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ncubus Part 4/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

By now the medic had arrived and started to look David 
over. "She's in shock but otherwise OK. I'll give her a 
sedative until we can treat her. She's a mess but she'll live." 

Before David could protest he felt a needle enter his arm 
and all went black.


Scott and Tina stood over the unconscious body of Carolyn 
Dawson. She was sleeping peacefully after the journey, her 
beautiful face showing nothing of the ordeal she had just 
been through.

Scott looked at Tina, sighed and said "At least we got her 

"Yeah but the bastard got away."

"Very odd. The gap between the chopper leaving and the 
backup arriving was only 10 minutes. He must have fled as 
soon as he heard the chopper leave."

"Yeah but our roadblocks picked up nothing. The captain's 
livid. I just don't get it."

"At least she's alive," Scott said with relief.

"What's the Doc say?" Tina asked.   

"Why don't you ask him?" a voice said from the doorway.

"Hi Andrew. See they've dragged you away from the Bexley 
case," Scott called.

"Yeah. I wanted in on this and seeing as I'd had the most 
experience with the MO of this creep I was the logical 

"So how is she?"

"Better than we expected. She has some slight tearing 
around the vagina where he's forced himself on her. The 
costume is proving a bastard to get off. We can't use too 
much solvent as the skin will absorb the alcohol and poison 
her. So we're having to use it a bit at a time. It'll take a few 
days for us to get all of it off. Emotionally who can tell. 
With proper care and therapy she may recover but you don't 
get over this easily. We tried to contact her Mom but she's 
away somewhere for a few weeks and she left no contact 

"Have you arranged for counseling?" Tina asked.

"Already done. Listen she'll sleep through the night. You guys 
look beat and Carolyn here needs some rest. Come back 
tomorrow," Andrew said.

"How's David?" Scott asked.

"He'll be fine. He's sleeping as well. We're running a 
continuous ECG to see if he's fit again but I think he's in the 

"OK, night," Tina said.

"See ya," Andrew called.

The next day Scott met Tina at the front of the hospital.

"Coffee?, Bagel?" Tina asked.

"No way, I've just eaten."

"Look I'll talk to David, You go talk to Carolyn and we'll 
check notes at 10," Scott suggested.


Scott walked into David's ward and nearly bumped into 

"Hey watch it hotshot," Andrew called.

"Can I see him?" 

"Yeah, We're about to discharge him, when he wakes up."

"OK I'll pop in now," Scott said and walked off towards the 


Carloyn slowly woke up. Her vision blurry at first, then 
clearing. She looked up and saw lights. Her head hurt and 
she reached up to touch it. A hairy, muscular arm moved up 
to her head. She moved her arm, the arm moved too. 
Silently she screamed. She'd hoped it'd been a dream. Slowly 
she reached down and tried to feel for her pussy. She felt the 
fleshy, firmness of a penis instead. Fear began to well up 
inside her as she clenched her chest, hoping to feel her 
breasts but there were none. Just as she was about to 
explore some more a policeman walked in. Guiltily she 
stopped her exploration and said "Yes Officer."

"Hi David," Scott said.

Deciding to play along until she could find out more Carloyn 
replied "Yeah, Hi."

"I just thought you ought to know we found her, safe and 
well. Thanks to you. Well done," Scott said.

"Carolyn's OK?" 

"Yep, The mailman got away though and we don't know 
where he's gotten to. Still we have a description now so it 
should only be a matter of time."

"Where is she?"

"In a private room just down from here. Doc says you can 
go when you're ready," Scott said.

"Thanks". Now what? Where did this David live? Carolyn 

"Listen If you think of anything else here's my card," Scott 
said placing the card on the bedside table.

"Will do. Say do you think they'd let me see me, I mean 
Carolyn," Carolyn asked, quickly correcting herself.

"I should think so. Check first OK. I'll talk later and thanks 
again," Scott said and left the room.


"But I tell you I'm not Carolyn" David said to Tina.

