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Incubus Part 5/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

Carolyn slumped back down on the sofa. What a day. Like 
David, her body wanted to rest whilst her mind wanted 
something else. She slowly got up and went towards her 
bedroom. She slowly took off her shirt and pants and once 
again felt her cock swell as she took in the muscled tone of 
her new body. Instinctively she reached under the pillow and 
got out her black, silky night-dress. Deciding there was no 
way she could wear it in her current form she got into bed 
and was soon fast asleep.

David woke up screaming at 4am. A nurse came running in, 

"It's OK it's over," the nurse said softly.

"I know. I dreamt about him, the man who did this to me. 
He was coming for me, coming again," David started to sob, 
the sweat pouring from his face.

"It's OK it was just a nightmare," the nurse said.

"You'll, You'll be just around the corner?" David asked, as if 
pleading for his life.

"You bet," the nurse said and stroked David's face 

"Night," David said and flopped back down on the bed. It 
would be a long night.

Carolyn looked at the clock on her bedside table. Fuck only 
4am. She'd been up most of the night. A bowl lay by the side 
of her bed and she'd used it to be sick in  a couple of times. 
How she wanted somebody to share her pain. Even the 
normally reliable Jonesy had deserted her. For the first time 
in months she felt desperately lonely. She thought about 
giving Joyce a call but that would require too much 

She got up and made herself a warm milk in her microwave. 
She tried to sit cross legged on the sofa and sip the milk as 
she'd done when she was a child but her new legs and dick 
prevented her from doing it right. So she just sat, legs 
crossed and sipped the milk slowly "I'm going to have to 
sleep sometime," she said to herself as she went back to bed 

Dawn broke slowly and both David and Carolyn lay in bed 
watching the light start to seep thru the drawn curtains. 
Carolyn yawned and got up. 'This couldn't go on,' she 
thought. "I have to speak to David about what I really feel," 
she said out loud.

Carolyn picked up the shirt and pants she had discarded the 
night before and slowly put them on. "At least in this body it 
takes half the time to get ready as before," she said to herself.

Walking to her refrigerator she selected a nearly empty milk 
carton and poured some for Jonesy. After choosing a bowl 
of museli she sat down on the sofa to have breakfast. 

"Wonder if I'm on the news," she thought and she flicked the 
TV on.

Stephanie Lane was stood in front of the camera,  power-
dressed as usual. Her blonde hair immaculately styled was 
blowing in the breeze. Behind her was the hospital where 
David was staying. 

"The Bexley Murder reached a new twist today when Dr 
William Bexley and Mrs Margaret Bexley were killed in an 
auto accident. An eyewitness said that the car spun out of 
control and plunged into a ravine. Dr Elizabeth Bexley is 
due to visit here later today to identify the bodies. As you 
would expect we will be here waiting to catch a glimpse of 
the reclusive Dr Bexley. The funeral of Dr Bexley's parents 
has been slated in for two days from now."

"How terrible," Carolyn thought.

"In other news. The killer known as the 'mailman' is still at 
large today. So far he has avoided all attempts by the police 
to capture him. The public have been advised that he is 
possibly armed and should be regarded as extremely 
dangerous. If you see this man you are to call the police 
right away," Stephanie continued.

The screen changed to a photo-fit of the mailman. Carolyn's 
blood went cold when she saw his face again. Flicking the 
TV off she went back to eating her muesli. An hour or so 
later of watching the news Carolyn got into David's car and 
drove to the hospital.

When she got to the gates she was met by a burly security 
guard. "Hey you gotta press pass?" he demanded.

"What press pass? I've come to visit a friend," Caroyln said, 
slightly annoyed.

"Not in this entrance mister. We've got that Bexley woman 
arriving here any minute. You'll have to go around the back."

Recognizing the stubborn look on the guards face, Carolyn 
drove around the back entrance, eventually parked the car 
and went inside.

David was lying upright in bed drinking some coffee. He 
was starting to feel uncomfortable in this body. Foreign 
feelings and sensations greeted him at almost every breath. 
Unable to resist again he put the coffee mug down and was 
about to caress his breast, still under the confines of the 
costume when he was interrupted by footsteps. Guiltily he 
jerked his hand away just as Carolyn walked in.

