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Myrtle Beach Vacation 1&2/2 (mf, mmf)

The kids were away at school. Dotty had just finished an
assertiveness training seminar sponsored by her company.
That, her boss assured her, would lead to a group manager's
job. Almost as good was the news that my publisher
accepted the proposal for my latest novel.

Life was good.

We decided to spend some of my advance and celebrate
with a long weekend at the Hilton Resort at Myrtle Beach:
we'd play golf, see some shows, and have some quality time
together. It was a suitable reward  for getting things right.

Even though it was raining, it only took a half hour to drive
to the hotel from the airport. We drove by one kind of
entertainment opportunity after another. The  Carolina
Opery, The Palace, Broadway at the Beach, The Crazy
Horse Saloon: it went on and on.  Rain or not, we wouldn't
be bored.

We checked into our suite early. We were sitting in the
lounge by noon, talking, and planning the rest of the three
days we were taking. The rain was enough to make us
abandon our afternoon tee time, although we did see that
Arcadian Shores, the golf course associated with the hotel,
was getting a lot of play. Golfers are nuts, we decided.
Ordinary people, and even farm animals, know enough to
come out of the rain. . But this lounge, with its view of both
the course and the ocean, was nice, and intimate. It was a
different environment for us. We'd passed some milestones
recently, and we were reluctant to break the mood. We
talked about our kids, our marriage, and us.

Then, the conversation took an odd turn.

 "Bob,  I've always been confident of you and our marriage,"
Dotty said.

"Me too, Dotty."

"I've wondered, though, have you ever screwed around?"

Where'd that come from? There was no warning. If we were
on the golf course, she should have shouted  "Fore". In
other circumstances there'd have been other warnings.  I
didn't hear "Track!", or  "Fire in the hole!". No "Incoming",
no "Clear!", or "Jibe Ho!", either. There was no warning at

My mouth, I realized, was open. I closed it. "Uh, where did
that come from? Why do you ask - have you?" That was a
reflexive, and defensive, response. I hate not being upfront,
and before the statement was out of my mouth I promised
myself  I wouldn't do that again.

"It comes from assertiveness training, Bob. And as for me
screwing around,  no, not really, but you haven't answered.
What about you?"

"Same answer as yours, honey. Not really, but almost."

"So, we each have had 'almosts.'"

"I guess so", I allowed.

"Confession is good for the soul. We have nothing to do the
rest of today. Let's stay here for a while," she said. "I'd like
to know what happened to you. Tell me about it."

Well, it was too wet for outdoor stuff, and maybe I'd learn
something new about my wife, too.

"OK, with a couple of conditions," I said. "We gotta agree
we've got a solid marriage, and there's no back-lash, OK?"

"Sure," she said, with a gleam in her eye.  She extended her
hand. "It's a deal! Now talk, buster. Tell me how you 'almost'
screwed around."

Our hands joined - but I resisted the handshake. "And you
have to tell me about your 'almost', too."

She initiated the handshake. We had a deal.

"You first, though" she demanded/requested.

"All right. It happened a couple of years ago."

"Mine, too."

"Oh". I'll remember that.

"It was two years ago, in the hotel lounge  there at LAX.
Remember when I was there selling  that screen play?"

"Yeah - I also remember a horny husband who came home
from that trip!"

"That's the trip. You already know I did most of the
negotiations with Betty?"

"Yes - but you sold it to the company she and her brother
represented. - it was her????" ."

"Not quite. Anyhow, we were in the lounge after we signed
off on the thing. Remember that nice check I brought home?
Well, her husband was supposed to meet us there, we'd
celebrate, I'd kill a couple of hours and come home on the
red eye."

"I remember the check."

"What happened was we were sitting side by side having a
drink when her husband came and sat beside her. He
seemed OK and congratulated us on getting a hard deal
done. We shook hands, he ordered a round of drinks, and
he sat beside his wife.

"She had been sitting close to me before he got there - I
could feel her leg along mine, but hell, we were waiting for
her husband - I didn't think anything of it, and enjoyed the
contact. I was away from you for most of a week, damn it."

"You  don't have to make excuses, honey - all is forgiven.
But damn it, tell me what happened!"

I wasn't at all sure what had gotten into my usually diffident
wife. She moved from the chair facing me to the bench seat
beside me,  and I could feel pressure from her leg, too.
"What's happening here?" I asked.

