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Incubus Part 3/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

Brushing back his longish, brown hair he decided to tell the 
police. Even if it meant his ridicule they must be informed. 
Somehow his instincts were crying out that this was no 
nightmare, it was either premonition or an actual event.

He quickly dressed and decided that he could avoid a 
shave for another day. He started to panic when he couldn't find his 
car keys. Scrabbling around the house, the feeling of dread 
rising up inside him spurred him to look harder. Eventually he 
found them in a hidden fold of his leather jacket and he was 
soon on his way.


The mailman withdraws from Carolyn, the cum still slowly 
dripping from his dick and her cunt. Carolyn passed out a 
while back and he decides to take advantage. Strange, he 
expected the Queen's handmaiden to put up more of a fight. 
Still nothing can come against the power of right.

He slowly moves to the back of the room and picks up a 
one-piece swimming costume . It's brown snake skin pattern 
glistening in the dim light. He picks up some cotton-balls, 
opens a  small brown bottle and daubs the contents onto the 

He walks over to the slowly recovering Carolyn and presses 
the chloroform soaked  cotton over her mouth. There is a 
brief struggle and she lies still.

Laying the costume to one side he proceeds to remove the 
rest of her sweat and semen stained clothing. Putting the 
costume on her was more difficult than he expected. After 
he has put the costume on her, examined it for wrinkles he 
goes off to find his super-bond 3 adhesive.

Looking back at the sleeping woman a surge of lust rushes 
thru him. Her very comely form outlined almost to 
perfection by the tight fitting costume. The swell of breast 
and curve of thigh makes him aroused again. Forcing himself 
to concentrate he picks up three tubes of super-glue and 
walks back to the sleeping woman.

Using a thin section of balsa wood as a spatula he squeezes 
the glue onto it and proceeds to place it under the costume, 
smoothing it out as he goes. Soon all three tubes are used 
and the snake-skin costume is firmly bonded to Carolyn's 
skin. Only a small flap around her vagina is left free.


"It's true I tell you," David Hawkins was shouting at the duty 

"Yeah right, look piss off before I charge you," was the reply.

"Listen I saw a woman. Carolyn I think her name was. She's 
in great danger. I can help. For fucks sake she could be dead 
by now," David screamed.

Scott walked in after a fruitless search to hear the last 

"Could you repeat that," he asked.

"As I've been trying to tell fuck-wit here. I had a dream, 
vision whatever this morning. I saw a small man, about to 
rape a young, bald woman. I heard the name Carolyn. Look 
you may not believe me but I've never been more certain of 
anything. She's in terrible danger," David said, the 
exasperation showing in his face and voice.

"Hey come with me and we'll talk," Scott said. It seemed 
strange, almost impossible but could this be the breakthrough.
Turning to the duty officer Scott said "Bob, can you give 
Tina a call I'll be in room 5."

"Thanks" David said and followed Scott into the interview 
room and sat down on a chair.

"Coffee?" Scott asked.

"Look I'll wait until my partner gets here but don't worry 
we'll sort it," Scott said.

Carolyn wakes up with a splitting headache. Her vision is 
blurry but slowly comes back into focus. She tries to 
struggle again but her hands are firmly tied. She tries to 
scream but her mouth is gagged. Something feels odd, 
different. She looks down to see that her clothes are gone 
and have been replaced by a snake skin swimsuit. "Strange 
how it seems to hug my body," she thinks. The room is silent 
and still. From outside she can just hear the manic tweeting 
of several canaries.

Tina arrived in the interview room a few minutes after Scott 
had returned with the coffee. "What's up," she asks, taking a 
spare chair next to Scott.

"Now David start from the beginning," Scott asks.

"OK. I am would you would call a psychic. I have this gift, I 
don't know what else to call it. Ever since the age of 
fourteen I've been able to sense danger for those close to me 
or those with a connection to me. Everybody's had 
some kind of experience like it. You know the feeling."

"No?" said Tina incredulously.

