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The second chapter of the Cassandra - Vampiress series.

"Cassandra - Vampiress, Part II"  by JR Parz


For the next year Cassandra's modeling career reached super stardom!
Cassandra appeared to have it all, but what she wanted most was to be
with Damien all the time.  She would have gladly given up everything
just to be at his side.  Damien, on the other hand, instructed
Cassandra to stay in modeling until he was ready for her to live with
him.  Damien still paid her passionate visits, but they were few and
far apart.  This led Cassandra to spend more and more time with

Cassandra's rational mind questioned her exclusive passion toward her
friend.  Cassandra could accept the plausibility that she was bi,
finding exquisite pleasure in her best friend's body, but she did
wonder why some of her other pretty female friends didn't arouse her
the way Tricia did.  It seemed to her that Tricia was the only person
that could alleviate the deep ache she felt when Damien wasn't around.  

Tricia, who seemed normal and her self outside in public, was
compelled to be totally submissive while with Cassandra.  A pleasure
she mentally thanked her Master for every time he telepathically
communicated with her.  Initially, Tricia's change in personality
disturbed Cassandra, and she wondered if her friend was becoming
obsessed.  As time went on, she found this aspect of their
relationship a turn on.     

One morning, Cassandra woke up to find Tricia's head buried deep
between her thighs.  The suddenness of her arousal placed her on the
verge of an orgasm, and moments later, she exploded!  The intensity
washed over her pleasurably, but not enough to sate her.  Cassandra
didn't have to look around the room to see that Damien had left.  As
always, he arrived unannounced and left before she woke.  Cassandra's
mind replayed the way her body cried for him last night while her hand
strayed down to her pussy.  The memory of the way the three of them
made passionate love, only added to her arousal.  While Tricia slowly
got up, Cassandra's eyes followed the sway of her lover's naked
buttocks.  She knew that Tricia had an early morning shoot and
wouldn't be back until late afternoon.  The thought upset her and she
yelled towards the bathroom; "I wish you didn't have to go.  I wish
you'd spend the morning with me.  I'm really horny!"  Tricia flushed
the toilet and came out with a smile.  Tricia picked up the cell phone
and called the agency.  She told them she didn't feel well and would
have to cancel.  Cassandra's eyes lit up with excitement!  She would
never have the nerve to do this!  Tricia climbed back on the bed, and
once again positioned herself between Cassandra's legs.  It didn't
take much before Cassandra cried out with another orgasm.  They spent
the rest of the morning interlocked in their favorite '69' position.

During one of Damien's visits, nearly two years after Cassandra's
seduction.  Cassandra was in the grips of an unholy passion.  She
hungrily begged Damien to fuck her harder, and he obliged, ramming his
cock deep inside the blond beauty's pussy!  Damien gazed down into
Cassandra's pretty face, which grimaced in the throes of an orgasm;
"Cassandra.  Your time has come.  You and Tricia will come live with
me.  I'll give you one day to do what you must do.  If anyone asks,
you are to proclaim your love for Tricia."  Cassandra came hard at
these exciting words.  When her breathing quieted down, Cassandra
looked into the eyes of her lover and cried with happiness.   Damien
smiled down at his soon to be bride and entered her again.  Cassandra
gasped with the renewal of excitement and kept repeating 'thank you'
over and over again.  Damien continued to plummet into her.  He didn't
stop until Cassandra cried out with another orgasm. 

Cassandra and Tricia called a press conference the next day and
announced to the world their decision to quit modeling.  They
disclosed that they were lovers and wanted to spend every waking
moment in each others arms.  The world would never know their real
reason for them quitting.  Cassandra could now devote all her time to
Damien, and this knowledge flooded her with warmth and pleasure.      

The agency didn't like the idea of losing Cassandra.  Cassandra was a
billion dollar enterprise and her departure would cost them more money
than they could ever imagine.  The agency called their ace persuader,
Donald Carpenter, but Cassandra and Tricia were long gone before Mr.
Carpenter arrived.  Their paths wouldn't cross this time, but fate
would play the cards differently the next time.


