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            In The Bank Manager's Cupboard.

                Part Thirty-one           

Copyright: 1986 thru 1997. Christine Stevenson.

Everyone greeted Catrina warmly, she told Brian to
'stay', just inside the door where everyone could see
him. As soon as she was seated, 'Pippa' the maid,
served her with a drink.

As David was on door duty, Karin was using Christine's
slave maid, Pippa, as she called him, to serve drinks
to the assembled ladies.

                        CHAPTER TWELVE.

Christine had been the first to arrive, she had sent
Pippa to David's cell to change 'his' clothes. Peter
was a convincing transvestite, trained by Christine to
become her live in maid, Pippa. 'He' was able to travel
in female clothing, but not of course in the extremely
revealing maid's outfits common in such gatherings.

Madame Kwai, a well known oriental lady, had hooded,
blindfolded and gagged her slave in the lift on the way
up. She finished zipping his hood just before they
entered Karin's apartment. 'Table' as she called her
slave, carried with him a flat oval sheet of perspex
with straps attached. Before Madame Kwai took her seat
she had her slave kneel, she strapped his elbows to his
knees and then strapped the oval sheet to his back.
Having stripped him naked, and converted him to her
coffee table beside the sofa where she sat, she removed
his blindfold. He could see little above the knees of
the assembled company, but it was necessary to allow
him sight so that he could keep the table top level. He
had been trained to respond to the crop; if he let one
side of the table slip, the crop administered to the
right part of his body would bring about a
readjustment. It was an entertaining diversion for any

Mistress Marique, on arrival removed the full length
coat from her female slave 'Adra'. Adra had also been
hooded and gagged in the lift, now she was naked except
for her suspender belt, stockings and high heels.
Marique liked Adra to be able to see and feel just how
many lustful eyes were able to see her nakedness.
Including those lascivious looks of slaves like 'Pippa'
who were not blindfolded. Marique fitted ankle
restrainers to Adra and linked them together with a
five inch chain. Marique then locked Adra's hands
together with wrist cuffs and fixed them to her collar.
Marique seated Adra between Madame Kwai and Karin, on
the sofa. Adra now felt totally defenceless, especially
as Karin and Madam Kwai began to amuse themselves by
pinching her nipples and thighs.
Karin and Sadine had gone into action as soon as Sadine
had brought her slave in. They stripped him down to
nothing but handcuffs and a ball gag, held in place by
a rubber ring which passed around his head and through
the centre of the ball. He was led upstairs to Karin's
bathroom where Sadine watched Karin fit him into the
Perspex toilet. His hands were fixed above his head to
a 'D' ring on the far side of the toilet. He was given
a new name, which was of course 'Toilet'.

All the mistresses present were familiar with the
practice of calling a slave by his designated purpose,
whether permanent or temporary. Thereby degrading and
dehumanising the slave to the level of an article or
function. As far as possible when in conversation with
each other, especially when in the slaves earshot, the
ladies would refer to their slave by his label.

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