"Who are you then" Tina was getting tired of this. She'd 
come in expecting to help but all she got was an insistence 
that the woman laying in front of her wasn't Carolyn 
Dawson, but David Hawkins. Changing the subject she 
started again "Carolyn, David whoever you are can you tell 
me anything else, anything that could help us get this 

"I don't know anymore than I've told you already. Look if 
you want to know more I suggest you go talk to Carolyn. 
You'll easily recognize her, she's the one who looks like me."

"Carolyn. It's OK you're safe now."

"Don't patronize me with your platitudes. I've been raped in 
a body that's not my own. The woman who should be 
getting the counseling as well is walking out this place 

"Look. I'll leave my number with you. If you think of 
anything else let me or Scott know," and Tina left.

David lay back in the bed exhausted and exasperated from 
the conversation. It was clear to him from the moment he 
woke up, that the nightmare he'd been having was real. He'd 
avoided touching himself anywhere female in the vain hope 
it'd go away. Now, alone he moved his hand over his 
smooth stomach, feeling the lycra of the swimsuit he still 
wore. His hand moved up to his breasts and he felt their 
warmth and firmness under the swimsuit. He nearly jumped 
with pleasure when he idly ran his fingers around his nipples. 
He felt himself let out a small sigh. His hand slowly moved 
down to his groin. He tried to stroke his vagina, wanting the 
pleasure to continue but his finger chanced upon a cut. 

"OW," he called out.

He lay back and closed his eyes. In his mind's eye he saw the 
mailman draw closer and closer, the mailman's trousers were 
down and he was about to thrust his dick into David's pussy.

David called out and a nurse came running in.


"It's OK. I was just dreaming."

"The man who rescued you wants to see you. Do you feel 
up to it," the nurse asked.


The nurse walked out an a few minutes later David was 
amazed to see himself walk in. David noticed that his body 
walked strange, not manly at all. Could his theory be right 
after all?

"Carolyn?" David asked.

"Umm I suppose so. What the fuck happened? Why am I a 
man now?" Carolyn demanded.

"I have no idea to both questions. It's no easier being a 
woman instead." 

"What did you do? I saw you, in my mind at a door way and 
I ran past you. The next thing I knew I was being brought 
here in an ambulance and that I was a man and everyone 
was calling me David."

"I have, had, who knows now, a gift for helping friends and 
family in trouble. I could see what was going to happen 
before it did or warn them in some way. I saw you trapped 
in that shelter with the mailman about to rape you. I heard 
the name Carolyn. I went to the police, this guy called Scott 
believed me and asked me to find you. I made contact with 
you, saw you at the doorway and was about to call to you 
again when you ran past in terror. The door shut and I was 
left on the other side."

"So you think we switched then?" Carolyn asked.

David nodded. "I was desperate to find you, you were 
desperate to get out and we crossed in the middle. Well 
that's how I see it."

"So can you switch us back?"

"Who knows, maybe." 

"You think I enjoy being like this!" Carolyn hissed.

"Hey being you is no fun either. I have a swimsuit stuck to my 
body. I look down and fancy myself like crazy. It's driving 
me mad. When I close my eyes I can see the mailman 
starting to rape me,"  David started to cry.

"Hey he raped me too y'know.  When I look down at my, 
sorry your dick, I don't get turned on.  I remember him 
shaving my head, forcing me somehow to fuck him," 
Carolyn was crying now.

Instinctively David put out his dainty hand. "It seems to me 
we need each other. Besides who gave you permission to 
look at my dick."

Carolyn smiled "Same goes for my tits. I was very proud of 
them you know. You're right. We need to get through this 
together, help each other out, it's the only way."

"I spoke with that Detective Cox before you arrived. She 
didn't believe a word I said about me being you or whatever. 
Put it down to stress she said. I think we should pretend to 
be each other when there are other people around. It'd make 
things a lot easier," David said.

"Agreed. Listen if we're to help each other I need to know 
the man who's body I've got. Hey I don't even know how to 
work one of these things," Carolyn said, pointing at her dick.

"Easy, grab hold of it and point it in the direction you want 
it to go. Don't forget to shake. But hey what about me! I've 
got all kinds of things to find out. Hell I don't even know 
how to put on a bra."

