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Hello again.

Celeste was kind enough to repost her review of this story in the June 30
Celestial Reviews, which gives me the opportunity to repost the story, and
to make note of a couple of changes.

For the time being, you can contact me at "" rather than the 
IgLou address.

Also changed is the location of the Stories archive page.  You can reach
it at:

On the Stories archive page, you will find the works of Tom Bombadil, the
Trinity Trilogy stories by Tom Trinity, as well as all of the PORNO TV 
stories by Yours Truly.

On other notes, thanks to all who expressed condolences on the death of my
wife last July.  If I failed to thank anyone for their message, please forgive
me, and accept my thanks now.

I have not yet resumed writing, although a new relationship recently entered
into has provided me with some sweet inspiration.  New stories might be emerging

Shelby Bush
Author and Editor

Dorothy Does Oz

               by Shelby Bush


                                         (c) 1996 all rights reserved

Chapter One  "We're Off to Squeeze the Wizard"

[This part of the story is in Sepiatone.  Please adjust your monitor

The girl stood in the shaft of sunlight streaming through the window.
She admired her naked, one-day-short-of-eighteen-year-old body in the
full length mirror.  She reached up and touched her cone-shaped
breasts.  The small, but very sensitive nipples popped up under her
fingertips, and she smiled at herself.

Her left hand moved down her body, over her flat stomach and navel, to
the patch of brown fur below.  She ruffled the pubic hair with her
fingers, barely touching the skin beneath.

She turned, admiring the image of herself in the mirror, until she
heard voices coming through the open window.She stepped closer to the
sill; not far enough for her to be seen, but far enough to look out.

The three hired hands were walking up toward the spigot in the back
yard.  They turned on the hose, and started washing off some of the
Kansas dirt from their hands and arms.

"Looks like a storm's movin' in," the tall one remarked.

The short one nodded.  "Sky's awful dark toward the west."

The fat one chimed in.  "Hope it don't rain tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?  What's tomorrow?" the tall one asked.

"Dorothy's birthday," the fat one replied.  "What're you guys getting
her for her birthday?"

"I got her birthday present right here," the short one grinned,
grabbing at his crotch."

"What makes you think she wants such a little gift?" laughed the tall

"What makes you think it's so small?" the short one grinned back at
him. "Besides.  I know that's what she really wants.  You've seen her
walkin' around here in her short shorts and tube tops."

"Yeah!" the fat one nodded.

"Ever since she got hair on her thing," the short one continued,
"she's been wantin' to use it bad.  And now she's eighteen.  No more

Dorothy, standing in her room above them, smiled.

"Mebbe we all ought to give'r what she's been askin' for," the tall
one said.

They all laughed, and turned to face west as a rumble of thunder

"Looks like a hard'un," the short one said.  "We'd better get the
tractor in."

They dashed off.  Dorothy turned away from the window and lay back on
her bed. She smiled to herself, thinking about the treat the guys were
considering giving her for her birthday.As she thought about it, one
hand drifted down to her lower lips.  Her fingers traced the contours
of her slit, feeling it open, blossoming.  Her clit emerged, hot,
hungry, demanding.  She stroked it slowly, feeling a trickle of
moisture begin to leak from her cunt.

"Mmmm," she moaned, as she thought, "Oh, for a tongue to stroke me..."

Then miraculously, there was a tongue.  Warm, wet and willing.

She slid her fingers away as the tongue took over, rolling her clit
like a marble in the mud.

"Oh, yes!" she cried, softly.  "Oh yes... yesss... good boy... good

The small, black dog looked up from her crotch briefly at his name,
then went back to his work.

Dorothy lay back, her fingers on her breasts, pinching her tender

"Oh, yes..."

A warm feeling spread from her groin, and tightened under her
breastbone.  She arched her back as the contractions began, her legs
squeezing together as the dog scrambled away from her.  She held her
breath until the contractions slowed, then slowly released the air.

She curled up on the bed.  Toto climbed up and lay beside her, as she
dozed off into a light sleep.



The male voice's shout roused her from her slumber.  Dorothy scrambled
off the bed and threw on the first clothes she could find; a pair of
cut-off blue jeans and a tee-shirt.

She looked around for Toto, but the little dog had disappeared.

She ran down the hall and down the stairs to the yard.

"Yes, Uncle?"

"Where's that little black beast of yours?" the angry-looking man

"What's he done now?" Dorothy whined.

"It's the chickens again.  That damned mutt of yours had better stop
chasing my chickens around the coop, or I swear, I'll fry his ass for

Dorothy nodded.  She turned away from her uncle so he couldn't see her
sly smile.  "Toto!" she shouted.  "Toto!  Come here, boy!"


The rap at the front door was sharp, insistent.  Emily opened the door

The woman at the door was dressed all in black; long skirts,
high-necked, long-sleeved blouse.  Emily wondered how she could bear
to wear such garb in the heat of summer.  The woman peered through the
door opening at Emily.  "Where is your niece, Emily?" she asked, her
voice a grating squeak.

"She's out back, I believe.  Why?"

"It's that dog of hers again," the elder lady groaned.

Emily nodded.  "Won't you come in?" She opened the door wider, and the
black-clad woman entered.

"Please have a seat," Emily said, false-cheerfully.  "I'll find
Dorothy for you."

