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By Scamp(UK)


Mom was in a foul mood, mom and dad had been planning this holiday for 
ages and the day we were due to go; bang! Dads' office called, an 
important client wanted some work done like yesterday and dad was who 
they wanted. I guess it was kinda flattering they chose him, and it 
made his promotion all the more certain, but was mom interested, NO! 
Dad just managed to get out of the house in one piece, leaving me to 
face the music. I didn't want to go to the coast, I'd would have rather 
have stayed at home with the guys from school and surfed the net. I was 
about to say so too, when I saw that look on moms' face. You know the 
one, the one that says, "just you dare step out of line mister!"

"Yes mom!" I ran to my room and packed everything I needed in about 10 
minutes flat.

The drive was long and boring, I sat staring out of the window and 
wondered if I could survive two weeks away from my PC. It was late 
evening when we arrived, the sun was just going down; a few people 
walked the beach. It was that in between time when people were busy 
preparing for the night ahead after an exhausting day relaxing on the 
beach. Mom had calmed down by now and was beginning to regret what she 
had called dad. She knew it wasn't his fault, and he was as 
disappointed as she was. Why did this always have to happen?

As we were on holiday mom let me have a few beers while we watched the 
TV. We were both surprisingly tired. I fell asleep on the couch, well, 
that's where I was when I woke up the next morning. The sun poured in 
through the wide beach house windows and the delicious smell of eggs 
and bacon wafted from the kitchen. I swung my legs off the couch and 
stood up. SHIT! The whole room jumped 3 feet to the left; I sat back 
down again as my head began to spin. Mom walked in with a beaming 

"Well mister, I thought you could handle your drink?"

"Get a doctor mom! I think I'm dying!"

Mom handed me a glass full white fizzy water. "Ugh!" was it awful.

"You'll survive, have some breakfast you'll feel a lot better."

After wolfing my breakfast down and drinking several mugs of black 
coffee, well that's what they do in the movies. My head felt lots 
better, my stomach felt worse. Eventually my body decided I was too 
young to die just yet and I felt ok by about lunchtime. I decided to 
see what the outside world looked like, I went out onto the front 
porch. My jaw hit the floor, my eyes bulged out so much they hurt, wall 
to wall female flesh, everywhere!

"So you found the door at last!"

I turned to face mom, "O man." Mom was walking towards me, almost 
wearing a white bikini. Two tiny white triangles covered her nipples 
leaving nearly all of her large white breasts uncovered. My eyes moved 
down her body, her bottom half was equally exposed. A thin strip of 
material covered her pussy, held in place by thin ties on each side. 
Mom was about as naked as you could get with your clothes on.

"Don't be such a prude Terry!" 

I closed my mouth, and smiled.

"Wow! Mom, I bet you're the best looking woman on the beach."

"Why thank you; this was supposed to be a surprise for your father. I 
guess he'll just have to wait until next year now."

"Oh! Mom; you're a real babe. I bet all the guys on the beach will go 
blind looking at you."

Mom smiled at me. 

"Well they're out of luck, you can tell them from me this babe is 
private property, the property of the Carlson family."

"You bet mom!"

As mom walked indoors I just couldn't help looking at her ass, the 
bikini disappeared between her firm cheeks. O fuck, was I hard.  Mom 
reappeared 5 minutes later with a tube of sun cream, her tits jiggled 
as she rubbed the cream into her skin. She slid her hands over her 
breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze as she smoothed in the thick 
white sun block. I limped to my room trying to hide my hard on, and 
jerked off over a mental picture of my mother!

I was still in my room an hour later, trying to think up ways of seeing 
mom naked. I had never thought of mom as a woman before mom was, well, 
just mom. In the short time of 60 minutes I has discovered a new 
obsession. Mom was calling my name, wearing just swimming trunks I went 
to see what she wanted.

"There you are," mom rolled onto her belly, much to my disappointment. 
"Do my back will you."

My hand trembled as I picked up the tube of sun cream; my prick started 
to harden. I squeezed the cream onto moms' back and began massaging it 
in. My prick was already hard.

