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Copyright 1998 By Greatness ( All rights are
reserved. Archiving permitted on free sites, but please advise me.
Comments are welcomed.
(Edited by a friend)

If you are below legal age, do not read this story!


By Greatness

I'm a typical high-school senior in most respects. I've had my share
of girl friends. Girls seem to follow me around like lovesick
puppies. Why? I'm tall, six feet three, a muscular 185 pounds, with
dark wavy hair, and eyes to match. I lettered in every sport at
school. My name is Hank.

I always boast about the girls I've had. My friends love to hear my
tales of whom I've had sex with. But they don't know my secret.
Yes, I've had plenty of girl friends, good-looking girls too, but I've
never had sex. The farthest I've ever gotten is heavy petting. If it
ever got out I was still a virgin I'd be a laughing stock, with every
guy at school who thinks I'm a major stud.

Why, if I've had all the chances, am I still a virgin? Is it the thought
of getting a girl pregnant? No not really. It's because of the size of
my cock. You'd think I'd have a big monstrous brute of a cock, but
I don't. I've measured it every day, thinking it will get bigger, but it
doesn't, five lousy inches! I just knew that if a girl saw it, she'd
laugh her head off. That would kill me.

But tonight was going to be different. My two friends and I were
going to the drive-in. The movie would be terrible. It was a chick
flick, all hugs and kisses. But Jake, my friend, overheard our
girlfriends say they wanted to go. We decided to tease them so we
didn't want to see any movie about some mushy love between a
man and a woman. I said, "Now if it was a love affair between
two girls." That got me an icy stare from Demi (she's my girl
friend). They said they'd go by themselves. They stormed off
leaving us standing there.

"Shit, Hank, why did you say that? You got all of us in trouble."

"It was just a joke. I can't help it if they can't take a joke," I replied,
trying to defend myself.

"Some of us were going to have sex tonight. But now you ruin our
chance. We're not like you. You can have sex anytime you want.
Hell, you told us you had sex in the car with Demi on the way to

If they only knew, the only sex I had this morning was with my
hand, and my dad's June Playboy.

It took most of the day to convince them to forgive me. We
decided to surprise the girls, and meet them at the movies.  I was
going to lose my virginity tonight.

Demi on our last date almost raped me. Somehow I was able to
stop her before she found out about my (what I thought was)
embarrassingly small cock.

As the day went on, I couldn't keep the thoughts of Demi from
racing through my head. I was imagining her hands stroking my
cock. And the thought of getting my hands on her bare tits kept
my cock hard all day. I was glad I didn't have a big cock. Because
no, one could see my cock trying to rip through my jeans.


Finally it was time. Jake pulled up out front to pick me up.

"I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some dirty sex today
with Gail," Jake said.

Trying to act like the big stud, I replied, "I've already had sex three
times today. Once before school, again at lunch, and then on the
way home Demi grabbed me and we did it in the driveway in front
of her house. I really don't need any more sex tonight." As I
finished talking, my cock was straining to get out of my pants. God,
I needed sex.

"I wish I were you. I get sex only if Gail wants something. And she
never wants anything anymore."

We both laughed and drove off to pick up my other friend, Bryce.
But first we stopped by the store to pick up some beer. We both
weren't old enough to buy any, but the girl who worked there had a
crush on Jake, so she'd sell it to him every time.

When we pulling up in front of Bryce's house, he was standing in
the front yard arguing with his Mom. They were always arguing
about something. He finally just turned and left her standing

"Why doesn't she just leave me alone?"

"What's the problem?" I asked, not really interested. Bryce was a
great guy, but he could carry on and on and on about his Mom.

"She wanted me to stay and babysit my sister and the next door
neighbor's kid. I told her it's Friday night and I was going to the
movie with my friends."

We both nodded at him that we understood how he felt. But I
couldn't understand why he didn't just every once in a while just do
what his Mom wanted. I thought she was great, but she could be a
REAL Mom sometimes.

