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Well here it is.  Part 2 of the Kelli series.  My writing took me in a
slightly different direction this time.  I hope this one goes over as well as
the last one.  As always, comments are welcome.  Feel free to rate my
writing.  I am planning to continue this series.  I cannot say at this time
exactly how many sequils I will write.	Please direct comments to the
newsgroups or <> You can download this and all the
stories in the Kelli series in vairous word processor formats from Until next time, enjoy Kevin

                                                           Kelli Gets Help
                                                         by Kevin Eastman

    Kelli Miller laid in her bed sleeplessly. Discomfort, confusion, and a
weary conscience had been preventing her from resting peacefully for the last
seven days. One week ago the fourteen year old high school freshmen had the
most traumatic experience of her life. What she previously assumed to be a
harmless visit to the doctor turned out to be a nightmare come true.

    Since her visit to Dr. Baker Kelli missed 3 days of school, and avoided
social contact with any of her friends for fear they would question her about
the experience. On this night she realized that to come to peace with herself
she would have to share her experience with someone. Kelli knew that taking
about the ordeal would be against her mother and Dr. Bakers wishes, but she
could not resist. She had to know if any of her girlfriends had ever been
through the pure hell she went through one week ago.

  The young girl made a decision and was forcing herself to stick to it.
Tomorrow at school she would talk to her friends Amy and Kelsi. What harm
could it do. They were her best friends in the world. She shared everything
with them. If nothing more talking to them would warn them about what they
might soon be in store for.

  Kelli now thought to herself, "Itís late and I must get some rest before
morning." "Tomorrow I may be able to make some sense of my emotions, but for
now I need something that will make me sleep." As she approached the medicine
closet in the small bathroom just off her bedroom she saw her reflection in
the mirror. All she could do was stop and stare. As she concentrated on the
image in the mirror she thought to herself, "who is this person?" "Iíve
changed so much in the last couple of years I donít even know who I am
anymore." "My body has changed so much, I think so much differently..." She
began to cry, her hands quivering she choked down three sleeping pills then
laid back down and cried herself to sleep.

  The next morning in first period study hall Kelli sat down with Amy, Kelsi,
and Kelsiís boyfriend Todd. Immediately Amy asked Kelli, "Whatís been up with
you lately Kel? Youíve been really distant lately." Kelly felt a lump forming
in her throat. This was the moment she had been waiting for. She would have
to speak up now. After a brief moment of thought she said, "Yes, I know."
"Thereís something I really need to talk to both of you about." Looking over
at Todd she stated, "Itís kind of a girl thing if you know what I mean." Todd
nodded and promptly excused himself from the table. "Whatís on your mind
Kel?" asked Kelsi. "You look like youíve seen a ghost." Tears began to well
up in Kelliís eyes. "Weíve gotta talk pronto," she said holding back sobs,
"but we canít do it here." By now her face was getting red and tears were
streaming down her cheeks. Amy turned to Kelsi. "This looks serious," she
whispered. "I think the three of us should cut school today."

  "Good plan," Kelsi replied. Turning back to Kelli who was making an attempt
to contain herself, Amy said, "Hold on until the bell rings, then weíll cut
class and go somewhere more private." "OK," said Kelli with a sigh. Then the
three sat in silence.

    Somewhat relived, Kelli thought to herself, "The hardest part is over." "I
canít back out now." "Even if talking about it doesnít help me it may prevent
my best friends from going through the same pain the future."

    Mesmerized by thought about the day to come Kelli lost track of time. When
the dismiss bell rang she almost jumped out of her seat. Her surprise was
dampened by the supportive touch of Amyís hand on her shoulder. "Come on Kel,"
Amy said, "Lets go to that old fortress down at the park." "No one would think
to find us there."

