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Incubus Part 9/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

One year later...

Carolyn stood in front of the Minister in her best suit and 
tails. She looked lovingly over at her new bride. The bride's 
familiar face shone back, her face radiant underneath the 

The Minister was saying "Mr and Mrs. Hawkins. I now 
pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Carolyn bent down lifted the veil away from her wife's face 
and kissed her. She hoped the moment would last forever as 
she felt herself melt away.

Mendelssohn played across the church as they walked arm in 
arm past beaming relatives and friends and outside into the 

Carolyn stood outside, her arm around the new Mrs. 
Hawkins. She smiled as a petite, blonde haired lady bounded 
towards them.

"Congratulations. Look at you, a married man and 
everything. You make a wonderful couple," Joyce beamed.

"Yeah, thanks to you," David replied, hugging Joyce tightly.

"I only did what had to be done," Joyce said in a matter of 
fact way.

"You realize we're even now," Carolyn said.

"You OWE me I seem to remember. If I hadn't driven 
you to the airport you'd never have caught up with David and 
he'd have been on his way to England," Joyce said playfully.

"I'd have enjoyed England too," David smiled, and Carolyn 
gave him a playful dig in his shapely ribs and then pulled him 

"Where'd you say you're going on honeymoon?'

"After we get changed we're staying in a local hotel tonight 
and then we fly off to Egypt. We've booked the honeymoon 
suite at the Luxor hotel in Cairo. Five star treatment and 
everything." Carolyn said.

"I still can't believe you two haven't done it yet." Joyce said.

"David wanted to wait and I was happy to oblige. We've 
accepted our fates now so it doesn't matter any more. I think 
he's secretly looking forward to it," Carolyn said and gave 
Joyce a knowing wink.

The other guests were starting to close in on the happy 
couple and turning to David Carolyn said "I just want to 
have a quick word with Joyce. You go see to the rest of the 

David nodded and walked off.

"Carolyn I know what you're going to say and you don't 
have to," Joyce started.

"I do have to. Many years ago I gave up something precious 
to save a friend from a big mistake. That friend was you. 
You returned the favor by refusing my proposal. The 
reasons you gave for turning me down were right on the 
money. I was just scared, selfish and messed up. You forced 
me to see that and so help me see what I really knew all 
along, that David is the right person for me. Thank you 
again and sorry it took so long for me to see it," Carolyn 
hugged Joyce again.

"Anytime. Now isn't that your wife chatting up the best 
man?" Joyce laughed.

"I can't leave him for a minute. See ya Joyce and don't forget 
to feed Jonsey for us will you?"

"No worries. I'll catch you later," Joyce said and walked off 
to talk to that cute usher she'd just spotted.

David and Carolyn walked hand in hand to the door of their 
hotel room. It had been a long day and both of them were 
shattered. David took the room key card and swiped it down 
the lock. The door unlocked with a click and David was 
about to walk inside when Carolyn pulled him back.

"Hey," he started.

"Let's do this properly," Carolyn said and bent down and 
lifted David off his feet. Surprised at how light David felt 
Carolyn walked over the threshold of the hotel room and sat 
David down again.

"I never thought I'd be the one who'd have that done to 
them," David remarked.

"It's a modern world and it's been a long day," Carolyn said.

"We owe Joyce for this you know. I still don't know how 
she persuaded you to go after me and how you managed to 
persuade me to stay," David said.

"I've no idea. Maybe it's because I love you so much," Carolyn
said, stroking David's hair.

"Me too. What I do know that this is right. It has always 
been right," David said and pulled Carolyn close to him.

He could feel her body pressed against his. Her muscular 
chest pushing against his breasts. Carolyn put her arms 
around David's waist and kissed him. David responded and 
felt tingles run down his spine.

"Come to bed with me Mrs. Hawkins," Carolyn said.

"My pleasure Mr Hawkins," David said and allowed himself 
to be led into the bedroom.

David lay down on the bed, his arms and legs outstretched, 
beckoning Carolyn to come closer. Carolyn did so and 
kissed David on the lips once more.

David could feel his heart racing as Carolyn undid his 
blouse. David started to unbutton Carolyn's shirt and David 
could feel himself go moist in his pussy. Carolyn started 
kissing David's exposed breasts and David felt himself start 
to melt away.

A sense of urgency grew within David, a desire for the 
pleasurable sensations to come back in force. He undid 
Carolyn's trousers and reached inside and grasped hold of 
Carolyn's erect penis.

"Hey, steady on!" Carolyn said.

"I want you!" David breathed, feeling the fire in his womb 
start to burn again.

Carolyn resumed her kissing of David's breasts and in an 
expert motion had undone his bra. She moved her tongue 
over and around his nipples and David let out a gasp.

David responded by taking off his blouse and loosening his 
pants. Already he felt warm and moist, ready for Carolyn to 
thrust her cock inside him. Now locked in an embrace 
Carolyn continued to kiss David on his slender neck, his ears 
and his breasts. Unable to respond because of the waves of 
pleasure sweeping over him David lay back and wallowed in 
the sensations rushing over him.

"Please Carolyn. Fuck me, Fuck me," David moaned.

Carolyn took her pants down and sat astride David. Her 
cock erect and waiting. She bent down feeling for David's 
moist, waiting cunt. She let out a moan as she felt it's length 
go into David.

David's eyes widened as pleasures beyond description went 
through him. Carolyn held position for a while and then started 
to move, slowly at first and then faster.

David couldn't help but moan as he felt Carolyn's warm shaft 
move inside and then out of him. He felt on fire and he 
started to breath faster. David called out "Faster, more 
more," and then whimpered as Carolyn complied.

David started to move his hips up and down, in time with 
Carolyn as they started to play a duet of love and passion. 
Beads of sweat ran down Carolyn's face as the fire within 
burned ever more intensely.

David and Carolyn closed their eyes and relished the feeling 
of being one. David could feel Carolyn's cock rub against his 
clitoris and he lost himself in the tidal waves of pleasure 
crashing over him. Carolyn felt herself about to cum and she 
braced her self for the explosion of pleasure she knew was 
to about to happen.

Suddenly she felt a throbbing inside her and she gasped as 
she felt something move within her. She looked up to see 
David's face aglow with the pleasure of orgasm, mixed with 
extreme surprise.

"David?" she heard herself say. Why did she have her old 
voice back?

"Carolyn?" David's voice replied.

"Have we?" Carolyn asked.

David rolled over and put his hand to his erect cock, still 
dripping cum. "Yes and it feels wonderful."

Carolyn lifted her hand up and touched herself down there. 
Instead of feeling the fleshy mass of a cock her finger went 
inside a vagina. Her vagina!. She reached over to David and 
kissed him on the lips and they embraced once more.

David and Carolyn lay back on the bed, still cuddling after 
the nights events.

"It's been quite a journey," David remarked.

"For both of us. I feel more real, more me and more 
complete than I ever did before. Love you David Hawkins," 
Carolyn said lovingly.

"Me too, Carolyn Hawkins," David replied. For certain there 
would be many trials in the future, but in the end love 
prevails over all adversity.


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