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   The following story contains graphic descriptions of various sex acts.
   If you are not at least 18 years of age, or do not care for this type
   of literature, please leave now.

   This work is copyrighted by the author. Under no circumstances may this
   be sold without the expicit permission of the author.

                                 By Matt H.
   Elaine thought about that for a moment or two and decided that maybe just 
   the bottoms would be enough the first time. So all three girls removed
   their skirts and stood there naked from the waist down. Elaine went to
   the door and called her dad and we lay on the bed on our stomachs. When
   he walked in, he stopped and took in the picture in front of him. He
   looked us over and said he had never seen such cute bottoms in all his
   life. All three smiled and thanked him for the compliment. He had the
   bottle of lotion and went right to the bed and asked who was first. Irene
   told him Elaine was first because her bottom was the worst. He went right
   to work and lathered it on her bottom and gently rubbed it in. When he
   quit, Elaine asked him to please put some on her pussy, that it was very
   sore. He asked her if she was sure she wanted him to do that and she told
   him yes, and please put some part way inside too. He shook his head and
   told her that he would but it would probably make him sick to do such a 
   thing to his daughter. He made some faces and pretended that he almost 
   gagged when he started. The girls smiled and told him they really 
   appreciated his efforts.

   "Girls, I imagine you did the same thing to Irenes' dad too, didn't you?
   Seeing that peculiar look on your face makes me believe you might even
   have something else up your sleeves. I can understand that, of course you
   aren't quite back to normal, and I'll have to overlook certain things you
   want to do. Now, who's next?" Elsie said she would go next and he came
   around to her side of the bed. "And, I imagine, you want the exact same 
   thing that Elaine had, don't you?"

   Elsie giggled and nodded her head and said, "Exactly the same, right down
   to some inside the lips. Mine stick out farther and are pretty sore clear
   inside. He shook his head again and muttered that if he had known all this
   went with the spankings, he would have said no dice. All three gals were
   giggling at that and he went to work. He even put the lotion inside and 
   rubbed it in some. He asked Elsie if that met with her approval and she
   smiled sweetly and said it had never been done btter. He looked at Irene
   and said, "I suppose you want the same also, right? Don't bother answering
   because I already know the answer. You three will be the death of me yet.
   Irene, how did your Dad ever keep his sanity through all this sort of

   "Well, he kept saying how he hated it all so much, but we noticed that he
   never refused a chance to do it. He told the three of us that we would 
   surely drive him crazy. But, he's still alive and doing quite well. He
   went through more than you have so far and seems to enjoy his various
   trials and tribulations."

   "So far? Hmmm, that does mean you three have something else planned, 
   doesn't it? I don't know if my system will be able to withstand all
   these things. However, I'll try and struggle through all this. I do
   think you girls are trying to pay me back for all those spankings I just
   gave you. So, Irene, here it comes." 
   He gave Irene the same treatment that the other two had gotten including
   the pussy. She thanked him and said that helped a lot. "Now, ladies,
   what is this extra thing you have conjured up to further upset me? I
   know something is in the works. I can't imagine what it might be because 
   you three pretty girls have shown me just about all you have to offer."

