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Here's the origin of Cassandra Seavers....the Vampiress



     When Cassandra Seavers was just fifteen years old, a talent scout
from a big city modeling agency spotted her walking out of a mall.
Tom Bennett admired the sway of girl's long blond hair, which framed
her angelic sweet face.  The girl was absolutely breathtaking.  The
second he gazed into her hypnotic blue eyes, he was instantly
captivated.  Slowly his eyes broke free of her spell to roam over the
rest of her.  The girl also possessed a luscious body, which included
a pair of generously proportioned tits.  The mere sight of this girl
was giving him an erection that wouldn't quit.  Cassandra Seavers, as
he would often say over the course of his career, was quite literally
the most beautiful girl he'd ever laid eyes on.  Tom introduced
himself, obtained her name and number, took a couple of pictures of
her just standing there in her denim jeans and red blouse.   He told
her that she could have a definite career in modeling and handed her
his business card.  As Cassandra strolled away, the agent couldn't
help but gaze at the girl's lovely rounded ass.
     The agency contacted Cassandra the following evening and was
surprised to find the girl living with her aunt.  Rhea Temple, only
twenty-three years of age, accepted guardianship of Cassandra six
months ago when Cassandra's parents died in a plane crash.  Rhea
didn't relish the idea of taking responsibility of a fifteen year old
girl, especially since she was single and enjoyed the night life, but
when she found that the responsibility included $500,000 in life
insurance money, Rhea made room for her big sister's daughter.  Rhea
let the agent give his spiel, listening with half interest when he
told her of Cassandra's potential as a model.  Rhea, who was beautiful
herself, knew all about the demands of modeling.  When Rhea was a
senior in high school, she was approached about modeling, but when she
found out that the average semi successful model spent sixty hours a
week working, Rhea passed.  Rhea told the agency that she was against
Cassandra getting involved at this particular time and told them to
look her up when she turned eighteen.   Rhea didn't doubt that
Cassandra could make it in this business, knowing that the girl
possessed extraordinary beauty, but Rhea didn't want to have anything
disrupt her routine.  In addition, Rhea was also not prepared to let
go of Cassandra for another reason, but this other reason hadn't yet
been explored.    

     When Rhea told her niece about the conversation, Cassandra became
angry and upset with her aunt.  Cassandra knew that her parent's would
have encouraged this opportunity, and that her aunt had no right.  

     "Who are you to deny me this!"  Screamed Cassandra as she stormed
up stairs to her room.  

     Cassandra had jotted down the agent's number in her diary before
handing over the agent's business card to her aunt.  She decided that
she would call Mr. Bennett herself.  Something must be done to change
her aunt's mind.  

     When Tom Bennett received the call from Cassandra, his initial
response was that he shouldn't get involved, but listening to
Cassandra's plight, he saw there existed unusual circumstances.   Tom
also felt that the girl's beauty dictated special measures.  Tom
Bennett decided to intervene.
   Rhea left Cassandra alone for a week, knowing the girl was upset
with her.  Rhea also knew that the girl would eventually get over it.
As a peace offering, Rhea allowed Cassandra to invite her home town
best friend, Nicole, to spend the next weekend with her.  Cassandra
had been asking her aunt for this for the past few months, but was
always denied for one reason or another.   Cassandra knew that her
aunt was allowing this only to make up for denying her the modeling
opportunity, but she was looking forward to seeing her best friend too
much to have an attitude about it.  


     Nicole Petrocelli hadn't seen Cassandra since the funeral.  When
Cassandra lived in Sterling, they were best friend, always together.
Since then, Nicole's life had taken a complete turn.   Although they
talked often on the phone, Nicole had not discussed the new direction
her life had taken.  Now that she was going to visit her lovely
friend, Nicole felt excited at the idea of seducing Cassandra to her
new world.   Cheshire was two hundred miles South of Sterling, so she
had plenty of time to think of a plan while on the bus.
  Nicole was very beautiful herself, where Cassandra was fair skinned,
blond and blue eyes.   Nicole's Italian blood gave her dark skin,
brunette hair and dark brown eyes.  When the two saw each other they
cried and hugged one another.  The first thing they both noticed about
one another was how their bodies had both grown large breasts.  Nicole
took advantage of this making sure to squeeze Cassandra's body extra
tight while they hugged, crushing their breasts together which sent a
bolt of arousal through both their young bodies.  Nicole basked in the
sensation, feeling moisture inside her panties, while Cassandra was
stunned to experience these feelings, something she had only thought
she would feel for a boy.      

     Nicole and Cassandra spent the day updating each other about
their lives and Cassandra included her experience about the modeling
agency.  After Rhea went out for the night, Nicole went into her bag,
pulling out a joint.

     "I don't believe it Nicky, when did you start smoking pot?"
Cassandra asked in alarm.

     "Soon after you moved.  Let's get high."  Nicole responded.

     "Oh no.  I'm not getting high and you're not lighting that up in
here.  My aunt would smell it the second she walked into the house."
Cassy adamantly stated.

     Nicole reluctantly accepted Cassandra's objections, and had hoped
it wouldn't come to the next step.  Nicole stated that she was thirsty
and told Cassandra that she would get them some soda.   Cassandra
smiled, happy that Nicole hadn't put up a fight about not lighting up.
Cassandra was shocked at her friend, and wondered how many more
surprises this weekend would disclose.

     Nicole poured diet coke into a glass, took out a small vial that
she had retrieved out of her overnight bag, and poured the contents of
the vial into the drink.  The vial contained a hypnotic with an
aphrodisiac by product in it.  To make sure she didn't get the two
drinks mixed up, she poured herself a ginger ale.      

     Cassandra wasn't all that thirsty, so, she nursed her drink while
Nicole gulped most of her's down all at once.  

     "When did you switch to ginger ale?"  Cassandra asked

     "Oh...I read somewhere how the nutra-sweet can cause major health

     "You're kidding!  You smoke pot, and you're worried about a
little nutra-sweet."  

