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Terry (4/4)
Edward Bangor

Story Code/s: m/b t/b b/b bond spank Toys TV NC/cons

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This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys of various
ages and/or men and boys. If this is not to your tastes, please leave now
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The story is fiction. Any resemblance to any individual, alive or dead,
isn't intended but is a nice idea...

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By Edward Bangor

Chapter 20: Boyfriend Again

Terry was in bed the next time his mother and her boyfriend arrived at home.
The moment he heard his bedroom door his balls began to tingle. Again, he
lay quietly pretending to be asleep, whilst the man stripped naked in the
darkness. Cool air sent shivers down his spine when the single sheet
covering him was lifted but there was to be none of the pretence of the
previous night.
 As soon as the bedclothes were clear the man grabbed the boy's ankles tied
them together. Before Terry could react to this unexpected move, his hands
had been pulled behind his back and similarly bound. Regardless of his
fright, his prick still came alive as fingers pressed into his crack and
pried open the little hole.
 Working lube into the boy's crack, the man played with the marble like
balls. When he grabbed the matching penis and found it stiff with excitement
he laughed quietly to himself and said, "I knew it! You want to be fucked,
don't you?"
 He kept playing with Terry's bottom, balls, and little boy penis, teasing
the thirteen-year-old. He thumped his fat cock against the boyish buttocks
and let his knob rest against the wanton lips. Terry tried to ease it in,
but was slapped down.
 The man pulled the boy's penis back  below his little balls and rubbed it
into his much more substantial prick. Over  and over he slid the two shafts
together. His knob pressing hard against the smaller, hairless bollocks.
 Terry, felt like pleading to be fucked but couldn't get his mouth clear of
the mattress in order to do so. Then, suddenly the enormous knob-end pressed
between him tight buns and was pumped clean into his wet hole. The sensation
of  the thick shaft gliding down his butt hole was so hot Terry came
instantly. His butt  gripped the cock tightly as he shot his small into the
bed. This, in turn, drove the man wild and rode the boy like someone
processed by the devil. Plunging his entire length in and out of the
gripping, bucking arsehole, fucking even harder than he had the previous
night. Grabbing the buttocks he squeezed them hard increasing the pressure
on his already trapped knob-end. When, he finally, drove his cock in deep
and shot his load. Terry came a second time.
 This time, when a suitable amount of minutes had passed for the man to
recover he didn't even bother to untie the boy but left him how he was until
the following morning when he released Terry's bonds without even a word
about his actions the previous night.