   Elaine said, "Daddy, I have to pee very badly now and I can't sit down.
   Irene and Elsie said Irenes' dad helped them by going in the bathroom
   with them and held them steady on the edge of the toilet. Of course in
   doing that he got to see even more of their private parts and he almost
   came unglued, but he survived it twice. I'm sure you wouldn't let him 
   do more for his daughter than you would, would you?" 
   He clapped his hand to his head and said he was sure he was going to go 
   completely mad. "You mean you want me to watch you pee, too? Elaine, I
   haven't seen you do that since you were a baby. And Irene and Elsie, I
   suppose you will be peeing too, won't you? Don't answer that either. I
   am sure I already know the answer. You girls drive a very hard bargain.
   If I had known all this ahead of time, I would have left on a vacation 
   first. OK, lets go and you can show me what I am supposed to `help' you
   with. The three led him to the bathroom and over to the toilet. Elsie
   lifted the seat up and showed him where Elaine was going to crouch. He
   turned and looked at Elaine and said, "Well, lets get his awful thing 
   over with before I collapse from the shock. Here, let me help you up here
   and I'll hold you steady." 
   Elaine climbed up and spread her feet out to the edge and went into a 
   crouch position, bent over slightly. Her dad held on tight and she asked 
   him if he was ready. He nodded and she let loose a big stream. The pee 
   made quite a noise when it hit the water and the girls all giggled. When
   she finished peeing, it just dwindled down to a few drips and then quit.
   She grabbed some toilet paper and pretended to try and wipe herself and
   almost fell off. She handed the paper to her Dad and told him he would
   have to do it, she couldn't quite make it. He choked and rolled his eyes 
   and said, "Me? Why me?" She told him because the two girls could hold her 
   arms so she wouldn't fall and that left only him. He took the paper and 
   carefully wiped her pussy dry. She asked him to put a finger in and feel 
   around and make sure he didn't miss any. He choked again and did as she 
   asked. "Oooooh, thank you Daddy, that was great. Now you can help Elsie 
   and then Irene do the same thing."

   Elsie took Elaines' place on the toilet and when he had hold of her, let
   loose a big stream, larger than Elaines'. At the end, she also let loose 
   several little squirts. Elaine looked at her and asked how she did that.
   "Elaine, at the end, you cut off the flow by squeezing hard like you were
   trying to keep from peeing. Then you push like you wanted the flow to start
   and as soon as it starts, you squeeze again. Depending on how soon you 
   shut off the flow, you can squirt just a couple of times or a bunch. Maybe
   Irene can show you that."

   Elaines' dad was taking this all in and made several faces to show his
   dismay at observing the pee fest. He took the toilet paper Elsie handed
   him and proceded to wipe the area and then feel around to make sure he
   `didn't miss any' and dropped the paper into the toilet. He asked Elsie 
   if that was what she wanted and she grinned an evil grin and assured him
   it was just great, that she couldn't have done better herself. Irene
   followed and at the end, cut the flow off earlier and proceded to show
   Elaine a series of squirts, maybe 8 or so. Elaine thought that was pretty 
   cute and said she would have to practice that for the next time. Elaines'
   dad said, "Next time? You mean I'm going to have to do this terrible thing 
   again? You girls really know how to hurt a guy, don't you?"

   Elsie told him, "Well, thats the result of you spanking so hard and making 
   our bottoms so sore we can't sit down. I think next time Irene and I won't 
   have quite as hard of a spanking so you may not have to help us. In fact
   I was just thinking that Gail should come over next time instead of us.
   I'm sure she would like to see Elaine get a hard spanking just to see the
   difference in the way you spank from Irenes dad. You have a slightly 
   different swing than Irenes' dad. And I think she might under go a light 
   or regular spanking too. Or maybe," and she winked at the other girls, 
   "We may all come over and watch and get just a hard enough spanking so you
   have to take care of four girls pussies. How would that be?"

   He pretended to collapse and gagged and rolled his eyes, and staggered 
   around the bathroom. "Now I know I will go mad if that happens. Don't
   you girls have any mercy at all?" Irene told him her dad survived it all
   and she thought he actually loved it and even thought up the inspections
   just so he could have another look at their charms. "I am going to tell 
   you something in strict secrecy. I think my Dad would be very unhappy if 
   he knew I was telling you this. My Dad wanted me to know all I could about
   my body and the sexual parts of it. The first night, after the spankings,
   he gave Elsie and I a lecture on sex and our bodies. He included a hands
   on inspection of our inner parts and what each one was for. He had us
   look in a mirror as he was explaining them so we could see exactly what
   he was talking about. He even put one finger in our vaginas and wiggled
   it around so we could feel what it was like. He also brought home a book
   from the library at work that had a great picture section and some very
   good write ups on all of the stuff he had showed us. That night, just
   Elsie and I were there, but the next night when Gail got up on the edge
   of the toilet, he had her look in a mirror and explained it all to her 
   too. He had called the girls' parents and got their permission to do it."
   "He told us about how the lubrication would start up when we were aroused 
   and we got to feel our own pussies very wet from all the talking and
   investigating we did. So, as you can see, you have had an easy time of it.
   All of us were very, very happy to get the information and we thanked him
   with all our heart to care enough about us to do that for us. We told him
   we loved him very much and Elsie and Gail asked him to let them call him
   Dad when they were at our house. We started all this because we found out 
   that two of the girls in school had gotten into trouble and he didn't want 
   us to have that happen to us. He made our spankings seem almost like fun
   afterwards by joking and carrying on like you have tonight. I was very
   happy to see you had a good sense of humor too, and I can tell you that
   it helps us a lot to recover from the pain. Since the spankings, all
   three of us have had a complete turn around in our lives and are now very
   nice young ladies that our parents are proud of."