"Yes you have. That feeling when you KNOW something 
has happened to a close friend before you're told. Well I 
have the same ability only much stronger. I can see what is 
happening to them. Usually it's just shadows and voices and 
only when I touch something of theirs but today was very 

"How so?" Scott asked.

"I was at home, when the vision struck me. Full 
Technicolor, Dolby stereo. I just had to get here and tell 

"Have you heard about the murder a few nights ago," Tina 

"No. Why what has that to do with this? Was the victim this 

"No she wasn't. Detective Cox, myself and several others 
are investigating a series of horrific murders. We believe that 
a woman called Carolyn Dawson has been taken and is next 
on the killers list. If we show you a photofit can you identify 
the woman you saw," Scott said, still skeptical but hey 
anything to help.

"Maybe. I didn't get a good look at her," David replied, 
relieved that somebody was starting to take him seriously.

Tina reached into her bag and pulled out a file. Opening it 
slowly she pulled out a series of photos. She showed them 
to David one at a time until David pointed at one and said 

"You sure?" Scott asked.

"Yeah, she didn't have the black hair but the face is the 

Scott and Tina looked at each other.

"What? Did I screw up?" David asked.

"The photo you just pointed out was that of Carolyn 
Dawson. What do you need and what do you want us to do?" 
Scott said.

David visibly relaxed "Do have anything of hers I can use?. 
The aura of a person 'rubs off' on personal possessions. I can 
tune into this residual aura and use it to link up with the 
person. The more recently used the better."

"Hey Scott, how about her scarf?"

"A scarf belonging to Carolyn Dawson was found in her 
abandoned car," Scott explained.

"That'll do fine. Now hurry we may not have much time," 
David said.

Tina got up, adjusted her skirt and went out the door. She 
returned a few minutes later with the scarf, still in it's 
evidence bag. "Here we go," she said handing it to David.

"Can I take it out of this?. I need actual physical contact
for this to work well."

"Yeah but don't tell anyone," Tina said with a conspiratorial 

Scott removes the bag and gently strokes the material. 
Closing his eyes he concentrates on Carolyn. Urging his 
mind to make contact with hers. Beads of sweat start to 
appear on his forehead.


In her prison Carolyn feels tired, fatigue and pain taking 
their toll. In her minds eye she sees a door surrounded by a 
glowing white light. The door is closed, mentally she 
reaches out her hand to turn the handle.


In the interview room David is shaking. He sees a door 
surrounded by white light. She is close, he can feel her, feel 
her burning desire to escape.


In her mind Carolyn turns the handle, her mind screaming to 
escape, to run from her private hell. 


David is sweating now. He sees the door open and Carolyn 
is there, dressed in a flowing white dress, like a wedding 
gown. Her face shows the strain of being captured, her eyes 
wide with fear.

"Don't worry I'm here to help," David feels himself saying to 
Carolyn and stepped through the door.

"Who are you, why are you here?, what do you want?" 
Carolyn demands.

"My name is David. I'm here with the police to try and find 
you. Please help me," David's voice says.

"I want to get out of here, quickly he's coming," Carolyn is 
starting to panic.

"Can you tell me where you are?" David asks.

"No time, I must escape. The Mailman, The mailman is 
here," Carolyn screams and pushes past David.

David whirls around to try and come after her but Carolyn 
has shut the door behind her. David pulls the door but it is 
firmly locked. "Hey wait," he calls but Carolyn is long gone. 

Scott and Tina can only stare as David's body falls to the 
floor and starts to convulse. Scott rushes out to call for help, 
whilst Tina stays put to ensure David doesn't hurt himself.

In the meantime Carolyn's body starts to shake and 
convulse, her mouth starting to fill with spittle and blood. 
The mailman sits and watches her, It's just a trick by the 
enemy he figures.

By the time the paramedics arrive David's Grand Mal has 
stopped. Tina is holding him steady whispering comforts 
into his ear.

David's eyes show fear and confusion. "Mailman, Oh God 
the Mailman, no please," David is screaming over and over. 

"David it's OK. You're fine," Tina said softly.

"We'll need to take him into hospital to get him checked 
out," one paramedic was saying.

"OK Go. Can we ride with him?" Scott asks.