Emily quickly left the room.  "That mutt..." she muttered.


Dorothy hesitated before entering the room.  She held her dog in her
arms, stroking his head.

Finally steeling herself, she straightened her back and marched in to
face the grim-faced woman.

The woman's face darkened as she saw Dorothy enter the room.

"That dog," she shrieked, "is a meanace!  He keeps chasing my

"Now, now," Emily chided.  "I don't believe he means any harm.  He's a
very gentle dog."

"Gentle, hell," the woman growled.  "You must not know what he does
when he catches them."

Emily looked blank.  The woman elaborated.

"He buggers them.  Screws them up the arse."

Emily feigned shock.  She fanned herself with her hand.  "Oh, my," she
whispered, and collapsed into a chair.

Dorothy set the dog down on the floor.  Toto sat obediently at her

"Something has got to be done about that dog," the woman said,
threateningly.  "I have an order here from the Sheriff.  You have to
turn the dog over to me to be destroyed."

"Destroyed?  For fucking a few chickens?"

"Yes!" the woman exclaimed.  "Exactly."

"We can't fight the order," Emily nodded.  "Give her the dog,

Dorothy looked down.  Toto had slipped away.  She looked around the

She saw a black furry tail behind the skirts of the seated, grim-faced
woman. "Oh, no," she thought.

There was a bulge under the woman's skirt that appeared suddenly
between her legs; the woman jumped up.  Toto fell out from under her
skirt as the woman jumped up to stand on her chair.

"That beast licked me!" she shouted.  "He licked my... my... "

"Your what?" Dorothy asked, coyly hiding a smile behind her hands.

"Never mind," the woman snapped.  She pointed at a small cage.  You
put that mutt in there, and hurry up about it.

Dorothy snatched up Toto; she whispered in his ear, "Maneuver X-14."

The dog looked up into her face.  He seemed to grin.

She put him into the cage.  The woman snatched up the cage and headed
out the door.

"Good riddance," Emily said.


The storms were closer.  Dorothy looked out her window down the road,
watching for Toto to come running back.  A distant rumble of thunder
brought her attention back to the threatening sky.

"Aunt Em," she called out the window.  "Have you checked the Weather

The elder woman looked up at Dorothy and shook her head.  She turned
back to feeding the chickens.

Dorothy went downstairs, picked up the remote control and clicked on
the television.  She flicked through the channels when she heard
Angela Lansbury say, "This is a very special showing..."

Curiosity overcame her, and she paused to see what was so special.
Angela stood in front of a picture of a picture of a girl in a gingham
pinafore holding a small black dog.  "And now," Angela continued, "we
present 'The Wizard of Oz'."

"Shit," Dorothy muttered.  "Not that thing again..."  She clicked the
remote, hunting for the Weather Channel.


Dorothy stepped out of the house and walked toward the barnyard.  Her
aunt's skirts blew around her legs as she carried a bucket of grain
for the horses.

"So, what's the weather word?" Emily asked.

"There's a tornado watch out, but nothing more," Dorothy replied.  She
took the bucket from her aunt's hand, and stepped over to the barn.

The three hired hands were inside the barn, peering out at the
approaching storm clouds.  "Looks like a big storm," the fat one
shouted over at Dorothy.

"Tornado watch out," Dorothy shouted back.

"That's twister weather fer sure," the tall one pointed out at the

Dorothy poured the grain into the horses feed bins, and headed back to
the house.

As she approached the door, she looked out at the road again.  A small
black dot moved along the road.

Dorothy smiled.  She headed on into the house, and went upstairs to
her room. She held her door open as she heard the pet door open and
shut, and Toto dashed through her door, and jumped up on the bed.

Dorothy closed the door and twisted the privacy lock.  She turned back
to the dog, panting on the bed.

"Good boy," she muttered.  "Now, you better lay low for a while,

The dog licked his chops and whined.

Dorothy smiled and nodded.  "Good idea."   She peeled off her shorts
and pulled the tee-shirt over her head.  She climbed onto the bed

The dog immediately dove for her crotch.  Dorothy lay back, her knees
high and wide, letting the dog apply his tongue to her sensitive clit.

"Good dog," she moaned.  "Good boy."


The tall hired hand pointed.  "See that?  Did I tell you?"

The others followed his gaze.  A dark funnel was dropping from the

"It's a twister!  Get everyone into the storm cellar!"

They ran toward the doors to the shelter, set at a steep angle into
the ground.  The tall hand pulled the door open.  Dorothy's uncle
carried a battery-powered lantern down the stairs.  He was followed by
the other two hired hands.

Emily hesitated at the door.  "Where's Dorothy?" she yelled.

"I think she's in the house," the tall man shouted.  "I'll find her."
He started toward the house, but Emily grabbed his arm and pointed.
The twister was almost upon them.

"Too late!" she shouted, and pulled him into the shelter door.  The
wind whipped the cellar door closed behind them.  An old wagon, that
had been picked up at the farm down the road, fell across the doorway.


Her orgasm was powerful; one of the most powerful she had ever
experienced.  Somewhere in the back of her mind, Dorothy knew she was
hyperventilating, but she didn't care.  Her body convulsed in

She pushed the little dog aside, and curled up in a fetal position on
the bed.  It felt like the whole house was shaking....