"When will they let you out?" Carolyn asked.

"Dunno, when they can get this damn costume off I guess. 
They've booked me in for counseling sessions for 2 hours a 

"David, I've got your address from your license but I've no 
idea what car you drive. I also need you to get my keys 
back, Jonesy will be going spas."

"Jonesy? Is he a boyfriend?" David asked.

"No such luck, he's my cat."

"Oh." David said, relieved. A boyfriend would be 

"Hey you got any pets, dates, meetings I should know 
about. If I'm going to be you I need to know about you," 
Carolyn asked.

"No pets, no dates and no meetings. I just kinda drift about. 
My Mom's given me some money when she left dad so I'm 
living on that at the moment. How about you?"

"I'm or rather you're a teacher, don't worry they'll already 
know about me, sorry about you. They'll not expect you in 
for a while. It gives us some breathing space."

David started to look worried.

"I'll try not to be too long," Carolyn said softly.

"Hey, no peeking Promise?" David called out, jokingly.

"Promise. You too," Carolyn said and left the room.

David held up two fingers in a scout salute "Scouts Honor."

Inside David didn't feel like joking at all. He could feel the 
soft mounds of flesh on his chest heaving with each breath. 
His voice was an alien sound and he had no idea of how, if 
at all things could be reversed.  It WAS strange seeing his 
face talk to him and make completely different expressions 
than he would use. David suspected that Carolyn felt the 
same way. A lot of uncertainty mixed with fear but with a 
modicum of curiosity. It was bad enough trying to deal with 
suddenly being a woman without the nightmare trial he had 
just gone through. Thinking on Carolyn's situation he thought 
that she'd come off worst. Not only did she have the change 
in gender to deal with, she'd actually been conscious when 
she'd been raped and kidnapped. His train of thought was 
interrupted by a cute nurse walking in with several bouquets 
of flowers and a bag full of cards.

"Who are they from?" David asked.

"Your school, Your class did a get well Miss Dawson card 
and the rest is from members of the public."

"How'd," David started.

"You're big news now. The face of the bastard who did this to you 
is all around town, on the news everywhere," the nurse said. 

"Where's David?"

"He discharged himself but promised he'd be back soon. If 
you ask me he's real cute," the nurse said half seriously.

"I suppose so," David answered.

"Hey, the Rachel Martin interview's tonight, you want me to 
bring in a TV?"

"Yeah, she's a babe," David blurted.

The nurse looked at David strangely. "If you say so. I think 
she's a stuck up bitch. The way men all ogle her, makes you 
feel inadequate. That's what my boyfriend says. 'Why don't 
you be more like Rachel Martin?' or 'Rachel Martin has 50 
inch legs' or some such. If you ask me we're better off 
without men. Women don't rape women."

David went quiet. Images of the mailman coming for him 
flashed back through his brain. He felt a shiver run down his 
spine. The nurse noticed this and looked very guilty.

"I'm, I'm sorry. I'll just go get the TV," and the nurse almost 
ran out.

'Please open mouth before changing foot' David thought. As 
yet he'd had no time to explore this new body. He was about 
to reach down to stroke his pussy when he remembered his 
promise to Carolyn. She was the kinda person, he decided 
that would stick to her word regardless. He'd better do the 

Caroyln managed to find David's apartment fairly easily. She 
needed a shower, to cleanse herself of her ordeal. Although  
it wasn't the body that had been violated, the mind was just as 
soiled. She started to get undressed again. Although she'd 
gotten dressed this morning in David's body it was 
automatic. She'd had no time to investigate. 

Standing in front of the mirror she noticed David's firm, 
hairy chest. She flexed her muscles Charles Atlas fashion 
and ran her hand down the taught biceps. 'Not bad' she 
thought. She felt a strange sensation in her dick as it began 
to expand.