"Sure," the paramedic says as he begins to strap the still 
shaking David into the gurney. David is then lifted out and 
wheeled into the waiting ambulance. Scott and Tina jump in 
the back and the ambulance rushes off, sirens blaring.

"How is he?" Tina asks one of the paramedics.

"He should be fine. We just need to take an ECG and run a 
few tests but he should be fine. See he's coming round now."


David's eyes open, clarity returning once more. He stares 
around him and asks "Where am I?". He suddenly looks 
shocked and confused.

"Shh. You had some kind of episode. I know you're feeling 
strange but David did you see anything, anything that can 
help us find her?" Tina asks softly.

"David?, who's David?"

"He's still out of it," Scott said slowly.

"Wait a minute. I don't sound like this, what's going on?" 
David's face was starting to show panic.


With the door shut behind him David had no choice but to 
go forward. He opens his eyes and sees a dimly lit room. At 
one end sits a small, overweight man. David tries to speak 
but all that comes out is a high pitched "HMMMPH."

David's body feels strange, he looks down and cries out 
even louder when he sees two firm breasts, covered by what 
looks to be a swimming costume on his chest. Looking 
closer he sees that the chest isn't his. It's slender well 
muscled curves lead down to two long, shapely legs. His 
eyes fixate downwards and focus on the distinct lack of a 
dick. Mentally he screams and tries to find the door in his 
mind again but all he sees is blackness. 

The mailman starts to speak "Now handmaiden, rest over 
with," the mailman stares into David's face with piercing blue 


Back in the ambulance Scott and Tina continue the 

"What do you mean, who's David. You are," Scott says

"My name's Carolyn Dawson. What have you done with my 
voice," David's body demands.

" We've done nothing. Listen David you're still confused 
from the fit. We have to know did you see anything?"

"I've no idea who David is. Wait a minute the man in my 
dream he was called David. He said he was here to help me. 
I ran past him, away from the mailman," David's face was 
looking scared. Scott and Tina exchanged confused glances.

"Shh rest now," Tina said.

"Wait show me a mirror," David demanded.

Tina fished out a small make up mirror from her bag and 
allowed David to look into it.

Carolyn was confused. Why where these people calling her 
David?, Why did her voice sound so deep, where was she. 
She looked into the mirror the woman was holding and saw 
an unshaven face of a man with longish brown hair. The 
deep brown eyes widened and a loud scream erupts from the 


The man approaching David looks confused. He cocks his 
head to one side, then shakes it and leaves the room. David's 
head is now clear and he tries to formulate some clear 
thoughts. Before he can do so the man returns with a strong 
smelling cloth. David tries to resist but is soon overwhelmed 
by the fumes.


Caroyln's panic attack ends with the paramedics injecting her 
with some Valium. Scott and Tina watch as the Valium 
takes effect. Carolyn's breathing relaxes and soon she is resting.

"Now we're in for it," Tina says.

"What do think all that was about?" Scott asks Tina

"How the hell do I know? What I do know is that the 
Captain will be really pissed off." 

"Not if David can provide us with some info."

The ambulance rushed into ER. As soon as she arrived Carolyn was 
taken to a nearby bed. The Valium had made her sleepy.
"Mailman, Mailman," was all she could say.

"How is he Doc?" Scott asked.

"He should be fine. The Valium should be wearing off soon. 
He was only given a small dose, enough to relax the muscles 
and stop any more potential episodes."

"Can we speak to him?. It's a matter of urgency," Tina asks 
the doctor.

"Sure. No idea if he'll be coherent enough but you can try."

"Tina, I've got a better idea. He keeps talking about the 
mailman so why don't you cross reference the rough 
description with postal worker records. Maybe we can come 
up with something. I'll stay here and try and talk to him," 
Scott suggested.

"Good idea! I'll give you a call if I find anything," Tina said.

"I'm sorry you'll have to switch off any cell phones. Plays 
havoc with all the equipment. I'm sure you can use the one 
in the hallway if required," the Doctor said.

"Will do," with that Tina left the hospital.

