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By Scamp (UK)


I've been crossdressing now for about two years; of course I have to be 
careful that grandma doesn't find out. She holds very old fashioned and 
very strict views on virtually everything. I think that's what makes 
her such a great character.

I've lived with grandma since my parents died four years ago; my 
crossdressing began when I was tidying the attic one-day and found 
boxes full of grandma's old clothes. At first I started going through 
her clothes in the hope of finding some money, it soon became obvious 
that was a lost cause, but I kept looking anyway. She must have been 
quite a girl before she met grandpa. Most of the dresses were home 
made, but very slinky and sexy. It was then that I found a box of 
lingerie, lacy bras and panties, some very sexy black girdles with 
suspenders; bags full of stockings I was amazed that she had kept it 

I became aware of a lump in the front of my trousers; I had a pair of 
silk french panties in my hand, I just took out my cock and wanked into 
them before I really thought about what I was doing. I started visiting 
the attic whenever grandma was out of the house, it took several months 
before I realised I had fallen in love with her clothes. I wanted to 
put them on; but how could I; I wasn't queer. I'm a man. I tried to 
stop but kept finding myself in the attic with some very feminine piece 
of clothing in one hand, my hard dick in the other. The day eventually 
came; I had taken some of grandma's clothes down to my bedroom and was 
standing there naked, looking at them laid out on my bed.

Trembling, I picked up a pair of pink silk panties and slowly slid them 
up my legs, the smooth cool material felt gorgeous as it caressed my 
skin. By the time I had pulled them on, my prick was standing to 
attention. I slipped on a matching bra, and stuffed some stockings into 
the cups. The suspender belt was next; I carefully tucked the 
suspenders under the panties before putting on my stockings. "Oooh!" 
Black seamed stockings, I rolled one up my right leg, god I was turned 
on. A small stain of pre-cum bloomed on the front of my panties. Then I 
encased my left leg in sheer black nylon. The dress fitted remarkably 
well, it was a very sober and respectable black evening dress. It clung 
to my figure in a very revealing manner but was designed to only show 
the tiniest hint of cleavage, obviously unlike today it was what you 
couldn't see that was the turn on. The hem was only two inches of the 
ground in my stockinged feet; to finish the effect off I had cut a slit 
up each side of the dress, from the hem to the top of my thigh so I 
could show off my legs. As I walked around the room I could hear the 
rustle of my stockings rubbing together, the feel of the material 
against my skin. I looked down; the dress fell open as I walked 
flashing my stocking clad legs and white thighs. I felt as horny as 
hell. I was the sexiest thing alive. I looked at myself in the mirror, 
my bubble burst with a very loud bang. I looked fucking stupid; I had 
no shoes, I had hairy legs, no wig, no makeup, a great lump in my groin 
and plenty of stubble. I still felt fantastic.

Over the next month I sent off for several mail order catalogues and do 
it yourself books, they covered everything a girl could want in the way 
of clothing makeup and advice. As they arrived over the following weeks 
I spent hours looking at the sexiest clothes they had to offer, often 
wanking myself stupid imagining myself looking like one of the models 
in the pictures. I followed the instructions in the back off the 
catalogues and measured myself ready for my new wardrobe. Grandma and 
myself certainly weren't wealthy by any means but we managed, and I had 
some savings put by. Common sense went out the window as I indulged my 
new passion. I ordered two wigs both glamorous, one black, one platinum 
blonde. Two pairs of shoes; one pair were traditional court shoes with 
a 4-inch heel, the other sandal style with a 5-inch heel, both black, 
both stilettos. A whole bag of makeup, foundations, blusher, lipstick, 
you name it I bought it. Between what I bought and what was in the 
attic I had everything I needed.

I used special deep penetrating hair remover all over my body, 
including my cock and balls. After showering I felt as if I had a new 
body. I couldn't get over how smooth and soft my skin was. It was three 
days before I had to shave my face. I sat in front of the mirror and 
applied my makeup. I smoothed the foundation into my skin, a pale blue 
eye shadow followed by a small amount of blusher just below my 
cheekbone. False eyelashes were next, then the bit I was really looking 
forward to. On went the cherry red lipstick, and false nails, red of 
course. The black undies went on first, semi-transparent panties and 
bra, my false breasts looked so suckable through the thin material, the 
dark erect nipples clearly visible. A matching suspender belt and black 
lace top stockings followed them. My outer clothes consisted of a red 
mini skirt and thin white blouse. Add to that my 5-inch heels and 
platinum blond wig, I felt such a slut.

I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, a stunning sexy blonde 
looked back. My legs were slim and sexy "and go all the way to the top" 
as men say. My waist was trim; my tits looked great, not to big not too 
small. My face was beautiful, I couldn't believe it was me, I kept 
touching myself hoping I wouldn't wake up just to find it was all a 
dream. My wig looked real and my feet were encased in "fuck me" shoes. 
I walked up and down admiring the attractive woman in the mirror, and 
wondered how she would look in her other clothes.


This went on for about a year; my other self became Jenny the TV slut. 
In that time I had borrowed a video camera and bought a cheap tape 
recorder, and used them to master the art of walking, talking and 
moving like a real woman. I had also purchased a vibrator and several 
dildos, in my alter ego of Jenny I would toss myself off, while pushing 
a dildo up my ass, dreaming of how it would feel to taken by a real 
man. The more I dressed as Jenny the more I wanted to be treated like a 
slut, the more I wanted a man.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to join a club for transvestites, 
they had their own shops where you could try on the clothes and 
arranged visits to clubs catering for TV's. They even arranged holidays 
where I could dress as Jenny all the time. The really good thing was 
they had changing rooms, so I could travel as Jimmy and not run the 
risk of any hassle or embarrassment. A TV only party at the home of one 
of the clubs reps was to be Jenny's first trip into the outside world. 

My stomach began to churn with second thoughts as I walked up the 
drive, clutching my sports bag I approached the front door. I pressed 
the doorbell; I could hear the pulse of music coming from inside. I was 
on the verge of turning round and running when the door opened. My jaw 
dropped, a pencil thin brunette answered the door, looking every inch a 

"Can I help you?" her voice feminine but deep and husky.

"Err, Jimmy, sorry Jenny!"

I held out my membership card, she smiled. Her short dress barely 
covered her ass, her mouth looked so sexy. She checked the card.

