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Incubus Part 8/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

Carolyn responded by moving her hand upward until she felt 
the moist warmth of Joyce's pussy. Joyce gasped and then 
let out a moan every time Carolyn applied light pressure to 
it. Pulling Joyce's panties down Carolyn felt for the clitoris 
and gently ran her fingers around it. 

Joyce let out a louder moan "Ohh yes Carolyn Yes."

Encouraged by this Carolyn continued to kiss and caress 
Joyce and each time she felt Joyce get wetter and wetter.

"Now please Carolyn, please. I'll help you in," Joyce gasped.

Carolyn moved astride Joyce's open legs and went 
downwards. She felt Joyce's hands grasp hold of her dick 
and she felt a warm tightness as it went inside Joyce's 
waiting cunt.

"Am I in?" Carolyn asked.

"Yeah. Now wait a few moments to get used to it."

Carolyn did so and then started to thrust, moving her hips in 
and out, feeling the urge to come grow stronger and 

Joyce let out a another moan and responded by pushing 
upwards with her hips.

Unable to contain herself any longer Carolyn felt a throbbing 
in her dick. She felt herself go limp as the throbbing 
continued. Joyce held still allowing the warm cum to mingle 
inside her. 

"I'm sorry. I couldn't hold myself," Carolyn whispered.

Joyce reached up and ran her hand through Carolyn's hair "Hey 
that's OK. I enjoyed it, now finish me off."

Carolyn lifted off Joyce, feeling her cock slide from Joyce's 
moist cunt. Rolling over she ran her hand down Joyce's 
chest until it rested on Joyce's dripping pussy. This was now 
familiar ground for Carolyn and she located Joyce's clit with 
ease. Gently stroking it, first one way then the other Carolyn  
knew she'd hit the spot when Joyce let forth a loud moan.

"Go on Carolyn please, I need this please go, go, go," Joyce 

Carolyn could hear Joyce's sharp intakes of breath as she 
continued to caress Joyce's pussy. 

Joyce's moans were getting louder and more frequent until 
Joyce let forth a moan which reached crescendo and then 
fell off. Carolyn lay back feeling utterly spent, her hand 
slowly caressing Joyce's nipple.

Joyce lay immobile for a while and then sat up, her hand 
stroking Carolyn's chest.

Carolyn looked up and saw Joyce's radiant face looking into 
hers. "Thank you Joyce. You were wonderful. It's like a 
whole new me has come into being." 

"Carolyn. I needed it too. For so long I wanted to express 
how I felt about your friendship. This was the perfect way. 
No regrets?"

"None. The question is now what do we do?" Carolyn 

"Old style you roll over and go to sleep. New style you roll 
over , say I was terrific then fall sleep," Joyce smiled.

"You know what I mean." 

"We take it one day at a time. We both have got to get used to 
this. I need some time to think. Hey, why don't we catch that 
movie you wanted?"

"Good idea," Carolyn said and got up to clean herself up.

The next day Carolyn was laying in bed, dreaming of the day 
she'd had with Joyce. Today was the day David was coming 
around to try and switch back. Sure enough around 10am 
there was a knock at the door. Carolyn got up and opened 
the door.

"David, Hi," Carolyn said.

"Hi, you seem more distant that usual. Is everything OK?" 
David asked, his voice showing concern.

"I'm fine, just tired that's all. I had a busy day yesterday."

"In that case we'll get it over with. Now sit down on the 
sofa, facing me."

"OK," Carolyn said and sat down on the sofa.

"Here take my hand," David said offering his hand to 

Carolyn shrugged and placed her hand on his.

"Now I want you to empty your mind, allow all the goings 
on during the day to wash away from you. Relax your 
shoulders and breath in and out," David said doing the same.

Carolyn complied and felt herself drift away.

"Now close your eyes and concentrate on seeing my mind. 
Don't struggle, let it flow."

In her mind Carolyn could see the door. She felt herself float 
towards it. She tried to push away, walk of her own volition 
but she couldn't help being drawn towards it. She felt 
threatened but exhilarated all in the same moment.