  The three hid in the girls locker room until the tardy bell rang. They then
casually walked out the hallway exit and headed for the city park. Once they
were conveniently hidden from the public eye inside the open top fortress Amy
anxiously said, "OK Kel, spill the beans." "Youíve got us worried sick."
Kelli felt the lump start to form in her throat again. Amy and Kelsiís
attention was directed on her in a way it had never been before. With a deep
breath she began. "Remember last week I told you mom was making me go see
that doctor." "Yes," they both replied. "Well, he touched me, he hurt me."
She could not go on. Sobbing she sat there with her head in her hands. Amy
put her arm around her. "Oh my God Kel," she said. "You mean he raped you?"
"No, not like that," Kelli said. "His exam was professional, I guess, but the
things the did, the tests he did made me real uncomfortable, and they hurt."
Amy looked over at Kelsi for help. Kelsi was staring at the two of them,
white as a ghost. A few moments passed then Kelsi spoke up. "I know Kelli, I
know what he did." "Dr. Baker did the same things to me last month." Kelli
did not respond. She just sat there, staring at Kelsi.

    Amy was speechless. "What is so terrible about Dr. Bakerís examinations?"
She asked, still with her arm around Kelli. Kelsi was now also crying. Amy did
not know which of her friends to turn to. Kelli started to pull herself
together. She told Amy of the horrors of the exam she went through just eight
days ago while Kelsi sat in the opposite corner of the fort re-living each
event Kelli described. She told of how Dr. Baker forced her to have her
temperature taken rectally. How he stretched and ripped her virginity with the
speculum. How he jabbed a sharp needle into her clitoris. How he burned the
flesh of her anus after ripping it with the oscilloscope. And finally how he
made her take two huge shots in her butt, of all places. "And on top of it all
I was entirely naked through most of it," she said before starting to cry

  Amy was horrified. She could not believe what she was hearing. But she knew
her friends would not lie to her. "Oh my God" was all she could say. Finally
she said, "I knew us girls all had to go to that doctor sometime this year,
but I never thought..." "Oh my God." Kelsi now able to talk said "Yeah, and
he is the only gynecologist that comes to this God-forsaken town." "The next
closest one is in Bixby and I hear he is just as bad."

    Amy was now panic stricken. She remembered her mom telling her that the
school started requiring each freshman girl to have a gyno exam every two
months during her freshman year.

  The three girls sat staring at each other for what seemed like forever.
Finally Kelsi spoke. "Well he didnít burn my butthole like you described
Kelli." "But he jabbed that pain tolerance test thing into my clit twice, he
said it didnít work the first time." "It was excruciating, and so sore I
could barely walk and couldnít wear panties for a week." "He told me he
wanted to surgically remove my hymen," Kelli said with a dull tone to her
voice. "Yeah, he said he was gonna cut mine out too," Kelsi said. Amy asked,
"does he do the same things each visit?" Before Kelli could say anything
Kelsi replied "I donít know about all of it but he told me the pain tolerance
test was customary." Amy, mortified at what she was hearing was getting ready
to be sick. "I canít handle even the slightest pain." She thought to herself.
"How will I be able to take a needle being jabbed into the most sensitive
part of my body?"

  Then Kelsi spoke up again. "Can I ask you a personal question Kel." "Sure."
Kelli laughed, "Itís not like we havenít been personal with each other for
the last half hour!" "Has your clit healed yet?" "More or less," Kelli
responded. "Have you noticed how much more sensitive it is down there?" Kelsi
asked with a smirk. Surprised, Kelli answered "no, I guess I donít pay that
much attention." "Since he did that to me I can almost have an orgasm just
from the friction created by walking!" Kelsi stated. Kelli and Amy sat
staring at Kelsi speechlessly. "What," Kelsi said with an embarrassed look on
her face. "Itís not like you to have know. Kelli,
still shocked at Kelsiís remark could not speak. After a moment of ear
splitting silence Amy said, "well...yes." "You to have spilled your guts to
me, so now Iíll tell you a secret about myself." "I accidentally discovered
masturbation and orgasm while bathing a couple of years ago and have been
doing it frequently since." Kelliís face was now red with embarrassment. Amy
looked at her and asked, "whatís wrong Kel? Cat got your tongue?" After a
moment of thought Kelli remarked, "Iíve never played with myself down there
like that." "You need to try it Kel," Kelsi stated. "Itís the most amazing
thing you will ever feel!"

