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Content Warning: This work of fiction contains mature subject 
matter and graphic sexual language including
descriptions of consensual sex between two women and a man and a woman. 
If you think you can't deal
with this story, or if it's illegal to possess such material in your 
locality, please hit the delete button now. If
you're a minor as defined by the laws in your locality then you MUST 
stop now and go no further. As a work
of fiction, any similarities to any person(s) dead, alive, or fictional 
is merely a really weird coincidence.

This is my first attempt at writing erotica, and my first posting.
Any comments to

Jan Williams
                      A FOURTH FOR BRIDGE

The four girls were playing bridge at Cindy's house Saturday afternoon. 
They had been almost inseparable friends
since highschool and had made this a weekly get together for about two 
years now. They had moved in a relatively
small circle of boys and girls in highschool, studying together, 
involved in some of the same student activities, dating;
not too unusual for a small town where their parents knew one another.

They had all married their steadies by the time they were twenty-one and 
lived in the same general area. Cindy had
married Chuck, Sue married Sam, Betty married Bill and Jane had married 
John. These card games were as much
weekly gossip as bridge. Each of them had dated the other's husband a 
number of times in highschool before they
started going steady during their senior year, which made for some 
interesting discussions. Each had a solid sexual
relationship with her husband, and only her husband, so there was no 
jealousy between them over those highschool
days. It became fun to talk about their dates, going into their most 
intimate details as time went on. All had had sex by
the time they were sixteen, with the one they eventually married being 
the first one they let fuck them. They laughed
at those first experiences, at how little they had known about sex at 
that time.

One thing led to another as they started discussing sex in general, sort 
of a study group on how to get the most out of
sex; Cindy had even started a small library of good books on sexuality. 
They discussed things they liked to do and how
they did them, things their husbands liked to do and how they did them, 
what their fantasies were. They all liked oral
sex, both giving and receiving, including throat fucking, and discovered 
that having a cock in their mouth made all of
them want one in their cunt too. They were beginning to get ideas. They 
started comparing notes and found that each
of them had been fucked at least twice by each of the other's husbands 
before they started going steady. Not surprising
since they had been sexually active for two years, fucking somebody at 
least twice a month during that time. 

They had tried to get their husbands to join them in their card games 
with limited success, hard to compete with golf
and sports on TV, besides, having them there might dampen their 
discussions. It was Summer and Cindy had a pool at
the side of her house inside a high walled courtyard, it would be an 
ideal place for their planned activities. They
checked the sports schedule and found nothing really significant for 
next Saturday. They started planing a swimming
party, they could usually get everyone there for that. They could all 
swim and then play bridge while their husbands
watched TV and generally horsed around. They finished their plans and 
started working on their husbands during the

Saturday was a beautiful day and everyone was there by ten. The water 
was fine and they all enjoyed a good swim
before lunch on the patio. After lunch the girls started their card game 
while the men sat around talking. Cindy dealt
several rounds of cards face up until each had a different card on top. 
Cindy had a ten, Sue a four, Betty a six and Jane
an eight. "Ok," said Cindy, "I'm first, Jane, you're second, Betty, 
you're third and Sue, you're fourth. Your husbands
have the same number you do, let's get started."

Cindy called to the men, "Hey guys, help us move this table and chairs 
into the shade." "Sam, I've got something to do
for a few minutes, we need a fourth for bridge, sit in for me will you." 
Sam looked a little puzzled but sat down anyway.
Cindy walked over to Chuck, releasing the already loosened strings of 
her bikini top and bottom in one motion, letting
them fall to the ground as she pulled his trunks down to his knees, 
moving quickly to pull down John and Bill's before
they could say anything. They stood there looking at the other girls who 
were removing their tops as they sat at the
table. They had skinny dipped in the pool on a moonlit night before but 
not during the day, why not, gradually starting
to smile as they stepped out of their trunks.

Cindy started her rehearsed speech, "Have you guys ever wondered why 
your sex lives have continued to improve over
the past few years? Have you by chance been listening to your wives?" 
"Guys, we girls sometimes discuss how we feel
about sex at these weekly bridge games, what's good, what's bad, how to 
make it better; we've even started to study
books on sexuality with what we've learned being passed on to you in the 
bedroom." "We finally ran into a problem that
we need some male help with. We found that each of us had the same 
feelings, I guess longings, while we were sucking
those lovely cocks of yours; our cunts seem to ache to have a cock in 
them when we have one in our mouths."

