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Incubus Part 7/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

Having climbed up one wall he paused and heard two 
gunshots. Smiling to himself he vaulted over the next wall 
and ran down the alley way. The place seemed to be 
deserted. He figured if he cut a right at the next block he'd 
manage to catch up with the Queen as she sat in traffic. 

All of a sudden two well dressed Arabic men stepped out in 
front of him. The Queens henchmen! His pulse raced in fear 
as he saw the look of death in their eyes. They stared at him, 
their faces impassive. One of them said "We will not permit 
you to harm her, it is not her time."

He looked innocent and puzzled. All of a sudden there was a 
blurred motion and a pain in his neck. He reached up to his 
neck, his lungs now gasping for each breath. He looked 
down at his hands and saw they were covered in blood. "No 
it mustn't end this way, the evil one must not be allowed to 
perish," he rasped, as he sank to his knees. The last thing he 
saw was one of the men light up a foul smelling cigarette 
and walk away.

Tina stood up, clutching her shoulder. The pain was 
diminishing now and she could feel herself get colder. She 
realized she was going into shock. Her head span, she had 
dreamed she had shot Scott and was about to kill herself. 
Looking over to Scott, laying unconscious on the floor she 
realized that it was no dream What had she done. Her vision 
was starting to blur and she sank to the floor. 

Tina woke up in hospital, her shoulder in a sling and hurting 
like hell. Andrew was standing over her and was in the 
middle of saying something "Should be OK. The clavicle 
took most of the impact. Hey you're awake." 

"Barely. Scott?" Tina asked, dreading the answer.

"He'll live. The bullet shattered his femur and ricocheted up 
and damaged his pelvis. He'll walk again but it'll take a 
while. What happened?" Andrew asked.

"The mailman. He looked at me with those eyes and I just 
had to obey. I wasn't in control of myself I had to do what 
he said. I feel awful."

"S'ok. Scott's been awake for a while and corroborates your 
story. No need to worry about any investigation -- it's all been 
cleared up."

"How long, Fuck, the mailman, we lost him." Tina swore, 
rubbing her head.

"You were out for a day or so, whilst we patched you both 
up. You'd lost a lot of blood and there were some internal 
injuries that needed seeing to. As to the mailman, he's dead."

"How?  Did we get him?" Tina smiled.

"Not really. He was found face up in an alley way with his 
throat slit. We found traces of Hashish around him and 
deduced he must've walked into some kinda deal going on. 
They killed him for it," Andrew said.

"Sure it was him?" Tina asked.

"Yep. His description matches the one you were looking for. 
The finger prints match those found at the farm and we're in 
the process of performing  a DNA profile on samples found 
on Carolyn Dawson. I'd like to bet that they match too. We 
got him or rather they got him."

"Remind me to thank them. Does Scott know?" Tina asked.

"Yeah. Mind you we can't find Rachel Martin to tell her 
about the attempt on her life."

"Why, Where'd she go?"

Andrew scratched his nose "No idea. After attending the 
funeral of DR Bexley's parents she jumped into a cab, rushed 
to the airport, and hasn't been seen since."

"Does Carolyn Dawson know we got him?" Tina queried.

"Not yet. I thought you'd like to give her a call."

"Yeah. Hey when can I get outta here?"

"Oh Later on today. Scott'll be in here for a few more days 
though. Just as well you're a lousy shot."

Tina smiled. "Hey, how about I call Carolyn now?."

"You'd better rest for a while. In any case she should be here
in about two hours for her counseling and the last part of her 
costume removal. You can tell her in person."

Carolyn awoke feeling refreshed for the first time in days. 
The feeling of terror she'd been living with for the past few 
days had left her during the early part of the morning. Now 
she felt ready for anything. Reflecting on the night before 
she knew she had life changing decisions to make. She had 
felt unable to tell David last night but this new body of hers 
felt comfortable, even homey. She suspected she was 
running away again, as David had correctly pointed out.

Laying in bed she reached down and took hold of her dick. 
Feeling the glow of pleasure start through her body she stroked 
it again. To her surprise the visions of the mailman did not 

Encouraged by this she started to stroke it more delicately, 
like she used to when making love to James. Her cock 
started to swell in response and the feelings of pleasure 

She closed her eyes and imagined this cock pushing it's self 
into a warm, moist pussy. She stopped at this thought. 
Where had that come from?. Still it felt good, felt good to 
be in control again.