Chapter 21: Caught in the Act

When, once more in the morning the man ignored him Terry discovered an
incredible itch setting into his entire body, although it centred around his
groin and arsehole. It being Sally's day off there was nothing to distract
him from his fantasies of the man sized prick filling his helpless arsehole
while he was helpless beneath the great, hairy bulk. This is why, by the end
of the day Terry found himself drifting towards the only safe place he knew
of, The Old Guardhouse.
 If the thirteen-year-old boy noticed the half opened door he didn't let on.
He simply slipped inside where, as usual, it was as quiet as death with only
a couple of high circling flies for company. Pulling the door as near to
closed as it would go, various memories surged back into his head and soon
he was slipping out his clothes, tossing the shirt and shorts and panties
away before exploring.
 Junk hand long since been dumped down the old guardhouse and the first of
these Terry headed for was mirror atop a based about dressing table. Cracked
and near broken it was still clear enough after a brisk whip with the
discarded clothing for the boy to admire his own developing body. Working
slowly over his still smooth face, he traced his hands down over his
pointing nipples, poked into his belly button in the centre of his hard
belly and around to his well rounded arse easily seeing what his mother's
boyfriend could see in such a thing. Of course, his boyish prick became hard
but, strangely for a pubescent boy, Terry ignored it.
 Moving quickly now that he was aroused, Terry pulled and heaved until he
had an old wooden saw horse extracted from the assorted junk and into the
centre of the cleared space in front of the mirror. After a few more minutes
spent assembling the few other times he felt he would need he approached the
back of the saw horse carefully considering how he would best manage what he
planned never have to have managed by himself before.
 Taking two pieces of rope Terry faced the sawhorse but found the top bar to
be higher than he'd anticipated. Soon correcting this by use of a box upon
which he could stand, the thirteen-year-old now had the long, narrow section
of the sawhorse at the exact right height for him to bend over it. Doing so,
he straddled his legs out so they matched those of the timber and,
stretching somewhat he tied first one ankle and then the other as far down
the sawhorse as he could reach. That done he found he could only just reach
the dildo he'd pinched from where Sally had hidden it and, after spitting on
the business end, he clenched his teeth and pushed it into his well fucked
arsehole. Waiting until his muscles could relax enough to take the full
girth of the rubber organ deep inside even though several inches still
remained protruding from between the soft curve of his buttocks. This way,
even though it went in slower and easier, he could imagine it was the prick
of the man who'd raped him, once more, fucking his boyish arse.
 After the dildo was buried as deep as it would go, Terry bent the rest of
the way over the sawhorse ready for the hardest part of the entire
operation. First he had to tie one wrist to one leg of the horse, and then
the really hard task of tying the final free limp tight enough to continue
his play acting. Ingeniously, Terry quickly figured he could best
accomplish this by the means of a slip knot with one end left long enough so
he could grab it in his other, already tied hand.
 It took him about ten minutes of sweating and tugging and pulling before he
had the knot pulled tight enough so it would feel like someone had tied him
up to fuck his arse and, by that time, his prick was as hard as it had ever
been when under assault from the real thing, rubbing against the sawhorse's
crossbar.. Sweat ran up his back, washed through his hair and dripped from
his face forcing the boy's eyes to shut tight against the sting.
 With all this going on it's hardly surprising Terry didn't notice anything
else outside of his own excitement until, all of a sudden he felt the dildo
move in his arse. In a rapid punch, it sunk a further inch inside him and
Terry would have screamed had his mouth not already been dry. Instead he had
to make do with flicking his eyes open and seeing, to his surprise, see two
huge army issue boots right next to him.
 Finally letting out the shout he'd earlier suppressed, Terry made a grab
for the long end of the rope so he could free himself but the stranger got
to it first.
 Crouching down to wrap the rope even more firmly around Terry's wrist the
stranger showed himself to be a boy about Sally's age dressed in adult sized
combat trousers that were pulled tight around his waist by a wide leather
belt. Standing up he took off his hat to wipe the sweat from his brow.
Finally, he spoke, "Well what do we have here? You're all naked and tied up
and you can't stop me from doing whatever I want to you. Can you?"
 Terry thought he was going to faint. "W-w-where did you c-come from? I
thought I was alone?"
 "I bet you did. Well, I was here before you was," he said. Then he motioned
up to the upper floor, "I was up there having a nap when you came in and got
yourself into this. Tell me," he said, "What are you thinking about, when
you tied yourself up like that?"
 Realising his disadvantage Terry was, nevertheless, startled by the
slightly older boy's insight but, lied anyway. "Nothing." he said, "I wasn't
thinking of anyone>"
 The stranger may have been only a kid but the slap he laid on the bent
boy's rear stung like hell causing Terry to holler. He twisted and turned
trying to get lose but only managed to get himself exhausted and spanked
 "I'm going to keep beating you," the teenager said, landing another blow.
"Until you tell me." Smack! "You thinking about a girl?"
 Figuring he had to answer anyway, Terry did so, but forgot to take the
precaution of lying. "no-o!" he said.
 The hand hurt even more when it landed on his rear this time, just as the
voice did to his ears when the youth enquired, "Who was it then?"
 Tears welling in his eyes Terry confessed, "A man." he blubbered, "He
stayed with my mum!"
 Smack! Smack! The army cadet let Terry have it first on one cheek and then
the other making the sting jump. Then he asked, "Did he fuck you up the
bum?" Smack! "Tell me!"
 Terry's head of sweat encrusted hair nodded as best it could while being
 "Yee-oow!" he cried, "Yes he fucked my bum. Hard. Tied me up too."
 The Cadet laughed again and halted the beating. "I knew it. Pity you ain't
cherry though cos I likes to fuck cherry boy's arses best of all. I'm always
the one to break them in back at the home."
 Terry struggled. "Please. You can fuck my bum but untie me first. Please
 Smack! Smack!
 "Call me 'Master'. I ain't your mate, nor anybody else's come to that."
Coming around to terry's head, crouched in front of the boy so he was able
to look into his face. The crutch of his camouflage trousers clearly showing
the dimensions of a sizeable organ, expanded inside. He grabbed one of
Terry's ears and twisted it. "Call me Master!" he demanded.
 "Ow-w-ch!" the boy yelped. Finally managing, "Y-yes, Master."
 Releasing the ear the youth bent closer. "Listen army brat. Your sort are
always taking the piss out of me because I don't go to no posh school. Now,
it's going to be different. You're going to be my slave and I'm going to
fuck your arse clean off."
 Suddenly he stood up pulled off his boots to stick one of his grime
encrusted feet into the boy's face. Instinctively, Terry drew his head back.
 Smack! the youth reached over him to give his reddened arse a particularly
nasty strike. "Like me feet slave-boy!"
 Again Terry clamped his mouth closed and shook his head even as the leather
belt was unfastened, withdrawn from camouflaged belt loops, doubled over and
slashed across his seat.
 Terry opened his mouth to scream. Quick as a flash, the foot was pressed
into his mouth. "Come on," the youth hollered whacking the boy's arse again,
"Suck my toes. Clean them."
 Tears now streaming down his face, Terry sucked the Cadet's toes, every one
of them. He sucked them separately and he sucked them together, running his
tongue around to clean out the little speaks of dirt that lived between.
After he'd finished, he again pleaded to be  released saying all the blood
was going to his head.
 The youth laughed and stepped to the side of the sawhorse, picked it up and
raised it higher, and higher.
 "Nooooooooooo!" Terry screamed fearing he was to be dropped on his head but
