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What a night! Myself, some mates (James, Ben, Steve & Pete  names have
been changed to protect the romantically involved) have just taken part in
what is best described as an orgy with Emma/Baby, Mel/Scary & Geri/Ginger.
It started after I'd won a competition to meet the girls, they then joined
us at a bbq, after a few drinks and a few joints I found myself in the back
bedroom with Emma. After some mind blowing sex with her the others sprung
us, with inhibitions low they joined in for a few hours that suddenly made
this night one of the best in my life. A great deal of it has been caught
on still photo and video, but there is still more to come. While we were
screwing ourselves silly Victoria/Posh and Mel C/Sporty had crashed in the
front room, probably as the result of a busy day, a few drinks and a few
joints. When this was pointed out Geri suggested we leave them as they were
until later .. Guess what? It's later *g*

After a dip in the pool and redressing we al headed for the lounge room
where the other two girls were still crashed. Mel C was wearing jeans and a
tshirt while Victoria was wearing a very short black dress and matching
black sandals. As James had earlier mentioned she was crashed way back in
the couch causing her dress to ride high and giving us a great view of her
very skimpy matching black panties. 

James made his apologies saying his wife was expecting him hours ago but
that he wanted to see the video and pix at some stage. Mel B and the other
guys lifted Mel C from the couch she was sleeping on and carried her to the
main bedroom, as she started to wake Mel  cooed in her ear that they were
taking her in to lie down as she was obviously tired. At that she seemed to
wake up a bit and giggled girlishly as she saw it wasn't just her friend
taking her to bed but three of the guys. She turned her head towards Pete
and kissed him deeply as they reached the bed room.

I guess with the 5 girls spending so much time together they know each
other intimately (as tonight has proven)  Emma and Geri suggested that I
should start slowly with Victoria, but when she finally realised what was
happening she would indeed take on the Posh persona and act indifferently.
They assured me that after a few scenes like tonight they knew that she
would definitely enjoy it and that once it was started they would join in
and perhaps even call the others in.

As she sat there with her legs spread, one on the coffee table and her
dress high enough for me to gain access at her panty covered pussy I didn't
have much trouble getting started. I started gently rubbing my finger up
and down her pussy lips through the panties, this immediately elicited a
moan. Emma and Geri told me to keep at it, but believe it or not I didn't
need to be told. I continued rubbing her lips through her panties, after a
minute or so they began to get a little wet and I could smell her wonderful
pussy. I stuck my face between her legs and lightly kissed and licked her
cunt through her panties. By this stage she was moaning, but still asleep,
I wonder what she was dreaming about? Actually I wondered who she was
dreaming about. Actually I had a fair idea of who she was dreaming about
and even considered  grabbing my United jersey, but decided I was having a
lot more fun with my head stuck between her legs.

Emma was resting her head in Geris lap and watching the proceedings as Geri
almost absently rubbed Emma's tits through her dress. I returned to kissing
and licking Victoria's cunt through her wet panties. My finger found its
way in through the leg of her panties and now instead of just kissing and
licking her covered pussy  I was rubbing my fingers up and down the lips of
what felt like a shaved pussy. When Geri noticed my finger had found its
way inside of her panties she simply said She shaves it bare.' Damn, if my
cock wasn't hard enough already this was certainly helping. Emma has let
her hands wander under Geri's skirt while Geri's hand had found its way
into the top of Emma's dress, but both were taking it slowly. From the
bedroom came the sounds of some giggling where the two Mels were
entertaining the other three guys (that story will come later courtesy of

Victoria seemed to be still sleeping though she was now moaning a fair bit
and occasionally passed her hands over her tits. I pulled her panties to
one side and smelt her wonderful pussy before rubbing the lips some more,
she was most definitely past damp and well on her way to wet/leaking. As I
licked her lips for the first time I couldn't help but slide a finger into
her wet cunt. I was having trouble controlling myself my tongue snaked its
way deep into her cunt as far as I could shove it, my tongue fucking her,
my fingers rubbing her clit caused even greater moaning than before. By
this stage Victoria started to wake but seeing the other two girls nearby
must have eased her as she seemed to nod back to sleep. Her cunt was
literally dripping by now and I was having trouble tongue fucking her and
lapping up as much of her cunt juice as I could.