   He just shook his head in amazement and told Irene her Dad was one in a
   million. He asked Elaine how much her mother had told her about sex and
   her body. Elaine told him not much except the part about periods and such.
   She said she had a vague idea of it all, but nothing like what Irene had
   just said. He shook his head again and said that would have to change and
   quick because he didn't want Elaine to have any such problems. He asked 
   Irene what all had he covered in the lectures, and Irene told him that 
   between the lectures and the hands on inspections, and what she had read 
   in the book, she felt like she knew pretty much all she needed to know.
   "It was very thorough and well planned." She told him her Dad worked at a 
   place that handled medical supplies and had access to information many
   people didn't. He then asked her if was the company on 14th street and
   she answered yes, that was the one. He told her that the company he 
   worked for bought all their supplies for first aid there.

   "Well, ladies, it's time for sleep. I will see you tomorrow morning at 
   the breakfast table and no doubt will have to do this horrid inspection
   you were talking about. Ugh! Anyway, good night and sleep tight." He left
   and the girls decided that they would sleep in the nude to give their
   bottoms plenty of air to cool them off. When they were all laying in bed,
   Irene looked over at Elaines' red bottom and commented that it looked a
   lot their own after the hard spankings. Elsie nodded and said she thought 
   so too. Irene turned and looked at her own bottom and saw it was still
   dark pink and after touching it found it was also a little sore yet. 
   Elaine wanted to talk some about the hard spanking she had gotten and went
   on about how much pain there had been and still was. She asked Irene how 
   long it would be so sore.

   "Elaine, ours were much better the next morning and we were able to sit 
   down at the table and eat breakfast and school was no problem either.
   It will still be somewhat pink but most of the soreness will be gone. Now
   Elsies and mine will probably not even be pink by morning, much like 
   yours was after your regular spankings. It will be fun to see what your 
   dad does. When we went downstairs for breakfast, all we wore was a shorty
   night gown and that made it easy to bend over my dads knee and have him 
   do his thing."

   Elaine grinned and told us she was going to have him look very close at 
   her pussy to make sure it was all right. "Irene, you said your dad gave
   you the lecture and a `hands on' inspection of your private parts. What
   does that mean?"

   "Elaine, while we were perched up on the toilet, he opened our pussy with
   one hand and pointed with the other one. He touched us just about every 
   place there is down there and even rubbed our clits a lttle. It sure felt
   good when he did that. So I guess, all in all he has touched us all over,
   and, as I said, even put a finger inside our vaginas."

   Elaine asked what a clit was. She had heard the name but didn't know what 
   it was. Irene told her it was a little organ up at the top of the slit
   that was very sensitive and felt wonderful when someone rubbed it. She
   asked Elsie to turn over if she could and she would show Elaine what a
   clit was and looked like. Elsie said that was a good idea and was able 
   to lay on her back and spread her legs wide. Irene opened the outer lips
   and showed Elaine what and where the clit was and told her when she got
   aroused, it would enlarge quite a bit. Elaine wanted to see what hers
   looked like and said maybe she could stand up and see it with a mirror.
   They tried it out and Elaine saw the knob sticking out as well as the 
   rest of the interior. She told them she had never looked at that before
   and it was quite interesting. Irene reached over and gently began to rub
   the knob and they watched it begin to enlarge, and Elaine said it felt 
   great. Irene stopped and said maybe someday Elaine would have a chance 
   to feel it all the way when she got married. Elaine looked at the rest 
   of her slit and remarked at how pink it was. She put her finger down on
   the area and found out it was getting quite wet. The girls explained 
   that it was the natural lubrication that occured when she began to get 
   sexually aroused. After that, the girls all got back into bed and soon 
   went off to sleep.

