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Incubus Part 6/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

David reached up and pulled his tracksuit top off and threw 
it to Carolyn who stored it alongside his pants.

"Now put this over your head, making sure that the straps 
cover your costume," Carolyn said passing David the sheer 
black dress.

David put the dress on and after adjusting himself looked 
down. The view was stunning. Two mounds pushed 
themselves out of his chest and the curves of his body were 
set off by the black dress.

Fishing inside the bag Carolyn pulled out a black haired wig. 
"I bought this for me, for when we swap back but you'd 
better use it tonight. A bald woman looks very out of place." 

In spite of himself David was starting to enjoy this dressing 
up so he reached up and took the wig from Carolyn and 
placed it on his head. It felt strange to have hair again, and 
even stranger to feel the swish of hair on his shoulder 

"Hold on a second let me adjust it," Carolyn said as she 
walked over and ensured it looked as realistic as possible.

"Much better. Now sit down and let me do your makeup," 
Carolyn said.

"Hey no way," David complained.

"I told you. You want to go out with me you do it properly. 
Now sit down and hold still."

David did as he was told and sat down on the bed. Carolyn 
walked over to her dresser and got out a makeup bag. After 
rummaging around for a bit she removed several cosmetics 
and walked over to where David sat. 

David shut his eyes and held still as he felt the blusher being 
applied to his cheeks. He wanted to move or crinkle his nose 
but this felt good. 

"Now close your eyes. I'll put some eyeliner on," Carolyn 
said quietly.

David obeyed and felt the eyeliner being gently brushed onto 
each eye. "How's it looking," he asked.

"I'll let you see in a few minutes," Carolyn said. Having a 
man do what she wanted was oddly therapeutic she thought.

"Now purse your lips like this," Carolyn demonstrated and 
David obeyed.

Carolyn applied the lip gloss, slowly so as not to smudge. 
"Now do this to ensure it's just right," Carolyn showed David 

"Now am I done?"

Carolyn walked over to her dresser, rummaged around for a 
few seconds and then said "Not yet. You'll need these."


"Yep, Now be careful these are my best pair," Carolyn said 
handing two gold and pearl earrings to David.

David fumbled around for a while until they were put in 
each ear. "This feels so strange."

"One last thing. Nails. You can't go out with nude nails," 
Carolyn said.

"This is too much," David complained.

"You want to go out with me you do it properly," Carolyn 
said again, smiling.

David offered out his slender hands and finger by finger 
Carolyn painted each nail a deep red. "Right, blow on them 
softly to help them dry."

"No wonder it takes so long for women to get ready," David 

"OK, nearly done. Now get into these shoes," Carolyn said as 
she tossed David a pair of heels.

David stood up and put the heels on. He nearly tilted 
forward as he tried to keep balance "Wooh," he exclaimed.

"Now walk towards me," Carolyn stated. This was FUN!

David tried to walk towards Carolyn but it seemed to be 
very clumsy.

"NOT like that you look like a man in drag."

"I AM a man in drag."

"No you're not. Look just let your hips move. Walk like 
your body wants to."

David tried again, this time it felt much more natural. His 
feet hurt though "How do you walk in these things," he 

"Carefully. Now take a look in the mirror," Carolyn said.

David slowly walked over to the full length mirror on the 
wardrobe. A tall, elegant woman stood in front of him. The 
short dress showed every curve of the body and breast to 
perfection. Her face radiated beauty and her black hair 
cascaded to her shoulders. David started to feel very horny 
and he stood there expecting to feel his erection grow. A 
warm feeling downstairs told him that he was this vision of 
beauty "I'm, I'm stunning," he exclaimed.

"Yes I am, when I can be bothered to smarten myself up that 

"You've forgotten something," David said.

"What's that -- you look perfect."

"Not on me, You. Were you planning to shave?"

Carolyn put her hand to her face and felt the bristles there 
"Umm do I have to?"

"You want to go out with me you do it properly," David 
laughed. Revenge was sweet.

"OK you got me. I'll shave," Carolyn said walking towards 
the bathroom.