"Mmmmmmm! That's nice"

After finishing her back I took a chance and squeezed to big blobs of 
cream onto her ass. I was expected her to object as soon as the cool 
cream touched her cheeks. Mom said nothing. I slid my hands over moms' 
ass exploring her cheeks as I rubbed in the cream. Mom parted her legs 
slightly; I could see the outline of her pussy through the thin white 
material. I let out a gasp as I suddenly realised that mom must have 
shaved her pussy. My mom, she shaves her cunt just like in the 
magazines, wow!

"If you don't stop rubbing my ass pretty soon, you'll wear it out!"

"Sorry mom! I just didn't want you getting burnt."

"I bet!"

I went back inside and decided to explore the house for good vantage-
point for peeping on mom. Nothing! Short of drilling holes through the 
wall I was stuck; but then again, why not drill a few holes? I spent 
the rest of the day searching for a non-existent drill. I went to bed 
frustrated and horny. 

The next morning mom was out sunbathing as expected.

"Hi mom"

"Morning Terry"

"D, Do you need your b, back rubbed today?"

"Mmmm, why not, you did a real good job yesterday."

Mom rolled over, her legs were open wide and her arms were raised over 
her head rather than at her sides. Her breasts bulged out, looking 
smooth and creamy. I rubbed her back then moved onto her ass like 
yesterday, but didn't spend too much time on her ass this time. I let 
some cream miss her back and run down onto her left breast, mom said 
nothing. My hands continued their circular motion as they moved from 
her shoulders down her back; I kept smoothing in the cream level with 
mom's breasts. I slowly moved my hands down her sides, my fingertips 
touched her soft warm tit flesh, mom didn't object. I gave the sides of 
her tits a gentle squeeze; I heard her gasp and returned to rubbing her 
back. She still hadn't said anything her eyes were closed. I looked at 
her pussy and dripped some cream onto moms' inner thigh, just below her 
crotch. My hands slid over her legs slowly moving upwards. I knew I 
couldn't just touch her there, I had to content myself with running my 
fingers along the edge of her bikini bottoms.

"What are you doing young man?"

"Nothing mom!"

"Well I think it's time you did nothing somewhere else."

"Ok mom."

I decided to investigate the attic and stumbled across some magazines 
on naturists; they were only a few months old and did a good job 
selling a healthy natural image. How to get in touch with your natural 
self, be at one with nature and the environment, get closer to your 
family without the guilt, free yourself from the prison of social 
taboo, your clothes are like dead skin, reveal the real you. I knew mom 
was a real sucker for the hard sell, mom is one of those people who 
believes what she reads. My next course of action was clear, make sure 
these magazines were mixed in with the others on the rack.

That evening after mom had just finished her shower, she sat down in 
just her bathrobe and started to flick through the magazine rack; I 
made some excuse to go to my room. Once upstairs I made all the right 
noises to make it sound as if I was in my room for the night, I turned 
on the TV just loud enough to cover any noise I made as I crept out, 
but low enough not to annoy mom. I watched as she opened the first 
magazine, she began to read.

As mom turned the pages her legs gradually crept open, she placed the 
magazine next to her on the couch, her free hand slid under her robe, 
mom began to moan. I watched fascinated as mom masturbated. I held my 
breath has her robe opened, I could just see her cleavage. Mom let the 
robe fall from her shoulders, both her tits were in full view, her hand 
reached up and pulled at her nipples. Her large dark brown nipples 
stood out against the white of her skin, as she twisted her teats they 
became erect, moms' whole nipple puffed out as her groans became more 
urgent. Her robe fell open completely now, as one hand turned the pages 
her other hand buried three fingers into her smooth pussy. I was 
disappointed that I couldn't see that much of her pussy moms' hand was 
in the way.


Moms' chest was thrust out, as her breathing became heavier, her hand 
worked on her pussy faster and harder. 


Moms' whole body went stiff then seemed to judder as she came. Silently 
I crept back to my room wondering what new opportunities tomorrow would 

The following day mom asked if I was going out anywhere, I told her I 
was going wander into town and would probably be 3 to 4 hours. This was 
a lie, it was just so obvious mom didn't want me around. We said our 
goodbyes and I walked until I was out of sight of the house, I then 
turned around and crept back in. I watched as mom hung some towels 
along the front of the porch making sure that no one on the beach could 
see her. She sat on her beach towel and took off the top of her bikini, 
quickly followed by the bottoms. She smoothed the sun cream over her 
body paying special attention to her nipples and pussy. Mom lay on her 
back legs open wide fingering herself. By now my prick was as hard as 
iron. I went to my room and loaded my auto-focus pocket camera. On the 
forth attempt I managed to get the film in, I crept downstairs. Mom had 
finished playing with herself, disappointed I had to think of what to 
do. Mom had dozed off; her slow rhythmic breathing caused her still 
exited breasts to move up and down. I walked out onto the porch and 
took the first of 36 pictures. How I was going to get them developed 
was something I would have to figure out later.

