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                               Man  MUST  Molest  to  be  Happy !

         Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be sodomized?  Well, I
don’t wonder about it anymore, because yesterday it happened to me. 
Here’s what happened:  I was standing in my apartment.  I was staring at
Brooke.  She’s a model in Tight magazine.  Her picture is hanging on my
wall, because I’m in love with her.
         “Brooke!” I cried.  “If you love me, please give me a sign!”  
         I waited.  Nothing happened.  Finally, upset and distressed, I
sat down.  Abruptly.  Unfortunately, I’d been moving stuff around in my
apartment, and my portable phone was sitting upright in my chair.  
         I wasn’t wearing any pants.  (Don’t ask why.)  Guess where my
portable phone went?
         That’s right.  It went right up me, where the sun never
shines.  Then something worse happened.  The phone started ringing.  In
my ass.
         At the same time, my doorbell rang.  What do you do when you’ve
got no pants on, someone’s banging on your door, and a phone is ringing
in your ass?  
         Finally, the person at the door went away, and I got that damn
phone out of my ass.
         “Hello?” I asked.  I hoped it was Brooke, but in fact it was
just some guy.  He started talking as soon as he heard my voice.  Here’s
what he said:
         “Hello?  Holy joe?  I’m 37-years-old.  I’ve never had a
girlfriend.  I’ve never even held hands with a girl.  What should I do? 
I don’t want to get stuck with some guy’s used girlfriend, or with
somebody’s ex-wife.”
         “Wow,” I said.  “It sounds like you’re marooned in the middle
of 1990’s feminist America.”
         “Yes!” he cried.  “Can you help me?”
         “I don’t think so,” I said.  “But I did just get Playboy in the
mail.  The August 1998 issue.  Perhaps there’s an article in there that
can help you.”
         “I doubt it,” he said.  “They assume all us guys are sexually
experienced.  Like, you know, they’ll ask a girl on the Playmate Data
Sheet about sex.  But I don’t want a girl who’s had sex, since I’ve
never had sex.”
         “Absolutely!” I agreed.  “I see your point exactly.  But let’s
give Playboy a try, shall we?  It’s the best I can offer.”
         “Okay,” the guy on the phone said.
         I opened the new Playboy at random.  As I did, I prayed to
Brooke, on my wall, for help.  You wouldn’t believe what happened.  My
prayers were answered!
         “Here’s some help for you,” I said to my friend on the phone. 
“It’s an article about the female cunt, by Asa Baber, on page 30.”
         “What does it say?” the guy on the phone asked.
         “Well, let me read a little of it to you,” I told him.  “Here

         “We remember, in exquisite detail, each stroke and taste and
touch and smell of quim, from our earliest experiences with it to time

         “Quim?” my friend on the phone asked.
         “It means cunt,” I told him.  “Now, as I see it, you need a
girl who is on the same level as you,” I said.
         “Exactly,” he replied.  “Does that mean I should like girls who
are 18?  I know that’s younger than I am but...”
         “No!  No!” I said.  “That’s way too old!  We both agreed you
need a girl who’s on the same level as you.  Since you’ve never done
anything, you need a girl who’s never done anything.”
         “What age is that?” the guy on the phone asked.
         “Eleven, at the oldest, according to Asa Baber,” I answered.
         “Eleven?” the guy on the phone said.
         “Yes,” I said.  “Let me read you some more of Asa’s article. 
He gives out Oscars to the best cunts he’s ever known:”

         “An Oscar to Jenny, a tan and compact nymph in Florida.  [She]
used to sneak out to the boat dock with me in the evenings for necking
and experimentation.  We were 11-years-old.”

         “Wow.  Lucky for Asa he was 11,” my friend on the phone said.
         “Never mind Asa,” I told him.  “It’s the girl we’re interested
in.  She got started at 11, so you don’t want anyone older than that, or
you’ll be getting somebody else’s used up, ex-girlfriend.”
         “You’re right!” my friend on the phone agreed.  “So, let’s
assume I meet an 11-year-old girl and ‘molest,’ ‘rape,’ etc. her.”
         “In other words you both have fun together and learn about
sex?” I asked.
         “Whatever we both feel comfortable doing,” he answered.  “Let’s
say that happens.  What next?  Should I start dating 37-year-old women
         “No!  No!” I said.  “When you and the 11-year-old have wrapped
up your business, it’s time to move on to the next level.”
         “What’s that?” he asked.
         “Junior high girls,” I said.
         “Junior high?!” he cried.  “Are you just trying to stick me
with flat-chested lovers?”
         “Not at all,” I said.  “Listen to Asa:”

         “For the... Broad in Junior High who Had the Most Bounteous
Chest on Chicago’s South Side:  An Oscar to Marilyn, queen of my

         “Hmmm, sounds like a Dreamgirl,” the guy on the phone said.
         “Yes, and listen what this junior high girl did to Asa,” I
said, reading more:

         “[She would] smother me in her ginger-spice flesh.  With her
breasts covering my ears... [she made me] so infatuated with her
cleavage that I couldn’t think straight.”