"Partly, it's that damned management training program -
we've been talking about assertiveness, not being afraid to
do what you want.. One part of the training's homework  is to
do something very assertive, almost outrageous, just to see
what it feels like. I  don't want to talk about that any more. I
want to talk about this! Was she sitting like this?"

Talk about assertive!


Dotty had a funny expression on her face. "Show me what

The waiter responded to her wave and brought a couple
more drinks.

"We're drinking too much!"

"No excuses - keep talking!"

"Sit closer."

She moved closer.

"Put your hand in your lap under the table."

She did.

"I could tell there was something going on between Betty
and her husband. His hand was under the table, and she
was fidgeting around. Anyhow, after a couple of drinks, I felt
her hand on my leg - yes,  just like that. After a while she
moved it and just stroked at my thigh. Yeah, like that."

"Did you get a hard-on?"

"Just like the one you're causing."

"What happened next?"

"I put my hand under the table, too, and covered hers, and
stopped her from moving it higher. I thought she was going
to touch my crotch!" I demonstrated, holding her hand, too,
because it was also meandering crotchward..

"I'm glad you stopped her. But her husband was sitting right

"I know. She took  my wrist, and put my hand on HER knee.
Her skirt was pulled up enough so my hand  was right on
panty hose.   Like this," I took her hand, moved both hers
and mine to her knee, and finger walked her skirt higher so I
was really touching her nylon clad leg.

Dotty looked at me, eyes wide, mouth a little open, her
tongue moistening her lips. She was really into this.

I continued. "I looked at Betty - they were both looking at
me, and smiling. Her husband leaned over and kissed her. I
tried to pull my hand away  but she was holding it really tight
on her leg . I could feel her kind of twitching, and I realized
he was probably touching her other leg. Then, he reached a
little more, and grabbed at my hand, and hers. I could feel
his fingers, and they felt wet!

"He looked at me and said 'We'd like to book a room here
and celebrate, like this,' and he took my  my wrist, and both
of them moved my hand  up her leg, like this."

I demonstrated, sliding my hand along her inner thigh,
higher, and higher. Dotty's eyes dilated, there was a sharp
intake of breath, as my hand actually touched her crotch. I
didn't understand her reaction, I'd touched her there a
million times before. But, damn it, it was exciting me, too.

"What happened?" she whispered.

" I didn't know what to do.  I found out she wasn't wearing
panty hose, but just stockings and a garter belt, and she
wasn't wearing anything else under there either, and she set
her knees wide apart."

"What happened?"

"Honey, when I touched skin  and her pubic hair I realized
her husband was touching her there - right here"- I
demonstrated by pressing into her crotch with my hand  - "I
pulled my hand away. I told them I appreciated the offer, but
I was married and didn't want to screw that up."

"What happened?"

"I left, and waited at the gate for my flight, and  took the red
eye home, and screwed you for hours. I never saw them

"That explains why you were so horny. Honey, any regrets?"

"Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like if I
took them up on their offer: she was very pretty, and I never
was in a threesome. . ."


"Well, Dotty, that's as close as I ever got. It's your turn."

"I don't want to talk about that here. Let's go to our room."

It took just a few seconds to close out our tab, and have the
barman get room service to take a bottle of Asti to our room.
It was beginning to look like we'd be staying on the hotel
grounds all day! We went up with the room service guy,
signed off on the wine, and went into the suite. We had a
two room suite: the living room was off the main door. That
was separated from the bedroom by a bathroom and small
kitchenette. The bedroom , with two queen sized  beds,
opened onto a balcony that overlooked the ocean.

Dotty sat on the sofa in the living room and  motioned me to
sit beside her.

"Well?" I still wanted to know what happened to her.

"Remember the company Christmas party two years ago -
the last one I went to, it was the one you didn't go to?"

"Yeah. . ."

"Remember Ralph, that 30 year old fast track guy in

"Yeah.. ."

"He was really on a roll that party. Like, he carried around
some mistletoe, put it over people's heads, and kissed

"Do you specifically mean, your head?"

"Yeah, a bunch of times. Actually, it was nice being chased
by that handsome young stud.  I liked the attention."

"Keep going."

"Towards the end of the party he told me he had a bottle of
great brandy in his office he wanted to bring to the party,
and asked me to go help him get it."

"Help him? You went?"

"Sure. It was an office party, I didn't think anything of it.
Yeah, I went.