then the youth changed position as he turned over and lowered him onto his
back with a good hard thump. Now the sawhorse rested across his gut, his
legs, arms and prick all spread out and pointing skywards.
 Leaving the boy floundering for a few minutes the youth stripped off his
clothes and stood astride the helpless youngster giving Terry a great view
of the sizeable equipment. Then, he slowly bent his knees and lowered
himself. Taking his hard prick in one had he used it to beat Terry's flushed
face. The kid tried to turn sideways but knees pinched into his ears forcing
him to remain still. He closed his eyes, feeling the hefty bollocks pressing
under his chin and the trailing lengths of precum splatter over his face.
 "Please!" he begged. "Please!"
 Suddenly the beating stopped. Thankful Terry opened his yes and saw, right
in front of his face, the big red head of the youth's prick. He closed his
 It came closer until it touched his lips. The youth grabbed into the
hollows of the reluctant boy's face, thumbs on one side, fingers on the
other, squeezing so hard Terry had no choice but to open his mouth.
 "You so much as scrap my prick with your teeth and I'll kill you." he
threatened as he started to fed his cock into the helpless youngster's
mouth. Forcing it deeper and deeper until it hit the back of Terry's throat.
The boy couldn't breath and gagged but the cadet just laughed.
 "Do that again. It tickled." Pulling his prick back slightly so the boy
could breath, Terry was allowed a brief breath before the prick was forced
even deeper inside him.
 Stretching himself out the Cadet supported his weight on his own arms with
his legs across the bottom rung of the sawhorse, pushing the timber further
into Terry's belly. For a moment he hitched around, trying to et
comfortable, then, when he was, he really started to fuck the kid's face -
in and out, and then with a little side roll, and then in and out. The hair
around his cock was like wire and it scratched Terry once the pumping speed
got up, hard and fast so the boy gagged on ever third stroke. Suddenly the
cock in this throat swelled some more and the youth came in a rapid firing
of a machine-gun before he collapsed on the by and lay still.
 Terry could hardly breath. He twisted and turned his head making snorting
noses and, just when he expected to black out, the youth raised his hips and
freed his prick from the boy's airway. Slowly he raised himself up to his
feet and squeezed out the last drop of cum, allowing it to plop down on the
tip of Terry's nose before he sauntered sideways to sit down.
 "Please Master," the boy said, "Can you untie me now. Please!"
 The cadet chuckled, "Not yet. I ain't done with you yet fuck boy. You just
lie there ands me quiet."
 Not daring to think what would be done to him I he didn't obey, Terry did
as he was told. Hoping it wouldn't be too long as the current position,
without the pressure of the older boy over his face and come to remind him
about the dildo shoved up his rear. The end of this now pressed against the
floor and, whenever he moved it seemed to pulse inside the boy, in effect
recreating the sensations he'd experienced whilst being fucked the night
 Eventually, the Cadet regained his strength and began to move once more.
Slowly his foot crept out towards the end of the dildo and pushed on it
until Terry grunted. "You know what I'm going to do Army-boy," he said, "I'm
going to fuck you right up your cute little arsehole. That's what I'm going
to do. And," he spat into his hand, "to make sure you ain't going to enjoy
it I'm going to sort you out first."
 Reaching for Terry's exposed penis the youth held it straight up in one had
while the other rubbed the over it in a cupping motion. Soon, however the
spit dried out and the dry rubbing started to warm up the head of Terry's
young prick.
 "It hurts!" Terry groaned.
 "Of course it does," the cadet laughed, "And it's going to hurt a lot worse
than this too. You should see what happens we all does it to the new kids
when they joins up."
 In about a minute or so Terry couldn't care less about any other kid
because the pain had turned to fire. It felt as if his penis had been
emerged in firewater yet the cadet went right on doing what he had been
doing, grabbing the thirteen-year-old's prick with one hand and rubbing the
 Then to Terry's surprise. When he thought he was about to faint from the
pain, the boy shot his load. Jets like waterfalls spurted up from his abused
organ, stopping the burning instantly, and the rubbing.
 "That's that." the Cadet said cleaning his hand in Terry's hair before
moving down to where he could kneel behind the boy's forcefully legs. "Now,"
he said, "you're going to get the fucking of a lifetime!"
 "N-nooo! Please! Mister, Master. Don't!"
 "Tough." The youth laughed his nasty laugh, reached up and placed a hand on
each of the sawhorse legs, right next to where the young limbs were secured
to them. Pushing back he raised the dual sets of legs up and Terry's arms
down with his arsehole high up in the air, prime to be fucked.
 "No please!" Terry repeated.
 In reply to this impassioned plea the youth simply snapped his fingers
against the flesh to silence the boy. "You don't mean that." he sneered,
"You want your Master to fuck your Army-boy arse. Go on. Ask me. Beg me!"
 His pinching fingers slipped lower to clasp a single testicle within the
silken, hairless sac and began to squeeze harder and harder. "Go on. Say
 "No! Oooowww-ch! Please. Noooo!" the pressure increased. "Okay. Okay. I'll
do it. Please fuck me." The boy sobbed. "Please fuck my bum,. Fuck me hard.
 Smiling the youth bent his head down and spat onto the head of his own
enlarged organ, rubbing the saliva all over. Then, abruptly, he changed his
mind and wiped it off again. "You know what?" he said, "I'm going to fuck
you bone dry just like your bastard army brat mates did to me when I tried
to break in here back when I was a kid and, they was a hell of a lot bigger
than me, so I'm going to have to do it hard an' all to make up for it."
 Steadily the youth jacked his prick as he remembered. "Imagine it," he
continued to say, "there is was no more than nine when they got me trying to
get over the fence. They said I couldn't wear no uniform cos I wasn't in the
army so they stripped it off me, right there in the middle of the street.
Tied me up and marched me back to their dorm."
 He inched forward on his knees until his prick touched the rim of Terry's
arsehole. Guiding it with his hand he left it nuzzled in nice and snug while
reached up and grabbed the top of the two nearest sawhorse legs. In that
position he finished his tale. "They tossed over the end of one of their
beds and held me there while the all took it in turns stuffing themselves up
my arse. Hurt like shit it did. That's what I'm going to do to you, right
 As the final words left his lips he pushed down hard and with a horrible
forward lunge he sank his entire prick right the way inside the captive boy.
 Fireworks exploded inside Terry's head as his insides were scrapped raw. He
twisted and turned but that only made things worse. The weight of the youth
barring down on both the sawhorse and him, made him pass out for a second
and, when he came to, it was to the sensations he been craving all this
time. Of a wild and hungry prick being rammed in and out of his wanton hole.
 Laying down full length on the boy the youth was able to clamp his mouth
onto Terry's. His tongue soon pushed passed what little resistance Terry
held in reserve. His teeth locking onto the lower lip as he gave his final
three lunges that filled the boy with cum and made him pass out into the
 When he came around Terry was untied and separated from the sawhorse. His
entire body ached from the stiffness of being tied up for so long but, also
his prick remained solid to his abdomen. Harder than it had ever been.
 Scrambling to his feet despite the pain Terry quickly righted the sawhorse
and climbed back onto it. The dildo back inside his throbbing arsehole he no
longer imagined it to be that of his mother's boyfriend but of the Army
cadet. Bending over the sawhorse he became a younger version of the boy,
buckled over a bed having his arse rutted by the sex hungry cadets one after
the other. Folding his hands under his belly, loosely bound in rope, he
imagined then tied to each other and his prick, which they grasped in a
death's hold as the phantom fucking forced it to pump through his fists
until his cum soaked into the timber and he finally completed what he'd set
out to do. Happy and more than a little enlightened.

