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Diablo: Zara's Quest
by PJ

Chapter 3

     Naldo tucked the blanket under the chin of his young daughter, Lelia.  She
smiled up at her
strong father's face, secure as she snuggled in her bed.

     "Good night, love," wished Naldo from the doorway of Lelia's room.

     "Good night, father," replied the raven-maned girl.

     Naldo left the bedroom, going downstairs to the living area.  A fire
crackled merrily in the
stone fireplace, providing light for Naldo's wife who sat repairing one of
Lelia's long skirts.

     "You should get some rest, tomorrow will be another long day," suggested
Naldo while he
poured a mug of water for himself from the pitcher on the dining table.

     "Will you tuck me into bed too?" inquired Naldo's wife with a mischievous

     "Of course," smiled Naldo before he drank deeply from his mug.

     Naldo's wife giggled, placing the torn skirt over her chair just before
she climbed upstairs
to the master bedroom.  Naldo watched his shapely wife depart, draining his mug
to the bottom
with relish.  Smoothing back his thick black hair, Naldo followed his wife to
their room.

     Lelia awoke when she heard the high pitched shriek.  She held the edge of
the blanket
tightly, waiting until she heard another ragged scream from her parents'
bedroom.  Lelia slowly
climbed out of her small bed, moving towards her bedroom door.  She cracked the
portal open,
searching the dark hallway with wide, fearful eyes.  Moans and sounds of
struggling came from
her parents' room, lurid red light escaped from the bottom of the closed door. 
Tentatively, Lelia
entered the hallway, stepping softly towards the master bedroom.  The young
girl reached the
door, her hand trembled as she grasped the latch.

     Lelia's eyes widened even further when she opened the door and beheld the
horror taking
place within.  Naldo sat atop Lelia's mother, the couple was naked with limbs
entwined together.
Naldo's face was disfigured and grotesque, with a huge fanged mouth and a long
slavering tongue. 
Tentacles extended from Naldo's bare torso, the limbs wrapped tightly around
Lelia's mother's
arms, legs, breasts, and neck.  Lelia's mother groaned, a thick tentacle shoved
deeply into her
mouth, drool sliding down her delicate chin.  Naldo humped his wife's crotch,
his large, clawed
hands grasping and squeezing full round tits.  Lelia screamed with terror, her
small body trembling
at the sight of her parents' obscene coupling.  Naldo's head spun to face
Lelia, his sharp toothed
maw widening into a hungry grin.  Lelia tried to leave the musk-filled bedroom,
but Naldo was too
quick, he extended two tentacles from his left side that wrapped vise-like
around Lelia's thin
ankles.  Lelia shouted in protest as she was dragged towards Naldo's bed, her
small nails digging
shallow tracks in the floorboards of the room.

     Naldo lifted his struggling daughter into the air, holding her before him
as he ripped off her
nightgown.  Lelia screamed as tentacles bound around her wrists, holding her
upright while her
father bent close to suck on her newly forming tits.  Lelia moaned as her
father licked her nipples,
making them hard and wet.  He rubbed his deformed face between her little
mounds, then slid his
lips over her small, flat belly.  The tentacles holding Lelia's ankles pulled
her legs apart, allowing
Naldo to bury his face in her pussy.  Lelia groaned softly, her father
energetically licking her cunt
and tiny asshole.  A long, green tongue slid into Lelia's tight slit, probing
deep into her untouched
vagina.  Lelia moaned constantly until a tentacle wrapped wetly around her
throat, the dripping tip
slipping agilely into her slack mouth.  Naldo lowered his naked little girl
onto his writhing wife,
fucking his mate's slick pussy while sucking out his daughter's hot little

     "Focus on the words of the spell, see the sigil in your mind as you
inscribe it in the air,"
instructed Adria from her seat next to Zara.  The rogue girl stared into the
cold fireplace, extending
her right hand before tracing a burning symbol through the air.  She chanted
the magic words,
forming a small ball of fire near her fingertips.  The sphere of flame shot
forward, igniting the
waiting wood and kindling that sat within the fireplace.  Adria nodded
approvingly at Zara before
taking a tea kettle and placing it on a hook over the bright flame.

     "Well done, Zara.  You have now mastered Firebolt." 

     "Thank you for teaching it to me," smiled Zara with gratitude.

     "You will need all the magic you can get if you wish to cleanse the

     "Here is some money for a Town Portal scroll," said Zara as she held out a
handful of gold

     Adria took the money, moving to a shelf containing many rolled up
parchments and leather
bound books.  She sifted through the scrolls until she found the one she
wanted, then she offered
it to the waiting girl.

     "Have you ever heard of the Horadrim?" asked Adria as she poured tea into
two delicate

     "Yes, it was an ancient order of wizards that is still revered in the

     "Did you know that the monastery you seek to cleanse was once a dwelling
place of the

     "I had heard rumors, but I wasn't certain."

     "There was a reason they settled at that place.  They were guarding

     "What?" asked Zara curiously.

     Before Adria could reply, a young man from Tristram pounded on the door of
the witch's

     "Mistress Zara!  Mistress Zara!  There is trouble in town!"

     Zara sighed as she rose to open the door.

     "What kind of trouble?"

     "A monster!  It's inside Master Naldo's house!"

     "Very well, let's go," replied Zara before she reached for her hunter's
bow that she had
laid near the doorway.

     "Be careful, Zara.  We will speak again."

     Zara nodded in farewell, closing the door after herself, then running
after the villager who
had begun sprinting back to Tristram.  The fleet rogue caught up with the young
man easily,
keeping pace with him until they reached the two story manor of Naldo.

     "Mistress Zara!  Thank the Maker!" exclaimed Pepin, the town healer.  Zara
walked up to
the balding man, who wore loose light blue robes.