"Hey where you going?" David asked.

"To shave."

"Do you know how to?"

"Sure I've done my legs loads of times."

"Similar but not the same. I'll help," David offered. Now it 
was his turn.

"See. Tighten the skin and pull downwards, slowly but in 
one stroke. Always shave in one direction that way you'll 
not cut yourself," David advised a few minutes later.

"That was scary. I thought I'd cut myself to bits," Carolyn 

"You'll get used to it," David said

"Hey the time's nearly 7:45 -- we better go."

When they arrived at the restaurant Carolyn got out of the 
car and opened the door for David. "Why thank you sir," 
David said and offered his hand to Carolyn. 

Carolyn gave the valet the keys and they walked into the 
restaurant hand in hand. To David it did seem unnerving 
hold hands with a man but he felt so feminine in this get up 
he decided it didn't matter. 

Carolyn offered David a chair and he sat down. Carolyn sat 
down opposite him after giving her jacket to the matre'd.

"You really know how to pamper a woman don't you?" 
David said.

"Hey I know what it's like to be on the receiving end. So I 
figure act like the gentleman."

"Thanks, We came here to talk seriously so let me start," 
David said.

"Fine by me," Carolyn said. 

"I'm starting to feel more human. What the mailman did to me 
will cause me nightmares in days to come sure, but now that 
I'm out in the world again it seems so long ago."

"I'm starting to feel more normal as well. I try and tell 
myself there was nothing I could do. That I was 
brainwashed into letting him do those things to me, that it 
wasn't my fault. That's the logical side. The emotional side 
says that it was my fault somehow. That I led him on in 
some way."

"That's not right. If you'd have resisted he'd have either 
killed you or drugged you like he did me. You did nothing 
to deserve that treatment. It wasn't your fault one little bit."

"That's what Joyce said," Carolyn said softly.

Their conversation was interrupted by the waiter wanting 
their order. David ordered Insaluta Tricolore followed by 
Bresaola Della Valtellina, whilst Carolyn wanted to try the 
Agnello Provinciale. His demands satisfied, the waiter went 

"Joyce is right, you should listen to her," David said.

"Yeah I know. I just get this nagging feeling that I could or 
should have done something."

"Hey it's over now. The police will get him soon and we can 
start to move forward again," David said, placing his hand 
on Carolyn's.

"I know. You know, inside I feel cold. I can feel empathy 
for others, for you for example. But I feel a part of me has 
been destroyed or tainted," Carolyn said, not moving her 
hand away from David's.

"I can understand that. Trust me that part of you will come 
back. You're not the unfeeling robot you think you are. 
Joyce obviously cares a great deal about you. Why was she 
so protective today? What did you do for her to make her 
feel as though she owes you her life?" David Queried. 
Strange how comforting he found touching Carolyn's hand.

"It's a secret and I promised not to tell anybody. Just say I 
rescued her from a life-ruining relationship at great personal 
cost. Have you thought anymore on how to get us back?"

"Yep. Did you know I tried to make contact with you 
today? To Try and switch us back?"

Carolyn's eyes widened "No. How'd it go?"

"Bad. I couldn't even focus on you. I have a few ideas as to 
why it didn't work, but I'll keep them to myself for the 

"Why the delay. Come on tell me. I want my body back," 
Carolyn said crossly.

"Me too. Now please remember this is not a come on and 
you don't have to do this?. It wouldn't be a good idea to tell 
you at the moment."

"What!  For fucks sake David tell me, I'm ready," Carolyn 

"I think we can't switch back until we actually want to. 
When we initially switched I desperately wanted to reach 
you and you were equally desperate to get out."

"Are you saying that I want to be a man! Do you want to be 
a woman, is that what you're saying," Carolyn said, her voice 

Once again the waiter interrupted the conversation. After 
saying a few platitudes to the waiter David said "No I don't 
want to be a woman. As I said before I feel I'm on vacation 
from me but long term no way. There's a small part of me 
that wonders what it's like." 

"What's what like?"

"Making love as a woman. Come on aren't you the little bit 
curious as to what it feels like as a man?" David said softly.