Chapter 22: Parental Consent

When Terry arrived home that evening exhausted with nothing more on his mind
than retiring to bed for some well earned sleep. Fortunately, for this to
succeed, his mother had, somehow had the foresight to go out and, informing
her son, via the note pinned to his bedroom door, that she wouldn't be back
until very late.
 Pleased by this Terry wasted no time in doing exactly as he had planned.
Racing to his room as fast as his aching legs would allow, he stripped out
of his outer clothes and headed, in a headlong dive, for his bed. Only it
wasn't empty.
 "Wondered when you'd get here?" said his mother's boyfriend folding back
the covers on the boy's own bed. "Why don't you join me."
 Fearing what would happen to his rear if it was forced to undergo another
spanking, Terry did as he was told finding the previous warmed bed strangely
comforting as was the presence of the man by his side.
 For ten minutes of more the man and boy lay on their backs next to each
other without saying a word yet neither making the slightest attempt to
sleep. Then, gradually, one of the large hands began to move. Slowly, it
worked its way up from the mattress and across, before landing, directly on
the youngster's groin, fondling the already hard penis. When Terry didn't
complain his own hand was seized and moved across the much larger organ and,
once more in silence the strange couple masturbated each other.
 Then, the last thing Terry expected to happen, happened. His mother's macho
boyfriend who had previously taken anything he could from the boy, ducked
his head under the covers and sucked the thirteen-year-old to an orgasm that
flooded his mouth so violently that the adult was in danger of choking.
 "Fancy something to eat." the man offered licking his lips. "Come on," he
said holding Terry's hand, "Let's have a wash and some dinner."
 Terry couldn't believe it and, despite his initial suspicion soon found
himself taking turns soaping and rinsing off in the shower stall with a man
who, only a few hours earlier, had viciously raped him. After that, the did
just what the man had said, going to the kitchen where the boy sat and
watched as a meal was prepared for him and which he eat, just as he was:
 "Don't worry about the washing up." the boy was told as he started the
chore, "we can do it later. Let's play some games in the garage. Come on."
 Thinking it a strange place for games, Terry, nevertheless followed the
large man out, through the side door of the house and around back of the
house where his mother's assigned garage  was situation. All through this
short journey he was conscious of his nudity but, seeing that the man wasn't
he barely gave it a thought until they were safe inside the concrete walls.