I let mom doze for an hour; I changed into my trunks, re-loaded my 
camera and walked onto the porch.

"Hi mom!" Mom looked up at me still half-asleep.

"Wow! You look really great!" I raised the camera and fired of 3 shots.

"Nooooooo!" Mom suddenly remembered she was naked, as she sat up and 
tried to cover herself I fired off several more pictures.

"W, What are you doing here?"

"The town's dead, so I came back early."

Mom had her right hand over her pussy and her left hand covered her 
right breast. Her left breast bulged over her arm fully exposed. I 
fired off some more shots. Mom was flustered she didn't know what to 

"Stop that! NOW!"

"What's wrong mom, you look beautiful."

"That's not the point!"

"Who's the prude now! Anyway these will show dad what he's missed."

Mom thought for a moment then smiled, "He'll be really pissed won't 

"Sure! And I bet he doesn't miss another holiday, that's what you want 
isn't it?"

Mom grinned, "Ok mister; how do you want me?"

This was amazing; it has got to be a dream! I got mom to kneel with her 
knees about a foot apart and cupping her breasts with her hands. I 
slowly made the poses more daring, holding just her nipples she pulled 
her heavy breasts upwards. She knelt on all fours pulling her ass 
cheeks apart displaying her tight asshole, legs spread as wide as she 
could get them mom held her pussy open, I moved closer as she tweaked 
her clit. Moms' moans became louder as she pushed her fingers deeper 
into her wet pussy. I let mom get on with the show as I took more 

"O Terry! I'm cumming, your moms' cumming!"


Moms whole body shook then went limp; she lay there, fingers still 
inside herself smiling at me. I took the two last pictures on the roll. 

"If you're going to lay in the sun I'd better put some cream on you!"

"You do whatever you want, Terry"

I stood over mom and pulled my trunks to one side, releasing my hard 
cock. Moms' eyes widened, she was about to stop me.

"It's only fair mom! I watched you, you should get to watch me!"

She relaxed as I started pumping my prick with my hand, she watched 
every movement, and mom licked her lips in anticipation. As I wanked I 
knelt down, I was now straddled over moms' belly my right hand pumped 
harder, and my left reached out and began teasing moms' right nipple. 
She made a small cooing sound but made no move to stop me. 

"Here it comes mom, here it is!"

My first jet of cum landed on moms' tits, I managed to move forwards 
slightly. The second and third squirts hit her face, at least half 
going into her open mouth. She licked her lips and swallowed. I reached 
down and pushed all the cum still on moms' face into her mouth. She 
sucked my finger as it slid between her lips, then using both hands I 
massaged the white sticky blobs of cum that were on her tits into her 
skin until it had all been absorbed by her body.

"O boy! That was really great mom!"

"Glad to have been of service sir!" she said sarcastically "Now how 
about a proper rub down before I burn out here!"

I picked up a bottle of sun oil; mom had used up all the cream. I 
poured some onto her belly and began rubbing it in, with slow 
deliberate motions I covered her body with a layer of shimmering oil. 
Saving the best till last I had only moms' tits and pussy to do. Mom 
gasped as I poured the cool oil over each of her nipples, as I massaged 
her breasts her nipples returned to their previous state of excitement. 
I loved it as they puffed up; her whole areola formed a perfect brown 
dome that stood an inch high, tipped with moms' erect teats. Mom opened 
her legs; I poured oil directly onto her pussy. Mom groaned and wiggled 
her hips. I slowly massaged her lips, my fingers brushed against her 
clit as they found moms' hole. My fingers slid into moms' pussy with 
ease, lubricated by sun oil and pussy juice her pussy was ready and 

"Not just yet baby! Do your mommy's back first."

