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Cyber Sex ..... by

If your not of age don't read this!

slave teri has found a new love, Hot 'n Nasty, a 27 year old Latino from 
Mexico, she has long raven hair, and is quite a hot 'n nasty lady!

it seems Mistress Laura, turned out to be Dickless Dan Roberts the 
pudden pounder, just like a man to pose as a woman, when he's insecure 
about his sexuality!

hope you enjoy the emails, i've enjoyed sending them! 

Your comments are always welcome.

slave teri
Hot & Nasty

	i am here for you, ...... the room is dark, the music loud, Pink Floyd 
i think, the rythem is very sexual, and you are naked, standing over my 
tethered form.
	the candle light glissens off your raven hair, but your dark eyes seem 
to absorb the light, as if they are thirsty, for its energy,  ...... and 
for me!

	i wish not to look upon you, for i am not worthy to partake of such 
beauty, but my eyes have a mind of their own, and i am drawn in under 
your spell!

	they feast upon your glorious being, taking it all in, the raven mane, 
cast carelessly over your shoulder, to trail down your muscular back, to 
nestle at your ass cheeks, as if to pay homage, (ohhhh if it were only 
my tongue), your proud breasts, so perfect, in form and size, your 
nipples (which by their very perfection demand attention), standing so 
proudly, amidst the darker aereol, the flat, highly muscled stomach, 
(youve worked very hard im sure to attain such tone), to your glorious 
pubic bush, darker than your mane, if that can possibly be, a glistening 
drop of your dew at the very far reaches reflects the flickering candle 
light, down down they travel, the supple hips, the majestic thighs, 
calves that any woman would die for, to beautiful ankles, and feet, 
adorned with 4 pumps, your only compliment, god you are breath-taking 
as you stand before me, ready to have your way, and i will give myself 
to you freely, if only  you will allow it! 

								slave teri

Hot & Nasty

	you raise your supple leg, and turn about, presenting me with a view of 
your treasure, before you lower yourself to my eager mouth.

	your scent fills my nostrels, intoxicating, i can not get enough, i 
thank god for your generosity as you present yourself to my lips!

	you are soooo wet, and hot beyond belief, you torch my tongue as i 
taste your sweet nectar, but burn me more PLEASE, my soul demands!

	your buttocks find a happy resting place over my eyes, casting me into 
total darkness, but you have favored me with your most exquisite prize, 
my head reels with joy!

	my wet and hungry member, laps at your delight, penetrating your outter 
lips, to seek the guardian of your gate, pays homage to this brave soul 
and penetrates further, hoping to be lost in you forever.

	you grind your pelvis with a rythem to the music, MONEY i think, though 
no money shall change hands here, for i would gladly give all i posess 
for what you give me freely!

	as the cords strike their spine chilling notes, i shutter along with 
your first orgasm, it has come so quickly, your fluids leak from you 
like a burst dam!

						slave teri

Hot & Nasty

	my hands now venture from their resting place, to caress your supple 
thighs, your hips, the contours of your rib cage, seeking your most 
desireable orbs.

	they are greeted with a welcome warmth, too delightful to describe, as 
if you have beckoned them there, you grant me such pleasure!
	your nipples are rock hard, and electric to the touch, i swear, if i 
could see i would witness charges being exchanged between our touching 
parts. my nimble fingers caress your bullets, eliciting grooooaaaans of 
pleasure from your lips!

	my tongue keeps rhythm with you and the music, delving ever deeper into 
your tunnel of love, your fluids continue to flow down my eager throat!

	i am in a state of total bliss!!

	my body is wracked with multiple orgasms as you continue to ride me, 
heaven should be like this, for god is truely a woman and knows the true 
joy we are capable of sharing!

						slave teri

						have i pleased you????

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