"Anyhow, we went to his office. It was right near mine, and
close to the executive waiting room. Everything was closed
up, there was no one around. He held my hand and he went
into his office. He got the brandy and a couple of glasses,
and we started to go through the waiting room. He was still
holding my hand, and he pulled me to a stop. He sat on the
sofa there and pulled me down, too."


"Yes, he knew what he wanted more than I did. He said we
should test the brandy. He poured some, and we drank it.
After that he stood up - I started to, too, so we could go back
to the party. But he told me to wait a minute. There was a
floor lamp that reached over the sofa. That was the night
light for the area. It was the only light on. He took some
mistletoe out of his pocket, put it on the lamp and smirked.
He asked me if I knew what that meant. I told him I thought
it meant the mistletoe would catch on fire, so he turned off
the light!"

"I don't like this story!"

"Well, I liked what was happening. It was fun. But, you really
won't like this part. It was really dark there. He sat beside
me, and started kissing me again."

"That's OK, I guess. You're a beautiful woman, under
mistletoe, you should be kissed."

"Well, honey, I kissed him back."

"Oh. Well, it was Christmas. You should have. Uh, maybe
you should show me how you kissed him."

Betty put my arms around her - had me lean towards her -
kissed me, open mouth, for a long time. The touch of her
tongue on mine was electric, even though it was, for us,
common place.

"Then  he pushed me down. . ."

She leaned to the side, and pretty soon  we were side by
side, she was trapped between me and the sofa back.

"He pushed me back, like that - and I could feel that he had
a hard on."

"Then what happened?"

"He moved his hand like this" she demonstrated, and my
hand was between us, caressing her breast.

"Did you stop him?"

"Not then."

"Oh." I didn't realize until then I was getting erect. I was, and
my erection got bigger.

"What happened next?"

"After a while he moved that hand to my leg" - she guided
my hand down over her belly to her hip to her dress covered
leg - "like that."


"He tried to get under my dress, but I stopped him, like this:"
Her hand that had been guiding mine  grabbed my wrist, and
brought it back between us,  to her breast..

"You were being good!"

"Well, I did kind of like having him touch my breast - you
know, they're very sensitive."

This was my wife talking to me!

"What happened then?"

"After a while, he took my hand in his,  and made me do
this. . ."

She took my hand, and lead both of our hands  to my crotch.

"And I kind of let him move my hand so I was stroking him
like this for a little while."

My now aching cock felt her fingers moving lightly over my
pants, touching, measuring the level of my excitement.

"He tried to get under my dress again ", she demonstrated,
"and I stopped him again" her hand left my crotch, took my

"He stopped that, so I just hugged and kissed him for a
while" she showed me how, kissing lips, moving my head so
she could kiss at my ear, my neck, and in turn, turning so
that those sensitive parts of her head could be kissed, too.

"He put his hands between us" -- she moved mine down
between us --"but he wasn't grabbing at me, I didn't know
what he was doing."

"But then, while he was kissing me,  he took my hand again,
and moved it like this." It went slowly over my hip, back to
my crotch. "He had opened his pants, his cock was sticking
out, and he put my hand to it!!!" Betty had slipped her hand
into my pants, and was touching mine at the same time she
told the story.

"What did you do???"

"I was, I don't know, kind of shocked! But, it felt so nice, and
so wicked, that for a couple of minutes I just held it and
stroked him" - she had my zipper down and my cock out
"while we kissed, and he was touching my breast through
my dress".

"What happened!!!"

"He got his hand into the neckline of that party dress I wore -
you know the one with the scoop neckline, and started
touching me directly. I let him touch me for a while, but
when he tried to get under my dress again I stopped him."

"Dotty, you touching his naked cock, and he was playing
with your tits!"

"I know. But then I got up, and ran out, and came home.
That's why I didn't go to any more company parties."

"That's some story, honey," I said, relaxing, but still as horny
as I could be. Not bad, I thought, being that horny with a
woman I've been married to for 18 years.

"Yeah. I often wonder, though. . ."

"Wonder what?"

"Well, what would have happened if I didn't stop him. He
really got me excited!"

"I don't have any doubt  about what would have happened,
at all!"

"Honey " - she kissed me - "show me what you think would
have happened."

I kissed her back: "You mean, act it out?"

Her hips were making little motions against mine. My wife
was completely aroused.

"Yeah, act it out. Please. If you do, I'll act out something for
you, too - or do whatever you  want."

I'd do nearly anything to please my wife.

I got up from the sofa. Got one of the artificial flowers from
the vase. "Mistletoe", I explained.

