrina moaned and tried to move her hips
but I didn't let her. I wasn't going to cum yet. But she pushed me
down on the bed, then straddled my cock facing the closet and
guided it back inside. She began to bounce up and down. I held my
breath straining so I wouldn't cum. Up and down, faster and faster
she went. I was glad that Mom and Dad were gone, because
Sabrina was screaming, "YES" as she pulled one tit up and tongued
her nipple. I came but she kept bouncing. My balls tightened again
and I came even harder. Then Sabrina laid back against me and
came. I swear she squirted three feet in the air!

My cock went soft and Sabrina got up and staggered out of my

"I can't believe she squirted! Wait until you see it!" Harry said,
holding the camera up with both hands. Harry sat on the bed next
to me and said, "I can hardly wait to see it again."

I could hardly wait, either. Now we had pictures and a movie. It
was Harry's turn next. He won't tell me what he had in mind, but he
was going to teach her a lesson for being so mean to him all the


I watched the tape over and over for a solid week. Seeing Sabrina
bouncing up and down on my cock was great to watch. If she only
realized we were taping her she would have never turned around
and faced the closet. It was better than photographs. The look of
lust on her face, and her tits bouncing every which way, then when
she came, it was just too perfect. I jacked-off so much watching it,
my cock and balls ached.

I let Sabrina's life get back to normal. I figured if I pushed her too
hard she'd start thinking and say no. She was 22, which was old
enough to have sex if she wanted. Mom and Dad couldn't say
anything to her about it. But she was always their sweet innocent
little girl. And she wanted to stay that way. So if we went a little at
a time I'd get her to do the stuff I had in mind.

Harry wanted to have Sabrina be a maid to us and three more of
our friends. She was to dress sexily, and do what we all wanted.
My other three friends were always the butt end of Sabrina smart
assed jokes when they came over. So when I asked them if they'd
like to have some fun with her, they all said yes.

We waited for two weeks until the perfect time. My parents were
going to a wedding and would be gone all weekend. Sabrina was to
babysit me. So I knew she would have to be there when all my
friends arrived, and we were ready for some fun.

I hid the video camera on the bookcase behind a plant. It was just
far enough away to shoot the whole room. I didn't want to miss
anything. My sister was upstairs when Harry and my three other
friends got there. I told them they could ask her to do anything. But
I didn't want them to be too mean. I was horny and I didn't want to
push her too hard. If we took it easy, I told them, she would do
anything. Paul, one of my friends, was really mean sometimes, and
he'd probably tell Sabrina to do something weird and screw it up
for the rest of us.

It was time to go get Sabrina. All my friends had seen the tape.
And they were all horny and ready. If my sister finally started
thinking and said no, I think they would have run up stairs and just
raped her. I had a copy of the video tape in my hand, and knocked.

"Sabrina, I need to talk to you again!"

"Go away. I never want to talk to you again."

"I got something I want to show you."

"I said go away!"

"I'll leave it here, and I'll be back in ten minutes to talk to you."

I went back down stairs, and talked to my friends, then...

"Get up here Michael, please!"

I ran up stairs hoping that the tape worked. But by the sound of her
voice I knew I had her again. When I got to her room, she was
sitting on her bed, white as a sheet.

"Where did you get this?" she mumbled.

"It was Harry's idea. Pretty good, isn't it?"

"What do you want?"

I told her what I had in mind. First she said no, then when I told her
how much Mom and Dad would love to see her fucking, she
changed her mind in a hurry. I told her to stay there while I went to
get the clothes she'd wear for the weekend. I couldn't figure out
why she just didn't say no. But brains weren't Sabrina's strong suit.

Harry and I had bought an outfit that we thought would make
everybody drool when they saw her in it. It was a very short red
spandex one piece, and a pair of 5-inch black heels. I picked them
up and went back to give them to Sabrina. She was still sitting on
her bed crying.

"Cheer up, here's something pretty for you to wear." I said,
handing her the dress and heels. The look on her face told me she
hated the dress, but I didn't care. As I left the room I turned back
and said, "I think it will look great without underwear, don't you?
We'll be waiting for you, so don't be long."

We could hardly wait to see what Sabrina would look like in the
dress. We bought one that was too small so that it would be extra
tight, and short. We all looked up as we heard the sound of heels
coming down the stairs. I was already hard, but the sound made me
even harder. Then there she was standing in the doorway.
Everyone groaned at once when they saw her. The heels made her
legs look even sexier, long tanned and shapely. And the dress was
like a second skin. It just came down and covered her great ass and
pussy. The top squeezed her tits together making them look huge!
You could see her nipples pressing against it. Her hands went down
and pulled at the hem of the dress so as to keep us from seeing
anything good. But it didn't matter, we were seeing a great deal
now. I would have been happy if she had stood there all day. But
Harry wasn't.