Mom rolled over and I started again, by now my prick was hard and ready 
for action, but I didn't mind. I was sure I was going to fuck mom, and 
I knew that she was worth the wait. Her ass looked at me inviting me to 
touch it; the oil ran over her cheeks as I poured it on, I placed the 
bottle between her cheeks and watched mom wriggle as the oil ran 
between over her asshole then onto her already wet pussy. As I rubbed 
her ass I let my hand slide between her ass cheeks and started to 
massage her anus; I felt it open slightly and grip the tip of my 
finger. Mom raised her ass, I pushed; mom groaned as my finger went 
inside her. As I finger fucked moms' ass I pushed in two fingers, mom 
began frigging herself. It wasn't long before mom climaxed, as her body 
jerked her ass seemed to suck my fingers as deep as they could go. 
"O Terry, you've been real good to your mom today, let me rest now, ok 

Mom must have seen the look of pure lust written all over my face turn 
to frustration and disappointment.

"Don't worry baby! Mommy will give you real treat tonight!"

I winked at her and went inside to jack off yet again.

It was mid evening and I was getting the idea that thus treat was never 
going to arrive. Mom had gone upstairs about 10 minutes ago, I waited. 
Eventually mom re-appeared, she had her bathrobe on, a towel over her 
arm and a bottle in her hand. 

"Time for your treat." Mom spread the towel on the floor. "Come on get 
your clothes off; I'm going to give you a massage."

I took off my clothes not really knowing what to expect. Mom made me 
lie face down; she stood behind me so I couldn't see what she was 
doing. The next thing I know Moms' straddled my back and is rubbing 
some sort of oil into my shoulders. As I enjoyed the soothing massage 
it struck me that I couldn't feel any of moms' clothing against my 
skin, and my back felt slightly wet just where her pussy was. My prick 
jumped to attention, mom was naked. Oh boy, this was going to be good.

Mom worked her way around my body; she was massaging my butt when I 
felt more oil running down my butt crack and over my balls.

"Oh mom, Oh mom!"

I jerked as her fingernails brushed against my balls and started to 
tickle me between my balls and anus. Oh man that was good. Moms' finger 
slid between the cheeks of my butt. No she wouldn't; her finger forced 
its way into my well-oiled anus. It hurt a bit, but wasn't as bad as I 
thought it would be. I felt mom kissing the cheeks of my butt as she 
pushed two fingers into my virgin ass. 

Moms' voice was deep and sexy, "Turn over you little shit."

I lay on my back looking up at moms' tits. Did they look big from down 
here! She poured oil all over her tits and used them to massage my 
chest, I was in heaven. Mom worked her way down my body, soon my hard 
prick was being smothered in breast flesh, and every now and then one 
of moms' hard nipples would rub against the head of my cock. 

"Oh mom! I can't take any more! Ooooooooo!"

I was getting near to cumming and mom knew it, she started wanking my 

"Come on Terry, cum for mommy, cum for mommy."

My prick started to throb; my balls were ready to release their load. O 
god; moms' warm mouth closed around the head of my prick. I came 
straight into her mouth, mom sucked as I came, she wanted every drop 
and she got it. As my cock started to soften I watched mom lick it 

"That was the best mom! What a babe."

"I'm not finished with you yet" 

Mom sucked my prick making it hard in double quick time, what a turn 
on. She moved around into a sixty-nine, her juicy pussy was just inches 
from my face. I opened her pussy lips and looked at the little fleshy 
button that was her clit, her hole was moist and pink. Without really 
thinking I thrust my tongue into her, I just wanted to taste her 
juices, I heard a muffled groan. I licked her clit, and then I sucked 
it into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue. Moms' sucking went up 
a notch. Her juices began to flow into my mouth."

"You taste so good mom, you taste real good!"

Without warning mom rolled off me and straddled my legs, her tits 
looked enormous her nipples rock hard. She positioned my cock at the 
entrance to her pussy.

"Is this what you want Terry?"


"Are you sure? There's no going back!"

"I wanna fuck you juicy cunt mom!"

I couldn't believe what I had just said; moms' pussy gripped the head 
of my cock, I watched as her soft sexy pussy slowly ate my shaft. I 
grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed them hard as mom bounced up and 
down; I matched moms' rhythm and thrust up as she came down. We rolled 
over so I was now on top, with moms' legs over my shoulders I fucked 
her well and hard.