"Only once or twice. The mailman comes for me every time 
though. You can't be suggesting we. I couldn't..," Carolyn 
started to say.

"Hey as I said it's only an idea. It makes sense to me but if 
you don't want to try then that's fine. There's no pressure 
from me and this will be the last I say about it. Sorry I 
brought it up."

"That's OK you did warn me," Carolyn said softly.

"We could try just touching hands. Y'know seance style."

"We'll give it a go later on. I've just had a thought mind you. 
I think I'm afraid to go back to being me. If I'm a woman 
again then I'm vulnerable again."

"Men get raped too. I've found that the best way to deal 
with a problem is in two phases. First face it, accept that 
there is this issue you want dealt with. Secondly Deal with 
it. Don't put it off. It seems to me that you have to face up 
to what happened and then deal with it" David said softly.

"Yeah right. Mr easy to say sitting over there," Carolyn said 

"That should be 'miss easy to say'. I didn't say it would be 
easy and you aren't alone in this. I'm sure I speak for Joyce 
in this but we're here to help. As you said a while ago we 
need each other."

"I suppose. Hey the foods getting cold," Carolyn said, neatly 
avoiding the conversation.

The rest of the evening comprised of general small talk. 
Two people brought together by circumstance starting to 
bond. The journey back was muted; fatigue was starting to 
take it's toll.

"Do you mind dropping me off at my place?" David asked.

"Hey no problem. Remember to take all that makeup off 
before you go to bed." 

David made a "humph" sound.

As David got out of the car he asked Carolyn "Want a 

"No I'd better not. I need my sleep. Anyway see you 

"OK night," David said.

"Night," Carolyn said and drove off.

Disguised as a wino he squatted down by the Hotel service 
entrance. He'd been waiting for the Queen all day and now 
and as night fell his spirits were beginning to sink. His heart 
was still racing from the moment an hour or so ago when 
the Queen's henchmen had walked past and checked the 
entrance. One of them had stared right at him but he 
saw no recognition in their eyes. To them he was just a 
down and out bum. Good.

The slowly lengthening shadows created menacing shapes in 
the alleyway. He felt so sleepy, forcing himself awake he 
concentrated on the task ahead, not long to wait now.

Scott, Tina and the rest of the team were still awake at 
midnight. They had been searching any and all references to 
'The Queen' for several hours. Nothing seemed to fit.

"We've been at this all night for the last few days. The search
we did of Martin Phillps place turned up zip. We need a 
break," Tina was saying.

"No, come on guys -- we're so close I can feel it. Look it must 
be something obvious. We've tried all models who have been 
called the Queen of something. None of them are in the 
country. We've got stakeouts on any reference to a 
placename Queen. It must be something," Scott said, banging 
his fist on the table in frustration.

"Come on, Bedtime," Tina said.

Scott sighed "Yeah, she's right.  Let's pick this up tomorrow. 
Call me if you find anything."

Defeated, they packed up their things, tidied away the 
white boards covered in diagrams, and left for some rest.

In the hotel penthouse Rachel Martin was still crying. The 
death of her parents weighed heavily on her perfect 
shoulders. The anger and resentment that had dogged her 
for the past few years began to well up again. She'd never 
even had a chance to say good-bye to them, and she owed them 
everything. She had to say good-bye somehow. An idea 
formed, a dangerous idea but it would be worth it. If it 
worked it would help her say good-bye.

Carolyn was crying softly into her pillow. She knew David 
was right, she had to face up to her kidnap and rape and deal 
with it. Until she did so her life would be a misery. After all, 
what right had that bastard mailman to destroy her life. She 
was worth more than that. A new determination filled her 
heart and she resolved to get over this and lead a normal life 
again. She was soon asleep.

David lay awake, thinking. This evening had just flown by. 
He remembered how Carolyn made his old face seem to 
beam with light when she laughed. The way she crinkled his 
old nose up when discussing something distasteful. He 
enjoyed her company. No it was more than that. He needed 
her company. This was confusing.

