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Copyright 1998 By Greatness ( All rights are
reserved. Archiving permitted on free sites, but please advise me.
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If you are below legal age, do not read this story!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

By Greatness

I'm a 19-year-old girl.  I've got a body that most girls, and guys
would love to play with, 35C-23-34.  I have long red hair, and I love
to dress in either short shorts, or very short skirts.  I guess I should
also tell you that I'm more fun in bed than most people can stand.  If
my lover says they like to try something, I'll do it without question.
I've had sex with men, boys, girls, and women.  It doesn't matter
to me.   I just love sex.  Right now I'm living with a great girl.  She's
27, tall, with big tits.  I love big tits and legs that go on for ever.  
She's what most guys say is dumb as a post.  She could actually starve to
death with a house full of canned food, because she wouldn't be able
to figure out how to use the can opener.  But I love her nevertheless.
My name is Maggie, and my girl friend's name is Tyler.  I don't
remember how we met.  We are what you would call the odd couple. 
I'm a flirt, and Tyler can be quite a stick-in-the-mud.  But once we
get in bed I can get her to do anything, with just a touch here or there.
I work in an office as a fact-checker.  Most of the time it's quite
boring.  But starting just yesterday I was put in charge of finding out
about sexual myths that turn on females.  As I checked through, most
of the things I read were so ridiculous, they made me laugh.  There
were references about how every woman fantasizes about having sex
with animals.  Then there were things about how women dream of
having sex with their girl friends.  That one wasn't true I wouldn't
think,  but...
But the one that I thought was quite humorous was a small
reference to five things that turn women on.  I read them, chuckled
to myself and moved to the next reference.  But in the back of my
mind I thought it would be perfect to spring on Tyler.  I could see her
now saying how it wasn't true, but the look on her face would say
I got home later with a bag of things I thought would be just a
joke.  Tyler was stretched out on the couch sleeping.  I put the bag
down and began to tickle the bottom of her pretty bare foot.  She
stirred but didn't wake up.  I couldn't believe how she could sleep
through almost anything.  I lifted her nightshirt up exposing her tits. 
I grabbed both nipples and rolled them between my fingers.  She
licked her lips, and her nipples got hard, but she was still sound
It was time to do something a bit more serious.  So I grabbed hold
of the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and tossed
them aside.  I put one of her feet on the floor, and the other over the
back of the couch.  Then I buried my face in her cute little pussy and
starting licking for all  I was worth.  Tyler began to moan, and then
her eyes popped open.
"I told you not to do that!" Tyler said, in a shaky voice.
"Sorry.  I can never resist," I said, kissing her on the bellybutton. 
"I've been working on this project at work, and I need your help." 
I ran my fingers up her body, then kissed her on the lips.
"What?" Tyler said, with a look of interest on her face.
"I'm working on this project at work on things that turn on
women.  And there is this list of five things that is said to turn women
on every time.  I've got them right here," I said, picking up the bag
from the floor.
"What's in the bag," Tyler asked, now more than a bit interested.
"I got a bottle of lavender bath oil, a cucumber, some licorice,
and baby powder.  And a tasty big pumpkin pie," I said, trying to
keep a serious look on my face.
"Well I know what you're going to do with that," Tyler said, with
a smile on her face, pointing at the cucumber.  "But what about the
I stood in front of Tyler and undressed.  Once I was naked, I
grabbed Tyler's nightshirt and pulled it off as well.
"Okay, are you ready," I asked, as I picked up the pumpkin pie.
"Sure, but I don't see how that will turn on anyone," she said,
looking at the pie in my hand.
"Put your hands on top of your head and don't move."
"Just do it."
Tyler put her hands on her head, then looked at me, and then at
the pie.  I smashed the pie on her tits.
"Hey!" Tyler shrieked, putting her hands down and sliding away
from me.
"Put your hands back up and sit still.  We're doing an experiment," 
I said, trying to put a stern look on my face.  Tyler put her
hands back on her head.  "Now sit back and don't you move again,"
I said scoldingly.
Tyler sat back with a pout on her face.  I grabbed both her lovely
breasts and began to squeeze and rub the pumpkin pie all over them. 
Tyler started to squirm a bit, but lay still for the most part.  I could
feel her nipples hardening against the palms of my hands.
"Is this turning you on," I asked, still trying to be serious even as
my own nipples hardened.
"Well, a little, I guess."  Tyler pushed her tits out against my
hands, and moaned softly.
I reached down and picked up a piece of pie that had fallen on
the floor.  "Now don't move!" I quickly messed it into her belly
button and slowly smeared it into her pubic hair.
Tyler jumped a little and said, "It feels weird."
"Sit still or you'll ruin the experiment!" I exclaimed.
I grabbed another handful and pressed it into her pussy.  She was
really squirming now, probably from me constantly squeezing her
breasts, and the feeling of pumpkin pie being rubbed into her now-messy pussy.  
I worked two fingers into and out, pushing even more of the pie into her cunt.  