"Come in Jimmy; there's no need to be nervous there are two new girls 
here already." She put her arm around my waist and led me into the 
house. "By the way my names Chrissy, now go upstairs and change and 
remember to tell Jenny I have glass of wine for her."

I climbed the stairs, and found a door labelled changing room; 
thankfully it was empty. Once ready I checked myself in the mirror, 
lovely. My feet looked dainty and feminine with red painted toenails, 
my seams were straight, and my miniskirt let me show plenty of leg. My 
white silk top clung to the contours of my false breasts exaggerating 
my feminine figure. Makeup's looking good, wig? Stunning! I followed 
the music through to the back of the house. At least fifteen absolutely 
stunning women were on the patio, most talking a few dancing. Chrissy 
walked over and handed me a large glass of wine.

"This should settle the butterflies Jenny" she smiled and kissed me on 
the cheek. "You look gorgeous by the way, I can see you'll have to 
fight the men off on club night."

I blushed, as Chrissy took me by the hand and introduced me to my new 
sisters. As we talked among ourselves I became aware of how relaxed and 
natural I felt; I belonged. It was like returning home after a long 
summer vacation. We all had similar stories to tell secret raids on 
mom's wardrobe or stealing their wives panties. For most women at the 
party this was a secret life, a couple lived alone and a very lucky 
three had wives who encouraged their crossdressing and occasionally 
joined in the fun. As the evening wore on I had made several new 
friends and was a little tipsy. It was strange how we gathered in 
types. I had spent most of the evening with Cheryl and Suzy; we 
favoured the slut look. Another group favoured business suits with 
tight pencil skirts. Others covered themselves in frills and lace, or 
had leanings towards the schoolgirl look.

It was time to leave; we all kissed each other on the cheek as we said 
our goodbyes. As I left Chrissy gave me the latest newsletter.

"It's got the new club nights listed"

I thanked her put it in my bag and walked back to my car. I was about 
half way there when I noticed the click of my heels on the pavement; 
shit! I was dressed as Jenny! I rushed to my car, jumped in and locked 
all the doors. I just sat there for 10 minutes not knowing what to do. 
There was nothing else for it; Jenny had to drive home. I slipped off 
my shoes and started the car. Keep it safe and smooth I kept reminding 
myself, don't draw attention to yourself. The drive seemed forever, I 
was about a mile from home when a Police car started tailing me. "Stay 
calm" I said to myself, I checked the mirror, and it was still there. 
"Surely that can't pull you over for safe driving!" The patrol car 
pulled alongside, the two men both looked at me, one winked the other 
blew me a kiss. I attempted a smile, my lips twitching with fear. Both 
men smiled as they pulled away and vanished in the distance. When I got 
home grandma was already in bed asleep, I parked the car in the drive 
and walked towards the door. I stopped, why not? 

Encouraged by my evening out and made bolder by the wine I decided to 
go for a walk. As I walked down the road I could feel the cool night 
air through my clothes; a slight breeze raised the hem of my skirt and 
brushed against my naked thighs. My heels sounded delicious as the 
clicked against the pavement announcing my presence to anyone who cared 
to listen. As I quickened my pace my stockings rubbed together making 
that sexy swishing sound. I'd gone about 500 yards before deciding to 
return home. As I walked back, to my horror I saw three teenagers 
walking towards me but on the far side of the road. "Ignore them" I 
said to myself. As we drew nearer I began to sway my hips in an openly 
sexy manner "Oh Shit! What was I doing?" They saw me.

"Yo babe!" one shouted. I kept walking.

"Swing that pretty little ass over here, we'll give you a good time!"

As I passed them I smiled at them and blew a kiss, "Why did I do that? 
What if they follow me?" Luckily they kept going I could breath again. 
Once home I went to my room lay on the bed and masturbated. 


When club night arrived I wanted to make sure I looked real sexy. I 
kept to my 5-inch heels and black stockings, with a figure hugging 
mauve rubber mini dress. Jenny had black hair this evening and pouting 
pink lips. 

"Everyone ready?" Chrissy shouted "Our taxi's here!"

Chrissy, Cheryl, Suzy and myself walked out of Chrissy's house to the 
waiting taxi. 

"The Pink Pussy" the driver nodded and pulled out of the drive.

Once in the club we set up camp at one end of the bar and began sizing 
up the competition. There's nothing quit so bitchy as jealous TVs. Half 
way through the evening the music became more smoochy, couples began to 
appear on the dance floor. Suzy took my hand.
"Care to dance slut?"

"Why yes bitch!"

We both laughed. We slid our arms around each other and pulled each 
other close. As we gently swayed to the slow beat of the music I kissed 
Suzy on the neck; her hands slid down my back and squeezed my ass. 

"Excuse me ladies" we both looked up, a guy in his mid thirty's stood 
there smiling. He turned to me and asked me to dance, Suzy told me to 
enjoy myself and sat down at the bar. 

"I'm Carl" his strong arms pulled me towards him. "I'm Jenny."

As we danced his hands replaced Suzy's on my ass, I couldn't object, 
this was what I wanted. He kissed my neck; I let out a small cooing 
sound. Encouraged by this he kissed my cheek. We were suddenly face to 
face, I could feel his hard prick rubbing against mine, and my lips 
trembled. I nodded and parted my lips. I felt his mouth on mine, 
"Ooooh" this was good, his tongue started to explore my mouth. I 
responded, our tongues wrapped around each other our mouths locked in 
passionate embrace.

I danced with Carl for over an hour; he explored as much of my body 
with his hands as he could on a dance floor. I was hot; I was a woman. 
He led me outside to the car park. Where we kissed even more 
passionately than before, a hand crept between my legs, and stroked my 
inner thigh just above my stocking top. 


I opened my legs; my short dress rode up revealing my panties soaked in 
pre-cum. I heard him unzip; he placed my hand on his hard prick. By now 
my head was spinning, my hand instinctively started to rub the shaft of 
his prick. It felt so big. I felt his hands on my shoulders, I didn't 
register what was happening until my legs bent at the knees and I found 
his prick inches from my lips. Carl took his prick in his hand and 
began rubbing its head over my lips; I could taste his salty taste. I 
looked up at him; he smiled at me and slowly pushed the head into my 
mouth. I began to suck, stopping now and then to run my tongue around 
the purple head of his prick and lick his shaft. He began to fuck my 
mouth; I sucked harder, and harder. 