         “It sounds to me like the girl didn’t need any protection, but
Asa sure did!” my friend on the phone said.  “So, let’s say I make it
with a girl in junior high.  Should I start dating 37-year-old women
         “Nope,” I replied.  “Next you must learn about bondage, with a
high school girl!”
         “Yikes!” he said.
         “Be quiet and listen,” I told him.  I read on:

         “Some Girls Like to Be Spanked:  A golden Oscar to Jensen, a
dark, thin, vibrant beauty who stopped me suddenly one summer evening as
we were walking out of a movie, pulled me into an alley and said,
without warning, ‘Slap me.  Slap me hard.’  ...After some protestation,
I gave her a gentle slap on her face.  ‘Harder,’ she said.  I could not
do that, so she turned around, raised her skirt, stuck out her butt and
said, ‘OK, then spank me.’  I managed to do that without much
hesitation, and, OK, I admit it:  I really enjoyed it!”

         “Wow!” my friend said.  “You’ve really got an agenda lined up
for me.  Molesting 11-year-olds, sucking the tits of junior high girls,
and playing bondage games with high school girls, where I’m the master
and she’s the slave!”
         “Yep,” I said.  “But it’s all normal, part of everyday
America.  Sure, you’re older than they are, but since you’re as innocent
as they are, you won’t get any cross words from me.”
         “I just hope I don’t run into any feminists, or flakey people
who think I’m doing something wrong,” the guy on the phone said.
         “I can only give you advice, based on my research,” I told him.
         “Well, I’m off then!” he said.  “Wish me luck!”
         “Good luck!” I said.

                                      Andrew Roller Presents
                                              FUCK DECENCY

                                      NAKED girls and more at:

                                              Issue No. 385

                                   Naughty Naked Dreamgirls in 
                                            Passion’s Playpen