I hooked it on the frame of the picture over the sofa. Got two
more glasses of wine, and gave one to my wife.

She watched me over the rim of the glass as we both drank.

I turned out the light, but the room was still pretty light: it
was mid afternoon. "I don't want the mistletoe to catch on
fire", I said.

"That's good, I don't think I want us to be interrupted"; was
her reply.

I kissed her.

"This would have happened!"

We were kissing, and moving, until once again she was
lying, trapped between me and the sofa back.

I kissed her, moved my hand to her breast.

I felt her hold my hand to her, felt her hips moving against
my groin.

I moved my hand from her breast, to the buttons on her

"But I'm married", she muttered.

I had several buttons undone by then, so now my hand was
inside the dress, feeling, touching,  her breast through her

"It's Christmas, this happens all the time, and I like doing
this with a married woman,  and no one will ever know. . ." I
said, kissing, touching, getting into the role, and feeling her

I knew her bra unfastened in front. "Help me with your bra."

"I shouldn't - my husband would kill me" she said, but her
hands met at her cleavage, where her dress was
unbuttoned, and  there was a motion, and her hands and
arms were around me again, and my hand found the bra

I've had sex with this women countless times before, but
feeling that bra loose was incredible. I moved my hand so I
was touching her, under her breast, then moved it up, lifting
her bra over her breast, and  then touched her freed breast,
her nipple. It was more exciting than I could have imagined,
pretending to be someone seducing my wife.

"Your husband will never know I did this" I said, touching
her, rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger,
pinching her, "unless you tell him."

"My husband wouldn't want me to do this, and I won't tell"
she said, kissing me as deeply as she could, and not
stopping me!

I released her breast, let her feel my hand move to her
shoulder, down her arm, to her hand. I took her wrist, moved
it to my own crotch, to my still opened pants, to my cock.

It felt electric when she actually touched me.

"I shouldn't be doing this," she said, but her hand was softly
stroking me, anyhow. I didn't have to forcibly hold her hand
against me.

 "That feels so nice, baby, and no one will ever know" I said,
my own hand went over her hip, down her leg, past her
dress's hem, then up again, under her dress.

She moved her upper leg even more over me, spreading
her own legs, as my hand traced up her leg, past her vagina
emitting its heat and moisture, up higher, to the elastic
waistband, and then, gripping that, lower again, until it was
pulled down enough for my hand to touch her.

She lifted a bit, so that access was easier, and then I was
touching her directly, her pubic hair, her vagina's lips, until
my fingers went into her, finding her clit, engorged.

"Any man would want to this to you!" I/Ralph  said, fingering
her, feeling her touching me, and feeling her moving against
my fingers.

"I'm married. . ." she said, as I pulled a bit, and moved, so
that she was no longer beside me, but under me, and I was
between her legs, those legs that willingly parted for me..

Her hips were active, her legs open, and she continued to
hold and kiss me, with pelvic motions mimicking fucking.

"But your husband isn't here - I am!" I said. I pulled away
from her. She kicked off her shoes, and I reached under her
dress, along her hips, found the hem of her panty hose, and
pulled it down. She shifter her position, and lifteed her hips
to make it easier for me.

The hose moved down her legs, and then they were off.

She lifted her hips again, and pulled her dress higher, over
her legs, to her waist.

"You won't ever tell, will you?" she asked, completely into
the role, reaching for me again.

My own pants were opened enough so that by now my cock
was out. I lay beside her, then on her, and her legs were
apart, and her hand was guiding my cock, and suddenly - we
met each other, and I was in her.

"Never!" I was into the role, too.

"I want you!" she said, being open, lubricated, accepting.

People who have been married for a long time should be
able to control themselves, shouldn't they?

We had the fastest, but most satisfying sex we had in years,
right then. The nosiest, too, with her crying out, and me
saying things like "I bet you wish your husband could fuck
you like this!" while I fucked her, like that.

It was over very quickly.

Moments later, we looked at the mess. Her pantyhose were
in a knotted lump, there was a seman stained dress, and
pants, and sofa.

We laughed, a bit tentatively, at each other, realizing we
had exposed more of our inner selves than maybe we
wanted. But we cleaned up the mess, undressed,
uncovered one of the two double beds in the room, and got

We just held each other, loving each other. Made love,
which was so much more than just fucking.

"Thank you, honey, for that," she said. "I really wanted to
know what it would have been like, if I let things go on at
that party."