"You fucking horny bitch" his cock began to throb, he pushed himself to 
the back of my mouth. His hot cum hit my throat; I swallowed. The 
strong taste hit me, "so this was the taste of a real man." I knew at 
once, I would be tasting more of this nectar in the future. 

I stood up and started pulling down my dress, Carl stopped me. He 
wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me once more. I fondled 
his limp prick trying to encourage it back to life. His hands slid down 
the back of my panties; the cheeks of my ass were pulled open. I 
groaned with pleasure as I though about what was coming next. I felt a 
finger brush against my anus, Carl slowly pushed his finger inside me, 
I tried to relax but he was finding it hard work. He pulled his finger 
out and placed it in my mouth. I could taste my ass on him as I covered 
his finger in saliva. It was easier this time; Carl began to finger 
fuck my ass as we kissed. A second finger from his other hand soon 
joined it. They worked their way inside me. I felt my ass stretch as he 
pulled me open, softening my ass muscle ready to fuck me. Carl turned 
me around and bent me over the front of his car. He pulled my panties 
down, I felt his tongue probe my anus. He stood up; something large, 
warm and moist was pushing into me. It was so exciting I was about to 
be fucked for the first time. 

I felt my anus open, then it began to stretch. "It felt so big" He 
pushed some more, I felt my ass stretch again. The head of his prick 
was inside my ass; I gave a squeal as he pushed the rest of his prick 
inside me. I felt his legs pressed up against me, I felt really full, 
like I hadn't shit for a month. He lent forward and began kissing my 

"Oh Carl, fuck me, please!"

He held my hips and began to pump his prick into me, his balls slapped 
against me as he took me. I felt a hand wrap itself around my own hard 
prick, I fucked Carl's hand as he fucked my ass. I was too excited I 
came almost straight away, Carl just kept shafting me.

"I'm cumming you bitch, I'm cumming right up your fucking ass." His 
prick throbbed inside me for a second time that night. I felt his hot 
cum deep inside me, flooding my bowels. 

We tidied each other up and walked back to the club, I could feel his 
cum start to drip from my ass. I was a slut and I didn't care.


I was enjoying life to the full, Carl may have been the first but he 
certainly wasn't the last. Over the next five months I fucked and 
sucked my way through 15 men, and that doesn't include Cheryl and Suzy. 

I was buying groceries from the local store when Fred Johnston the 
owner walked over to me.

"Hi Jimmy" he pushed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a brown 

"Hi Mr Johnston, what can I do for you"

He explained that he and several of the other local storeowner's had a 
get together every so often and they liked to pamper themselves on 
these occasions. What he needed was a waitress or maid to look after 
their needs.

"I'd like to help Mr Johnston really, but I don't know any girls"

He opened the envelope, "I thought you might like see who we had in 
mind." I looked at him puzzled. He handed me a photograph of Jenny; she 
was laid on her back across the front of a pick-up, her legs over some 
guys' shoulders being fucked silly. "Her names Jenny, that's what the 
people at the club told me anyway." Another picture then another, Jenny 
driving my car, Jenny going into my house, Jenny in the kitchen, Shit! 
Jenny without her wig! I went red. "No need to blush Jon, were all men 
of the world. Anyway we not interested in you, it's Jenny we want."

"What should I tell her?" I stammered.

"Tell her I've got a proposition to put to her, but she better get down 
here before closing, or I just might have to ask grandma to pass the 
message on."

I rushed home, whatever happens grandma mustn't find out about Jenny.

Five minutes before closing Jenny walked into Mr Johnstons' store. For 
once she looked almost respectable. The blue suit looked good, the 
tight pencil skirt hugged her tight ass. A pale cream blouse with 
matching stockings and shoes completed her outfit. Jenny went over to 
the counter and rang the bell for service. Mr Johnston came out.

"Well Jim; err, Jenny, we meet at last" he picked up my hand and kissed 
it, "it's always nice to meet a lady." I blushed for the second time 
that day. 

"Jimmy says you want me to be your maid at some party"

He explained that the job was more than just waiting table. It would be 
a private party and I had to ensure that the guests every need was 
satisfied. I was going to be their toy for the evening, and I wasn't 
allowed to refuse a guest anything. And grandma need never know Jimmy's 
little secret.

I didn't have much choice, I agreed. The party was tonight at his 
house. He handed me a box. "Make sure your wearing your uniform when 
you arrive!"

I went home and pondered my fate for awhile, I accepted that I had no 
choice and then went upstairs and changed into my new maids uniform. A 
note inside the box told me to wear my platinum blonde wig, and 5-inch 
heels. A girdle was the first thing to go on, it fastened at the front. 
The note said to tighten it to the marks indicated I held my breath and 
tightened the girdle as far as I could. My waist was pulled in by a 
good five inches, the small amount of fat on my chest had been pushed 
up into the cups giving me small but real breasts. It was hard to 
breath, according to my instructions it would take ten to fifteen 
minutes to get used to my reduced dimensions. The panties were see-
through and small. I rolled the black stockings up my legs; I began to 
get turned on, not just by the clothes but the party ahead. I was their 
sex slave; my prick sprang to attention. The maids uniform barely 
covered my ass, if I stood upright it just covered my panties, it never 
came close to reaching my stocking tops. The top was low cut and 
obviously designed with the girdle in mind. My small breasts were 
prominently displayed. A ridiculous small frilly apron finished off the 
whole outfit.

I picked up my raincoat, jumped in the car and headed for Mr 
Johnstons'. When I arrived, Mr Johnston took my coat he looked me up 
and down licking his lips as he admired his new toy. I had to call 
everyone sir or master, and be subservient at all times. I nodded "Yes 
sir". I picked up a tray of drinks from the kitchen and headed for the 
living room. As I entered I counted eight men, no women. They were all 
respectable storeowners' and seemed to be talking about business and 
the economy. As I walked around the room they all gave me admiring 
looks and began whispering to one another what they would like to do to 

I spent the first hour waitressing; the occasional hand stroked my ass, 
or slid between my legs as I filled their glasses. I began to enjoy 
myself, all these men all wanting me, their eyes roaming over my body. 
I was pouring old Mr Tomkins from the hardware store some wine when he 
out of the blue he said "Put the bottle down and suck my cock Jenny." 