Her cock had now grown to full size and Carolyn was on 
fire. In her mind's eye she caressed this imaginary woman's 
breasts and ran her hands over the smooth curves. Stroking 
faster now she could almost feel the warm, moist tightness 
of a pussy around her dick. When she felt she could no 
longer hold herself in any longer she relaxed, feeling the 
throbbing sensation of her cum. She looked up into the eyes 
of this imaginary woman and recognized the blonde haired, 
brown eyed face of Joyce.

She lay back, feeling utterly spent. Ignoring the warm, wet 
feeling on her hands and chest she lay back enjoying the 
post-orgasmic glow that rushed through her body.

David walked into the hospital and was met in reception by 

"Carolyn Dawson?" Andrew asked.

"Hmm yeah."

"Follow me. I've got some news for you," Andrew said.

David's heart sank. Why would he be met at the door by a 
doctor and what could be so important and secretive that he 
couldn't have been told at home.
"Not bad news is it?"

"Not at all. There's someone waiting for you."

Shrugging his shoulders he followed Andrew into the depths 
of the hospital. After taking an elevator to the 5th floor he 
was shown into a room. Sitting up in bed was Detective 
Cox, one arm in a sling, the other attached to an IV drip.
"Detective Cox. What happened to you?" he exclaimed.

"It's a long story. I just thought I had to tell you that we got 
the mother-fucker."

"The mailman?, You got him?" David said, his heart leaping.

"Sort'a. Myself and Detective Harris were wounded in the 
chase. The mailman stumbled into some kinda drug deal and 
got killed for it. His throat was slit from ear to ear or so I'm 

"I'd have preferred a fair trial but this is nearly as good."

"At least you can start getting your life together again. 
Andrew tells me you can have that costume off today."

"Yeah. I can now try and get my life back. Thanks for telling 
me and I hope you get well soon."

Tina smiled "Hey thanks. I'll be off active duty for a few 
weeks and then to coin a phrase 'I'll be back'."

"How is Detective Harris? You said he was wounded as 
well," David asked in a concerned tone.

"He'll be all right. He's got a fractured pelvis and leg. He'll 
walk again but it'll take a few months to get him back to his 
normal self."

"I'm sorry."

"That's OK. Listen you'd better go, don't want to keep the 
doctors waiting."

"Thanks again. Bye."

"Later," Tina said.

Elated, David walked out of the room. The mailman was 
gone, dead . At last he could see about getting his body 

Carolyn was just cleaning herself up when the phone rang. 
Quickly zipping her pants up she went into the lounge to 
answer it. "Hi Carolyn Dawson's phone."

"Carolyn. It's Joyce."

"Hi Joyce I was just thinking about you" Carolyn said, 
remembering the foreign but satisfying thoughts she'd just 
been having.

"All good I hope?"

"Yep. What can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to know how last night went? It must've been 
strange going on a date with yourself."

"It was a little.  Still David was nice enough. Say, wanna 
come round. I'm at a loose end right now."

"Maybe later. Some of us have to work Y'know."

"OK see ya later, bye."


Carolyn placed the phone down on the hook. Yes today was 
definitely a day to make life changing choices. She just 
hoped David would understand the ones she was 

"There we go. That's that last of it off. I'll bet you'll be glad 
to take it off," the doctor was telling David.

"Do I just take it off or do I have to do anything else?"

"Well after this I recommend a hot bath, it'll loosen any 
remaining glue and wash off the solvent.  You can do it here 
or at home, it doesn't matter."

"I think I'll do it at home. Thanks Doc," David said, turning 
and walking out.

David's mind was spinning. Whilst he was wearing the 
swimming costume he had felt protected from what had 
happened. Sure he had felt the soft flesh of his breasts and 
looked at his smooth, slim waist an stomach but this was 
different. As soon as the skin appeared it would belong to 
him. As he drove home he decided to drop in on Carolyn.

"Hi Carolyn," David called through the door.

"Uh Hi. Give me a sec," was the reply.

