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Terry (3/4)
Edward Bangor

Story Code/s: m/b f/b b/b TV bond spank NC

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This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys of various
ages and/or men and boys. If this is not to your tastes, please leave now
(unless you want to be educated and have an open mind that is!)

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The story is fiction. Any resemblance to any individual, alive or dead,
isn't intended but is a nice idea...

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by Edward Bangor

Chapter 14: Home Comforts

One morning, a few days after returning from the woods Terry heard a noise
in his mother's room and, uncertainly, he crawled out of bed. Walking across
the landing he heard the living room door close. Shrugging now, that the
strange noises had ended and all seemed to have returned to normal, he
turned to find his mother's bedroom door open.  Not only that but, laying
upon the floor right next to the bed was the very thing he'd asked for his
next birthday. Forgetting that this room was usually out-of-bounds to him,
Terry entered and began to examine the treasure he'd discovered. So,
oblivious to the world was the thirteen-year-old that he didn't even hear
someone joining him.
 "And what do you think you are doing?"
 Sally toward over him in the darkened doorway, he face still flushed from
the icy wind that had blown up on her journey over from her own house,
"Hasn't you mother warned you about coming in here and messing with her
 "But, I wasn't..." the boy started to say until he realised what he had
thought to be a bedspread was, in fact, an heavily frilled party dress. In
his size!
 "You must learn to do what you're told boy." the teenage girl threatened,
coming into the room.
 "Please!" he whined, "don't tell her."
 Sally, naturally, ignored his please and locked the door. Without a word
she crossed the maternal bedroom and entered the en-suite section. from
where, soon could be heard the sounds of a tub being filled. Terry, waiting
nervously,  was treated to nostrils full of a rose spell that sent a cold
chill up his back. Realising that he'd been tricked into falling into the
girl's trap, he resolved to defend himself in the way he should have done
weeks earlier. Of course Sally wasn't idol and when she emerged from the
bathroom to find her change standing defiantly in the middle of the room,
armed worth a broom, she was ready.
 "You'd better undress and prepare yourself for your punishment." she said
coldly, "like a good little girl!"
 He winced at the final word, hardening his resolve further, "You're not
going to dress me like a girl!"
 "Of course I am," she promised, moving closer, "I always do what I say I
will. You should know that by now, if nothing else."
 Undaunted, Terry swung the broom, striking her a lucky blow in the shins.
Sally's surprise at being hit caused her to bring out the hand she'd
previously hidden behind her back and show the damp bath towel she held. A
second later, in a lightening gesture this towel snapped out at the boy,
flicking the broom clean out of his hand. Terry ran to rearm himself only to
feel the sting of the towel as Terry lashed his ankles and brought him
crashing to the floor in a heap. On his hands and knees he tried to get up
again but the towel lashed up his back, tearing his jacket halfway off.
 In the girl's hands the towel no longer snapped like it had at Terry's
previous school in the gym. Instead it unfurled itself like a great soggy
pillow across his back.  And,  fearful of being spanked with it, Terry
rolled onto his back only to receive such a powerful blow to his belly that
he doubled up in pain, the wind knocked right out of him.
 Before he could cover from this the hardened end of the towel slashed down
between his legs dragging his pyjama trousers with it, until he was, once
more, naked in front of the girl.
 In disbelief he rolled onto his stomach to protect his more sensitive parts
knowing what this would bring his way and, sure enough, Sally, slashed him,
again, and again, across his unprotected rear until even the slightest sign
of resistance had been beaten from him.
 Reaching down Sally griped the young boy by the hair and lifted his head
until he looked directly at her with tear blurred eyes, "Will you obey me
 "Y-yes!" he stammered.
 "Good," she released him, "Now clear up this mess."
 Tearfully, Terry submitted to the humiliation of wiping the mess up with
his own pyjamas. Then, he followed her, meekly into the bath room.
 "Get into the bath, girl" Sally taunted, taking the boy's pyjamas from him
and throwing them into the bin.
 After a sharp spank had been delivered to his rear, Terry jumped into the
now tepid water and, after the shock of the chilled water, had passed, he
accepted the pink soap he was offered and began to wash himself.
 When he had finished to her  satisfaction  she forced him to stand and,
still in the tub, she covered his body in a towel heavy enough to prevent
him from moving while she used a home perm kit to set his longish hair into
tight rollers.
 As quickly as it had appeared the sanctuary of the towel was removed and
Terry was forced to cover himself with his hands once more as he was lead to
his mother's dressing table. There, she sat the boy on the small stool and
began to thin out his eyebrows before applying eye lashes to give them
feminine lift and curl.
 All the while poor Terry watched the face staring back at him from the
mirror with it's hair in pink curlers and neatly arched eyebrows. Slowly
tears began to fill his eyes once more as Sally turned her attention to his
fingernails upon which a fairly professional manicure and pedicure was
 "Your nails are wet," she warned him, "so don't move while Terry sort out
your pretty little dress!"
 Placing the selection of clothes on the bed she informed him he was to
dress himself in order that he should become familiar with the garments of
his punishment. All the boy could do was agree to describe each item as it
was held up for him.
 "Ankle socks." he said first, "They are pink and traced with lace." He put
them on.
 "Panties," she corrected, "a girl's underclothes are called panties. Say
 "My panties..." he choked with embarrassment, "My panties are pink with an
elastic waistband. They have white lace at the back to match around the
legs." He could say no more as with twin submissive hands he pulled on the
soft glossy smooth satin panties and felt the coolness over his bottom and
loins of the feminine dress.
 "It's a petticoat," Sally brushed the layers of ruffles net lace, pleased
by his lack of recognition, "they'll lift your skirt up in a ruffle of
 Putting this on, Terry became worried the shortness of the petticoat didn't
cover his panties. Hopefully the next item would do better. He began his
description, "My dress is pink with white sash around the waist that..."
 "... will be right above your bottom as if you could fly away!" laughed
 Terry didn't say anything about it, but offered his hands up to slip
through the offered holes. He continued with describing his shoes as Sally
straightened the back of his dress and fastened him into it.
 "My shoe as are pink and have little straps." he bent quickly to fasten
them, noticing in the mirror how his panties peeped out from under his skirt
as it flared out behind him.
 Then, with his hair net removed, his hair brushed, and a bow to match the
dress fixed into his new curls, Terry was turned to face the mirror and told
to describe what he saw.
 "I see," he said, his voice cracking, "I see a girl!"
 Sally whooped with joy, "yes, you see a girl and, all day today, that is
what you are going to see. You shall walk, talk, eat, and sleep as a girl
until you learn to do as you're told. And, each time you fail to do
something as a girl, you will live another day like a girl does.
 "Yes Miss." he said, "but I'm not a girl. I don't know what a girl does."
 "Then you will learn."
 And for the rest of the morning that is exactly what Terry Diamond did.
Slowly, but surely Sally led him through the steps. Showing him how to
curtsy correctly, and to walk with an overly feminine swing to his hips. He
sat only after brushing his skirts out from beneath his bottom. She dropped
a hankie in front of the mirror and told him to pick it up, which he did -
as only a boy could.
 "Freeze!" she ordered before he could straighten up, "Look at yourself in
the mirror!"
 Obeying her commands he saw, reflected, beneath layers of his petticoat,
the smooth satin of his pantied bottom.
 "Now you can see," Sally said, spanking the boy's knickers, "why you must
learn to do what I've told you. Watch!"
 Remaining bent over, feeling the soreness of her sadism, Terry watched as
she bent at the knees and retrieved the object under discussion. Then, it
was his go and, this time, he did it correctly. So correctly, Sally
suggested that they showed Mrs. Diamond the new tricks her only son had
learned when she returned.

