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                 K R I S T E N' S    C O L L E C T I O N

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Archive name: Thankyou.txt (ff,mf,voy)
Authors name: Emil (Address withheld by request)
Story Title : "Thank You"

(c) July 1997 Emil -- All Rights reserved -- Please do 
not remove the identifiers, and make any changes to my
story. Otherwise, enjoy.

by Emil

	I'm not quite sure how it began, but the scene
 and the ground rules were clear: Cindy, Sharyn and I
 were in Cindy's apartment and the two women were will-
 ing partners for just about anything.

	I should describe them. Cindy is my assistant.
 She's a forty year old dark haired beauty who could
 pass for half her age. Her body is taut and she doesn't
 hesitate to reveal it with tight, short dresses which
 show off her fine legs and even finer ass. Her ass, she
 brags, is what men always like about her, but she also
 displays a nice pair of tits.

	Sharyn is a tease. She's in her late twenties
 and likes to show off a great pair of legs and her
 active sex life. She knows she's sexy.

	Sharyn and Cindy have been friends for about
 six years. Sharyn's been in my life for about eight,
 ever since we met at a museum. We saw each other for
 a while and went our separate ways but have remained
 friendly. We've hinted at an affair, but it never came
 to that. It was only when I agreed to hire her friend
 Cindy who wanted to express her gratitude that Sharyn
 stopped teasing.

	I had asked Cindy to stay late and "bribed" her
 with a ride home. It was a little out of the way, but
 the trip gave us a chance to talk. She's very talk-
 ative, but seemed almost nervous during the ride. When
 I suggested we stop to get something to eat, she said
 instead she wanted to drive straight home.

	 Cindy wore her typical sheath-like dark dress
 cut to about two inches above her knees. When she
 crossed her legs, I got a good view of her thighs
 through her dark pantyhose.  

	We arrived at her place, a garden apartment,
 and I said I would watch from the car to make sure
 she got in okay, but she insisted, actually implored
 is a better word, that I come in. I agreed and walked
 a couple a feet behind her to catch a better view of
 her ass. She turned the key in the lock and opened the
 door of her garden apartment.

	That's when I saw Sharyn.

	She was sitting on a couch in the living room.
 She had on a tight, short skirt and a cream colored
 blouse which, although not transparent, was light
 enough to let me see the outline of her frilly white
 bra. She wore nude stockings which hugged her shapely
 legs. I knew they were stockings and not pantyhose
 because her legs were crossed just enough to reveal
 the tops.

	Cindy smiled as she took my hand to lead me
 inside. The door closed behind me.

	"I just want you to know how grateful I am, uh
 we are, that you hired me," Cindy said. "We want to
 thank you for hiring me."

	I didn't say anything. Conflicting thoughts were
 running through my head. I clearly wanted these two
 sexy women, but I could see my career going up in smoke
 if anyone found out.

	"What's the matter?" Cindy interrupted, "Cat got
 your tongue? Pussy-cat that is?"

	Sharyn uncrossed and recrossed her legs, flash-
 ing her white panties at me, smiling and licking her
 lips sensuously.

	"Why don't I just watch the two of you," I sug-
 gested. I'm not sure what I thought that would accom-
 plish. Maybe they would get so wrapped up in each other
 I could sneak out. Maybe pigs have wings.

	"Okay," Cindy said. "I think we can give you a

	Cindy moved to the couch to sit next to Sharyn
 on her right and slipped her arms around Sharyn, strok-
 ing her long, blonde hair.

	Sharyn returned the strokes, her hands resting
 on Cindy's chest, gentling massaging her tits. Her left
 hand slipped down Cindy's body to the hem of her dress
 and then under it. Cindy meanwhile brought her head to
 Sharyn's and began to kiss her while her hands tugged
 at Sharyn's blouse, pulling it from her skirt.

 	Nimbly, Cindy's fingers began to work on the
 buttons, quickly opening them so that Sharyn could
 shrug the blouse off. Just as quickly, Cindy went to
 work on the lacey bra, unhooking it and then sliding
 off Sharyn's shoulders. Her tits, not big but certainly
 impressive, and stood proudly.

	I didn't get to see them for too long.

	Cindy leaned into her, taking Sharyn's left
 breast into her mouth, while she rubbed the other
 breast vigorously.

	Sharyn was busy too. Both hands were under the
 hem of Cindy's tight skirt, pushing it up, bunching it
 at Cindy's waist. I could clearly see Cindy's shapely
 ass through her pantyhose, her black bikini panties
 affording no protection from my eyes.

	With Cindy slurping on her tits, Sharyn made
 her first sound, a small moan of pleasure. Cindy looked
 up for just long enough to let me see Sharyn's nipples
 which were hard, clearly betraying her arousal. As
 Cindy's mouth went back to work, Sharyn began to tug
 at Cindy's pantyhose, pulling them over her hips and
 then pushing them down. She made quick work of Cindy's
 panties too.