When Cassandra and Tricia arrived at Damien's mansion on the west
coast, Cassandra was stunned at the size of the place.  In addition,
Cassandra was shocked to find the place filled with pretty girls.  All
young, very pretty and according to him, all part of his loyal staff.
All the girls acted very professional, despite prancing around the
mansion in sexy maid's outfits.  Each girl seemed to have a chore.
Cassandra was led to a huge room that would be her bedroom while
Tricia was led off to the staff quarters.  Cassandra wondered why
Tricia was being treated differently and asked Damien.  Damien told
her that Tricia chose to be part of the staff and possessed a great
desire to serve.  When Cassandra tried breeching the subject with
Tricia, Tricia replied that she only wanted to please Damien and make
him happy.  As Cassandra observed a lot of the other girls in the
place, she saw the familiarities between them and Tricia.  What had
Damien done to her?  

The only girl that didn't appear part of the mansion's staff was
someone who looked a lot like the actress from one of those campy
television shows.  Cassandra spotted her swimming in the basement
pool.  As Cassandra came closer to the pool, she suddenly stopped
short in embarrassment.  The girl slowly climbed the ladder dripping
wet, and was not wearing a bathing suit.  Cassandra's eyes roamed over
her body.  She wasn't necessarily model material, but she was damn
cute and very sexy.  When Cassandra's eyes moved off her body and made
eye contact, she blushed.  The girl caught her gazing at her nudity.     

Cassandra still managed to talk with her and found she was right.  Her
real name was Sarah, which Cassandra liked a lot better than the silly
name of her television character.  Sarah told her she quit the series,
breaking a multi-million dollar contract.  She did this to be at
Damien's side six months ago.  While Cassandra listened to her, she
started to become angry.  She accepted the fact that she shared Damien
with Tricia, but how many other girls were there?  Cassandra asked
sarcastically; "Why would you leave a lucrative deal like that to
lounge around naked like some pet?"  Sarah's eyes also lit up,
sparkling hypnotically, but not with anger, but amusement; "I expect
you'll be doing the same real soon, Cassandra Seavers."  Cassandra
turned red and walked away.  

The next time Damien spent some time with Cassandra, he was amused
with her internal turmoil.   It seemed that Cassandra felt a little
jealous of Sarah.  Damien probed Cassandra's mind and could see the
exchange she had with the former actress.  Damien smiled.  He then
recalled his seduction of Sarah.  It was so sweet.

What prompted the whole incident in the first place was the poetic
justice of the act.  Damien wanted to simply fuck her, then alter her
behavior a little.  Instead of playing a vampire slayer, he would
compel her to play a vampire.  Her teenage audience would be replaced
with horny adults, as Sarah would find herself in a new career as a
porn actress.  Wouldn't that be poetic?  Then he discovered she was a
virgin, and this changed everything.    

Hollywood's reputation obviously didn't include this cute blond and
instead of a one night stand, he decided to initiate her.  Of course,
with initiation, came sexual enslavement.  Whether he would convert
her totally, like he planned with Cassandra, he would decide down the
road.  After the first night of Sarah's seduction, she literally
begged him to take her away with him.  At first Damien didn't want the
young actress around and refused her pleas.  The very next week he
changed his mind.  Damien decided he wanted Sarah living in his
mansion for awhile before he took on Cassandra.  Damien only fucked
Sarah a few times a month, much to the disappointment of Sarah, but
she somehow knew that she should not bring up the issue with him.
Sarah found her idle time being spent around the pool.  Damien didn't
allow her off the mansion's grounds, and commented one day that she
should feel free to walk around naked.  Sarah suddenly found her
clothes cumbersome, and did what Damien had suggested.  It didn't take
too long before Sarah realized that Damien had taken away her modesty
and made her less inhibited.  