The house WAS shaking!

It sounded like a freight train was right outside the window.  A gust
of fierce wind blew through the room.

Dorothy sat up in bed watching the window act like a drain.  Loose
pieces of paper flew through the air and out the window.

Her closet door flew open.  The air was thick with clothing, whipping
around her then flying out the window.

The house gave a shudder.  There was a wrenching sound, then suddenly,
silence.  Dorothy's stomach gave a lurch, much as it did when she rode
in the elevator in Wichita.

The floor felt solid when she stepped out of the bed, but there was a
movement -- almost like being in a boat -- or a train.

She lurched toward the window and looked out... and screamed.   She
was inside the tornado, and she couldn't see the ground!


Chapter Two:    "Ding! Dong! The Bitch is Dead!"

Dorothy gazed through the window; the winds whipped around the house,
obscuring most of the view.  It seemed to her that she was moving --
and moving swiftly at that, but she couldn't be sure, since she had no
landmarks to watch.

Then almost as suddenly, there was another feeling, like the momentary
weightlessness of a descending elevator.

"We're falling!" Dorothy shouted.  "Toto!"

She grabbed up her dog, and jumped onto the bed, hoping it would
cushion the shock of the fall -- at least a little bit.

The house dropped and dropped.  As it fell, above the drone of the
wind, she thought she heard a high-pitched scream, but that could have
been her imagination.

With a loud thump, the house landed.  Dorothy bounced up and down on
the bed on the impact.  She sat for a moment, listening to the silence
left behind when the tornado sounds vanished.

Slowly, she crawled out of the bed.  Glancing down at herself and
remembering that she was completely naked, she stepped over to the
closet to get some clothing.

The closet was completely empty.

She went to the bureau, but even the drawers were gone.

She unlatched the door to her room and padded down the hallway to her
aunt and uncle's room.  The door swung open easily.  Aunt Emily's
closet was equally bare, but wrapped around one of the bedposts was a
simple gingham dress.  Dorothy grabbed it up and made sure it was in
one piece.

She slipped it over her head, and went back to her room.  She searched
around the room, trying to find a pair of shoes -- sneakers,
high-heels, sandals, anything.  There were none to be found.  But she
did find a pair of cotton panties that had blown under her desk.  She
lifted her skirt and slipped into them.

"Aunt Emily always warned me to wear clean underwear in case of an
accident," she muttered.  Toto's ears perked up as she spoke.

"C'mon, Toto," she said, cheerfully.  "Let's see where this storm has
blown us."

She went down the stairs.  The front door was blocked; the impact had
forced it off its hinges.  She headed for the back door.  It opened,
but the porch was gone, and it was a good four foot drop to the

She got down on her knees and dropped Toto to the ground, then slid
her feet out the door and slid to the ground.  She scrambled to her
feet and looked around her.

[You may adjust your monitor to full Technicolor now.]

"It's almost as if I'm seeing colors for the first time," Dorothy
muttered.  "I don't think we're in Kansas any more."

She stepped through a low hedge onto a pathway.  All around her were
small structures that could be playhouses for children.  Flowers
blossomed to all sides of the houses.  Toto trotted along behind her
as she wandered down the pathway.

Suddenly, a little man jumped out in front of her.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" he asked, his voice quivering
with fear, although he tried to put on a brave face.

"I'm not a witch at all," Dorothy replied, puzzled.  "What makes you
think I'm a witch?"

"Only witches fly in houses," the little man shrugged.

"Have you ever seen a house fly before?" Dorothy half-smiled.

"Sure," he said, quickly.  "I've even got a fly-swatter."

Dorothy chuckled.  "Where is everybody?"

"Hiding," the little man cringed.  "Everyone wants to know if you're a
good witch or a bad witch before they come out."

"Oh.  Then tell them that I'm good.  But I'm not a witch.  There's no
such thing as witches."

"Really?  You think so?"  The little man puffed himself up.  "Come
here and look, then, smartass."

He led her back to the fallen house, and pointed at one corner.
Sticking out from under the house was a pair of legs, clad in a black
skirt, wearing a pair of ruby slippers.

"That's the Wicked Witch of the East," he sighed.  "And you killed
her.  That could either make you our National Hero, or..." he squared
his shoulders.  "Or if you are another wicked witch, come to take
over, we'll have to take our chances on getting rid of you."

Dorothy stepped back.  "By all means, tell everyone I mean no harm.
I'm not a witch, but I'm very good."

The little man stepped back over to the pathway.  He cupped his hands
around his mouth and shouted.  "She says she's good!  Come on out!
Come on out!"

The pathway suddenly filled with little people.  Dorothy looked around
at the faces, who looked relieved, happy and fearful at the same time.
They stood about three feet tall, coming up almost to Dorothy's waist.

They kept a respectful distance from her, sliding away like a flock of
pigeons as Dorothy walked around, looking at her.

Dorothy glanced back at the house, and saw one of the little people
poking at the extended legs with a stick.

"Where am I?" Dorothy asked, finally.

"You are standing in Munchkinland," one of the little folk replied.

"Munchkinland? Where's that?"

"In the Land of Oz," another one said, helpfully.

"Oz?  Where's..."