We drove around and drank beer. Because I was thinking about
having sex with Demi, I hadn't realized we were at the drive-in.
Jake was too chicken to go in. He just kept driving by the entrance.
Finally he couldn't put it off any longer. On the 50th pass he said,
"Why don't we just go bowling or something? I don't want to see
that stupid movie anyway."

"Yeah, you're right. I don't think sex is enough of an award for
having to sit through a movie like that," Bryce replied.

Shit, they were both chickening out. They were probably virgins
just like me. Between the beer and my thoughts of letting Demi get
her mouth around my cock, I wasn't going to let them chicken out.

"Well, maybe you two limp dicks don't need sex, but I do! I need
sex at lest four times a day!"

Bryce was still running scared. "But I used all my money on the

"Well I'm didn't. I'll pay for both of you." They needed one more
push so I shot back, "What are both of you, anyway? Small dicked

"Fuck you, Hank, I'll show you who's the stud!" Jake shouted back
at me. That worked perfectly. As we drove into the drive-in I
thought, "Finally, I was going to have sex."

I don't know what it's like where you live, but the drive-in is a great
place to be a girl watcher. We must have seen 50 drop-dead
good-looking girls walk by, as they went car to car looking for
their friends. Well maybe 50 was stretching the truth a little. But
between the beer and all three of us being horny, every girl looked
good as they went by.

"I've got to go to the can," Jake said, as he jumped out of the car
and ran to the bathroom.

"Shit! Jake must have a bladder as big as his cock," I said, causing
both of us to roar with laugher.

I was just about ready to go and look for Demi's car, when a car
pulled into the space right in front of us. I quickly drank another
beer for courage, then got ready to go find Demi. But before I
opened the door, the passenger door on car opened.

We watched as one sexy little bare foot came out and rested on the
ground. Connected to that cute little foot was a very nicely shaped
leg. Byrce's eyes bugged out as he whistled and elbowed me in the
ribs and said, "I hope the rest is as nice?"

I should have been excited seeing a great leg sticking out of a car
door. But it looked like a leg I'd always get to see. But it couldn't
be.  She was babysitting the Boham twins. Then another leg came
out. Around her ankle she was wearing a gold ankle chain. Shit it
was her, I just knew it.

"Fuck, look at those legs," Bryce said, almost drooling.

She did have great legs. In fact I've never seen a nicer set of legs
anywhere. My dad has every Playboy from 1970 to 1992. And
there wasn't a better pair legs in any of them. I was hoping it wasn't
her. But the legs turned over and came out of the car backwards.
Now we could see every inch of her gorgeous legs, right up to the
pair of white short shorts that cupped one gorgeously shaped ass.

"How would you like to be a tongue in the crotch of her shorts?
Fuck, she's making my dick hard," Bryce said.

I was still hoping it wasn't her. But looking at that ass, I knew it
was. Those perfectly shaped cheeks were hers.  I just knew it. She
must have been talking to whoever was in the car. She stood there
bent over at the waist with her head in the door. She was moving
her ass slightly back and forth as she talked.

"Fuck! I'll like to get my hands on that ass!" Bryce said, now
practically drooling.

"Hey, asshole, that's my little sister!" I said, hitting him in the arm.

Little is a good way to describe my sister. She wasn't tall -- only
five feet two. But she was built, with her great legs and  ass, and
the most perfect set of tits you'd ever see. They sat high on her
chest, and bounced quite nicely when she walked, a big beautiful
35-D. She has a tiny waist that gave her a nice hourglass shape,
along with gorgeous long blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes, and
just turned 16. She was a vision of pure lust. My sister's name is

"Hi, big bother," Caroline, said, flashing that beautiful smile of

She came over to the car and leaned down, and rested her arms on
the open window of the car. The top she was wearing left nothing
to the imagination, skin tight, low cut, and cut just below her tits.
You could just make out the outline of her nipples pressing against
the thin fabric of her top. As she leaned in, it gave me and Bryce a
great view of her nice tanned cleavage.

"You look great, Caroline," Bryce said, never taking his eyes off
my sister's breasts.