    Kelli felt strange. She had never had this kind of a conversation with
anyone before. She had never even thought about bringing the topic up,
especially not with Amy and Kelsi. However, the conversation was making her
feel good in a way. It was relieving some of her hidden curiosity, curiosity
sheíd never recognized until this moment. For the first time in eight days, or
mabey even longer, she felt less confused, charismatic.

    All of a sudden Kelli noticed something. A strange feeling between her
legs. Her crotch felt warm and moist. It had happened before, and she learned
in sex Ed class about why and how it happened, but not until now did she
completely understand it.

  Kelli suddenly felt Amy tapping on her shoulder. "Whatís up Kel?" Amy asked
after getting her attention. "You just knda zoned out on us." "What were you
thinking about?" Amy asked suggestively. "Stuff," Kelli replied. "What kind
of stuff?" Amy asked in the same suggestively questioning tone. Kelli thought
to herself, "what the hell.....I canít lie about it after the conversation we
just had so she blurted out, "You caught me, I was thinking about" then she
froze. "Thinking about what?" Kelsi asked. "Sex stuff," Kelli said in a
hesitant manner. Then changing the subject she said, "Lets go somewhere else
before we get caught here." "Good idea" both the other girls replied. "Lets
go to my house," Kelsi suggested. "My parents wont be home until late this
evening." "We can sneak in through the alley." The truant trio agreed and
they started walking.

  During the walk to Kelsiís house few words were exchanged by the three.
Best friends Kelli, Amy, and Kelsi had seen a side of each other that had
never surfaced before. Upon arrival to the small white house on 5th street
they began to watch TV. Each with mixed feelings about the mornings events.

  Finally Kelsi spoke. "So Kelli, youíve really never played with yourself
before." She said. Kelli responded, "No I havenít." ĎI mean, Iíve thought
about it but it always seemed wrong." "Iím not trying to be a pervert Kelli,"
Kelsi stated, "but I can tell you that it really helped me deal with things
better, helped me to keep my mind off of them." "Oh" said Kelli, still not
quite understanding. Agreeing with Kelsi Amy stated, "I canít predict if it
would help you with what the doctor did to you but It is a real tension

    A few moments of silence passed. Kelli thought to herself, "This is weird,
itís like these two are wanting me to touch myself." "It seems like such a
naughty thing, but they donít treat it that way." "Mabey they are right."
"Mabey it does help." Turning toward Kelsi she said, "I wouldnít even know how
to do it." "You just find a sensitive spot down there and rub," Kelsi replied.
"Itíll come natural." "Just experiment Kel," Amy interjected. "Relax, find
something you like and run with it."

    More silence. The three fourteen year old girls sat quietly in Kelsiís
living room. Each feeling akward and embarrassed in her own way. But they each
felt that the advice they were giving Kelli was the right thing to do. She was
an emotional wreck, and they both strongly believed that masturbation would
help her to keep her mind off of it.

    As the day drug on the three girls found themselves in Kelsiís room
listening to music to pass the time. Kelli was more comfortable with herself
now than ever. But she was still not a peace with herself. Her experience with
Dr. Baker, all the changes, everything was still tearing at her concions.

  Amy asked Kelli, "how are you feeling?" "Better," Kelli replied. "But it is
still on my mind," she said after a moment. "I guess it always will be." "You
will never forget it, and from the sounds of it none of us can escape it
Kel," Kelsi stated. "But there is a way to relieve the emotional stress."
"Yes, I know what you said," Kelli replied. "But I still donít know." "Iím
not trying to be a perv," Kelsi stated. "I want to show you." "You mean show
me how to........," Kelli asked. "Yeah," Kelsi said as she began to unbutton
her shorts. "I donít know," Kelli said. "Donít worry," Kelsi replied. "Yeah
Kel," Amy stated. "It can only help." "Itís not like itís a horrible thing
anyway." All eyes were on Kelli. Still with some reservation she finally
said, "OK, but none of us can ever tell a sole." "We wonít if you wonít," Amy
said. Kelli simply nodded.