Dorothy's question was interrupted by a high-pitched whine.  Her eyes
followed the direction of the sound.  She saw a bright light beam,
particles shimmering in the light, then the particles formed into a
female body.

The woman stood completely naked in the light for a moment, her
breasts firm and tipped with pink nipples, and a fine, blond bush
covering the nexus of her legs.  There was an appreciative murmur from
the Munchkins, then another shimmering began, and her body was covered
with a gossamer gown.

She moved; and smiled.

One of the Munchkins whispered, "I love the way she beams in!"

"Well," the woman looked Dorothy over.  "You're a pretty little witch,

"I'm not a witch," Dorothy said again, firmly.

"Whatever you say, dear," the Lady said.  "But I got a message from
the Munchkins that a witch had dropped a house on the Wicked Witch of
the East, and there she is, and there you are."

"But I'm not a witch," Dorothy whined.

"I don't care if you are or not," the lady smiled, kindly.  "You are
entitled to your own beliefs.  But we want to know if you are going to
take over here in Munchkinland, or what your intentions are."

"My name is Dorothy," Dorothy said.  "I have no intention of taking
over -- here or anywhere.  I was brought here by a storm, and I'd just
like to get home again."

"Hurrah!" the crowd of Munchkins shouted.

"What are they so excited about?" Dorothy asked the Lady.

"You see, my dear, under the rule of the Wicked Witch of the East, the
Munchkins were not allowed many of the pleasures of life.  Look around
you.  Do you see any Munchkin children?"

"They all look like children to me," Dorothy said.

"They are not children.  Some of them -- like those women over there,
who call themselves the Lullabye League -- dress up like children to
make themselves feel better.  But there are no children in Munchkin
land, because there has been no sex."

"No sex?"

"None."  The Lady turned to the gathering crowd.  "The Wicked Witch of
the East is dead," she announced.  "The young lady who killed her has
renounced her claim to be your ruler.  Therefore, you are now free to
elect your own ruler."

There was a great cheer from the crowd.

"And further, you are released from the orders of the Wicked Witch."

There was a bigger cheer.

"Let the orgy begin!" someone shouted.

Dorothy watched as the crowd of tiny Munchkins scrambled out of their
clothing.  Sure enough, the little people were fully developed; their
women had large breasts and bushy pubic patches; the men had
fully-developed penises, and Dorothy noted, healthy erections.

There were some giggles and shrieks as the men chased the women
around; and women chased men.  Dorothy watched in interest as they
caught each other, falling to the grass, and fucking in every manner

Dorothy felt her nether parts warming, a trickle of moisture trailing
down one leg.

"I'll bet there'll be a population explosion here in a few months,"
the Lady grinned.  She turned to Dorothy.  "Is there anything I could
do for you?"

"Can you help me get home?  Back to Kansas?" Dorothy asked.

The Lady shook her head.  "That's beyond my powers," she said softly.
"The only one who might help you is the Great and Powerful Wizard of

"Where's he?  Will he just beam in like you did?"

"Hardly.  You must go to him.  It's a long journey."  She looked down
at Dorothy's feet.  "But you're barefoot.  You'll need a pair of
shoes... and the Munchkin shoes are much too small for you."

She glanced over to the house and smiled.  "Of course!"  She waved her
wand; the shoes vanished from the pair of legs sticking out from under
the house, and reappeared on Dorothy's feet.

"These should serve," the Lady smiled.  "They seem to fit."

Dorothy looked down at her feet.  They were now clad in slippers that
looked like they were covered with rubies.

"They're very pretty," Dorothy said.  "But they don't go with my

"Beggars can't be choosers," the Lady grinned.

"Oh!  Wait!" Dorothy said.  "I've seen this movie."  She clicked her
heels together three times, and said, "There's no place like home,
There's no place like home."

Nothing happened.

The Lady looked at her, puzzled.  "They're just shoes, Dorothy.  Now,
when you're ready, just follow the yellow brick road.  It leads to the
great Emerald City, home of the Wizard."

The Lady stepped back onto the lighted pad.  She flipped open a
hand-held unit and spoke into it.  "Energize."

Her dress vanished; her nude body was visible again, then it too
disappeared in a bright light.

Dorothy stood staring at the spot where she vanished.  There was a tug
at her skirt.

"Hey, babe," a voice said behind her.  "Wanna fuck?"

Dorothy turned to face him.  He stood about even with her waist,
well-proportioned to his size.  Her eyes slid down his naked body, and
fixed upon his large, erect cock.  Again her body responded, a growing
warmth between her legs.

"Well?" the little man grinned.

Dorothy shrugged.  She reached down and pulled her skirt up, and
tugged the gingham pinafore over her head.  She stood in front of him,
naked save for her panties and red shoes.

"Magnificent," the little man groaned, his cock bobbing up and down a
little.  His hand reached out, his fingertips brushing Dorothy's mound
through her panties.  "You're wet," he commented.

Dorothy dropped down to her knees, then bent forward.  She leaned
forward to grasp the little man's penis.  Her fingers trembled a
little as she held his cock, hard and hot in her hand.  She bent
further, and touched her tongue to the tip, tasting him.  He tasted a
bit salty.  She drew his cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue
around its head.

