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Amy Visits for the Summer

Part II of IV

By Sundance

(Copyright, 1998)

First Posted - June 1998


This is a repost from a creative writing hobby I've launched called
'Sundance Tales'.   Sundance Tales is all 'not-so-serious', original
erotica written for entertainment purposes only and is pure fiction.

I strive to ensure these tales involve interesting characters,
realistic dialog, a bit-of-humor, a spicy story line, and hopefully a
smile or two for the reader.

Depending on what you're into, Sundance tales are not for everyone. 
The emphasis is on erotica, not pornography, meaning the characters
are seldom nude by the third sentence and I always strive for a
well-rounded story that flows with some sense of realism.  Fair
warning, you might just read half the story before a sexual act takes
place, but when you get there, you'll know it... : )

You will NOT find themes in Sundance Tales which involve sex with
young children, sex with animals, rape, guy-guy sex (girl-girl might
show up), or sharing of bathroom-type bodily functions.  Not knocking
those stories, they're just not my thing.

If you like this story or don't like this story, write and tell me
why.  I love hearing from people and comments / criticisms are always
welcome provided they are constructive and provide opportunities for
me to improve.

I can be reached for repost requests and/or  feedback at:

Please don't repost unless you repost all parts of the file, including
this intro and the following disclaimer.

Lastly.... Enjoy!


+===================+Now the disclaimer +==================+

The following is a work of total fiction.  The characters, names, and
places are all products of my imagination and any resemblance to
anybody or anything, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This story contains potentially obscene terms and sexually explicit
content that some may find to be offensive. If you are offended by
such material, or if you are under 21 years old, you have the option
to stop now and not continue reading.  

By continuing to read you are making the following legal statement: I
am over 21, I want to view a list of potentially obscene terms, and it
is legal for me to view potentially obscene terms in my community,
state, nation or province.  

If you're not sure... STOP now ..... Delete this text ..... This isn't
being forced on you.

	The Firm function was just what I expected it would be.  A
bunch of pompous, overpaid bandits who disguise themselves as
protectors of the law.  Our evening was spent migrating from one power
group to the next, listening with a false sense of interest as they
each highlighted their most recent legal conquest.

None of it mattered as my thoughts were anywhere but there.  I was
still back at home, standing in the entryway, remembering every detail
of how Amy's form felt pressed against me.   I could still sense the
ecstasy of her firm young thighs pressed hard against my raging
erection.   I wanted her like I've wanted no woman, most likely
because I knew I couldn't have her.   Face the facts Mike, she's 17
and you're 38.  It would never work and the price would be too great
if you were discovered.

As we drove home Sarah couldn't stop talking about how exciting it
would be when she finally made Partner.  She's wanted this promotion
for some time and I've done my best to support her.  As exciting and
prestigious as this job would be, the time and energy required to even
be considered had placed a drain on our marriage.  While we seldom
fought, we almost never made love, and at best could be considered
compatible roommates.   I had hoped once she finally became Partner we
would get back on track as a couple.  Only time would tell.

We turned into the driveway and pressed the automatic garage door
opener.  "I wonder how Amy did with the kids tonight", Sarah's first
reference to anything other than the evening's events.

     "I'm sure they did fine.  The kids acted as if she'd never been
gone.  They're really attached to her"

     "Did you notice how much that girl has changed?  I almost didn't
recognize her.  She's all grown up"

     "Yeah, she's changed a bit".  Understatement of the decade.
"She's still the same sweet Amy though"

      "Yeah, she's a good kid for sure.   Don't you think Nelson is a
kiss-ass?  Did you see the way he was butting up to Frank.  Like he's
going to be up for Partner.  I don't  think so.... If anything..." 

Blah, blah, blah... her words carried on, melting into a distant hum
in my brain.  God sometimes I wish she would just shut up about that
stupid law firm.    

We exited the car and walked into the house, Sarah first, with me
following.  Even before getting inside the house my heart began to
beat faster knowing any moment I was going to have to face Amy.   We
entered  the living area and she was just standing up from the couch,
her hair tossed about and her eyes groggy.  She must have been asleep
when she heard the door open.

