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(As told by Ben)

Boots stayed in the lounge room with Emma, Geri and a sleeping Victoria as
Steve, Pete, Mel B and I carried a barely awake Mel C into the bedroom.
Steve shut the door behind us and I pulled Mel B's undies up her arse so
that all we really saw was a thin piece of material between her wonderful
arse cheeks. 

Pete continued kissing her deeply as Mel B began to unlace her boots and
take them off. As Mel B was bending over undoing Mel C's boots I began
kissing her arse cheeks and Steve began rubbing Mel C's tits through her
very tight tshirt. Mel C wrapped her arms around Pete's neck and pulled him
into a deeper kiss. Mel B now had her boots off and had rolled onto her
back so I could lick her cunt. She was quite wet again (or still) as I
nibbled on her clit and slid three fingers in and out of her cunt, she was
rubbing her cunt into my face and pushing my head further between her legs.
We took a break to see Pete pulling Mel C's jeans down her legs and off as
Steve was tying her hands above her head to the headboard with one of the
neck ties that was hanging on the back of the door. Mel C was giggling
girlishly as her hands were bound.

Mel C told us to tie her legs as well which the other two did. Mel C was
now toes spread eagle to the bed dressed only in her pink panties and
tshirt. Mel C grabbed a tshirt from the floor and tied it over Mel C's
eyes. The three of us stripped and pounced on Mel B pushing her to the
ground, I tore off her panties and shoved my hard cock into her cunt as
Steve rubbed his cock in her face and Pete started rubbing his over her bra
covered tits. Mel B started telling the spread eagled Mel C exactly what
was happening

'Ben's got his monster tool in my cunt and Pete's rubbing hi sal over my
tits! Bet you'd like some wouldn't you? Well I bet you think that leaves
Steve's cock for you? Well it isn't, I'm about to suck it'. With this Mel B
took Steve's cock in her mouth and began slurping on it.

Mel C moaned and asked for one of us to start playing with her, when we all
laughed and told her she'd have to wait she asked that we free her hands so
she can play with herself. Again we all laughed and continued our assault
on Mel B. We took great delight in telling Mel C exactly what was
happening, hoping to make her hornier.

I started by telling her good my fat cock felt in Mel's cunt and Steve
continued by telling Mel C what a great blowjob Mel B was giving.

Mel c told us how unfair we were being, and how she needed to be screwed.

I told Pete to get Mel B's bra off and to start fucking her tits. Pete told
Mel C how good Mel B looked being violated at both ends and then started
telling her how good her big brown tits looked, just hanging out of her
bra. He told her that he now had his dick resting between her tits, he told
her how he was pushing her tits together and how he was fucking them.

Steve asked Mel C if she wanted to have a cock in her, when Mel C responded
in the positive he laughed and told her she'd have to wait until the three
of us had finished fucking her friend. Mel C was moaning up a storm as she
was getting the attention of three dicks. My big prick was sliding in and
out her cunt at a frantic pace, each time it came out her glistening pussy
juices ran down the length of my cock and on to my crotch. Mel B took
Steve's cock from her mouth and continued th teasing of her friend. 'Damn
Mel my cunt is being stretched by Ben's huge cock, I bet you wish it were
you don't you?

Mel C pleaded for some cock 'Will one of you bastards please come and fuck
me! My puss is dripping!'

Mel B replied with 'I'm gonna pull Ben's monster cock out of my cunt and
suck on it as Pete and Steve both try to stuff their cocks into my cunt at
the same time'. Our eyes lit up as I pulled out. Feeling a little sorry for
Mel C I walked over and wiped my cock across her face, she desperately
tried to lick it but I kept avoiding her tongue and effectively wiped Mel
B's cunt juices all over her face. I told her how good Mel B's cunt felt
and that when we've finished with her we're gonna screw her silly until
she's begging us to stop. Mel C just moaned and begged me to fuck her but
instead I returned to Mel B and stuck my shaft in her mouth. Steve had the
head of his cock in Mel B's cunt and Pete was also trying to push his dick
in. Mel B was screaming that these two cocks were stretching her. I rubbed
my dick over her lips and she licked it as my two mates were working more
of their cocks into her cunt. By this time Mel C was begging us to take her
blindfold off so she could watch but we all ignored her, being totally
engrossed with the two cocks that were working deeper and deeper into Mel
B's cunt.