"Why don't you go get all of us some Pepsi's?" Harry told her, not
taking his eyes off the hem of her dress.

"Michael, this dress is too tight, if I walk it, it won't stay down,"
Sabrina whimpered.

"Does anyone feel sorry for my poor sister?" I replied looking
around at everybody.

They all shook their heads no. "Nope they don't care, so get busy
and get the pop."


"Get the pop now!"

Sabrina dropped her pretty head and walked toward the kitchen.
She was right, the dress was too tight, but perfect if you ask me.
She took little steps so as to not jiggle too much and she was
grabbing the hem to keep it down over her shapely hips.

"Bring all five cans at once."

"But my dress will..."

I cut her off. "Bring all five at once."

"Yes, Michael."

It took her longer than it should have, but it was worth it. Sabrina
came back in the room trying to holding all five cans. Even though
she took small steps, her dress slowly inched up her exquisite legs.
With each step we could see more and more. She was still ten good
steps away, and the dress was just barely covering her pussy.

"Hurry up would you, or the pops will get warm," I said with a

"But my..."

"Hurry up or we'll make you take the dress clear off!" Paul shouted
at her.

Sabrina looked at me again, thinking I would stop this, but I didn't.
Sabrina took a deep breath and walked over to us. The dress lasted
only three steps, until it was up high enough for us to see
everything. "Here," Sabrina said softly, then extended her hands
offering me a pop. That made her dress go clear up to her waist.
We all took a pop and got a great look at Sabrina's pussy and ass.
When Paul took the last can, she grabbed the hem and pulled the
dress back down.

We all sat drinking our Pepsi and looking at Sabrina. She had her
head down, with her hands holding down the dress. She was crying
I could tell by the way her body was shaking. I almost called an
end to it. But then I remembered what she had done to me just last
year. We were at a picnic with all of my friends, and Sabrina pulled
my pants down. I was humiliated showing everyone my dick. My
face turned red just remembering it now. Any thought of stopping
them vanished.

"Why don't you go get us some chips?"

"Yeah, chips."

Sabrina went to the kitchen and gave us the great view of her ass,
before she realized her dress had ridden up. She came back holding
a big bowl of chips, and put it down on the coffee table in front of

"That won't do. Pick up the bowl and hold it for us," Harry told

She picked up the bowl and walked over and held out it out so that
Harry could take some chips. "Closer. I can't reach them." Sabrina
extended her arms all the way out, causing her dress too slide up
again. Each one of us took one chip at a time. I could tell Sabrina's
pretty pussy was having the same effect on everyone else that it
was having on me. We were all trying to be cool, so we were trying
to adjust the cocks in our pants without anyone seeing. Finally we
finished the chips and Sabrina put down the bowl, then reached up
to pull the dress back down.

"I kind of like it up. What about you Harry," Paul said.

"You're right, it does look better up," Harry replied.

Sabrina crossed her hands in front of her crotch. "No, that won't
do. Put your hands by your sides."

Sabrina eyes teared up again, and looked off into space, then put
her hands down. I didn't think Sabrina liked what she was doing.
But if she didn't, why did her pussy look wet. We all sat looking at
her for over an hour. Her pussy stayed wet the whole time. She
was even dripping down the insides of her legs. I wasn't the only
one to notice, either.

"Look. She's peeing down her legs. My Mom spanks me when I
used to do that," Brad said, pointing at my sister's pussy. Brad was
the youngest of all of us. He was eleven. I laughed and so did
Harry. But Sabrina turned red and started to cry again.

"That sounds like it would be fun," Paul said, laughing along with

"Come on Michael, you humiliated me enough," Sabrina said,
trying to stop crying.

"Not just yet. Turn around and bend over and grab your ankles," I

Sabrina did as I said. She easily bent down and grabbed her ankles.
I stood up and took off my belt, then walked over to Sabrina.
"Don't move or you'll be sorry. I think for peeing you should get 20
swats from each of us. Does that sound fair to you?"

"Just get it over with," Sabrina whispered back at me.