Emma's moans drew my attention again, as I turned I could see that she now
had her legs raised slightly and spread as she rubbed the outside of her
cunt with one of the empty wine bottles. Geri was also working on her cunt
with her fingers, and when the bottle moved far enough away her tongue. I
told Emma to start really fucking herself with the bottle. Emma opened her
legs even further and began sliding the neck of the bottle slowly in and
out of her cunt, the neck of the bottle quickly starting to shine with
Emma's tasty juices. Geri took over from Emma and started pumping the
bottle even faster, occasionally pulling it all the way (which made the
most incredibly horny slurping sound) before jamming her tongue into Emma's
cunt. After a bit of this Geri shoved the bottle back in and resumed
fucking Emma with it. Geri kept pounding the bottle in and out of Emma's
cunt until she started to tell us she was cumming and finally came with an
enormous shudder. Geri left the bottle shoved in Emma's cunt and moved to
me where she pulled my trousers down and started sucking my cock for me.

Once she had got it as hard as it was going to get she crawled to between
Victoria's legs and pulled her panties to one side and told me to fuck her.
I knelt in front of Victoria's very wet cunt and slipped my prick very
slowly all the way in. As I hit bottom Victoria awoke and demanded to know
what was happening. I simply smiled at her as Geri began to explain ' Boots
here has got you all wet by licking and fingering your cunt and now he's
fucking you.' Victoria replied with a serious look ' I didn't ask him to
stick his long prick into me though did I?'. By this stage I was sliding in
and out with long strokes that saw the head of my prick resting at her lips
with each outward stroke before I pushed it back in. Despite Victoria's
comments she made no effort to stop me so I kept going while the two girls
played their game.

Geri's next comment was 'Well if you don't like it why haven't you tried to
stop him? I think you really do like it don't you? When was the last time
you got screwed?" Victoria replied that it was well over a month but now
that she was engaged she shouldn't really be doing this. Geri told her that
was crap and she should fuck as often as she could. Geri leant over and
kissed me deeply on the lips as I continued filling Victoria's hole with my
cock. Geri continued with 'Besides he's got a great cock.' Victoria simply
moaned but kept her Posh persona by not smiling or showing any other signs
of enjoyment. Geri whispered in my ear to pull out which I promptly did.
Victoria looked up at me and asked why I stopped. I simply told her that if
she wasn't enjoying it there were two other girls in the room I'd happily
screw instead of her. She began to complain that she hadn't been fucked in
a long time and that she probably did need it. Geri pushed me onto my back
and slid all the way onto my cock without even removing her skirt. She told
Victoria that she definitely needed it and if she only 'probably needed it'
she wouldn't be getting any of my cock.

Emma was now slowly fucking her cunt again with the wine bottle and Geri
was bouncing up and down on my cock telling Victoria how good it felt. I'd
pulled her top down and was mauling her tits as they bounced all over the
shop. Victoria was now moaning that she needed to be fucked, but Geri told
her she'd missed her chance and that I was not only going to fuck her but I
was also going to fill her cunt with a huge load of cum. Emma chimed in
with 'It will be a huge load. He's already spunked me and it ran out of my
cunt and down my thighs, do you know what else Vic, it tasted so good.'
Victoria began to rub her cunt but Geri slapped her hand away telling her
she would have to wait her turn, and even then she'd have to beg before
she'd get fucked. Geri continued to bounce up and down on my cock, the
entire time telling me (and the other two) how good it felt to be stretched
by a really big cock and how great it felt to be having her 4th or 5th cock
of the night. Victoria told her she'd always been a slut, Geri giggled and
replied 'Maybe, but its not me sitting there with an empty cunt.'

