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By Scamp(UK)

Dirk was an artist, an artist of the macabre, an artist of the dark, 
and just lately an artist in demand. His work sold worldwide to a 
select but growing clientele. His medium was video and flesh, human 
flesh. His instrument is pain; his canvas; is someone like you. 


Mel to her friends was bubbly 18 year old busty blonde, although she 
was pretty the feature the guys always went for first was her large 
36DD breasts. She didn't mind, as far as Mel was concerned they were 
man bait, get their attention then cream off the best. If any of the 
guys she met looked beyond her tits they would see a very attractive 
well proportioned woman, in fact her tits were the only part of her 
that spoilt an otherwise perfect figure. 

Mel was about halfway through her morning run in the park, She loved 
the way her braless breasts bounced under her T-shirt, the material 
rubbed against her nipples making them very hard and very visible to 
passers by. Her tight running shorts cut into her pussy and left the 
bottom of her ass exposed. She was never surprised by the number of 
joggers, men and women who seemed to be happy running behind her. The 
only other items of clothing Mel had on were her trainers and a 
sweatband around her head. 

Just ahead of her an old man stumbled and fell, as she stopped to help 
him to his feet a sharp pain shot up her arm. Mel looked down; A look 
of bewilderment crossed her face as she saw the syringe being emptied 
into her arm. She tried to scream, but couldn't, her head started to 
spin, Mel tried to run, instead she blacked out. Dirk allowed himself a 
smile as he drove back to his studio ready to begin his next 

As Mel came to the first thing she felt was another sharp pain in her 
arm, Dirk looked down at his raw material. 

"Don't worry" he whispered in Mels' ear "it's just some watered down 
muscle relaxant."

"I don't understand!"

"You'll feel everything that happens to you, but your movements will be 
limited to nothing more than exaggerated twitches."

"W. Why!"

"You are the clay, I will mould into a work of art."

Dirk took a pair of kitchen scissors and cut up the centre of Mels T-
shirt. She tried to get up, but all her body would do was twitch and 
spasm like some stranded fish. Her shirt fell away exposing her large 
breasts; Dirk squeezed them and flicked her nipples. He muttered 
compliments under his breath as he exposed Melissa's body to his gaze. 
Dirk gave her another injection.

"This will keep you awake! We wouldn't want to miss anything would we 

Mel just lay on the hospital trolley unable to do anything of any 
consequence. She managed to roll her head to one side and watched as 
Dirk set up his video equipment. He had at least four cameras connected 
to a bank of professional VCRs. These in turn were linked to some 
computer equipment for editing his tape and transmission over the net.

Dirk pushed Mel over to a large mesh tray suspended by six ropes. He 
rolled her over; she lay on the tray face down her breasts hung down 
through a hole, dangling in space. Dirk pulled on a rope and Mel felt 
herself moving through the air, she looked down through the mesh, 
underneath her breasts was a glass box full of yellow liquid, every now 
and again a bubble would rise to the surface and burst, it just didn't 
make any sense.

Dirk was happy in his work, the glass case contained vegetable oil, and 
it was simmering just below boiling point. He was glad Melissa didn't 
realise what was about to happen, he wanted to catch the moment of 
realisation on tape; it would be beautiful. All the cameras were ready; 
he pressed a button on the consul they all started recording. In a rare 
moment of indulgence Dirk shouted "Action!" as his finger jabbed at the 
large blue button controlling the hoist.

Mel felt a slight jerk then she dropped two feet, The first thing she 
noticed was the camera aimed at her face, a split second later the pain 
hit her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, her arms and legs jerked 
and flexed as she tried to escape the pain in her breasts. She finally 
looked down; the smell of boiling oil filled her head. Her tits were 
frying, her skin was turning a golden brown, it had split open in one 
or two places and her inner flesh poked out. Tears rolled down her 
cheeks, as she lost control of her body she shit herself, a stream of 
piss arced from between her legs onto the concrete floor, every detail 
of her torment recorded lovingly by Dirk. 