"Nnnnnnghgh! Fuck me Terry, Fuck your mom!"

Mom was moaning like it was going out of fashion, my prick plunged in 
and out of her cunt, covered in her juices. 

"I'm gonna cum! Mommys' gonna cum baby!"

Moms' pussy gripped my prick as she came, my balls shot their load 
right on cue, I felt so good filling my own mom with a belly full of 
cum. We lay next to each other exhausted, mom leaned over and kissed me 
on the mouth, we kissed for about five minutes, exploring each other's 
mouth with our tongue.

"Oh baby! That was good."

"I love you mom."

We both cleaned up and went to bed. A dream had come true; I couldn't 
wait for tomorrow.

The next morning mom was sitting on the couch wearing just a white 
blouse knotted around her waist and her bikini bottoms. She was reading 
one of the naturist magazines I had left out.

"Hi mom."

She looked up as I walked towards her. 

"Terry; I think we should talk."

I kissed her; pushing my tongue into her mouth, mom didn't pull away.

"I don't think this is right!" she gasped as I pulled away.

I sat beside her and slid my hand inside her blouse, I felt her nipple 
respond as I rolled it between my fingers. 

"Of course it's right mom, we've never been closer; and I really enjoy 
giving you pleasure and making you cum. You do enjoy cumming don't 

"Mmmmm! Of course I do. Ooooooooo! It's just that you're my son and. 
Nnnnnnnngh! Fuck me! Oh Terry I want to feel you cum inside me!"

Who was I to disobey my loving mom? Her clothes fell to the floor as I 
sucked greedily on her nipples. Both now naked I told mom I wanted her 
doggie style, she got onto all fours and wiggled her ass at me.

"Please fuck me! Please!"

Without any thought of foreplay or discomfort to mom I grabbed her hips 
and thrust forward. 


I drove my prick right into her pussy as far as it would go. At that 
moment in time she was just a cunt begging to be fucked, and I fucked 
her. Harder she panted as I pounded my prick into her. Gradually her 
juices made her pussy nice and slick. I smeared her asshole with her 
juice and pushed my thumb into her ass.

"Nnnnnnnnnngh! That's it baby, fuck me like a slut! Oooooooooo!"

I pulled my prick out of her pussy and placed it on her lubricated 

"No Terry! Not there! Please! Nooooooo!"

I pushed hard, mom resisted at first but I managed to get the head of 
my cock in her ass. She tried to crawl away; I kept hold of her hips 
and lunged forwards. 

My prick forced it whole length into her bowels; I fucked her ass just 
as hard as I fucked her pussy. As mom became used to the sensation of a 
prick fucking her ass she started to enjoy the wanton feeling it gave 

"Oh Terry, treat me like a whore! Nnnnnnnnngh!"

Mom was near to cumming, so was I.

"Oh baby! Let me be your cunt, Ooooooooo!  I'll do anything, just keep 
fucking me!"

My prick bulged inside her as my hot cum hit the insides of her belly, 
mom couldn't hold back any longer.

"Mmmmmmmgh! Nnnnnnnghgh!"

We collapsed in a heap on the floor, cum dripped out of her ass onto 
the carpet. 

"Lick it clean mom!"

Mom licked my prick clean, running her tongue all around its head, 
sucking my balls. I was in charge now; this is where the holiday fun 
really begins...


The holiday was over before we realised it, Mom and I had discovered a 
new and exiting side to our relationship we were both loath to let go. 
During the second week mom had taken down the towels she'd hung around 
the porch and sunbathed nude for all to see. I found out that she was 
really turned on by the idea of people watching her, looking at her 
defenceless naked body. I wasn't complaining, mom was fucking me stupid 
every night to get it out of her system.

To make sure our little secret was safe from dad, we even went as far 
as taking roll after roll of boring holiday snaps, mom by the car beach 
in background, me by the car, mom and me by the car, I think you get 
the idea. With dad around the house we had to let things cool off. I 
always managed to squeeze moms' ass behind dads' back or have a quick 
grope of her tits when the opportunity presented itself. Much to our 
relief dad was given his much-deserved promotion. It meant more 
travelling and he would be away from home at least two nights a week, 
to dads' surprise mom said it was a wonderful opportunity for him to 
show the company what he really could do. Dad spent the next two weeks 
in a somewhat stunned state, he was waiting for the argument and the 
tears, but they didn't appear, he never did figure out what he'd done 

Dads' first night away coincided with our weekly shop, so I had to go 
with mom to help carry the shopping. Once at the store I left mom 
pushing the trolley getting all the usual bit and bobs for the 
following week. I finally caught up with her about 40 minutes later and 
added my own selection to her trolley.