  Now standing in front of Kelli in her white cotton panties Kelsi said, "You
need to take your pants off too Kel." Kelli could feel butterflies in her
stomach. "You mean youíre gonna have it," Kelli asked. "Yes,
eventually," Kelsi said. "But first just watch me." With that Kelsi hooked
her thumbs into the elastic band of her panties and with one quick motion
dropped them to the floor. Giggling she stepped out of them and took a seat
on her bed. Hesitantly Kelli began to remove her jeans. After stepping out of
them she looked over at Amy who had been quiet for the last few minutes. Amy
just gave her a look of re-assurance. With a sigh Kelli removed the boxer
shorts she was wearing revealing herself to her two best friends.

  Kelsi said, "OK then." "Are your ready Kel?" Kelli could not answer, she
could not speak. On rare occasions she had seen Kelsi almost nude. Last month
in the swimming pool locker room she saw her with her shirt off. But she had
never seen her like this before. Like her own, Kelsiís body was well
developed. Her dark blonde pubic hair formed a perfect "V" between her
slender leggs. Kelli could only stare.

  Once again Kelsi asked, "are you ready Kelli." Snapping out of her daze
Kelli said, "Yes." At that Kelsi put her left foot in Kelliís lap. She licked
her index and middle fingers on her right and while parting her outer lips
with her left. She then touched her tiny clit with those two fingers. She
applied firm pressure. Then she began to rub the tiny mound of flesh in a
curricular motion.

  As Kelsi rubbed herself Kelli could see the muscles in her inner thighs
tensing and relaxing. She could observe Kelsiís clit growing more prominent
with each stroke. She thought to herself, "That must feel great." "That looks
easy." "I can do that." She looked over at Amy who was watching Kelsiís
motions furtively.

  Kelsi now stopped rubbing herself and removed her foot from Kelliís lap.
She then with her finger motioned for Kelli to come sit on the bed next to
her. Kelli stood up and approached Kelsi. "Have a seat," Kelsi requested.
Kelli sat down. Kelsi then said, "now itís your turn to try it Kel. After
some brief hesitation Kelli too licked her fingers and placed them between
her legs. She then parted her outer lips and began to rub her clitoris.

    Kelsi smiled. She had accomplished the task. Her best friends frustrations
would soon be dampened. After watching Kelliís progress for a few moments she
too began to play with herself again.

    Kelli forcefully palpitated and rubbed her clit. As she rubbed back and
forth and in circles she thought. "This is pretty easy." "But I donít feel
anything incredible yet." She paused briefly and looked over at Amy. Amy was
sitting on the floor in front of the door watching them just as closely as
before. But now she had a look of longing on her face. A look of wonder. Kelli
ignored her for the moment though and once again began to rub her clit.

  After a few minutes of playing with herself Kelsi was in ecstasy. Her body
was responding to the stimulation perfectly and she was on the edge of an
earth shattering orgasm. Kelli however was not having the same luck. Sheíd
been playing with herself for the same amount of time but had accomplished
little. Finally she interrupted Kelsiís enjoyment of herself. "Itís not
working," Kelli said discouraged. Kelsi jumped startled by Kelliís
interruption. "You need to relax and concentrate on what you are doing," she
stated. "If you donít you wonít get anywhere." Then in the same breath she
said, "I know itís hard to relax." "I may be able to help you."

    Kelli thought to herself, "Sheís right." "I must be too tense." Then she
almost said out loud, "What is she going to do to help me relax?" "I think it
is their presence that is making me this way."

  Standing up Kelsi said, "Lay down on your belly Kel." "Iíll give you a back
rub." "Thereís nothing like a good back rub to make a person relax." "When
Iím done you can try again." Kelly thought, "what can it hurt." So she did as
Kelsi asked. Kelsi straddled Kelliís body and sat down with her bare bottom
touching Kelliís. As she massaged Kelliís neck, shoulders and back, Kelli
could feel her pubic hair brushing her body. Kelsi was a skilled masusse and
despite their akward setting Kelli began to relax.