I should have put a towel under Tyler before we started, because between the 
pie and her now-dripping pussy, I was going to have a hell of a time getting 
the combined mess off the couch.
"Okay now.  Tell me if this excites you," I said, with a voice that
was now not very professional.  I had one hand rubbing my own
pussy as I lowered my head, and licked the pie off Tyler's stomach. 
She moaned louder as my tongue reach her pussy.  I never really liked
pumpkin pie.  But I guess if you serve it in the right way in tastes
pretty good.
Tyler raised her hips, moved, and then stopped.  "Sorry for
moving.  But I can't help it," She said, as she ground her pussy
against my face.  I licked and slurped out all the pie I could.  Tyler's
clit was hard as a rock as I sucked it into my mouth.  Tyler shook and
screamed, then fell back on the couch.  Her big beautiful tits shook
as she lay there trying to calm down.
I got up and looked down at Tyler.  She was really a mess.  There
was still pumpkin pie smeared on her, head to foot.  When she rolled
over on the floor, I couldn't pass up the chance, so I swatted her on
the ass.
"Ouch!" she screamed, reaching down and trying to rub my hand
print off her butt.
"Why don't we continue in the bathroom, with these?"  I picked
up the bottle of lavender bath oil, and the cucumber.  "Don't keep me
waiting," I said teasingly, as I turned and shook my ass at her.
I was worried that Tyler would be too tired to continue. But as
I neared the bathroom she almost ran me over, as she pushed me
aside getting inside.
For those of you who think that licking pie off your lover
wouldn't turn you on, you're lying to yourself.  Tyler still looked
turned on, but she couldn't be as horny as I was.  I was still tingling
after licking pie out of Tyler's pussy.
"Why don't you try these on me?" I said, trying to put my
professional face back on.
"Sure. I'll start the bath water.  You just relax," Tyler said still a
little out of breath.  I sat on the toilet running my finger over my
burning clit.  I bit my lip as she bent over and turned on the water.
Tyler's tits were great, but her ass always made my heart pound.  She
picked up the bottle of bath oil, and poured a generous amount in.
"Okay, get in while the tub's filling, and tell me if it's too hot,"
Tyler said, with a dirty look on her face.  As I slid in the tub, I
moaned.  God it felt good, with the almost-too-hot water slowly rising
up my body. The smell of lavender filled the room. I felt like a queen.
"Why don't we try this?" Tyler said, waving the cucumber in my
face. She rolled my nipple between her finger, as she slowly rubbed
the end of the cucumber against my pussy opening. I took one leg out
of the tub and hung it over the edge, so that she could more easily get
at me.
Ready wasn't even close to what I was. Between the smell of the
bath oil, and Tyler playing with my breasts, and rubbing the cucumber
up and down my pussy, I was trying not to scream, "Just fuck me
with it!"
"Are you sure?" Tyler asked, as she pushed the first inch of the
cucumber in, and then pulled it back out. "Well?"
I couldn't answer her because my head was spinning. I just slid
down into the tub, and pushed my pussy up in the air. She slid the
cucumber in inch by inch. When she had finally slid it in all the way,
she put her free hand down and rubbed my clit, as she began to fuck
my pussy.  I was in heaven. My nipples tingled, and got harder.  My
clit throbbed between Tyler's loving fingers.
I didn't want the feeling to end.  But all good things come to an
end. Tyler pinched and rubbed, and fucked me deep and hard.  I
came like never before, squirming and splashing water out of the tub.
My legs cramped up, and I even started to cry.  I was even having
trouble breathing.  I shook for several minutes after I finally stopped
"Well, it looks like both of these things sure turn woman on,"
Tyler said, as she helped me out of the bathtub.  She sat me down on
the floor, then ran out of the room.  I didn't know where she was
going, but right now I didn't care. My heart was still pounding, but at
least I could now breathe.
Tyler scampered back into the bathroom with the baby powder
in her hand and a big smile on her face. "How about trying some of
this?" she asked, as she reached up and starting playing with her right
tit. I didn't know if my heart could take any more. I looked down and
I could see it still pounding.
Tyler grabbed a towel, then grabbed my leg and slowly started to
dry it off.  When she was done, she grabbed the other and did the
same. I closed my eyes and lay down on the floor.  She rubbed the
towel over my stomach, then up to my breasts. She put the towel over
both and squeezed them through the towel. My nipples ached in her
"Roll over so I can dry your back," she whispered.
I rolled over on my hands and knees, and pointed my ass up in
the air. Tyler dried my back, then my ass. The last thing she dried was
my pussy.  I came again as she rubbed the towel back and forth, over
my clit. Finally she dried the water and cum from my body.
If the baby powder was anything like the cucumber, I'd be dead,
but at least I'd have a smile on my face.
"Why don't we do this on the bed?" Tyler said, as she half
carried, half-dragged me into the bedroom. I collapsed on the bed,
moaning to her to stop.
Looking up at her with tears of joy in my eyes, I could see how
turned on she was too. Her nipples looked like pencil erasers sticking
out of her big beautiful breasts. Looking at her pussy I could see
pussy juice dripping down the insides of her thighs.