If Terry had been given course to think about it he might have wondered what
the man had been doing in the house by himself but, no sooner where they
inside the garage then the unasked question was answered. Climbing onto a
prepared stool the adult slipped aside two of the acoustic ceiling panels
and exposed the twin bolts driven into the steel RSJ as if they had always
been there.
 Working rapidly, two lengths of leather tethering cord were passed through
the newly provided and allowed to dangle into the garage. Then, the man
reached further into the roof space, and drew out two other items that he
brought to the boy's attention.
 "What are they for?" Terry asked, unable to help himself.
 "For you." the man simply said, "Your mum's told me how you like such
things. Come over here and try them out."
 Terry didn't move.
 "Go on," he was encouraged, "You loved it up in the bedroom the other
night, didn't you and, by the looks of your bum, you often play like this.
So, come on, don't be shy."
 Reluctantly, but expectantly, Terry stood himself beneath the raised figure
and extended his arms up so they could be encircled by the leather
restraints that too, were threaded onto the tethering cord until he was
suspended by his wrists, pulled to their furthest extent.
 Now, taking his time, the man climbed from the stool and returned it to a
corner before kneeling at the boy's feet and attaching matching restraints
to each ankle, connected by a short length of chain. Only when he rose back
to his feet, did he speak.
 "See, you are enjoying it." he paused to flick the thirteen-year-old's
erection. "Let's move things up a bit, shall we."
 Terry hissed as each of the clothespins was slipped onto his stiff little
nipples and gasped as the steel choke chain tightened around his testicles,
weighed down by the small weight now swinging freely between his lightly
coloured thighs.
 "Now," said the man standing back to admire his work, "Don't you look a
picture. Having fun?"
 Terry didn't answer.
 "I asked you a question boy: are you enjoying yourself?"
 "Yes sir," he muttered.
 "Good," the man smiled, "In that case you won't mind if I go and get the
house ready for when your mum comes home then, will you. See you in a bit.
Don't go away now." And, laughing at his own joke, the man left the boy
hanging there.

When the garage door next open the adult was hot and sweaty from an hours
work, tidying the house, making beds, and washing up. He was, however, far
from unhappy about the situation, especially when he saw how Terry's eager
young penis still towered up, tight against his straining belly, from all
the sexual bondage.
 "Having fun?" he asked rhetorically, "Fancy something to remember this by?"
 Suddenly the camera's flash blinded the boy and continued to do so as the
man circled him, photographing his bound, and excited body from every angle.
 "Very good." the man admired the prints, "These will fit in nicely with
your mum's collection."
 Terry's head shot up.
 "Oh didn't you know about that." the man laughed, "Oh yes, many nights me
and your mum look at you all tied up and helpless with a big red bum. And,
do you know what boy... if you every tell anyone about what me and your mum
do then these, " he waved the photographs in front of Terry's face, "will
find themselves distributed all over the camp so every red blooded soldier
will want a bit of your arse. Understand me."
 His head sinking - but his pricklet remaining hard from the image of a
squadie gang-bang - Terry agreed.
 "Good," the man said, "Now I'm going to show you what it's like to really
like to be the sex slave you play at."
 "Please!" Terry begged suddenly frightened by this new turn of events, "Let
me go now. I've got to go to the toilet."
 "NO!" the man snapped, "You don't. You need to go to the toilet when I say
you do. You're going to stay right where you are until you've learnt some
manners and, in case you think of dirtying yourself, I'll stop you."
 A few minutes later Terry's body was twisting and turning in its restraints
from the application of the three new items to his already tortured body.
His mouth stuffed full of a rubber plug, strapped round the back of his
head, he'd been unable to scream as a sharp crack on his knob-end dropped
his penis down enough for the clip to fasten shut his foreskin. After which,
the shoving of a medium sized dildo up his rectum was only a minor
discomfort although the strapping he then received al the way around his
body was something else. Eventually, he was left alone in his misery.

