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Subject: Maryanne's Confession 2/?
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Maryanne's Confession, 2/?

	In part one, Ed, the narrator, discovers that his girlfriend Maryanne 
is bisexual, and is infatuated with a woman. He later meets the woman 
when she is invited to diner a Maryanne's home. The meeting turns into a 
threesome with lots strap-ons and plenty of cum.

	Part Two.

	With not only Maryanne's confession, but now a three-way relationship 
out in the open, things began to change. Maryanne's infatuation with 
Kathryn became intense. Other than three-way fuck festivals, Ed never 
found himself in bed with Maryanne anymore. And while Kathryn had left 
her boyfriend, ostensibly to be with Maryanne, and to take part in the 
threesomes with me, she surprised me one afternoon with a proposal.
	I was spending some time at Maryanne's place, keeping her company while 
her mother was away, working a new job, but unable to afford moving. I 
even spent my days off there helping her with things like the dishes, 
laundry, and other household chores. She worked nine to five everyday, 
and arrived home promptly at 6:15 after the commute across town. On 
Tuesday nights she arrived home much later, as she went to the 
continuing education class at a local university--the class where she 
met Kathryn.
	One Tuesday in April, Maryanne called me at her place. My day off had 
happened to fall on her school day that week. She told me she was going 
to go out for a drink after class; the whole group was going, and she 
expected to arrive home much later, perhaps even quite drunk. It turns 
out it was the evening of their last class, and they were all looking 
forward to celebrating.
	I found nothing unusual about that. I asked if she would like me to 
meet her someplace to join them, but she rejected my offer. Now this was 
the unusual part. She usually accepted. On more than one occasion since 
I first met Kathryn, I had gone along knowing we might engage in one of 
our menage-a-trois. I let it go though, assuming this was a special 
event of some sort. Then Kathryn arrived at the door.
	"Hi Ed, I know Maryanne is at work, I'm here because I need to talk to 
	I let her in without hesitation. She looked up set, and frankly, being 
a bit flushed made her look very vulnerable, and very sexy--I tried to 
keep my cock from leaping to attention. I had yet to be with Kathryn as 
just a couple. Of course the thought had more than once crossed my mind. 
We sat together on the living room couch.
	"I have to tell you," she began, "Maryanne is cheating on us."
	I wasn't surprised.
	"There is another woman in class who she picked up a couple of weeks 
ago when you were unable to make it to the bar. She even shunned me that 
	"Wait," I began, "that was St. Patty's Day, right?"
	"Yes, I think it was. Why?"
	"She called me that night, said she was spending the night with you so 
I didn't expect her home."
	"She spent the night with her!" Kathryn looked heart-broken.
	"I'm sorry," I apoligized, "I had no idea that you were not part of the 
pick up."
	"I was supposed to be, but we were not sure which woman would accept 
our advances--we had picked two--and this one was only interested in 
	"Well that's her loss. The truth is, given the choice I would take you 
over Maryanne any day." I wasn't even lying. If I were going on looks 
alone Kathryn would win, and, well, she had a hell of a lot more to 
offer in the personality department too. Being a bonehead guy though, 
one who liked the threesomes, I was not ready to leave Maryanne and 
perhaps lose both women.
	"Oh Ed." She hugged me.
	Just her touch was all it took. My penis became instantly engorged. I 
tried to back away before Kathryn could notice, but couldn't.
	"A little excited now are you Ed?"
	"I'm sorry," I mumbled, "I really tried to keep it down."
	A wry smile crossed her face. "You know Ed, we have done a fair bit of 
fucking these last couple of months, but never without Maryanne. What do 
you say we fuck all afternoon. I know Maryanne does not come home 
between work and class. We could have a fine time."
	I was a bit shocked, but a bit happy too. I had wanted her from the 
moment she arrived at the door, but was not sure how to ask her. Like I 
said, we had never done anything without Maryanne.
	"What will Maryanne think?" I asked.
	"That's the fun part Ed, we aren't going to tell her. In fact, lets 
have a raging affair without telling her a thing. Afterall, we agreed 
that she and I could do anyone as long as we stayed together, and you 
agreed only to 'cheat' at those parties (another chapter). If she can 
cheat on the 'rules' then so can we."
	I could only agree.
	"No more talk Ed... just fuck me," and she began to unbutton her shirt 
as I leaned forward to kiss her.
	Kissing had not been a big part of our repetoire. Sure Maryanne and I 
used to kiss a lot before we started inviting Kathryn to join us in bed, 
but I almost never kissed Kathryn.
	My lips were in heaven. Hers were soft and plump. Much more pleasant to 
