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Subject: How I became a sex slave
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Here is a story I wrote a while ago, I hope everybody likes it.

                              A Slaves Story

     It all started when I was fourteen.  I was not your typical kid at
that age, girls really didn't turn me on, and, I had never though about

     I had lived five miles from my junior high-school, so I had to rely a
lot on the local public transportation system, which was slow and to often
infrequent for the bus I needed to get home, so I hitch-hiked a lot.

     I had been used to taking rides from strangers by the time I had been
picked up by Terry.  Terry was a man in his mid thirties, business-man
looking with suit and tie, fancy car, and not a bad looking guy. He had
picked me up near the school where I hitched almost every night in order to
get home,, started to drive off with me, and after about five minutes of
talking, put his hand on my crotch.  I was scared, I had no way of avoiding
him, he was bigger than I was, and I couldn't jump out of the car, the car
was moving, so I did nothing, I just let him play with my cock through my
jeans, I had no choice, I figured it was either that or risk getting killed
by jumping out.

     He had been kind and soft with his cock massaging, and, in no time I
was hard, and I started to feel even better, it felt good.

     The next night, he was there again, I wasn't sure whether or not I
should take a ride from him or not, but, I decided, why not, I liked the
way he made me and my cock feel. Well, this went on for a couple of weeks,
before he announced that tomorrow, he would take me to his place before
driving me home.  I had said "Yes" to him but deep down inside I was
scared, I didn't know what to expect the next day.

     I didn't get much sleep that night, I was fantasizing most of the
night wondering, what I can expect from him, would he hurt me, or would it
be the most beautiful, wonderful feeling I ever had.  Who knows?

     The next day, he was there again, waiting for me, and I got into the
car, smiled at him, and off we went to his house.  Once inside, after
removing my coat, he escorted me down the stairs to a fully furnished, 
lavish basement filled with a chesterfield, a love seat, some chairs 
and a pool table.

     We both sat down on the chesterfield and he immediately started to rub
my crotch through my jeans while he kissed me, with full tongue, the first
time I ever had been kissed with full tongue, and I practically melted in
his arms, the kiss felt great, his hands felt great, and my whole body felt
great because of it.  Without really noticing it, he had unbuttoned my
jeans, and started fiddling around for my cock, he took it out and started
to suck it.

     This lasted for a couple of weeks, it felt great, I always looked
forward to seeing him after school, then one afternoon, I started to head
downstairs, as I had done many times before, when he told me that we will
be going to the  bedroom instead.

     I followed him, and once inside, he turned to me, gave me a big,
wet, tongue filled kiss while his hands loosened and took off all my
clothes. After being nude, he lay me down on the bed, striped himself, and
jumped in.  He sucked and kissed me that day for almost an hour, I loved
it, and from Terry's reaction, he truly enjoyed himself too. After about an
hour, he asked me to make him cum by jerking his cock off. I had never seen
anyone cum before, so I naturally said yes. I watched in amazement, he shot
some nice white milky liquid from his cock as his eyes rolled in amazement.

     For the next month, I enjoyed myself immensely, getting sucked off,
kissing and fondling Terry the making him cum.  Finally, he said,  I want
you to suck my cock, and I immediately started to suck his cock vigorously,
and he pulled me off right away and started to cum, he asked me where I had
learned to suck a cock so well and I had told him that it was just from
watching him suck my 14 year old cock.

     Later that week, he  had told me that a friend of his had told him
that being fucked was the best feeling thing a man can ever feel, and that
I should fuck him, I at first was scared, but after some gentle kissing and
caressing I told Terry "Let's do it".  Terry told me to wait, while he left
the room and returned about 30 seconds later with some K-Y jelly and
immediately started to apply it to my hard cock. He rolled over on to his
knees and told me to put some of the K-Y jelly on the hole of his ass, then
fuck him.  Well being a virgin, I put my cock up his ass all the way right
away, and Terry naturally pulled away right away in pain and went away and
returned with a face cloth and towel shortly after.

     The subject of fucking never did come up again between us.  But one
day, he asked me if I would go away to his cottage for the weekend with
him.  I told him I would, if my father said it was ok.  We concocted a lie
where I would ask if I could go fishing with a friend from school and his
family, and Terry could pretend to be my friends father over the phone.

     That friday night, Terry picked me up at school, and away we went for
a whole weekend of pure magic and fun.

     Friday night started out as any other time I had spent with Terry, he
undressed me, we petted and fondled each other, he sucked my cock, and I
sucked his cock. But, tonight, he came in my mouth, it tasted warm and
salty, and great. I told him that I loved the taste of his creamy cum and
he told me that he should have cum earlier and more often.