The warming rays of morning struck his face and to his 
shame he realized he had fallen asleep. A voice was saying 
something to him. Still drowsy he listened again and looked 

A man dressed in a black dinner suit was shouting at him. 
Judging from the size of this mans physique he was the hotel 

"Hey you! Piss off or I'll call the cops!" the man was 

"S'Ok," he muttered. Not wanting to be captured at this late 
stage he got up and walked to his car, parked a block or so 

After a poor night's sleep Rachel Martin awoke and rubbed 
her eyes. She sighed as she looked at the TV she had 
smashed in a fit of grief and despair. Her head hurt from the 
copious amount of Brandy she'd drank the night before and 
the bottle lay discarded on the floor. Splashing herself with 
cold water she went to the closet to choose something 
inconspicuous. She then dressed herself in a pair of black 
Levi's and a black blouse. Tearfully she brushed her hair 
back and slipped out of her hotel room.

>From his vantage point in his car he saw the Queen emerge 
from the service entrance. Just as in his vision he saw her hail 
a cab and drive off. He started the engine and drove off, 
following the cab at discrete distance.

Scott awoke to the smell of bacon. His wife had cooked 
him his favorite breakfast. Slowly he got out of bed and 
stretched his arms. Yawning loudly he went downstairs.

Rebecca was just serving a steaming plateful of hash 
browns, bacon and eggs. "There we go Hunny. How's it 
going?" she asked.

"We're so fucking close. It's more than annoying," Scott said 

"Oh by the way I had to wipe over the Rachel Martin 
interview. I wanted to record Melrose, I hope you finished 
watching it?"

"Pardon?" Scott said with a mouth full of Bacon.

"Rachel Martin. I taped over her interview with.."

Scott spat out his bacon "Fucking Hell. He can't be serious." 
Getting up he rushed to the phone. Frantically dialing the 
station he eventually got through.

"Listen It's detective Harris. I want an APB on Rachel 
Martin NOW and call Detective Cox right away."

"Please hold," said the voice.

"Come on, Come on." Scott whispered, as the electronic 
music played in his ear.

"Hi Scott, Tina here. What's up?"

"We are so fuckin stupid. I know who the Queen is, Rachel 
Martin. He's been going after women of increasing beauty. 
It's only logical that she would be the Queen. I've put an 
APB on her. I just hope we're in time."

"Right. I'll meet you at her hotel. I'll phone there and see if 
she's still there."

"Right see you there."

"Darling, you are a fucking genius," Scott said and kissed 
his wife. 

"What did I do?"

"No matter. I gotta go," Scott said and ran to his car.

Scott was nearly at the hotel when his phone rang. 
Switching it to hands free he answered "Detective Harris." 

"Hi Scott. We missed her. Rachel Martin has left the hotel. 
She didn't check out and nobody saw her leave. FUCK!"

"I want the whole force mobilized. We couldn't have missed 
them by much. How does this bastard do it?"

"You got it. Where are you?"

"About 5 minutes away. Hold it right there, maybe she'll be back. 
Maybe she's gone for a walk," Scott's voice was sounding 

"Right," Tina's sarcasm was evident in her tone.

A few minutes later Scott swung his car into the Hotel's 
parking lot and a waiting Tina jumped in.

"Any news?"

"I've asked the staff around and nobody saw her leave, we 
broke into her room and it looks as though there's been a 
struggle. The TV's all smashed up and an empty bottle of 
Brandy was on the floor. The place is a mess."

"Have you set up road blocks?"

"As soon as you called. He ain't getting outta here, not this 

"OK let's get back to the station and co-ordinate from there," 
Scott said as he started the engine.

He followed her cab at a distance. Ensuring that he kept 
well back and didn't make it look as though he was 
following her. He knew where she was going anyway. The 
cab drew up at the cemetery gates and the Queen jumped 
out and went inside. He parked the car in the cemeteries lot 
and walked up to the gates. This should be easy he thought.