I knelt between his legs, he shuffled forward slightly on his chair. I 
unzipped him and took out his cock; it was already beginning to get 
hard. I lent forward and took him in my mouth, I felt my skirt ride up 
exposing my small panties to everyone in the room. Tomkins cock swelled 
to fill my mouth. "No wonder Mrs Tomkins always has a smile on her 
face!" I used my tongue on the head of his cock. 

"Oh! That hit the spot Jenny, good girl, good girl."

I sucked him deeper into my mouth; I started to run my fingernails over 
his balls and across the little piece of skin between his balls and his 
anus. His cock throbbed, his hips jerked forwards, his hot cum filled 
my mouth. I released his rapidly softening cock; he winked at me as he 
watched me swallow.

I picked up the bottle and headed for the kitchen.

"Hey! Slow down Jenny." Mr Johnston put his arm around me and squeezed 
one of my breasts. He kissed me on the cheek; "I could do with some of 

His already hard prick was rubbing against my stockinged leg; I smiled 
and knelt in front of him. He held my head as he pushed his prick 
between my parted lips. I sucked and he fucked, his prick kept hitting 
the back of my throat, it seemed like an age before he eventually 
emptied himself into my mouth, I felt his thick white cum slither 
smoothly down my throat.

The real work of the evening had begun. All through my first two 
performances I noticed three of them wanking into their empty drinks 
glasses, they poured the contents all into one glass. Keith Smith from 
the video store brought it over to me.

"Jenny, me and a few of the boys thought you should have a drink on us" 
I took the glass, it was over half full of cum. I sniffed the bouquet, 
"A good vintage." Everyone watched as I put the glass to my lips to 
drink. I took a sip and swirled it around my mouth savouring the taste 
of three men combined. I raised the glass, tilted my head back and 
emptied it in one. I had never felt so good in my life.

I was in the kitchen cleaning some glasses when someone pushed me over 
the kitchen counter; his hands squeezed the cheeks of my ass. My 
panties were pulled down, I heard his zipper and then his hard prick 
pushed into the crack of my ass. My ass cheeks were pulled apart; I 
felt a now familiar pressure on my anus as he forced his prick inside 
me. I let out a gasp as he launched himself into me. He never said a 
word, I was just there to be fucked; and he fucked me good. I was his, 
body and soul. His balls slapped against me, I felt my insides swell 
with each thrust. He grunted; I felt warm inside as his cum gushed into 
my belly. He withdrew and returned to the party.

I took out some more wine and began refilling the men's empty glasses. 
Don Steiner from the shoe emporium took me to the centre of the room 
and removed my pre cum stained panties. He pushed them into my mouth, I 
closed my eyes in anticipation; I knew there had to be more than sex. I 
was told to get on all fours and stick my ass in the air. A small 
dribble of cum ran out of my ass. I could feel it run over my balls and 
along the length of my hard cock, before dripping onto the floor. I 
heard a "whooosh" then a sharp pain crashed through my body as my ass 
received its first feel of the cane. Then another, the cane bit into my 
soft flesh, more cum dribbled out of my asshole. The blows kept coming, 
tears rolled down my face, "Oh the pain!" "Woooosh," another blow 
landed on my ass, this time it caught my balls, "Aaaaagh! Nooooooo!" My 
prick throbbed as hot spunk sprayed onto the carpet. The blows suddenly 
stopped, the guests were cheering and clapping. 

Don knelt beside me and removed my now soaking wet panties from my 
mouth. "Lick it up!" I looked down at the globs of cum staining the 
carpet and cleaned up my mess. I crawled around on all fours, sucking 
and licking myself off the floor. I was about finished when someone 
flicked cigar ash in front of me. My mouth closed around it, making 
sure the carpet was kept clean.

Before I could stand a pair of hands firmly gripped my hips as my ass 
stretched around another mystery prick. John Deacon the Methodist 
Minister waved his short but fat cock in front of my face, I opened my 
mouth ready to receive his blessing. It wasn't long before both my 
holes were filled with cum; my jaw was beginning to ache as another 
cock appeared in front of my face. I didn't even bother to see who it 
was I just sucked for all I was worth. I lost count of how many times I 
was fucked, I couldn't swallow another drop, cum ran out of both my 
holes; my stretched ass just couldn't hold it in. 

When I recovered my senses I realised I was alone with Mr Johnston. The 
guests had gone home. I lay on the floor as they had left me, exposed, 
semi naked, looking like the slut I am.

"Did I do ok Mr Johnston?"

"You did fine Jenny" he smiled at me "we'll let you know the date of 
the next party."

"Next party?"

"You signed on for the duration Jenny, we don't often get a whore as 
good as you"

"Thank you" I whispered.

I fell asleep as Mr Johnston started fucking my ass one last time, I 
dreamed of what they would do to me next time...


I had difficulty keeping my erection under control as I Slid the black 
lace top stocking up my smooth slender leg and attached it to the 
suspenders. I admired myself in the mirror, before I put on my bra I 
just had to cup my small budding breasts. Ever since my first fuck on 
club night I had been using breast-developing cream on my chest. They 
weren't big but small and firm and all mine. My nipples were bigger 
now, more sensitive. I loved to play with them and watch them puff up 
and go hard as I got turned on. They are also fairly easy to conceal 
under male clothes, which gives me the best of both worlds.

I zipped up my little black dress and admired the young sexy woman in 
front of me. I picked up my coat and sneaked out of the house. When I 
arrived at cheryls' she was wearing a tight lycra top with a leopard 
skin print, and a short leather skirt split up one side. Cheryl took my 
coat and we went into the living room where a bottle of wine was 
waiting for us. Cheryl looked sinful as usual, her long sexy legs 
seemed to go on forever, the split in her skirt displaying her white 
thigh above her stocking top. 

We drank and chatted for quite a while about men, make-up and awful 
some of the other girls looked at the club. I sipped some more of my 
chilled white wine as I felt Cheryls' hand slide up my leg, I closed my 
eyes and let the wine trickle down my throat. Cheryls' hand went 
higher; pushing up the hem of my short dress I opened my legs. She 
began to rub my cock through my silky panties. Her lips pressed against 
mine, my mouth welcomed her tongue as it slipped in like an eel and 
caressed the back of my throat. I dropped my now empty glass to the 
floor and slid my arms around Cheryl's waist; my tongue was in her 
mouth, we both cooed with pleasure as we enjoyed each other's touch.