As her tits cooked some of the pain died away as the nerves in her 
breasts became deep-fried meat. The hoist lifted her up, her skin 
sizzled, and the smell of cooked meat was almost pleasant. Mel watched 
horrified as Dirk sliced off her right nipple, she heard it crunch in 
his mouth as he chewed her now crispy flesh. Mel was turned over onto 
her back a strap was attached to the tray, it ran under Mels' arms and 
across her chest, it was pulled tight. 

Mel rolled her head from side to side in disbelief, she was suspended 
over the deep fry, her feet just above the open top. Dirk repositioned 
the cameras and pressed the release button. But the sharp plunge into 
the oil Mel had expected didn't happen, instead Mel was slowly lowered 
into the boiling cauldron of agony, inch by inch. She finally managed a 
wail of pain as the soles of her feet touched the oil. The pain 
increased as her legs were lowered into the deep fry. The cameras 
rolled, Dirk watched in silence and licked his lips with anticipation 
the next horror was about to be felt by Mel. 

Mels' mind was awash with pain her thighs were on fire, why wouldn't 
she die, why! Then the oil splashed her pussy lips; her whole body 
jerked as her clit began to fry. Mels' just stared into space as her 
mind finally surrendered to the pain. She didn't even flinch, as her 
head was finally emersed in the boiling liquid. Dirk watched and 
recorded it all through the glass, Mels' eyes burst; her tongue poked 
lewdly out of her mouth as the cooking made it expand. When Dirk was 
satisfied Mel had been completely cooked, she was pulled out of the 
fryer and placed on the floor. The cameras panned up and down her firm 
crisp body. Melissa really was good enough to eat.

That's a wrap Dirk thought, he just knew Mel would be a hit with his 


Her name was Samantha, not Sam or Sammy or any other cute variation you 
can think of. She was an executive who knew what she wanted and who to 
tread on to get it. At 35 Samantha looked good, she always ate the 
right things, worked out in the evenings and spent most weekends at one 
of the many health spas she belonged to. Her clothes were the best she 
could afford; her sense of style was immaculate. It didn't matter if 
you were super rich or living on the streets everyone knew Samantha; 
and she was a bitch.

She strutted through the Office like a queen, she had just fired Jack 
Collins, not that he had done anything wrong, but someone had to go to 
make room for her new toy boy. How Jack was going to support his family 
hadn't even entered her head, all she could think about was the hot 
prick that would be between her legs that evening. She knew all the men 
in the Office hated her, and would all screw her given the chance. She 
played on their weak willed masculinity, always wearing short tight 
fitting skirts with high heels and stockings; her blouses were low cut 
revealing her perfect breasts. The poor bastards were so busy drooling 
over her tits it took them months to realise she'd fucked them one way 
or another. 

Samantha stepped into the lift, she didn't even look at the lifts sole 
occupant, he was just another suit.

"Basement!" She snapped.

The suit dutifully pressed the button. As the doors closed Dirk plunged 
his syringe into Samantha's' firm ass. She swung round furious that 
this nobody had actually touched her. As she turned she realised 
something was wrong, she didn't feel right. He was smiling at her, he 
wasn't afraid of her. Samantha's' head began to spin. Dirk reached out 
and squeezed her tits; Samantha collapsed at Dirks' feet.  

When Samantha came round her wrists were strapped together behind her 
back. She looked around, she was in some sort of boiler room there were 
pipes everywhere, there seemed to be the hum of machinery all around 
her. Her feet weren't bound, she tried to stand but fell back still 
dizzy from the drug Dirk had given her.

"Ah! My guest is awake." Dirk walked up to Samantha with a friendly 
smile on his face.

"You fucking pervert! You'll not get away with this!"

"Oh! Samantha, don't be so melodramatic." Dirk walked over to the glass 
cabinet he had constructed, made a few final adjustments to the cameras 
and started them rolling.

"W. What's that for?"

"It's for you Samantha; a gift from your colleagues upstairs."