Chapter 15: Cowboys & Cowboys

It would be nearly a week before Terry was able to leave the house and the
clutches of the girl with her own individual ideas about punishment. More
importantly, it was also the first time he was able to wear his own clothes
even if it was his gym kit. Still, Sally had been insistent that he get some
fresh air and exercise and Terry certainly wasn't going to disobey her.
 He found the apprentice Indian in the exact spot he expected to which,
thankfully enough, also happened to be the direction Sally had pushed him
 "Hi," Terry said casually not sure how the eleven-year-old would react
after their last meeting. "What you doing?"
 "Just playing," Donny said, "I'm trying to mix some paint with flowers and
stuff but, it ain't working right!"
 Venturing closer Terry could see the other boy's handiwork across the side
of broken down wooden fence. The surface covered in a criss-cross of streaks
and blobs of various shades of mud and filth. Some of which had also been
smeared onto Donny's body to emphasis his crude attempt at war-paint.
 "Anyway," Donny got up, casting his attempts aside, "now you're here Terry
can play properly."
 "Properly?" the newcomer questioned.
 "Yeah 'Indians' and stuff. Do you want to chase me first or shall Terry do
 "Well," Terry said diplomatically, "Seeing as Terry did you last time how
about you chase me for a change?"
 Terry promptly agreed and, knowing the game as well as anyone, hid himself
only a short distance away in the thick bushes that segregated the main
section of the camp from wooded area at its centre. Surprisingly then, it
was some time before he could hear the pint-sized Indian coming in his
direction. Barely daring to breath, he watched through the branches as Donny
walked right passed him, flashing a long bare section of his leg from his
trainers right the way up to the elastic belt around his waist.
 "Come out wherever you are?" teased the Indian boy making no effort to hide
himself as his circular search pattern slowly shrunk until he did little
more than circled the bush hiding his foe.
 "Come on out!" he repeated.
 "Make me!" taunted Terry.
 "Terry will!"
 "Oh yeah. You and whose army?"
 "I don't need an army when I've got you covered in my gun-sights."
 Prompted by this to peer a little more closely at the lad's hands
discovering, when he did, that Donny did, in fact, hold a small pistol in
his fist.
 "Okay!" he laughed, startled, "I'm coming. Don't shoot me, please little
 "Come on out then. Hands above your head. Reach for the sky!"
 Only just managing to control his giggles, Terry pushed his arms into the
air and stepped from his concealment and into the sights of the plastic
pistol. "I surrender!" he said. "Do with me what you want?"
 "I want to search you for weapons. Keep still!"
 Juggling the piston from one hand to the other as he needed Donny carried
out his threat running his small hands over the older boy's body from top to
toe. Very effectively he checked every single place Terry would have thought
to hide something and, quite a few places he'd never have considered in a
million years. Nimbly the little fingers poked and prodded into all of his
body crevices, cause a somewhat substantial erection when they started to
work their way around his bottom and groin. Not that Donny appeared to
notice. He just continued feeling the enlarging genitals as if that very
pricklet hadn't been recently stuffed up his once tight arsehole.
 "There," Donny finally said, wiping his hands on the rear flap of his
breechcloth, "you're clean."
 "Now what?"
 "I tie you up and take you, as a present, back to my chief, of course."
 "Of course!" laughed Terry, relishing in the simple game of childhood. He
brought his hands down and held the out in front of himself. "Go on then!"
 For some reason Donny refused to look his captive in the eye during the
next section of the well rehearsed plan. Tucked out of the way in the back
of his breechcloth had been a readily prepared section of rope - Terry had
tough of this as a lasso - and it was this he slotted over the offered
wrists and drew tight. Next, showing skill a lad of his age usually didn't
have with knots outside of the Cubs, he passed the remaining length of cord
between Terry's forearms a few times. And, by dragging each pass tight he
gradually tightened the changed the single loop into an effect pair of
handcuffs that separately cacooned each of the thirteen-year-old's wrists in
the tight fastening until Terry - practised as he was at being tied up -
couldn't help but wince as his circulation became restricted.
 This single yelp appeared to be the signal the smaller boy was waiting for.
Seemingly, this told him he had the ropes tight enough so escape would be
impossible. Now smiling, he pulled a handkerchief from somewhere and covered
Terry's eyes. Finally, he unrolled the spare length of cord and informed
Terry that they were about to set off. That done, he trailed the cord over
his shoulder and, with Terry following, marched through the undergrowth with
none of the Indian grace he thought he had.
 Terry wouldn't have admitted it but he rather enjoyed the fashion in which
he was being treated and couldn't resist rubbing his crutch with his bound
hands as he walked. However, he was to be taken by surprise for, he'd
thought he would have had plenty of time to get himself off before they
reached the old guardhouse. The only trouble was, that wasn't the
destination. Instead. Donny stooped in a small grassy clearing right in the
centre of the woods and throw the long end of rope over an overhanging tree
branch. The small boy had to use weight in order to perform his next trick
and, if he hadn't caught Terry by surprise then it's doubtful he'd have
managed it at all. Pulling, nearly swinging, on the hanging rope he was able
to suspended Terry with his arms over his head and his feet barely touching
the ground.
 Terry had been fully aware being tied up would have featured prominently in
the younger boy's games and, indeed been tied up several time when he'd been
Donny's age. The only thing was this position wasn't one he'd been in before
or, even seen. Of course the blindfold - another new innovation - didn't
help matters, especially when he enough noise to confirm that quite a bit of
activity was going on around. This mainly seemed to be a strange clicking
that came from different places around him. A pause, and whispered voices
followed after which Donny - he thought it was Donny - came over and removed
his shoes and socks. A hurried batch of clicking then followed.
 One of Terry's prayers was then answered, only to turn into a nightmare.
After Donny had removed the blindfold what he saw sent chills up and down
his spine. Standing there, right in front of him, was a camera on a tripod
and, next to that, holding the remote shutter release, was none other than
 No one said a word. Terry wanted to but daren't while, Sally didn't need
to. She  gestured to Donny who walked over and calmly relieved the bound boy
of his gym shorts, leaving him in nothing but his girl's panties at which
the youngster giggled endlessly while the camera fired off another round of
 Sally left Terry hanging in his embarrassment before she entered the
conversation no one was having, "This is what happens t little girls when