"Hi, Bryce! Where is your girl friend, Clair? That's her name isn't
it?" Caroline said, in a voice that was so sexy that my own cock
jumped in my pants. Shit, she could be a tease. I'd fought nearly
every guy in school who would try to put the moves on her. She
was my little sister. I had to protect her.

"S-she's here somewhere," Bryce said, as his voice broke making
him sound like a little boy.

I elbowed Bryce in the chest, pushing him back away from my
prick-teasing little sister.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you babysitting the Boham

"Mr. Boham got sick so I decided to come to the movies. You don't
mind do you, big brother?" Caroline replied.

"No, of course not. But why did you have to wear that? You're
almost naked!"

"You don't like it? What about you Bryce, do you think it's to sexy
for Hank's little sister?" Caroline asked, purring like a cat. She
stepped away from the car and put her hands on her hips,
and flashed him a big smile. 

I could hear the whistles and cheers from every guy who could see
her. My sister could really milk the most out of being stared at too.
She was now standing like a little girl. She was looking
down at her feet, looking shy and innocent. But she was loving it, I
could tell.

"Well Bryce?" She said, raising up and down on her toes.

"You're..." Bryce didn't get to finish as I elbowed him right in the

"Get in here, now!" I shouted at my sister. I couldn't let every guy
rape my sweet little sister with their eyes.

"Why big brother? I'm old enough to do what I want," Caroline
replied, now standing and looking me in the eye, pouty, like a little
girl who was about to be punished by her father.

I opened the back door of the car, and again said, "Get in here!"



She finally bounced her way to the car. With her ass wiggling and
her tits jiggling, she drew even more hoots and hollers from the
cars around us. As she slid into the back seat with me, her eye's
lit up, when she saw the beer sitting next to me on the seat.

"Hey, how about a beer?"

"You're not old enough!"

"And you are? If you don't give me one, I'll tell Mom and Dad."

"Just give her one, Hank." Bryce said, still staring at my sister's tits.

"You shut up! And you," I said looking right at Caroline, "if I give
you one, you'll stay here, and not tell?"

"Sure thing," Caroline replied. Then she grabbed a beer, and kissed
me on the cheek. "Thanks. I'm thirsty."

My jaw dropped as I watched her bring the car to her lips. With
one gulp she drank the whole can. Crushed it in her hand, and
burped. "That hit the spot. How about another?" she said, wiping
a few drops of beer that was dripping down her chin off, then
licking it off her fingers.

I was in shock. Before I could stop her, she drank a second beer
straight down. This time she threw the can out the window hitting
Jake, who had just came back from the can, right in the face.

"Be careful Hank, yoooou..." Jake's voice caught as he looking in
the car and saw my sister sitting next to me smiling and looking so

"Hi, Caroline. You look great!" Jake said, as he climbed in the
back seat and slid up next to her.

"Thanks. You're sweet," Caroline purred, as she kissed him on the

Jake touched my sister's bare leg and ran his hand up her thigh. I
grabbed his hand and squeezed it until he wailed.

"What the fuck is you doing! This is my sister, you asshole!" I

"She wants it, Hank. Why not let a good friend, pop your sister's
cherry. I'll be gentle," Jake said, in a half-laughing, half-wanting

"OOOOh that would be fun," Caroline said, giving Jake another
kiss, but this time right on the lips. Then she looked at me and

"Get the fuck out of the car SHITHEAD!"

"But it's my car!"

"Get the fuck out before I break your neck, you prick!"

"If you won't let Jake pop your sister, what about me?" Bryce

"You both get the fuck out of the car before I kill you both!"

They both looked at each other then at Caroline. They thought
better about crossing me and got out of the car.

"Have fun with your sister, Hank," Bryce said, as he ducked the
beer can that I threw at him.

"Looks like you're stuck with me big brother," Caroline said, now
in a voice that was sounding more than a little drunk.

"Just shut up!" I snapped back at her.

"Can I have another beer?"

