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Incubus Part 2/9

This story contains material that could be deemed offensive.
If you are under 21 or easily offended, stay away.

Still feeling triumphant he got up and had a shower to wash 
away all traces of the night before. After rinsing the shower 
thoroughly he dried him self and put his work overalls on. 
The end times were drawing near and already he could feel 
the voice of salvation telling him to hurry.

The day was spent dreaming about how he could extract the 
eleventh evil disciple from her lair without being detected. 
At the moment he had no idea of what she looked like only 
that she would cause more temptation than the last.


In the meantime after collecting his case file, Scott drove to 
meet Tina at the Role Modeling agency. He chose an old, 
battered U2 tape and set it to play. "Maybe Tina's got 
something with this model thing," Scott thought as he pulled 
into the agency's parking lot.

He walked into the agency and was met by a cute 
receptionist. After showing his badge she told him where 
Tina was talking to one of the directors. "Up two flights of 
stairs and on the right," he'd been told. A brisk jog up the 
stairs led him to the right door. 

"Come in," a voice called as he knocked on the directors 

Scott opened the door to see a middle-aged woman, 
wearing a pastel trouser suit. She got up and offered her 
hand. "Allison Williams," she said.

Scott shook her hand and replied "Detective Scott Harris. 
Has Detective Cox here filled you in?"

"She has, But frankly I want to know why you didn't put the 
word out earlier," she said crossly.

"OK let me explain," Scott said as he sat down next to Tina.

"Go ahead."

"You were frank with me, so I'll be frank with you. The 
more people who know about this guy the more likely he is 
to rumble us. We need him complacent so he's less likely to 
be careful. We have, over the last few months increased our 
surveillance on all agencies in the area but we had to cut 
back due to other commitments. So far he hasn't touched a 
model but we think he may try. We would like you to tell all 
your girls to be careful. Don't travel alone and always keep 
car and house doors securely locked. Y'know the usual stuff. 
What we don't want you to do is to tell them why. Just that 
the police are running a campaign on women's safety," Scott 

"Sure. I'll do that," Allison replied casually.

"What has Detective Cox told you so far?" Scott asked 
"Basically, that you have a serial killer/rapist on the loose 
who has killed 10 women and that you think he may go after 
a model next. Detective, all my girls know the dangers of 
being a model and in public view. They all know the drill," 
Allison replied.

Scott was getting angry at this woman's attitude, the 'not my 
problem type'. He needed to get his message across. He 
reached in his file and pulled out the photo's of Jennifer 
Lynn. "So did Jennifer Lynn here," he said as he put the 
photo's in front of Allison's face.

Allison went pale and rushed out of the room.

"Nice one boss. She's been giving me this 'not my problem' 
bullshit for the last half hour," Tina said with a grin. 

A few minutes later Allison walked back into the room, her 
face flushed red and eyes watery. She'd obviously just 
thrown up. "Sorry," she managed to say.

"I had to show you what we're dealing with. Your girls are 
in very real danger.  How many of your models still here?"

"Umm, we have 10 left, the others are all on assignment."

"I take it you'll make sure all of them take extra special 
precautions," Tina said.

"Of course officer, Now if you'll excuse me I have much to  
organize. Thank you for your warnings and good-bye". 
Allison stood up and offered her hand to both Scott and 

"Thanks for your time," Scott said, shaking Allison's hand 
again. Tina got up and did the same and they both went out 
of Allison's office.

"Stuck up cow," Tina commented.

"Suppose. I wonder how the rest of them are doing," Scott 
replied vaguely.

"Hey how 'bout some lunch, I found this real good bagel 
place just off," Tina started.

"Nah, we better get back. I've got a heap of paperwork to 
do before we do anything else."