David was shaking, the effort starting to show in his face. 
"Don't fight it," he gasped.
In David's mind he formed a doorway and saw his hand reach
towards the door handle. Looking down at his hand he saw the
delicate, slender hand of Carolyn. Ignoring this he turned the
handle and pushed the door open.

Carolyn stood before him, still in his body. She was wearing 
the same wedding dress as when they first met. It looked so 
out of place on her masculine form David couldn't help but 
smile. In his mind he said to Carolyn "Come on let's cross 
over. Don't be scared. I'm here."

David and Carolyn went to walk through the doorway but a 
force prevented them from crossing. David tried to push his 
way through the door and Carolyn was struggling as well but 
the force held firm.

In her mind Carolyn felt a cold chill of fear. She could feel 
something forcing her to go somewhere she didn't want to 
go, do things she didn't wish to do and be someone she 
wasn't. She turned and fled back, away from the door. She 
could hear David's voice screaming at her to return but she 
was too afraid. She opened her eyes to see David lying on 
the floor, breathing slowly.

"David, My god are you OK?" she called.

David slowly opened his eyes and rubbed his head. "Sorry I 
couldn't. Something was stopping us."

"It was me. It was my fault," Carolyn said tearfully.

"No. It didn't feel right somehow. As though we weren't 
ready for it yet."

"How do you mean?"

"I can't explain it but certain events have to occur before we 
try again. Don't ask me how or why I know this I just do," 
David was crying now.

Carolyn reached over and put her muscular arm around him 
"S'ok. I'll get you some water."

An hour later and David was feeling much better. Armed 
with as many of Carolyn's clothes as could fit in a suitcase 
he drove off to his apartment. After he had left Carolyn took 
the opportunity to call Joyce.

"Hi Tiger," Joyce said seductively when she answered the 

"Hi Honey. Boy it seems strange saying that to you."

"I know. Who'd have thought we'd have ended up together. 
Especially after that night at college," Joyce joked.

"Not one of my more successful encounters. I still can't 
believe we did THAT."

"We were drunk at the time and it was the in thing to try," 
Joyce explained.

"Anyway. It's different this time. Hey wanna come over? I've 
got something to talk over with you."

"Yeah. I'll be over in a bit. Put some coffee on will you," 
Joyce said and hung up.

Carolyn put the phone down and walked into the kitchen to 
await Joyce. She didn't have to wait long as soon there was 
a knock at the door. Carolyn bounded over to it and flung it 
open. Standing there was David.

"Uhh Hi, I was expecting someone else," Carolyn stuttered.

"You forgot to give me some panties," David said.

"Yeah umm OK. Come in please," Carolyn said. There was 
no easy time to tell David what she had to say so this was as 
good time as any. Carolyn's heart was pounding with nerves 
as she went into her bedroom to collect some lingerie. When 
she returned David was sitting down, oblivious to the 
bombshell she was about to drop.

Carolyn's face suddenly went serious. How could she break 
this to David easily and without hurting him too much. She'd 
always been told the best way was the up front way. She 
breathed in deeply and said "David There's something I need 
to tell you."

"Which is?"

"I don't want to switch back. I feel safe here. You said to me 
you'd help me get through this anyway you could. Well this way 
is the best way, the only way."

David's face grew red with anger "So you're going to steal 
my body and leave me like this," he gestured at his comely 

"We tried to switch back, we couldn't. Maybe this is forever, 
maybe we were meant to be like this. I need to get on with 
my life."

"No way. I can't believe I'm hearing this. You're too scared 
of facing up to your life and it's consequences so you want to 
steal someone else's. You've been running away ever since 
we first met. You ran away in my mind, you hid your inner 
feelings when we talked and ever since you've been running 
scared. Carolyn, look until you face this evil that happened 
to you it will always be part of you, always eating at your 
soul. You must start to pick up the pieces," David shouted.

"I have begun to pick them up, starting with that decision. It 
wasn't easy to say good-bye to my body. But I have to. The 
second part is this,"  Carolyn started to say.

"I don't believe you're doing this to me," David shouted.

"The second part of my getting my life back is that Joyce 
and I are seeing each other. I've no idea how it happened it 
just did. Listen David, she is the perfect partner for me and 
me for her. Maybe this is fate's way of bringing us together. I 
know it's not easy, It won't be for both of us for a while but 
we'll adjust."