Carolyn's eyes were open now, the effect of the sedative's 
wearing off. Scott sat down next to him and asked "Hey you 
gave us quite a scare back there."

"Where am I?" Carolyn asked.

"In Hospital you had some kind of fit, but the Doc says 
you'll be just fine."

"I, I was in a dark room, Then I dreamt I was a man called 
David," Carolyn said, still woozy from the effects of the 

"You are a man called David. Listen a woman's life depends 
on what you know. When you held her scarf did you see 

"My head! I'm so confused. I remember being taken from 
my car A few days ago. We stopped someplace, I was 
blindfolded I couldn't see where I was going," Carolyn said, 
ignoring for the moment the very masculine tone her voice 
was making.

"Did you notice, see anything else?" Scott asked.

"I remember that the journey took about two hours. I 
noticed the time on his watch when my blindfold was taken 
off. I awoke in some kind of dark room. A cellar I think, I 
can see a small crack of light from the doors above me." 

"What else, David? This is good," Scott's spirit's lifted. At 
last they were getting somewhere. Strange how he's 
speaking as though he's Carolyn though Scott thought. Still 
play along.

"Did you see the man, The mailman?"

"Yes, just, just before he raped me," Carolyn stalled at this 
point, the fear returning.

"Hey it's OK," Scott said.

"I'll be fine. He was small about 5'6 , overweight with the 
most blue eyes I've ever seen. When I looked into them I 
just lost myself. I couldn't help but obey."

Scott just finished taking notes "Anything else?"

"Yeah just before I came here I heard the sound of birds, 
canaries I think."

"Hey David, get some rest I think we can take it from here."

Exhausted Carolyn felt her eyes get heavier. This strange 
dream will end soon she thought as she felt herself begin to 
float away.

"Why don't you let him sleep now," the Doctor said to Scott.

"OK. Why did he talk as though he was the one actually 
being kidnapped?" Scott asked.

"It sometimes happens, after a Grand Mal or episode the 
patient is often confused as to their identity or whereabouts. 
Don't worry it'll wear off tomorrow."

"Thanks Doc," Scott said and left the building to get back to 
the station.

Back at base he met Tina who had just returned with some 
more information. She looked triumphant "Got the bastard," 
She said and hugged Scott hard.

"How, Who, Where?" Scott blurted.

"His name is Martin Phillips. He works in distribution at the 
central post office. He matches the description given to us 
by that old lady. He took unpaid vacation a week or so 
back, claimed he had family problems."

"Have you any photo's. David's just given me a detailed 
description. Let's see if it matches," Scott said excitedly and 
passed his notes to Tina.

"Let's see 5'6 check, blue eyes check and overweight. How 
about we check him out," Tina suggested.

"Did we get anymore on him?. I've got the rest of the team 
on that now. Do you want to pay him a visit?" Tina said.

"Let's do it," Scott said firmly. At last!


David slowly came around, his eyes slowly adjusting to the 
darkness. He hurt all over especially in his crotch. Slowly his 
vision cleared. He tried to rub his eyes but his hands were 
still tied. Looking down he saw the unfamiliar shape of a 
woman's body. He felt a warm, wet feeling in his cunt and 
shuddered. Slowly dripping down his shapely legs was 
someone's cum. Fear caused him to shiver, he'd been raped. 
In spite of himself he started to cry, softly at first and then 
louder. He tried to call out but the gag was still in place.


In a darkened room he lay on his bed, relaxing after teaching 
the handmaiden a lesson. He'd washed himself down 
afterwards, as he always did. He had deliberately not 
cleaned her down as this would show he had some respect 
for her. What puzzled him the most was that she now 
appeared to be immune to his gaze. He'd been given that as 
a gift in order to accomplish his task, but now he saw that the 
handmaiden was immune to it. When he moved on the 
Queen he'd have to be even more careful. He needed 
strength and wisdom, so he knelt down on the floor and 
started to pray.


Outside of the house of Martin Phillips, Tina, Scott, and several 
officers moved themselves into position. Overhead, flying at 
a discrete distance was a police chopper. A sniper sat in the 
open door of it, ready to intervene if required. Scott and 
Tina casually walked up to the door. Tina moved to one side 
ready to cover her partner.