"It was really something, wasn't it? You're a bad girl." I said,
and she agreed.

There was a long comfortable pause.

"Honey?" she asked.


"When you were telling me about what happened at the
airport with Betty and her husband, didn't you say you
wondered what it would have been like if you took them up
on their invitation?"

"Yeah, sure, I do wonder. And not just about doing it with
her, but what it would be like for him if we were both
screwing her at the same time. I got turned on a lot thinking
about it. Remember what happened when I came home
from that trip - we had sex, a lot!"

"I remember the fucking. Now I know why. Well, honey, you
were very good to me just now, and I pretended you were

"I know. Sometimes I pretend you're someone else, too.
There's nothing wrong with that."

"I know. Do you remember, though, I did tell you  that if you
helped me pretend, I'd do something for you, too?"

"I remember that - when do I collect, and for that matter,
what do I collect?"

 "You helped me live out my 'almost'. Maybe we should do
yours, now.."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you know, a guy, and his wife, and they want to
celebrate like that. . ."

"I don't think I could play both roles", I said.

Dotty rolled on her side, facing me. Looking directly at me -
into me - and made her suggestion. "I don't mean that way. I
mean, you could be the husband, and I'd be the wife, and
we'd find someone to celebrate with. Like what nearly
happened to you in LA - would you like that?"

"You mean, you, and me, and another guy!"

"If you'd like to, sure. After what you did,  I'd like to do that
for you. And it's raining, and we don't know anyone here,
and we don't have anything else to do."

There was a long, long pause. 'Nothing else to do' was a
pretty weak reason for starting something like this.

But: my cock grew again.

She felt that, rolled on to me, mounted me.

And I was in her, again.

"I guess that means 'yes'" she said, after she felt me
urgently, and violently, push in her, driving us both to
orgasms again.

I rolled off, after what amounted to another quickie. Damn,
I've turned into a premature ejaculator! And my fucking
brain was letting my fucking penis do the thinking!

"Would you actually want to do that?" I asked.

"Yes, I would, especially if it would excite us the way you've
been exciting me, and if you'd like it,  I sure would."

"I've never been in a three some," I said.

She hugged me, stroked at my cock. "Me neither. But we
are on vacation. We said we wanted to try some new things.
Wanna try, big guy?"

Who IS this woman?

She looked at the clock.  "It's only 7:30 PM, and it's Friday
night", she said. "Let's go out and try to do it now. Are you
up for it?" this new stranger who was my wife said,  looking
at me, and smiling.

"I'm ready for anything" was my status report to me, and

We showered, dressed. I wore light weight slacks, and she,
a summer dress. She looked cool, but typical of women
there - she didn't look like anyone "on the prowl".

"You don't look like you're going out to pick someone up," I
said, only to hear her respond "the clothes don't make the

"Where should we go?" I wondered, aloud.

"We both had too much to drink - let's go to the lounge here,
first," was her very practical suggestion.

Ten minutes later we were in the lounge. It was busier than I
expected, filled with wet golfers, mainly.

We got a table - more drinks!

"Now what?" I wanted to know.

"Now, I practice assertiveness, unless you're bothered by
that" was how my wife phrased it.

A group of four guys a table away were just finishing their
last beers. We heard them planning their evening. "All the
guys go to the Crazy Horse and watch the dancers, Mike.
Come on along! It's our last night here, party a little", we
heard. Three of the four stood. I guessed it was Mike, still
sitting, who said something about not wanting to go, he'd
rather stay here.

They left, and Mike was alone.

"Mike" Dotty asked, "We're looking for some fun tonight.
What's the Crazy Horse like?"

Mike looked at her, at me, and sort of mumbled "It's a girlie
club, m'am, a strip joint."

Mike, in a moment, had responded to Dotty's invitation and
brought his beer to our table.

 I sat back, wanting to see just how this was going to go

"How come you're not going to the Crazy Horse?" she
wanted to know.

"M'am" - God, these southern men are polite - "I'm  getting a
divorce, and just looking at girls dancing around naked ain't
enough. And I don't think it's the sort of place you'd take a
lady, sir."

OK, so I'm forty something, and Dotty's nearly as old, and
Mike is only about thirty, but this "Sir" and "M'am" isn't
cutting it!

"Well, we want to do something exciting tonight. If you're not
going with your buddies, why not stick around with us?"
Dotty said, and being a mind reader, she added "so long as
you call me Dotty, not M'am, and my husband Bob, not sir.