David slowly shook his head "If you won't help me get back 
then I'm stuck as a woman. Trapped in a body that is not my 
own. I'm the poor sap who's life you sacrificed for your own 
happiness. You surprise me Carolyn, you really do. What 
your doing is similar to what the mailman did. He kidnapped 
people's bodies and then took their lives away from them."

Carolyn's face reddened and her eyes glared at David "How 
could you say that. It's not the same at all. Listen, in that 
body you've got more opportunities than you ever had in this 

"Like what?  Motherhood?" David screamed back.

"If you like. Just calm things down for a moment. I love 
Joyce and she loves me. After all that's gone on you 
wouldn't deny me that would you?" Carolyn said softly.

"What about me. I love you as well, Carolyn. It's taken me a 
while to notice but I enjoy your company, need  your 
presence. Thrills run down this body whenever you brush 
past me. I never told you this before because I wanted to see 
what you'd say, wait until you were ready. Now it seems I'm 
too late." 

He took a deep breath.  "If you want me gone, no problem. I'll 
book myself on a flight to England, tonight if I can. I've always 
wanted to go there, so it won't be too bad. Don't worry, I won't 
stand in your way. Well, good-bye David, nice meeting you," David 
said holding out his hand.

Carolyn was still in a state of shock from this revelation.  She 
took a few moments to respond. David was hurt, she 
understood that, but once again he was so unselfish, she felt 
so guilty. But it really was the only way .She put out her 
hand and shook David's. "Bye Carolyn take care."

David slowly turned and went out of the door, shutting it 
softly behind him.

Carolyn flopped down on the Sofa, exhausted from the brief 
argument she'd just had. This was it, the point of no return. 
Sure she felt as guilty as hell, but this really was the only 
solution she could see. The only way she could feel safe 
again. She had to admit to herself that this was probably the 
most selfish thing she had ever done but David would adjust, 
would find love again. She missed him already but Joyce 
was her only hope and only future.

An hour or so later there was a knock at the door and 
Carolyn half expected it to be David. Cautiously she peeped 
through the spy hole and saw the blonde haired face of Joyce. 
She flung open the door and stood there with open arms.

"Hi Tiger," Joyce said and leapt into Carolyn's arms.

Carolyn felt her cock go stiff as she felt the warm, firmness 
of Joyce's breasts. She bent down and kissed Joyce on the 
lips. Joyce responded in kind and ran her finger down 
Carolyn's masculine chest. Carolyn felt her dick grow larger 
as the feeling of pleasure increased.

"Hey, steady on," Joyce said.

"Sorry. Take a seat I'll get you that coffee," Carolyn said 
and walked away. 

A while later Carolyn emerged holding two cups of steaming 
coffee and some candy. After the emotional scene with 
David she needed some light relief. Handing one of the cups 
to Joyce she sat down again.

"Strange," Joyce commented.

"What is?"

"You still sit like a woman does."

"I'll get used to it," Carolyn said. Now was the best time as 
any, she figured.


"That thing I wanted to tell you. I've decided to stay like 
this. I don't want to switch back. I want to give US a go," 
Carolyn said, reaching out for Joyce's hand.

"Carolyn what are you saying? What about David?"

"David will manage. He kinda accepts it anyway. What I'm 
saying is that we are meant to be. I feel so right when I'm 
with you, and making love to you the other night only 
deepened my feelings for you."

"So you told David you wanted his body so that you could 
be with me?" Joyce said carefully. 

"I know it seems selfish but I feel so right for this. If David 
had stayed it would have been complicated," Carolyn said.

"How so?"

"Before he left he told me he loved me. He'd wanted to tell 
me before but he wasn't sure if I was ready to hear it or 
respond to it."

"And how do you feel about him?" Joyce asked.

"He's so sweet, unselfish and caring. He'd rather throw 
himself off a cliff than hurt me. I'll miss him like hell and he 
was a good friend. But he wasn't you Joyce, nobody could 

"Sounds like you care for him more than you let on," Joyce 

"I guess. If you weren't around then maybe -- and it's a big 
maybe -- things would be different.  But you're here and he's 
gone off to England to start over. Listen Joyce -- I love you so 
much it hurts," Carolyn said, and put her cup down and knelt 
down in front of Joyce.