"What on earth have you got there!" mom started rummaging through my 

"Well; I thought I would pick up a few bits for tonight, seeing as dads 
not home."

"I see, so what exactly have you got in here?"

I had to come clean, "A bottle of wine, some of that spray on cream, a 
cucumber, a really big carrot, some film for my camera, a tub of 
margarine, Oh and I found some seamed stockings for you to wear."

Mom went bright red as she realised that apart from the stockings and 
film, every item on my list would find its way inside her body at some 
point in the evening.

"I guess we'd better get going, if I'm to get ready for your little 

We didn't say much on the way home, what was there to say, I knew what 
turned mom on and as long as I pushed the right buttons she would do 
whatever I asked. There was a downside of course, to stay in her good 
books I had to dress a bit smarter clean my room and do odd jobs around 
the house. The rewards for these small sacrifices were enormous, and 
well worth the effort.

After our evening meal mom went upstairs to shower and change, I went 
into the garden and moved some of the plastic chairs closer to the 
house. Mom came down sometime later looking amazing; she was wearing 
her 4-inch heels the black seamed stockings, her red panties with 
matching suspender belt and bra, and a smile of course. I gave mom a 
glass of wine, and loaded my camera. Mom went over to the couch and 
posed on one of the arms. I shook my head and led mom to the back 

"I can't go out here dressed like this!"

"Of course you can, you know everyone's watching the TV this time of 

"But what if they're not?"

"Then they're in for a very pleasant surprise!"

I knew I was winning the argument, this was just what mom wanted, plus 
her pussy was giving her away, a small damp patch was visible on her 
panties. I gave mom another glass of wine. She went over to the chair 
and stood with one knee on the seat and began posing. Tame stuff at 
first, but a bottle of wine later mom was ready to give the neighbours 
a show.

I pulled the garden table into the centre of the lawn; the neighbours 
should get a good eyeful if they could be bothered to get off their 
backsides. Mom was down to her suspender belt, stockings and shoes. I 
gave mom the tub of margarine; she ripped of the top and sank her 
fingers into the yellow grease. She smeared it all over her tits and 
pussy, I snapped away hoping the flash would attract some attention. As 
she turned around her fingers disappeared into her ass, stretching her 
tight little asshole. Mom was groaning as I handed her the cucumber. 
She held it in her hands just looking at its rough skin and wide girth, 
she raised it to her mouth and began licking and sucking the tip. 
Slowly she lay across the table knees raised and placed the cucumber at 
the entrance to her pussy. It sank into her pussy, her clit rubbing 
against its rough skin; mom began to fuck herself. At first she was 
only using the first 6-inches, but mom gradually drove it deeper into 
her pussy. A mixture of margarine, sweat and pussy juice formed a pool 
between her legs. The cucumber made a loud schlurping sound as it slid 
in and out of her body.


A full 10-inches was going in now, these pictures were hot.


Moms' pace was getting faster; her head was thrown back, her tits 
heaved up and down.

"I'm cumming! Rrrrrrrrrghgh! O god! Nnnnnnnnnnghghgh!"

Mom arched her back; her body shook as her climax burst through her. As 
she got her head together I handed her the carrot. She just looked at 
me blankly.

"We can't have your ass feeling left out, can we!"

Mom greased the giant carrot and began working it into her ass, like 
the cucumber mom started with small thrusts but very soon it was almost 
disappearing from sight as her ass swallowed it. Her free hand rubbed 
her clit; she looked at me as I walked around her shooting every detail 
from every angle.

"Oooooooo! Shit!"

Mom shook the whole table as she came for a second time. Totally 
exhausted she just lay on the tabletop not caring if the whole world 
was watching. I walked over to her and pushed the cucumber back into 
her pussy. I lay mom on her side and took several shots of both her 
holes bulging with natures goodness. I then took out my prick and 
pushed it into her open mouth, she started to suck without even 
thinking about it. I looked down and finished the roll with pictures of 
my prick fucking moms' face. After shooting my load down her throat I 
took her indoors, I really did fancy some cream on my tart tonight. 