"Oooh, that feels good," the little man said, softly.

Dorothy sucked gently on his penis as she moved her lips up and down
on the shaft.  As she worked on him, she felt a pair of hands on her

"Hey," the little man said, "I was here first!"

The hands on Dorothy's hips vanished.  Dorothy sat back.  She looked
at the little man a moment, then took nold of the waistband of her
panties, tugged them down over her hips, then lay back, kicking out of
the panties.

She sat spread-legged on the grass, and motioned for the little man to
move in.  He did so quickly, kneeling down between her feet as Dorothy
lay back.  She took hold of his cock with her hands and guided the tip
to her open and wet pussy.

"Oh!" she thought, as the little man plunged his penis deeply within
her.  "This feels so much better than a frozen hot dog!"

The Munchkin began to stroke; his cock bottoming out against Dorothy's
cervix, and pulling back out, his cockhead rubbing against her clit as
he plunged back in again.

Dorothy began to move with him, matching his strokes, their hips
making a wet, slurping noise as they struck each other.

"NNNNGHHH!" the Munchkin grunted.  He pushed deeply inside her as he
came, his cock jerking inside her as his balls emptied themselves
inside her.  He lay atop her for a moment, then slid aside, rolling
over beside Dorothy.

Dorothy kissed him lightly on top of his bald little head.

"Next?" a voice from above her.  All she could see of the Munchin
standing above her was a massive erection.

Dorothy nodded.  The new Munchkin man quickly moved around her into
position, and filled her cunt quickly.

As Dorothy and the Munchkin began to rock in unison, the first
Munchkin rolled away in search of new pussy.

Dorothy rolled them over so that the Munchkin was on his back.  She
used her legs to raise and lower herself on the Munchkin's pole, which
was slightly bigger than the one before.

At the bottom of each stroke, she rubbed her clit against the base of
his shaft, until she began to feel the familiar beginnings of her own

Her pussy tightened, there was a grip just under her heart; then the
contractions began.  She gripped the Munchkin's cock tightly inside
her, as he grunted and came, his spunk spurting into -- and back out
of her slippery, well-filled cunt.

Dorothy leaned forward as her body shook, covering the Munchkin below
her; and felt a pair of hands grip her hips.

Before she could object, she felt something pressing against her anus,
insistently.. and then she felt her anus open as the new cock slid
into her.  She was surprised at how good it felt to have two cocks
inside her.  The new Munchkin behind her squeezed up to rest his hips
against her ass, while her asshole relaxed around the intruding

Another Munchkin male approached her, offering his cock to her face.
She took it into her mouth; he pressed it deep into her mouth, until
she felt her airway threatened and pulled back.  The Munchkin sensed
how far he could go, and began to fuck her face gently, as she sucked
on the little man's member.

The guy behind her began to move, fucking her asshole.  She could feel
the Munchkin under her begin to move again, too, their two cocks
rubbing against each other inside her.

As she fucked the three Munchkins, Dorothy was aware of movement
around her.  Several giggling Munchkin women bounced past her, pursued
by equally horny Munchkin men.  Her attention was suddenly drawn back
to the cock in her mouth as the Munchkin stopped moving, and his cock
jerked suddenly, filling her mouth with his seed.

He fell backward, rolling off to one side for a moment, recovering,
until a little Munchkin woman squatted down over his face.  Dorothy
watched as the male Munchkin's tongue darted out to stroke the female
Munchkin's clit.

She laughed and dashed off; the male Munchkin jumped up and chased
after her.

Dorothy swallowed; the semen had tasted much as she had imagined it
would.  She looked around her as the two Munchkins continued to fuck
her asshole and pussy.

Off to her left, six Munchkins had formed a daisy-chain, the males
munching on Munchkin muffs, the females consuming cock.  Off to the
right were a pair of female Munchkins, happily engaging in sixty-nine,
while a male Munchkin moved from one to the other, trying to get his
cock into one or another of them.

The Munchkin behind Dorothy grunted, and Dorothy felt a warm sensation
in her ass, as he pumped his semen inside her.  He slid back, his cock
popping out of her asshole with an audible pop.

He dashed off; Dorothy never saw his face.  She rolled over, allowing
the Munchin under her to get on top.  He began to thrust rapidly, and
then grunted, pumping another load into her cunt.

Dorothy sighed as he scrambled to his feet, and began to chase a
giggling Munchkin woman.  She sat up and looked around.  Munchkins
were fucking all around her, their cries of ecstasy, giggles and
laughs filling the air.

She picked up her dress; it had been stepped on once or twice, but
still fairly clean.  She brushed off some grass, and slipped it over
her head.

She retrieved her panties; they had been trampled, and they smelled of
her own pussy juices.  She wadded them up, and reached under her skirt
and wiped herself off.

She tossed the dirty panties aside.  She whistled for Toto, who was
lying on the ground nearby.

With one glance back toward the Munchkin village, she turned and
stepped out onto the yellow brick road.


Dorothy walked down the road, over hill and around curves.  Toto
followed along behind her.

Her pussy felt well-used; she was a bit sore, since this was the first
time she had actually had a cock inside her.  Add to that, she felt a
bit sticky.

She stopped for a moment to look around.  She had come to a

The yellow bricks continued to the left and to the right.