"Carolyn you better not be doing what I think you're doing," 
Joyce warned, pointing a finger at Carolyn.

Carolyn smiled and looked into Joyce's eyes "Joyce. I love 
you, we are meant to be together. It would be the best thing 
that ever happened to me if you would be my wife."

Rebecca Harris rushed to the door and opened it.
"Hello Rebecca is he in?" Tina asked, peering past her and 
into the hallway.

"Yeah he's in the lounge as usual. How are you?" Rebecca 

"Getting there. The sling should be off in a couple'a weeks 
and I can then return to duty. Spending a month behind a 
desk is a real drag." Tina replied and walked into the lounge.

Scott was sitting on the sofa, his leg in plaster and level 
with his body. The TV was on and a pile of beer cans lay 
strewn across the floor.

"Hey look everyone, it's Homer," Tina joked.

"Hi Tina. How're things in the real world?" Scott asked.

"In a sec. You any better? I heard that you've been forced to 
take six months off. It must be a real downer."

"It is. I sit here for hours at a time until I hobble upstairs to 
bed. Everytime I hear a siren outside I want to be out there, 
protecting and serving. Mind you I've had the chance to 
catch up on some reading so I guess it's not that bad. You 
still behind a desk?"

"Yeah. Hey, something very strange turned up today. I 
thought you'd like to know.? Oh mind if I sit?" Tina asked.

"Hey, no problem. Help yourself to a beer."

"Sorry. Still on duty but thanks anyway" Tina said sitting 
down on the chair next to Scott.

"So what's this news?"

"This morning we took a call from Martin Phillips wanting 
to know why his house had 'police line do not cross' stickers 
all over it."

"WHAT!" Scott exclaimed.

"Yeah my reaction exactly. But his alibi checks out. His 
mother was ill in Arkansas and he was visiting and helping 
her for a few weeks. The reason why he was so shy about it 
was that she was his biological mother and not his adopted 
one. He didn't want anyone to know this as he was taken 
away from his real mother at the age of ten, something 
about being abused as a child. Anyway she's a little better 
and he had to turn up for work soon so he returned. The 
resemblance between him and the mailman is remarkable."

"So who the fuck???" Scott started to say.

"No idea. Martin Phillips says that he had no brothers that 
he knows about although his biological father did leave 
when he was 8 so it's possible from that angle. But hey it's 
just a guess," Tina said.

"And he checks out?"

"Yeah. He stayed at the hospice with his mother and his 
blood type is different from that of the mailman. We could do  
DNA tests but it's kinda a low priority now. We got the 
killer, so case closed.  As you know we're tight on budget now, 
so I guess we'll never know for sure."

"Hmmm. I'd like to know though. But as you say we got 
him so his real identity is irrelevant. Anything else?"

"Yeah, those guys you saw running from the cemetery.  We 
didn't get a good look at them so we can't ID em. We spoke 
to Marcel Bourdin, Rachel Martin's agent. He said that she 
had refused protection from him and that she said she'd look 
after it herself."

"So you think these guys were Rachel Martin's hired help?" 
Scott said.

"Seems so. As you know she's vanished so we can't ask her. 
Strange why she'd want to keep them secret and not tell her 
agent though."

"Maybe she wanted them to keep a low profile. We know 
how much she values her privacy. Could they have killed the 

"Could be, and if so we have no proof, no witnesses and end of 
story. In any case these guys vanished when Rachel left so 
who knows. We'll still question her when or if she comes 
back though. I hate this case -- so many questions still 

"That's how it goes sometimes. Anything else?"

Tina smiled "Yeah, the guys at the station send their regards 
and have awarded you the precinct purple heart."

"Tell them thanks and I'll see them later. The doc's due 
round soon so you'd better go. Besides you're still on duty," 
Scott teased.

"See ya round?" Tina chirped.

"Yeah Later. Oh and before you go get me a beer will you," 
Scott asked.

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