"Hi, You wouldn't believe the amount of trouble I've had 
getting in," Carolyn moaned.

"I would. I've been watching it. This fucking trial is taking 
all the attention away from catching the bastard who raped 
us," David said bitterly.

"Yeah. Sorry if I'm vacant today. I hardly slept a wink last 

"Me too. The nurses say I can go home this afternoon. 
Which ever home I'm supposed to go to that is."

"What about the costume and the counseling?" Carolyn 

"I have to come in every day until it's off. Counseling 
sessions will continue at my apartment."

"David, I'm concerned. We haven't really talked about this. 
Both of us have been in denial. I can't deny what happened 
to me and you can't either. We have to talk about this, else 
we'll never get over it."

"Sorry. You're right. I've been trying to think of other 
things, how to catch the mailman for one. Listen this may 
seem forward but how about dinner?"

"OK. Pick you up at 8. I know this real nice Italian."

David was about to reply when another lady walked in. She 
was smaller than David was now, maybe 5'5. Her blonde 
hair was bobbed, Jennifer Aniston style and her eyes 
gleamed a deep brown. Nice figure too.

Carolyn whirled around and called out "Hi Joyce."

Joyce stared at Carolyn in puzzlement and suspicion. Joyce 
adopted a defensive stance and asked "Who the hell are 
you? and how do you know my name?" 

David answered quickly "Umm Hi Joyce. This is David 
Hawkins, my savior."

Still puzzled Joyce said "Thanks we owe you one. If I'd lost 
Carolyn here I don't know what I'd have done."

"S'Ok," Carolyn said. Inside she was burning to tell her 
friend what had really happened but she didn't think that 
David would agree. Still she could tell him later. Joyce took 
the gap in conversation to move by David's bedside.

"So Joyce what brings you here?" David asked.

"Just thought I'd drop in. Did you still want to go to Cats 
next week?" Joyce asked David.

"Cats?. Oh Umm I dunno what did we agree?" David said 

"We didn't. They tell me that you're coming out today -- are 
you well enough?. How about I fix you dinner tonight?" 
Joyce asked.

David tried to get a clue of what to do from Carolyn but she 
was standing just behind Joyce. David quickly said  "Sorry 
Joyce but David and I are going out to dinner tonight. A 
kind of thank you if you like."

Joyce looked a little hurt "Maybe tomorrow then." 

"We'll see," David said doubtfully.

Joyce turned to Carolyn and asked "So David, you didn't tell 
me how you knew my name?"

"Easy. I asked Carolyn here if she had any friends who could 
help her thru this. She mentioned that you were her best 
friend and I assumed that was who you were. Why so 
suspicious?" Carolyn said wondering why Joyce was being 
so protective.

"Why? Because she's the one person I care about most in all 
the world. Sorry David if I've seemed hostile to you. I hope 
you understand."

David said "Joyce, David, I'm really tired would you mind 
leaving me for a while. Dave, haven't you go something you 
wanted to tell inspector Harris?" 

"Fuck yes I completely forgot. Joyce it was a pleasure to 
meet you at last. Look after her she's important to me," 
Carolyn said.

Joyce looked strangely at Carolyn, as though he was about 
to spoil her friendship. Joyce turned to David waved and 
then left.

He took the subway to the hotel where the Queen was 
staying. After a brief conversation with the receptionist he 
was unable to ascertain the Queen's exact location. Foiled 
for the moment he took the subway back to the street where 
he had been sleeping rough. Kneeling down amongst the 
broken bottles, cardboard boxes and the occasional syringe 
he started to pray.

His answer came sometime later. A dream, a prophesy 
formed in his mind. He could see the Queen walking from 
the rear of the hotel and taking a cab. Sometime later she 
emerged from the cab and walked into a cemetery. The 
vision faded but he now had a plan to capture the Queen. All 
he had to do was wait.

As Carolyn  was about to leave David turned to her and 
said. "Joyce was so nice to me yesterday.  Why was she so 
hostile today?  Surely she didn't feel threatened by me. Sorry 
about you being there?"