I let mom lounge on the couch, legs apart displaying her ample charms. 
I went to the kitchen and took the can of cream out of the fridge. I 
sprayed a little on each of her hard nipples, she moaned, then moaned 
again as I licked it off and sucked her tits. I pushed the nozzle into 
her pussy; mom gasped as the cool cream filled her hole. I pushed my 
finger between her pussy lips, it re-emerged covered in a white creamy 
slime, and I pushed it into moms' mouth and watched her suck it clean.

"Eat my cunt Terry! Be a good boy and eat Mommys cunt!"

Holding her pussy open I began lapping at the cream, gently at first, 
then I thought what the fuck! And buried my face in moms' pussy, 
sucking the delicious mix of cream and pussy juice into my mouth. 

"Oooooh baby! You're gonna make me cum!"

I pulled moms' clit into my mouth and tried to suck it clean off her 


I sucked harder as moms' legs wrapped around my head.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Unnnngh! Nnnnnnnnnngh!"

As she came, a thick squirt of her juice filled my mouth; I drank it 
greedy for more. We then sat with our arms around each other, just 
enjoying the moment.

"Did you enjoy being in the garden mom?"

"You know I did."

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear."

"And what exactly does that mean?"

"Wait and see mom, wait and see."

I went to sleep that night trying to think of ways mom could be 
displayed around the town. I reasoned that if she would flash in public 
places I could get her to go the naked in public as well.

We started the following week when we went shopping. Mom wore 4-inch 
heels a short denim mini skirt that buttoned down the front and a white 
blouse. As we walked around the store the men and quite a few women 
openly admired moms' tits, a dark shadow made by her brown nipples 
could clearly be seen through the fabric of her blouse. Mom unbuttoned 
a few more buttons, as she leant forward over the chiller cabinets her 
large breasts swung down, barely contained. As she looked around about 
twenty men suffered whiplash as they tried to look away and pretend 
they weren't ogling moms' tits. Mom looked at me and winked.

As we wandered around the store mom started taking an interest in 
almost anything on the bottom shelf. She would squat down letting her 
legs part, and her skirt ride up giving anyone looking a flash of her 
smooth shaven pussy. Mom was the cause of at least six trolley crashes, 
one of which demolished a display of fresh fruit. Carefully picking our 
way though the oranges, peaches and mangoes that were rolling around 
the floor, we decided it was time to leave. 

When we got in the car, mom sat behind the wheel head thrown back 
fingering herself for all she was worth.

"Oh god! That was good, did you see their faces Terry?"

I reached over and pulled open moms' blouse. Her nipples stood out nice 
and hard as her tits jiggled in time with her thrusting fingers. Never 
without my camera I fired of a few shots, in the background you could 
see husbands being pulled away by disapproving wives, guys my age 
comparing my mom to theirs, and licking their lips. Mom let out a deep 
guttural grunt as she came; her skin glistened with sweat. As we drove 
home I looked forward to really good fuck!

We were hardly through the front door when I sank my hard cock into 
moms' slopping wet pussy; her juices were running down the insides of 
her legs making her thighs slick and shiny. 

"Fuck me! Hurry up and fucking fuck me!"


Without ceremony I drove my whole length into her hot pussy. Mom 
wrapped her legs around me and tried to push me deeper inside her. We 
fucked like animals, rolling around on the floor. Our mouths locked 
together as my prick sank into her soft willing flesh. Her hard nipples 
pressed into my chest, I managed to grab hold of a nipple as we rolled 
over. I pinched it hard!

"Ooooooooooo! I'm cumming Terry!"

As I felt my balls throb I pinched moms' nipple again, harder this 

"I'm cumming baby! Mommy's cumming!"

Moms' pussy grabbed my prick as I filled her with hot cum, I couldn't 
stop; I thought she was sucking balls out through my prick. 

"Oh baby! That was good, real good."

"Mom you're the best! The best piece of ass any son could want."

We kissed, and looked forward to next week's shop.

The following week I persuaded mom that she needed some new clothes, 
the first shop on our list was the shoe store. I had decided mom needed 
some new 5-inch stiletto's, mom agreed with a wicked grin. I went in 
the store first and waited for the show to begin.