   The next morning they got up and looked at their bottoms in a mirror 
   and found that only Elaines was still pink. Her bottom was almost back
   to normal and she tried sitting down at her dresser and found out it 
   wasn't too sore to sit. "Whoooopeee. Last night I wasn't sure I would 
   ever be able to sit down again." They all went in and peed and Elaine 
   tried the squeeze and push routine and saw that Irene had been right, 
   she could get the little squirts too. She grinned and said her Dad had 
   a surprise coming when she got her next spanking. "Well, lets put on
   our shorty night gowns and get some breakfast, I'm very hungry." When
   they had the gowns and slippers on, they went down and found her dad 
   just sitting down. Elaine went over and told him she was ready for the
   big inspection and, before he could say anything, bent over his knees
   and pulled up her gown in back to reveal her naked bottom. He covered
   his eyes and said, "Please, mercy, not before I eat! I dont think I can
   look at such terrible things before breakfast." Elaine told him she was
   sure he would survive and please have a very close look to make sure
   everything down there, including the lips, was all right. And she wanted 
   to know if she would be able to have her other spanking tonight.

   He pretended to look it over and felt around her cheeks and then gently 
   put a finger around the area of her lips and said it looked a little pink
   but he thought she would make a full recovery. She smiled and thanked him
   and got up. Elsie was next and he looked at her bottom and said it didn't
   even look like she had been spanked, maybe he should do something about
   that and gave her two quick hard swats on each side. We could see the hand
   prints turn red very quickly. Elsie had said OUCH at each one and then 
   grinned and said a few more might make sure nothing was broken. He told
   her no dice, he still hadn't recovered from last nights session. Irene
   took her turn and since her bottom was nice and white, she got two quick
   hard swats on each side too, hollering OUCH at each one. Again we saw the
   exact handprints of his hand. Elaine asked him if he thought she might 
   have a couple to see if her bottom was still real sore, maybe not quite
   as hard. He smiled and said come over and we'll try it and see. She lay
   over his knees and he gave her one easy swat on each side and asked her 
   how that felt, did she want two more? She grinned and said after last 
   night those felt like a powder puff and go ahead with two like they got.
   He gave her the two and she hollered OUCH pretty loud and then told us
   that Yes, it was still pretty sore.

   We all sat down and had a delicious meal and told Elaines' Mom and Dad 
   we had to get ready for school and would be down in a few mnutes. They
   all ran up the stairs with just a bit of bottom showing at each step.
   Elaines' Mom told her husband, "Jim, I don't think I have seen Elaine 
   that happy in a long time. I would have thought that after that walloping
   you gave her last night, she would have been very grouchy this morning.
   But here she is apparently looking forward to yet another walloping that
   must hurt terribly. You have never come close to spanking her that hard 
   before. I left for the store before the spankings began and didn't see 
   them get the spankings but I saw her bottom when she went upstairs and it
   was very, very dark red. From what I saw the other two must have gotten 
   a spanking too, but not as hard, is that right?"

   He told her, "Alice, she had asked me to give her a very hard spanking 
   just like Elsie and Irene got and brought them to tell me when her 
   bottom was as red as theirs had been. They each volunteered to have a 
   spanking like a regular one would be just to show Elaine what it looked
   like to be on the receiving end. You should have seen Elaines' eyes when
   I got to the end of their spanking and she saw what their bottoms were 
   like. Her eyes were as big as saucers and she asked if that was what she
   looked like after a spanking, and I told her yes, just like that. She 
   couldn't believe how their bottoms jumped and wiggled and flattened out 
   when the hair brush landed each time. She told me on the side that it 
   was almost worth the hard spanking just to see that much of theirs. I
   can't understand how Elsie and Irene wanted to get a spanking just to 
   let Elaine watch. Man, that is friendship."