Sarah and Amy talked about how the boys did as they walked together up
the stairs to check on them.  I moved to the wet bar and poured myself
a scotch.  I needed something to calm my nerves.  For all I knew Amy
was telling Sarah everything,  this being the first time they had been
alone since we left.  

Several minutes passed and I poured myself another.  What were they
saying up there?  Just about that time they started making their way
down the stairs.   Sarah was still smiling and they both were laughing
so I knew their conversation couldn't have been too serious.

I watched as Amy descended the staircase, her faded denim jeans
covering her firm thighs and hugging tightly around her crotch.  There
was some high school expression for that point where you could make
out a woman's anatomy through a pair of tight blue jeans but I
couldn't remember what it was.   Her fingertips were stuffed in her
pockets, leaving her with slightly shrugged shoulders, her long brown
hair was split across her neckline and traced down her chest.  She
looked across to me, sensing my admiring gaze from my position behind
the bar and replied with that gorgeous smile I had been thinking about
all evening.

The first scotch I had downed had helped to calm my nerves.  The
second, which I was finishing now, was helping me to feel downright
cheerful and I raised my glass in a pseudo toast, returning Amy's
smile.  Obviously, we weren't on too bad of terms based on my earlier
actions.  They reached the bottom of the stairs and Sarah continued
passed me on into the kitchen.

    "How did they do", I asked Amy who was still in the living room

    "They did great.  They're great kids".

     "How much do we owe you?  Is 5 dollars an hour enough", I asked,
thumbing through my wallet.

    "Hey, no charge.  It was so great to see them.  You can pay me
next time"

Our conversation was interrupted as I heard Sarah call out from the
kitchen.  "Mike, can you walk Amy home?  It's pretty dark".  

I turned and looked at Amy for some reaction, but she had turned away
from me.  I was concerned about her feeling uncomfortable being alone
with me based on what had happened earlier.  I waited for her to
respond, to look at me, give me some signal, but she ignored the
question and pretended to admire some of Sarah's figurines situated on
a nearby shelf.  

What was I going to say?  No Dear, I can't walk Amy home as I just
practically molested her in the entryway earlier this evening and she
might think I'll try it again.    

I downed the last of my scotch and placed the glass quietly on the

"Sure", I called back to Sarah, "Be back in a bit". 

Amy and I made our way to the door and out into the cool night air.
It was a beautiful evening and the streets were illuminated by a
bright full moon.  We reached the end of the driveway and she started
to go left towards her house.  

    "Amy, do you mind if we go this way?  Take the long way around the
block.  There's something I would like to talk to you about. Honest...
my intentions are gentlemanly.  All I want to do is talk."

She paused, then shrugged her shoulders and started down the path I
suggested.  We walked silently for a few moments until I finally

    "I'm sorry about earlier this evening.   I got a bit carried away"

    "You were funny", she replied smiling.  "Do you always get that
excited when you hug somebody", ending her question with a giggle.
Obviously she wasn't too offended.

    "No, actually I don't and I was trying to conceal my excitement
when I hugged you but I guess I didn't do a very good job"

   "Well, it would have been pretty tough to conceal that much
excitement".   We continued to face straight ahead as we walked.

    "I'm glad you weren't offended.  It won't happen again.  As
mentioned, I just got a little carried away"

   "Well, I was partially to blame.  I could have stopped it.  You
just caught me so off guard and then when I felt... well, you know...
felt you pressed against me like that...  I got a little excited
myself".   This time her giggle was one of nervousness.

I did my best to ignore her comment of being excited, although it was
difficult, and I found myself with that familiar feeling of arousal
which now seemed to surface every time I was near her.  We continued
to walk in silence until we were almost to the bend in the road that
would return us to her house.  Finally she spoke again.

    "Mike, can I ask you something?"