lock with than Maryanne's. Her tongue adventured into my mouth where it 
met mine. As our tongues danced, my cock became increasinlgy hard, 
increasingly horny for Kathryn's snatch.
	We paused for a moment, tacitly agreeing that the fast road to nudity 
was the best this first time--we could feel a large amount of sexual 
desire that needed no hold ups.
	As her panties hit the floor, I reached down to find her pussy dripping 
with love juice. I had tasted her before, and loved it everytime. 
Licking my wet fingers, I suggested "you have one sweet-tasting cunt 
Kathryn; one sweet tasting cunt indeed."
	She blushed a bit, but retorted "and I know it, grabbing my hand and 
licking my middle finger, taking it in her mouth like a small cock, 
giving it 'head.' I was further turned on, picked her up.
	As I headed for Maryanne's bedroom, Kathryn said no.
	"Not in there, not yet. Take me to the kitchen and eat my cunt while I 
lay on the table."
	I could but only follow her wishes.
	I laid her down on the table, and fetched a towel to catch and dripping 
cunt juice that might serve as evidence--the towel I would put in with 
the wash later, erasing the scent.
	Returning to the kitchen, I found Kathryn with her fingers deep in her 
love tunnel, and her thumb massaging her clit.
	"I couldn't wait," she grinned.
	As I lifted her ass of the table to place the towel, I gave it a quick 
slap. She grinned.
	Pushing her hand back from her box, I knelt down and began licking her 
with passion. First her moist, swollen lips; occasionally sliding down 
to her rosebud, licking her anus which drove her crazy. As did the lack 
of attention I gave her clit.
	"Come on Ed, suck my clit... suck it please." She begged.
	Complying, I also slid three fingers into her, whilst leaving my thumb 
avaiable to teas her asshole.
	"Ohhhhhh Eh-dddddd. I'm goooooo-ing to cuuuuuum Eh-ddddd."
	We may not have been found out by Maryanne that moment, but surely the 
neighbours knew I was getting a piece of action that afternoon. Kathryn 
had never been so noisy when Maryanne was with us. 
	I continued to finger fuck her as the waves of orgasm subsided. Her 
juicy cunt overflowing, and lubricating my thumb enough for it to slide 
in her anus. She moaned with approval as I began to thumb-fuck her ass.
	Her hands massaged her breasts and her ass cheeks. Man was she turning 
me on. My cock nearly burst with cum when she again began to finger her 
snatch, adding two fingers to my three in her pussy.
	Moments later another orgasm washed over her, and was again met by 
screams of delight. "Oh YES! ED! ED YES! Ohmigod ED!" And I had thought 
women only screamed like that in porn-movie over dubs. Kathryn was a 
live wire alright, and I intended to fulfill her wishes when she began 
to beg me: "fuck me Ed! Fuck me long and hard! Fuck my cunt and fuck my 
ass! Fill me up with Cum!" By now I was sure the neighbours knew I 
wasn't fucking Maryanne. She made noises from time to time, and we 
rattled some furniture once in a while, but this was more noise than we 
had made the whole time we had been sexual.
	"Take me to her bed and FUCK ME!"
	Still not in the mood to disagree with Kathryn, I swept her up, and 
carried her to the bedroom, making sure my throbbing cockhead managed to 
tease her anus as I walked.
	Once on the bed, she knelt, waiting to take it from behind, and I 
wasted no time. I rammed my cock into her moist, inviting pussy. I had 
to keep from cumming right then, her cunt so hot, my cock so horney 
after eating her out.
	Before long, she came and came hard. Again screaming like it may have 
been the best orgasm of her life. I pulled out and began to work my damp 
cock into her willing asshole. Already warmed up by my thumb, it offered 
no resistance as I began, at first slowly, to pump her ass. As I picked 
up the pace, I knew it would be no marathon before this load erupted.
	"Oh... oh Kathryn... I'm gonna cum!"
	She quickly pulled off, not letting me blow it in her ass this time. 
Turning around, she took my cock into her mouth, as deeply as it could 
go. Up and down she pumped, working my balls with one hand and the shaft 
with the other.
	When she felt my head swell, about to dump its load down her throat, 
she again pulled back and began beating me off furiously.
	"Cum on my face Ed! Paint me with jism!" She ordered, as she slid two 
fingers past my balls and onto my anus.
	That was all it took. Ropes of thick gooey cum leapt out from the end 
of my cock, clinging to her cheeks, her lips, and dangling from her 
	"Wow!" was all I could say. We both collapsed to the bed.
	"Look at the time Ed, we still have time for at least one more," 
Kathryn pointed out, as she sat up and grabbed my cock before taking it 
back into her warm mouth... raising the tired but not dead soldier.

*	*	*

	When Kathryn left later that afternoon, both of us thoroughly pleased 
with the fucking we had given each other, she reminded me she would be 
calling, and we would watch Maryanne try to pick up again.
	As I closed the door behind her I felt a stirring in my pants...


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