I wasn't going to hit her very hard. But as the first few blows
bounced off her beautiful ass. I got a little carried away. I hit her
harder and harder. Each blow caused her to teeter on her heels,
and she let out a low little yelp, with each blow. When I got done, I
stepped back to look at my work. Her ass was bright red, and she
was even wetter than before. We all got our turns, and by the time
it was Harry's turn, Sabrina was no longer yelping from the blows.
She was moaning softly so that everyone could hear.

Sabrina's hands were no longer holding her ankles. They were up
squeezing her tits through her dress. As Harry brought down the
last blow, Sabrina fell to her knees, and rolled over on her back and
shot cum straight up in the air.

I had already seen her cum, but I was still amazed, just like
everyone else. We all sat with our mouths hanging open, staring at
Sabrina lying on the floor covering her pussy with both hands, still
shaking trying to catch her breath.

"I want to see it again!"

"Me too."

"You heard them Sabrina. Get busy. Why don't you take off the
dress? I don't want you to ruin it."

Sabrina sat up and pulled the dress over her head. She put her
hands on her breasts and squeezed them and whispered, "Please
don't make me."

"Why not?"

"I just can't. Not in front of them," Sabrina said, as she continued
playing with her tits.

"Sure you can. Why don't you sit on the couch between Harry and
me and do it?" I told her, as I patted the cushion of the couch
between us. Sabrina got up on shaky legs and sat down between us.
She spread her pussy then rubbed up and down on her clit. I
grabbed one of Sabrina's boobs and began to squeeze and kneaded
it between my fingers. Harry did the same with the other. Sabrina
jammed three fingers inside of her wet pussy as she continued to
rub her clit. Her moans got louder as she spread her legs even
wider, pounding her fingers in and out. She came again this time
even harder, spraying cum all over the front of her. But she didn't
stop this time, she rolled her clit between her fingers and she came,
as I twisted on her nipple. She screamed and shot cum straight up
in the air.

"Why don't you go up and take a shower. You're a mess. We still
aren't done having fun yet."

She got up and walked out of the room on very unsteady legs.
"Here," I shouted at her. As she turned, I threw her the dress.
"Don't forget your pretty dress. We can't have you running around
naked, can we." That got everyone laughing, and turned my sister's
face beet red.

"Shit. I should have had her give me a blow-job!" Paul said, sitting
back on the couch mad at himself.

"Don't worry. We have all weekend to have fun with Sabrina," I
told him.

"I know she's your sister, but I want to fuck her, too. You won't get
mad, will you?" Harry asked me.

"I don't see why not. But don't cum in her, she might get pregnant.
And I know she loves having guys cum on her." Boy was that
wrong. But it will teach her to be nicer to me, that's for sure. We
waited over an hour, then we heard that sexy sound of heels
coming down the stairs again. Sabrina stood looking at us as pretty
as ever, in her dress and heels.

"Can I please go up to my room," Sabrina said just above a

"We've been talking about you while you were gone. I think we all
need a blow-job."

"Fuck you! I won't!" Sabrina screamed, as she crossed her arms
under her tits, then turned to leave.

"What do you think your friends at school will say when I send
them copies of the tape?"

Sabrina shoulder tensed. "That's all? A blow-job, right?"

We answered her by all standing up and dropped our pants. Our
cocks sticking straight out waiting for her. She walked over to us
not ever caring that the dress quickly slid up slowing us her pretty
pussy again. She started on Brad. It was quick and easy. Sabrina
just stuck out her tongue and he came all over her face. I knew she
was mad but she said nothing and moved to Bill. He lasted just a
little longer than Brad, barely. Sabrina just got it in her mouth, and
he came. Sabrina coughed, and swallowed most of his cum, and
wiped the rest off her chin.

Next was Harry. By the look on his face I knew we wouldn't last
long. I think Sabrina could tell that too. She rubbed his balls and
stroked his dick a couple of times. He came all over Sabrina's tits.

"I'm not going to be that easy," Paul said, in a determined voice.
Sabrina smiled wickedly at him and grabbed his cock. She ran her
tongue around the head of his dick. He clenched his fists, but it
didn't help as he came, Sabrina pointed his cock up in the air, so his
cum missed her entirely.

Now it was my turn. I knew I could last longer than them. Sabrina
ran her tongue up my shaft, then licked my balls. But I didn't cum.
I stood there thinking she's got to do better than that. She licked the
head of my cock. I strained but didn't cum. I was going to make her
suck me. She finally put my cock in her mouth. I tried to relax to
make it last as long as I could. But I didn't take long, either. She
moved her head up and down a couple of times, while pressing my
cock against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. That did it. I
pulled my cock out and came all over her pretty breasts.

