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Subject: Spice Girls BBQ Pt 2
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Emma/Baby and I lay on the bed gently rubbing each other, her my dick and
me her pussy. The four who were previously spectators were now becoming the
main attraction. Mel/Scary was now on her knees pulling Pete's cock from
his trousers while Steve was on his knees fingering Geri/Ginger's cunt for
all he was worth. She was leaning on the door jam with one leg resting
across his shoulder to give his fingers better access to her dripping cunt.
Geri/Ginger was moaning up a storm while Mel/Scary was sucking on Pete's
huge cock as though it were the last on earth. Pete had this major smug
look on his face as he pulled her tits out of her bra top and began rubbing
the nipples between his fingers.

Pete tossed me the video camera that I began using while Emma/Baby began
taking a few photos with the camera that Steve had dropped. By this stage
Steve was using three fingers on Geri/Ginger's cunt and also sucked on her
clit much to her delight. She was helping by pulling the mini skirt she was
sort of wearing up around her waist. Geri/Ginger was encouraging him and
grinding her cunt against his fingers while she started rubbing her tits.
Emma/Baby had dropped the camera and resumed sucking my cock as Steve
dropped his trousers and threw Mel/Scary on the bed beside us. He ripped
her trousers off sending buttons in all directions and plunged his huge
shaft deep into her bald cunt! What a site, Geri/Ginger getting finger
fucked and eaten, Emma/Baby deep throating me, Steve ploughing into
Mel/Scary while I alternated between sucking on her tits and slipping my
tongue into her mouth.

Emma/Baby was begging for some attention for her cunt, so being the
gentleman I slipped my throbbing cock from her mouth and slid it all the
way into her tight little cunt. By this stage a few more of the guys
started filtering into the room and definitely like what they saw. James
said that Victoria/Posh and Mel/Sporty were crashed on the lounge.
Geri/Ginger told us to let them sleep for a while and told us that we'd
have some fun with them later. James giggled at this and said they already
had as Victoria/Posh had crashed with her legs slightly parted so her and
one or two of the others had leant her further back in the couch spreading
her legs even further before taking a few candid shots.

James went for Geri/Ginger who was by now sitting astride Pete's face, he
pulled out his dick and stuffed it in her gob, effectively ending the
conversation. Geri/Ginger was getting off as she rode Pete's face while
James alternated between sticking his prick in her mouth an wiping it
across her face. Mike started rubbing Mel/Scary's tits while Steve continue
to hammer into her dripping slit. This was getting really horny and when
Geri/Ginger complained that she hadn't been fucked yet both James's and
Pete's eyes lit up like Christmas trees. The two threw her to the floor and
tore the top off her revealing two huge tits before James started rubbing
his cock up and down her slit, by this time she was really begging to be
fucked. James relented and pushed his dick into her wet cunt and she came
almost immediately. Pete not wanting to miss out began asking her if she
wanted a second cock in her, he was rubbing his prick in her face asking if
she wanted a second cock, when she replied he couldn't believe his ears 'In
my arse, I want you to fuck my arse!' Emma just laughed as I continued
fucking her, calling her a slut.

James rolled onto his back keeping his prick stuffed in Geri/Ginger's cunt
the whole time, Pete stuffed his fingers in her cunt along side James' cock
and then rubbed her cunt juices on his cock, before positioning himself at
her rosy arsehole.

While all of this was happening both Mike & Steve were blowing huge loads
all over Mel/Scary's tits and stomach after Steve had fucked her well and
Mike had been pulled off by her. Emma sort of twisted and pulled herself
across the bed towards Mike, Steve and Mel/Scary. As I started to pull out
she told me stay in there and keep fucking her. She grabbed both dicks and
licked them before starting to lick the cum of off Mel/Scary's tits. The
sight of Emma/Baby Spice getting fucked while licking the cum off Mel/Scary
was enough to get both Mike & Steve hard again and the two began trying to
shove their cocks in Emma/Baby's face. Emma/Baby took both cocks in her
hand and alternated between sucking on one while rubbing the other.
Mel/Scary was calling her all sorts of names like a 'cum slut', tramp and
cheap whore', but she simply grinned at her and continued to service and be
serviced. Mel/Scary got the video camera and moved around the room getting
some great close ups of Emma/Baby's cunt being filled, of Emma/Baby's mouth
being filled and then of Geri/Ginger getting fucked in her arsehole and
cunt at the same time.