     They both started laughing at the logic, and then discussed the
modeling opportunity.  Nicole gazed at the beautiful Cassandra
Seavers, taking in her lovely assets, and being very beautiful
herself, wondered if Cassandra was that much better looking, and
suggested that they compare bodies.  Cassandra was reluctant at first
until Nicole quickly stripped naked without a hint of embarrassment
right before her very eyes.  Cassandra stared straight at Nicole in
awe, especially at her ample breasts.  Her friend was very beautiful
and she stammered that she should also be a model while she couldn't
help stealing glances at her friend.   

     "Your turn Cassy.  Lets see who should be the model?"

     Cassandra slowly unbuttoned her blouse, taking it off and just as
she was about to unstrap her bra, she felt a sudden dizzy sensation,
accompanied with a deep lassitude quickly engulfing her.
  Nicole saw the first symptom and went over to Cassandra, helping her
to the bed.  Nicole then helped Cassandra strip out of the jeans, then
panties.  Nicole inspected Cassandra's beautiful body while the girl
stretched out on the bed.  Cassandra's eyes glazed over.  

     Cassandra felt compelled to do exactly what Nicole asked, as
Nicole joined her on the bed.   Nicole then reached over and slowly
slid her hand over Cassandra's tits, spending special attention to her
nipples.  Cassandra gasped as the sensation of her friends hand sent a
jolt of pleasure up and down her body.  Cassandra wanted to say
something, but was caught up in something that she hadn't ever dreamed
would happen.  Cassandra did have a couple of boyfriends over the last
couple of years, but they never made her feel the way Nicole was
making her feel.  Nicole's hand traced a line further down Cassandra's
body, finally resting on her soft blond hair at her "V".   Nicole
looked into Cassandra's eyes with passion and stuck a couple of her
fingers inside her hot, wet box.
  Cassandra's breathing quickened and was feeling sexual arousal more
powerful than any other time in her life.  Nicole manipulating the
beautiful blond's clit while her other hand moved over Cassandra's
tits, caressing them and brushing lightly over her firm nipples.
Cassandra climaxed, flooding her friend's hand.   Cassandra was
stunned.  She had just let Nicole bring her to an orgasm.  She had
just let her friend touch her in a sexual way.  Her mind wanted to get
angry but her body betrayed her.  Cassandra shuddered, then tried
getting up to move away:

     "Nicole, I feel so strange.......we shouldn't be do this!"

     "You seemed to like it, Cassie, why not just enjoy it."

     "No!  I'm not a lesbian."

     "Come on Cassy, I'm not either.  But I do know how to take
pleasure in a girl's body.  You're very beautiful and I am too.  There
isn't anything more beautiful than two beautiful girls making love to
one other."

     "No!"  Cassandra again tried to get up, but the drug inside her
body was making it hard for her to get up.  Nicole then took the
position of "69", opening Cassandra's legs and burying her face
against her moist slit.  While Nicole began lapping, she lowered
herself right on Cassandra's face, making sure her own wet cunt rested
on Cassandra's face.  Within seconds, Cassandra started licking while
her lower half squirmed up against her friends tongue, trying for
deeper penetration.  

     Both girls slept naked, falling asleep in their "69" position.
When Cassy woke up, finding her head between her friends legs,
smelling the musk of their sex, she couldn't believe what she did last
night.  Cassandra quickly got up and looked down at her naked friend.
Nicole's beauty and sexy position laid out before her sent arousal in
her all over again, and this feeling frightened her.   Was she really
a lesbian?  Cassandra took a shower, put her clothes on, and waited in
the kitchen for her friend to wake up.  When Nicole came into the
kitchen, almost a whole hour later, she saw that her friend was shaken
up by the experience.   

     "I don't understand what happened?"  Cassandra whispered in

     "Cassy.....we are simply two beautiful girls, enjoying our
bodies....enjoy it."

     "It won't happen again.  I'm not sure how or why you made me feel
the way I did, but I don't want it to happen again.  I want you to

     Nicole made a couple of attempts to persuade Cassy not to feel
this way, but saw that it wasn't working.  She underestimated the
emotional effect the experience would have on her, and before she hurt
her friend anymore, she left.  Nicole would miss her innocent friend.
Her beauty was stunning and her nectar was the sweetest tasting juice
she ever put her mouth on.  Nicole would miss Cassandra very much.
Cassandra cried when Nicole left, and took a long hot bath having the
room to herself.  Her first sexual experience, and it was with another
girl.  Never did she ever think that something like this would happen.
Cassandra did enjoy it though, but wished she didn't.   When her Aunt
returned, she asked how the visit went, and Cassandra replied that
Nicole had changed.  She didn't elaborate.  


     The modeling agency did some research and found that Rhea Temple
liked to party and was known as a hot lay down at the local tavern.
According to some people, if the man met her personal standards, Rhea
would actually pursue the man in hopes of bedding him.  Rhea loved
sex.  Rhea was also spending up a storm.  In just six months, Rhea
spent $200,000.  A new condo, corvette, closet full of new designer
clothes, and partying every weekend had taken a toll on her account. 

     Rhea obviously liked to spend money.  The Agency also knew that
Rhea couldn't touch $250,000 because it was put aside for Cassandra's
college.  The Agency understood what they needed to do to strike a
deal, going outside their company and hiring a professional persuader
by the name of Donald Carpenter.  Mr. Carpenter was reputed to have a
tremendous power of persuasion over females.  The agency was banking
on Mr. Carpenter to change Rhea Temple's mind.

     The following weekend, Rhea was out with a couple of friends when
a man looking to be in his thirties approached her, offering to buy
her and her friends a drink.  Rhea noted the man dressed expensive,
but was only slightly above average in the looks department.  They
agreed and the man left to retrieve the drinks. 