Tyler had bought back the baby powder, and a big pink powder
puff. I put my hands behind my head, then spread my legs, waiting for
what I knew would be other mind-blowing orgasm.
Tyler poured a big pile of powder out on the sheet next to me,
Then grabbed my leg and held it up in the air. I licked my lips as she
dipped the powder puff in the powder. Bringing the powder puff up,
she ran it lightly along the sole of my foot.  I shivered then giggled, as
she ran it over my toes and up my calf.  Then she went back up to my
toes.  She ran the puff so lightly over my foot that it should have just
tickled. It did but it was sending shock wakes straight to my pussy. 
By the time she finished my other foot, I'd had two nice little
Up my thighs she went, ever so slowly, with a touch still as light
as a feather. I couldn't help myself as I began to squirm around on the
bed. She took the powder puff and made small circles around my
burning pussy.  She never touched it, which drove me crazy.  I begged
her but she just told me to lay still, and continued up my body.
Up to my belly button she went. She stopped there brushing back
and forth with the powder puff, until I came again.  She traced each
of my ribs as I pushed my chest up toward her. She powdered under
each one of my tits. I thought I would pass out, when she ran the
powder puff across my nipples.  I came three times in quick succession.
Finally she reached down and spread my pussy with her fingers,
so that my clit proudly stuck  out.  Then she brought the powder puff
down, and even more lightly than before running it back and forth
over my clit. I came even harder than before.  I began to cry again. 
I couldn't breathe. I couldn't control my body as I shook uncontrollably.  
I never thought I could cum that long. Tyler just kept lightly
running the powder puff over my clit, and I keep cuming. She finally
stopped and watched me twitch, shiver, and shake for what to me
seemed like an hour.
I was trying to catch my breath, and slow Tyler's loving hands. 
She was trying to get me to cum again.  I know what you're thinking,
"Why stop her."  I needed to rest.  My heart felt like it was trying to
leap out of my chest.
"Why don't we try the last thing on you?" I said, picking up the
Tyler sat up and gave me a big smile saying, "Finally, it's my
Tyler laid down on her back and waited for me to start.  I sat up
still dizzy, and grabbed the licorice from Tyler.  "Now remember this
is an experiment, so try to lie there and not move," I said, in my most
professional voice.  But thinking I'll make her squirm, she squealed
with delight.
Grabbing a piece on licorice on each end, I rubbed it back and
forth across  Tyler's nipples.  I know how much she loves having her
nipple played with, so it didn't take long before she was having a
tough time lying still.
I was glad that when I bought the licorice I got the ones with
ripples instead of smooth sides.  Tyler's nipples were hard in just a
few swipes.  She started to squirm.  "Lie still, or the experiment is
ruined," I said, trying not to laugh as Tyler froze on the bed, then bit
her lower lip.  I stuck the licorice in my mouth getting it wet, then
bought it back down across her nipples again.  It wasn't long before
Tyler was squirming again.  Her nipples got all sticky, and turned all
red from the melting candy.
I licked the candy from her tits.  Tyler's breathing was becoming
short and quick.  I could always make her come by playing with her
breasts.  I put one end of the licorice in my mouth then bent down. 
Tyler opened her mouth and sucked the other end in her mouth.  We
both slowly ate the candy until our lips met.  We kissed, then let our
tongues come together.  I sucked on the end of Tyler's tongue, while
reaching down and sliding two fingers into her pussy.
I slid my fingers in and out until they were soaking wet, but
stopping just short of making her cum.  I grabbed another piece of
licorice and slid it into Tyler's steaming pussy.  I pinched her pussy
lips around the candy.  Then I ever so slowly pulled it out, making
sure I let it rub her clit on the way out.  Tyler  started moaning and
then moved her hips upward.  "Lie still!" I said, knowing every well
she couldn't.  I put the candy in again, but this time I pulled it out
much quicker.  Tyler yelped something I couldn't understand.  But
she lay still.
Damn!  That wouldn't do.  So the next time I pulled, I sucked
hard on Tyler's right tit.  This time she couldn't lay still.   She started
flopping around on the bed like a Mexican jumping bean.  I grabbed
both ends of the licorice and used it like a saw.  I rubbed up and
down, then back and forth As I went up and down, so did Tyler's
hips.  Her hips followed my hands like a magnet with a piece of
Tyler sounded like a puppy whimpering, as I slid the licorice into
to her pussy.   Grabbed both her tits, I began to eat the licorice right
out of her pussy.  She came every time I ate a little candy out.  I'd
flick my tongue out and licked her clit with each piece I ate.  Finally
I ate the last piece.  Looking Tyler in the eye, I could see she was still
biting her lower lip, and her eyes were closed.  Her nostrils were
flaring trying to breathe.
"Well, I see that was a turn-on too.  Looks like I can tell my boss
that the five things really do turn girls on," I said, as I lay down beside
Tyler and gave her a big kiss.  We both fell asleep in each others
arms.  I dreamed all night about what I would try next.

                   The End

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