He waited patiently in his dimly lit room for his goods to 
arrive. It had been two weeks since he had dealt his last 
blow to the evil one. He was being just as careful as before. 
He only had two more to go. His only concern was that he 
didn't yet know who were the last two disciples he had to 
deal with were. Still he had been shown the way so many 
times before, he had faith. It wasn't the next one he was 
worried about, it was the Queen of evil, the last and most 
tempting disciple. If she were to escape then great harm 
would befall many innocent people. 

The next day he picked up his goods from the drop off 
points, excited by the blow he was about to deal. All he had 
to do now was wait and plan. By now the agents of evil 
must have been alerted and trying to prevent him from 
carrying out the good work. He had to try something 
different for surely the remainder of the disciples would be 
on the look out for him.

After his shift he decided to drive around the busy streets, 
tying to see if he could find the eleventh one. He was just 
on his way back when he saw her. She was tall ,about 5'10 
with short black hair. Her slim but curvaceous figure was 
causing men to turn and look at her as she walked by. He 
stopped the car and watched her from the safety of his car. 
The lady drew a few wolf-whistles from passing workmen. 
She turned and smiled at them.

His anger grew, this must be her. Unable to stop herself she 
was trying to tempt all those men and so corrupt their souls. 
He started up the car and casually followed her to the 
apartment block where she lived. Now she was identified he 
could work on her removal.


Carolyn Dawson unlocked her door and went inside her 
apartment. After closing the door behind her she flopped 
down on the worn sofa, just glad to be back from work. 

She felt herself breathing heavily as though she had been 
running from something and she was on edge but there was 
no reason for it. She almost jumped when she heard a 
movement behind her but breathed a sigh of relief when 
Jonesy, her ginger cat jumped on her lap.

"Hey, don't do that you'll give me a heart attack," she said to 
the cat softly.

Jonesy responded by purring loudly and Carolyn started to 
stroke his smooth fur.

Since James left, Jonesy was her constant companion. Her 
mother had found him wandering in some woods, near a 
cave a year or so ago and had offered him to her as a gift. 
Although reluctant to take him in, she soon fell in love with 
him and now she was his loyal servant.

Reaching over to the coffee table and picking up the remote 
she switched on the TV. She already knew what the 
headlines were going to be, besides she'd had another 
depressing day. After flicking past several channels she 
finally settled on a cartoon channel showing Scooby Doo.
Fred was just about to unmask the haunted clown when the 
phone rang. Muttering to herself she picked up the phone 
and answered "Hi Carolyn here."

"Hi it's me," a female voice replied.

"Hey Joyce. We only left school a while ago. What can I do 
for you?" Carolyn said.

"Listen I've got two tickets for Cats, fancy coming. Y'know 
girls night out."

Carolyn squealed with delight "You bet. What do I owe 

"Zip, best friends treat."

"Joyce come on let me," Carolyn started.

"No way. After all you did for me when we were in college."

"Not that old line again. You must've paid me back a dozen 

"OK make it thirteen. See you tomorrow," Joyce said and 
hung up.

"One day she'll let me pay for something," Carolyn said and 
went back to watching Scooby Doo. 

An hour later and cartooned out she decided to get a 
shower, before making dinner. She thought back to her walk 
back to her apartment. The reaction of the workmen pleased 
her and she felt flattered in a small way. Her co-workers had 
always said she should have gone into modeling but she was 
too modest. People told her that she was stunning, but she 
didn't believe them. James was just the same.

James had broken her heart nearly nine months ago now. 
They had met at the super-market when, in one of her 
clumsy modes she had knocked several tins of cat food off 
the shelf and rolling onto the floor. He had stooped down to 
help her and their eyes met. Her face red still with 
embarrassment she'd agreed to his dinner request and they'd 
started dating. 

They first slept together on their third date and James 
satisfied her in every way. Things started to go wrong when 
he started to try and take over her life. He insisted she cut 
her hair in this way, dress in such and such way and in other 
words be his dream girl. He had explained that she was so 
beautiful she had to be shown off to the world and he was so 
proud to be her boyfriend. 