"Follow the yellow brick road?" Dorothy mused.  "So which way do we
go, Toto?"

"Some folks prefer that way," a voice said behind her.

Dorothy turned quickly.  Nobody there.  Over in the cornfield, a
scarecrow stood silent, one arm extended to the right.
Chapter Three:  "If I Only Had A..."

Dorothy turned, puzzled.  "Did you hear that?" she asked Toto.

The little dog looked up at her and panted.

"Then some people prefer that way," the voice said.

Dorothy whirled around.  Still nobody.

But the scarecrow was pointing the other way.

As Dorothy watched, the Scarecrow lifted his head and smiled.  "Then
of course," he grinned, "some people prefer it up the ass."  He thrust
his hips forward in an obscene gesture.

"Why, you can talk," Dorothy said.

"Of course I can talk.  I have a mouth."  The Scarecrow winked.  "And
I know how to use it, too."

"Oh, really?" Dorothy breathed, coyly.

"Yeah!"  The Scarecrow wiggled on his pole.  "How about getting me off
this stick so we can get it on?"

Dorothy had long since stopped being shocked at what was going on in
this strange land.  She set down her pack, and stepped over the low
fence into the cornfield.  She slipped through the coarse corn stalks
up to the Scarecrow's post.

She reached up to bend over the nail holding the Scarecrow on his
post.  She lost her balance; she grabbed at the Scarecrow to keep from
falling on her face.

Her hand felt something hard; she noticed that her hand was over the
Scarecrow's groin.

"Ooooh," she whispered.  "Is this a corncob in your pants, or are you
happy to see me?"

The Scarecrow grimaced.  "It's a corncob, actually," he said with a
pained voice.  "Just get me down from here."

"Down?" Dorothy smiled.  "You want to go down?"

"Gladly," the Scarecrow winked.  "Just bend the nail, would you?"

Dorothy reached up again and bent the nail over.  The Scarecrow slid
down the pole into a heap on the ground.

Dorothy bent over a bit to look at him lying there.  "Are you all

The Scarecrow grinned again.  "Yes.  I'm fine."

"Then why are you just lying there?"

"'Cause I can look up your skirt from here."

Dorothy laughed.  "If all you want to do is look..."

"Oh, No!" the Scarecrow said, scrambling to his knees.  "May I?"  He
reached for Dorothy's skirt.

"Why not?" Dorothy whispered.

The Scarecrow took Dorothy's skirt between his trembling hands, and
pulled it up, revealing her naked lower limbs.

"So lovely," the Scarecrow breathed.

Dorothy adjusted her stance, separating her legs.  She held her skirt

The Scarecrow's glove-fingers slid up her inner thighs until they
reached her soft nether lips.

Dorothy closed her eyes, lay her head back, concentrating on the

The Scarecrow leaned forward, pressing his nose into her pubic hair.
He extended his tongue, and brushed it over the contours of her slit.

He leaned back.  "You taste good," he grinned up at her.

Dorothy smiled.  "Wait a minute," she breathed.  She pulled her dress
up over her head, then lay it on the ground.  She sat down on it, and
pulled her knees up.  She lay back, her pussy open and inviting.

The Scarecrow crawled up between her feet and applied his tongue where
it did the most good.

"Mmmmm," Dorothy moaned.  "Maybe you do know what you're doing!"

The Scarecrow sniggered as his tongue continued to stroke Dorothy's

Dorothy's back arched as the contractions took over.  Her body shook,
and she clamped her legs around the Scarecrow's head.

The quivering took several minutes, an up-and-down sensation as the
Scarecrow's tongue kept working her clit as she climaxed two then
three times.

She finally released her hold on the Scarecrow's head, and he fell
over backwards, landing spread-eagled on his back.

When Dorothy caught her breath, she sat up and crawled up between the
Scarecrow's legs.  "Now it's your turn," she said.

She fumbled with the buttons on the Scarecrow's fly, then reached
inside.  She pulled out a corncob and held it in her hand.  It was not
attached to the Scarecrow's body.

"Is this your..."

The Scarecrow pushed himself up on his elbows and nodded.  "Not much,
is it?"

Dorothy smiled.  "It's so smooth."

"Well, I've polished it a lot."

"I see.  Does this feel good?"  Dorothy touched the corncob to her

"Wait..." the Scarecrow said.  He reached up, took Dorothy's head
gently in his hands, and pulled it forward, until the end of the
corncob touched his groin.  "Now I can feel it.  It has to be touching

Dorothy slid her lips down the length of the corncob, taking as much
of it into her mouth as she could.

"Oh gosh," the Scarecrow moaned.  "I never imagined it would feel this

Dorothy slid the corncob back out of her mouth.  "It tastes like a
corncob, though," she said softly.

"Uh, would you mind...?" the Scarecrow whispered, pointing to
Dorothy's crotch.

Dorothy smiled.  She wiggled up so that she was straddling his hips,
then carefully making sure the base of the corncob stayed in contact
with the Scarecrow's groin, she raised herself up, maneuvered over the
corncob, then lowered herself on it.

"Ahhhhh!" the Scarecrow exhaled.  "Heaven!  Absolute heaven!"

Dorothy held the corncob still with her hand, as she used her legs to
raise and lower herself on the thin shaft.  Her well-lubricated pussy
soaked the smoothed surface of the cob.