    "Sure, anything"

     "You don't think badly of me for not stopping you earlier, do
you?  I mean, normally I would never let something like that happen.
The whole thing just caught me so off guard and because it was you,
somebody I knew, somebody I trusted, I just kind of went with it, you

     "Of course I didn't think badly of you.  If anything, I was the
one who took advantage of your trust, but I think you realize the
whole thing wasn't planned.  I would never intentionally take
advantage of our friendship.  Like I said, I write the whole thing off
to us both just reacting to the unexpected.  Ancient history as far as
I'm concerned"

    "So we're still friends", she said, turning to me.

    "Still friends"

   "Good, because I need a good friend right now".  She paused before
continuing, seeming to change the subject. 

     "I was worried you'd think I was some type of slut or something"

     "That's ridiculous"

     "I've only been with one guy in my life, my ex-boyfriend Rick.
We broke up over a month ago.  He cheated on me with some bitch bimbo.
That's a lot of why I'm here for the summer, to get away from that
whole thing.    I really miss him.  The fun we used to have... the
sex, but there was no way I was going to put up with him sleeping

Her sentence trailed off as I heard her voice start to quiver and
could see her eyes begin to well up with tears.  Great, I thought to
myself.  I never could handle a woman crying.  Then I thought of her
last comment.  She missed the SEX!  This Rick schmuck, whoever he was,
had access to that body and still found the need to cheat!  I think a
lobotomy is in order.

We reached her door and she turned to face me.  "Thanks for walking me
home.  Can we stand here for a minute?  I can't let my Mom see me
crying again".

    "Sure, you say the word", placing a reassuring hand on her

   "You know what?  I could really use a hug right now"

Her words hung in the air as my mind rushed back to the last time I
hugged her in the entryway.   I took it as a sign she trusted me, that
I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. 

"Of course, what are friends for", and I reached out to her.

This time instead of putting her arms around my neck she laced them
around my waist.  I felt the familiar sensation of her firm breasts
pressing into my chest and once again my breathing quickened.  "I can
hear your heart beating", she mumbled, her cheek pressed tight against
my chest   "Are you nervous?"

I didn't respond.  Instead, I did my best to maintain my composure,
but the feel of her body against mine was causing my mind to race with
memories from earlier that evening.   I felt my cock climb upward in
my trousers.  I tried to ease my hips backward to avoid brushing
against her as I had before.  She momentarily released one hand from
my back and wiped the tears from her eyes, then returned to our
embrace and it happened again.  As she pulled me close there was no
mistaking my mood.   Just like before, she didn't move away.

I started to suggest she go inside.  I knew if I didn't I would find
myself in real trouble.   Before I could suggest we part ways I felt
her hand run from behind me, up across my chest, and her fingers brush
against my lips.

I waited for her to speak, but she didn't.  She only looked up at me
with those penetrating brown eyes.  Then I felt her hand start to run
slowly down my chin, across my chest, and finally down my stomach.
There was no mistaking her destination and, while I knew I should stop
her, I couldn't bring myself to do it.  She crossed over my belt
buckle and quickly found her way to my weak point.  She gripped
tightly the shaft of my engorged cock and squeezed through the
material of my pants, running her fingers slowly up and down.

    "My god you're thick", her only words as she continued to move her
hand in a rhythmical motion.  I heard myself moan and did my best to
remain quiet so as not have her Mother hear us.  I finally placed my
hand on her own, forcing her to pause.

    "We should stop this now", I moaned.  "Before we do something
we'll both regret".

    "If you want me to stop I will", she whispered back, moving her
hand back against the bulge in my trousers and resuming her up and
down movements.  "But I don't think you really do".  She smiled.
"Mike, I want to see it.  Will you show it to me".

    "Here?  I don't think so"

    "Over there, under the tree.  Nobody will see us over there.

I glanced over to the mature Oak tree that was planted on the side of
Amy's Mother's front yard.  It had large full branches that hung down
and I could envision us stepping behind them, thoroughly concealed
from anybody passing by.  What was I thinking?   I couldn't do this.
She was 17, a minor according to the law, and the babysitter of our
kids for Pete's sake.  The irony was that all the things that made
this a taboo event also made it incredibly exciting.