Geri started moaning that she was close to cumming and then began to ride
me even faster, once or twice coming right off of my cock but she slipped
it in easily again. She kept riding me for all she was worth but after
having cum more than a normal week's quota already I was way off cumming.
As she got to the point of no return she jumped off my cock and sat
squarely on my face, grinding her cunt up against it at a frantic rate. I
worked on her cunt with my fingers and her clit with my tongue. She begged
me to bite her clit,, as I did, she begged me to bite it harder. I now had
three fingers working in and out of her cunt and was alternating between
licking, sucking and biting on her clit. Emma was urging me on and Victoria
had again began to rub her pussy but I must admit all of my attention was
on Geri's drooling cunt. Geri started cumming, her cunt getting wetter, and
by the time she was finished she flopped down on the floor and my face was
literally covered with her juices.

Victoria asked if I'd fuck her now but I replied that I didn't know if I
felt like it (yeah, right) as she wasn't interested earlier. She told me
she really did want me to 'do it to her'. I told her if she really wanted
me to screw her she'd have to lick Geri's cum from my face. I knelt over
Victoria making sure my cock was occasionally rubbing across her cunt lips
as she began to lick Geri's cum of off my face. To her credit she didn't
miss a spot as she tried to slide her cunt over my cock. She proudly told
me that she'd cleaned my face and now I had to 'do it to her'. I pretended
to be uncertain and then told her if she wanted me to fuck her she would
have to lick Emma's cum of the wine bottle which Emma was still using to
play with herself. Victoria looked at me and accused me not being very nice
to her. Despite the fact that her cunt was drooling she was playing this
Posh bit really well and it was turning me on immensely.

Emma crawled over to Victoria and offered her the bottle and told her if
she wanted a good screwing she'd have to blow the bottle and then lick all 
the cum off it. Victoria sneered at Emma and began by flicking her tongue
at the opening of the bottle, and then rolling her tongue around the top of
it. Emma told me that Victoria was probably the best cocksucker in the band
and if I got a chance to sample her wares. Victoria was now sliding the
bottle in and out of her mouth as though it where a cock, each time it slid
out she would rub her tongue up against the end. After she had finished
blowing the bottle she proudly held it up for me to inspect and proclaimed
that now I could 'do it to her'. Emma simply winked at me and I told
Victoria if she really wanted me 'to do it to her' she would have to beg

Victoria looked surprised but asked me to please do it to her. 

'Do what?' was my reply. 

'Fuck me, I want you to fuck me'. 

'I see you didn't want me to fuck you before but now you do?'

'Please just take your really big, long, fat cock and fuck my cunt. I need
to be fucked!'

'I still don't know, I mean I've fucked Emma, I've fucked Geri, I don't
know if I want to fuck you. I mean I think I still want to fuck the other
two girls but I don't know if I really want to fuck a stuck up bitch like

By now Victoria was looking almost desperate, 'Hell you've fucked them so
why wont you fuck me? I've got a tight cunt and a great body, look!' She
stood up and slowly removed her dress to reveal a wonderful body clad only
in the high cut black panties we'd already stretched which revealed her wet
cunt a tiny half bra that barely covered her nipples. The whole effect was
finished beautifully by a pair of three-inch black sandals.

I told her that she did look good and maybe if she asked nicely one more
time I might just consider fucking her. Emma and Geri were both well aware
of how horny she was so to make matters worse they both knelt in front of
me and began to lick my cock.

That was enough for Victoria who shoved both girls aside and pleaded for me
to fuck her tight cunt. I stuck my cock in Victoria's face, she took the
hint and began sucking me for all she was worth, after a minute or so of
this I told her to lie on her back and pull her panties aside so I could
fuck her. She complied and I rammed my well-used dick into her cunt and
began pounding on her for all I was worth. Victoria began to rub her
nipples but the other two girls where on her like a flash pinning her arms
down and then began rubbing her nipples through her bra. My cock felt like
it was made of steel as it slid in and out of Victoria's hot wet cunt. The
sight of black underwear usually makes me horny but having this glamour
begging me for more while two of her best friends were teasing her tits was
doing wonders for my libido.