  When done with the rub down Kelsi moved off of Kelliís back. Kelli turned
over and smiled. "Thanks," she said. "I think that helped." "Great" Kelsi
said. Then she did something that Kelli never expected. She placed the tip of
her index finger just above Kelliís pubic hair and began to lightly tickle
her. Kelli looked up at her with an alarmed look on her face. Kelsi leaned
down and whispered in her ear, "relax Kelli." "Just close your eyes and
relax." Reluctantly Kelli complied.

    Kelsi continued to tickle Kelliís tummy, causing her abdomen to quiver and
pulsate. She then began to run her fingers through her friendís pubic hair
massaging her down there. Kelli just lie there with her eyes closed trying to
make sense of the situation. She had never had a sexual encounter before, male
or female. What Kelsi was doing was making her slightly uncomfortable but
somehow, deep inside, she liked it.

  Kelsi noticed out of the corner of her eye that Amy was still siting by the
door silently watching the events unfold on the bed. She now had an amazed
look on her face. Noticing Kelsiís acknowledgment of her presence Amy smiled.
Kelsi in turn smiled back, then continued devoting her attention to Kelli.

  Kelsi was turned on. Sheíd never considered herself bisexual or lesbian
before, now she thought to herself. "Iím not bi or gay." "Iím just doing a
favor for a friend, thatís all." "As long as Iím comfortable with this, which
I am, I may as well continue." "I wonder what is on Amyís mind over there?"
"I wonder what she is thinking of this."

    As Kelsi massaged Kelliís tummy she slowly made her way between her legs.
She paused and thought, "should I go further?" Before she could decide her
instincts did it for her. She found herself pushing her finger between Kelliís
vaginal lips. This invasion of her body caused Kelli to squirm but she did not
protest. Kelsi was not surprised to find that her friend was moist. She
collected some of the young girls wetness on her finger then moved back up to
her clit. She began to rub Kelliís clit. First slowly then more rapidly until
Kelli began to react.

  Kelli now understood pleasure. Kelsiís rhythmic rubbing was driving her
crazy. Unlike her solo attempt, now her whole body was involved. She felt
good all over. As Kelsi continued Kelli began to feel a tingling sensation.
It started deep inside her abdomen then began to spread out over her entire
body. As the sensation spread Kelsiís rubbing seemed get more and more
sensitive. Sensitive to the point Kelli could no longer contain herself. She
began to moan and flex her muscles uncontrollably. Kelsi did not stop
however, Kelli was completely at her mercy. Then all of a sudden it hit her.
She took a deep breath, closed her eyes tight, and saw stars. Waves of
pleasure which originated at the tip of Kelsiís fingers spread over her whole
body countless times.

    As quick as the amazing sensations came they were gone. Kelli felt as if
she had briefly left the room. Kelsi had long since stopped rubbing her
clitoris. Kelli was now lying flat on her back panting and staring at the
ceiling, trying to focus and return to ground level.

As she started to recover she found herself making eye contact with Amy who
was now standing with her mouth open, shaking her head in amazement. She then
looked over at Kelsi and asked in a quivery voice, "what was that?" "You just
had an orgasm, a powerful one!." Kelsi exclaimed. Amy was still speechless.
All Kelli could say was, "that was amazing." "How to you feel Kel?" Kelsi
asked. Kelli replied, "tired, better, content." Kelli then sat up and hugged
Kelsi. Kelsi in turn threw her arms around Kelli and they stayed in the
embrace for a few moments, then let go of each other and turned to Amy.