they go into the woods by themselves." With that, she put his hands inside
Terry's waistband and pulled the boy's underwear off.
 Despite his recent history Terry had never been as embarrassed as he had
been at that moment. To be totally naked in front of people of mixed gender,
frightened him, even more than being naked in front of them separately and,
to add to his discomfort, his pricklet was fully erect, hard against his
belly. This fact was noticed by his audience and taken as a sign he was
enjoying his predicament. The camera, removed from the tripod, Sally quickly
took an extra, unplanned, series of shots around him, making sure she had a
record of the young boy's pricklet hard while he was tied beneath a tree.
 That done, Donny was instructed to lower Terry down so his knees would be
on the ground. Not that he'd even thought of it, in order to prevent, Terry
thinking of escaping, his ankles were tied to the base of the tree before
his wrists were unfastened. However, his bondage didn't end there for Sally
had a very special use for the cord so recently freed although it was a very
nervous Donny who actually slipped the shrunken noose around the
thirteen-year-old's testicles. Sally, who retained the free end, soon
demonstrated just how much pain this sort of genital bondage could produce
rapidly, capitulating Terry to her every demand.
 Next Donny finally received the reward he'd promised for setting his best
friend up. Quickly removing his already limited clothing he presented his
naked young body to the head of the crouched victim. However, only after a
repeated tug did Terry comply with an order he'd have only been happy to
carry out without all the current trappings. Without bothering to be gentle,
he licked his way around the eleven-year-old penis before sucking it deep
into his mouth and, then licking his way down and repeating the operation on
the small, drawn-up testicles.
 All the while this was going on Sally continued taking her pictures, giving
a simultaneous warning to both boys that, if they told anyone, what happened
then the pictures would be handed around to everyone they knew, including
their mothers. After that it was as easy as giving the order for her  to
place the two boys in all kinds of positions, whether it be simple kissing,
touching each other's genitals, hugging or fondling. Then, when she figured
the time as right she stepped up the action and ordered Terry to give Donny
a full-fledged blowjob. This too she recorded on film. As he sucked, Terry
was told to rub his hand all over the youngster's buttocks, chest, waist,
and abdomen. It took his inexperienced operation quite a while to get the
eager lad to his peek and Donny was forced to pull out occasionally and wank
himself closer  to climax but, eventually, he climax in the dry, fashion
common to a boy his age.
 Then it was Sally's turn to strip and confirm another suspicion that had
been in the back of Terry's mind for, beneath her regular girl's clothes
she'd strapped herself into the nearest assimilation of an adult male,
modern sex-aids could provide and, neither of the two boys were ready for
what they saw. Unlike them she had a abundance of fake hair around her
equally fake genitals. Not only that but the dildo she'd chosen for the
occasion was a great deal larger than anything either boy owned and was
something many a grown man would have been intimidated by. As she approached
the cornered boy, waving the extremely heavy veined prick, she lined
everybody up with the camera - back on its tripod - very carefully. Then,
she made Terry lick and then suck on the dildo, pushing deep into the boy's
mouth while Donny recorded it for posterity.
 This, however, wasn't to be the end of the younger boy's involvement
although, up until the order was given, Donny was under the impression it
would be. Instead, it was the eleven-year-old who was told to lie on his
back on the rough ground and it was Terry who crawled over him so his limp
member dangled into the youngster's open mouth. He didn't have it all his
own way, however, for while Donny begrudgingly sucked his prick, Terry had
to reciprocate on the small upstanding organ between the little lad's legs.
 Sally took the opportunity of the two boy's enforced sixty-nine session to
fire off a few more pictures and line things up for the final part of her
plan. Deciding Terry hadn't done an effective enough job where it would be
needed most,  she returned to the kit bag she'd hidden previously and
applied a thick gel to her protruding dildo. Retaining a glob on his fingers
she then went to the top most boy and smeared the lubricant around his
 "Now," she said, "I'm going to make you a real girl by becoming your
boyfriend. Let's see how you like this!"
 This brought some laughter from the younger boy at the bottom of the
copulation but this was soon stifled by the barely teenage prick that was
then forced down, deep, into his throat ensuring all his later thoughts
would be on his breathing despite the erotic sight about to be enacted right
above his head.
 Without further ado, Sally used every muscle in her body to force the dildo
right up Terry's mostly virgin anus. The pain, for the boy, was by far worse
than when she'd yanked on his balls, and more intense than the regular
spankings she had given his bared bottom. Trapped, as he was, beneath the
boy sucking his prick and the girl ruthlessly fucking his arsehole Terry
couldn't even cry out let alone move. Especially when he had an
eleven-year-old's pricklet stuffed in his mouth.
 Strangely it ended faster than it had begun. After only a couple of dozen
of deeply painfully, possessive penetrations Sally yanked the dildo from the
youth's arse, almost turning his sphincter muscle inside out in the process.
This, however, did not signal the end of the encounter for, Terry was forced
to keep working at the smaller organ while Sally rearranged herself directly
in front of his nodding head.  Suddenly, without warning, sally triggered a
hidden switch, and stuff came shooting out of the phallus strapped around
her loins. Terry was ordered not to touch it and it kept spurting out until
it covered the boy's face and trickled into his eyes.
 During this eruption Sally looked as if she were possessed. She moaned and
squirmed as she let a real load fly along with the artificial one. When it
was done she went quickly to the camera and removed it from tripod. She
ordered Terry then, to clean his face and to swallow the cum as if it were
the real thing. Allowed to kneel once more for this Terry wasn't prepared
for the next action where Donny was ordered to stand before him and piss on
his face while, ensuring - as best he could - that the older boy swallowed
some of his waste water.
 By the time it was all over, Terry had urine all over his body, his hair
was matter down with it, his face was drenched as was the rest of him front
and back. He was told to dress but only given his shorts to do so with.
 "You two," announced Sally, "are to keep your mouth shut about what
happened here because, if you don't, than everybody will know you suck cock
and get fucked in the arse. Understand?"
 "Yes Miss!" they chorused.
"Good. In that case, maybe Terry won't be so harsh on you pair in the