She looked up at me. "Can I go now, Michael?"

"Sure, but get some rest. Tomorrow will be just as much fun."

After Sabrina left, we talked, and watched the tape we just took.
We all came over and over. Tomorrow we were all going to fuck
Sabrina until our cocks didn't work anymore.


I don't know what my friends dreamed about, but my dreams woke
me up and my cock was hard. We got up early and sat on the
couch and waited for Sabrina. She came down wearing the same
dress and still looking sexy.

"I think it's time we got to fuck you."

"No, you won't. I won't do it, and there's nothing you can do to
make you." We were in trouble. We pushed too hard, now it was

"Are you sure?" Paul asked her.

"Yes I'm sure, you fucking idiot."

"What about the tape?"

"You forced me. If anything, you're all in trouble."

"Let's take a look and see if you look forced," Paul said calmly.

He pushed play and the TV lit up with Sabrina smiling at Paul, then
sucking his dick. "You don't look forced to me."

Sabrina's lower lip quivered as she tried not to cry. Then she
reached down and pulled the dress over her head. She laid down on
the floor and closed her eyes. Brad was the first one to get his
clothes off. He was between Sabrina's legs holding his cock against
her pussy before we could say a word. With one push his little
cock was in her. He fucked her pretty hard for a few seconds then
pulled out and came all over her pussy.

Bill didn't seem to care the Brad's cum was dripping down Sabrina's
pussy. He was in, in a second fucking her as fast as he could. It was
like he was in a race to see if he could cum faster than Brad. He
lasted long enough for Sabrina to start moaning, and pulling at her
nipples. He did the same as Brad he pulled out and sprayed cum all
over her stomach.

Harry went next and went a lot slower. He was like me. It felt so
good he didn't want it to end. He fucked her long enough to work
up a sweat. Sabrina enjoyed it more, too. She was moaning louder
and was sucking on her nipples. Harry pulled out and came on her
tits. Sabrina moaned as she watched Harry's cock cover her boobs
with cum. Sabrina tried to lick every drop. What she couldn't reach
with her tongue, she wiped off with her fingers, and licked then
clean. My sister wasn't lying when she told Mary when she got
turned on, she would lose control.

"Roll over on your hands and knees." Paul said. Sabrina didn't say
a word. She got on her hands and knees and rubbed her ass up
against his cock. "Just relax. This will hurt for a second or two." He
rubbed his hand across Sabrina wet pussy, then stroked his cock
several times. He pressed the head of his cock against Sabrina's
asshole. Before Paul could move, Sabrina leaned back on his cock,
forcing it into her ass. Paul didn't even have to move. Sabrina
moved back and forth, fucking her own ass with Paul's dick. She
moaned louder and louder, banging her hips up against Paul's hip
bones. Paul came at the same time she did. Sabrina sprayed cum all
over insides of her legs, and Paul pulled out and came all over her
ass. Then Paul rolled over on the floor.

Sabrina didn't move at all. With her ass pointing right at me, I
couldn't help myself. I pushed my cock up her ass too. I grabbed
her hips, and fucked away. I couldn't believe how her ass squeezed
my cock. I reached around and rubbed Sabrina's clit while I fucked
her ass. She came again, soaking my hand. I gritted my teeth and
kept banging away. When she came again, I couldn't help but cum.
As she came it felt like her asshole would squeeze my cock in two.
I shot three big loads up her ass. Then I sat down behind her and
watched cum run out of her ass.


We fucked her time after time, until we couldn't even get hard
anymore. Sabrina was nothing but a shaking ball of flesh in the
middle of the floor. She was covered in sweat and cum. She didn't
even move the last time I fucked her. She just lay there and came.

We all went up stairs and took showers. When we got back down
stairs, Sabrina was still curled up on the floor. "You'd better get up.
You need to get cleaned up before Mom and Dad get home."

Sabrina whimpered something I couldn't hear and crawled out of
the room and up the stairs. As we watched Sabrina crawl to the top
of the stairs, Harry said he'd better get home. Everyone agreed the
fun was over and left with him. Before I could close the door, Val
walked in. I had forgotten about Val. Sabrina was always so mean
to him. I should have let him have some fun, too. Well, it was too
late now. Maybe the next time my parents went out of town I'd let
him. I guess I never mentioned Val. He's my dog. I think he'd have
fun having Sabrina play with him. I groaned as my cock got hard

The End?

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