When the man next returned Terry would have done agreed and done anything to
be released from the bondage he was trapped in. Much to his relief, once
this was established, his wrist restraints were detached from the ceiling
tethers but not from his arms. Instead, a short length tied them together.
 "Get down on all fours boy," the man ordered, "arse up high."
 Terry, did although he winced from the movement and the solid incursion
still rammed high up inside him. Quickly he signed the paper put before him
that, it said, gave his parents permission to do what they wanted to him.
That done, there only remained one part of the operation to take place and
that was the one the man had been most looking forward to. Keeping the boy
just where he was, he dug his fingers into the bruised buttocks and up into
the lad's hole, ripping the red hot dildo out. However Terry was to receive
no relief form this, for no sooner was the dildo out of him that the man's
outsized prick had replaced it, fucking back and forth through his stretched
hole until it filled him up with enough cum to splash out and run down his

Chapter 23: Remember When

"So," Mrs, Diamond said to her lover, "You were right then. Terry does love
that stuff."
 "Of course," the man replied, climbing into bed beside her, "all boys of
his age do."
 "Including you!" she teased.
 "Of course."
 "Tell me, lover. Go on, make me hot."
 "Okay," he laughed, "perhaps we should call the boy in so he can hear as
 They laughed at the suggestion but, probably wouldn't have been so happy
had they known Terry was listening anyway. Now, tucked up in bed, his body
smarting from the recent work out, the thirteen year old could think of no
better way to cheer himself up than to listen to an account of  his
perspective step father suffering. And, shuffling closer to the dividing
wall, that's just what he did.