Steve and Pete had one of Mel B's legs each and lifted them high as they
slowly began fucking her cunt in unison. Mel B was screaming ..'My cunt is
so fucking stretched .. This feels fuckin' great .. My cunt is so friggin'
sore .. Come on you two, FUCK ME!!' I was getting even hornier than I
thought possible watching my two mates fuck her cunt, they were getting
right into it by now her cunt was so stretched that they could really pound
into her at a great rate. It was getting to much for me and I wrapped my
cock in her hair and began pulling on it for all I was worth. Steve tried
to slip a finger into her cunt with the two pricks that were already there,
and surprisingly managed to get it in.

Mel C was struggling against her bonds and was mumbling that she needed
screwing. I made her plight worse by continuing the commentary on Mel B's
adventure. ' You should see her Mel, I've got my big fat prick wrapped in
her hair. Do you know how good her hair feels on my prick? It's gonna make
me cum, that's how good it feels! That's not the best of it! Steve and Pete
are both fucking her cunt together. It's a shame really, you're over there
tied to the bed with just your tshirt and panties on and here is Mel
getting her cunt stretched and fucked by my two mates while I pull myself
in her hair.'

Mel C continued moaning and struggling against her bonds, but the more she
struggled, the tighter the ties seemed to become. So Mel do you think
you'll be ready for fucking when we finally get to you? She just moaned and
called me a bastard'

I was still pulling my cock as it was wrapped in Mel's curly brown locks
and she had this dreamy look on her face as she drifted from one orgasm to
another. Her mouth was hanging slackly open and her tongue lolled out of
her mouth like a panting dog. She occasionally told the two to fuck her
harder, and when she did, they both managed to pick up the tempo. They were
ploughing in and out of her cunt with no resistance, imagine it! Mel B on
her back, legs splayed in the air as Steve and Pete both serviced her cunt.
She'd have trouble walking for quite a while. In the end it became too much
for me and I blew my wad in her hair, making sure every drop of cum stayed
in her hair.

I moved to the bound Mel C and stuck my semi hard, cum covered cock in her
mouth. She sucked on it and cleaned all of the cum off it before I pulled
out. She pleaded with me to her eat her. I guess the sounds of Mel getting
fucked, combined with the commentary, the after effects of the booze and
the dope all combined to make one horny young girl.

Steve and Pete continued pounding into Mel C. both commenting that they
were close to cumming. Mel encouraged them to fuck her harder and to fill
her cunt with their hot cum. I was sitting on the bed next to Mel C rubbing
her thighs, making sure not to touch her cunt, but boy did it smell good.
Steve and Pete both looked like they were approaching the vinegar stroke as
they continued fucking Mel B's cunt. The two of them came almost
simultaneously filling her stretched cunt with two huge loads of cum. She
squealed in delight as she felt the hot cum blast on the walls of her cunt.
I was busy telling Mel C what was happening, telling her how Mel B just
took two loads of cum in her cunt at the same time. She continued moaning,
but had weakened and wasn't struggling against her bonds as much.

Both guy pulled out of Mel B's cunt and stuck their softening cocks in her
mouth. First two cocks in her cunt and now two in her mouth. She licked
both cocks clean and then sat wither back up against a wall and proceeded
to slip her fingers in her cunt, not just her fingers, but all five up past
her fingers. She sloshed the cum around in her cunt before taking a handful
and wiping it all over her face. She smeared it all over her face with her
left hand while her right hand slipped effortlessly into her gaping cunt. I
took great delight in telling Mel C what a tramp her friend looked like
wiping cum all over her face, this time I gently rubbed my palm over the
mound of her cunt, at this she bucked her cunt against my hand but was
severely limited by the bonds.