                                               Chapter Four

         The man flung off his chains as soon as he was able.  Ignoring
Marie, his antagonist, entirely, he ran to where Kate and Cindy were
bound.  Like a dog in heat, he positioned himself behind Kate and
attempted her bottom.           Kate screamed.  The gag helpfully
muffled her cry, leaving the man to do as he wished with her.  But in
his eagerness he found he couldn’t get himself into her tight ass.  So,
readjusting himself, he thrust quickly and vigorously into her cunt.  
         Kate yelped at the rudeness of his entry.  The man, who she
could barely see and who was much bigger than her, held her tightly by
her hips.  He penetrated her hard with his cock.  He ignored her
pleadings as he rubbed his hairy crotch and belly against her wounded
red bottom.  
         He did not last long.  He jetted into her and held himself
tightly against her.  Afterward he let himself enjoy a moment of post
coital bliss.  As he softened inside her he kissed her face profusely. 
Then he withdrew.
         The man grabbed a pink towel off the shelf near the girls and
rapidly dried his loins with it.  
         “You are one Hell of a woman,” he said to Marie.  His voice was
gruff, respectful.  Bogart lingered near her, to protect her if needed.
         “I hope you’re not too angry with me,” Marie said.
         “I’d have killed you this morning, but now I just want to get
the fuck out of here!” the man said.  “But if I ever meet a friend who
complains he’s bored by sex, I’ll send him to you.”
         “Don’t recommend him unless he looks as good as you do,” Marie
smiled.  “I only tie up my favorite men in my barn.”
         “I’ll keep that in mind,” the man said.  He tossed the pink
towel onto the floor.  “Mind if I go?  I value my dick.”
         “Please cum again,” Marie teased.
         “You’re a sick, insane woman, and you should be locked up.  But
God knows I’ll probably be back, idiot that I am,” the man said.  “By
the way that girl’s cunt was delicious.”  
         And with that back-handed compliment to poor Kate, the man
hustled himself out of the barn.  Five were left.  Their cocks wiggled
insanely, begging for whatever attention Marie chose to give them.  She
might have proposed shortening them with her knives, and if it meant
being caressed by her hands they probably would have accepted.  Marie
went to the second man and began lubing him up for his duties.
         The morning passed with each girl receiving three penises. 
Some preferred Kate, one managing to get into her bottom.  The rest
preferred Cindy, two marvelling at the fact that they were fucking a
female who was already pregnant.  Each man who fucked Cindy wanted to
take her in her cunt.  They seemed inspired by the prospect of getting
‘two for one,’ fucking both her and her growing baby.
         Kate’s lover was the last to be released.  He fucked Kate hard
in her cunt.  His passage was eased remarkably by the boatloads of jism
already pumped into her by the first man.  As he banged away inside her
cunt he could feel not only the cum left by the first man, but also the
cum that was leaking out of Kate’s bottomhole from the second man’s
         Marie monitored Kate’s rising orgasm closely as her lover
plumbed her.  She was looking for a point at which to pop off Kate’s
nipple clamps.  Just as Kate reached her peak, one of many that morning,
this last given her by her lover, Marie sprung the clamps from her
         Kate’s nipples screamed.  They had been separated from the rest
of her, caught between the tiny gripping jaw-like mouths of the clamps,
yet now they were returned to her, the full measure of her pulsing blood
rushing into them and making them howl.  Kate keened into a second and
third orgasm as her nipples whined out in pain.  They were so very
sensitive, and now Marie, wickedly, passed a fingertip over them to
remind them of how free they were after being tightly held within the
clamps.  Each brushing touch seemed to fling Kate’s nipples into new
spasms of feeling.  They were alive, too alive, and she was achingly,
spasmingly aware of them.  She had been a girl once, wearing a neat
white training bra, and then ever larger bras, but now she was a naked
banshee curdling with lust and strange, awkward pains, in her tits and
in her bottom and, deeply felt, in her yearning cunt, forced yawningly
wide by her lover’s indriving penis.
         When both girls were quite exhausted and well-fucked, Marie
ordered them to be set free.  Kate collapsed into her lover’s arms. 
Cindy was caught by a second man.  He’d been the second-to-last to have
her.  The other four men had left the barn as soon as they’d cum.
         “Well, let’s go inside then.  It’s rather chilly out here,”
Marie said.  She sounded as chipper as if they’d just finished some
party for children, where no one got laid or punished.  It was, indeed,
no later than noon.  Marie led them back inside the house.  Bogart
stayed behind in the barn to clean up.  
         Trent took Kate upstairs to his bed.  She did not want to go
back to the bed made of furs.  It was too strange, too erotic.  He
placed her face down in the bed he’d slept in the previous night, while
she awaited her first taste of the crop on her fanny.  Tenderly he
spread her out on his bed.  The sheets were fresh, changed by Bess. 
There, where he’d spent the night entertaining two other young ladies,
and whipped a man’s wife earlier in the evening, he devoted himself just
to Kate.  He put lotion on her bottom and kissed her endlessly.  She
moaned under his touch.  She put her hands beneath her and masturbated
for him as he soothed her.  Later, after Bess brought them refreshments,
he grew hard again.  He took her savagely, upon the bed, venting his
frustration at being tied up by pounding her cunt.  Bess entered while
he was fucking her, to pick up their tray.  He did not stop for her.  He
kept fucking Kate, making her scream with his passion.  In another room,
though Kate didn’t know who was doing it to her, Kate heard Cindy cry

                                            by Lisa Scarboro

           Living in someone else’s shadow
           can be such a tiresome thing.
           No matter how I try to shine,
           somehow I’m never seen.
           I joke about invisibility
           to hide how I really feel
           about being second best, second fiddle,
           second choice in everything.
           No matter the circumstances,
           it always seems to be,
           whoever else is available,
           is preferable over me.
           Just don’t judge me over-harshly,
           for feeling like I do,
           maybe you’d feel the same as me,
           if you took a few steps in my shoes.

                                             AND IN THE END...

                                    ROCK N’ ROLL GRADE SCHOOL

         “Ryan, an 11-year-old girl, intently watches a scene from one
of her favorite TV dramas, Dawson’s Creek.  She listens as the character
Jen, who lost her virginity at 12...”

- TIME, June 15, 1998, page 55.

         “There’s this girl I know, she’s nine years old... she’s had
sex.  She even has bigger boobs than my mom!”

- TIME, June 15, 1998, page 56.

         “She claims to know 11-year-old girls ‘from good families’ who
work as prostitutes.”

- The Economist, June 13, 1998, pg. 35.

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