"Yes, yeah, sure, uh, Dotty, and Bob. I'd like that."

It took a few minutes for us to learn he was here with some
buddies from Atlanta, he'd been separated from his wife of
eight years for a month, wasn't dating anyone, just getting
used to the concept of no longer having a woman at home
"and I miss that part of being married" he said, finishing his

The lounge was filling with the last of noisy golfers - a crowd
of college age guys, full of vigor, and youth, and noise, and
enthusiasm for playing this course, and noise. Did I mention
they were noisy?

And, I was impatient. I got used to the idea of screwing her
while some other orifice accommodated some other penis,
and I wanted to get it on!

"It's noisy here, let's go someplace else, like our room" I
said. Dotty looked at me, and newly skilled in expressing
herself, leaned toward Mike, and put a hand on his thigh - he
was wearing shorts, it was a skin to skin contact. "Yeah, let's
go to our room, and celebrate there. We can really make a
party of it if Mike comes. Will you come, Mike?"

There was a pause while we were presented with our bill, but
Dotty's hand stayed where it was, fingers moving a bit.

Later Dorothy confessed she didn't mean to emphasize
'come' so much - it was an unintended pun, or was it a

The bill was signed - it's so easy billing our room, and
having another bottle of Asti sent there at this hotel, this
time with "Three glasses, right, Mike?"

I noticed, as Mike followed Dotty, and I followed him, that
his shorts were a lot lumpier in front than earlier. Something
was exciting him! Well, I had some of the same problem.

We arrived, and sat in the sitting room on the sofa. Our
flowers were still hanging from the picture frame! Dotty first
went to the TV/Radio unit, found some smooth jazz, and
filled the room with subtle music. Then she sat next to Mike
on the sofa. I made that choice easy, since I was sitting on
the only other upholstered chair.

"Uh, Dotty, what are those flowers doing on the picture

"You tell him, Bob."

"Mike, we were doing some acting here this afternoon. That
was a stage prop."

"I act in a community theater back home - what were you

"It was an impromptu thing. That was mistletoe."

And Dotty said "Yeah, so we could do this" and leaned to
him, hand again on his thigh, and kissed him on the lips. He
kissed back, and I could see there was some tongue work
involved, too. Mike wasn't too shy.

When the kiss broke, Mike took a deep breath. "I haven't
kissed a woman in over a month. This could be a nice

"I hope so," Dotty said, standing. "I'll be right back."

She left. Stage right? Anyhow, to the bathroom.

"What's going on, Bob?"

"Oh, we have some things to celebrate, and Dotty would -
no,  we both would - like to celebrate with you."

Mike was nervously finishing his wine, and I filled his glass
again. "I've never done anything like this. . ."

I interrupted: "Neither have we".

An unsettling few minutes passed, two more glasses of wine
went down, when Dotty reappeared, wearing a terrycloth
robe. It ended about six inches above her knees.

"You know, I didn't bring any sexy night clothes," she said.
"We'd been married too long, I guess.

"This is the best I could come up with. Is it OK?"

"It's fine, honey," I said. Mike didn't offer an opinion.

Dotty was swaying to the music, standing between the sofa
and the chair.

"Are you sorry you didn't go to the Crazy Horse with your
buddies," she wanted to know.

"At first I was. It's not nice to say in mixed company, but it's
kind of fun to watch a stripper sometimes."

"Mike, isn't it more fun to be with a woman than to see a

"Yeah" of course he agreed.

"Is this close enough to what we were talking about?" she
directed the question to me.

I nodded. Well, my throat had gone dry. I don't think I could
have made a sound.

"Dare me?"

I recovered my voice. "I dare you!"

 "Isn't lap dancing when someone dances pretty much on
your lap?" she asked Mike.

"That's exactly right, doll" Mike responded, fully involved in
this, now, and the formal "m'am" and "sir, and "Dotty" and
"Bill" were gone.

She moved in front of him, swaying, hands behind her back.

"Sort of like this?"

"Most times they're topless in this state."


She swayed some more.

And, Looking at me, and said "Let's go into the bedroom."

She's really going to do it!

Mike and I, in a flash, were in the other room, sitting on the
only fresh bed.

"No, no, lie down."

We lay, on either edge, looking at her at the foot of the bed.

She bent, working on Mike's shoes and socks. I kicked off
my sandals.