     When he returned with the drinks, he proceeded to introduce
himself as an executive of a financial firm in LA.  As the man
discussed a variety of topics, Rhea quite suddenly felt herself
responding to this man.  The feelings surprised her, and the
suddenness caught her off guard, and she started imagine him without
clothes.  The more Mr. Carpenter talked, the more Rhea would steal
glances at the man's body and the feeling was quickly becoming

     Donald Carpenter didn't like the idea of using an aphrodisiac on
Rhea while her friends were present, but it was important he stick to
his plan, so, just before he returned to the table with their drinks,
he slipped a small vial of powder in Rhea's drink and watched for Rhea
to show some of the symptoms.  

     While Rhea gazed deep into Donald's eyes, she was becoming so
horny for him that she could feel herself aching with arousal.  Rhea
was sending him all the signals, and could hardly contain her
excitement, and it was now noticeable to her two girl friends.
  "Rhea, would you like to dance?"

     "Yes........I think I'd like that."  Replied Rhea, who's
breathing had quickened and her breasts were straining against her
blouse as if they were ready to burst free!  Rhea desperately wanted
to touch Donald.

     Both Rhea's friends were surprised at Rhea's interest in this
man.  Rhea usually set her sights on looks, and although the man
appeared to have a strong hard body, his face was only slightly above
average.  They watched Rhea dance with the man and could tell that she
wanted to get into his pants.

     Donald knew that the effects of the aphrodisiac increased by the
minute, and that Rhea was feeling only the initial affects at the
moment.  He figured that he had about an hour before the full effects
would be in place and it was imperative that he got her back to his
hotel room before she was totally consumed with lust.  So, Donald
palmed Rhea's ass cheeks while pressing her body hard against his.
Rhea's breasts crushed against his chest while he thrust his bulging
crotch against Rhea's pelvis bone.  Each time he did this, Rhea gasped
in pleasure.  When they sat down after the dance, he could see the
lust in Rhea's glazed eyes.

     Rhea had never been so turned on in her life and the sexual
desire ricocheting throughout every portion of her body made her need
unbearable.  Rhea excused herself after the dance and asked her
friends to join her in the restroom.  She told her friends how horny
she felt for this guy, and that she wanted them to leave them alone.
Her friends knew Rhea was wild but were a little surprised at how
quickly she was going to let this guy get inside her pants.  They
agreed to leave her alone and left, while Rhea went straight to a
stall, slid down her jeans, peeled off her wet panties and inserted
three fingers deep inside her soaked cunt.

     "Aaaaahhhhhahhhhh.......MMmmmmmmm.......Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Rhea
climaxed with relief.

     Rhea didn't open her eyes until she regained her composure and
breathing quieted down.  Rhea did the best she could to clean up, and
prayed that no one was in one of the other stalls, because they would
know exactly what was going on.  Rhea knew she smelled of sex when she
left the bathroom, but instead of the smell making her self
conscience, she was feeling horny all over again.  Rhea went straight
up to Donald and said; "Lets fuck".  "We'll go to my place." replied
Donald with a smile.

     The second Donald and Rhea entered the hotel room, they quickly
helped each other strip.  As soon as they were both naked, they began
clawing at one another's body.  Rhea, who always prided herself on her
control during sexual encounters, loved to show off her assets for a
few tantalizing moments before screwing, forgot all that and quickly
went down on her knees grabbing for his cock.  Rhea made love to his
cock like never before, and the intensity of her desire was beginning
to frighten her.  She knew damn well that she was acting like an
animal in heat, but was powerless to stop it.  Before Donald came, he
led Rhea to the bed and quicky entered her hot pussy.  Rhea cried out
with pleasure when Donny rammed his big fat cock deep into Rhea's
pussy.   While Donny was rigorously pumping in and out of her pussy,
orgasms racked her body.  In between moans, Rhea would whimper: 

"Deeper....Deeper......fuck me deeper"

     Donald grinned down at the naked girl.  She was pretty, and had a
nice pair of tits, but he's had several hundred in his profession.
Rhea was experiencing one shattering climax after another, while
Donald found her only a mediocre lay.  Donald pulled out of her
completely, which sent Rhea's hand reaching for his cock.

     "Turn around Rhea, time to take it greek."

     Rhea's eyes lit up.  She had never let anyone fuck her in the
ass.  "My ass is virgin...I'm not sure about this."

     Donald smiled.  Same story with all the girls he fucked.  He
flopped Rhea over on her stomach, raised her hips, and positioned her
pretty ass for penetration.  Donald pushed three fingers deep inside
her pussy to retrieve some love juice, then smeared it all around the
crack of her anus.  He retrieved some more, and proceeded to insert
two fingers straight into her hole.  A grunt was forced from her as
his fingers slid all the way into her well lubricated rectum, and
began working the delicate membranes.  Rhea's ass arched to allow
deeper penetration, which illicit animal like moans and a lovely
twitching of her ass.  Donald's own erection couldn't wait any longer
as he slowly moved the tip of his cock, deep into her ass.  Rhea
tensed, and then winced as pain and pleasure coursed through her body.
She could feel him go deeper and deeper, causing more intense pain:

     "Pull it out, before it kills me."  

     "You've got my entire cock right to the hilt."

      Donald's piston like action began to penetrate rhythmically, and
rapidly the pain that Rhea was feeling, turned to acute pleasure.
Rhea was delirious now, as her rectum sucked in his huge thick cock.
Rhea couldn't help herself and reached below her upturned rump,
inserting two fingers and her thumb into her cum filled cunt.  When
Donald rammed one final time, hitting the wall of the membrane
separating the end of her asshole and her pussy hole.  Rhea screamed
out as her climax catapulted her to oblivion.
  Donald looked down at the girl, who now was laying lifeless below
him.  He was still hard and had nearly reached a climax himself.  He
turned her body around again, placing her pliant body in the form of
an "X".  He went to the drawer next to his bed and retrieved two wrist
bands, and two ankle bands.  He snapped them securely in place and
looped a cloth through each ring, then tied her in a spread eagle
position to the bed posts.  He went over to another drawer, pulling
out a vial filled with light blue liquid.

     He waited a few more minutes before reviving her.

     "What....what are you doing?"

     "I'm going to pleasure torture you."