     "The cries began almost an hour ago.  This is not the first incident to

     "What is it?" inquired Zara with a frown.

     "I will explain later.  You must slay the foul creature now!"

     Zara glared with frustration at the tight-lipped healer, then threw back
her shoulders before
approaching the darkened manor.  She checked to see that her bow and short
sword were ready,
cursing that she hadn't gone to the blacksmith yet to buy a new suit of armor
to replace the set
destroyed by the Butcher.  The rogue twisted the doorknob of the manor's main
entrance, not
surprised that the portal was locked.  She drew her dagger, fiddling with the
simple locking
mechanism until it snapped open.  Pushing the door open slowly, Zara unsheathed
her short
sword, listening carefully for any signs of the monster.  A loud, desperate
scream echoed from
upstairs, cut abruptly silent in mid-shriek.  Zara bit her lip, grasping the
leather-wrapped hilt of her
blade tightly as she rushed up a staircase to the second floor.  Emerging into
a dark hallway, Zara
stepped back a pace when a door smashed outwards, propelled by the bleeding
body of a naked
woman.  The woman fell limply to the floor, her skin turning blue with death. 
Zara rehearsed the
words of the Firebolt spell in her mind, advancing cautiously towards the now
gaping doorway.

     Zara peeked around the doorframe, shocked to see a young girl pressed
against a bed with
a large, multi-limbed monster sitting over her, ravishing her with slimy
writhing tentacles.  A limb
filled the girl's mouth, its purple excretions covering her lovely face.  The
monster pumped his
engorged cock into the young girl's tiny pussy, her thighs outspread and held
in place by more
wriggling tentacles.  Zara pointed her right hand at the beast, chanting the
words of Firebolt while
sketching the sigil in the air.  A ball of crackling fire leapt from Zara to
the monster, searing his
black grey hide.  The creature bellowed with pain, jumping off of the collapsed
bed to charge
Zara.  The rogue slashed with her sword, cutting into the monster's wide chest.
 Roaring loudly,
the monster swiped at Zara with his large claws, smashing the left side of the
doorway into
splinters.  Zara ducked under the claw strike, diving to the monster's right. 
She slashed up with
her blade, opening a second wound that gushed steaming black ichor.  The
creature turned to claw
Zara again, only to watch helplessly as the rogue girl rammed her sword into
his vulnerable heart.
The monster whined pathetically before falling to his knees, then collapsing
onto his side.

     Zara retrieved her blade, wiping the creature's blood off against its
toughened hide. 
Silence filled the disheveled bedroom until a soft moan attracted Zara's
attention.  She moved to
the bed, where the young girl lay with limbs outspread, her skin coated with
cum and other foul
stains.  Lelia slowly opened her eyes, glancing at Zara, then looking beyond
the rogue to where the
monster lay.

     "Father?" murmured Lelia as the monster shuddered, its body becoming
smaller and

     "What?" replied Zara, astonishment on her face when she turned to follow
Lelia's gaze.

     What had once been a ravenous monster was now a prone, naked man.  Red
blood pooled
under Naldo's pale body from the gaping wound in his chest.

     "Father!" shouted Lelia while she struggled to her feet, stumbling forward
till she fell to her
knees next to her dead parent.  Zara watched the girl numbly until Pepin
appeared in the doorway,
taking in the whole tragic scene.

     "I feared as much," muttered the balding healer.

     "You knew that the creature was a human?" asked Zara sharply.

     "Come with me, Mistress Zara, I have much to tell you."

     "The first incident happened a week ago.  A beggar drinking from one of
the town wells
transformed into a blood-crazed monster, killing two townsmen before Griswold
and Ogden could
trap it and slay it.  Cain, our town elder, forbid anyone from discussing the
event.  Two days later,
a woman transformed and ate her entire family before we could dispatch her. 
You must help us,
Mistress Zara.  Find the source of the corruption that is tainting our water
and cleanse it!"

     Zara sat in thought, then stared deeply into Pepin's desperate eyes.

     "Grant me healing whenever I require it, as well as healing potions, and
I'll take care of
your problem."

     "Done!  Thank you, Mistress Zara."

     "The potions?"

     Pepin eagerly gave Zara four potions of healing, telling her that the
source of the
contamination must be somewhere in the catacombs beneath the monastery.  Zara
nodded in
agreement, taking her leave of Pepin before making her way to Griswold's

     "Hey, little girl!  You need another suit of leather armor?  Har!  Har!"
guffawed Griswold.

     "Yes, I do," replied Zara, her teeth ground together with annoyance.

     "How about you get something a little stronger than that last suit you
bought.  I have a nice
set of hard leather armor that should be a lot tougher to cut up," said
Griswold as he held out a
black leather torso piece for Zara's inspection.  Zara examined the armor,
nodding in appreciation.

     "I'll take it," said Zara, paying the smith from her money pouch.

     "I also have a falchion that I'm prepared to make you a good deal on. 
It'll do more
damage than that kitchen knife you have now."

     "Is it just a normal blade?"

     "No, it's a Brutal Falchion.  Its damage threshold is much higher than a
normal weapon of
its type."

     "Sounds good," replied Zara, dipping into her pouch yet again.

     "If you trade me your short sword, I'll cut the price in half."

     "That's very generous.  Why?" asked Zara suspiciously.

     "You've been my only steady customer for months!  If you bite it, there
goes my profit!"
smirked Griswold.

     Zara smiled in response, paying Griswold the remainder of his price for
the falchion.  She
twirled the curved blade in her right hand, then slid it gracefully into its
matching sheath.

     "Good luck, miss," offered the burly smith when Zara reached the exit.

     "Thanks," replied Zara before she started heading for the monastery once

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