"It's complicated. I'll explain everything at dinner. What time 
are you released?" Carolyn said.  

"About 6, after my counseling session. Say, take my car and 
I'll meet you at your place."

"Fine. You want anything?"

"Apart from a dick. No I'll be fine. You've got a call to 

Carolyn walked out of the room and found a payphone. 
Slipping in a few quarters she called Scott's home number.

Scott was lounging back on his sofa, watching the Rachel 
Martin interview that his wife had taped from the night 
before. Rachel was about to answer a question about her 
parents when the phone rang. He reached over and picked 
up the phone.

"Hello Detective Harris."

"Hi Scott. Sorry to spoil your day off, it's David Hawkins. 
Carolyn's asked me to pass on something she's

Scott flicked mute on the TV, switched his old Sony VCR 
off and said "Go on please, we need a lead."

"Yeah. When the mailman captured Carolyn he said 
something like 'I know who you are, You are the Queen's 
handmaiden, a dark servant. The enemy must be lax if they 
let me take you so easily'. The mailman thought Carolyn was 
this Queen's handmaiden -- therefore it figures he'd go after the 
Queen next."

"Any idea who this Queen could be?" Scott asked.

"No idea. Over to you really."

"Tell Carolyn thanks and that I'll drop in and see how she's 
getting on," Scott replied. 

Scott's mind raced. "Who could be this Queen the mailman 
was after," hmm, difficult to tell. Deciding to think about it 
for a few minutes before calling Tina, he restarted the video 
and continued to watch the Rachel Martin interview. 

Carolyn drove to David's house to pick up some fresh 
clothes for her dinner. 'What a strange situation' She 
thought. It did seem ludicrous, her a woman in a mans body 
going out to dinner with a man in her own body. She hoped 
she'd get chance to speak to David about it tonight and 
maybe exorcise some of the nightmares. Choosing what 
looked to be David's only good suit and tie she went back to 
the car to drive home.

Arriving back at her place Carolyn stripped off and started 
the shower running. As she looked down at her erecting 
cock, flashes of the mailman returned, almost causing her to 
retch. She stepped into the shower, feeling the warm water 
run over her body. The cleansing of the water starting to 
wash away the emotions of the day before.

Carolyn was disturbed by a loud knocking at the door. A 
voice called "Carolyn are you in there? I can hear the 
shower . Come on let me in, it's Joyce."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Carolyn swore. Now what could she do, 
an idea formed. David wouldn't like it but it was the only 

Wrapping a towel around herself and drying her muscular 
body as much as possible she went to the door.

Cautiously she opened the door and saw a look of shock on 
Joyce's face. 

"DAVID What the fuck are you doing here. Where's 
Carolyn," she demanded.

"Umm you'd better come in," Carolyn said.

"You bet I will," Joyce said and stomped inside.

"Take a seat, I'll be right out," Carolyn said and went into her 
bedroom much to Joyce's astonishment.

Hastily drying herself off Carolyn put on a pair of David's 
boxers. Trying her hardest not to explore and get carried 
away she put his suit trousers on and a nice clean white 
shirt. She hunted around for David's Bart Simpson tie and 
after locating it under her old black night shirt she put it on. 
She opened the door and walked back into the living room 
to face Joyce.

"Where's Carolyn?" Joyce demanded.

"Joyce you're going to find this very hard to believe," 
Carolyn started.

"Yeah right. How COULD you. Carolyn's been raped and 
nearly killed and here you are making a move on her," 
Joyce started.

"Joyce. Listen to me. Hmm how, to begin. I know. If I 
remember correctly you like A dry Martini with a little soda. 
No lemon because you only throw it away."

Joyce's eyes went wide. "How'd you." 

"I'd better get that drink first," Carolyn said. This WAS 
going to be fun. 

Carolyn handed Joyce her drink and sat down on the chair 
opposite Joyce. 

"OK here goes," Carolyn said, taking a deep breath. "Joyce 
the reason why I knew about you tastes in Martini's was that 
I'm really Carolyn. The woman sitting in the hospital bed is 
really David Hawkins."

Joyce looked for a second and then burst out laughing. 
"That's good. That's real good. I've heard a few feeble 
excuses from men before but that's a new one on me."