My hands cradled Cheryls' ass, my fingers creeping under her panties 
stroking and squeezing her peachy cheeks. I felt the cooling air on my 
right breast as my dress and bra was pulled down. I moaned as Cheryls' 
lips closed around my nipple and began to suckle. 

"Oooooo! That feels gorgeous." I pulled her panties to one side and 
released her hard cock. I wrapped my hand around Cheryls' shaft and 
gently pumped up and down. I pushed Cheryl onto her back, lowered my 
head and took her in my mouth. As I sucked her cock deep into my throat 
Cheryl manoeuvred herself under me; I felt her warm mouth close around 
the head of my prick, as her tongue flicked its tip. 




We sixty-nined both lost in our own little worlds. Cheryl was first to 
cum; her nylon-clad legs gripped my head as her hot spunk shot into my 
mouth. I sucked even harder trying to tap directly into her balls and 
suck them dry. 

"Oh yes! Nnnnnnnnghgh"

My turn, I thrust my prick deep into Cheryls' open mouth as my prick 
began to throb. Within seconds I felt my cum shooting down Cheryls' 
throat, she squeezed my balls a second jet of cum erupted out of my 
prick, Cheryl squealed in delight as my hot thick cum filled her mouth. 
We crashed into a wrecked heap as we fell of the couch onto the floor, 
giggling like schoolgirls. We helped each other up and kissed, more 
passionately even than before.

"Just you wait here Jenny, I've got a surprise!" Cheryl disappeared 
upstairs, soon to reappear holding something behind her back.

"What is it?"

She revealed a long double-headed dildo about two feet long.

"Let's fuck." She said as her hands ran all over the dildo trying to 
decide which end she liked best.

We stripped to our undies and sat facing each other legs apart; both 
licking our lips at the thought of how deep the dildo would penetrate 
our willing bodies. I watched as Cheryl pushed the head of her end of 
the dildo into her ass, her sexy little hole stretched around the head 
as it was inserted.

"Your turn Jenny!"

I felt Cheryls' eyes burning into my hole as I pushed the head of the 
dildo inside me. It felt good; my ass gripped it nice and tight, 
hugging it like an old friend.

We both moved our hips forward at the same time pushing the dildo 
deeper into our holes. We slowly moved towards each other, as the dildo 
plunged deeper into our bellies. I could feel it pushing its way into 
me, stretching my insides, "Mmmmmm!" Just how deep would it go? I 
looked down; about 4-inches separated our ass cheeks. We pushed again. 
"Shit! That's deep." I thought it was about to into my chest as our 
asses touched, we both spread the cheeks of our asses and rubbed 
ourselves against each other, the dildo moving around inside us like a 

Carefully we rolled over onto all fours, we then started rocking 
backwards and forwards fucking ourselves with the dildo, our asses 
smacked against each other as we thrust ourselves backwards. We both 
wanked ourselves furiously as we each tried to get the dildo deeper 
into ourselves. 

"Oooooooooo!" I shot my load. I looked down as the last of my cum 
dribbled onto the carpet. I heard Cheryl cry out as she came as well. 
After removing the dildo we cleaned ourselves up and took care of the 
carpet. As we talked I told Cheryl about the party at Mr Johnston's 
place. She sat in silence, open eyed in disbelief. 
"I want in!" Cheryl exclaimed.

"But I promised not to tell anyone!" How was I going to tell Mr 
Johnston I kept thinking?

"He'll love it" Cheryl enthused "Two for the price of one; and anyway 
if anyone going to be queen slut in this town it's going to be me!"

I smiled, "You know, I think you're right"

"Aren't I always" she grinned.


I explained what had happened to Mr Johnston. To my surprise Cheryl was 
right, he thought that having both of us attend the next party was a 
great idea and he said he would arrange a maids uniform for Cheryl 
straight away. The next party as it turned out was at Cliff Logan's 
house; he is the local carpenter come handyman.

Cheryl and I arrived at Cliff's. We both wore our little maid outfits, 
and did we feel sexy. Cliff welcomed us to his home and had a good feel 
of our asses as he showed us into the kitchen. As before the party 
started slowly, although both Cheryl and myself were touched up far 
more than I had been last time. I guess they had our measure and knew 
we wouldn't be making any complaints. My ass was beginning to feel 
sore, the number of times it had been pinched and slapped as I bent 
over to pour drinks, I could see from the rosy colour of Cheryls' ass 
that she was getting as much attention as me.

Keith from the video store called me over, he asked me to stand in 
front of him facing into the room. I did as I was told without 
question. His hands squeezed my small tits as he kissed and nibbled my 
neck. I could feel a growing bulge pushing against my ass. I heard his 
zipper and felt his warm wet cock slide between my legs, I closed my 
legs as asked, his prick began fucking my thighs. He told me to lift up 
my dress, everyone could see the head of his prick appearing and 
disappearing. I just stood there as Cheryl was told to kneel in front 
of me. She knelt, mouth open waiting for him to cum. I heard a soft 
groan, as his cum sprayed from between my legs and hit Cheryl in the 
face. Cheryl moved closer and took his second jet in her mouth. Once he 
had cum he zipped up and left us to go about our duties. The men smiled 
as Cheryl walked around the room collecting glasses with cum all over 
her face.

Once in the kitchen we cleaned up and prepared more drinks for the men. 
As we went around the room Cliff Logan announced that Cheryl had been 
chosen to demonstrate one of his new toys. She looked nervous as she 
walked across the room towards Cliff. He was standing next a chair with 
a sheet over it. 

"Ta Daa!" He pulled the sheet back to reveal a simple wooden chair with 
a large rubber dildo attached to the seat. 

"Now watch this!" He pulled out a remote and pressed a button, the 
dildo vibrated. Another button, it began pumping up and down, slowly at 
first but he increased the speed until it was almost a blur. He slowed 
it down and used the remote again, there was a hiss of compressed air; 
the dildo began to swell.

Cheryls' eyes were fixed on the dildo she was trembling slightly.