Damien recalled the time Sarah pleaded with him to relieve the pent up
desire she felt when he'd go long periods without fucking her.  Damien
pondered her dilemma and decided that his staff could fill in when he
wasn't available.  While the cute actress explained her frustrations,
Damien took the time to wipe out her heterosexuality.  He then
tampered with her chemical makeup, converting her to lesbianism.  He
would always be her primary passion but she now would find herself
sexually attracted to females.  Damien told her that she would no
longer have to be sexually frustrated and gave her permission to use
the staff at her discretion.  Sarah, knowing the staff was completely
female, confusingly responded that she wasn't into girls.  Damien just
smiled and walked away.  He monitored Sarah's walk back to her room.
Just as Sarah was about to enter her room, she spotted Dawn walking
down the hallway.  It was at this very moment that her whole body
pitched forward with desire.  Sarah only gaped at the pretty brunette.
At that moment, Sarah thought Dawn was the prettiest girl in the
world.  Damien smiled when the two girls spent the next three hours
together.  Sarah never dreamed a female could pleasure her like this
and basked in multiple orgasms.          

Damien now looked at Cassandra, and as he had done with Sarah, he
altered a few of her feelings, and took away her modesty.  Cassandra,
not fully understanding what was being done to her, let him take her
by the hand and walk her to the kitchen.  Two of the staff inside the
kitchen came to a halt and as instructed, focused their eyes on
Cassandra.  Damien then twisting her around in front of him and in one
easy motion, tore off her slacks and panties.  This left Cassandra
with her bottom half, totally exposed, and breathing very hard.
Cassandra's eyes were as big as saucers.   Her body, racked with
arousal, awaited what came next with anticipation.  The pleasurable
sensations flooding every square inch of her body elicit one word from
her mouth; "Please.".   Damien spread her legs with his knee and
forced her up against the counter.  He slipped his own hand down to
his zipper, opening it and pulling out his ten inch cock.  Cassandra
screamed out at his penetration!  She was always wet for Damien and
the moment he entered her, pleasure flooding her!  Damien pumped away
until she screamed out again, this time with the most mind shattering
orgasm she ever had.  Damien let her slide down to the kitchen floor.
Her eyes were glazed over.  Her thighs seeped both his and her come.
It was much later when Cassandra realized she was sitting on the cold
floor.  She had just let Damien take her in front of the kitchen
staff.  Cassandra turned beet red.  It was one thing for Tricia to be
there while Damien made love to her, but this was another matter all
together!  As she slowly made her way to her bedroom, she could
picture herself and Damien rutting together like animals.  The
vividness of the memory, and the animalism of the intercourse, should
have embarrassed her.  Instead, it aroused her.      

As the weeks progressed, Cassandra lost more and more of her
inhibitions.  Sarah had told her that she'd be walking around naked
like her, and she was right.  Cassandra thought she would feel self
conscience about her nudity, but instead she found it highly erotic.
Unlike Cassandra, Sarah's attraction for females wasn't directed at
any one specific girl, so, her desire to be with the blond model grew
daily.  Eventually it became an overwhelming obsession.  To quench
this desire, Sarah spent some time with Tricia.  She knew Tricia was a
model before her turning and took pleasure in her charms.  Sarah
compelled the beautiful model to tell her everything about Cassandra.  

Although Cassandra saw Damien more now than when she didn't live in
his mansion, she still didn't see him as much as she needed him.
Tricia wasn't around as much either, so, she found herself spending a
lot of her time with Sarah.  Both girls would sit out by the pool,
naked, talking for hours.  Sarah openly gazed at Cassandra's physical
assets, doing nothing to hide her obvious lust.  Cassandra's
personality only allowed her stolen glances.  During the now
infrequent encounters she had with Tricia, Cassandra found herself
fantasizing about Sarah.  In the throes of an orgasm, Cassandra's mind
would see Sarah instead of Tricia.  Cassandra would blush when she
recalled these fantasies.  Was she falling for Sarah?  Why did Damien
always have to be away?  