"Joyce. Two words. Larry Foster," Carolyn said softly.

Joyce stopped laughing and looked serious. "Listen I don't 
know who you really are or how you knew that but that's 
not funny. Now you either get straight with me or I'm outta 
here and calling the cops."

Carolyn continued "You met him when you were still a 
freshman. You two really had something going and I was as 
jealous as hell. If I remember, we had our first fight over 
him. You wanted to get engaged but I tried to talk you out 
of it. You blamed me for trying to split you up and wanting 
him for myself. After I found out from the other women he'd 
cheated on what he was really like you still didn't believe 
me. To rescue you from that cheating bastard I seduced him 
and ensured that you dropped in at the right time. I lost my 
virginity to that mother-fucker so you wouldn't get hurt and 
make the worst mistake of your life."

Joyce started to cry "David.. How? Carolyn swore she'd 
never tell a soul..."

"I didn't. Listen. When the mailman kidnapped me. 
David had some kinda vision. He says he's got some sort 
of ESP but damned if I know for sure.  Anyway he saw me, 
knew my name and went to the cops. By some fluke they 
believed him and let him try and reach me. He did it only too 
well and somehow we switched."

"Carolyn this is amazing. Can you switch back? What's it like 
being a man? How does David feel?" Joyce blurted, her 
brown eyes showing astonishment.

"Hey one thing at time. No idea to the first, I'm as scared as 
hell to the second and no idea to the third."

Joyce started to giggle "Hey, you could be both my 
boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time."

This was more like the Joyce Carolyn knew. The hostile 
exterior was gone and the fun loving girl had returned. 
"Yeah, right. I told David that I wouldn't tell anyone but I 
had to tell you, otherwise I'd just burst.  For the moment it's 
our secret.  You have to pretend David's me. What did you 
come around for?"

"Apart from seeing how you were, I wanted to know if you 
wanted to do some shopping for your dinner date tonight." 
Joyce said.

"As you can see I'm feeling, well, different, and as for 
shopping what an excellent idea. I'll get my cards and see 
you down at the parking lot."

"Umm how do you expect to be able to use your credit 
cards. You're not Carolyn Dawson anymore. Look I'll get 
these and you can pay me back when you're back to your 
normal self," Joyce said.

"OK let my blow dry my hair and get fixed up and I'll be out 
soon," Carolyn said.

"Dry your hair sure but I wouldn't get fixed up. People will 
look," Joyce joked.

"Go away. I'll see you later," Carolyn smiled.

Joyce stood up and closed the door behind her. Carolyn 
looked at the clock on her VCR. She had a little over two 
hours before David turned up. More than enough time to 
pick out a new outfit for him. 

After spending a few minutes drying her hair and combing it 
into some kind of style she ran downstairs to find Joyce 
waiting in her car.

"Let's go shop," Joyce chimed.

Two hours later Joyce screamed into the car lot near 
Carolyn's apartment. "There told you we'd make it. Listen 
I'd better go make myself scarce."

"Thanks," Carolyn said and reached over and gave Joyce a 
peck on the cheek as a thank you.

Joyce looked a little surprised. "Hey I'm used to you doing 
that as you but I'm not sure I should let any strange men do 
that. What kinda girl do ya think I am."

"The best kind. Listen Joyce thanks for everything. Being 
with you, shopping, talking and goofing about like old times 
is starting to make me feel me again."

"It was funny wasn't it?" Joyce said smiling.

"What was?"

"The time when you wanted to try on the outfit we liked. 
The assistant looked at you very strangely."

"Yeah it wasn't even my size," Carolyn smiled.

"You know what I mean," Joyce laughed.

"Look it's getting on and David will be here any second. 
Thanks again" Carolyn said and opened the car door and got 

Carolyn raced up the stairs, clutching her shopping. She just 
had time to shut the door behind her and put the kettle on 
for some coffee when there was a knock at the door.

"Hello Carolyn are you in there?" David called.

"Hang on a moment," Carolyn called out, quickly having a 
look around to see if everything was tidy. A few moments 
later she answered the door.