     After a good night of nice petting, etc.., we fell asleep in each
other's arms.  When I woke up the next morning, Terry wasn't in bed with
me, but there was fifteen or so naked men standing around the bed, looking
at my nude uncovered body, some of them with hard-ons, some without.  Terry
was among the fifteen, and he leaned down, kissed me and told me to pick
one of these men.  I took my  time and looked carefully at each one of the
men. Looking at their faces,looking at their bodies and really looking good
at their cocks.  Some had small by firm cocks, some were already hard, and
from what I can see, were almost ready to cum, just from seeing my body,
and one that I remember best, had about a good fourteen inch cock that was
not yet hard.

     After about five minutes of looking over these guys, I picked the guy
with the fourteen inch cock, I had no idea why I was picking anyone, or for
what, but Terry had asked me to pick one, so I did.  All of the other guys
left the bedroom, and there he was, about 35 years old, jet black straight
hair, hairy chest, with this huge cock.  I never got his name, but he came
over, gave me a big kiss as he lay down beside me, and told me to jack him
off with my left hand and suck his nipple at the same time.  I was scared,
but I was also so fascinated with his cock, I did what he asked me to do.

     As I played with his cock, and sucked his nipple, he put his arm under
my head, and started to play with my nipples with both hands, this is a
sensation I had never felt before.  My free hand immediately went down to
my cock, as I began to masturbate myself. After about five minutes, my leg
muscles got tight, my toes pointed straight out, my breathing got erratic,
then suddenly, I came.  This guy, kissed me passionately, and then said "Is
this the first time you have ever cum", after I told him that it had been,
he slid down saying that it should be the sweetest tasting cum he had ever
had, and the he liked it clean from my stomach and chest.

     I had been exhausted and overwhelmed by this experience, when he told
me to suck his cock, I was in love with this guy, after all, no one had
ever made me cum before, so I would of done anything he had asked me to do. 
So I immediately started to suck this giant, beautiful cock of his, licking
the end of it with lust and joy, sliding it into my mouth and down to my
throat, savouring the taste of this cock, when he told me to get on my
hands and knees, he wanted to fuck my virgin ass.

     I immediately flipped over onto my hands and knees, as I was told.  He
grabbed a tube of K-Y Jelly from under the bed and spread a slab of it on
the hole of my ass, it felt cold, but turned me on nevertheless.  He placed
some more K-Y on his huge cock, and started to rub it in, then started to
put his cock slowly into my ass, with just the head of his cock in my ass
it hurt, but, I can manage that pain, as long as it didn't get any more
painful.  He slowly pulled a bit out, then in, just a bit more than he did
before, I yelled in pain, and pulled away from him.  He didn't look
surprised or angry, he told me that it always hurts the first time, and
that I should relax my ass more.  He then placed me once again on my hands
and knees, called in his friend John, John came in and knelt in front of my
face.  I was then told to suck John's cock, and really concentrate on his
cock fucking my mouth, and not to think of my ass being  fucked at the
time.  I did, John had an average size cock, but as he fucked my mouth, and
my dream man wit the huge cock, fucked my ass, John talked to me in ways
that made me more relaxed, and before long I could feel all of the cock in
my ass cumming.  The warm cum in my ass felt great, and my ass hurt, but
not that much, it felt great more than it hurt.

     My dream lover then left the room as John lay down beside me and
whispered that he wanted me to sit on his cock, as another man came into
the room.  I sat up, and gently sat down on his cock, while the other guy
stood up in front of me with his cock right in my face, I started sucking
his cock.

     By the end of that day, I had either sucked or fucked all fifteen or
so men, some came in my mouth, before they had the opportunity to fuck me,
and some fucked me in some positions that I though were physically
impossible to get in, but I did, and I felt great.

     Terry was the last man to come into my room, he had me drop to my
knees on the floor and suck his cock, when he was close to orgasm, he
escorted me back to the bed, lay me down on my back, lifted my ankles onto
his shoulder, then leaned over raising my butt up towards his oncoming
cock.  After fucking me for about twenty or so minutes, we fell asleep into
each other's arms.

     The next morning, Terry was not in bed with me, some other guy was, I
think I remembered him from the day before, but I wasn't sure.  He said
"Hello", and leaned over and kissed me in the way that made my cock reach
hardness right away. I then sucked his cock, then he said that he would like
to tie my hands up, before fucking me.  While he was fucking, he asked me
if I knew anything about the law. I had told him that I did while I was
panting heavily, then he asked me that if a person has a receipt for
something, does that mean that they own it.  After thinking about it, I
said "Yes", after all, it made sense to me.  He immediately pulled out of
my ass, left the bedroom and returned a few minutes later holding a piece 
of paper.  The paper said that I had been sold to Tony Franklyn for $10,000
by Terry.  Tony told me that he now owned me, and that I should call him
Master from now on, and do everything that he orders me to do.

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