Geri/Ginger was on her knees as James was filling her cunt from underneath
and Pete was screwing her arsehole. Both guys had worked out their rhythm
and as one would push in the other would pull out. Geri had this dreamy
look on her face as she was almost dribbling from the corner of her mouth.
About this time Ben walked in the room saying goodbye when he saw what was
happening he stopped mid sentence. The gobsmacked look on his face was
hilarious. In front of him Geri/Ginger was getting it in the cunt and arse
while Emma/Baby was getting in the cunt and two in the mouth while
Mel/Scary was moving from girl to girl getting what I hoped would be some
great footage. Ben said the others had left because they though the party
had broken up so all that was left was the two girls crashed on the couch 
and now he realised us. Mel/Scary quickly pounced on Ben ripping his
trousers down and then rubbing his cock.

I was close to cumming and when I told Emma/Baby she told me to fill her
cunt. The load I blew into her cunt must have nearly blown a hole in the
middle of her back. I seemed to blow for ever, but as soon as I finished I
pulled out and signalled for Mike to take my place. She continued sucking
Steve who was fucking her face furiously. This bitch wanted as much cum as
she could get, and I figured between myself, Steve and Mike we could give
her a fair bit of what she wanted. Mike also cried out that he was about to
cum and then shot what I imagined to be another big load into Emma/Baby's
now well used cunt! As he continued thrusting in and out cum began to
dribble out of her cunt and down her thighs. Mike wiped some of the cum
from her thigh with his hand and rubbed it in her face which she
desperately tried to lick up, the only problem was that Steve was still
fucking her face.

I wandered over to where Geri/Ginger was getting it both ways, knelt over
James face and stuck my dick in Geri/Ginger's face. It took a moment before
she even noticed it was there as she seemed to be in a state of delirium,
rolling on from one orgasm to another as my two mates plugged her holes.
James was really taking it all in, his arms were folded behind his head as
this hot little tart rode his dick. Pete had her by the hips and was
fucking her arse with long strokes and now my dick was sliding in and out
of her mouth as I mauled those tits that so often promised to pop out of
her dress in almost every public appearance she made.

When I looked around I saw that Mike was sitting on the floor with the
camera taking a breather while Steve was now servicing Emma/Baby's probably
'not so tight' cunt. He had her arse hanging over the edge of the bed and
her feet up on his shoulders while he gave it to her. She was screaming for
him to cum inside her cunt and the look on his face suggested that he would
certainly try to accommodate her. I think one thing that made her look a
bit hotter was the fact that her sundress was still bunched up around her
waist, her tits looked marked, her cunt was dripping cum but her cute
little dress was still on, well sort of anyway. Geri/Ginger was the same,
she had a cock in each hole but her little gold mini skirt was still
bunched up around her waist. It was times like this I discovered that
despite the fact that a gang bang/orgy was taking place there are still a
few small things that turn me on.

As Emma/Baby screamed through yet another orgasm Steve blew a load into her
cunt that must have finally filled it as it seemed to be leaking out of her
cunt and won on to her arse cheeks at a great rate! Steve began wiping cum
from her legs and then her cunt after he pulled his semi erect cock out of
her cunt and began to wipe it all over face and tits. Emma/Baby begged him
to let her taste it, Steve obliged and scooped a handful of jiz from her
cunt and wiped it over her mouth. She sucked it in and wiped the corner of
her mouth with her tongue almost desperately as Mel/Scary called her a

Mel/Scary was looking pretty slutty herself as Ben was fucking her standing
up. She was leaning against the wall with a leg thrown over his arm as he
pounded into her black cunt with abandon. By this stage Mike, Steve and
Emma/Baby were all recuperating, either laying on the floor or bed.
Mel/Scary was telling Ben to be a 'real man and fuck her good', and Ben
continued to pound her pussy. Mel/Scary kept on at this until Ben pushed
everything off of the bedside table and shoved her face down on the table.
He motioned for Mike & Steve to come over and hold her wrists down so she
couldn't get up and then he began to push his dick into her arsehole. She
screamed at first, and then begged Ben not to bugger her, but he simply
laughed as he continued to push his monster dick in a little way. Maybe she
shouldn't have goaded him because Ben's dick looked to be about 10 or 11
inches long. They continued to play the rape game, her begging not to be
fucked and he and his two mates holding her down and fucking her arse!