"For you," David said handing Carolyn some flowers.

"Why thank you. Please come in," she said and gestured to 
the sofa. Carolyn went off into the kitchen to find a vase to 
put the flowers in.

David walked over and sat down, legs apart and lounged 
back into some cushions.

"Coffee?" Carolyn asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah white, two sugars."

"You'll get me fat. I see they gave you some clothes," 
Carolyn said. Noticing the tracksuit and sneakers David was 
now wearing.

"Yeah. It feels funny though and mighty sexy walking 
around as a woman. How do you put up with it?"

"It just feels me I guess. Listen I've a confession to make," 
Carolyn said passing David the coffee.


"Umm Joyce came around this afternoon and caught me in 
the shower. I HAD to tell her the truth. I'm glad I did now 
as she's brought back a sense of reality in my life."

"I don't mind. If it helps you then that's OK."

"We also went shopping for tonight."

"I hope you didn't buy me another suit. I'd never live it 
down. By the way the end of the tie should be level with the 
top of your pants, when you stand up.  Oh and you don't 
HAVE to do the top button up if you pull the tie up far 

"Hey thanks. No, we didn't get something for me, we got 
something for you."

"Hey I was just hoping to wear jeans and a T-shirt, maybe a 
smart sweater. None of this feminine rubbish."

"You go with me, you go properly dressed. Besides you'll 
have to know how to dress yourself properly."

David groaned and shook his head.

"Drink your coffee and then we'll start. It takes at least an 
hour to get ready if you're going to do it right."

"I'll sip my coffee then."

"How are you, really David? Apart from a few obvious jokes 
and comments I don't know how you're feeling. Look it's my 
body you've got and you be honest. I won't mind," Carolyn 
said, sitting down on sofa next to David.

"It's very odd. I mean I fancy myself like crazy. Your legs 
are wonderful. I used to just sit in bed and move them just 
so I could admire them. Because of this stupid costume I 
haven't seen all of you yet but I nearly jump if I touch one of 
my nipples. I feel very strange in the plumbing department. 
At the moment I'm torn between two worlds. I guess I feel 
as though I'm on vacation from me if you know what I 

"Sort of. Every time I even think about how sexy your body 
is or anything like that I get a flashback of the mailman 
coming for me. You've mentioned your favorite bits of me 
so I'll do the same for you. Then young lady, we have to get 
you ready."

"Which are? Your favorite bits that is."

"Hmm. I like this sort of chest on a man. Muscular but not 
too hairy. Very nice shoulders and your butt is certainly 
cute. But get a haircut -- it looks stupid on me."

"Uh oh," David said.

"What?" Carolyn looked concerned.

"I've finished my coffee. We've got all evening to talk and so 
I'd better get it over with."

"Come into my bedroom and see what delights I've prepared 
for you," Carolyn said, offering her hand to David.

David took her hand, stood up and followed Carolyn into 
the bedroom. Carolyn rummaged inside a large box and 
lifted out a black dress. 

"Here we go," she said and handed the dress to David.

"I'm not putting this on. It's indecent. I don't mind you 
seeing me because you've seen it all before but this hardly 
comes up to my waist.  Besides this fucking snake skin thing 
that's stuck to me will show," David moaned.

"Don't worry, the straps will cover it. Besides I didn't 
choose it, Joyce did. Now before you put the dress on you'll 
need to put this panty hose on. We don't need to worry 
about lingerie as that infernal costume is still stuck on. I take 
it they bathed you at the hospital," Carolyn said.

"Yeah. It felt mighty strange."

"Good. Now come on take your things off." 

David felt self-conscious as he bent down and took off his 
sneakers and jogging pants. Ignoring the feeling of his 
breasts dangling down inside the swim-suit he straightened 
up and threw Carolyn the pants. She deftly caught them and 
handed him the panty hose.

"That's right roll it up first, it'll fit better. Oh and point your 
toes when you put each leg in," Carolyn said.

David began to feel warm and tingly as the soft, sheer nylon 
went up his legs. The slender curve of muscle and thigh was 
being emphasized by the hose. "This is turning me on," David 

"Now Take your top off," Carolyn said, ignoring David's 

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