"Fuck, what do I care," I said, handing her another beer. I opened
one for myself and started to drink it down. Before I was half done
with mine, Caroline reached of another, and drank it too.

"You know what I found out today? You're not really my brother,"
she said, in a voice that I could barely understand now.

"What do you mean? I remember you since I was small. You're my
sister.  You're just drunk!"

"I'm your sister in name only. I was adop..."

Before she could finish my sister's eyes rolled up in her head and
she passed out. She was just talking drunk. She was my sister. But
then I thought about it. Dad, Mom and I were all tall. We all had
dark hair. I love my mom, but she isn't what you would call pretty
or anything. Caroline was so different. Maybe she wasn't my real
sister? No she was, she was just teasing me. I was stuck here, horny
as hell, with Caroline passed out at the drive-in. I decided to sit
back and watch the movie.

Looking up at the screen made my cock hard. There was a man
and a woman making love. That just what I needed to see. I
adjusted my cock in my pants, and grabbed another beer. Shit, the
woman on the screen wasn't half bad. I glanced over as my sister,
then back at the screen, then back at my sister. Fuck, I was horny.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking, then unzipped my
pants. My little cock popped its head out of the top of my shorts. I
looking again to make sure the coast was clean, then pushed my
pants and shorts down around my ankles.

I looked back up at the screen. The man was sucking on the
woman's tits. I started stroking my cock, watching this guy on the
screen. Then Caroline let out a faint sigh and pressed her body up
against mine. She had her head resting on my shoulder, with her
breasts smashed up against my arm. I froze, thinking she was
waking up. What would I tell her? I was sitting in the back seat of
the car, beating my meat.

I pushed the hair out of her face. She was still out like a light. I
shook her to be sure. She didn't even stir. But her tits felt great
rubbing up against my arm. I looked around, then down at
Caroline. What was going through my mind wasn't right. She was
my sweet little sister. Maybe she was a tease, but she was my

I sat her up against the corner of the car. Half her tits were now
sticking out of the bottom of her top. I looked away quickly. "Get
your mind off Caroline," I thought, so I looking back up at the
screen. Fuck! This guy was still screwing this lady. I closed my
eyes and sat back trying to get the image off my sister and the two
people fucking on the screen out of my mind.

But I couldn't keep the thoughts out of my head. I opened my eyes
and peeked back over at Caroline. She was happily sleeping away.
Then she stretched her arms up over her head, causing her shirt to
slide right up over her breasts, baring them completely to me.

They were even more magnificent naked. They were perfectly
formed. Beautiful tanned mounts of flesh, topped with quarter
sized nipples. I always thought tan lines weren't every sexy. But
seeing Caroline's perfect tits, with the tiny white triangles on them
where her bikini top should be, made my cock just ache.

I closed my eyes, and tried to think unsexy thoughts. But all I
could think about her tits, my little sister's tits. I knew what I would
do. I'd just pull her top back down, and that would be that. Then I
could get them out of my head.

I reached toward her. The closer I got, the more my hands started
to shake. By the time I grabbed her top I couldn't stop my hands
still. I bit my lower lip, trying to fight the feeling of just grabbing
Caroline's breasts. I wiggled and tugged, but the top didn't seem to
fit anymore.

The beer was really messing up my mind. I thought that I could
squeeze them and they'd get smaller. So I grabbed one in each hand
and began to squeeze. Shit they were so firm. I thought
Demi's tits were firm. But hers were nowhere near as firm as
Caroline's. As I squeezed and mashed, I could feel her nipples
getting hard against the palms of my hands. Pre-cum was running
out of the end of my cock, as I continued to try to make her tits fit
back in her top. I tried again to pull the top back over her breasts.
But it seemed to me, that somehow they were even larger! That
was impossible. I knew that. But I was horny and drunk. So
common sense was in short supply.

I was starting to panic. What if someone looked in and saw
Caroline's tits! I got an idea. I took off my T-shirt and covered her
breasts with it. I felt quite proud of myself. I sat back and looked
back up at the screen. Shit, they were still having sex! Maybe
another beer would calm me down. So I drank one, then another
and another. I lost count, but now there was no more beer.