Chapter 16: Alone

Terry  returned to the woods the next time he was free from Sally's
relentless control. As it had been the scene of all his favoured sexual acts
it would, for him, forever be associated with such things. Therefore, it
seemed only natural, to the boy, to find a nice quiet spot there and do what
had to be done.
 Selecting a place he thought would be nice and quite he stripped of his
clothes right down to his underwear and sat down ready. He began in the way
he often thought about - his mother still kept a watch on him at night, as
Sally did during the day - by rubbing the front of the skimpy knickers he
now wore as a matter of course. Leaning back against a sturdy tree he'd run
though his mind something Sally could force him and Donny to do together
until he cold no longer resist the tickle within my panties. The tickle soon
turned into an inch as his prick swelled to its maximum size. With either a
slight lowering of the elastic waistband, or a raising of the loose legs
Terry could nuzzle his swinging testicles and leaking knob-end.
 This clothed version of wanking never lasted for very long as Terry liked
to be able to see what he was doing, and liked to be naked even more. His
panties would soon be resting about his knees, before being abandoned
 Gently, his thumb and forefinger peeled back the skin on prick while the
others toyed with his sensitive young testes. At this point, or shortly
afterwards, his eyes shut beneath his shirt, as his imagination conjuring up
a full colour graphic picture of a muscular body penetrating his
spread-eagled frame. Occasionally Donny would take the place of one or the
other characters as they rubbed myself to their skilful movements. The
action becoming more and more frantic as Terry came closer to his solo sex.
Unfortunately, on this occasion, the boy wasn't as alone as he though he
 At first the soldier had been content to watch the youngster pleasure
myself but, then, he wanted in on the fun, and didn't care if Terry
consented or not.
 Something ruffled Terry's now lengthy blond hair. His left hand quickly
departed from pleasuring  fuzzy testicles to shoe whatever it was away, yet
it seemed to be one step in front of him. In the end, and although he hated
to do it, his right hand went up to help leaving the stiffened penis to its
own throbbing for a few seconds.
 As soon as the boy's hands were out of the way a loop of something cold and
metal wrapped itself around my waist. He jumped to his feet, eyes snapping
open, to see two burly arms running a chain around my chest and look it
shut, behind the tree against which he stood.
 "Gotcha!" The voice sounded grown-up. "Now, I'll show you what it's really
about. You little wanker." A large hand grabbed the softening penis.
 Instantly Terry tried to slap it away, but my wrist was captured in its
twin. "Get off!" he yelled.
 "You don't know what your missing." teased the man.
  It was as if all Mrs. Diamond's warnings about strangers had come true.
"Get off me. Let me go. Get off." Terry screamed to no effect. His right
wrist was released but only while the soldier took a plastic cable tie from
his pocket. And, after threading it through a link in the chain, the boy's
wrist was easily recaptured within the black plastic circle which was then
tightened until movement was impossible.
 With the interfering hand out of the way, the soldier returned to what he
had been doing before he had been interrupted. One hand held the remaining
free arm while the other  occupied the rest of Terry's body. Gripping the
mostly erect penis, he stroked it just as I'd been doing only a few moments
 Terry's emotions remained high but for reasons which rapidly changed as he
surrendered to the army cadet. When all was calm, the burly teenager made
his next move. He pulled the remaining hand over to his uniform trousers and
rubbed the still reluctant fingers over the prominent bulge pulsating there.
Fear returned to the boy as he felt  the youth's urgency. The motives for
his attack clear, Terry knew the perfect way to end this encounter. Acting
of his own free will, his fingers sought out and snapped open two of
buttons. This was enough to allow entry into the narrow opening.
 The soldier jumped when Terry clasped his erection but, not surprisingly,
this spurned the youth on and he ripped through the remaining buttons so
fast, he sent one spiralling across the worn scrub-land.
 "See," he breathed as Terry flogged his penis and he reciprocated, "It
isn't so bad after all. Is it? Terry bet you do it all the time, don't you?
Any kid of your age should do it any time he can."
 Terry accepted the youth's course callused hand around the back of my neck,
where it tangled in the small curly hairs.
 "Anyone ever tell you, you were pretty before?"
 Honestly, Terry shock my head.
 "They should have, cos you are, you know? You've a pretty body which seems
to be all in perfect working order." he gave the penis a squeeze, "A nice
face, lovely eyes and a great pair of lips. With lips like those there is
only two things that should be done. One of them is this."
 The kiss lasted for a few minutes. It might have finished faster if Terry
had not wanted to reciprocate. My tongue pushing past the intruder to
explore the deep reaches of someone else's mouth for the first time. The
soldier stopped talking and Terry's voice deserted him along with my breath.
Through all my previous encounters, he'd never actually kissed and this was
a full blooded deep-throat, tonsil-tickling. Not only the soldier's tongue
but his breath flooded into the boy's mouth, floated around my gums, and
filled him with one of the warmest sensations known to man, or boy. It must
have taken a fair amount of will power on behalf of the older boy to break
that embrace with  but, break it he did, just as Terry was really starting
to go for it.
 "Wow," the cadet panted, "Talk about a fast learner." Then his face clouded
over. "Or, perhaps, you do this all the time. And, in that case..." He
smiled.  Fingers tightened on Terry neck, pulling him forward until the
chain prevented him going any further.
 "Ouch! What're you doing?" Terry started to say but, as the direction in
which he headed became more obvious, he clamped his mouth shut. Very tightly
shut. There was no way Terry was going to let what approached pass his lips,
even if he thought it would fit - which he didn't. Unfortunately, that's not
the way the youth saw it.
 "Oh well, if that's the way to play it, it's fine with me.  I can do it
hard as well you know."
 His hand abandoned the young pricklet, needed, as it was, to force open the
lips and allow the bare wet end of larger prick entry to the boy's mouth.