He walked through the gates and stopped dead. The Queen was 
there, just sitting on a bench her head in her hands. What 
caused him to stop dead was the police officers standing 
behind that evil Bexley woman. One of them had his weapon 
drawn and was seemingly aiming it at the Bexley demon. 
Noticing the funeral cortege for the first time he decided 
that discretion was the better part of valor and he ducked 
down behind a nearby headstone and continued to watch.

Scott's radio broke the silence "Rachel Martin's been 
sighted, she attending the Bexley funeral. Detective Harris 
please advise."

"What! Not content with having to watch one killer we now 
have to deal with two of them. Stupid, fucking woman what 
the hell's she thinking of," Tina swore.

"Detective Harris here. What's she doing?"

"She's talking to DR Bexley."


"Dunno. Please advise."

"Keep an eye on them we'll be there in five minutes."

Scott drove like he'd never driven before. Siren wailing, 
Ignoring red lights and the protests of other drivers he 
hurtled towards the cemetery.

He watched the Bexley demon walk over to the Queen and 
talk to her. After a few seconds of conversation she offered 
the Queen her hand and they walked over to where the 
coffin's had been lowered in.

This was unexpected. He didn't realize that the Queen had 
been supervising the Bexley Demon's actions. This is the 
price he paid for letting the handmaiden go. Now the Queen 
was stronger than ever. Still all he had to do was wait. The 
Queen must be alone sometime. 

Wait what was going on?. The Bexley Demon gave the 
Queen two roses and the Queen dropped a rose in each 
grave. The Queen then looked over to the car lot and started 
running towards the other side of the cemetery. A few 
seconds later several paparazzi sprinted through the gates after 
her. The Queen quickly hailed a cab and got inside. The cab 
drove off much to the chagrin of the pursuing 

A plan formed quickly in his mind, if he could cut through a 
couple of alleyways then he could head her off in the traffic. 
He got up and sprinted out of the gates.

Scott screeched into the cemetery car lot just as the mailman 
ran out "Wasn't that..," Tina called.

"Yeah and who the hell are those guys," Scott shouted, 
pointing at two well dressed Arabic looking men sprinting in 
the opposite direction.

"Get him," Scott called and leapt out of the car with Tina in 
hot pursuit.

"He's heading for the alleyway. I'll follow those other guys 
and call for backup," Scott called.

Tina nodded and followed the mailman into the alleyway.

He ran down the alleyway, his heart pumping. He could feel 
the closeness of his pursuit. He turned a corner and almost 
ran into a dead end. A female cop ran around the corner and 
drew her gun. Excellent maybe he had a chance after all.

"Stop it right there you Bastard," Tina screamed.

"With pleasure," he said.

Tina blinked, she couldn't take her eyes of his blue eyes. She 
could almost lose herself to those eyes. 

"That's better. You will shoot anyone who comes around 
this corner after me. You will then shoot yourself. Now let 
me be," he said softly.

Tina turned around, watching for the next person to come 
along. Her gun scanning the alleyway for intruders. In the 
meantime the mailman scaled the wall and dropped down 
the other side.

Swearing loudly and to himself Scott realized that he'd lost 
the two guys in the crowds. Turning back he raced after 
Tina. Turning the corner he almost ran into Tina.

"Tina where is he?" he called.

Tina stared vacantly ahead, as though possessed. She moved 
the gun around until it was pointing at Scott.

"Hey Tina it's me. I don't know what he's done to you but 
don't shoot," Scott pleaded.

To Scott horror he saw Tina's finger tighten on the .38 and 
he flung himself out of the way. In slow motion he heard a 
gunshot and then a searing pain in his leg. Clutching his leg 
and hip he went down screaming. Blood was starting to seep 
from the wound. Reaching into is shoulder holster he drew 
his weapon and pointed it at Tina.

"Tina drop it," he shouted.

Tina stared at him and pointed the gun at her own head. 
Scott's eyes widened as he saw Tina's fingers start to tighten 
on the trigger once more. The pain was making his vision 
blurry and his hand's couldn't stop shaking. Aiming as best 
as he could he fired. The last thing Scott saw as he passed 
out was Tina screaming on the floor clutching her shoulder. 

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