	Then, just as quickly as they started, they
 stopped, but only briefly.

	Cindy stood and in a flash, pulled her dress
 over her head while Sharyn slipped her skirt off.
 Cindy stood, her back to me, wearing only her black
 bra. She reached behind her back and unclasped it,
 letting it fall in front of her. Sharyn grinned and
 started to remove her panties.

	"Let me," Cindy said.

	"That's it," I urged. "Let me see you go down
 on her."

	"Why don't I sit on her face?" Were Sharyn's
 first words.

	Cindy pulled Sharyn's panties off and then
 rolled onto her back. Sharyn spread her legs and
 straddled her, slowly delivering her quivering pussy
 to Cindy's hungry mouth faced Cindy's legs. All she had
 to do was lean forward to bury her face in Cindy's

	Instead, Sharyn looked at me. The lesbian scene
 they were playing out in front of me had been too much.
 I had lowered my pants and had both hands around my
 growing cock.

	"I want to watch you fuck her," Sharyn whispered

	As Sharyn continued to grind her cunt into her
 friend's face, I quickly took off my clothes. I spread
 Cindy's legs and began to feel for her pussy. Sharyn's
 fingers had done a good job preparing her. She was wet
 and hot.

	I slipped my cock into Cindy's hole, massaging
 her clit with my fingers. I'm not huge, but big enough.
 Cindy bucked slightly as I entered her, but her mouth
 never stopped working on Sharyn's slit. I pitched
 forward and, as I drove in and out of Cindy's pussy,
 found my mouth on Sharyn. Cindy continued her oral
 assault on Sharyn's hole while I began to suck on her

	The combination sent Sharyn over the edge. I
 glanced up briefly to see her massaging her tits as
 she bit her lip. Then I could feel her thighs spasm
 as she shuddered and her hot juices began to seep out
 onto Cindy's waiting lips. I was able to taste some
 of them, but it was Cindy, sucking intently, who
 swallowed most of her friend. Then, I began to feel
 new warmth envelope my cock as Cindy's orgasm overcame
 her, coating my dick.

	I had still not come. Sharyn climbed off of
 Cindy and slithered down her body. Gently she withdrew
 my cock from Cindy's sopping hole and began to lick at
 Cindy, fucking her with her tongue. Sharyn repositioned
 herself so that her twat was once again on Cindy's face
 and the two of them began a torrid 69 with Sharyn on

	My cock was throbbing. I began to caress
 Sharyn's ass. I moved around so that my rigid prick
 was pointing directly at her crack. She may have taken
 her friend's pussy from me, but I would have her ass.

	I started to spread her cheeks and massage her
 asshole. As Cindy nibbled on Sharyn's clit, I slipped
 my fingers into her ass, using her cunt juice as a
 lubricant, spreading it onto and into her asshole. I
 slid one finger in, then two, then three into her
 asshole. Then as she relaxed I withdrew my fingers and
 replaced them with my cock.

	 She turned her head from Cindy's cunt and
 looked at me.	"Yeah," she said, "but please, don't
 come in my ass."

	I nodded and continued to slide into her as she
 and Cindy resumed their mutual sucking. I could feel
 her sphincter tightening around my cock as I pushed
 into her. Cindy meanwhile was tonguing her wildly.
 Inch-by-inch I shoved my cock into Sharyn's asshole
 until there was no more; she took every inch. I began
 to pump, slowly at first and then picking up speed.

	"I can't hold it any more," I grunted, with-
 drawing my thobbing cock.

	Sharyn rolled over, catching my sticky cream on
 her mound. Cindy opened her mouth and I began to spurt
 into her as well, but some of it landed on her nose.
 She licked off what she could and then rolled over to
 clean the cum off of Sharyn.

	With my cum still in her mouth, Cindy slid up
 Sharyn. She put her mouth on Sharyn's and the two
 began sharing my cum as I fell back on the couch. I
 watched as Cindy moved her hand to Sharyn's crotch.

	"In my cunt, please. In my cunt," Sharyn urged.

	But instead of continuing to finger Sharyn,
 Cindy got up, leaving it to Sharyn to satisfy herself.
 I don't believe I had ever watched a woman finger her-
 self. Sharyn had both hands on her cunt lips, stretch-
 ing and pulling them as she shoved her fingers into
 her hot wet slit. She wasn't at it for long though when
 Cindy returned. Where she had been completely naked
 before, she wasn't now. There was a thin strap around
 her waist, holding a hard rubber dildo against her
 crotch. I didn't realize it immediately, but it was
 a double-ended dildo, with one end up Cindy's hot

	"Spread your legs for me, baby," Cindy leered
 at Sharyn. "How would you like this hard cock in your

	"Oh yeah," Sharyn returned. "First let me suck
 your big dick."