Before I had time to respond she had taken me by the hand and was
leading me behind the tree.  I found myself following, the scotch
still swirling in my head and no doubt releasing my inhibitions.
She pushed the hanging limb aside and led us inside the small cove
formed by the tree branches.  Placing her hands on my shoulders she
guided me around and pushed me against the large trunk of the tree.  

With a hungry look in her eye she worked quickly to unbuckle my belt
and unsnap my trousers.  I had to admit it, while I knew this was
wrong, I wanted desperately to be free, to feel the night air against
my exposed skin, to feel her eyes wash over me.

With my pants undone, she now moved more slowly, folding back the
lapels of my trousers.  She reached inside the flap of my boxer shorts
and took a firm grip of my stiff cock.  Using her free hand to lift
the band of my underwear she made enough room to release me.   I was
practically purple with passion and harder than I could remember being
in some time.  Her eyes grew side as she took me in her hand, gently
at first.

    "My god Mike", she moaned, staring down at me.  "You're so big, so
thick.  You're much bigger than Rick".  

I looked down at myself.  Her small hand was wrapped tightly around
the base of my raging hard-on and she was loosening her grip only
enough to stroke my entire length.  My own arms were wrapped behind me
holding on to the tree for support.  I watched as her long red
fingernails dug gently into my skin, stroking slowly, then faster,
then slowly again.  I started to release pre-semen and she quickly
took advantage, moving up to the head and taking the thick mixture in
her fingers, rubbing it around and down my length.

Looking first in her eyes, then to her shoulders, I was drawn to her
full breasts that heaved in the moonlight.  Her nipples were fully
erect and piercing through her shirt.  I released my hands from the
tree and moved them to just above the band of her tight jeans.  I took
small handfuls of her shirt material in my fingers and pulled it free
from inside her pants.  Slowly I rolled up her top and over her chest
until it was just under her chin.  Her breasts, bound by a white lace
bra, were magnificent.  Large, full, and young, not yet impacted by
the forces of gravity.

As she continued to stroke my cock I reached around her back and found
the clasp of her bra.  With the finesse that only an experienced lover
could bring I unsnapped it with ease and pulled it forward, raising
the bra up and over to also rest below her chin.  

     "Oh yes", her only words, I could sense she felt the same freedom
I felt when she finally released the buttons on my trousers.  I could
now take in her breasts in all their glory.  Her nipples were brown,
large, and stiff with pleasure.  My hands moved up and I squeezed them
in my palms.

    "Ohhhhhhh..yes", she moaned, as the pace of her strokes around me
quickened.  I used my fingers to tug on her nipples, gently pulling,
then releasing, and then resuming my massage.  I moved my mouth
towards hers and she met me with her tongue.  Her lips were as sweet
and as intoxicating as I imagined and within moments it was if we were
consuming one another.  

I ran my hands along her ribcage and down to her belt and began to
unfasten it.  She grabbed my hands and paused from our passionate
kissing.  "Mike, no.... we can't do that now....not here".

I moved my lips to her neck and ran then up to her ear.  "That's not
what I had in mind", I whispered.  "I only want to see you, to touch
you", and I returned my hands to her belt.   She now allowed me to
unfasten it, followed by the button and zipper that held closed her
tight denim blue jeans.  I pulled the flaps back and slid my hands
inside the waistband of her panties, feeling her baby soft skin
against my fingertips.  

Her jeans were tight and I needed her help to get them down.  She
pulled and wiggled a bit until they were just below her hips before
returning her hands to my face and our passionate kissing.  I picked
up where she left off, pulling her pants and panties down the
remainder of the way until they were just above her knees.  

She stood back from me so that I could see her.  She was standing
before me, her large firm breasts bare and heaving in the moonlight,
her nipples hard and begging for attention.  My eyes worked down her
stomach to her narrow naked hips, across the triangle of hair, the
gateway to the area that I so badly wanted to explore.  Her thighs
were perfect and the half-dressed appeal brought on by her jeans and
panties being half way off were almost too much to handle.

She looked up at me as she ran her fingers across her nipples, then
down her stomach, and finally between her legs.  "Do you like my body,
Mike?", she asked in the most innocent of voices.