One morning after a night of Damien ravishing her body, Cassandra woke
extremely horny.  As like every morning after having sex with Damien,
Cassandra's body was really flushed with arousal.  The memory of their
lovemaking only heightened her state and it quickly spread throughout
her entire body.  She was angry that Tricia wasn't in her bed with
her, which prompted her to storm out of her room, naked, yelling her
name.  Within seconds, her best friend came flying down the hall way
and into her room.  Tricia's face looked panic stricken.  Cassandra
screamed and asked where she was.  Tricia's eyes went down to her feet
and she replied that she was with Sarah.  Cassandra's eyes lit up with
anger!  How dare her!  Cassandra still felt horny and needed relief.
She climbed back on her bed, spread her legs wide and ordered Tricia
to start licking!  Not only did Cassandra climax repeatedly as her
friend quickly complied, she took a perverse pleasure in her dominant
role over the submissive Tricia.  

During one rare moment after Cassandra and Damien fucked, she asked
him about Sarah's status.   Damien listened as Cassandra complained
that she needed a lover full time.  Cassandra said the ache she felt
used to be relieved by Tricia, but she didn't consider her the same
person anymore.   Cassandra stated with a touch of anger; "As far as
I'm concerned, Tricia is a servant like the rest of the staff."
Cassandra then confessed, with a blush, that she wanted Sarah.  Damien
knew this of course and concluded that Cassandra will make an
excellent vampire.  Damien knew that Cassandra was worried about her
naturally passive personality.  Cassandra feared that Sarah would
swallow her up and make her a slave to her natural desires.  Cassandra
didn't want this to happen to her and this was the only reason she
rejected Sarah's advances.  Damien decided that Cassandra should
experience the other side before becoming the dominant.  He turned off
Cassandra's exclusive attraction, and turned on her passion for all
females.  This would mean her body would become aroused at any female
she found attractive.  This would include Sarah and Tricia, and all
the other staff.  When Cassandra went to sleep that night, she had no
idea what Damien had done to her.       

The second Cassandra eyed Tiffany, she knew that Damien had altered
her.  In the past, Cassandra would admire the pretty teenager, who
didn't look a day over sixteen, and think that she'd make a great
model.  Now, while she gazed at her, she felt a strong sexual desire
for this girl.  Cassandra wasted no time at all in leading the pretty
girl into her bed.  Cassandra then proceeded to strip, caress and lick
every crevice.  Tiffany screamed out her passion, and Cassandra came
in the process.  

After Cassandra's interlude with the servant Tiffany, she went down to
the pool area.  Cassandra was happy that Damien provided her Tiffany,
not realizing it didn't stop there.  She found out quite sudden as
lust overwhelmed her!  This time it was directed at Sarah.  When
Cassandra let Sarah lead her away to her room, she knew that she was
submitting herself to something she wouldn't be able to control.
Cassandra woke the next morning in Sarah's bed, and her head between
Sarah's legs.  Her musky scent was heaven.  Sarah smiled down at her,
and Cassandra felt pleasure at pleasing her.      

During the next half year, Cassandra experienced cravings and desires
for both Sarah and Damien that would have made the most experienced
porn stars blush.  Damien, like he used to do with Tricia, joined in
sometimes as she and Sarah made love.  When the two girls were alone,
Sarah controlled their relationship, treating her like a sex toy.
Cassandra wasn't oblivious to the way Sarah treated her, but her
passion for Sarah over ruled her mind.  Cassandra found herself
sexually responding to all Sarah's commands, and the former actress
took advantage of her submissive nature.


On Cassandra's 21st birthday, Damien willed the staff into a very deep
sleep.  Nothing and nobody would interrupt Cassandra's final step to
immortality.  When Damien summoned Cassandra that evening, he also
willed Sarah before him.  Both girls found themselves passengers in
their own bodies.  Their arousal was the only thing that they could
call their own.  Damien had the girls kneel naked before him while he
stripped naked.  He took a ceremonial knife out of a black box and
walked over to Cassandra; "Cassandra, tonight you awaken to

Cassandra accepted everything without question and when Damien
instructed her to gaze into his eyes, Cassandra did so, lovingly.
Cassandra saw the knife ark up, but even this did nothing to break the
submissive spell that held her.  Damien's knife sliced a wide cut in
his ten inch erection, eliciting a stream of blood.  A fraction of a
second later, Cassandra instinctively swallowed his cock whole.  Her
mouth covered the wound completely.  With every spurt of blood,
Cassandra swallowed.  Cassandra's eyes fluttered with every orgasm and
eventually she passed out.  Her mouth still wrapped around her
Master's cock.  Damien smiled at his blond wife.  She was his now,
forever.  Damien then turned to Sarah.  She still had to prove
herself.  She would remain an initiate.         