     Rhea glanced at her position, struggled against her bonds, and
couldn't help but feel herself responding again.  This night was
incredible.  She had never before been fucked in the ass and now she
was indulging in another first.  She would never have taken herself as
a submissive, but her body twitched with lust again, and she couldn't
wait for him to enter her.
    Donald straddled her helpless form, used his left hand to easily
tilt her head back and before Rhea had a chance to resist or
understand what was happening, Donald dumped the contents on the vial
down the girl's throat.  Rhea swallowed it down, wondering what it
was.  Before giving her a chance to ask questions, Donald inserted the
tip of his dick just inside her vulva while her love lips attempted at
sucking him in further.  Her body strained forward when Donald stayed
at the entrance.  "Please don't stop.....please Donny.....please."
Rhea whispered sexily.

     "I'll fuck you Rhea, but before I shove my cock all the way into
that lovely pussy, and send you away into pleasure land again, we have
to come to an agreement."  Donald stated calmly.
  The drug he fed the girl was a powerful hypnotic.  Once a girl was
under the effects of this drug, he could make her mind believe
whatever he desired through some reinforced conditioning. 

     "Please....fuck me.  Please....I need you inside of me."

     "Here are my conditions, Rhea, tomorrow, you're going to be
$100,000 richer.  All you have to do is transfer guardianship of
Cassandra.  In addition to the money you will receive, you will also
be sent a check annually for 1% of Cassandra's earnings.  Rhea, this
will make you a very rich bitch."

     "Yes...yes....anything, just fuck me.  Please fuck me.  I need it
so badly."

     "Rhea, I need to make sure you understand.  Repeat what I've told
you, then we'll fuck."

      Rhea arched her back up into a bridge position, and successfully
pushed her pelvis against the head of his cock.  A lovely moan escaped
her lips as Donald's cock was now into her three inches deep, instead
of one inch.  Never had she needed it more than she needed it now.
Donald instead of giving her the sensation the backward motion would
bring her, left his cock where it was.  The mental discipline it took,
not to start pumping was a tremendous strain, but he knew that she
would give in real soon, now. 

     Rhea grasped for the right words, and struggled through the deal,
and despite the difficulty in the task, her incentive out weighed her
condition.  When she was through, she screamed:

     "Now...FUCK ME!"  

     Donald grinned down at the bitch.  It was amazing how a sexy
beautiful woman like this can be reduced to an animal while in the
throes of passion.  Rhea Temple groaned, grunted, and whimpered as he
made her repeat the words several other times and then when he was
totally satisfied that her instructions were deeply embedded in her
mind, and that when she woke the next morning, that she would easily
accept and not question.  Donald then shoved his cock all the way in
her pussy, and just like he promised, fucked her and fucked her until
she again screamed out a mind shattering orgasm!  A fraction later,
Donald squirted his wad deep inside the walls of Rhea's vagina, but
Rhea never knew this because she was again in dream land.    

     When Rhea woke, she just laid there, completely naked, on top of
her covers.  Wait a second, how did she end up in her own bed?  Was
all this a dream?  The second she moved, jolts of pain shot straight
to her cunt and asshole.  No, it wasn't a dream.  Despite the pain,
Rhea smiled.   Never had she ever experienced anything like it.
Donald Carpenter was all male.  She threw a robe over her nudity and
slowly went out to the kitchen to make coffee.  There were two notes
sitting on the kitchen table.  A brief one from Cassandra, which said
she was going over to Debbie's for awhile.  The second note was from
Donald, which said that the money was already deposited in her
account.  Rhea remembered now how she was going to relinquish
guardianship of Cassandra.  She knew damn well that Donald made this
arrangement before their interlude.   What made him so sure that he
could seduce her.  Did she look that easy?  Rhea went to the bathroom
to run a bath.  She dropped the robe to the floor and surveyed her
body's reflection in the full length mirror.  It didn't matter.  Rhea
had just experienced the best fuck of her life, and although she felt
a little sad that she would miss Donald's cock, she took pleasure in
being $100,000 richer.  


     The Agency sent a team of representatives, which included three
teenage models.   Guardianship was transferred that evening and early
reluctance gave way to a quick friendship with her new model friends.
Two of the girls were eighteen and a girl named Tricia Lane was
sixteen.  Probably due to her age, Cassandra quickly made friends with
Tricia.  It took less than a year before Cassandra made it too the big
time and began traveling around the world.  Then her life really took
off and she became internationally famous.  Cassandra was on top of
the modeling world!  It was at her Eighteenth Birthday party that her
life would be turned upside down again. 

     On Cassandra's eighteenth birthday she was introduced to a man by
her best friend.  Tricia had come into the party with her arm draped
around the arm of an absolute hunk of a man.  He was tall,
mysteriously dark, and stunningly handsome.  Cassandra was at first
shocked that Tricia had a date, because up until a few nights ago,
Tricia had been complaining to her that she wanted to meet men, but
because of the demand modeling was having on her life, she never had
the time.   Given the fact that Tricia was an absolute "10" herself,
the two of them looked great together, except that the man looked in
his mid thirties while Tricia was only nineteen.  As the two of them
approached Cassandra, she wondered where did she meet him? 
   "Cassie, I'd like you to meet my date, Damien Nightshade."

     The man extended his hand while Cassandra extended hers.  Their
eyes met briefly, but it was long enough.    

     Damien only needed eye contact to establish his control over the
mortal girl.  Once this was accomplished, he could push her mind, her
actions and her desires in any direction he chose.  A quick scan told
him that Cassandra was not only innocent looking, and now that he was
seeing her in person, she was by far the most loveliest female
creature he's seen in several centuries.  The scan also confirmed his
suspicion that Cassandra had never experienced a man before.  Damien
smiled.  Starting now, Cassandra was going to feel the way a girl of
her beauty should feel every waking moment of her life.      