Although she'd promised not to look it was impossible not 
to. Besides David must've, Carolyn thought as she pulled her 
pants down. Her dick was erect but not engorged. She 
reached down to touch it but her hand jerked back when she 
remembered the mailman coming for her, his penis erect and 

She found the bathroom and started to shower. The warm 
water spreading comfort as she started to wash the 
memories and the nightmare touch of the mailman away. 
Carolyn, ignoring her new body for the moment scrubbed 
until her skin was red, nothing she could do could make her 
feel clean.

Whilst she was in the shower she tried to remember anything 
else that could help the police catch the mailman. What was 
it he had said. "There's no use in acting surprised. I know who 
you are, You are the Queen's handmaiden. A dark servant. 
The enemy must be lax if they let me take you so easily." 

That must mean he'd strike again. If she was supposed to be  
this handmaiden who was the Queen?

A few hours later Caroyln drove back to the hospital to 
visit David. She walked in holding some flowers and spotted 
the other bouquets strewn around the room.

"Hey I'd no idea I was so popular. These are for you," 
Carolyn said placing her flowers into some spare space 
between some multicolored carnations.

"Thanks, just as well you don't get hay fever. Some of them 
are from your class, the others are from well wishers. Hey I 
had a visit from Joyce, one of your fellow teachers I 
presume. It was real embarrassing. I acted as though I had 
some memory loss or something but it was obvious that I 
was hiding something."

"Yeah, Joyce. We've known each other since college. She's 
really sweet, almost a sister really."

"Thanks for telling me!. Is Jonesy OK?"

"I suppose. He went ape and ran off when I walked in. I 
guess I smell different or something."

"Hey I never smelt that bad. How are you? They sent in 
some counselor when you went away. She tried to help but 
it was hard going. She told me that it wasn't my fault and 
that I did nothing wrong. However She assumed I was a 
woman and knew how women feel. Sure I'll have nightmares 
for a long while yet, but it isn't the rape that really bothers 
me. It was the images, the sensations of terror. You're the 
one who needs the counseling but everyone assumes you're 
the hero and you're OK," David said, the concern evident in 
his voice.

"I showered for over an hour, trying to get the feel of him 
off me. I know it's not my body but he's still there. In my 
mind, I can feel him about to penetrate me or tie me up 
again. Oh David it's so hard," Carolyn started to cry.

David put out his womanly hand, and took hold of 
Carolyn's. "Hey we'll get through this, it's OK. Soon the cops'll 
get him and we can start to rebuild. I've asked the nurses 
and they say you can stay as long as you like."

"Do you really think they'll get him?" Carolyn asked.

"Yep. I've seen his description and picture everywhere. It's 
only a matter of time."

He was thankful that he had been warned before the police 
moved in at his lair. He sat in his car looking out at 
Stephanie Lane's apartment. The Queen of evil should be 
arriving soon. Finishing off the last of his Big Mac he settled 
down to wait. His attention was distracted as another car 
drew up behind him and two men got out. They were very 
well dressed and seemed to be of Arabic origin. One of them 
lit up a cigarette and he could smell it's foul stench as they 
walked past the car. He breathed a sigh of relief as they 
went into a nearby shop. These must be the Queen's 
henchmen or bodyguards he decided.

The men emerged from the shop and got back inside their 
car and they were soon engaged in conversation. He ducked 
down below the level of the headrest but glancing in the 
rear-view mirror could see that they were more interested in 
waiting for their Queen than him.

At last a limo drew up and he took a deep breath as the 
Queen got out, surrounded by press. He could feel the evil of 
her from here. She must be stopped at any cost. A few 
seconds later she ran up the steps into the apartment. Now 
all he had to do was wait until she emerged.

"Hey mind if I watch the Rachel Martin interview? She's 
such a fox," David said.

"So are you, well at least for now," Carolyn said. 

"Could you switch it on for me?" David asked.

He watched Caroyln awkwardly get up, not used to the 
shape of her new body. The TV flicked on and Stephanie 
Lane was introducing Rachel Martin.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I am here today, in my apartment 
with Rachel Martin. Rachel. You have been called the most 
perfect woman who has ever lived. What is your reaction to 
"Well Steph. It makes me a little humble really. Beauty is in 
the eye of the beholder. You needn't be a supermodel to be 
beautiful, y'know," Rachel Martin said, to camera.