A few seconds later Carolyn opened the door. She'd dressed 
herself in a new long sleeved shirt and pants. She beckoned 
David to come inside.

"What's with the new clothes?" David asked.

"Well I had to buy something new to wear. All your stuff is 
so tatty."

"Hey guess what?" David said, excitedly.


"They got him, the mailman. He was killed running away 
from the cops this morning. Isn't that great?"

Carolin's eyes widened and a look of relief swept over her 
face. "Oh thank God."

"Yeah I know. Look I came to ask if I could borrow a few 
things. They've loosened the costume enough for it to come 
off when I bathe and the jogger outfit I've been wearing is 
starting to smell."

"I had noticed. You can use my bath if you like. Don't worry 
I won't look," Carolyn smiled.

"Thanks" David said and wandered into Carolyn's bathroom. 
David started the water running and applied some of 
Carolyn's herbal bath salts. Leaving the water running he 
went back into the lounge to join Carolyn.

"Thanks. It'll be ready in a while," David said.

"Hey anytime. Look sorry about dinner the other night. I 
realize you weren't trying to hit on me. Sorry. To tell you 
the truth I enjoy your company. It's been so long since I've 
had just a normal friendship with a man I'm outta touch."

"You call this normal?" David said in surprise.

"You know what I mean. You don't expect anything of me 
or take me for granted. I just want you to know how much 
that means to me," Carolyn said, putting her hand on David's.

David's heart leaped. He felt the same way. "Thanks Carolyn 
that means a lot to me. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'm 
about to flood your bathroom." 

The bath was foaming with warm bubbles. David quickly 
turned off the water and plunged his hand into the water. 
Excellent, just right and just what the doctor ordered.

Stripping off his joggers David looked down at his heaving 
breasts, still trapped beneath the lycra swimsuit. Ignoring the 
warm, moist feeling in his groin he stepped into the bath.

The water was hot and David sank into the bath. As the 
herbal mixture relaxed his muscles David stretched out, 
relieving the tension of the past few days.

David looked down at his new legs, noticing not for the first 
time the way his thighs curved inwards towards slender feet. 
He moved his leg up and stretched it upwards and ran his 
delicate  hands down it's length. God Carolyn had good legs 
he thought. Remembering why he was bathing in the first 
place he pulled at the material of the costume and felt it 
budge for the first time. He pulled it a little further and 
suddenly it came loose around his smooth stomach.

His hand went underneath the fabric and he felt the flesh on 
his smooth but firm stomach for the first time. A shiver went 
down his spine as a pleasurable sensation rushed over him.

"I'm sure Carolyn will understand," he said to himself as he 
started to pull on the costume some more. Gradually the 
scaled cloth became loose until it could be pulled away from 
his body.

Sitting up in the bath David took a deep breath and pulled 
the costume up and over his head. He could feel the cloth 
move over his tits, feel the nipples become hard as his 
arousal grew.

He put a hand to his tits and gently ran a finger around the 
now pert nipples. He nearly sloshed water out of the bath so 
intense was the sensation. Thinking he was ready for it this 
time he ran his hand up his cleavage. His hand, covered in 
foam felt the rounded, firm shape and he cupped a breast in 
his hand. The pleasure didn't go away, in fact it increased. 

Instinctively he reached downwards and felt his crotch, still 
under the hot soapy water. His hand reached further down 
and it rested on a small nub of flesh. Curious he stroked it 
with his finger. Suddenly he was hit by a WHAM of pleasure 
and he let out a small whimper. The wham subsided and 
keen to repeat the feeling David stroked his clitoris again. 
Another wham shook his body and another came as he felt 
the lips around his Vagina. This past week or so he'd 
ignored that part of him, after all he had promised Carolyn . 
However this time his body was crying out for more.

His gasps were frequent now as his finger roamed and 
caressed his vagina. Fearing that Carolyn would hear him he 
tried to restrain his cries but strangely this made him feel 
even hornier. He closed his eyes and imagined a penis inside 
him, it's warm flesh pressing and pushing inside him. His 
fingers went inside and the wham's increased in intensity. 
Ignoring all other feelings he moved his fingers in and out, in 
his minds eye imagining them to be a dick. He could almost 
feel the weight of the man on top of him, caressing his 
breasts and stroking his thighs. 

