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HypFant 5: First Crush
by MAW
Starring Stacy Sanches (1996 Playmate of the year)

     Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends anyone, leave
now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you
feel like trying this, seek help.
     This story is based on a manufactured image at It features one of my favorite Playmates in
a little fantasy of mine. All suggestions/scenarios and comments
welcomed. Enjoy.

     Tim and Matt had been friends since the first grade. Living
next door to each other, they'd gone through all the ups and
downs of childhood together. Now, two weeks before their high
school graduation, they were planning their last blowouts before
they went to college. For Matt, coming over to Tim's house had an
added bonus.
     Since he was thirteen, Matt had had a crush on Tim's older
sister, Tina. His first sexual fantasies had centered on her. He
used to imagine her face in his mind as he lay in bed at night.
God, he wanted her so bad. It was one of these fevered dreams
that gave him the inspiration.
     Matt was wearing a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, his
black hair well combed. He knocked on the door of his friend's
house and was happy to see Tina open it. She wore a pair of jean
shorts that showed off her well-built legs. A white shirt
concealed her top, her long curly brown hair framing that
wonderful face. She flashed him one of her brilliant smiles as
she welcomed him in. 
     "Sorry, Tim's not here," Tina said. "He went to the mall,
probably will be there for a while."
     "Too bad," Matt said. "I wanted to show him the cool
hypnosis tricks I had planned for the party."
     "Hypnosis?" Tina made no attempt to hide her skepticism.
"You really believe in that stuff?"
     "Oh, yeah, it really works," Matt said. "I've done it a lot.
It's really cool, does wonders for people."
     "Still sounds bogus to me," Tina said. "I mean, it would
never work on me."
     "Don't be too sure," Matt said. "I think I could put you
     Tina gazed at him doubtfully before nodding. "Why not? It'd
be good for a laugh."
     Keeping his excitement under wraps, Matt led her to the
couch in the family room. He sat her down on one end and put
himself on the other. "Okay, take a deep breath," Matt said.
"Just make yourself comfortable and at ease. Now, look into my
eyes. Just look. Fix your gaze right on mine and try to clear
your thoughts. Just keep looking nice and deep into my eyes. Nice
and deep, Tina. Just keep breathing in and out and keep looking
deep into my eyes. Block out everything else except my eyes and
my voice. Just keep looking into my eyes, nice and deep. Deeper
and deeper, Tina, you're falling deeper into my eyes as you look.
Deeper and deeper." As he spoke, Tim shifted his head side to
side quite slightly, pleased to see Tina bob her head to keep her
line of sight straight. 
     Tina was a terrific hypnotic subject. Matt could see her
going under in just a few minutes, much faster than he had
expected. "Deeper, Tina, as you look deeper into my eyes, you're
beginning to feel sleepy. Very sleepy. So very sleepy, Tina. As
you look deeper and deeper into my eyes, you feel yourself
falling into a deep sleep. A nice, deep sleep, Tina. Let yourself
go into this nice sleep. Sleepier and sleepier, you're so sleepy,
you can't keep your eyes open. Fall asleep, Tina. Sleep. Sleep
     Tina's head slumped onto her chest as her eyes fell shut.
Matt could feel his cock harden as he looked at the girl of his
dreams under his spell. He spent a moment making sure she was
deep enough before giving her some commands. "Tina, you are now
hypnotized, aren't you?"
     "Yes..I am hypnotized.."
     "Yes, Tina, and you know what you have to do under hypnosis,
don't you?"
     "Yess..I will do..whatever you say.."
     "You must obey, don't you, Tina?"
     "Yes..I will obey you."
     Matt leaned forward and kissed her. She tasted better than
he thought and he surprised at the passion with which she
answered the kiss. He finally broke away long enough to command,
"Take off your shirt, Tina. You have to obey me. Take it off."
Tina slowly pulled off the shirt. She was topless underneath, her
magnificent breasts fully displayed. Matt cupped her beasts with
his hands, squeezing them with his fingers. He pushed Tina down
on the couch and put his face to her cleavage. He pushed her
breasts together, loving the feel of them underneath his fingers.
He began to run his mouth over her chest as he ran a hand along
her smooth stomach. He sucked on one breast as he slid his hand
into her shorts. 
     Matt's fingers came to the curly pubic hair surrounding
Tina's clit. He slowly pushed a finger into the opening, smoothly
working his way in and out of her. He continued to kiss at her
tits as he fingered her, his index becoming slickened as her
juices began to flow out. His mouth totally encircled one breast
as he worked himself in. Tina moaned softly as she felt herself
begin to build, Matt's work doing its purpose. Her entire body
buckled as she came on Matt's hand, her juices spilling onto his
waiting fingers.
     Matt pulled his slick hand out, sighing in pleasure. "Tina,
put on your shirt," he said as he wiped off his hand. Once she
had, Matt began to instruct her. "Tina, when I snap my fingers,
you'll wake up. You won't remember anything that has happened
here. Nothing. However, if I ever look you straight in the eye
and say the word 'Obey', you will fall instantly back into
hypnosis and do anything I say. Do you understand?"
     "Good. Now, Tina, at midnight, I want you to come over to my
house. You will have an overwhelming urge to come to my house,
dressed in your sexiest nightgown. You will want to do that so
badly. You will not let anyone see you. Understand?" 
     Nodding, Matt snapped his fingers and Tina's eyes snapped
open. "I'm sorry, what were we talking about?" 
     "Nothing important," Matt said with a grin.

     Matt couldn't sleep. His parents were out for the entire
night, which meant he had the entire house to himself. Perfect
for what he had planned. The doorbell ringing finally ended his
waiting. He eagerly opened it and saw Tina standing there,
wearing a long dark coat. "Hi, Matt," she said. "I'm sorry, but I
had to come over here. I don't know why.."
     Matt locked his eyes on her and uttered one word. "Obey."
Tina's eyes glazed over as she fell back into her trance. "Come
in, Tina and follow me," Matt commanded, leading her up to his
bedroom. He was undressed and on his bed in a flash, his cock
already hard and waiting. "Take off the coat, Tina."
     Tina slipped off the coat and let it fall to the floor.
Underneath, she wore a long nightgown with a plunge to her
wonderful cleavage. "Take it off," Matt whispered. "Slowly." Tina
hooked her fingers underneath the straps and lifted. She slowly
pulled them down, letting Matt once again see her breasts. She
pulled the dress down to her waist, then pushed it down. Matt
took a moment to take in her gorgeous naked body before pulling
her in for a kiss.
     They lay on the bed, necking like crazy. Tina's arousal was
on full blast by now and Matt was more than ready to keep her
busy. She pushed herself up and rested on his cock, moaning as
she felt it slide into her lips. She began to gently rock on top
of Matt, pushing herself forward on him as his cock ground into
her. Matt ran his hands up her body, squeezing her breasts. God,
this was even better than he'd dreamed. He shifted his cock in
deeper as she began to increase the rythym, pushing herself
harder on him. Matt's cock worked all around her pussy as he
began to shoot into her. She arched back, her breasts thrust
forward as they orgasmed, an unbelievable feeling that left them
both short of breath.
     As Tina lay on top of him, falling into a deep sleep, Matt
began to plan his next move. He didn't know how long he could
keep this up, but he was willing to try. He knew that was going
to be one great summer.

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