     The second Cassandra's hand made contact with Damien's hand, she
felt a shiver shoot straight to her groin, which illicit a small gasp.
Cassandra couldn't believe the sensations coursing through her body.
She had never in her life felt this way for a man before, and the
intensity was so sudden.  Arousal in the purest form.  Damien
prolonged the shake which continued to shudder her entire body, making
her feel tight all over.  Her breasts pitched forward, her breathing
quickened, and she could feel a damp spot in her panties. When Damien
finally released her hand, the intensity of her arousal dissipated,
but not completely.  Cassandra glanced at Tricia, hoping her friend
hadn't noticed the affect her date was having on her.  When Cassandra
scrutinized her closer, she thought that Tricia might be stoned.
Tricia just watched the scene with this lazy smile, which didn't look
at all natural on her.  Cassandra excused herself and did everything
to avoid the man for the rest of the evening, hoping that Tricia
wouldn't be offended.  Throughout the night, Cassandra acted like the
gracious guest of honor, but internally, she was fighting a need set
on fire by this man.  For the first time in her life, she was feeling
sexual arousal, and how it felt to actually desire a specific man.
The older models had often talked about sexual arousal, and its affect
on a woman's body, but she couldn't imagine ever feeling out of
control like this.  Cassandra couldn't resist the temptation to steal
glances at Damien from time to time, but with each glance she felt her
desire go up another notch.  Right now, she felt like tearing off her
dress and tightly squeezing her very ample breasts!  How could this be
happening, she fidgeted.  The mere sight of him was wetting her
  It didn't take more than a few moments later when Cassandra finally
caved and rushed to the bathroom.  She locked the door, stripping off
her dress.  She pulled down her panties and tore her 38"D" cup bra
off.  Every inch of her was so erotically charged, she immediately
began rubbing her body with the palms of her hands.  When her
fingertips brushed up against her enlarged nipples she cried out with
the jolt of pleasure she felt inside her pussy.  Cassandra gasped at
the sensation she felt when she cupped her breasts and squeezed her
nipples.  She was panting as her lust continued to build.  Cassandra
stuck her finger deep into her pussy, and this was enough to give her
a powerful climax.  Cassandra's entire hand came away soaked with cum.
She flashed back to a fantasy she had about a dark mysterious man who
would come some day and sweep her off her feet, but this was
ridiculous.  Cassandra next inserted two fingers deep into her vagina
and a thumb to brush against her clit, which illicit a more intense
orgasm.  Cassandra felt like crying.   There was no denying it, she
wanted him.  She wanted his dick inside her pussy, and the mere
thought of his big dick ramming into her hole brought her to her third
and final orgasm.   Cassandra must have passed out, because the next
thing she knew there was someone knocking at the door when her eyes
fluttered open.  She was sitting on the commode, her legs spread out,
and three of her fingers were still buried deep inside her pussy.  Her
cum dribbled out the second she slid her fingers out, going down both
thighs.  Cassandra grabbed a wash cloth to clean herself, while
thinking back to her brief experience with Nicole three years ago.
That was nothing compared to this.  When Cassandra heard a second
knock, she had her bra and panties back on, and was in the middle of
slipping her dress on.  There was still a musky smell her sex was
giving off, and now she understood what people were talking about when
they said; 'that girl reeks of sex'.  She felt like a female dog in
heat and by the time she had all her clothes on and was exiting the
bathroom, she felt acute arousal again.  How could a complete
stranger, armed with nothing more than a handshake, have this type of
effect on her.  As she passed a couple of the older models in the hall
way, they gave her a funny look.  Cassandra imagined that they could
smell her, and was feeling embarrassed.  What Cassandra didn't know
was that the girls did actually smell her, and knowing first hand what
their own juices smelled like, they knew exactly what Cassandra had
been doing.  Cassandra not only reeked of sex, her body was flush, and
she looked as if she'd just been gang raped.  The models whispered
that it was about time and wondered who the lucky man or men were.
When Cassandra went back to the living room, Tricia and Damien had
left the party.  Cassandra leaned against the wall with a sigh of
relief, mingled with excitement.  As seconds ticked by, Cassandra
wished Damien were still here.  What she didn't know was that she
would see him again.   


     Cassandra and her best friend Tricia, were under the influence of
powers beyond their wildest imagination.  Tricia's own introduction to
Damien happened only two nights before when she was returning back to
her room from a shoot.  Tricia smiled at the handsome man, admiring
his body, and then made the mistake of looking into his eyes.  As the
elevator headed up, Tricia began to feel rapidly horny.  She wasn't
sure how she knew, but somehow this man was the reason she felt this
way.  She hadn't intended on saying anything to the man, and was
startled when she heard herself invite him back to her room.  Tricia
was stunned at her actions.  Sure, she lost her virginity when she was
only fourteen years old, but since then, she could count on one finger
her sexual experiences.  The young models always complained that time
didn't allow them to meet a lot of real men, and their beauty stopped
a lot of men from approaching them, in fear of rejection.  As she led
the stranger inside her room, her arousal continued to build.  The
stranger casually instructed her to strip naked, and Tricia found
herself obeying.  How was this possible?  When her clothes and under
things were pooled by her feet, she noted her own juices dripping down
the inside of her thighs.  She understood now that this man had
complete power to do anything he chose to her.  Tricia waited for the
man to say something, or do something, but his eyes just gazed at her,
as if he were inspecting or admiring a mare at a horse show.  The man
twirled around his finger and Tricia without conscience thought
twirled her body around, so he could see her lovely ass.  Tricia
always felt her ass was her greatest attribute.  The man's hands all
of a sudden were gently on her shoulder, turning her around and
forcing her to kneel in front of him.   Tricia looked up at the man,
expectant, hoping he would relieve this passion that had build in her
throbbing pussy.  The man simply pointed to his crotch, and Tricia
knew instantly.  Now more than anything in the world she wanted to
suck his cock.  She had never ever performed oral sex on a man before,
and still felt confused as to why she was behaving the way she was,
but this didn't stop her from greedily reaching to the man's zipper,
pulling the zipper down, and retrieving the biggest, thickest cock she
had ever seen.  Tricia wasn't able to lick the balls like she had
wanted too, but she immediately placed her mouth on his rod, and
sucked it like an ice cream.   Her hunger to give this man the
greatest blow job in the world was making her so wet, she wanted to
slip a finger into her pussy, but she found that she was powerless to
control any of her bodily actions, and continued sucking and licking.
When the man shot his load deep down her throat, she lapped it up like
a dog laps up water when thirsty.  Tricia stayed down on her knees,
head bowed, trying to make some sense at what had just happened.  The
man zipped up his own pants and crouched down beside Tricia.  