  Amy was sprawled out in the chair next to Kelsiís bed with her eyes tightly
shut, one hand down her pants. Amy was now vigorously masturbating. Kelsi
began to giggle and said to Kelli, "looks like Amy broke under pressure!" Amy
heard the remark. She looked up at Kelli and Kelsi and removing her hand from
her pants said, "Iím sorry......I couldnít help it." "I shouldnít have." "No,
no, go ahead," Kelsi replied with a smile. With the two watching Amyís hand
began to wander down her pantís again. Kelli then said aloud, "this isnít
fair." "Amy is doing it with her hand down her pants and here we are both
still naked from the waist down." Amy opened her eyes again and smiled.
Without a word she stood up and began to remove her clothing. She too was now
nude from the waist down.

    There were many differences between Kelsi and Kelli, and Amy. Kelli and
Kelsi were both 5í 4", blonde, and well developed for their tender age of
fourteen. Amy on the other hand was shorter, had brown hair, and was not as
physically mature as the other two. As she stood before them in her vulnerable
state, she said with some obvious hesitation, "I want you to help me." "I want
to know what it is like to have someone else involved."

  Kelli and Kelsi were both awestruck. Neither ever expected this out of Amy.
With sincerity, Kelsi asked, "are your sure Aim?" "Yes," Amy replied. Then
without another word she flopped down on Kelsiís bed and stared longingly at
the other two girls. Kelli shrugged her shoulders and crawled onto the bed
next to Amy. Kelsi followed her lead. As Kelsi sat down on the bed Amy said
to her, "Iím not trying to be a perv either." "But I need to know what this
is like, and I rather youíd do it the first time than Dr. Baker." "Go get a
needle." Kelsi could not believe what she had just heard. "I couldnít," she
replied. "It would hurt you too much." "I know itíll hurt," Amy replied. "But
I need to know." "Will you, please." Kelsi could not resist Amyís begging.
She could tell that she was serious. She turned to Kelli for her opinion.
Kelli just nodded and said, "Itís better she feels it for the first time
here, now, instead of at that machosists hand." "Iíll help you." Kelsi simply
nodded and left the room in search of a needle and alcohol.

    After Kelsi was out of the room Kelli turned to Amy and said, "youíve made
a good decision." "A decision I would have never thought to make had I seen it
coming before hand." "Itíll be much easier for you when he does it if Kelsi
does it now." Amy could not respond. She was now fearful about what she was
about to experience. But she realized it was for the better.

    Kelsi soon returned with a sharp, slender sewing needle, a bottle of
rubbing alcohol, a q-tip, and a hand full of Kleenexes. Amy sighed with
anticipation. Kelsi sat the items down on the night stand, then turned to Amy
and asked, "youíre sure you want me to do this?" "Yes, get it over with," Amy

    Kelsi began by dipping the needle in the alcohol to sterilize it. She then
wiped it dry with one of the Kleenexes. She then dipped the cotton swab in the
alcohol and laid it on another Kleenex. She could not look at Amy. She hated
doing what she was about to do, but she knew it was for the better. Staring at
the needle now in her hand she asked, "are you ready Amy?" "Amy fearfully
replied, "Yes."

    Kelsi requested that Amy move down in the bed so that her knees were bent
and her leggs hanging off the edge. Amy did as she asked. Kelsi began by
spreading Amyís outer lipís. Amy already had her eyes shut and her fists
already clinched. As Kelsi began Kelli took ahold of Amyís right hand. Amy
opened her eyes momentarily and looked and Kelli anxiously. Kelli touched her
forehead with her free hand and said, "Youíll be OK." That was all she could
think to say. Then Kelsi said, "OK Iím gonna do it." And with out delay she
jabbed the needle into the tip of Amyís clitoris, then just as quick pulled it
back out. Just like Dr. Baker did to her last month.

    Amy let out a shriek of pain and squeezed Kelliís hand tightly. The then
immediately said in a loud painful tone, "Ouch!" Kelli was now caressing her
forehead giving her all the support she could. Amy shrieked again when Kelsi
touched the puncture wound with the alcohol saturated q-tip. Still unable to
look Amy in the eye, Kelsi said, "well, thatís it, thatís what itís like." Amy
could not speak. She was still trying to overcome the overwhelming pain which
was still very prevalent in her crotch. She finally regained her composure and
said, "at least I know what it is like now." She was relived. Of course it
hurt, but now she knew what to expect.