Then she stood, swaying again to the music. The motions
caused her robe to open a bit, we both could see that
wonderful triangle of skin, starting at her throat, ending just a
little north of her navel. Yes, she was at least topless under
the robe. Probably bottomless, too.

Then, on her knees, she came on the bed, between us.

"This is going to be a nice party", she said.

She turned to me, kissed me, and I, her. Her leg reached
over my hip, and my hand went to it, slid up her outer thigh,
to her hip. Yeah, she was bottomless under there, too. And
my cock wanted freedom, right now!

Not to be, though. She broke the kiss, and rolled toward
Mike, her robe open even more. Not yet displaying tits and
cunt, but promising that! She had something more advanced
than lap dancing in mind, though.

She kissed Mike as she did me, with a leg over his hip, too. I
noticed, though, his hands weren't doing the same exploring
mine did.

"Mike", she said, after the kiss ended, "My boss told me I
wasn't assertive enough, and I promised I'd try harder. How
am I doing?"

His response was smothered by her lips.

I sat up, both for a better view, and so I could peel my shirt

I stayed sitting, watching her, in the arms of another man,
kissing him, responding to his kiss, her hips making those
wonderful little motions that every man would want to feel.

And that kiss ended, too.

Dotty looked at me, now shirtless, and at Mike. "Sit up,
Mike" she commanded. "You're behind the curve."

As he sat, she pulled at his shirt, and in a moment had it
over his head, and off.

Pretty good body, I thought.

"Honey, help me with this, please," Dotty, this shy woman I
knew forever said, kneeling now, beside Mike.

I moved behind her.

I watched as she reached to her waist.

She looked at me as she untied the sash, allowing the robe
to open even more..

She continued to look at me over her shoulder while Mike,
now laying in front of her, looked at her.

"Bob, PLEASE help me with this."

So, I did what any perverted husband would do.

I reached around her neck.

My hands found the lapel of the robe.

"That's the idea, honey, I want you to do that" she said, as I
pulled a little,

and her shoulders were visible to me,

and Mike's expression was all the proof I needed that he
was looking at her breasts,

and I began moving the robe down her arms, and it flowed
away from her  hips,

and she knelt a little higher, more upright, and like some
kind of divine statue extended her hands behind her, and
still looking over her shoulder at me watched as


                as the robe fell from her arms,

                      over her hands,

                             and she was nude.

A vision, arms back, looking over her shoulder, her hair
flowing over one shoulder, down toward her breast, her
knees a foot apart, pelvis thrust forward,  pubic hair, breasts,
everything,  all visible, all available, sexy, as sexy, as erotic,
as I had ever seen her.

I put the robe on the floor as she moved, flowing from that
position, to, then on,  Mike, kissing him again, her on top,
him on the bottom, their bodies molded to one another, her
legs wide, his, between hers, his arms around her, one on
her back, the other on her ass, pulling her, forcing her
breasts, her stomach, her pelvis, against him.

I got my belt open as I watched, and  got my slacks and
briefs moving, and in a  moment my cock had its freedom.

Their kiss ended.

It was easy for Dotty to lit up, and kneel, straddling Mike.

He still lay there, somewhat breathless - well, me too.

He looked at this vision kneeling over him, this nude vision,
this erotic, sexy, married woman.

"Mike, you're still behind the power curve" my, is this my
wife??,  said.

Her actions spoke even louder. She was opening his belt,
releasing a button, a zipper.

"Lift up a bit, Mike" she commanded.

He arched, his hands on the waist of his shorts, pushing,
while she pulled.

And his cock was exposed, erect, upright.

She got off him, moving  to one side,

and they together got the tangle of shorts and briefs off his

and then she was kneeling over him again,

and then she was laying on him again,

and I moved to the bottom of the bed,

watching her kiss him,

watching his cock, upright, between her legs, an inch from
her cunt!

Watching as her hands, on either side of his head, held him,
as she kissed him.

Watching as his hands moved down her back, over her ass,
and further,
and  they moved to his cock, and he pressed it against her
vulva, and watching as she felt that,  and how her legs
opened even more, and I could see her lips now,  moist,
against his shaft, her rosebud anus exposed.

"I might even take her in the ass" my mind shouted, and my
cock was so erect it hurt.

But then, she stopped.

She rolled off him, reached for me,

pulled me to the head of the bed,

and smiling, lay  back.