"Are you going to come?" Dorothy asked, breathily.

"Oh, miss... miss..."

"Dorothy," she whispered.  "Call me Dorothy."

"Dorothy... nuhhh...I have to tell you...ummm...I can't come."


"No balls.  I'm just a straw man, you know."

"No problem," Dorothy smiled.  She slid the Scarecrow's corncob out of
her pussy, and tucked it into his pants.  "We'll just pretend you

She lay down next to the Scarecrow, resting her head on his chest,
curling her leg around his.  Toto curled up nearby.

After Dorothy had a little nap, she explained her quest for the City
of Oz to the Scarecrow.

"Do you think the Wizard could help me?" the Scarecrow asked gravely.
"I could use a brain... it's the sexiest organ in the body, you know."

"I'm sure he could," Dorothy nodded.

"Then let's go!"  The Scarecrow got up, dusted himself off, and helped
Dorothy to her feet.

Dorothy shook out her dress, and pulled it over her head.

"A shame to cover all that up," the Scarecrow commented.

"Just for now," Dorothy grinned.  "Just for now."


The Scarecrow and Dorothy took the left-hand path.  As they turned the
corner, Dorothy noticed that the bricks in the road were pink instead
of yellow.

"I think we made a wrong turn," Dorothy said.   They turned around and
retraced their steps back to the crossroads, and took the right-hand
path instead.


Farther along the road, Dorothy began to feel hungry.

"Is there any place to eat around here?  A McDonalds or something?"

The Scarecrow smiled.  "Where do you think you are?"

Dorothy looked around.  Beside the road was a grove of trees, with
large, ripe red apples hanging on them.

"Well, apples are better than nothing," she shrugged.  She left the
path, walked up to the nearest tree, and pulled off an apple.

The tree moved.  A branch whipped out, snatched the apple out of her
hand, and a gruff voice growled, "What the fuck do you think you're
doing, you little slut?"

"See?" the Scarecrow chortled.  "You're not in Kansas anymore, you

Dorothy stood a moment, her hand on her chin.  "I've got an idea," she
said.  "Stand back."

Dorothy turned her back on the Apple Tree, and raised her skirt,
baring her butt at the tree.

The Tree roared in anger.  A branch whipped forth, throwing an apple
at the mooning girl, striking her squarely in the crack.

"Ooof!" puffed Dorothy, tumbling forward into a somersault.  The
Scarecrow threw himself into her path, but she rolled over him, down a
small slope, coming to rest against a metal pole.

Scarecrow scrambled to her side.  "Are you all right, Dorothy?"

"I think so.  I didn't figure on it being that good a throw."

She wrapped her hands around the pole, and pulled herself up; then
gripped a bit higher and realized that it was not a pole.  It was a

"Oh my gosh," Dorothy gasped.  "It's a metal man."

"Tin, I'd say," the Scarecrow pondered.  "And pretty rusty."

A sound emanated from the metal form.

"Did he say something?" Scarecrow asked.

"He said, 'Oil can!'" Dorothy exclaimed.

"Oil can what?"

Dorothy saw an oil can on a nearby stump.  She dashed over, grabbed
the can, and began to pump oil into the Tin Man's joints.  As he
gained mobility, the Tin Man clumped away, behind a large tree.  After
the creak of rusty metal, Dorothy heard the sound of rushing water.

"Ahhh," the Tin Man grinned as he came back from behind the tree,
closing a small door in his groin.  "I've been having to hold that in
for ever so long."

"How did you hold so much?" asked the Scarecrow, looking at the little
yellow river flowing from behind the tree.


Chapter Four"    "The Marvelous Toy"

The Tin Man smiled sadly.  "Just beat on my chest, here."

Dorothy banged on the metal.  "So?"

"It's empty.  The tinsmith didn't give me a heart."

"So what does that mean?" Dorothy asked.

"It means that I have sex for pleasure, not for love."

"That's typical," Dorothy sighed, shrugging.  "But then, I do, too."

"Then you've come to the right place," the Tin Man grinned.  "Take a
look at this!"

He opened the small door in his groin, and out slid a shiny tube,
studded with rivets.

Dorothy stared.  "How come that's not rusty?"

"Stainless steel," the Tin Man grinned.  "I knew what parts were most
important to keep in operation!"  He stepped toward Dorothy.  "Touch

Dorothy reached out a tentative hand, and grasped the appendage.
Instantly, the angle shifted, becoming more upright.  It began to warm
in her fingers, throbbing... vibrating... then it began to rotate in a
slow spin.

"Oooooh!" Dorothy moaned.  "You've got all the extras!"

"You wanna try it out?" the Tin Man asked.

"Do I ever!"  Dorothy glanced around.  "But here?  On the hard

The Scarecrow stepped up behind Dorothy and tapped her on the
shoulder.  "Have you forgotten me?"

Dorothy spun around to face the Scarecrow.  "Would you mind terribly?"

"Not at all!"  The Scarecrow threw himself to the ground, and spread
himself flat.  "I'm ready!" he cried.

Dorothy nodded.  She lay down on the Scarecrow's body and hiked up her
skirt, revealing her naked cunt.

"You don't wear panties?" the Tin Man pondered.