Cassandra woke up later that night feeling incredibly different.  Her
senses so acute.  Her body felt more alive than it has ever been.  She
was now a vampire and the thought sent shivers of heat to all her
pleasure centers.  Her mind reached out to Damien and he assured her
that he would join her soon.  Everything she needed to know, she now
understood.  Her whole life prior to tonight was trivial.  With a
simple push of her mind, she touched each of the staff.  Although they
weren't her thralls, she found that she could control their every
movement and make them feel anything she wanted.  She reached out to
Sarah.  Yes, even the initiate was hers to control.   Cassandra willed
Sarah before her.  Sarah's eyes showed fear and shock.  Damien never
treated her this way!  Cassandra didn't allow the initiate to speak as
she kneeled down before her.  Who's the submissive now, Cassandra
asked the actress telepathically.  Cassandra looked at her in detest.
Sarah would always remind her of the weakness she felt as a mortal.
Cassandra was tempted to drink from the girl's neck, but didn't.
Damien would not be pleased.  Damien was her Master, and she would
never do anything to displease him.  

Cassandra understood fully that she was Damien's slave.  Damien
exerted untold power over her, just like she would over her thralls.
Damien told her she could resume her career as a model, and return to
the living.  Of course, Cassandra was a Vampiress, eternally
twenty-one and beautiful forever.  Her vampire powers allowed her to
exert mind control and elicit sexual arousal in her prey.  The only
thing that Damien forbid her, was any sexual relations with human
males; "You may not touch a human male.  Enjoy all the lovely mortal
females, only."  As powerful as Cassandra was, she knew she couldn't
disobey her Master's commands.      

Cassandra also found the stories she read and the movies she'd seen
about vampires and sunlight were pretty much fiction.  Damien told her
she could function in the daylight, although her powers weren't as
sharp.  She didn't need blood every night, just a couple sips a few
times a month.   Damien let Cassandra feed on Tricia for the first
night, and Tiffany just before she left.  Cassandra remembered the
pleasure she took in the taste.  

Cassandra loved the pleasures of being a vampire, and found the
thought of seducing young female beauties very arousing.  Cassandra
made contact with the mortal world again, and carefully made plans at
building her own stable of models.  She decided that Tricia would
remain part of Damien's staff, not wanting to be reminded of her
weakness, every time she looked at her.  Of course, the models would
serve a dual role.  Cassandra would always ensure she had a supply of
blood and sex at her finger tips.  Cassandra's accounts had not been
tampered with and she was able to use her own money to obtain the
lease for an LA office building.  This place would serve the location
for her new agency and residence.  It didn't take long before
Cassandra reestablished herself as a very successful woman.  This time
Cassandra wouldn't be performing any modeling.  