The intense pleasure of each wham grew in intensity until he 
could bear it no longer. Just as he felt he was about to burst 
a tidal wave of pleasure swept over him, another followed 
after it and yet another. Exhausted David flopped back into 
the bath still feeling the waves of sensation reverberate over 
his body.

Half an hour later David got out from the bath, the water 
stone cold. He picked up a towel from the rail and rubbed 
himself down. Still feeling pleasure inside he stared down at 
his naked form for the first time.  Seeing his breasts hanging 
from his body, the curve of his hips and his legs turned him 
on again. Before he could explore any further Carolyn voice 
called through the door. "I hope you've not drowned in there?"

"Nope. That fucking costumes off at last but I've nothing to 
wear. Pass me some of your jeans and a T-shirt please."

"No skirt or anything?"

"Not yet, not today," David called back.

A few minutes later Carolyn's hand emerged around the 
door and David took the clothes from it. Laying them on a 
chair he saw Carolyn had included a bra for the first time. 
Resigning himself to wearing it, he investigated the T-shirt.  
It was white with a red love heart in the middle of the chest.

"Hey what's this?" David demanded.

"Just a present Joyce gave me when I was feeling down. 
Read the back," Carolyn called out.

David turned the T-shirt over and read out loud the caption 
on  the back "'Sexy Lady For Sale. Inquire within'. Yeah 
very funny," he called out to Carolyn .

Turning his attention to the jeans, he saw much his relief 
that they were just a standard pair of Levi's. Something fell 
on the floor and David looked down. A pair of white cotton 

Picking them up he put one shapely leg in and then the 
other. Pulling them up over his hips he saw that they just 
fitted snug around his waist. His pubic hair just peeped over 
the top of them reminding him of what lay below.

"You want a hand?" Carolyn called.

"I should be all right," David called back.

Picking up the bra he decided to peek at the label. He'd 
always wondered what size he was and now was the chance 
to find out. "Hmm 36C. They feel much larger," he said out 
loud. Now how was best way to do this. Remembering how an 
ex-girlfriend used to do it he fastened the clips at the front 
and turned the bra around. Pulling it upwards so that each 
breast rested snugly in a cup he put one arm through a strap and 
then the other. He felt so constrained by the bra he wanted 
to fiddle with his tits again but he could sense Carolyn's 
impatience. He'd have time for that later.

He put on the T-shirt and noted with satisfaction the 
pleasing shape his curves made inside it. Quickly putting on 
the jeans he looked down at the wonderful ass he now had. 
He felt moist and horny again and breathing deeply he 
opened the door and went back into the lounge.

"Hey what a fox," Carolyn said and wolf-whistled for effect.

"This feels so odd. When I still had the costume on I felt 
shielded from who I now was. Now there's no mistake."

"Hey don't forget your wig. You look strange without it," 
Carolyn said tossing David his wig.

"I forgot. Too much of me has changed for me to worry 
about hair," David said, fixing it in place.

"Much better," Carolyn commented.

"I knew I'd forgotten to ask you something. How about 
dinner, to celebrate the demise of the mailman?" David 

"Not tonight. I need some rest and you need to get used to 
that body of yours. Come around Sunday and we'll go out 
then. You can collect some of my clothes at the same time. I 
won't be needing them for a while. I'll pack the rest for you 
and you can pick them up in a few days," Carolyn said.

David's face dropped but he agreed "Thanks I'll call you."

"Take my Nike's they go with that outfit just right. You'll 
find some socks in them as well."

"Ta. Listen I want to try and switch back soon," David said.

"You mean...," Carolyn said nervously.

"No silly, just try touching hands. I've got some things to see 
to at home so what, we try and switch back on Sunday 

"Uh yeah. Let's go for it then," Carolyn said.

"See ya," David replied and walked out.

Tired and worn out Carolyn turned in early and for the first 
time in nearly two weeks slept all night without the 
nightmares returning.  Carolyn woke at her normal 6:30am 
feeling much refreshed.  For the next few hours she thought 
about her situation and the complex issues facing her. Being 
raped, trapped in a mans body, her increasingly strong 
feelings for Joyce and kind David who was the most 
unselfish man she'd ever met.  At mid-morning she was still 
in bed, her actions now clear, her choices made.  There was a 
knock at the door.  Sleepily she got up to answer.