"Now I say I can stretch young Cheryls ass here big enough to put my 
fist in it." Cliff showed his large hands to his appreciative audience. 
I heard Cheryl take a deep breath and whimper as she realised that she 
couldn't escape her fate. Her panties had began to bulge as part of her 
looked forward to the ordeal.

I watched as Cheryl was led over to the chair, she was in a daze not 
knowing if she should believe what was about to happen. Her panties 
were removed and the dildo greased with butter. She positioned her ass 
over the tip of the dildo, everyone watched. Even switched off the 
dildo would be a snug fit. Cheryl closed her eyes and lowered herself, 
she felt her asshole stretch around the smooth rubber, the long shaft 
easing its way inside her. It was half in when it began to gently 
vibrate; Cheryl licked her lips. It slid deeper into her belly, 
impaling her; eventually her ass checks touched the chair.

The vibration increased; then again her whole body began to shake. 
Cheryl gripped the seat of the chair in an attempt to steady herself. 
Her eyes opened in surprise as she felt the dildo move upwards, it 
slowly began to fuck her. Cheryls prick stuck out from her feminine 
body hard and red. Cliff smiled and pressed the remote. The dildo 
pushed a further 3-inches into Cheryls ass, she screamed, she was 
getting a serious fucking, as the dildo plunged into her at an 
increasing speed.

"Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo!"

Everyone watched as Cliff pressed the next button. There was a hiss of 
compressed air; Cheryls' mouth fell open; as the dildo began to swell a 
jet of cum burst from her hard prick, a cheer went up in the room. The 
dildo was now twice its original size, I looked fascinated as the flesh 
of Cheryls' anus was pulled outwards on the downward stroke of the 
dildo, it seemed to be pulling her open with ease. There was a look of 
extreme pleasure and pain on her face, her arms and legs had lost their 
strength and couldn't support her, and she was completely at Cliff's 
mercy. Her ass was lifted off the seat by the thrust of the dildo. She 
lets out a strangled whimper as the dildo expanded inside her, she 
thought her insides were being ripped apart. I looked at her ass; the 
dildo must be about 4-inches across by now. Cliff stopped stretching 
her, but increased the speed of the thrusts. Pre cum dribbled from the 
end of Cheryls' semi hard cock.

Everything suddenly stopped; Cheryls' limp body sank back onto the 
chair; it was only because she had the dildo inside her that kept her 
upright. She moaned. Cliff lifted her off the chair; her ass made a 
loud slurping sucking noise as she was lifted off the dildo. He bent 
her over a table, clenched his fist and pushed it into her ass.

"Nice fit" he grinned.

Several of the guests rolled up their sleeves and pushed as much of 
their arm as they could into Cheryls' guts. I climbed under the table 
and caught her still dribbling pre cum on my tongue, she tasted so 
sweet. I took her in my mouth and gave her as much pleasure as I could, 
while the men tortured her stretched ass. I heard her groan with 
pleasure as she filled my mouth with her cum, I closed my eyes as I let 
her juice roll down my throat.

Cheryl was carried to one of the bedrooms and left to recover the only 
person who stayed was Bill Masters the undertaker. He pushed his prick 
into Cheryls' mouth, although barely conscious she automatically began 
to suck. I left them to it and returned to the party, very aware that I 
was now the centre of attention.

"Nice to see you're still with us Jenny." Fred Johnston started feeling 
my ass; he then pulled my panties down my long slim legs. 

I looked around the room; they were all naked with their large hard 
pricks pointing straight at me.

"Assume the position Jenny! Me and the boys have been more than a 
little turned on by tour friends performance tonight."

I got down on all fours, from the look of pure lust on their faces I 
knew this wasn't going to be sex; it was a gang rape. Fred pushed his 
prick into my mouth; I quickly relaxed my throat as he pushed his whole 
length into me. Another prick forced its way into my ass and began 
pumping as fast as it could. They were all so turned on none of them 
lasted long. Thick sticky cum coated the inside of my bowels as more 
rushed to join it down my throat. Every man there shot his load into 
one of my holes, even the undertaker. He took me last and kept going 
the longest. His liked to pull his prick almost completely out of my 
ass then thrust hard with long slow strokes. I moaned with sheer bliss 
as I felt his warm cum spilling inside me.

As I stood up Keith Smith told me to hold my ass cheeks open; as I did 
so he held a glass under my ass and caught the small stream of cum 
flowing out of my asshole. When he was convinced I was empty he gave me 
the glass and told me to enjoy my drink. I looked at the white and grey 
cum which had small flecks of brown all through it. I winked at Keith 
and slowly drank, savouring every delicious drop.

"It's time to try your new toy Jenny!" I froze not knowing what to do, 
but there was nothing I could do. I turned and walked over to Cliff. 

"Don't look so worried you'll enjoy this."

My maid uniform was removed; the cups of my girdle pulled down to show 
my small breasts. Cliff cupped them in his hands and began rolling my 
nipples between his fingers. I began to moan as they hardened, puffing 
up three times their normal size. I was told to put my arms out in 
front of me, my wrists were tied together; my arms were hoisted over my 
head. I could still stand fairly easily, my tits were thrust forwards 
looking bigger than they really were.

I watched with interest as Cliff attached a small metal clip to each of 
my nipples, a wire ran from the clips to somewhere behind me. I gave a 
shudder as cold metal touched my anus, whatever it was slipped easily 
into my ass; I felt its coldness penetrating deep inside me. My prick 
was hard, which is exactly how Cliff wanted it. I felt something being 
attached to my balls, and then a metal ring was fastened around the 
base of my shaft and another around the head of my cock. All had little 
wires hanging from them.

"I would like thank Steve, our local electrician for helping put this 
together. We both hope it works, but what the hell. Even if Jenny fries 
it'll still be entertaining!"

That wasn't what I wanted to hear; I just hoped it was one of Cliffs' 
very unfunny jokes. 


My nipples began to tingle as Cliff sent a very low current through my 
tits; both nipples puffed up larger than before. They began to hurt in 
a nice sort of way. 


He turned up the current. "Wow!" My tits started to tingle and buzz all 


My ass came alive and gripped the metal shaft as electricity flowed 
through it. My prick was next; my shaft wanted to explode as the 
current pulsed through my cock. I let out a long deep moan as my balls 
went live. It was fantastic, I tingled all over, and my prick was 
harder than I'd ever seen it before. I just couldn't help myself I 
started bucking my hips fucking the air trying to find some release.