   Alice asked Jim if he really meant the other two weren't supposed to get 
   spanked at all? Jim told her, "Alice, Irene and Elsie really just came 
   over to give her moral support but after I told Elaine I would spank her 
   the way she wanted it, they decided to have one too, just not as hard.
   They told me when to stop and it was about like I usually give Elaine.
   They cried quite a bit so I know it must have hurt. After the spankings
   they told me they all had to have some lotion put on all over their sore
   bottoms and even insisted that I put some on their pussy lips too. How
   do you figure something like that? They about drove me out of my mind with
   their little games. They even talked me into holding them up while they
   peed `because their bottoms were too sore to sit down'. You saw how they
   were, they are talking about having the other girl, Gail come over and 
   join them for the next one. Ye Gods, what is this younger generation
   coming to?"

   Alice shook her head and told Jim, "When I got spanked, I didn't want 
   anyone to see it or even find out about it, I would be too ashamed. And
   here these girls apparently even tell each other when they get spanked.
   But, if thats what it takes to have her straighten out I guess it will
   be worth it to her and to us. I'm amazed that she's so happy about it.
   I know I sure wasn't very happy to get a walloping and absolutely would
   not look forward to one with anything but fear and agony."

   "Well, they have something planned or at least in the works for the next
   one. I'm wondering whether I should put it off a day or so and let her
   bottom get healed more, although it looked pretty good this morning. I
   would guess that by tonight it will be entirely normal. Sheeeesh, imagine
   having to spank four bottoms on one night! My arm will be worn out."

   The girls came running down the stairs and into the kitchen all bubbly.
   "Well, we're off to school and after some discussion, I decided that I
   will need an extra hard one tonight because it took three spankings for 
   Elsie and Irene to come around and since I'm only getting two, the last 
   one will have to make up for the one I won't get. We're going to see 
   Gail at school and see if she will come too. We don't know yet if she 
   will want a spanking. So, Dad, rest up your arm, its going to be really 
   busy tonight."

   Jim told her, "Elaine, if you're going to have an extra hard one it will 
   have to be on Friday night because your bottom won't be ready to sit down
   for school the next morning, and I don't want you to miss any school for 
   something like that. I was a little leery about even doing this one for
   that reason, but it turned out all right. But any more would have been too 
   much. Are you sure you want an extra hard one in the first place? You
   seemed to have had plenty last night. And I don't want to spank you for
   just any old thing or just a whim."

   Elaine told her Dad that, yes, she did. "Actually, it would maybe be 
   better to have three but this way I could get it over with sooner, but
   I only had two `D's. I don't want to come back later and wind up with
   two or three more like that. I'm feeling much better about myself already
   and don't want to lose the feeling too soon."

   Alice told her Dad that if he wanted to, he could consider the fact that
   Elaine had gotten a `D' on her first report card but never got a spanking
   for that, just a severe reprimand. "You were going to spank her but I sort
   of talked you out of it so I guess that was my fault. That would be a
   valid reason for the other hard spanking she wanted."

   Jim nodded his head and said, "Yes, I guess that would qualify for the
   other spanking this time. Well, Elaine, you can take your choice, either
   wait until Friday for one extra hard one, or start tonight and get one
   and maybe tomorrow night the last one. If you want to think about it until
   tonight, that's OK. We can talk about it then. You'll have all day to 
   think about it so you don't have to rush your decision now."

   Elaine nodded her head and said that was a good idea, it was too much of
   an important thing to just jump to a decision right now. "I'll talk it
   over with the girls and let you know when you come home tonight. So, It's
   time to go, but first, we want to show you something." She counted to
   three and all three girls turned and bent way over and showed him their
   bare bottoms and some part of their pussies. They giggled and turned back 
   around and told him, "That was for being so nice and helping them pee last  
   night." They each reached down and picked their panties out of their purse 
   and while hold their skirts up pulled the panties on while her Dad had a
   full view of all their charms. They giggled some more and waved good bye
   and left for school.