After six months she felt as though she was being stifled, as 
though the life was being squeezed out of her. So much to 
her chagrin and regret she said good-bye. Now she was 
paying the price as she was desperately lonely. Jonesy was 
her only male companion. Joyce visited of course but work 
and other commitments made that an increasingly rare 

She went to bed about 10, she had 4th grade first thing in 
the morning and they could be such horrors.


His plan was quickly formulated and he was ready to move 
the next day. As a bit of light relief he turned his old TV set 
on. Usually he read or prayed but something inside made 
him switch the TV set on.

A young blonde haired woman was reporting some fashion 
article. He was nearly asleep when suddenly his attention 
was snapped back into reality.

"And the latest news in the fashion world is that Rachel 
Martin is back in town after a three week rest. The 25 year 
old ultra-model has allegedly purchased an island in the 
Indian Ocean and is now said by her agent, Marcel to be 
raring to go.

As you all maybe aware Rachel (who has been called the 
most perfect woman who's ever lived) stunned Paris fashion 
week a few months back with her awesome beauty."

His eyes were wide now. This Rachel Martin must be the 
Queen, the final and most evil of the disciples. He stared at 
the image on screen and looked at her perfect curves, blonde 
hair, blue/gray eyes and unearthly beautiful face.

He offered thanks that the Queen had been so easily 
identified.  However, getting to her would be a different 
matter. The enemy would give her the protection her status 
in the kingdom of darkness deserved. He would have to be 
even more cunning to defeat her. 

His mind wandered back to the task in hand. Before Rachel 
Martin there would come the black haired one. He went to 
bed early. He had much work to do the next day.


Carolyn woke early the next day. Try as she might her body 
refused to get up, fatigue and stress taking their toll. She 
swung her legs over the bed, neatly missing Jonesy who had 
kept guard all night.

After having a quick shower Carolyn emptied her last tin of 
Cat food into Jonesy's bowl. Remember to get some more on 
the way back she reminded herself.

The door bell rang and Carolyn looked through the spy hole. 
"What's the mailman doing here this early?" she asked her 

She opened the door and saw that the man was much 
shorter than she was, maybe about 5'6. Judging by the size 
of his stomach it had been years since he'd done any 
exercise. The most striking thing about him was his eyes, 
they were almost sky blue in color. His face was showing 
signs of excitement, as though he was about to fulfill a life's 

"Sign Here Please," his voice was deep and seductive and 
Carolyn suddenly felt strange. She could not help but stare 
into those blue eyes. They seemed to bore into her very soul 
and she felt as though she would do anything for the owner 
of those eyes.

The man looked happy and said "Write a note to say you are 
going away for a few days to think about your life." He 
handed her a pen and paper, which she took.

Strangely Carolyn felt herself writing
	"Dear Mom
 	The teaching job is really getting me down, I need 
	some time to think. See you soon

	P.S. Look after Jonesy for me."

She then went inside and placed the note on the kitchen 
table and then quite unable to break the spell she was under 
she went out side again, closing the door behind her.

"Now You will wait 10 minutes and walk to your car and 
drive to this place. There we will meet again," the mailman 

The mailman went away and left her on the doorstep.

Unable to resist his voice and the look of power in his eyes 
she stared at her watch until exactly 10 minutes had past. 
Without a look or thought she got into her car and set off to 
where the mailman had instructed her to go.

Carolyn woke up and found her self in a dimly lit room. 
What was that in her mouth, it felt like some kind of ball had 
been placed in her mouth. She tried to reach up and take it 
out but found that her arms were tied behind her back. 
She tried to scream but all that came out was a 
Her next attempt was to stand but her legs had been bound 
with what looked like wire and adhesive tape. She managed 
to partially get up but then froze when she heard footsteps.

In the dim shadows of the room she saw the outline of 
the mailman. She tried to scream louder but failed utterly.

"So evil one you're awake," he said softly.

Carolyn's eyes widened in disbelief.

"There's no use in acting surprised. I know who you are, 
You are the Queen's handmaiden, a dark servant. The enemy 
must be lax if they let me take you so easily."