The girl was breathtakingly beautiful.  Only sixteen years old.  Her
name was Jillian Peters.   Cassandra hoped that her trip to the mall
would turn out successful.  It had.  Cassandra smiled at the girl.  It
didn't matter who they were, or their sexual preference.  Her looks
would always captivate them, and it was during these seconds that
Cassandra would enter their confused mind.   The effort took less than
a few seconds.  Just as the innocent beauty was about to ask a
question, Cassandra felt the link take hold.  Cassandra's eyes lit up
as she told the innocent beauty in her most sexiest and softest voice:
"Don't be afraid.  I'm not going to hurt you.  You will come with me."
Jill was about to protest, but felt a strange compulsion to do as this
woman instructed.  Jill found herself walking away from her car and
beside the mysterious woman.  Three rows over, the woman opened the
passenger's side door of a black corvette and without hesitation, Jill
got in.
  Jill found herself unable to talk as she watched the girl drive them
away from the mall.  Jill couldn't help herself as she kept on
staring.  She looked very familiar.  She was absolutely beautiful.
Wasn't she a model?  She found herself feeling a pleasant excitement
grow deep inside her groin.  She never felt sexual attraction for
another girl before and wondered why she would feel this way now.  Why
was she passively sitting here?  Where was this woman taking her?  All
these questions should have made her nervous, but instead, a calmness
settled over her.  'I'm Jill Peters.....where are you taking me?' she
wanted to say, but the words wouldn't come out.
     Cassandra glanced over at the girl and smiled.  She was so
innocent looking and very pretty.   Cassandra had been using her mind
to send her waves of calmness and only a touch of arousal.   Now she
felt it was time to send her only arousal.  Cassandra watched the
pretty girl squirm in her seat.  Arousal was a powerful feeling, and
Jill was so wet with it, she could smell it on her.  
 Jill heard herself moan as her horniness grew and intensified like
never before.  Jill never made love to a girl before but now there
wasn't anything in life that she wanted to do more than be with this
woman.  Her panties were soaked and she could feel herself leak from
her pussy.  Jill had only fucked three times in her life.  Her first
boyfriend once, and her current boyfriend twice.   Although they
managed to stimulate her to an orgasm, it was nothing like the
intensity of these feelings coursing through her this very moment.
Her nipples felt really hard inside her bra and she started to imagine
making love to Cassandra right here inside the car.  Jill's breathing
quickened; 'Are we going to make love?' she thought with anticipation? 

"Would you like that?"  Cassandra replied to the girl's thoughts.  

Jill felt herself trembling.  This time she found her voice and
responded; "yes....yes I would......I never did this with a girl
before, but I'd really like to do it with you"
 Jill found herself unable to move when the Corvette finally came to a
stop inside the basement garage.  She waited for the mysterious woman
to come around to the passenger side and open the door.   Cassandra
extended her hand and Jill took it.  They walked together to the
elevator.   When they entered the apartment, Jill was led straight to
the bedroom and told to sit on the edge of the bed.

"My name is Cassandra." 

Jill looked up at Cassandra.  It hit her.  She now realized where
she'd seen this woman.   Cassandra Seavers was the famous model who
quit a year or so ago.  Jill felt the sexual tension inside her body
ready to explode.    
  "How old are you Jill?"

"Are you still in school?"

"I'm in my senior year."

Cassandra could simply probe her and find out all about her, but the
verbal exchange was part of the seduction.    

Jill found it hard to answer the questions with her body in this
state, but there was an overwhelming compulsion to answer anything
Cassandra asked.
 Cassandra smiled.  She knew that this would always be the best part.
Cassandra filled the young innocent beauty with more arousal.  When
her prey was filled with desire this strong, there was no way that
they could ever resist her.  Lust was a very powerful tool.  Cassandra
moved back away from the girl and gently said: 

"Stand up Jill and take off your clothes."
  Jill felt awkward and stiff as she unbuttoned her blouse.  She shed
her designer jeans and then stood before Cassandra in only her white
bra and red panties.  Jill asked Cassandra; "Will you take off the
  Cassandra smiled again at the girl; "I want you to do it."
 Jill was breathing hard as she reached behind her back and unhooked
her bra.  Her breasts sprung free, perfectly formed with a pleasant
lift to them.  They were small but perky.  Jill then slid off her
panties.  Her pussy hid in the middle of her golden thatch.  Cassandra
inspected her body.  Jill saw the passion in her eyes and it pleased
her, but she also saw her scrutiny, and the thought that her body
might not meet her standards, frightened her.  Jill wondered, was her
breasts too small?  She could feel her groin swollen with arousal.
She was so wet!  She never imagined that arousal could be this
powerful.  She hoped Cassandra would take her soon.