"We wanted to find out how it would really feel, the problem was where 
could we find a spare cock, we couldn't use a
stranger." "Then we hit on it, what better source for cocks than the 
four of you, we figured out that each of you had
already fucked each of us more than once when we were in highschool; one 
more time wouldn't hurt would it?" "Think
of this as a sixth year anniversary, it was six years ago, more or less, 
that each one of us was fucked by each one of
you." "Chuck, you took my virginity in the back seat of your dad's car 
right after school let out at the end of our
sophomore year, and Sam, you first had me in your dad's car at the end 
of that summer, Bill, remember our first night
in your house when your parents were out of town and John, we started at 
the end of our junior year, you were the last
one besides Chuck who ever touched me." "There also turned out to be 
something sweet for each of us girls to
remember about our first fuck, we all ended up married to the man who 
took our virginity."

"We dealt cards when we started playing just now and worked out a 
schedule, Chuck, you and I go first." "Stand here
beside the lounge, I'm going to start by sucking that tasty cock of 
yours. John, you lay on the lounge with your butt at
the end, when my cunt's ready I'm going to slide it down over your cock. 
Bill, we didn't want the fourth guy to feel left
out, besides, none of us have tried our other hole, you get to bring up 
the rear as soon as John gets settled in. Here's
some lubricant for your cock, I've already put some inside me." "You 
guys are going to be able to handle all four of us
aren't you?"

Cindy got on her knees, straddling John's hips with her cunt hovering 
over his cock. She looked up at Chuck, smiling
as she leaned forward and sucked his cock into her mouth, starting her 
usual blowjob. It was working, her cunt was
heating up as she began to enjoy the feel of Chuck's cock in her mouth. 
She let his cock slip out of her mouth for a
moment and looked down at John, "Ready? Here I come," said Cindy as she 
slid her cunt over his cock, "Feel familiar?"
asked Cindy, smiling down at him as she sucked Chuck's cock back into 
her mouth. Cindy felt the head of Bill's cock
pressing against her anus as he moved in behind her. She moved forward a 
little, letting John's cock come about half
way out and then moved back hard against Bill's cock, feeling it sort of 
pop into her. Cindy tried to relax as he pushed
it in farther, going easily now, a strange erotic feeling as his cock 
slid up into her bowels.

Cindy started moving back and forth, sliding her mouth over Chuck's cock 
as John and Bill's cocks came out of her
cunt and anus and then back against John and Bill as she slid her mouth 
back off Chuck. Cindy had never felt
anything like this before, those three cocks sliding in and out of her 
with her clit rubbing over John's pelvis was
making her lose touch with reality; her sexuality taking over her body, 
driving her orgasm toward its climax faster
than she had ever experienced. John had cupped his hands over her 
breasts, letting her rest her weight on them as she
sucked Chuck's cock. All three guys were now beginning to meet her 
thrusts with theirs, raising her higher toward her
climax with each stroke. Cindy came first, her climax sending euphoric 
waves of ecstasy out from deep within her
pussy, each contraction of her cunt shaking her body, her breasts now 
feeling the hands that held them; Chuck's cock
starting to pulse in her mouth, his cum shooting out with each pulse, 
tasting his orgasm as it flowed over her tongue;
sucking it out of his cock, swallowing it all while her body still 
trembled. Cindy felt John's cock starting to pulse in her
cunt, slowing the fall of her climax, the tenderness leaving her clit; 
matching the strokes of his cock as his cum shot
into her cunt. Not over yet, starting to masturbate herself on John's 
pelvis, holding Chuck tight in her mouth as Bill
began pumping his cock hard into her, feeling it pulsing as it shot his 
cum into her bowels; reaching back to hold him
in her as she continued to drive herself to a second climax almost 
incoherent now as it peaked, Chuck and Bill's cocks
slipping from within her as her trembling body collapsed onto John's 

Cindy raised up to let John's cock slip from her cunt as he worked his 
way out from under her, then lay back on the
lounge to collect her thoughts, still feeling those three pulsing cocks 
shooting their cum into her body. "Ok, Jane, you're
up next, I'll get your guys cleaned up and you see if you can work up a 
hard for them, Chuck, take Sam's place at the
card game and Sam, you get the back door, Bill, the front, and John, you 
get the blowjob, I'll go back to the game."
"Three more times guys and all of us girls will have had all our holes 
fucked simultaneously, and if you guys can make
it for four cycles, all of us girls will have had every hole fucked by 
everybody's cock. Ladies, whether or not these guys
can make all four cycles, I can definitely say I have now been fucked, 
have I ever been fucked, and it felt great." "Jane,
just relax and let your passions respond to what's happening to you."