Then by using pressure points Terry didn't even know he had, his jaw was
forced open, and entered.
 The soldier rested, obviously enjoying the feeling of the tender young
mouth closed around him. Boyish saliva swirled over his piss-slit, before it
trailed from the sides of the mouth to run down his length. He allowed Terry
to pulled back but not far enough for the hot ram-rod to come out. As it was
about to the youth simultaneously pushed with his hips and pulled on the
lad's head, effectively ramming himself several inches further inside.
 Terry choked, he coughed, sputtered but none of it made the slightest
difference. He just couldn't remove the large blockage from the entrance of
my windpipe.
 What followed next was a bit less disorganised. Somehow Terry became
co-ordinated to enough to do a pretty effective job of struggling. Terry was
in no danger of escape, of course, but it was serious enough to hamper the
fucking of my face. So much so that after only around a couple of minutes
the youth had only managed a few really good runs between my succulent lips.
He gave up. Terry stood and faced him once more. unconsciously licking my
 "Not keen on cock-sucking are you? Guess Terry must be too big for you.
Still you got it wet, that's the main thing. Meanwhile we'll have a quick
 We did as the soldier suggested. The boy's hand returned to the other's
dripping prick and, his lips to those of the youth. His pricklet ignored
this time. His capture's hands were nowhere near it. Occasional some other
part of the slightly hairy body would rub across the glands and send a
shiver up the chained spine but nothing more. The youth's hands were busy
elsewhere. Soothing me from contact with the rough bark of the tree. Even
the kneading motion of the knuckles was preferable to that. To begin with
anyway. Soon, however, the actions changed from general caresses to a
stubby, yet strangely slick finger running up and down the valley between
the boy's rear globes. The finger soon concentrating on the puckered little
hole where it could roll around and round before drawing back for a short
distance and inching forwards.
 Terry's body jerked on the first touch of fingertip against anal sphincter.
Then, relaxed again as The was left in peace. A second attempt was made.
This time, the finger, remained where it was, keeping the little progress it
had gained. Then it started a slow screwing motion, making tiny circles
round and round the sphincter. Terry used all his concentration on to keep
it out but, the pressure was constant. It pushed and pushed until he
couldn't resist any longer. His young mind confused between holding out on
my non-existent virginity or surrendering to the kisses being planted all
over my face. Suddenly, it was too late. The finger has passed into his
 The soldier waited while Terry became, slowly, accustomed to the gentle
wiggle coming from within his bum. Then, when enough time had passed, Terry
was fed yet more of the finger leading to the cadet to conclude, "God, your
going to be an easy screw."
 Terry woke from his dream, "You're not going to...?"
 "Yes," he laughed, "I am. And you're going to just love it. Let's get you
 A second cable-tie appeared though from where Terry didn't have a clue to
fasten his other hand. Meanwhile, the finger unplugged from his anus, so
both hands could caress any part of him they could reach, centring around
his hairless thighs, of all things, until such time as they could get a firm
grip. Firm enough to lift.
 "What the...?" Terry said but it was to late, his feet were already off the
ground. He felt as if he was going to fall but didn't, thanks to the chains
tugging on his belly. The metal, helped by the tree and the hands on his
thighs, supported him while his legs were pulled back and held in place by a
succession of cable-ties.
 The larger penis battled with the much smaller one in a very uneven fight.
The soldier spat. Once, twice, three times, into each of his hands. One
dampened palm coated his erection from one end to the other, concentrating
on the bulbous head. The other formed itself into a pool into which fingers
could poke before re-poking the boy's bum. Terry squealed when a second
finger entered and was used to raise him to the right height for
 Now level with the end of the erection being guided by fingertips into the
cleft of his rear. Terry drew in a great deep breath to ease the entry.
Still, the knob-end felt like a red-hot poker, followed by real pain
tightening his muscles and dislodged the erection.
  A few moments it was all set up again. This time Terry was ready, even if
the approach was slightly different. Instead of dropping him onto the
rampant organ, the soldier raised his own hips, increasing the pressure on
the boy's hole. Slowly, the in-built resistance of the small opening was
bored through until the youth was able to sink his erection into a spot only
previously occupied by fingers, Donny's slim length and, various artificial
organs. Inch by inch the rock hard Army Cadet sunk into Terry's bowels until
the boy was fully impaled.
 For half an hour the soldier worked in and out of the boy's insides,
simultaneously, raising and lowering the squirming body. Terry tried to kiss
him as his pricklet rubbed on the sweaty belly.  His hips moved against
those thrusting into him as, together, they raced for a mutual climax. Heads
thrashed about, cracking skulls into the tree adding to Terry's frenzy. His
now, not-so-little, penis throbbed more than his aching head. It leaked like
a burst water main, each and every tiresome large pressed across my
prostate. His legs clenched, crushing the youth with the full power of his
young thighs pulling the youth deeper into himself and, only, letting him
out only so he could ram right back again. His teeth rattled, his bollocks
hurt but his arse lips continued to make love to the swollen pole roughly
using them.
 Using muscles Terry didn't even know a boy had, he milked everything he
could get from that length of swollen manhood until it was the soldier's
turn to collapse. He fell onto the boy, his rutting motions continuing as if
nothing would stop them. Nothing could and, nothing did, not until there was
no further to be gone.
 A fountain akin to the one in Lake Geneva burst into life deep within
Terry. A similar model, smaller but just as urgent, shot forth from between
the joined bellies. Hot, droplets of boy cum spurted over them as they
finally collapsed for the last time. Finally it was all over. Terry had
finally found a match for Sally in one of the "strange men" everyone had
always warned him about and, he'd loved every minute of it. Every wank of
it. Every suck of it. Every fuck of it. Everything. It was time he rethought
his life.