More urgent screams from Carolyn stopped the mailman in 

"They all try to act innocent, as though I've made some 
mistake. But I know different. How many men have fallen 
under your spell?, how many souls have you corrupted?, ten, 
twenty, a thousand."

Carolyn flopped down again in terror. Who was this man? 
and what did he want?. A feeling of mortal terror spread 
over her.

"When the world sees you for what you really are then they 
will turn from their dark ways. From a serpent you came and 
to a serpent you will return."

The mailman walked from his gloomy corner. Carolyn fainted 
as she caught sight of a long knife glinting in the darkness.


The Duty sergeant, phoned Scott just as he was going out to 
meet yet another modeling agency director.

"Hi Bob what's up?" Scott asked.

"I just gotta call from the St. Nicholas school for Girls, one 
of their teachers, a Ms Carolyn Dawson didn't show up for 
work today."

"So, maybe she's too ill to talk," Scott said

"Perhaps, but apparently she was very dedicated, hadn't 
missed a single day in nearly two years. Maybe you'd better 
take a look. Here's her address."

Scott wrote down the apartment's address and name of the 
landlord. "OK I'm passing that way anyway I'll have a 
looksee, thanks."

He called to Tina who was about to raid the coffee machine 
and soon they were on their way.

"You think it's a false lead?" Tina queried.

"Maybe. Everyone at the station is jumpy after last week," 
Scott said, trying to look for the turning and drive at the 
same time.

"I think you just missed it, it was back there!" Tina pointed 

"Shit," Scott drove further on until he could turn round.
He pulled up outside the apartment block and asked a 
resident where the landlord was.

Some minutes later an overweight man, wearing a blue 
overall and dodgers cap walked out from the side of the 

"Yeah, you want me," he grunted.

"Detectives Harris and Cox. We'd like to see if a Ms 
Carolyn Dawson is OK. Her school reported her missing 
today," Scott said flashing his badge.

"Sure, follow me." 

After a short trip in a rickety elevator they were outside her 
apartment. Scott knocked on the door.
"Ms Dawson, this is the police. Are you OK?"
Listening carefully Scott thought he heard a scratching 
sound and immediately signaled to Tina to be on the look 
out. Tina couched alongside the door, her firearm drawn.

"Give me the keys," Scott asked the landlord, who quickly 
hand them to him.

"Ready," Scott nodded to Tina, who gave a quick nod back.

As silently as he could Scott unlocked the door and with his 
foot pushed it in. A rush of color swept past his feet, as 
what looked like a ginger cat shot out of the room.

Tina breathed a sigh of relief and called "Carolyn, you OK?"

Scott walked inside, weapon drawn and noticed a hastily 
written note on the nearby table. Picking it up and reading 
he commented "I guess that solves that one, she wants to be 
alone for a while and asks her mom to look after her cat for 

"Thank God," Tina said softly.

"OK, False alarm. Thanks," Scott said, handing the landlord 
the keys back again. 

The landlord locked the door and went off. A little 
disappointed that he'd missed out on some 'action'.

"I guess we drop in on Ms Hartman of the Spectrum 
Agency next then," Tina queried Scott.


Eventually the elevator came and soon they were in the car. 
Some rain had just started and was creating dribbles of 
water down the windshield. Suddenly the radio crackled into 
life and Tina answered. After a brief conversation which 
finished with her saying "We're on it," Tina then explained to 
Scott what she had just been told.

"County Police just found a car in some woods some 50 
miles from here. The license plate matches that registered to 
our missing Carolyn Dawson. The car's been locked with the 
key and there's no sign of struggle. What do you reckon?"

"I think our psycho's just got another victim. But this time 
we may be in time. Listen I'll go door to door here, see if 
anyone saw anything. Meet you back in say an hour?"

"I hope your wrong about this one," Tina said.