Cassandra walked over to Jill, and cupped her breasts.  The contact of
her warm hands on her sensitive nipples elicited a gasp.  Cassandra
then had Jill lie down on the bed as she proceeded to take off  her
own clothes.  Jill looked up at Cassandra with rapture.  Cassandra's
breasts were big, full and stood proudly at attention.  Cassandra's
body was voluptuous where Jill's was athletically tight.  When
Cassandra was totally naked, she moved onto the bed, stretching out on
top of the girl.
  Jill parted her knees in anticipation.  They now pressed tightly
together with their breasts crushing each others erotically.  Jill's
groin was throbbing wildly now, and needed Cassandra more than she
ever thought possible.  Cassandra started moving down to her pussy,
kissing her wetness.  An orgasm jolted the girl's body.  Cassandra
then moved back up Jill's chest and carefully used one of her sharp
incisors to puncture Jill's right breast.  Just below her nipple.
Jill yelped for a second, but another orgasm rippled through her body.
Cassandra took two swallows of the fresh intoxicating blood and then
looked down at her thrall.  Jill's eyes glazed over.    

Jill was on the verge of another orgasm when she heard Cassandra's
voice speaking to her.  It took a moment for her to realize the voice
came from inside her mind.  "Jill, we are bonded now.   Your sole wish
now and forever more is to please me.  Your body will always desire
me.  In the throes of your most shattering orgasm, you will crave my
touch, my lips, my caress, my love and my command.  Your life before
this very moment is no longer a concern of yours.  You will remember
it, but it will not hold any emotion for you"   Jill's eye's fluttered
open.  The only thing she wanted to do now was please Cassandra.
Never had she felt this way for anyone before.   Cassandra was her
sole purpose for living.    

"Please....Cassandra... Please love me"  

Cassandra poked a finger inside of Jill, and Jill's cum flooded her
hand.  Cassandra then laid down along side the beautiful girl: "Now
Jill, you will pleasure me."  Jill quickly and most ardently responded
to Cassandra's wishes.  She happily sucked her lover's juices while
tightly squeezing her ass cheeks.  Cassandra felt her first orgasm as
Jill's lips touched her clitoris.  Jill experienced her sixth orgasm.
Jill finally passed out after her seventh orgasm.  Cassandra looked at
her first thrall with love.  She was so innocently pretty.  An Angel.
The thought then struck her funny.  


The next morning, Cassandra had a rendevous with Damien.  This meant
she wouldn't have time to spend another love session with her new pet
until she returned.  Just as she was ready to leave, she willed Jill

Jill woke totally relaxed and sexually alive.  She looked down at her
naked body and instead of feeling inhibited about her nudity, she felt
sexy and proud of her beauty.  There was a slight soreness in her
right breast which elicit her memory of last night.  A deep loneliness
for Cassandra crashed down on her.  Jill quicky sprung out of the bed,
naked, and went to the kitchen where Cassandra stood.  She was dressed
in a stylish outfit.  Jill walked over to her and went down to her
knees.  Jill bowed her head awaiting a command.  Jill didn't quite
understand why she did this, but she knew that this would be the way
she would greet her mistress from this point on.  Two cravings
bombarded her insides as she kneeled before her.  A sexual desire that
tore through every fibre of her being and an overwhelming desire to
please her.  When Cassandra placed her palms against her cheeks, Jill
felt a pleasure wash over her.  
 Cassandra lifted her head up so she could look into her eyes.  "Jill,
you are not to leave my apartment for any reason.  You may call your
parents to let them know you are alright.  Tell them you met someone
you love and will return home Sunday night.  I've got to go out but
I'll be home later on tonight.  I've left a list of rules on the
counter for you.  Read them carefully.  We'll go over them when I
return.  Your lovely body is in a state of supernatural arousal and I
won't be here to relieve the pent up desire you'll be feeling until
later on, so, I give you permission to take pleasure in your own body
while I'm gone.  I've also put an exercise tape in the VCR.  I want
you to work out every day.  My models maintain perfect shape."  The
girl's eyes lit up with even more pleasure.

Cassandra looked down at Jill's naked body.  She really was a stunning
beauty.  "I like the way you look, so, until I tell you otherwise, you
are not allowed to wear clothing."  Jill smiled again.   She took
pleasure in knowing that Cassandra was pleased with her body.    

Cassandra smiled.  A lovely first selection.

Coming In the Near Future:       Cassandra - Vampiress, Part III.
(Cassandra discovers her powers have trapped a beautiful young witch,
who has a few powers of her own) 

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