We decided it was time to sample the wares of one Sporty Spice and Steve 
and Pete began by gently rubbing/tickling the soles of her feet. She is
obviously a ticklish girl an struggled vainly against the bonds which held
her to the bed. Encouraged by her reaction the two continued tickling her
feet, occasionally moving up top the back of her calves. She was trying to
flail about but the ties were doing their job marvellously. Mel B was still
on the floor with cum all over face and her right hand shoved in her cunt
almost to the thumb joint, pushing a fair deal more cum out of her cunt. 

Steve and Pete were relishing their tickling, their well used cocks even
stirring and showing a little bit of life after the working out they got in
the other Mel's cunt. As they were tickling her I ducked from the bedroom
to the fridge to get a jug of iced water. Boots was by now giving Victoria
a serve as Geri and Emma looked on, but I figured I'd see that bit of video
later so I raced back into the bedroom with the jug of water and closed the
door. Steve and Pete were driving her wild and I grinned at them as I
showed them the jug of iced water, I noticed a near full bottle of baby oil
on the bed side table and tossed it to Steve. He uncapped it and began
pouring oil on Mel C's feet and lower legs. The two discontinued their
tickling and began rubbing the oil in.

Mel C moaned and told us how much she loved the feeling of baby oil. As she
was still blindfolded she had no idea I'd gotten myself a jug of water. As
the other two were covering her legs and feet with an increasing amount of
oil I tipped a few drops of the iced water onto her tits. She gasped as I
dripped a few more drops onto her tits. They became instantly hard and
poked obscenely through the cotton of her tshirt. Pete and Steve had her
feet and lower legs shiny with the baby oil and were now pouring it on her
thighs, the two of them continuing to rub it in. I up-ended the entire jug
of water onto her tits and she let out a squeal. The impromptu wet tshirt
competition had a winner! One very horny, very wet, very oily Sporty Spice!

Mel B had crawled over to the other two and alternated between sucking
Steve's cock and then Pete's. Their cocks were looking harder and I knew
without looking that mine was at almost it's full size. After dropping the
jug I took Mel C's tshirt by the neck and tore it open all the way down to
the bottom. Into view came two modest size tits with two very large, very
hard, very erect nipples. As soon as Pete and Steve saw this they squirted
oil all over her tits and stomach and the three of us began rubbing it in.
By now Mel C's legs, stomach and tits were covered with oil  and we all
kneaded her tits, rubbing her nipples between our fingers and applying even
more oil. She was moaning and trying to struggle against the bonds, but
still with no success. The other two continued rubbing the oil into every
exposed part of her body as I took some and squirted it on my chest,
stomach and cock. I lay across the spread eagled Mel C and began rubbing my
body up and down on hers to rub my oil in. The feeling of baby oil was
incredible and I slid effortlessly up and down on her. My hard prick was
shoving up against her panty covered cunt, each time I pushed against it
she would moan and try to thrust towards me.

I told Steve to give me the oil as there was one part of our little friend
that wasn't slippery enough yet. She giggled and moaned as I stuck my hand
with the oil bottle down the front of her panties and shoved the opening of
the baby oil bottle into her cunt and squeezed it. The baby oil dribbled
out of her cunt and stained her panties. I dropped the bottle, stood above
Mel C and signalled for the two guys to come and stand by me. I took her
panties and roughly tore them off her to reveal a neatly trimmed black
haired cunt. As she was blindfolded and bound she had no idea of what was
to come next, though she probably expected a big hard cock.

Who were we to disappoint? We each stood by her cunt and decided that we'd
each have her for a stroke or two. Steve started and she gasped as he slid
all the way in to the hilt. As quickly as he pulled out Pete shoved his
cock in for a stroke or two and then I pushed my big cock in, eliciting yet
another moan. After I pulled out we repeated the process another four or
five times, her velvety cunt extra slippery courtesy of quite a bit of baby
oil. The change came when I got my fifth go, instead of pulling out after a
few strokes I continued ramming in and out of her slippery hole. Steve took
the oil and liberally squeezed it all over again and the three of us set to
rubbing it in. Mel C was now cumming as my fat prick filled her oily cunt
and six hands rubbed oil into pretty much every part of her body.