My mind kept thinking about Caroline's tits. The scene would have
been hard to explain. Me in the back seat of Jake's car, with my
shirt off, and my shorts and pants down around my ankles, and
Caroline sitting in the corner with her top up, with my T-shirt
covering her bare breasts. 

My cock was throbbing, and my head was spinning. I glanced back
and forth, between the movie, and my unconscious sister. my mind
was filled with the thought of just touching Caroline's breasts again.
They were so perfect. And her nipples were so hard.

I had to, sister or not. I'd just play with them again, and that would
be that. I looked around to see if anyone was watching.  What was
I thinking? My real brain was dead. My cock was now doing the
thinking for me.

I took my T-shirt off Caroline, then looked around again. This time
I pulled just on Caroline's nipples. She stirred, and took a deep
breath, then sat still. I lost all track of time. I squeezed and mashed,
until I couldn't take it anymore.

I had to suck on them. I didn't see my sister anymore, just a great
set of tits. I ran my tongue between her breasts, then licked the
undersides of both. I swear they tasted like cherries! I shook my
head trying to shake the fuzz out if it. It was the beer. They didn't
taste like cherries. My tongue flicked each nipple. They got harder,
as I sucked on them.

Demi's tits were nice. I've sucked and nibbled them for hours. But
they weren't anything like Caroline's. Demi's were small and I
could easily suck her entire breast into my mouth. But Caroline's
were a different story. I don't know what I would have told her if
she woke up. I was sucking so hard on her tits, trying to get one in
my mouth, that they were turning all red.

Common sense made another brief appearance. What was I doing?
I sat up, covered her again, and sat back trying to figure out why I
was sucking on my little sister's breasts. Even if she was adopted.
She was my sister, maybe not my flesh and blood, but my sister,
nevertheless. Besides, she trusted me.

Why didn't I think of it earlier? I'll just masturbate, cum and it
would be over. As I stroked my cock I looked back up at the movie
screen. They were still fucking. He had the lady on her hands and
knees fucking her for all he was worth. What was the name of this
movie anyway?

Caroline let out a sigh and slid down and put her head right in my
lap. Her mouth just inches from my cock. I froze and looked at
how sexy she looked with my cock almost in her mouth. What
would it feel like? What was I thinking? I sat arguing with myself. 
She's my sister. No, she's not really. Yes, no, yes, no. Finally my
prick won out.

I gently grabbed Caroline head, and rubbed her lips along the shaft
of my cock. Fuck, it felt good! I grabbed a handful of her hair in
one hand and my cock in the other. With the head of my
cock pressing on her lips, I moved her head up and down until her
lips became slick with pre-cum. I slowly worked the head into her
mouth. Watching my cock vanish into a girl's mouth, even if it was
my sister, made it so hard it ached right down to my balls. I
stopped pushing before my cock hit the back of her throat.

I couldn't image anything that could feel better than this! Taking
her head in both hands I moved it up and down, and watched my
cock move in and out. Shit, this was great, but I wish she'd suck it.
I moved her head faster. I got carried away, and my cock hit the
back of her throat. Caroline gagged, but then her lips tightened
around my head and she sucked for several seconds, then stopped.
WOW!  I did it again. She again sucked. I got good at making my
cock hit her throat just enough so she'd suck, but not hard enough
to gag her. I don't know how long it took, but I couldn't hold back
any longer. My balls exploded, shooting cum into sweet little
Caroline's mouth.

I pushed her back up in the corner of the back seat. The great
feeling I felt was quickly melting away as my cock got soft. What
had I done? I just forced Caroline, my sister to suck my cock.
Well not forced, but it wasn't right. Even if she wasn't my own
flesh and blood, she was my sister. The more I thought about it the
worse I began to feel.

I looked back up at the movie screen. Fuck.  This guy was still
fucking this woman. I sat back and closed my eyes, feeling like
some pervert. How would I be able to face Caroline again,
knowing what I just did?