Emma sat herself above Victoria's mouth and then lowered herself so that
the 'stuck up bitch' would eat her. Geri had pulled one of the bra cups
down and was feasting on Victoria's tit as I started slipping a finger in
her cunt with my cock to spice it up a bit (sorry, just been hanging to use
that pun). Victoria was getting it from all angles, and after a minute or
two I really began stretching her cunt by using a second and then a third
finger on her tight cunt. As Emma climbed off Victoria's face I rolled her
onto her stomach, she got herself up on her knees and hands I slipped my
cock into her from behind. Geri began asking me if I wanted to fuck
Victoria's arse, I agreed that if her cunt was this tight perhaps her
arsehole was even tighter. Victoria told us that she wasn't taking my fat
cock up her arsehole and that I was to keep fucking her cunt. Geri and Emma
told me to ignore Victoria and that if I wanted to fuck her arse I should
feel free,. Victoria again protested but was told to shut by the others. I
nodded for Emma to get me the wine bottle, once I had that I wiped some of
Victoria's cunt juice from my prick onto the bottle for lubrication, and
some on my finger. I slowed my strokes and began laying with Victoria's
arsehole using my finger. She again told me not to stick my cock in her
arse, I smiled at Emma and Geri and assured her that I wouldn't stick my
cock in her arse.

I continued to slide slowly in and out of her cunt with her occasionally
moaning "Yeah, that's it, fuck me, fill me!' but was now sliding my finger
slowly in and out of her arsehole. As I pulled my finger out of her arse I
asked her again if she'd like me to stick my cock in her arse, but again
she refused so Geri handed me the bottle and I began to push the bottle
into her arsehole. At first she didn't know what was happening, but as she
turned around she shrieked. When she told us to take it out we all took
great delight in telling her she didn't want my cock in there so this is
what she'd get. I continued to fuck her drooling pussy and slowly work the
wine bottle in and out of her arse she started telling us that she was
close to cumming. I continued to increase the pace in her cunt while Geri
took over with the wine botte, still going slowly but getting it a little
further in with each thrust.

So here I am with my cock filling up Victoria, Geri screwing her arse with
a wine bottle and Emma encouraging us with comments like 'Fuck her good!'
and 'She's just a dirty slut!' and 'How's it feel to be filled you
bitch?!'. Victoria began cumming violently, shaking like she was taking a
fit, Geri and I took this as a sign to fuck her harder, as soon as she
finished cumming we both pulled out and rolled her on her back. Emma and
Geri pinned her arms by kneeling on them and began pulling my cock. 'You're
gonna cum all over her tits and face and hair' explained Emma. 'We're gonna
pull your cock until you shoot cum all over her'. Victoria protested,
albeit rather weakly and asked me not to cum on her hair, we simply laughed
as I began to cum. I shot a huge load on her tits, face and hair, and by
the time I was finished there was a huge hanger that draped from the tip of
my cock onto Victoria's cheek. She swirled it up with her tongue and simply
sighed as I wiped my cock on her tits and bra.

After a few minutes respite I took the girls to the back bed room where we
all stripped and fell into the bed for a very well deserved sleep. At
various stages during the night I'd wake up to find one of the girls
rubbing my cock or maybe even sucking it. At one stage I woke up to find
Emma and Victoria sucking each other's pussies and Geri cradled into my
arms with my cock sliding in and out of her cunt (you know? One of those
really slow relaxed Sunday morning screws). We eventually surfaced at about
11, I drove the girls back to their city hotel where we made arrangements
to meet them that night before their show.

There is more to come. The three guys and the two Mels still have a story
to tell and then a few of us met up with the girls again before their first
Sydney show. We made sure that we'd see each other as much as possible
before the left our fair shores.

I would really appreciate some more feedback  I don't care what, positive
(would be nice) or negative (but be constructive) can be sent to

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