"Ready to go?" Scott asked Tina.

"When you are."

Scott knocked on the door "Martin Phillips. This is the 
police. We need to ask you some questions."


Scott repeated the request.

"Think he's in there?" Tina asked.

"Dunno. Let's try a thermograph," Scott suggested.

Tina spoke into her radio "Ground crew 1 to Sky watch Do 
you read me ,over ?"

"Loud and clear ground 1 what can we do? Over," the voice 
crackled back.

"Can you perform a thermograph of the house. Make sure 
the bastard's not in there? over," Tina called back.

"Affirmative. Call you later. Out."

The chopper flew lower and slowly circled the house three 
times. A few minutes later Tina's radio crackled into life 
"Sorry ground 1. Nobody's home."

"Fuck. Now what?" Tina swore.

"We set up a surveillance crew here and look for this place 
that David mentioned," Scott said.

Two hours later all available airborne units were searching a 
50 mile radius from where Carolyn's car had been found.


Kneeling down by his bed he felt an urgency in his mission.
He tried to suppress it but it would not die down.  All of a
sudden an answer to his prayer came. "Abandon the
handmaiden, she is powerless without the Queen. You 
must move from this place. Go for the Queen." 
He heard himself say, out loud "No I must complete my 

"You must leave now."

 He was about to reply when he heard the far off drone of a 
chopper. He froze as it came closer and then passed away. 
Whispering thanks he quickly packed everything he could 
find and jumped into his battered chevy. The voice was 
right all that mattered now was the Queen. The voice warned 
him not to take the main roads so he took the heavily 
forested route out, heading in the opposite direction he 
intended to go. An hour later he joined the freeway and 
approached the city from a different direction.


It had been twelve hours after the search had started and 
Tina and Scott were bored. They'd been staking out Martin 
Phillips house since they had discovered he wasn't there. 
Tina was sucking into a donut, Scott drinking a lukewarm 
coffee. The radio crackled into life.

"Scott, Tina. We think we found something."

"Yeah what?"

"About an hour ago one of our pilots passed over an old 
farmhouse about 50 miles from where Carolyn's car was 
found. In a nearby building he saw some kind of aviary. He 
also spotted what looked to be a tornado shelter."

"Canaries?" Tina asked.

"Could be. What attracted his attention was the shelter. 
Who heard of tornadoes in this part of the country?"

"Good point, Where's the chopper now?" 

"He had to turn back and leave the place before backup 
could arrive. He was low on fuel and had to turn back."

"Fuck! Right we'll get a team right there," Scott said.


David stopped trying to scream for help and decided to try 
and find anything that could help him. Turning his head left 
and right he peered into the gloomy darkness of the room. 
He was, he decided underground in some kind of bunker or 
shelter. The chair he was tied to was secured to the floor 
and the ropes binding his arms were secure. No way out so 
far. Abandoning this train of thought for the moment he 
took stock of himself. It was obvious he had switched places 
with the woman, Carolyn. He had no idea how he got there 
and even more important how to get back again. David 
decided that he could explore his new body later and that 
staying alive was the first priority.

It had been a while since the mailman had come down and 
David wondered if anything had happened. He heard a faint 
sound, that got louder. His spirits lifted as he recognized the 
unmistakable sound of Sirens. He started to call out, but the 
volume was less than impressive. A few minutes later light 
streamed through the open hatch, making him wince and turn 
away. A Male voice called out "Found her," and soon he felt 
himself being untied.

"Get a medic down here," the voice called.

"You OK miss?" another said.

It took David a second or two to realize that the question 
was directed at him but all he could reply was "Ummmm". 
David saw that the owner of the voice was a large, burley 
cop, flashlight in hand.

"Yeah right I remember," the cop said putting on a pair of 
latex gloves, "Open wide."  

David tried to open his mouth as far as he could. The cop 
reached in and pulled the rubber ball from David's mouth.
"Carolyn ,listen you're fine, it's OK you're safe now," the 
cop said softly.

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