     "You can't imagine Amy", my only words as I reached forward with
one hand placing it on her lower back and pulling her towards me.
With the other I slid my fingers lightly against her pussy, which was
practically steaming in the humid summer air.  Her back arched against
my hand and she dug her fingers into my arms for support.  Her head
leaned back and her long brown hair dangled towards the ground as her
mouth opened, just as I slid my fingers back and forth across her
swollen clit.  

Leaning forward, I took her hard nipple between my teeth and let my
tongue dance over it.  "Ohhhhhhhhh", her moans were getting louder as
my fingers inserted in and withdrew from her hot box.  

     "I'm going to cum", she finally told me, as the pace and frenzy
of my touch increased.  She leaned forward and buried her mouth into
my dress shirt to avoid being heard.  It was like the sound of
somebody screaming into a pillow for mercy, but I was relentless,
alternating between penetration and massage of her most sensuous
point.  Her knees began to quiver and I had to tighten my grip around
her back to help support her weight.

Finally, her orgasm subsiding, she grabbed my hand, forcing me to
stop.  She was clearly out of breath and while she rested I continued
to apply gentle kisses to her cheek and neck.  Finally, she took my
face in her hands and looked deep in my eyes.  "I want you so bad
right now", she said with absolute seriousness, running her hands down
my chest slowly until she reached my cock which now felt as if it was
going to explode and forced it back into the flap of my boxers.

     "Amy, you can't leave me like this"

     "Oh, you're not going anywhere, her last words as she grabbed the
band of my underwear and dragged my pants down to my upper thighs
allowing the night air to wash over me.   We stood facing one another,
half naked.  "Oh baby", her only words as  she looked down at me.

She began slowly, using one hand to span my entire length while the
other cupped and slightly squeezed my balls.  Her mouth ran up neck
and across my chin until she had my lower lip between her teeth.  We
stood eye to eye as she released my lip and placed both hands around
me.  Her hands were small and they could both lay end to end along the
length of my swollen member.  I could tell my size and her dual hand
position was really turning her on and she began to pump faster.   I
wouldn't be able to last much longer.  Realizing, based on her age and
experience, she might not be ready for what would happen next I knew I
should warn her.

   "I think.... we..... better stop..... soon".  I couldn't finish the

    "Whaaaat", she asked, smiling the most delicious smile, as if she
didn't know what I meant.  Then.....

    "I want you to cum on me Mike.  I want you to cum ALL over me",
she moaned, lying to rest any doubts about her knowing where this was

My knees grew weak and I felt a boiling sensation in my balls.   I
opened my eyes and looked down at her large exposed breasts, her fully
erect nipples, heaving so near to me.  She moved closer, positioning
my cock close to her stomach, her breasts now jiggling with the motion
of her unrelenting pumping grip.  I couldn't believe this was

   "I'm cumming", the only words I could mutter.  I reached forward
and took her waist in my hands for support as both looked down just in
time to see me erupt across her chest.  My cum ignited with a primal
force, jetting across her skin in wave after wave, seeming to almost
reach her neck before running down her chest like little rivers.   She
didn't slow down until I started to go limp in her hands, only then
moving from long strokes to a circular motion, using the swollen head
to spread my juices across her tanned flat stomach.

 I couldn't move.  I couldn't speak.  I leaned against the tree, my
eyes closed.   I finally opened them when I felt her release me.  She
was looking down at herself, no doubt wondering how she would redress
without drenching her clothes.

    "Here, I have something for that", reaching into my pocket and
pulling out my handkerchief.   She used it to remove the last of my
cum from her nipples and handed it back to me.  She refastened her bra
and finished tucking her shirt back into her pants.  In the mean time
I used the rag to clean myself up and tucked in my own shirt.

   "You're a bad boy Mike", she said with a sinister grin.  "I didn't
think you had this in you"

I just smiled.  We made our way to the front of the house and I bid
her farewell, casually so as not to call attention to any neighbors.
She entered the house and I turned, making my way back home.  As I
walked I tried to come to grips with everything that had happened
tonight.    One thing I was sure of.    

The summer Amy came to visit would be one hot summer indeed.

                                         End of Part II

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