They had taken precautions to keep themselves and the guys clean. They 
hadn't eaten supper and had taken a strong
laxative the evening before, and then taken two enemas that morning. 
There was a shower just off the pool that
everyone could use, that was fun, three men crowded in there trying to 
wash Cindy off while she washed their cocks.

Jane had gotten her guys ready and was using an applicator to squirt 
some lubricant up her butt. She greased up
Sam's cock while Bill lay on the lounge. She positioned herself over 
Bill's cock and sucked John's cock into her mouth,
starting her blowjob. Jane slid her cunt down over Bill's cock as that 
same feeling of wanting a cock in her cunt slowly
came over her, squirming around on it to make sure it was all the way in 
as he cupped his hands under her breasts to
support her. She arched her back to give Sam a better shot at her butt 
as he started his cock into her, relaxing,
surprised at the intensity of the feeling of it slowly sliding into her 
bowels. Jane squirmed around some more to get it
all in and then started working on John's cock in earnest. The guys were 
getting their motions synchronized now and
started stroking their cocks in and out of her together, holding her in 
position with their hands on her hips and head.
After a while she started moving herself back and forth like Cindy had 
done, sliding her clit over Bill's pelvis as their
cocks went in and out of her, trying to get all of their cocks sliding 
in and out of her. She couldn't keep her mind on
what she was trying to do to John's cock and fuck two cocks at the same 
time. Sam started to pull her hips back and
forth, sliding her ass and cunt the full length of their cocks, letting 
her concentrate on John's cock, Bill pressing his
pelvis up to her clit at the end of each stroke. Jane was holding John's 
hips to keep his cock where she wanted it in her
mouth as she licked and sucked it, no longer trying to do anything 
except make John cum; letting Sam and Bill fuck
her, letting her passions take over as those two cocks plunged deep into 
her body, arousing feelings she had never felt
before. She felt her orgasm nearing its climax, her mind no longer able 
to concentrate on anything, lost in the euphoric
ecstacy of her climax as it sent waves of joy through her shuddering 
body; vaguely aware of what she was doing to
John's cock as it started to pulse his cum into her mouth, sucking it 
out and swallowing it, holding him in her as she
felt Bill's pulsing cock shooting its cum into her cunt. Her clit was 
tender now, painful pleasure as Sam continued to
slide her over their cocks, sensing the surreal feeling of his cock 
pulsing in her bowels as it shot his cum deep within
her; finally letting John's cock slip from her mouth as she collapsed 
onto Bill, feeling Sam's cock leaving her body;
stretching her legs out, pressing her pussy tight to Bill, holding his 
cock in her, kissing him, not realizing it was not
John. John reached down and lifted her to her feet, holding her as she 
slowly returned to earth.