Chapter 17: Shaving

 "What do you have to say for yourself!" Sally shouted at the boy.
 Standing at attention, Terry meekly replied, "I didn't mean to be late
Miss. I won't do it again."
 "No,  you won't!" she yelled. "I'll see to it that you don't. Strip!"
 Her hands rubbing subconsciously together, the girl watched the
thirteen-year-old boy take off his jacket, his shirt and trousers followed
by his socks and T-shirt, standing stiff in his panties.
 Walking behind him she placed her hands on his underpants and ripped down.
"When I tell you to do something, you do it,  at once, understand!"
 Terry nodded his head, "Yes Miss!"
 Taking a pair of blinders from Mrs. Diamond's desk Sally wrapped them
around his eyes.  "How long have you been under my control?" she asked.
 "Two months, Miss," he answered.
 "Two months, and you've still not learnt how to behave." Sally snorted.
"Well, you'd better learn fast or it's going to be hell. You understand me,
 "Yes, miss,"
 Even though she knew he was afraid of her Sally noted, with some degree of
distaste, that the boy was becoming turned on by her actions for his
pricklet was already hardening. An idea occurred to her, the chance to prove
a theory she'd always been brought up to believe. In a sudden lightening of
her voice she asked,  "You ever fucked anyone?"
 "Yes," Terry replied, knowing the girl had been there when he'd screwed
Donny's arse.
 "How many that I don't know about and, be honest boy!"
 "None miss. Honest!"
 "Ever seen anyone fuck?"
 "Once, miss."
  "My cousin, Miss".
  "Tell me how it happened."
 "My cousin's a bit of a load mouth and once when we were in the park these
older boys were trying to ask these girls out only they - the girls -
weren't having any of it. Anyway, my cousin thoughts this was really fun and
kept making fun of the boys."
 "Who didn't like that, I'd imagine, Boys never do!"
 "Exactly, and when my cousin says how the only way the boys would be
getting of that day was with themselves they got really upset."
 "And did what?"
 "Well they chased both of us at first but I managed to get anyway and, in
the end they were only able to catch him."
 "Wait a minute." Sally interrupted. "you telling me your cousin's a boy."
 "Yes Miss."
 "Carry on!"
 "When they caught my cousin they threatened all sorts of things that they
were going to do to him but he said they would dare do anything in case they
snapped themselves."
 "Meaning what?"
 "Meaning that, even from where I was, I could see how hard their things
were inside their trousers from talking to the girls. Anyway, when my cousin
said that, they got really annoyed with him."
 "And what did they do about it?"
 "One of them, the leader, who had his hat on backwards, he pushed my cousin
to his knees and opened his jeans. Of course his thing came out and my
cousin tried to move away from it but he's only twelve and these were bigger
boys and they easily held him while it was stuffed into his mouth and he
sucked on it to make it very wet."
 "Make it wet? Why?"
 "For what they were going to do next, of course."
 "Which was?"
 "Well, when it was wet enough they picked my cousin up and chucked him on
his back on the ground. The leader then unbuckled my cousin's belt and
ripped down his trousers and underpants. When they were gone he picked up my
cousin's legs and folded them back on him so he could climb on top."
 "Why?" Sally asked but Terry continued as if she hadn't.
 "They all helped to hold my cousin down and one of them put his hand over
the kid's mouth to stop him from screaming while the leader forced his thing
all the way up my little cousin's bum in one go. My cousin continued to
wriggle and squirm but there was nothing he could do while the bigger boy
fucked his bum until his stuff spurted out all over him."
 "What happened after that?"
 "Well, they all wanted a go then, all the gang but, luckily while they were
arguing about it, my cousin managed to make a break for it and, because they
all had their trousers down, he escaped."
  Sally thought for a moment before asking, abstractly, "Does your cousin
like you?"
 By now, having recited his tale, Terry was really turned on. His pricklet
stood straight up from beneath his sparse bush. Nevertheless he answered the
question, "No, miss" he said. "He's too little to have any hair down there!"
  "Well," Sally said, "it's time to get on with your punishment. Wait