Carolyn pushed herself back into the wall, as though she 
could somehow go through it like a ghost. The mailman came 
closer with the knife and stared at her with those unearthly 
blue eyes. Carolyn stopped struggling and let him come 

Cut by cut he sliced off part of her hair leaving a short crop 
behind. Carolyn relaxed.  All she had to do was sit still and 
everything would be all right.

An hour later Scott and Tina met up again at the foyer. The 
rain had slowed and the sun was starting to shine. Tina 
looked excited as she saw Scott walking towards her.

"Get anything?" he questioned.

"Yep. An elderly lady living at number 243 saw Carolyn 
getting into her car at about 7:30. Apparently she makes a 
hobby of watching people from her window. Bored I guess."

"Was anyone with Carolyn?"

"Nope. But the strange thing is that she wasn't carrying any 
bags with her. She just walked up to the car and got in, 
oblivious to the world around her."

"Hmm Anything else?"

"Yep the lady remembers seeing the mailman walk in the 
building. She thought it strange because it wasn't her usual 
mailman and that he was a hour or so earlier than normal."

Scott looked excited. "She get a look at him?"

"Not really apart from that he was quite short about 5'6 and 
overweight. He was wearing an official uniform and left 
about 10 minutes before Carolyn." 

"Right. At last a break. I'll phone this through and we'll get 
down to the post office and see who matches that 

Some hours later the lead that had looked so hopeful had 
died. The only people matching that description had 
watertight alibis and the post office confirmed that the usual 
mailman was due at the usual time of 8:40.

The only witness had been picked up and in spite of the 
latest in digital identikit imaging she could not produce a 
consistent likeness.

Scott sat at his desk, his head in his hands. If he didn't find 
Carolyn Dawson soon then, well that would be it.

Tina walked over to him and tried to cheer him up but quite 
frankly he wasn't in the mood.

"I really thought we had something. Unless we can get a 
clear picture of him then we've nothing to go on. In four 
maybe five days it'll all be over. Victim number 11," Scott 
said bitterly.

In all the months that they had been working the case Tina 
hadn't seen Scott like this. Sure he got depressed whenever 
another body turned up, they all did. But this was the first 
time she'd actually seen him defeated.

"Hey it's not over yet. Four or Five days is loads of time. 
Lets see what turns up at her car," Tina said.

"I already know. They found nothing, no footprints leading 
away from the car. Nobody saw her get into another car. 
The only thing they found was her scarf laying on the back 
seat. She just vanished."

"Come on Scott get a grip. We'll get the bastard," Tina 
replied. In some ways however she agreed with him, it was 
looking hopeless.


Carolyn sat perfectly still while the mailman finished shaving 
her head. Locks of her black hair surrounded her, but 
somehow she didn't seem to mind. 

Her spirits fell when the mailman went away. Suddenly her 
mind became clear and terror returned. Shivering with fear 
she tried to call out for help again but her gag held firm. Her 
head felt cold and light and in a sudden flash back she 
remembered the mailman shaving her head. Another muted 
scream met this image and she tried to struggle once more 
but to no avail.

The mailman walks in, his shadowy form creating 
threatening shapes on the floor. Carolyn freezes in horror as 
he transfixes her with his blue eyes. The mailman cuts the 
bonds on her legs and Carloyn willingly spreads them wide.

The mailman slowly unbuttons his jeans, exposing his erect 
dick. Carolyn smiles, her gaze still locked onto his blue eyes.


David Hawkins woke up screaming, the images in his head 
still burning themselves in his brain. A man, a small man 
standing over a terrified but strangely submissive, shaven 
headed woman. The man kneels down, about to thrust his 
erect dick into her pussy. A name screams out into his mind, 
Carolyn, then a flash of light and the vision had gone.  

David was used to using his 'gift' to help those in need but 
never had a vision come to him so vividly and unprompted. 
Still shaking he stumbled into the kitchen and poured himself 
a glass of water. 

Please Mail with your comments, requests for 
missing sections etc etc.

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