     "You're very lovely.  Models are though, aren't they."

     Tricia wanted to reply with something, ask what had just
happened, say thank you for the compliment, anything, but her mouth
wouldn't form the words.  She just looked up into his dark eyes.

     "Tricia, you may take comfort in knowing we'll meet again.  You
will remember our time together, but you won't be able to tell anyone
about your experience.  Every time you remember how your body
responded while sucking my cock, you will feel an intense desire to
suck me again.  The thought of my cock in your mouth will spread
arousal to every pleasure center in your body."  Tricia's head wasn't
allowed to move, so she couldn't follow the man's movement, but she
heard the door open and close.  The silence confirmed his departure.    

     She stayed in the kneeling position, naked, on the carpet,
crying.  Nothing made sense.  Her sobbing made her body shake.  She
found that she could move on her own violation again, and felt herself
wet between her legs.  A two finger thrust into her cunt illicit a
gasp, and a sudden need to masturbate.  Tricia didn't stop the motion
until she came, drenching her entire hand.   Tricia painfully rose
from her kneeling position, and slowly made her way to bed.  Her
thoughts went back to her act of fellatio, and with it she felt
arousal.  Tricia thought he must be some sort of hypnotist.  He must
have hypnotized me in the elevator, remembering how one minute she
smiled at the man, and the next minute she wanted him to fuck her.
Tricia felt herself horny all over and was again forced to masturbate
to relieve the building desire.  It was if an internal fire was lit
deep inside her pussy and she couldn't put it out.  What had he done
to her?      

     The next day, Tricia walked around in both a daze and extremely
horny.  She couldn't help remember the vivid details of her experience
last night, and wanted desperately to tell Cassandra what happened,
but as much as she wanted to, and in three different attempts she
tried to, she found herself unable.  Amazingly, she handled last
minute details of Cassandra's party.  As strange as it was to be
thinking like this, Tricia hoped that the man would visit her tonight.  

     Tricia tried to stay up, but by midnight her eyes wouldn't
cooperate, and she crawled naked to bed.  Tricia fell off into a deep
sleep the second her head hit the pillow.

     Damien charmed the desk clerk into giving him Tricia's room key
and now stood quietly watching the naked girl, toss and turn
uncomfortably in her sleep.  Sexual desire  was without doubt the
strongest human emotion known, and Damien enjoyed flooding all the
lovely girls with it.  She was young and beautiful.  Her tits could be
bigger and he decided that he would later plant a burning desire for
breasts enlargement deep into her subconscious.  Her hair was dark,
worn in a page boy fashion.  He decided it looked good on her.  Daimon
willed her awake.    

     "Hi beautiful, did you miss me?"  Damien figured her mind may be
confused, but he knew her body missed him.

     "Who...who are you?"  Tricia looked up without moving to cover
her nudity.  Not really surprised to find him standing by her bed.

     Damien sent waves of passion into her and smiled while watching
her whither on top of the bed.  Damien could smell her arousal and
reached down to scoop up some of her cunt juice.   Tricia moaned at
the contact and looked on in anticipation as he licked her cum off his
fingers.   Damien had been scanning Tricia's mind, going over the
events of her day, and learned all about a girl named Cassandra
Seavers, who would be celebrating her Eighteenth Birthday with a party
tomorrow night.  When he withdrew a picture of the girl from Tricia's
mind, he was momentarily stunned.  He paused for a second before

     "Would you like to go to your friend's party, Tricia?"

     "Yes...I have to be there.....I'm her best friend."

     "I think maybe I'd like to go to this party myself, Tricia, how
about I be your date."

     "Yes.  I'd love that."  

	  Damien continued to pick at the girl's mind, learning all he
could about this female beauty named Cassandra.  Originally, he
planned only on a couple nights with this lovely model and then on his
way to the next city.  Through mind control, he could will any girl he
chose to respond and act any way he wished.  His hypnotic powers could
plant any desire, craving or command inside a girl's subconscious and
when the thought was planted, the girl would be helpless while acting
out the command.  Other than forcing the girl to want breast
enlargements and a new attitude towards sex, Damien was going to fuck
the girl tonight and leave her.  She would vaguely remember her
experience with him, and would also find herself totally turned on
with the act of oral sex, but for the most part she would be
unaltered.  Now all this changes.  

     When Damien had looked into her mind to see what this girl
Cassandra looked like, he found himself instantly aroused.  Cassandra
was sitting naked in front of a mirror.  Damien not only captured the
picture of what Tricia saw, he captured her thoughts, and was
pleasantly surprised to learn that Tricia had felt a slight twinge of
arousal while taking in Cassandra's provocative pose.   Damien felt
the stirring of something he hadn't felt for half a century.  Lust.  

     Damien used his mind to push the very lust he was feeling for
Cassandra, straight to Tricia's love box.  The girl moaned now caught
in a grip of passion that rocked her very soul.  Tricia was panting so
hard with desire, she couldn't help rub her swollen pussy lips in
front of the man.   Nothing mattered to Tricia but getting this man to
fuck her.  Damien slowly stripped naked, while Tricia's eyes lit up.
Damien's erection made his cock look ten inches long and the second he
entered her, Tricia climaxed uncontrollably!  She whimpered for it to
continue and after several more pumps, Tricia climaxed again and
feinted in the throes.  Damien drew his cock out of her pussy lips,
angled her neck to his lips and used his fangs to puncture her skin,
drawing a couple of long gulps of blood.  Tricia was now his slave.  