 Purposely making the blinded boy wait Sally made as much noise as possible
while she arranged the needed items for the next part of her plan. Then,
taking out a razor she had Terry bend over. Naturally, as he'd been
expecting to get his bottom beaten, the boy was more than a little surprised
to feel a razor blade peeling his peach fuzz back. This, Sally knew,
wouldn't only make the forthcoming whipping hurt even more but, once
returned to the company of other boys, would mark Terry out, especially when
she shaved the young teenager's small spurting of pubic hair into the
After stripping all his hair, Sally oiled Terry's butt and crotch with baby
oil, then, laid him over her knee and gave his cheeks a good smacking. The
thirteen-year-old squirmed and started to yell but Sally had a familiar gag
ready and soon put pay to that.. "Shut up, kid, and take what's coming to
you!" she growled.
 As was becoming the habit, Terry had his bottom slapped until it was pink
and hot and he was whimpering. Once that stage was reached he was
transferred across to the desk to the legs of which his ankles were quickly
chained. His hands were pulled over his hand and down to the desk front
where they could fastened to the handle of the central drawer rendering him
 Sally's thumbs - protected inside rubber gloves - spread open the boy's no
longer virgin arsehole. From a drawer purposely left in the boy's eye-liner
she removed a huge dildo which she coated in the barest minimum of
lubricant. The tip of this she then positioned at Terry's hole and,
unceremoniously, shoved it inside the boy. She simply loved seeing young
boys take objects up their bottoms and, no matter how many times she saw it,
Sally always got a thrill watching something large slide in and out of boys'
hairless bums.
  Not content with simply fucking the boy with her dildo Sally's inflated
libido demanded further punishment and she shoved a hand beneath his sweaty
torso to pinch and twist his pin-prick sized nipple. She  simply couldn't
let the boy enjoy himself too much. He needed to feel some pain until he
cried out from the multiple assaults battering his body and that was just
what Terry did feel, despite the almost continuous orgasm that wracked his
tender body throughout the ill-treatment at the girl's hands.

Chapter 18: Boyfriend

"You awake, kid?"
 Terry was only vaguely aware of the voice asking him the question and
didn't reply. When the hand  touched his shoulder and gently shook him, he
risked a glance out of one half closed eye showed him the shadowy figure of
his mother's latest man friend hovering over him, smelling of beer. Wanting
nothing to do with the hairy man, and enjoying the gentle touch,  and afraid
it would stop if he gave signs of being awake. He stayed how he was, on his
 Gradually, the inquisitive hand worked its way down to the boy's hips where
it tenderly grabbed my  cheek. Then to Terry's surprise, a finger reach into
his crack and come to rest against his arsehole. His mother's boyfriend
rubbed something wet and slick onto his opening as he started to get an
erection. With his anus still distended from the workout Sally had given it
Terry's body made no resistance as the finger slipped into him. Only to be
removed just as quickly. A needless hand covered his mouth as the man adjust
himself over the boy. The lad's heart pounding as  he felt a hard cock
against him and worked itself inside.
 Terry started to turn to let the man know it was OK to fuck him but the
adult must of thought it was a sign of resists  because he pushed the boy
onto his belly and pressed the full weight of his body on him so I couldn't
move. He grabbed Billy's long hair, using it to press the boy's pretty face
into the mattress so he couldn't cry out as he was fucked. Still, Terry
continued to try and make it okay but when he tried the man grabbed the belt
of his night robe and tied his hands together. Then he shoved his own briefs
into the boy's mouth.
 The man fucked the boy real hard after that. The more Terry tried to move
the hotter he became until he, suddenly, let out a muffled cry and came in a
hurried gush.
 So turned on by the situation, it was some time after he'd collapsed in
post orgasmic haze that the man could pull himself together enough to untie
the apparently sleeping lad a return to Mrs, Diamond's bedroom.