Emma/Baby found this highly amusing and wandered over to Mel/Scary and told
her to tell the boys how much she loves it up the arse. Mel/Scary continued
to play the 'rape game' and continued to beg Ben not to fuck her arse. The
funny thing was she was fucking back on him. Emma/Baby continued to tease
her and tell her how hot Ben's monster cock looked fucking her black arse.
As Emma /Baby was standing in front of Mel/Scary both Mike and Steve began
to finger fuck her cunt, from where I was deep in Geri/Ginger's throat it
looked like both of them had a few fingers each in her cunt.
By this stage Geri/Ginger was moaning and carrying on like a real bitch on
heat. I was sliding in and out of her mouth at a furious rate while James
and Pete were pounding her cunt and arse respectively. I pulled out of her
mouth and pulled myself off for the last few strokes it took to get me
cumming. Strands of cum launched from my dick splattering across her face
and into her hair. With my dick out of her mouth she was able to talk  she
started screaming 'Come on fuck me!', 'Fill me up', That's it fuck my horny
cunt!'. This talk was getting to both blokes who started fucking her faster
and faster, their once perfect rhythm shot to shit as they both drilled her
as hard as they could. I took my lilting dick and wiped it in Geri/Ginger's
hair and turned around to see Ben pulling his cock out of Mel/Scary's arse
and shoot cum across her arse cheeks and up on her back. Emma/Baby
continued taunting her while Mike & Steve were finger fucking her cunt.

James was in the midst of blowing his load into Geri/Ginger's cunt as she
screamed for him to fill her cunt. James' face was contorted with pleasure
as he shot wads of hot sticky cum into her cunt for what seemed like an
eternity, the entire time she was begging him to fill her up, telling him
how good her cunt felt to be full of cum! As he pulled out of her cunt we
could all see the cum dripping out onto the carpet as she began frigging
herself while Pete continued the assault on her arse!

By this stage everyone else was pretty much watching Pete fuck
Geri/Ginger's arse. There was a bit of rubbing going on but these two were
the centre of attention with both the still camera and the video camera
being taken advantage of. Pete was now slapping her arse and telling her
how hot she was while Geri/Ginger was begging to be fucked deeper and
harder. She was still on her hands and knees, her huge tits bouncing all
over the joint while she fucked her cum filled cunt with her fingers.
Emma/Baby and Mel/Scary were telling us all how much Geri/Ginger loved to
be fucked and how she rarely went a night without at least one guy filling
her up! The rest of us were egging Pete along with comments like 'Come on
mate, fuck her arse good'. Pete was reaching the end of his tether he
continued to slap her arse real hard but looked like he was about to cum
bucketloads. Geri/Ginger started screaming for him to cum in her arse as
she was just on the brink of cumming herself courtesy of her fingers. That
was all Pete needed as he took her by the hips and drove in deep one last
time before loosing his load in one of the world's most coveted arses! At
the same time he began cumming she started screaming like a banshee on the
warpath as she collapsed on her face with her arse stuck high in the air.
Pete slumped forward on her as everyone else in the room cheered.

After a few minutes of chat we decided we should all get cleaned up and
then maybe look in on the two girls who were still crashed in the lounge
room. Emma/Baby grabbed the phone and called their management informing
them that as the girls didn't have anything on for the morning they'd back
before noon and not to worry about them. The shower was looking highly
impracticable for 7 or 8 people we all wandered out the back towards the
pool and used that as our bath. The girls who were still partially dressed
disrobed and we all played around in the pool for 20 minutes or so.

Needless to say that sex was again the winner as Geri/Ginger lay by the
pool taking turns blowing Steve, Pete and James while Ben and Mel/Scary
stayed in the water and fucked. I raced back inside to get the video camera
but was convinced by Emma/Baby that I'd have more fun going another round
with her. Emma/Baby sat on the edge of the pool at the shallow end while I
slowly slid in and out of her hot little cunt while she alternated between
rubbing her tits and kissing me. We ended up heading inside before anybody
else had cum, I guess we all felt that Victoria/Posh and Mel/Sporty would
much rather some serious fucking than being rubbed by a few limp dicks. All
three girls dried off before getting dressed. After having seen her naked,
after having seen her on the end of my dick, after having seen her getting
fucked by my mates I must admit Emma/Baby still looked damn hot in her
little sundress and sandals. Mel/Scary had to settle for just her bra top
and panties as her trousers were trashed in the heat of the moment earlier
and Geri/Ginger left her underwear on the floor as she put her top and mini
back on.

OK guys, this is my second  story now, and as you can probably tell by the
ending I have some more ideas for the remainder of the evening's. I
received a few positive comments about the first story but would really
appreciate some more feedback  I don't care what, positive (would be nice)
or negative (but be constructive) can be sent to

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