The current increased sending a surge of pleasure through my body, I 
gyrated my hips as I fucked the air even harder. I heard cliff flick a 
switch; the pulses of electricity started hitting each point at random. 
My tits then ass, ass then balls, on and on. My small tits bobbed up 
and down, as my body flexed and jerked like some demented dancer.

O god, I wanted to cum. It soon hit me that they could; were going to 
keep me going like this until it bored them! My hips swayed from side 
to side, then jerked forwards. I looked around, they were watching, 
wanking, as their puppet danced for them. They kept me going for about 
30 minutes, I thought I was going to die.

Cliff raised the current another two notches, my balls began to throb I 
thought they were going to burst. 

"Ooooooh! YESsssssss!"


My whole body spasmed as my cum tore out of my balls and spewed out my 
cock. As I felt the next jet of cum racing up my shaft the power was 
cut. I hung by my arms spent, exhausted, cum dripping from my softening 

I collapsed into a heap when they let me down, I was barely aware of 
the electrodes being removed from my body. As I lie there I felt 
something warm splash against my cheek. I opened my eyes; they were 
standing over me in a circle wanking. One by one they came over me. My 
face, my legs, my breasts; I just enjoyed the moment as best I could. 

I woke the following morning with Cheryls' arms around me, she looked 
at me and smiled, we kissed.

"Did I miss much?" Cheryl asked.

"Nothing important" I replied. "Are you ok?"

"Fucking sore! But I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

There was a gentle tap on the door; Cliff walked in with breakfast and 
coffee. Once up and about Cliff gave us the date of the next party. We 
both went hard; these two sluts were gagging for it!


I was in the video store looking for the latest gore epic when Keith 
Smith the owner walked over to me.

"Glad you came in today Jimmy, we've a job for Jenny and Cheryl."

"I thought the next party wasn't for another month?"

"Oh no! This isn't a party!"

Keith explained that some guy from up north was looking to invest money 
in the town, and they wanted his stay to be as pleasant as possible. He 
would be staying at the old Miller house, Jenny and Cheryl were to make 
sure the house was clean and were to be live in maids during his visit. 
Our duties would involve all household chores and all duties sexual or 
otherwise our guest required. He would be arriving Saturday morning and 
leaving on Sunday evening. I told Keith I was sure Jenny and Cheryl 
would be available, and they wouldn't let the town down.

When we arrived at the Miller house everything we needed had been left 
outside in boxes, food, booze, etc. We went inside and started to 
clean. We both looked beautiful in our now familiar maid uniforms. My 
tits were by now a descent size, Cheryl who had started on hormones 
four or five weeks after me had already developed small firm breasts 
and like me her nipples had enlarged and grown more sensitive. While 
Cheryl scrubbed the bathroom I vacuumed the living room. We both became 
so immersed in our household duties we almost didn't hear the doorbell. 

We both rushed downstairs, a quick check in the mirror before opening 
the door. Steve Norton and Fred Johnston stood either side of a short 
fat ugly blob of a man. We both smiled and curtsied. 

"Good morning sir!" Cheryl took his case from Steve.

"This is Cheryl and I am Jenny. We are both at your service, for 
whatever you may require."

He walked into the house and looked us over, he obviously liked what he 
saw, and he began to dribble. 

"This is Mr Freeman," Fred then ushered us all into the house.

Mr Freeman was already being pretty free with my ass as we walked into 
the living room. Cheryl had taken his case to the main bedroom and was 
unpacking his things. 

"Nice ass Jenny!"

"Thank you sir."

He pulled down my top and exposed my lift breast; he twirled my nipple 
until it became hard. 

"Not a bad bit of tit either!"

"Thank you sir."

He pinched my nipple hard, pushing his nails into the sensitive bud, 
then twisted it round as far as he could. I bit my bottom lip as I 
tried to control the pain, the heat in my tit was building up, and 
eventually I gave out a strangled gasp, part pain, and part pleasure. 
He smiled at me.

"If the other bitch is like this one, I might even move down here."

He let go of my swollen nipple. "Anything to say bitch!"

"Thank you sir"

All three men laughed, as I stood before them submissive to their 
needs. Fred took Mr Freeman outside to the car; Steve gave me a pat on 
the ass and a kiss on the cheek. Then reminded me that our guest would 
be back at 8pm after he had seen the town and had dinner with the 
Mayor, we were to make sure that he got everything he asked for, 

Shortly after 8pm we heard a car pull up outside, I opened the door and 
welcomed Mr Freeman home. Cheryl had a glass of scotch waiting for him 
on a silver tray she was holding. He grabbed the glass and downed the 
triple scotch in one. 

"I need a bath!" he looked at us, "Well!"

We both went upstairs and filled the bath with hot soapy water. The 
door opened; he stood there in all his naked glory. A squat hairy man, 
his fat gut hung down covering his dick. He sat in the bath, and we 
started to wash him. He was soon covered in a thick lather as Cheryl 
washed his back I washed his chest and ran my hands through the folds 
of his belly. He stood up and we washed his legs, working our way up to 
his prick and ass. As we stated to clean his genitals.

"Use your mouths, you fucking bitches!"

Cheryl pulled open the cheeks of his ass and licked his asshole, she 
then pressed her face right into his large sagging cheeks as her tongue 
slid inside his ass and cleaned inside. She was forced to swallow the 
few flecks of shit still clinging to the inside of his ass. I lowered 
myself between his legs and sucked his balls, he became hard. 
Everything about him was short and fat. His prick was only 5-inches 
long but god was it thick. I felt my pre-cum start to wet my panties. I 
licked the head of his cock and took as much as I could into my mouth. 
Working my tongue into the tip of his prick while squeezing his balls 
he was soon ready to cum. He gave a grunt, then filled my mouth with 
cum, I swallowed and sucked, swallowed and sucked, and Cheryl drove her 
tongue as deep into his ass as she could. 

"Good, good. I see I've got a pair of real hot little bitches tonight." 
We thanked him for the compliment, finished washing him and dried him 

"You girls toilet trained?"

We looked at him, both realising the full significance to the question.

"No sir! But we are here to meet any needs you may have" I replied.