	Sharyn got to her knees as Cindy came near her.
 I watched as Sharyn licked and kissed Cindy's "cock,"
 gripping Cindy's ass as she did. As Cindy shoved the
 prick into Sharyn's mouth, Sharyn pulled Cindy's cheeks
 apart and began to slip her long fingers into Cindy's

	"Fuck me now," Sharyn begged. "Please."

	She fell back on the couch and Cindy obliged.
 As she drove in and out of Sharyn's cunt, I watched
 her ass. I wanted her ass. Despite my recent orgasm,
 my cock rose to the occasion.

	And so as Cindy fucked Sharyn, fucking herself
 in the process, I pointed my stiff cock at Cindy's
 rear end. I found the target. Cindy lurched forward.
 When I drilled her, I could feel the hard rubber dildo
 in her cunt on the other side of the thin membrane
 separating her canals. Cindy kept pumping into Sharyn.
 I kept pumping into Cindy. We all came together.

	I rolled off of Cindy, watching the cum, my
 cum, leaking from her crack. And then she rolled off
 of Sharyn, "her" cock glistening with Sharyn's juices.

	"How'd you like to taste Sharyn's pussy?" Cindy

	I didn't bother with words, but immediately
 started towards Sharyn's widespread legs. Cindy stopped

	"No. Not there.  Why don't you taste it off
 this," she said pointing to the dildo.

	I had never sucked a cock before, but this
 really wasn't a cock. It was a piece of hard rubber.
 "You'll have to tell me what to do," I said.

	"Just lick the sides first, gently, then kiss
 it. Then lick the head and take it in your mouth."

	I followed the instructions perfectly.

	"Put your hands on my hips and pull me in to
 you. That's it, suck me. Yeah. Take the whole cock in
 your mouth. Doesn't it taste good?"

	I nodded vigorously and continued to go up and
 down on Cindy's cock. I realized that the more pressure
 I applied to the end of the cock in my mouth, the
 further the other end went into her pussy. I was
 literally fucking her with my mouth.

	I got so caught up in giving Cindy a blow job,
 I didn't realize Sharyn had gotten off the couch. I
 didn't realize it until she got back: she had on a
 dildo as well.

	She positioned herself so the dildo was over
 Cindy's face. Cindy reached up and pulled her closer,
 taking the rubber prick into her mouth, grinning.

	After a few momemts, Sharyn withdrew.

	"Stick it in," Cindy urged.

	I thought Cindy wanted to suck on it some more.
 Imagine my surprise when I felt the hard rubber between
 my cheeks. Before I could react, Sharyn was in my ass,
 fucking me.

	"We figured you liked ass fucking so much, you
 should know what it feels like," she grinned.

	Just as Cindy's dildo was a double header, so
 was Sharyn's so as she reamed my ass, she was shoving
 the cock further in her own cunt.

	Sharyn pounded away at my ass as I sucked harder
 on Cindy, pushing the cock still deeper into her.
 Sharyn was grunting as she fucked away; Cindy was cry-
 ing out, alternating between urging Sharyn and begging

	"That's it," she said, "all the way up his ass.
 Yes. Yes. Ohmigod. Suck that cock. Push that cock into
 me. Oh yeah. Fuck him. Harder. Fuck his ass. Oh yeaah."

	With that I began to taste her juices as they
 flowed past the plug in her cunt. I could feel Sharyn's
 moisture as well, her juices dripping down "her" prick
 onto my ass.

	The two women weren't done. Cindy slithered out
 from under me, leaving me face down. Next I felt her
 licking my cheeks, cleaning Sharyn's cum off my ass.

	When she was done, she rolled me onto my back
 and both of them went to work on my rigid cock. As
 enjoyable as the double blow job was, I wanted Sharyn's
 pussy and told her so.

	"I though you'd never ask," she said.

	She took off her dildo, pulling it out of her
 wet pussy. It glistened. As she mounted me, with
 Cindy's help, she dangled the shiny rubber dong over
 my mouth.

	"Suck my cock while you fuck me," she said.

	Cindy and I began to suck the dick as Sharyn
 slid up and down my rigid pole. 

	"Now," I said turning to Cindy, "I want to
 taste your pussy too."

	Cindy, who had been lying next to me, slid up
 and swung her leg over me. She turned as she straddled
 my face so she was facing Sharyn. With her pussy
 covering my mouth and my nose against her asshole, my
 eyes were essentially covered. I couldn't see what
 Cindy and Sharyn were doing, but I could hear slurping.

	My cock was about to explode.

	"I'm going to cum," I managed to shout through
 Cindy's pussy and ass. Sharyn pulled my cock out of
 her cunt and quickly covered it with her mouth. Cindy
 leaned foward and the two of them were ready as I began
 to spurt gobs of hot sticky cum.

	They swallowed it greedily and then kissed each
 other, again swapping my cum in their mouths.

	"That was for hiring me," Cindy said as I leaned
 back, exhausted. "Imagine what happens when I get a

	The paperwork, I thought, will be in the works
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