   Jim looked at Alice and shruuged his shoulders. "Where did that quiet, 
   shy, bashful, modest daughter we used to have go? This one is a different 
   girl altogether. She seems to be growing up awfully fast. Before she was
   even blushing red when I saw her bottom covered with her panties and now
   she shows us the whole works for fun."

   Alice smiled and said that if these spankings did what they hoped they 
   would do, it might be worth it. "Jim, I've never seen anyone get a real 
   spanking before, especially one like she's going to get. I have seen a
   couple of girls get a playful birthday spanking over their dress, but
   never anything like this. I'm wondering if I could take seeing Elaine
   get such a walloping without crying for her. And I wonder if she would
   even want me to watch. So far you were the only one here to see it. The
   last time I saw her pussy at all was when her first period came and she 
   was crying and all worried about it and showed me where it was coming 
   from. She just barely had some hair down there then. What do you think
   I should do, watch, or find something else to do while it goes on?"

   "Well, Alice, since we don't know what she's going to decide yet, don't
   worry about it. Off hand, the way she's acting right now, I don't think 
   she would mind at all and might even welcome your company. Let's wait 
   and see what she wants to do. Meanwhile I have to get to work. I'll see
   you tonight."

   While the girls walked to school, Elaine asked Elsie and Irene what they
   thought she should do. "On one hand, I can wait until Friday night and 
   get just one extra hard one and have it over with just one spanking, OR
   go ahead and get the two and have it over with sooner. Right now I am a 
   little confused as to which I really want. Elsie, which one would you
   take? Maybe you and Irene can help me out."

   Elsie was not sure either. "Elaine, I really don't know. I guess it
   would depend on just how I felt that night. You will getting a choice 
   of either one or two spankings, and one is always better than two in
   most cases. But then there is the point of getting it over with, too.
   I think it's a hard choice to make. If you take the two spankings, it 
   will be over Wednesday night. If you decide on one spanking you have that
   hanging over your head until Friday night and also the prospect of an
   extremely sore bottom where you won't sit down for a day or two unless
   you have a soft pillow. It's really a matter of personal preference."

   Irene nodded and said that was the way she saw it too. "Right now I
   don't know which way I would go. After I had the last one, I felt like 
   a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and it was a good feeling.
   But I didn't have the option you have unless I wanted to have the hard
   ones a day apart. That would mean the last one on Friday with those two
   days between to think about the next one coming up. In my case, it was
   an easy decision, get it over with. It's really up to how YOU feel about 
   it I guess. If you decide on the two and get one tonight, we should ask 
   Gail if she wants to go and also if she would want a light spanking just 
   to join us. Otherwise, we might go over to my house and have some fun 
   with my dad. I have an idea, but it wouldn't really have much bearing 
   on your decision today. I'll tell you about it later."

   They parted company and went off to class. It was a long day for Elaine
   and by the time school let out, she still wasn't sure what she wanted.
   As they started toward home, Irene told asked Elaine if she had asked
   Gail about coming over to watch. Elaine said, "Yes, I told her I would 
   like to have her come over and she said OK, she wanted to get one more
   hard spanking and maybe my Dad would do it for her. Something about PMS
   and she felt like she might slip back to her old ways. I don't quite know
   what she was talking about. I told her I would call her tonight and let 
   her know as soon as I made up my mind. Right now I'm leaning toward 
   having two and getting it over with. And the thought of having that sore 
   a bottom if I only got one on Friday isn't really appealing. This one was 
   bad enough and if Fridays was even worse, which it would be, I don't know
   if I could handle it. It would mean a couple of days with a real sore 
   bottom as opposed to two days with only a slightly sore bottom. Oh, heck!
   As long as Dad was nice enough to offer me the third spanking instead of
   getting my bottom turned into raw beef, I think I'll take him up on it.
   I'm going to go with getting it over with, starting tonight. So, now 
   that's off my mind. I'll see you after dinner tonight and we'll go on
   from there."

                      What is Irene's big idea??
                            End of Chapter 9

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