     Tricia would only feel what Damien willed.  Mind control took
effort and concentration and the subject couldn't be controlled over
great distances, but once he drank their blood, the girl was altered
into a pleasure slave.  He could control her from across the ocean,
and alter her desire anyway he chose.  Her body would cry for his
lips, his caress, and his cock for all eternity and although Tricia
would still be a thinking person inside her body, and when allowed, be
able to verbalize her thoughts, she wouldn't be able to disobey any
command, nor deny any desire.   Damien did this to get to Cassandra.
  When Tricia woke up, she felt an all new hunger for the man.  Damien
Nightshade.  How she knew his name she didn't know, but nothing else
mattered.  All she wanted, all she desired, was to do everything and
anything for this man.  The intensity to please and pleasure Damien
overwhelmed her.  Tricia called out: "Damien....please....where are
you?"  Damien touched the girls arm, then slowly brought his palm up
to caress the nipple on her right tit.  He willed her to calm down,
and through telepathic communication, he explained her new role in
life, as a slave to the undead. 


     The evening of the party, Tricia smiled, and although her eyes
appeared glazed from being stoned, they were actually glazed due to
the passion she was feeling.  Although her body felt the burning
desire, she acted as natural as she could.  Cassandra had no way of
knowing that her best friend was now a pleasure slave for a 1000 year
old vampire.
   Damien and Tricia went straight from the party to Cassandra's hotel
room.  Tricia was feeling horny again and when Damien told her that
she was going to experience Cassandra's charms firsthand, Tricia could
hardly contain herself.  Tricia's old inhibitions were no longer
visible as she stripped naked and kneeled before her master.  Damien
merely patted her head as he waited for Cassandra to return to her
hotel room.  Damien looked down at his new sex slave and elevated her
arousal with a simple gaze.  Tricia gasped, squeezing her thighs
together as tight as she could.   The tightening of her pussy muscles
helped her achieve her second orgasm in less than two minutes.  Tricia
sent her master a thank you with a sighing moan.

     Cassandra's sexual arousal was making it to tough for her to stay
at her own party, so, she apologized to everyone for feeling a little
ill, and called it a night.  She returned to her hotel room, and was
startled to find Damien sitting on the couch, and her best friend,
Tricia, kneeling down in front of him.  At first she thought she might
be giving him a blow job, but the closer she approached, the more she
realized that Tricia was simply kneeling in a submissive position
before the man.

     "Hi Cass, did you enjoy the party?".  

     " no, not really.  I......."

     Damien scanned Cassandra's mind and tapped into her evening's
masturbation memories in the bathroom.  There Cassandra was, ramming
her fingers in and out of her cunt, grunting like a pig, shouting out
an orgasm.  Damien smiled:  "Turning eighteen can be a traumatic
experience.   Especially when you're awakened. 

     Cassandra blushed, understanding he meant sexually awakened:
"Why are you two here." Cassandra directed her eyes on her friend:
"Tricia, what has he done to you?"
  Tricia asked Damien permission to talk freely, and when granted, she
turned to her friend: "Damien wanted to give you your birthday gift
personally, and he invited me to help him."  Tricia replied with a
smile, then stood up.

     Cassandra was still feeling horny from her masturbation at the
party, and now that she was seeing Damien, the person responsible for
her masturbating in the first place, she was feeling bombarded with
even stronger arousal.  With Tricia standing stark naked in front of
her, making a pass at her, she remembered how Nicole had seduced her.
Tricia's nudity was surfacing all these memories.  She had seen Tricia
and countless other models naked over the last two years, and was
relieved when her body didn't respond with the same arousal it did
with Nicole.  She thought maybe Nicole had done something to illicit
those feelings.  As Tricia approached her in all her naked spender,
she couldn't help but lick her lips at the sight of her beautiful

     "I'm sorry, but it really is late.  Tricia, you know as well as I
know that we have to get some re........" Cassandra stopped talking in
mid sentence.  Not voluntarily, but because for whatever reason, her
vocal chords simply stopped working.  

     Damien stood up from the coach, while slowly walking in front of
the blond beauty.  Tricia went around to the back of Cassandra.  Not
only couldn't Cassandra talk, but she couldn't move.   The only thing
she could do was feel, and apparently cum because she could feel her
panties soak up her juices.  Damien took both hands and tore open the
dress she had on.  The material dropped to the floor around her feet.
Cassandra gasped when he tore away her bra, springing free a set of
very generous size breasts.  Cassandra's whole body was shaking and
she knew that she must look like an animal in heat.  His hands began
caressing her tits and the contours of her perfect female figure.
Cassandra was too caught up in a passion that she could neither deny
nor resist, and moaned in pleasure.  Tricia spread her ass cheeks
apart, and french kissing her asshole.  Cassandra could only moan in
her pleasure.  

     Damien smiled at Cassandra, then willed her to respond with pure
lust.  Cassandra's entire body flooded with desire for sex.  It didn't
matter who!  She found herself surging up against his body, while
pushing down her ass against Tricia's tongue.  More than anything in
her life, she wanted this man to fuck her.  More than anything, she
wanted Tricia to eat her out.  The thought both shocked and excited
her like never before.  When Cassandra felt Damien thrust his hand
between her legs, she gasped, moaned, and screamed for him to fuck her
where she stood.  Part of Cassandra knew she should feel highly
embarrassed for both Tricia and herself, but the desire swallowed
these feelings.  Damien picked her up as if she were weightless, and
carried her into her bedroom.  Damien set her on the bed, while
Cassandra squirmed in anticipation.  Tricia joined Cassandra on the
bed and it took a mere second before the two teenage beauties crushed
against each other, pinching, squeezing, caressing, and kissing every
inch of each others bodies.  Damien had already stripped himself and
was stroking his own ten inches while watching the very erotic sight
of these two beauties rutting together.  He was amused when he thought
how innocent these girls were.  Cassandra and Tricia were going down
on each other in the sixty-nine position, orbiting both of them to a
shattering climax.
    Damien looked down at the sleeping beauties.  When passion was
ignited by the supernatural, these mortal girls had a habit of passing
out during the throes of an orgasm. He glanced at his slave, and
Tricia went spiraling down into a deeper sleep.  Damien didn't want
his lovely slave to wake up during Cassandra's initiation.
  Cassandra woke to see Damien naked before her.  Her mouth was full
of her friend's cum, and now she had an aching desire to fill her
mouth with his cum.  Cassandra glanced over at Tricia and found her
asleep.  Damien moved his body between Cassandra's legs, and wrapped
his hands around her thighs.  As much passion as there was wracking
her body, Cassandra was frightened to think his huge love pole could
fit in her virgin cunt.  Damien willed Cassandra to spread them, and
Cassandra found herself doing just that.      