I forgot about her shirt. What if somebody came by? I looked back
over at Caroline. The image would be burned into my brain
forever. I watched a drop of cum drip out of her mouth down her
chin, right on her right nipple. That sight to me was so sexy that my
cock got instantly hard.

As my cock got hard, my brain went straight back to my dick. I
looked from Caroline's cute little feet, slowly up those great tanned
legs. I reached over and ran my fingers up and down her thighs.
They were so smooth and soft. I looked around to make sure the
coast was clear, then pulled Caroline across my lap. I put both my
hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed. Perfect, soft
but firm. What would it feel like without her shorts and panties on?

No, I couldn't. Common sense was starting to win out until she
moved around on my lap rubbing her stomach against my cock. I
had to know. I thought my hands were shaking before, but it took
me twenty minutes to steady them enough to unbutton, then unzip
her shorts. Tugging one side then the other, I slowly worked
Caroline's shorts and panties down her shapely legs.

Her ass was gorgeous. They were perfectly-shaped half moons. I
blew on my hands, then just laid them on each cheek. My cock felt
like it would poke like through her stomach. I squeezed and
smacked her cheeks together. I must be an ass man, because it felt
better they playing with her tits. My heart was pounding as I spread
her cheeks and looked at her anus. Pressing my finger up
against it, I pressed the tip of my finger in.  I couldn't imagine
anything as tight.

I had to get a look at Caroline's pussy. I was never going to have
the chance again. I rolled her over, and stared at her perfect blonde
pussy, which matched the hair on her head. I ran my fingers
through it. Spreading her legs I felt around where I knew her clit
would be. Caroline let out a sweet moan, but showed no other signs
of consciousness. My finger found her clit and massaged it. The
more I rubbed the wetter she got. I stop short of making her cum. I
figured if I did she'd wake up. How would I explain what I was

Looking down and my sister, seeing the sweet innocent look on her
face, made my cock even harder. My prick was now running the
show. It wanted to fuck, and Caroline was the only one here. But
what if I got her pregnant? My dick answered me, "Just don't cum
inside her."

I rolled Caroline back over on her stomach, then pulled her ass up
in the air. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. I
couldn't watch myself fuck my own sister, so I closed my eyes, and
in one quick trust I buried my cock in up to the balls. Her pussy felt
like it would squeeze my cock in two. I slowly started fucking in
and out. Her pussy finally loosened up. So I grabbed her hips and
fucked even faster. Less than ten good thrusts had my balls ready
to explode again! I looked down to grab my cock. I had missed her
pussy! My cock was buried up Caroline's tight
little ass! The sight caused me to cum like never before. I began to
fuck again which kept cuming, and cuming.

I must have emptied what to me felt like a gallon of cum up her
ass. I let go of Caroline and she just rolled up in a ball on the seat
next to me. I could see cum dripping out of her ass. I grabbed my
cock and came one more time, spraying it all over her ass and legs.

I should have felt guilty for fucking Caroline, but I just couldn't.
My cock was still thinking for me. "She was a tease and was asking
for it. Sister or not, she wanted it."

I sat back in the seat and looked back up at the screen. The sight
was like a cold slap in the face. The credits were rolling! Bryce and
Jake would be back any minute!

I had to get Caroline dressed. I squeezed her ass back into her
panties and shorts and zipped them up. Then pulled her top back
down. "Why did her breasts fit now?" I was now feeling guilty. I'd
just finished wiping all the cum I could find off her, and pulling up
my pants, when Caroline's eyes popped open.

"How long was I out," Caroline said, with a yawn, and stretching
her arms over her head, showing me just the bottoms of her tits.

"You were out for the whole movie," I replied, trying to look

"Thanks for looking after me big brother. Maybe next weekend
you can take my cherry?" Caroline said, as she kissed my cheek
and  happily bounced her way back to Demi's car, leaving me with
a shocked look on my face. She wasn't really asleep. She wanted
me to fuck her.

I did find out Caroline was telling the truth. She was my sister, and
was adopted so........

The End

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