"Supercilious, patronizing bitch," Carolyn muttered.

"Hey she's right though. Now let me listen, you made me 
miss the next question" David said as Rachel Martin started 
to speak.

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm so disorganized. I can't plan my 
way into bed without a diary. I'm also the world worst 

"Yeah right. She's sharper than she's making out. Dave are 
you listening I want to tell you something," Carolyn started.

David just lay back watching the interview. Stephanie Lane 
was just asking "Of course, the death of your parents must 
have been a real blow." 
"The 10th of June 1995 will be burned into me forever. I 
spent ages trying to get over it. It's one of the reasons I fled 
to Europe for so long. I'm dedicating my career to their 
memory," Rachel Martin replied, her eyes welling with tears.

"Look Dave I know you and every man in the countries jaw 
is on the floor right now but you've  got everything she's 
got. Trust me I know. If you don't believe me just look 
down. I want to tell you something," Carolyn said her voiced 
sounding slightly annoyed. She went over to the remote and 
flicked the TV off.

"Hey I wanted to watch that," David complained.

"Look when I was in the shower I remembered something. 
The mailman said that I, you, whatever was the Queens 
Handmaiden. That means he's after the Queen next," Carolyn 

"So who's the Queen?" David asked.

"No idea. Just thought I'd ask and see if it rang any bells."

"Nope. Sorry to be a pain but I really wanted to watch 
Rachel Martin. I've been following her career for ages."

"Drooling over pictures more like it. I thought you were 
different," Carolyn said scathingly.

"I am. One of the things I wanted to be was a fashion 
photographer. If you don't believe go look in my trunk in the 
bedroom wardrobe. Sure I fancy her but she's unnatural. 
Nobody's THAT perfect. Now if you were wearing this face 
that'd be a different matter," David said, pointing at his 
feminine features.

Caroyln was stunned into silence by this slip. Did this mean 
David fancied her or himself in her body? All she could do 
was look apologetic.

David looked guilty, "Sorry I didn't mean." 

"Hey I'm flattered but a relationship is the least thing I want 
right now."

"Me too. I've no idea how that came out. I've haven't a clue 
how I feel anyway. My mind ogles at the nurses and my 
body feels all warm and tingly when a cute male doctor 
walks in. Which way am I?" 

"I don't feel anything at all, sorry. Maybe when they catch 
this mailman, maybe not even then."

He watched the Queen step out from the building and into a 
waiting Limo. The car with the two Arabic men inside 
waited a few moments and then drove off, after the limo. He 
decided to follow but at a discrete distance. He knew where 
the Queen was headed after all. He needed to see what level 
of protection the Queen had, satisfied he could break through it. 
He took a roundabout route to the hotel and watched as the 
Queen went inside. He then drove off to hide and to watch.

"I think it about time you went home, David," the nurse 

"Hey you said he could stay as long as he wanted," David 

"You need your rest. There's always tomorrow."

"See ya Carolyn," Carolyn said.

"Ya. Take care. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

The nurse turned to David and asked, "Do you want 
anything to help you to sleep?"

"I should be OK.  I'll call if I need anything. To tell the truth 
I'm trashed," David said sleepily. The excitement and trauma 
of the day had kept him alert and awake, now it was time for 
the body to recover.

The nurse switched off the light and left the room. Alone for 
the first time for a while David wanted to explore how he 
felt about being a woman, meeting Carolyn, the mailman and 
all the rest of events that had seemed to overtake him. His 
body had other ideas and before he could do anything he 
was asleep.

Carolyn drove to her house, in David's car. Past caring what 
the neighbors would think she let herself in. Jonesy lay 
prostrate on the sofa, breathing softly. She reached down to 
stroke him but he awoke, arched his back and hissed angrily.

"Hey Jonesy it's me," Carolyn tried to croon. It didn't work 
with a mans voice.

Jonesy's only response was to sulk off in the kitchen 

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