     "Damien, I'm a virgin.  Please....please be gentle with me."
Cassandra again glanced at Tricia, whose pretty face was only inches
away from her own.  Damien only smiled at the girl as his lips
descended down along her pussy's outer lips.  Tricia had given
Cassandra's vulva a work out only moments before, so her pussy was
already wet with wanting.  While he quickly thrust his tongue against
her cunt lips, stabbing his tongue in and out, Cassandra's pussy
filled with new cum.   Cassandra was going out of her mind with wave
after wave of orgasms.   

      Damien now used his hand to guide his cock into her soaked love
hole, inserting his member into her vagina.  He could feel the hymen,
as he smiled down at the delirious girl beneath him.   Cassandra could
feel the pain, but with the pain came a most glorious sexual high.
  "Please Damien, harder, fuck me harder," panted the girl, forgetting
her previous request to be gentle.  

     Damien shoved his body further, going deep into her pussy and
breaking through the hymen.   Cassandra screamed while he began
thrusting in and out as another orgasm rocketed her entire being.
Cassandra again passed out. 

     While Cassandra slept, Damien lapped up her virgin blood from her
pussy, sucking it all up.   Vampires who drank from a girl's neck
turned the girl into a sex slave.  Vampires who drank blood from a
newly deflowered girl's pussy, turned the girl into a creature of
lust, but more importantly, in was the first stage of her turning.
'We're half way there Cassandra' smiled Damien as he licked every drop
of her blood and come.  Cassandra would remain mortal until Damien let
her drink from him.  In the mean time, she was now under the most
powerful sexual obsession spell a vampire could render on one.  Damien
lifted himself up and gazed at the breathtakingly beautiful girl, who
would sleep now until morning, he decided that on her twenty first
birthday, Cassandra would be turned.  She would be his immortal bride.
Until then, Cassandra would be his mistress.

     Damien glanced over at Tricia.  Tricia was now his willing slave,
and would do his bidding.   This would make it easier for Cassandra,
because only his slaves could slake her arousal when he wasn't around.
He implanted instructions inside Tricia's mind.  'You are to be
Cassandra's lover and service her every need.  You will pleasure her
and she will pleasure you.  You need each other, you love each other,
and you desire each other.  Damien took one more glance at his
Cassandra, smiled and blew her a kiss.  He sent a rush of warmth
straight to her pleasure points, and watched as Cassandra stirred,
unconsciously moving her hands down to her groin and slipped a finger
inside..........Cassandra moaned.  Damien left the two sleeping
beauties on the bed.  They looked erotic together.


     Cassandra woke first and looked down at herself.  She felt
different.  She looked different.   She felt sexier.  Healthier.  Her
tits felt firmer, more fuller.  She squeezed them hard.  Only
yesterday, if she rubbed them, she would feel nothing more than the
sensation of rubbing.  Now, she rubbed them and she felt jolts of
sensual pleasure.  She turned to her left and looked at Tricia.   She
was stunningly beautiful herself.  She remembered everything and the
memories made her horny and happy.  She leaned over and kissed Tricia
on the lips.  Upon contact, the girl's mouth opened up allowing
Cassandra to sneak her tongue in.  Tricia opened her eyes in pleasure.
Both girls slowly made love, relishing the feelings each could
provoke.  Several orgasms later, Tricia got up to take a shower.
Cassandra knew if they showered together, they'd be in there for a
couple of hours.  Cassie reached down to rub the outer lips of her
cunt.  The soreness between her legs was there, but instead of feeling
pain, she felt pleasure.  Her thoughts kept going back to the fuck
Damien gave her.  He deflowered her last night.  They fucked until she
passed out.  She was no longer a virgin.   On the vanity in her
bathroom, Cassandra found a note from Damien.  'Hope you enjoyed your
birthday present!  Love, Damien'. 

     Cassandra remembered the fear she felt when Tricia had said that
Damien wanted to give her a birthday present personally, and she had
been invited to assist with it.  It was the best present she'd ever
received in her life!  Tricia dressed after her shower and said that
she'd see her later at her shoot.  They kissed, hugged and cupped each
others ass cheeks, pressing their groins into each other.  The act
sent them both a bolt of pleasure.  Cassandra finally broke it off,
and Tricia reluctantly left.  Cassandra then soaked in her bathtub,
relaxing and letting her mind fill with Damien.  Her constant thinking
of Damien was getting her horny again.  Was this love?  Why didn't she
react to sharing Damien with Tricia?  Why didn't Tricia react?
Cassandra never in her wildest dreams believed in the supernatural,
but she knew that the both of them were under some sort of spell.
Cassandra didn't care.  She was sexually alive now and she never
wanted to lose this feeling.  When Cassandra was done in the bathroom,
she paraded out to the living room, stark naked and still feeling even
hornier.  Knowing that she wouldn't be seeing Damien until tonight,
she wished that Tricia hadn't left.  Wait, how did she know that she
wouldn't see Damien until tonight?  She just knew, and her mind
accepted it and went back to thinking about Tricia.  The feelings of
doing it with another girl no longer bothered her, as long as it was
her Tricia she was doing it with.  Her shoot was an hour away, so, she
didn't have time to masturbate.  She put on her clothes and tried and
ignore the stirring inside her pussy.    

CASSANDRA ~ VAMPIRESS Part II..............has been posted!  

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