  Kelli now thought to herself, "Last time it was Dr. Baker doing it." "Kelsi
was willing to do it for Amy." "Mabey if I have her do it to me it will be
easier to handle next time Dr. Baker does it." With that thought in her mind
she turned to Kelsi who was now dipping the needle back in the alcohol.
"Kelsi?" she asked. "Yeah Kel," Kelsi replied. "Will you do it for me?"
"Why," Kelsi said. "You already know what it feels like." "Yes," Kelli
replied, "but I think if you do it once Itíll be easier for me to take next
time Dr. Baker does it." "What the hell," Kelsi said, "Iíve already done it
once." "And if you really want me to, I guess."

  Amy had already stood up and was now standing beside the bed. Kelli now
laid down with her leggs handing off the edge of Kelsiís queen size bed.
Kelsi dipped the other end of the q-tip she used on Amy into the rubbing
alcohol. Amy now holding Kelliís hand the process began again. Kelli felt her
lips being spread. Then without warning Kelsi stuck the needle into her clit.
Kelli screamed and tried to bring her legs together, but they were stopped by
Kelsiís prepared hands. Kelsi said to her, "this is gonna burn but Iíve gotta
do it. She then touched Kelliís wounded clit with the q-tip. Kelli did not
react to this vocally, she just cringed.

    Now that Kelsi had poked both Amy and Kelliís clitís she was starting to
understand how it was making the process easier for them. It was not
explainable with words but more and aid to emotional stress. She to now wanted
to have it done again, this time by a friend. She turned to Kelli and Amy and
said, "There is another q-tip in the medicine cabinet in my parents bathroom."
"Go get it, one of you is gonna do that for me." Amy said, "Iím not, I canít
bare to." She turned to Kelli who said, "I will, I understand the release."
Kelsi just gave her a stern look. She quickly preceded to the bathroom to
retrieve a clean q-tip.

  When she returned Kelsi was already in position with her legs hanging over
the edge of the bed. Kelli made quick work of sterilizing the needle and
saturating the q-tip. Now she was ready to perform the task. She already felt
guilty, she was about to inflict pain on the person who gave her so much
pleasure just 30 minutes ago. But somehow she knew she had to go through with
this, so she positioned herself between Kelsiís legs. Amy was holding Kelsiís
hand and she appeared ready so Kelli started by spreading her lips. It felt
strange to Kelli to be touching another girls private parts in this way but
she continued. Jab! she did it. Kelsi screamed at the top of her lungs. Then
tensed and released her abdominal muscles and began to spasim uncontrollably.
Kelli could see crystal clear silky looking liquid trickling out of Kelsiís
vagina. That was when she realized, Kelsi was having an orgasm. She quickly
applied the alcohol soaked q-tip to her spasiming clit. This just seemed to
send her into an even deeper orgy.

  As Kelsi slowly recovered she said, "that didnít happen last time." Amy
asked, "did it make it hurt any less." "No it still hurt like hell," Kelsi
said, "But the pain was different." "I donít understand it, I cant explain
it," she said frustrated. As she stood up she smiled admirably at the other
to girls.

    And there they stood. Three best friends. Still all naked from the waist
down. They were not embarrassed by this though. They were comfortable with it.
The day had been a great learning experience, and emotional release for all.
Their friendship now etched in stone.

  Kelli went to bed this night able to sleep easy for the first time in eight
days. She still dreaded her nest visit to Dr. Baker. But now she knew how to
deal with the emotional trauma of the visit. And she knew she could always
turn to her friends for help. No matter what kind of help she needed.

end part 2

to be continued....


The preceding story is fictional. All characters, entities, and situations are
fake. Any similarity to actual events is coincidental. This material is not
copyrighted, however the author would appreciate credit for his work. Please
leave my name attached to this document.

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