Samantha looked up at the ceiling. Dirk smiled. He decided to explain 
some of what was about to happen, it would make her indignation and 
rage all the more photogenic. He told her how her colleagues had heard 
what a wonderful artist he was and how Samantha was a subject worthy of 
his skills. They had had a whip round and had commissioned him. 
Samantha just couldn't believe what she was hearing. Dirk helped her to 
her feet and walked her over to the cabinet.

"I'm not getting in that!" Samantha stood on the spot and wouldn't 

"Samantha!" Dirk waved a fresh syringe in front of her. "This time I'll 
use it on one of your tits."

One side of the cabinet had a door; Samantha reluctantly stepped in. 
Dirk secured her wrists to a ring mounted on one of the metal corner 
posts. He produced his trusty kitchen scissors and cut off her blouse, 
then her skirt. He admired Samantha's' body in her pastel blue undies, 
tan seamed stockings and high heels. He ripped off her bra, her full 
breasts bounced free. 

"Nice tits! The boys upstairs will love them."

"Fuck them!" snarled Samantha.

Dirk pulled down her panties and looked at her smooth pussy with its 
large soft lips hanging down. He shook his head, if only he'd brought 
some bulldog clips with him. He could see a small piece of string 
dangling from her pussy, he pulled it. Samantha cringed with 
embarrassment as Dirk held up the bloody tampon. 


Dirk popped it into Samantha's mouth and ordered her to swallow. After 
several attempts she finally swallowed the used tampon. 

"Think yourself lucky it was your own."


Dirk closed the door of the cabinet and explained to the outraged 
Samantha how she was going to die.

"It works like this," Dirk paced around the cabinet "above your head is 
an outlet pipe, I will in a few moments divert all the waste from the 
Office urinals and toilets to that outlet."

Samantha's eyes bulged in horror as she looked up at the pipe.

"Now to make sure things don't end to quickly I've added a filter for 
the solid waste, basically it lets the solid waste through but gets rid 
of most of the water used to flush it away. The piss from the urinals 
comes a different route so is unaffected. In summary Samantha you will 
drown in a mixture of piss and shit all kindly supplied free of charge 
by your employer."

"No! You can't mean it!"

"But I do! You treat everyone like shit, and everyone thinks shit is 
most appropriate end for you!"

Dirk walked over to a bank of levers and stopcocks and diverted the 
flow of the toilets. Within seconds a warm soft turd hit Samantha's 
chest with a loud splat. 

"Yaaaaaaeeeeeee! Let me out please! I'll do anything you want!"

Fifteen minutes later Samantha's hair was dripping with piss; the 
bottom of the cabinet was filled by about a half inch. It was only 9:45 
once they all started having coffee breaks the flow would really start. 
Gradually the piss began to get deeper; it had already soaked through 
Samantha's shoes and into her stockings. Another turd flew out of the 
pipe just as she looked up, this was another soft one, and it hit her 
clean in the face, a large chunk going in her mouth. She began to cry 

"Well, well, looks like that one was the result of another over rich 
executive snack. You should be proud Samantha, I think that was the 
company president!"

After lunch the cabinet really did start to fill up, it was half full 
by 1pm. The air in the cabinet was acrid as turds bobbed up and down 
around Samantha's waist. Dirk though things were going a little slow 
for his liking so he diverted the public toilets in the shopping mall 
into the cabinet. Before long this paid dividends, someone had thrown 
up; it splattered all over Samantha who just gave out a long wail of 

By 5pm it was up to her neck, Samantha had tilted her head back to 
avoid the floaters but this made her face a perfect target for the new 
arrivals. The level rose higher, she was already in tiptoes, her wrists 
secured to the cabinet wouldn't let her get any higher. With a look of 
desperation and resignation on her face Samantha realised the only way 
to stay alive was to drink. The cameras zoomed in as she opened her 
mouth and the thick orange yellow liquid flowed into her stomach. A 
small turd slipped into her mouth, it was to late, and Samantha 
swallowed shit. Gradually her own bowels filled, not believing what was 
happening Samantha began to pee herself. 