"Come on lazy bones, wake up, it's Saturday," Joyce was 
calling through the door.

"OK, OK coming. Don't wake the neighbors," Carolyn said 
as she opened the door.

"And how is my favorite man today?" Joyce asked.

"Much better. I slept through the night for the first time since 
my kidnap. Dunno why, maybe it's because they got the 

"They got him, when?" Joyce asked excitedly.

"Sorry I forgot to tell you.  David came around last night to 
tell me.  I was so tired I forgot to pass on the news. 
Apparently he was after Rachel Martin and the cops 
cornered him.  He managed to get away but ran into some 
kind of drugs deal.  The cops found him dead, his throat had 
been slit," Carolyn explained.

"That's the best news I've had all day. The day is Saturday, 
the question is what shall we do?" Joyce asked.

"How about catching a movie?" Carolyn suggested.

"Nah. Too dull. I feel like doing something different, 
something to celebrate the demise of the evil mailman," 
Joyce said.

"White water rafting is too far away to go for the day. I 
know what we can do," Carolyn said  mischievously.

"Which is?" Joyce asked.

Carolyn reached over and stroked Joyce's hair with her 
hand. Joyce turned round in surprise and said "Carolyn 

"Shh," Carolyn said putting her finger to her mouth.

"Now Carolyn this is very forward. I'm not that kinda girl," 
Joyce said.

"Neither am I," Carolyn said and drew Joyce close to her.

Carolyn bent over and kissed Joyce on the lips. She could 
feel the warmth of Joyce's breasts pressing against her chest 
and she felt her cock expand.

Joyce pulled away and said "Hey steady on."

"Joyce. I've always wanted to show you how much you 
mean to me and how much I care for you. You make me 
feel secure, safe. I can be me when I'm with you. Now 
thanks to this I can give you something back," Carolyn said 

"Carolyn I don't know what to say. I care for you too but 
are you sure you want this? Once we step over this line we 
can't go back."

"I don't want to go back. I want this. I've thought of nothing 
else for the past few days," Carolyn whispered.

"You know what, me too. As soon as you told me you were 
now a man I wanted to try this. Remember my boyfriend 
comment. That wasn't just a joke. Neither is this," Joyce said 
kissing Carolyn firmly on the lips.

Carolyn responded and she and Joyce exchanged tongues. 
Carolyn felt her urges increase quickly and she started to 
undo Joyce's blouse. Joyce ran her finger down Carolyn's 
chest and undid the buttons one by one. Carolyn felt a rush 
of pleasure as Joyce pressed her hands against her muscular, 
hairy chest.

Carolyn slowly pulled Joyce's blouse from her body and 
reached down and started to kiss Joyce's breasts. 

"Come on let's go to bed," Carolyn said softly.

"Sure?" Joyce asked.

"Sure," Carolyn said and taking Joyce by the hand led her 
into the bedroom. 

They entered the bedroom hand in hand  and Joyce lay down 
on the right hand side. Carolyn joined her and wrapped her 
arms around Joyce's trembling body.

Carolyn leaned over and started to kiss Joyce's breasts. Joyce 
responded by removing Carolyn's shirt and massaging her 
broad shoulders. Carolyn's dick was now almost fully erect 
and she felt a burning desire to penetrate. She reached 
behind Joyce and with an expert twist removed Joyce's bra. 

Topless and breasts heaving Joyce reached up and started to 
kiss Carolyn's naked chest. With her hands Joyce undid 
Carolyn's pants and pulled them down over Carolyn's ass.

Free of it's constraints Carolyn's dick came out of her boxers 
and on seeing it Joyce took hold of it with one hand and 
started to stroke it up and down.

Carolyn had felt pleasure before when she was a woman but 
this was different, sharper, more urgent rather than the 
softer but just as intense feelings she'd had before she'd 
switched. Moving one hand downwards towards Joyce's 
skirt she started to stroke Joyce's legs.  Joyce turned to 
enable Carolyn better access and continued to caress 
Carolyn's balls and erect cock.

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