By now all the girls had taken their bikini bottoms off too, everybody 
had figured out the schedule and the bridge game
was not moving very well. Betty was getting ready, injecting lubricant 
up her butt and greasing Chuck's cock. She
wanted to try doing it a little differently and got Sam and Chuck to put 
the lounge pad on the ground and lie on it butt
to butt with Bill standing over Sam. Betty squatted over their cocks, 
leaning forward to suck Bill's cock into her mouth,
starting her blowjob. It wasn't long before she was lowering her pelvis 
onto the two cocks, pressing down harder to get
Chuck's to enter her ass, feeling herself falling as both suddenly 
penetrated her, plunging full length into her body.
Betty sat there, impaled on their cocks, the strange feeling of Chuck's 
cock plunging up into her bowels while Sam's
suddenly filled her cunt overcoming her for a moment, making her stop 
what she was doing to Bill's cock. She sat
there, squirming around, an eerily erotic feeling in her bowels as they 
moved inside her, wanting to get more of them
inside her. She recovered enough to continue with Bill's cock while she 
started raising her butt and then letting herself
slide back down over Sam and Chuck's cocks, slowly, sensuously, rocking 
back and forth on her feet to slide one cock
out as two slid in, then faster, lifting her butt and letting it fall 
back down, riding two cocks, ramming them into her,
rubbing her clit over Sam's pelvis before she raised back up. Slower 
now, continuing the steady rhythmic motions,
rocking back and forth, sliding their cock-heads full length through the 
inner folds of her body, Bill's cock moving in
and out of her mouth with each stroke. Sometimes leaning forward to take 
it down into her throat, leaning back to hold
it in her mouth while she licked and sucked it then back to the bottom 
of her throat; always continuing the steady
motion of her butt that slid her bowels and cunt up and down over the 
two cocks she was riding. Strange erotic
sensations clouding her mind as she felt Chuck's cock pulsing while it 
slid up and down in her bowels, shooting its cum
deep in her; continuing her movements to bring on the pulsations of 
Sam's cock as his climax peaked, feeling each
pulse as his cum shot into her cunt. Then resting her pussy on Sam, 
masturbating her clit on his pelvis, feeling both
cocks moving inside her as the rising waves of her orgasm took over her 
body; sucking harder faster on Bill's cock,
tasting his orgasm as his cum shot out of his pulsing cock, swallowing 
it up as her climax faded.

Only one more to go and Sue was ready, her cunt already wet and her butt 
greased. She wanted to feel Chuck and
John's cocks in her before she started to suck Sam's cock. She closed 
her eyes, smiling as she slid her cunt over Chuck's
cock, thinking of the first time it had been in her as she bent forward 
for John to fill her butt. She gasped as she felt his
cock sliding up into her bowels, feeling Sam's cock fill her mouth as 
her gasp opened it. Sue raised her butt to give
Chuck room to thrust his cock in her cunt, holding herself still, 
keeping her eyes closed to shut out the world so she
could feel them fuck her while she sucked Sam's cock. They started 
alternating their thrusts, one going in as the other
came out, each now able to go deeper, Sue's mind feeling a never-ending 
cock continuously entering her; there were no
more in and out thrusts, only the feeling of an endless cock sliding 
into her body, fueling her orgasm. Finally the cock
was pulsing, shooting a continuous stream of cum into her cunt and 
bowels, filling her; Sue settling her pussy down
onto Chuck as the cock's motions ceased, rubbing her clit over his 
pelvis to lite the fire of her climax as the taste of
Sam's orgasm filled her mouth.

They were all cleaned up now, sitting around the table thinking about 
their experience. Cindy had set out some drinks
and cookies and was asking some questions. All the girls said they had 
the most intense orgasm they had ever
experienced, but it had been almost overwhelming, too much of a good 
thing. They had watched Jane's orgasm make
her almost pass out. She was still not completely clear about what had 
happened to her but she had the most satisfied
smile on her face of anyone there, her fresh fucked look said John, as 
she sat on his lap with her head on his shoulder,
still feeling those three cocks inside her. They thought it was the anal 
part. It had felt great, not as uncomfortable as
they had thought it might, and sexy as hell, but somehow it had 
interfered with the more pleasurable feeling of having
a cock in their cunt. "Ok, all the gals have been fucked to completion 
by three cocks at the same time and all the guys
have cum at least once in all three places. Unless someone has a 
particular place in a particular person they either
want to stick something in or have something stuck in, I want to suggest 
a change in our schedule." "I think that three
at a time is too awkward and not all that pleasurable, it was fun, it 
felt great at the time, I'm glad I did it, but I don't
need to do it again, at least not until I've thought about it some more. 
I suggest we drop the anal part and change to
two at a time in more comfortable positions and let all the gals get 
fucked while they're giving a blow job. Any
objections?" "Ok, Jane and I'll start off, Chuck, you get my blowjob 
while Bill fucks me and John gets Jane's blow job
while Sam fucks her. Then Betty blows Bill while Chuck fucks her and Sue 
blows Sam while John fucks her." "When
Chuck gets rested up, I'm going to get him to fuck my ass while I 
masturbate myself and then fuck my cunt from
behind while I masturbate myself, to try and sort out this anal fucking 
thing." "We'll discuss the results at our next
bridge game."