I had just turned eleven when my father made me join the local soccer club
even though I hated the game with every fibre of my being. There was,
however, one thing which I did enjoy about it and that was the showers at
the end of each game or practise. Of course, that was the first time I got
to see so many other boys all naked together as, at school, all the showers
were private little cubicles, not so at the soccer club, there we all got in
together and I could feast my eye over all the hot little pubescent bodies I
wanted to.
 Now, I had to be careful not to be caught staring and, consequently often
had to have the water turned ice cold so my little stick would stiffen up as
the boys weren't too kind those they thought to be queer having left the
last one spread-eagled in the showers with a sock in his mouth and his
football boots hanging from his nuts while they took turns flicking wet
towels at his arse. Not that this stopped me being the last out of the
showers and, in fact, I wouldn't leave until all the others had, with the
same one always leaving right before me.
 His name was Lucas and he was somewhat older and more muscular than the
rest of us being the coach's son and a sort of unofficial assistant. Mind
you, he can't have been more than thirteen but, amongst us eleven-year-olds
that made him almost an OAP especially as he was a bit of a tough bastard
and something of a bully. It was, for example, Lucas who'd come up with the
idea of how to punish the other boy in the showers. He was a big boy full of
muscles everywhere over his mainly hairless torso. Of course, at his age,
he'd just started puberty and, already his dick and bolocks were bigger than
everybody else's and he had something none else did. Hair around his groin.
Not much, just a few whispy strands, but, like I said, when mixed with us
little boys, it was very impressive.
 I think I'm right in saying that all the boys looked up to Lucas and all
would have loved to have been his friend but it was me he picked after he
had led us to an euphoric victory over our nearest rivals. As usual just me
and him remained in the showers as the other kids moved out towards the
party being organised by the coaches of the two teams who were old rivals.
 As usual I sneaked my usual peek at Lucas once we were alone and was pretty
much taken back by what I saw. Not only was he looking right back at me but
he had his dick in his hand and was stroking it. Without missing a jerk on
his length he turned his shower off and walked over so that we both stood
under the one jet of water. Naturally now I had a close look at his prick
which had turned a darker shade of pink than the rest of his tanned body and
clearly pulsed in his hand. It hadn't grown much longer during its erection
but it had got thicker, almost as thick as some of the smaller kids' wrists!
 "Ain't you going to the food?" he asked, mercifully breaking the awkward
 "No!" I said, not even looking up at his face - he was slightly taller than
me - but right down at his dick, not even attempting to hide what I was
doing. And, of course, by then, my own prepubescent, and quite bald pee-pee
was at full attention, all four inches of it.
 "Cute dick!" Lucas said suddenly, flicking me with his index finger, making
my pee-pee, quiver, "Real nice!"
 "Ow!" I uttered as the flicks started to smart.
 Smiling a strange smile Lucas said the first words that should had warned
me something was up and, had I not been so infatuated with his dick they
probably would have. After all, what else could he have meant when he said,
"Pain is good."
 I looked up into his face for the first time waiting for an explanation of
what he was talking about only to feel something tugging on my pee-pee. I
didn't have to look down to know it was Lucas' hand, wanking me off. my
knees became weak and my legs decided to give up sending me crashing into
his arms.
 Swiftly Lucas caught me and held me tight while his hard, throbbing dick,
drilled a hold in my tummy. Then, before I knew what he was up to, he'd
grabbed my head in his hands and was kissing my lips, hard. His tongue
rammed inside my mouth so roughly it made my gums bleed. The scared little
boy in me tried to pull away but, I couldn't. And, it suddenly came clear to
me that this was going to happen whether I wanted it to , or not and, for
some reason I didn't then understand, that sent me into a raging orgasm
that, if I'd been able would have shot cum right the way across the room.
 "This," Lucas said when I came back to earth, "Is where it gets fun."
 Suddenly he released his hold on me and I dropped onto my little bum, right
over the floor drain.
 "Lie on you back," he ordered and I did without hesitation even though I
didn't have the faintest idea what he was going to do.
 Standing over me, Lucas grabbed his thirteen-year-old erection and aimed it
down towards my chest and face and, as he complained about drinking too much
water at half-time, I realised what he was going to do. Strangely, as the
first droplets of his warm piss fell on my chest, I felt a burst of
revulsion accompanied with a naughty sensation that surged right into my
 The droplets promptly became a powerful jet stream, that moved up from my
chest and sent the hot, golden piss into my freckled face. I closed my mouth
but could still  taste the piss as it bounced off my chin and sprayed up my
nose. Yet still, it kept on coming, Lucas spraying his fireman's hose up and
down and back and forth, showering me with the tart yellow juice until my
hair was completely drenched and I smelled like a toilet floor. Yet, I was
still hard. Still turned on, despite the way I felt dirt and used.
 After what seemed like an eternity, Lucas' bladder was finally empty and he
fell to his knees over my face and shoved his seemingly huge dick into my
comparatively small mouth, so the last few drops of his piss trickled down
my tongue. Then, as he started to harden once more, he grabbed my hair and
started to fuck my face.
 I choked on it, coming dangerously close to vomiting. It hurt like hell and
I couldn't breathe so I tried to push him off me with every ounce of my
eleven-year-old strength but that only seemed to excite him further and he
continued to ram the cricket bat handle into my mouth, making me both cough
and gasp for air.
 "Suck my dick!" he yelled as he finally got the last bit into my mouth and
his bollocks slapped against my chin.
 Soon a steady rhythm was established and I could relax slightly. My body
was numb but I was tingling all over. Yes, I was enjoying it. Loving it
even. My rigid little pee-pee spasming in a second orgasm just as someone
else walked in the showers.
 "What the fuck are you doing, Lucas?" yelled Colin, the coach's eldest son.
 Somewhat preoccupied the thirteen-year-old didn't miss a beat and continued
to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth. I, on the other had, nearly lost
control of my bladder as a picture of how the other team members, not to
mention my parents, would react to reports of my sucking dick in the
showers. Meanwhile the fifteen-year-old walked over to stand beside his
 "How many times has dad told us not to fuck with the kids on his team?"
 "It's cool, Colin," Lucas panted, "There all eating."
 The bigger teenager thought about this for a couple of seconds and then
dropped his shorts to display an even bigger prick than his brother, "In
that case," he said, "In that case you won't mind if I join in, will you?
Reckon he's had it up him before?"
 "Doubt it." Lucas said like I wasn't there.
 "Good!" Colin agreed and violently pushed his kid brother off me and yanked
me up by the hair,  and shoved me out into the gym the changing room also
served.  "Lucas," he shouted, "Get me something to warm his arse with, you
know I don't like no cold fuck."
 "No please," I begged but it made no difference to Colin he just went on
doing just what he wanted to do which, at that moment was to push me, face
down over the vaulting horse. In fact he didn't so much as push me over it
but lift me up and throw me over it as it was too high for me to bend over
it by myself.
 "Please! Please don't hurt me!" I continued to beg but that only seemed to
turn Colin on more and he paid less and less attention to me, treating me in
just the same way his brother had, like a lump of meat fit only to do
whatever he wanted which, at that moment was to lie still and do nothing.
 Of course, I couldn't just lie there and do nothing while this big hunk of
a kid did whatever he had in mind to my poor defenceless little body but,
then again, the hardness of my little pee-pee made me wonder if I truly did.
However, the option was soon taken from me as Colin pulled my hands behind
my back and tied them together with a handy length of skipping rope cord he
had in the pocket of his shorts. He didn't however, simply tie my wrists but
most of the forearm as well, so that it was like I had my arms crossed. This
pulled at my shoulders something horrible and meant I couldn't move my hands
more than a fraction of an inch from the small of my back, and, even that
made my groin pulse.
 The padding of bare footsteps on the highly polished gym floor announced
Lucas's arrival although subtly wasn't his intention as his yelling of, "Are
these any good?" to his brother amply demonstrated.
 "Brilliant!" Colin said taking one of the offered Ping-Pong bats, "these'll
bring up his arse good and rosy."
 Only then, when I twisted my head around and saw the pair of the them
judging the distance between their arms and my bottom, did I realise what
they were going to do to me and I begged them not to.
 "Don't worry about it, little man," Colin laughed, "Getting a good spanking
before hand always makes it feel better, don't it Lucas?"
 "Sure does!" the thirteen-year-old confirmed giving me a mind's eye view of
him in my current predicament while his big brother saw to his arse, on both
the inside and out.
 The first blow from Colin Ping-Pong paddle smashed the erotic vision I'd
 The second one, from Lucas, this time, struck just as the flash of heat
from the first was raising to the surface of my bum.
 Swot! Swot!
 They came in pairs after that with Lucas rapidly following his big
brother's example.
 Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot!
 Although they each struck at a different cheek and, given that Colin was
obviously the more muscular of the two, the entire surface of my arse was
soon on fire.
 Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot!
 Faster and faster the paddles landed on my arse as my legs flapped
helplessly in the air, unable to do anything to stop the worst spanking I'd
ever had.
 Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot!
 I'd have cried. I'd have shouted. I'd have begged for mercy if I'd thought
it would do any good but, as it was, even in my young naiveté, I realised
that this would have turned the Coach's boys on even more. Mind you, as it
was, I doubt my mouth and throat, so recently fucked my Lucas's prick, would
have been able to make much sense anyway.
 Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot!
 It was only after I'd become accustomed - although not comfortable with -
the relentless arse whacking they gave me that I became aware of my own
hardness. Once more, under the most extreme of circumstances, my little
pee-pee had transformed itself from a skinny little worm into a
comparatively large stick that rubbed itself against the vaulting horse's
padding as my hips were pounded back and forth.
 Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot! Swot!
 My sobs and moans soon changed themselves into croaks and groans as I
effectively fucked the top of the horse which, apparently, was the signal
Colin had been waiting for.
 "That'll do!" he said, catching his brother's arm in mid-flight, "It's time
I had myself some virgin boy-bum."
 Laughing, Lucas surrounded his prize and asked if he'd get dibs on seconds
up my arse which he was duly given.
 Through tear stained eyes I watched as Colin peeled himself from the
remainder of his clothes to and spit on the head of his enormous prick,
carefully skinning back the thick folds of foreskin from the bulbous head.
 Now, although I knew, even at that age, that some boys liked to play about
with each other's pee-pee's I didn't really know what it was all about.
Lucas stuffing his thirteen-year-old erection into my mouth had been a
surprise but feeling his bigger brother's fingers trying to stuff themselves
up my arsehole was completely out of my comprehension. It didn't last long,
for which I was grateful, yet my little hole had next to no time to relax
before it was under an even greater assault.
 I admit that, Colin's fingers hadn't felt all that bad moving about inside
me, once I'd got over the initial entry, of course and, they had, tickled
sensitive parts of me I didn't even know I had. However, when he tried to
stuff his knob-end into me, it hurt like hell and I twisted and turned as
much as I could in order to escape the pressure being bought to bare on my
arse hole. Of course, that only turned my teenage rapists on even more and
Colin's fingers really dug into my sides as he endeavoured to keep himself
lined up on my hole yet, no matter how much he pushed forward I, somehow,
managed to keep myself closed against him. That is, until he stooped push
and started pulling.
 This time, once he was correctly lined up Colin braced his knees against
the side of the vaulting horse and yanked backwards with his hands. Before I
knew what was going on, I was dragged from the top of the horse and actually
lifted into mid air before gravity had its way with me and, with all my
weight transferred to a single point, mixing with the shock the inevitable
happened. I lost control.
 In that one savage movement, Colin savagely impaled me all the way down on
his ramrod. I'd never known such sharp pain and my entire body went limp,
flopping down onto the vaulting horse with a thump. Only Colin wasn't
finished. With me crying like the little boy I really was he fucked my
virgin little eleven-year-old arsehole for all he was worth. Dragging his
entire length right back before plunging it right back inside my helpless
little body again. Over and over again while Lucas cheered him on from the
sidelines in-between begging for his turn.
 After only a few minutes of furious pumping Colin shot his load deep inside
me and surrounded his prime spot to his kid brother who wasted no time in
plunging his prick into my arsehole. Colin wasn't finished however, because,
he circled the vaulting horse and dragged my gasping mouth down onto his
semi-hard prick. I grimaced at the taste of my own arse yet secretly
savoured the taste of the randy youth's prick as he shoved it deep into my
throat in a mirror image of the one being rammed up my arsehole.

