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Hey, I got an idea let's have a lynching.....

I mean we've been pussy footing around here for a day and now I think we,ve
talked enough let's have a lynching....

Any nominations.....

OK, OK, if this upsets your eastern sensibilities can we run somebody out of
town on rail?  Seems to me you all are builing up to that to....

Now I came to this NG 'cause I thought I could learn something, get involved
in lively discussions, but hell no you boys just need some direction..

OK here it is ...a lynching.

Now I have my candiate and it ain't Kim.  Cause you see it is easy to sit
behind walls pretending to be anonymous and throw stones at each other, but
what's the point?  Ok, unless you are building up to a lynching or you really
want to hurt somebody. No we here in Texas are not partial to alot of talk,
we like action so I got the rope....


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