Her mouth was completely covered now before long she would die. 
Samantha began to thrash about in the cabinet as she took in her first 
breath of piss, the more she struggled the more she took in. Samantha 
looked at the camera pleadingly as she felt her lungs fill with warm 
liquid. She couldn't breath; her head began to feel light she no longer 
had anything to worry about. Just as she died she looked at the camera 
and smiled.

With his job complete and another work of art under his belt the 
contents of the cabinet Samantha included was dumped in the sewer where 
it all belonged.


Joanna was a 37 year old divorcee, with her new found freedom and new 
found wealth she was starting to enjoy life once again. She loved to 
visit the zoo, in fact that's where Dirk first saw her, giggling as she 
fed the elephants currant buns. Joanna liked to dress casual, wearing 
trainers, jeans and sweatshirts most of the time. To Dirk's expert eye 
she was a masterpiece in waiting, he contented himself by watching her 
as he made plans for her future role as a work of art. 

When in the zoo Joanna was in a world of her own, she moved from 
enclosure to enclosure imagining she was in exotic and far away places 
watching the animals in their natural habitats. She imagined herself 
running naked through the jungle or across the African plains, keeping 
pace with the Wildebeest and Gazelles. As she turned she saw one of the 
zookeepers walking towards her. She gave him a beaming smile, envious 
that his work allowed him to be with the animals as much as he wanted. 
Joanna held out her hand. She gasped and tried to step backwards as the 
needle sank into her wrist. She just stood in front of Dirk to shocked 
to move as he drugged her.

As Joanna opened her eyes, the cold glass eye of a video camera stared 
back at her. She soon realised that her hands and feet were bound, she 
looked around the empty room, nothing; except a couple of cameras; 
watching her. She knew she was still in the zoo, a musty smell filled 
the air, an inflatable gag filled her mouth, and she couldn't even call 
for help. She sat up as the metal door swung open; Dirk walked in with 
his trusty kitchen scissors. Dirk smiled in amusement as Joanna tried 
to scream. He began cutting off her clothes.

Once Joanna was naked, Dirk stood back to admire her firm body. Her 
large ripe breasts had just the right amount of sag for a woman of her 
age; each tipped with a large pink nipple. Her pussy was clean-shaven; 
her full pouting pussy lips hung slightly open inviting Dirk to fuck 
her. But no, this wasn't the place for sex; this was art. He gave 
Joanna another injection, not to kill the pain, but to make sure she 
was awake and aware through her entire performance. Dirk untied 
Joanna's feet and strapped each of her ankles to a spreader bar, her 
legs were then forced open as wide as Dirk could get them. He removed 
the gag.

"Please! No! I'll give you money! Don't rape me please!"

Dirk smiled, and in a soft reassuring voice told her that he had no 
intention of raping her now or ever. Joanna didn't understand, and kept 
pleading to be let free.

"You love animals, don't you?" Dirk grinned.

"Nooooooo! It's a dog isn't it? You're going to film me being raped by 
a dog!"

"This isn't about sex!" Dirk reassured her "this is art, art of the 

"W, What!"

"It's a surprise; but I want you to know you can scream as much as you 

Dirk left the room for a few minutes and returned with more camera 
equipment, he looked over at Joanna lying on the floor. She was 
watching his every move trying to work out what was going to happen. 
Dirk couldn't help but notice her now erect nipples and the moisture 
glistening on the lips of her pussy. Without saying a word he took off 
his belt, and lashed Joanna across her flat stomach. She screamed as 
expected, a nice red line formed across her belly, her nipples grew 
larger. "She's enjoying it" Dirk thought, "She's a born star!"

He pushed a large crate into the doorway, blocking it completely. He 
opened a door built into the side of the crate. A stream of grey, black 
and brown furry bodies launched themselves into the room, desperate to 
escape their confinement. Joanna screamed, she tried to move.