Chapter 19: On Show

Terry didn't see his mother's boyfriend the next morning as they had already
left by the time he came down stairs to the breakfast Sally had, for once,
made for him. Hustling him along even more than usual, the girl appeared to
have something on her mind but, Terry never noticed, preoccupied as he was,
with his own thoughts.
 Leaving the house they walked the short distance across the camp to the
NAAFI store and then over to the families hall were a fashion show was about
to start. Terry took the chair he was direct to in the corner and watched
silently as yet more girls around his own age arrived and began to sort
through the rail of clothes aided by the female organiser who was doing her
best to match outfits to a girl of the same colouring.
 Soon everything had been assigned but for the one red satin sleeveless
dress with matching leather gloves and patent high heel shoes. Terry could
see the woman's frustration as she searched for someone able to carry off
such a combination and then, he eyes landed on him and she said, in an
overloud whisper, "that boy's got the perfect face for this dress." Then,
louder to Terry himself, "You don't have a sister do you?"
 "No Ma'am." Terry answered through his blushes.
 Suddenly Sally appeared from out of the crowds and said equally as loudly,
"I've dressed him up like a girl before and he looks really good, especially
with make-up on."
 The woman looked shocked but not for long, "We couldn't have a boy wearing
one of our dresses, could we? Besides, he doesn't have any modelling
 "Neither have most of the other girls and he does know how to walk in high
heels and tight skirts already. I trained him to do that." Sally explained,
proudly to the small group that had gathered around them.
 "Really?" the woman said, "do you think he'll do it?"
 "He will if you tell him to do."
 "Yes go on," one of the other girls said, "I'll help him get dressed up."
 "Me too," said another.
 "Oh," the woman held her breath for a second and then said something that
pleased all but one of the people in her immediate area, "go on then!"
 In seconds Terry found himself pulled from his chair and surrounded by the
eager females disguising how best to put him in a dress.
 "You know," Sally smiled, "it would a lot easier, and more convincing, if
you dressed him from the bottom up. I wouldn't mind you seeing him naked
will you Terry?"
 "No ma'am!" the boy responded as per his program.
 Thankfully the show's organiser was fully prepared and extra padding had
been provided for the less developed girls many of whom were the first to go
to work on the boy. One bent down and untied his shoes, then removed them.
Next she removed the small ankle socks. While she did that another, braver
girl went to work on Terry's belt and the fastenings on his trousers so
that, as his socks left his feet his trousers could do much the same thing
to his waist. Instantly he went red and understood why Sally had insisted he
exchange his regular briefs for a pair of panties.
 "You see, he is more experienced than you thought," Sally said in triumph.
"Of course, he'll have to take them off so you can shave him all the way up.
No one will be able to see but it just wouldn't be right, otherwise, would
it Terry?"
 "No ma'am!"
 While the majority of the audience still reeled from that revelation a
third girl set about unbuttoning Terry's shirt and took it off. Handing it
to the nearest one, this same girl then made even quicker work of the plink,
lacy panties leaving the thirteen-year-old standing naked in front of all
six girls.
 "Here!" Sally handed over the battery driven razor, "This won't take long
because he hasn't much hair in the first place."
 Terry had to fight the urge to run for it as he knew there would be no
chance of his making good his escape, especially as the clippers were driven
around his more intimate body parts until he was balder than he'd ever
remember being before, with the only hair on his body being that on his
head. Plus he had to keep his buttocks clenched less the girl operating the
shaver should happen to notice the pink, plastic plug he'd imbedded in his
own arsehole that morning so he could savour the sensation of being fucked.
 When the shaving was complete one of the girls took a pair of brand new red
panties and held them out of Terry to step into. Slowly pulling them up into
place she was careful not to catch the expanded genitals in the tight
waistband. As she was doing this another one painted each of Terry's nails a
scarlet red until all twenty glowed in the fluorescent lights of the main
 While they were waiting for the nail polish to dry the collected a red bra,
slip and the red suspender belt, a padded girdle and a pair of black nylons.
One of them had Terry place his arms through the bra straps before clipping
it shut. The cups then being stuffed to the right consistence until they
looked as much as they could like real breasts.
 The padded girdle came next rounding out the boy's slender hips into a more
girlish shape. The suspender belt was next followed by the delicate nylons
which were rolled up his hairless legs and clipped to the belt. The full
slip dropped over Terry's head and came to rest on his padded hips. Quickly
following that the dress was slipped on and zipped up. It was cut to a close
clinging fit and with the padded bra and girdle competing the boy's
naturally slim waist it fitted perfectly.
 Sitting him carefully on the chair so as not to damage the clothes the
girls set about doing the boy's hair and make-up. An eyebrow pencil traced
the outline of each eye before the lips were painted a matching, yet
brighter, blue. Finally, a bright red lipstick was applied thickly, but
even, to his lips and covered in a gloss. His hands were slipped into the
long gloves, a necklace surrounded his throat in pearls, to match those
clipped onto his ears.
 "There," Sally said, hooking a handbag over his arm and leading him to a
full length mirror, "doesn't he - or should I say 'she' - look beautiful?"
 Naturally the girls agreed but had little time to admire their work as they
had to get themselves dressed for the show leaving it to Sally's very
capable hands to ensure the boy knew just how to act, walking him up and
down the backstage area until he'd discovered, that by swishing his hips he
could prompt the butt-plug to imitate the fucking motion of a real prick.
This naturally caused his own prick to rise, but trapped inside the satin
panties it could do little real damage and never became visible, for which
the boy was thankfully.
 Finally it came to Terry's turn to walk the catwalk and, as he did so, the
organiser described what he was wearing. At the far end he performed three
neat little turns as Sally had told him to and it was there that he spotted
not only Donny and Simon in the audience but his own mother and the man that
had so brutally, yet pleasurably, fucked him the previous night. Who winked
at him. More hurriedly than he'd intended Terry hastened back through the
curtains and into the backstage area where the girls congratulated him on
his performance. Terry didn't notice any of it. All he was aware of was the
cum that flooded his panties.

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