"Let's use the bedrooms, they're more comfortable, come on Chuck, John." 
Cindy lay on the bed with two pillows under
her hips for better penetration, turning her head sideways so Chuck 
could get his cock in her mouth. Cindy felt much
more comfortable on the bed as she sucked Chucks cock into her mouth and 
gave him the best blowjob of the day,
complete with a lot of deep-throat; while John fucked her a lot better 
than that first time six years ago. It was a lot
better than three on one and that longing for a cock in her cunt while 
she sucked Chuck's cock definitely was gone.

That night Chuck found a simple solution to her cockless cunt problem, 
Cindy on top 69 with three fingers in her cunt
while he sucked her clit, bringing her to her climax as she was 
swallowing his cum. She could also report that the
results of that night's anal fuck test were inconclusive, needed some 
more research. It also seems that all the guys
showed up at the next bridge game, wanting to provide some of their 
input regarding sex and how to improve it.
Everybody agreed that wife swapping was not acceptable, but there were a 
few experiments and demonstrations
conducted from time to time that required more than two people at a 

Tuesday evening John and Jane showed up for a lite supper at Chuck and 
Cindy's house. After desert they went
upstairs to the recreation room to see what Chuck had put together. He 
had made a narrow bed with adjustable length
legs and solid bottom and a vinyl-covered foam mattress. There was also 
a short metal bench with adjustable legs and
a thin waterproof pad on top and a foam mattress on the floor 

Cindy started to undress with the others following her lead. Chuck lay 
on the bed with his butt at the end while Cindy
squatted over him, sliding her cunt down over his cock, working it all 
the way in as she lay forward on his chest. She
handed John her applicator, telling him to grease her inside and use 
some from the jar on the table to grease his cock.
John figured out what to do next, standing on the floor as he eased his 
cock into Cindy's inviting butt, laying forward
over Cindy's back, making a sex sandwich out of her. Chuck couldn't 
stroke his cock very much but Cindy was doing a
good job of working her cunt back and forth over it while she rubbed her 
clit over his pelvis. John was taking
advantage of her movements as he stroked his cock in and out of her 
butt, sometimes meeting her thrusts, sometimes
randomly. "Fuck my ass John, just do it for yourself," said Cindy, "I'm 
going to make Chuck cum with me." John stood
up, thrusting deeper as he got closer. "Lie on me John, hold me," 
whispered Cindy, "I need to feel your body against
me," her orgasm rising toward its climax; kissing Chuck, holding him as 
their two cocks rippled through the inner folds
of her body, driving her higher and higher until the waves of her climax 
spread through her body and mind, blocking
out all but the euphoric ecstasy of her orgasm. "Don't get up, hold your 
cocks in me, let me lie between you."

Cindy was lying on the bed with her head in Chuck's lap, slowly 
recovering, "That was better than with three, I didn't
have to try to do anything, just lie there and enjoy it." "You've got 
that fresh fucked on your face now," said Jane, "I
don't know if I could take it if it was any better than what we did last 
weekend." "Well, you'd better get ready cause
you're going to get to try it," said Cindy, "I've got a phone here with 
911 in memory if we need it." "Why don't you try
Chuck's other invention first when the guys get ready, I think you'll 
like it."

Chuck was working on the other bench, attaching two straps to the legs 
with soft shoes at their ends and raising the
other end about two feet while Cindy helped Jane grease her ass. Then 
Chuck lay on the mattress under the bench
with his greased cock sticking up above the lower end. "Ok, Jane, put 
your feet in the shoes and sit on my cock, that's
it, all the way down over it. Now, spread your legs and push yourself 
back up the bench until my cock's about half way
in you. John, squat down over Jane's hips and slide your cock in her 
cunt. Try stroking it in and out, all the way, can
you rub your pelvis over her clit, good." Chuck tried stroking his cock 
in and out of Jane's ass, sliding forward a little to
get a full stroke. "Ok Jane, here we go, John, you go in while I'm 
coming out, and out while I'm going in, just like we
did with Sue, Jane, hold yourself in position with your legs." John lay 
against her breasts, thrusting his tongue in her
mouth as he thrust his cock deep in her cunt. Jane lay there, feeling 
Chuck's cock entering her behind John's and then
John's behind Chucks followed by John's and Chuck's and John's until it 
was just one endless cock entering her body
without stopping, wanting it to fill her but it never did, continuing to 
plunge into her, something massaging her clit
every few seconds; a familiar mouth on hers, thrusting its tongue in her 
in time with those strokes on her clit, those
waves of euphoric ecstasy sweeping over her again as her orgasm began to 
build; her mind no longer feeling anything
but the joy of that cock sliding into her, feeling it pulsing against 
the contractions of her cunt as its cum shot out, her
climax shaking her body. Finally sensing John holding her, kissing her, 
his pelvis tight against her clit, his cock
slowing moving around deep in her cunt, hardly noticing Chuck's 
shrinking cock slipping out of her.