Mel C was begging to be untied, she was asking us to take off her blindfold
but Mel B chimed in with a resounding 'No!'. We had forgotten about her and
turned to see she was fucking herself with a long black vibrator that she
must have found in the bed side table. Mel B was on her back with her legs
lewdly spread and resting on the wall as she worked the vibrator in and out
of her gaping cunt. 

Steve and Pete were pouring still more oil over Mel C and I continued
shoving my fat throbbing cock in and out of her slippery cunt. As well as
being slippery Mel C had quite a tight cunt and I was enjoying this
immensely. The other two were trying to convince me that I'd like to let
them fuck her, But Mel C just sighed and said 'It feels fine  his cock is
so fucking big! I've never had a dick this big inside of me before! It's
filling my slot so friggin' much I feel as though I'll friggin' well

I smiled at the response I got, and the other two figuring they'd have to
wait moved in on Mel B again. They pulled the vibrator from her cunt and
tossed it aside, then Steve held her down while Pete started covering her
with oil. He paid special attention to her well used cunt, squirting quite
a bit of oil in there. Steve turned around, stood over her and stuck her
legs under his arms. This left Mel B on her back with her cunt and arsehole
exposed. Steve took aim and shoved his dick in her cunt and began sliding
in and out. He was literally standing over her and she started moaning and
bucking like a real nympho as Steve ploughed in and out of her. Pete
squirted some extra oil around her arse and Steve began working it into her
arsehole as Pete lined up the big black vibrator. He slowly slid it in and
turned it on. This set Mel B on edge and she began cumming as Steve stood
over her and gave her cunt another working out while Pete pistoned the
black vibrator in and out of her arse.

While I was fucking the incredibly oily Mel C I told her in graphic detail
what the other two were doing to her friend. She begged Pete to leave Mel
and come back to her as she hadn't been properly fucked yet and it was her
turn. Pete left Mel B to Steve and the black vibrator and moved to Mel C's
head where he tore off the blindfold and promptly sunk his dick into her
mouth. He fucked her face and squirted even more oil onto her tits before
massaging them, pulling and twisting at her very large nipples.

We were all coming to the end of our tether, and I knew for sure that I was
about ready to let go off my load and by the look on Pete's face he wasn't
far off either. Steve had cum in Mel B's cunt and was collapsed on the
ground next to her as she worked the vibrator in and out of her arsehole.
She was cooing and swooning like she was indeed in heaven. Let's face it
she'd been fucked 5 or 6 times already tonight  if she wasn't satisfied
now I couldn't ever imagine her being satisfied.

I was laying across Mel C rubbing our oily bodies together as I shot a load
into her cunt. I was basically buggered and was looking forward to a rest.
Despite her cunt being incredibly slippery she used her cunt muscles to
milk every last drop of cum from my fast shrivelling prick. Pete and I both
untied her and she shoved him on his back, jumped on his cock and rode him
like a bloody cowgirl at a rodeo.

'Fuck me!  Fill me! .. Come on you bastard cum in me! .. You bastard,
fucking screw my cunt! .. came from Mel C.

Pete replied with ' You want it you slut you earn it! .. If you want me to
fill your cunt, you've gotta ride me and milk me! Come on bitch! Do it!

Mel C doubled her efforts, her tits bouncing all over the place as she
bounced up and down on Pete's cock. He screamed that he was about to cum
and then took her by the waist and drove his cock all the way in as he

'That's it you bastard! .. Fill me! .. Yeah, that's it! .. 

Pete simply slumped back on the bed as Mel C lazily rode the last of the
stiffness out of his cock.

Not long after Steve and Pete kitted up and headed home, leaving me to
share a bed with these two vixens. The next day Boots drove them back to
their hotel, but we did meet up again. Boots will get that story to you as
soon as possible

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