Wearing a short black leather mini skirt with her black stockings and a 
tight fitting black jumper and a pair of 3-inch heels mom walked into 
the store. She browsed the shelves waiting for one of the young male 
assistants to become free. Mom spotted a sweet looking 17 year old and 
casually asked for his help.

"Certainly madam, how can I be of assistance?"

"Do you stock 5-inch stiletto's?"

"Err, yes madam, what style would you like?"

"Mmmm, I don't really know, something sexy, I want a pair of shoes that 
say, "fuck me!"

He suddenly went a bright shade of red; mom was enjoying herself.

"Why don't you choose?" mom said, "pick something that turns you on!"

Five minutes later he appeared with a pair of sandal style shoes that 
showed off moms' feet to perfection. Mom sat down and slipped off her 
shoes, the sales assistant held out the right shoe for mom to try on. 
Instead of taking it mom just raised her right foot and offered it to 
him. He couldn't believe his luck; he knelt down and slid his hand down 
moms' calf to her ankle, then carefully placed the shoe on her foot. 
With one shoe on mom offered her left foot, after fitting the shoe he 
stroked the back of moms' leg. 

"I'm not really sure about them!" A footstool was in front of the chair 
next to moms' with the assistant still on his knees in front of her she 
placed her right foot on the stool. This simple act opened her legs 
displaying her juicy pussy; her pussy lips opened before him like the 
petals of a flower. Mom smiled at the assistant, and licked her lips as 
she admired the bulge in his trousers.

"Do you really think they say fuck me?" 

"O, o, o, yes!"

"Would you like to fuck me?"

"M, M, Madam! I, I, I!"

That was as far as he got, a large wet patch blossomed on the front of 
his trousers. He went redder than I though possible and fled into the 
back of the shop. 

Mom decided she liked the shoes and would keep them on, once she had 
settled the bill we headed for the lingerie section of the town's 
department store.

Once there we quickly found the sexy undies, as usual there were 
several men looking suitably embarrassed as their wives forced them to 
help choose their underwear. Mom picked up a pair of see-through 
panties very aware that the few men present were watching her. Mom then 
picked up a matching half-cup bra and held it up against her tits.

"Terry! Do you think this one makes my tits look too big?"

Mom was now cupping her tits through her clothes, filling the cups of 
the bra.

"No mom! It looks real neat, why don't you try it on?"

With the panties and bra mom headed for the changing room, I pointed 
her towards one that was in full view of our audience. Once inside mom 
left the curtain open about two inches, just enough for me to see what 
she was doing. Mom slipped of her clothes and pulled on the panties, 
the thin gossamer material clung to her pussy like a second skin; she 
turned around to show me the thin panties disappearing into her ass 
crack leaving her cheeks naked. The bra was next, the half cup lifted 
her breasts leaving her hard nipples exposed, mom tweaked them, her 
teats stood to attention as the rest of her nipple puffed outwards. Mom 
then stood right in the doorway behind the curtain. That was my cue, I 
pulled open the curtain and in a loud voice.

"Hurry up mom! Please!"

Mom pretended I wasn't there as in full view of the store she squeezed 
her tits together, and pulled her panties higher; making them seem to 
cut into her wet pussy lips. Mom posed and pouted into the mirror, 
waiting for me to close the curtain. But instead I.

"Mom! There's a better mirror out here!"

She looked at where I was pointing, the mirror was about fifteen feet 
from the changing room, and she would have to walk past at least three 
men. Looking every inch a supermodel mom stepped out and slowly walked 
to the mirror making sure everyone had a good look at her exposed body. 
Moms' hard nipples jutted out; a trickle of pussy juice ran down her 
thigh and soaked into her stocking top. Everyone just looked and 
stared, as mom stood in front of the mirror and played with her tits, 
squeezing them, lifting them up and licking her own nipples. The 
security card reached for something; it wasn't his gun. I went to the 
changing room and took moms' purse. We then walked over to the pay desk 
and paid for the undies. The cashier looked at mom, then down at her 
own tits.

"If I had tits like yours I be out there with ya! That's one horny body 
you've got there!"

To my surprise mom kissed the cashier on the lips, and then walked back 
to collect her clothes.

I think you know what happened when I got mom home!


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