They lay there for a long time before Jane spoke. "I liked it, it was 
better than three. I think you'll like it too, I don't see
how you could not like it. It takes over your mind, the two cocks merge 
into one that never stops entering you, it just
keeps coming in, mile after mile of it and yet it never fills you. The 
feeling of them sliding out seems to get lost
somewhere, just the penetration remains." "It was better having John in 
my cunt, feeling him pressed to me, I liked
that better. Sometimes I just like to lie there and let him fuck me the 
way he wants to. Don't misunderstand me, my
orgasms are great and I can always have one when I try, but I enjoy the 
emotional and physical sensations of my cunt
being used to bring on my husband's orgasm, feeling his pulsing cock 
shooting his sperm into me. I don't wash it out,
just let my body absorb it. Well, sometimes when we're having a day of 
it I have to douche afterwards, it gets too sloppy
after two or three loads." "I douche every time," said Cindy, "It makes 
the friction better." "Doesn't all that douching
irritate your cunt?" "No, I use a saline solution that has the right PH 
for my cunt, you measure it with a kit you get at
the pharmacy." "Don't you have to wait for your juices to lubricate your 
cunt after you wash it out?" asked Jane, "I like
to fuck again as soon as I can." "No, we like a lot of foreplay and that 
usually gets my cunt wet pretty quick, sometimes,
when Chuck keeps his hard, we just sort of don't stop and keep right on 
fucking, stopping to douche would spoil it. I
use a moisturizer if he's going to put his cock right back into me after 
I've douched." They noticed the guys smiling at
their conversation and started laughing.

"Ok John, get under the bench, let's get this started, your cock looks 
hard enough." Cindy impaled her butt on his cock,
took Chuck's into her cunt and lay back to get lost in that same surreal 
world Jane described. The feelings and
emotions Cindy experienced were the same as Jane's. After the guys 
rested up Jane became the sandwich, same
impressions as Cindy's, great.

"I liked the sandwich," said Jane, "I liked the feeling of two men's 
bodies pressing against me, being held between them
during my orgasm. It was a more pleasurable experience in one way, but 
at the same time the other was more intense,
more thrilling." "I guess I can't decide, I think it would depend on the 
mood I was in . . . which I would want to do . . .
have done to me. I wouldn't turn either down as long as John found the 
right partner, you are going to save these
benches aren't you." "Yes," laughed Cindy, "I agree with you, how about 
you guys, do you like it?" "I liked it, my orgasm
wasn't much different, probably more intense because of your response, 
it was fun that's for sure and sexy as hell," said
Chuck. "I agree with Chuck," said John, "but I don't need any better sex 
than what I have with Jane and I like the
privacy of just the two of us. I'm not sure I want to go too far down 
this road, but then I've never seen Jane so hot and
that was satisfying." "I need to try one more thing while this is still 
fresh in my mind," said Jane, "John, I want to suck
your cock while Chuck fucks me, can you guys do it?" "Give us a little 
more time," answered John, "Cindy, how about a
couple of drinks for your two studs." Cindy got some cokes and some 
cheese and crackers.

They talked for a while, playing around until the girls worked up a 
couple of good hards. "Let's go to the bedroom, it's
more comfortable there," said Cindy. Jane lay back on the bed, spreading 
her legs for Chuck as John eased his cock
into her mouth. Jane closed her eyes as she started sucking his cock, 
moaning as she felt Chuck bottom his cock in her
cunt and start fucking her, rubbing her clit on each stroke.

"I like that better, it's the same reason as last week. It's simply more 
pleasurable and more comfortable and my orgasm
was more enjoyable. Cindy had to conduct the same experiment and came to 
the same conclusion. Then later that
night they both had to try one more thing, girl on top 69 with three 
fingers in cunt. They did it on the bed at the same
time and reached the same conclusion, they didn't need an extra cock.

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