"What happened afterwards." Mrs. Diamond asked, her right hand pleasing
herself, "Did Lucas and Colin get into trouble?"
 "Of course not. I couldn't tell on them. Boys don't do that sort of thing."
 "Didn't they do it again then. To you, I mean?"
 "No," the man replied, "not really. Oh there were the occasional spankings
and I did get to suck Lucas' dick a few more times but there was never
anything like that first time again."
 "Why not? If, like you said, all boys get off on that stuff?"
 "Not only boys either, is it dear?" The man laughed, replacing the woman's
hand with his own before correcting himself. "I said I never did it with
Lucas and Colin again but that doesn't mean that I didn't do it. You see,
the brothers were slowly working their way through the entire team one by
one, only they usually did it away from the gym, when they could be certain
of being on their own. They only ever did any boy once and that, naturally,
left a load of us hungry for more so, we turned to each other and that, is
how I know all boys love being tied up and made to do stuff because there
wasn't one kid on that team - and I stayed on the team until I was nearly
seventeen and in Colin's old job - that didn't get off on being stripped,
spanked and forced to suck a teenage cock or take it up the arse. Some even
demanded to be tied up before they'd do it. So, you see, Terry, ain't so
unusual after all."
 "So it would seem." the boy's mother agreed as did the boy himself,
silently, in the next room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - -
The story ends here.
There is NO MORE so please don't ask!

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