"RATS! Nooooo! I can't stand rats!"

"Oh Joanna! These are very special rats. They haven't been fed for a 
very long time!"

Joanna let out a loud groan as Dirk's words sank in. The rats were 
already sniffing the air; they could smell Joanna's fear. One or two 
braver ones had already found her and smelled her firm meat. Joanna 
kept as still and as quite as she could, she let out a small whimper as 
two rats climbed onto her belly, their cold claws scratching her skin. 
One walked up her body, between her breasts, continued up her chest and 
looked her in the eye. It began sniffing around her mouth, licking her 
lips. Joanna made her first mistake, she opened her mouth to scream, 
and the rat pushed its head inside. Joanna made her second and final 
mistake. Her jaws closed on the animal's neck, it squealed as Joanna 
bit into it, the rat's spine crunched as Joanna bit down hard. She 
flicked her head to one side throwing the body into the mass of fur 
where it was instantly consumed. She spat out the head, which too was 
set upon by the hungry rats. The hunger felt by the rats had now been 
enflamed they needed food, and wanted it now; it wasn't long before 
they noticed the helpless firm body just waiting to be devoured.

Joanna gave out a real good scream as the first rat sank its teeth into 
her left thigh, tearing off a chunk of juicy red meat. Another 
followed, then another. Pain shot through Joanna's body as a hole 3-
inches across and 2inches deep was gnawed into her leg. More rats 
climbed onto her belly, A large black rat sank its teeth into her right 
breast, she watched horrified as it burrowed into her soft flesh, it's 
head disappeared from view; eating its way deeper into her. 

"Nooooo! Stop it Pleeeaaassee!"

Joanna's eyes bulged with shock as four rats began pulling on her 
tender pussy lips. She could feel their teeth gripping her; they pulled 
harder, and harder again. She felt her lips begin to stretch pulled 
taught by the hungry rats. Her words were now nothing more than 
guttural grunts and moans as she felt her outer pussy lips torn from 
her body.

The black rat on her chest was now inside her right breast, her skin 
bulged and stretched as the rat moved around inside. Another set of 
teeth started gnawing on her left nipple; her still erect nipple turned 
red as the rat's sharp teeth snipped off her teat. She watched it chew 
then swallow, before taking another bite. 

She could feel several rats moving around inside her hollowed out left 
thigh. Her body convulsed with pain as her clit was ripped in two. One 
brave rat pushed its way into her pussy and began eating her cunt from 
the inside. More teeth tore at the flesh between her pussy and ass, 
within minutes Joanna had only one large bloody hole between her legs. 
The rats fought amongst themselves as they tried to climb inside her, 
tearing at her juicy entrails.

Dirk controlled the cameras, detached from the suffering of his victim. 
He kept her face in shot at all times; other cameras zoomed in on 
individual rats stripping Joanna to the bone. Her left leg was quite 
literally skin and bone. The pain of hungry mouths eating their way 
from her guts into her chest was getting worse. Joanna willed them on, 
realising that when they reached her heart she would be free. 

The firm cheeks of her ass were being torn apart, suddenly her whole 
body arched as the first rat reached her heart. An agonising shaft of 
pain crashed through her body, her ruptured heart pumped her blood into 
the tunnel made by the rats, it poured out from between her legs.

Joanna let out a loud sigh of relief and died.

Dirk continued filming as the rats ate her body. Joanna had lasted 
longer than Dirk had though possible, he had known she was a star. 

With the rats now full and ready to burst, Dirk put the remains of 
Joanna into a sack and took them over to the reptile house. There was 
still enough meat on her bones to interest the crocodiles, and no one 
ever checked the crocodile shit for human remains. 

With three films in the bag Dirk sat down in his local bar, drinking a 
nice cold beer. He had to come up with some more original ideas, more 
bizarre imaginative endings. He decided to take a walk around the 
block, breathe in some exhaust fumes get his brain working. He began 
looking around for inspiration, and that's when he saw you!


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