I moved, was forced to move, guided, pulled by her hands
on my hips, close to her. Her eyes were closed, she
moistened her lips, and her tongue found the tip of my

"Mike", she said, with my cock brushing her lips, "I'm sure
you know how to use my body."

Her legs opened, her breasts were flattened against her
chest, her mouth opened, belly moving with each breath.

Mike, beside her, sat up, saw her mouth filling with my cock.

Saw me, with one hand holding my cock,  point at her pelvis
with the other.

He moved to the foot of the bed, and moved up between her
legs, now widening for him,  until his head was above hers,
and he could watch  her sucking me!

She stopped using two hands on my cock, though, and
reached down between the two of them, and found his

And she turned her head, freeing my own cock, wet with her
saliva, exposing it again. She looked down between their

"I want to see this, honey" she said, lifting her head, as she
moved her hips, her legs, tilting, opening, until the tip of his
cock was brushing her pubic hair,

and pushing at it.

And we both watched, as Mike made little movements, too,

and then, suddenly, their pelvises were touching,

their pubic hair merged,

and her hand on my cock grasped it tighter,

and she gasped,

and flushed a ruddy red,

and her legs straightened, beside him, up, and apart.

It happened.

Another man was fucking her.

Mike's hips moved away, and now we saw his cock again,
this time glistening, wet.

Wet, with her.

It wasn't a dream anymore.

She turned toward me, her mouth again finding me, erect
and throbbing, and her hand holding my cock, and her
mouth, kept perfect time with her hips, and Mike's hips, as
he fucked her.

I was losing my erection - this wasn't as great as I thought -
and Mike was intent on losing his, too, the more common
way, the more exciting way.

It probably was a month since Mike had sex. His motions
became more urgent, harder, demanding Dotty's attention.
Her mouth abandoned my cock, even if her hand didn't, and
she was fully involved with this prick in her cunt: pushing
when he pushed, pulling away as he did, pumping a flood of
lubrication. There was noise, from their mouths, from their
slapping pelvises, from the bed, and even moans from me.

And then, I knew from the change in Mike's grunts, the
wetness was augmented by his own flood, something that
until a while ago was reserved for his own wife. A flood he
poured into her, ramming her in time with his own spurts,
trying to empty a month's frustration into her.

And succeding.

He used her. Fucked her. Filled her with his cock, left behind
his sweat and his seman.

And rolled off of her, spent.

And used, too, by  us.

I moved down, on my side, facing her.

She rolled, facing me.

Mike spooned into her back, and since my arm was around
her, I could feel the wetness and softening mass of his cock,
pushing at her ass, and my hand. His hands went between
us - I know one was at her breast, the other, fingering her

My own erection was being rekindled. I felt his hand, that
had been busy touching her,  touch me, then hold my cock
against my wife's cunt, and I could feel those little hip
motions from her I knew so well.

His cock, softer now, was still touching the back of my hand,
over her ass.  I couldn't help myself. A little movement, and
now his cock was under my hand, and I pressed it against
her ass, and between her legs. I could feel his hand on me,
while my hand was holding him, and Dotty was rocking, and
then both our cocks were touching, there,  between her legs,
and her hand went down, and held both cocks against her
vulva. Her hip motions increased, and in a moment I heard
the whimpering noise I always associated with her having a
minor orgasm.

And thenm we were still.

We all three held each other.

I felt motion, and then only Dotty and I were in the bed, and
Mike was pulling on clothes.

He whispered "Goodnight and thanks", and soon I heard the
door close.

Dotty continued to cuddle against me, and her hand found
my penis, only enlarged, not erect.

But her hand, her skilled hand, began working its magic, and
soon, I responded.

She rolled to her back, pulled me on her,

and my cock found what had been its exclusive home for
the past eighteen years.

A home now open, and  violated with his sperm, wet with her

I couldn't help it - I began fucking into that cavity, that
pocket, moving his leavings, and soon, for the third or fourth
time this day, depositing some of my own.

Somehow, later, we got the lights out, and slept.

Saturday came, we awoke, in each other's arms.

And cuddled.

"About last night. . ." I started to say,

and was cut off by her lips.

And that turned into something more intense than a good
morning kiss.

Twenty minutes later we were in the shower together.

"About last night. . . " I started again.

"It was a good idea" Dotty said, "we did it, and I'm glad.
Smarter, too. And guess what!"


"Honey, yesterday hardly counted as a vacation day. We
have another three days and two nights to go! I hope it rains
every day. I LOVE assertiveness training."

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