"Good! New girls can be so much more entertaining! Now Jenny, kneel in 
front of me and open your mouth!"

I did as I was told, with one hand he lifted his enormous flab, the 
other placed the head of his cock at my lips. I felt a squirt of warm 
piss fill my mouth, it tasted sharp and acidic, the familiar smell 
flooded my nose, I swallowed. 

"Good girl." A second mouthful, then a third. I could feel the warm 
liquid running down my throat and settling in my stomach. I felt 
slightly queasy but I had my duty to perform. If I was to be his 
toilet, then I would do it and enjoy it. I opened my mouth wider and 
wrapped my lips around the head of his prick and began to suck the piss 
out of him. My head started to spin, there was so much, my stomach felt 
full and still he continued to piss into my mouth. As I swallowed the 
last drop he patted me on the head.

"Well done bitch!"

I looked up at his grinning face, "Thank you sir."

After serving drinks and a snack he watched the TV news for a while, he 
told me to clean and file his nails. As I sat down beside him to give 
him a manicure, Cheryl was told to suck him off, he opened his robe and 
allowed Cheryl to crawl between his legs. It was difficult to keep my 
mind on the job as Cheryl slurped at his fat cock. Finally his nails 
were finished, Cheryl was still working hard to make him cum. I watched 
her head bob up and down, her tongue wrapping itself around his prick. 
He told her to stop; he stood up and started to wank over her. He gave 
a short grunt as his hot cum hit Cheryl in the face; she opened her 
mouth to catch as much as possible. I could see she liked the taste of 
his cum. As she licked the last couple of drops from the tip of his 
prick, he slowly pushed all the cum on her face into her mouth.

He told us to sixty-nine; the one who came first could eat his shit. We 
were both determined not to do that! We sucked each other's pricks with 
real passion, using all our little tricks to make the other cum. "Oh 
god no;" I was almost there I could feel my prick getting ready to 
shoot its load into Cheryls sexy mouth. Cheryl let out an anguished cry 
as my mouth filled with her hot cream. I pulled my mouth off her prick 
so the second jet arced through the air for our guest to see. In a 
moment of shear relief I came in Cheryls mouth, my hot cum hitting the 
back of her throat.

"Ah! So the lovely Cheryl is tonight's winner" his grin seemed even 
wider than when he pissed in me earlier.

Cheryl lay on her back looking up at the large twin mounds of white 
lard hovering over her face. He pulled open his ass cheeks giving her a 
good view of his brown ring. Cheryl lined herself up; making sure her 
mouth was directly under his asshole. Panic filled her eyes as his anus 
twitched, then began to bulge outwards. His ass was only inches from 
her mouth; a thick brown log began to emerge from his ass like some 
evil slug. Cheryls' lips trembled as the tip of the turd entered her 

Cheryls' mouth closed around the first two inches of the turd, I could 
see her mouth sucking, chewing then swallowing. The turd was pushing 
against her lips, her mouth opened, it dropped in. Looking like a giant 
cigar it stuck out of Cheryls' mouth, we both watched as she tried to 
eat it. Cheryl was struggling, but she wouldn't give in. Her eyes 
glazed over in horror as he bent forward and pushed the last four 
inches into her mouth and kept pushing until his fingers had reached 
the back of her throat. Cheryl let out a loud groan as she felt the 
solid lump slide down her throat into her waiting stomach.

He looked down at Cheryl, "Throw up and you eat the lot again!"

Cheryl just nodded as she felt a wave of nausea sweep through her. 

As Cheryl was clearly not able to finish the job, it fell to me to lick 
his ass clean. As I licked the smears of shit from his ass cheeks his 
anus bulged outwards; the last remaining few inches of his turd was 
expelled from his body. I opened my mouth and sucked it inside. The 
acrid taste of the soft brown shit was overpowering; I closed my eyes 
and swallowed. My tongue pushed into his ass and I continued to clean 

The following morning Cheryl and I cleaned the house and cooked Mr 
Freeman the full English breakfast he had ordered. He sat at the table 
in his bathrobe and tucked into the large meal before him.

"How's my two little shit eaters this morning?"

"Fine, thank you sir."

"I think I should warn you my morning shit is much more unpalatable!"

I thought "morning shit!" I looked at Cheryl; there was nothing we 
could do.

"That's quite all right sir" we answered together.

He laughed, "They certainly know how to pick their bitches in this 

He led us out to the porch, on the floor there were four dog dishes, 
two contained runny light brown turds, the remaining two bright yellow 

"Get on hour knees and enjoy!"

We both climbed onto all fours and began lapping with our tongues at 
the piss, I knew we would have to eat his shit so I took the plunge. I 
began by licking the thick brown liquid coating the bottom of the bowl; 
it was disgusting I lapped it up all the more. Cheryl followed my lead. 
I took a bite out of the turd, its soft mushy texture filled my mouth, 
and I licked my lips and swallowed. As I lowered my head to the bowl I 
felt his fat prick push against my ass. With my mouth full of shit he 
pushed into me, his fat prick stretched me. He didn't go deep but I 
felt so full. He slapped my ass.

"Eat bitch!"

As he fucked me he pushed my face into the bowl; my open mouth took in 
all it could, savouring the repulsive taste. I wondered how low I would 
go to be the town's filthiest slut. God, his prick felt good. I drank 
down more piss as he raped my ass, I was his bitch and I knew it. As I 
licked the bowls clean I felt his hot cum fill my bowels, I let out a 
moan of pure satisfaction, knowing what a good slut I was.

I looked at Cheryl, she too was just finishing the last of his piss 
with a smile on her face. We kissed each other, enjoying the taste of 
each other's shit lined mouth. Mr Freeman dressed and went to a meeting 
in town. We waited for his return.

It was three in the afternoon when Fred Johnston came to the house and 
congratulated us on a job well done. Mr Freeman had signed on the 
dotted line and the town would benefit from a new multi-million dollar 
plant, providing a massive boost for the local economy. 

"But there's a catch, a get out clause!" he added. "We don't get a 
penny unless you two agree to be his slaves."

Cheryl and I looked at each other and winked.

"You've gotta good deal their Fred" we both giggled, as the thoughts of 
what disgusting things Freeman would make us do turned us on.

It was with some sadness that we left our little town, but what did the 
future hold? Watch out world; low life here we come!


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