"Not since Munchkinland," Dorothy smiled, blushing slightly.  "They
were getting pretty grody."

The Tin Man shrugged, and knelt down between Dorothy's thighs.  He
leaned forward, supporting his upper body with his arms, and
maneuvered his shiny metal prick toward Dorothy's cunt.

As it touched the entrance to her pussy, his prick began to buzz

"Oh my gosh," Dorothy gasped.  "Put it in!  It's already making me

With a single motion, the Tin Man thrust his cock into her, Dorothy's
pussy engulfing his appendage completely.

"Don't you dare move," Dorothy hissed.  "It feels soooooo good!"

The buzzing of the metal cock was somewhat muffled as it rotated
inside Dorothy's cunt, rubbing the metal rivets at its base against
her clit.

Dorothy felt a slight movement below her, then felt the Scarecrow's
glove-hands reaching up, caressing her breasts through the thin fabric
of her pinafore.

Then something else...

"Scarecrow!  What are you doing?" she gasped.

"Nothing.  Nothing at all," the Scarecrow whispered into her ear.

"Then what's that poking at my ass?"

"Must be a straw..."

"Umph!" Dorothy moaned as her asshole was penetrated.  "Unnngh!
That's no damned straw!"

"Or it could be my corncob," the Scarecrow grinned.  "Sometimes I get

"Confused, my ass!" Dorothy snapped.

"Your ass, indeed," the Scarecrow moaned.  "And it feels quite nice."

Dorothy relaxed, both her holes filled completely, and let her body
take over.  The constant buzzing vibration and rotating studs on the
Tin Man's cock were beginning to take effect.  She found herself
teetering on the edge of orgasm.

"Oh, yes!" she sighed, as her body contracted, her abdomen contracting

She began to rock her hips in time with her contractions, sliding the
Tin Man's cock deep inside her as the Scarecrow's dick slid out of her
ass, then reversed the process, driving the Scarecrow's corncob deep
into her rectum while the Tin Man's cockhead tickled her clit.

With one last moan, Dorothy collapsed back, her head bouncing against
the Scarecrow's straw head.

"Do you guys come, or what?" she asked weakly.

"Do I come?" the Tin Man smiled down at her, then pushed himself
upright.  He pulled his metal cock out of Dorothy's pussy.

"No..." Dorothy protested, lifting her head to look up at the Tin Man.

Tin Man pointed his mighty weapon at her face, just as a glob of
whitish goo jetted from the end of it, splashing on Dorothy's face.

"Oh, yuck!" Dorothy frowned, wiping at the glob.

"Don't eat it," the Tin Man laughed.  "It's silicone grease.  Just rub
it on here."  He pointed at his cock.

Dorothy sat up, impaling her ass again on the Scarecrow's corncob
cock.  She wiped the grease from her hand onto the Tin Man's metal
cock, and the Tin Man crawled backwards, rubbing the grease into his
metal appendage.

Dorothy turned to look at the Scarecrow's blissful face.  "What about
you?  Do you want to come?"

"More than ever," the Scarecrow nodded.  "Maybe I'll reconsider my
request from the Wizard.  I think I want a real cock and balls


Chapter Five:    "Bestiality?"

The forest grew close to the yellow bricks of the pathway.  There were
strange noises that came from the forest; some Dorothy recognized as
bird calls, others were mysterious.  The most ominous was a heavy
movement, which seemed to parallel their path.

"Are there wild animals in these woods?" Dorothy asked, nervously.

"Some," the Tin Man said, cheerfully.  "Mostly Lions and Tigers and

"Oh, my!" The Scarecrow gasped.

"Now don't start that," Dorothy moaned.

She pulled her two companions closer on each side of her as they
walked down the path.

Toto, trotting along at Dorothy's heels, suddenly ran in front of
them, excitedly barking at something in the forest.

"Rooooar!"  A lion burst out of the forest ahead of them.  "Growwwwl!"
he snarled.

"Roar?  Growl?"  Dorothy stood akimbo.  "Is that the best you can do?"

"I didn't scare you?" the Lion asked.

Dorothy shook her head.

"I didn't think so."  The Lion shook his head sadly.  "I've never been
able to get that part down right."

"That's all right," Dorothy said, comfortingly.  "Besides, I was
expecting you.  I've seen the movie before."

The Lion sat down on a rock beside the yellow brick road.  Dorothy sat
down on the ground on the opposite side of the road.  The Scarecrow
and the Tin Man stood nearby.

"So, what's your problem?" Dorothy asked.

"I dunno," the Lion moaned.  "I'm just not as fierce as I should be.
All the other Lions come around, bragging about how many folks they
had frightened; how they hunted squirrels and rabbits...  and all I
can talk about is how my garden is growing."

"A vegetarian lion?" the Scarecrow marvelled.

The Lion nodded, slowly.

"Why, you're nothing but a big chicken!" the Tin Man exclaimed.

Toto perked his ears up.

Dorothy hugged her knees to her chest.

The Lion's gaze shifted down to Dorothy's pussy, now revealed by her
position.  "Besides that, the lady lions..."

"I'll bet he doesn't get any," the Tin Man grinned, shifting over to
one side to admire the view.

"Nope," the Lion moaned.  "Now here you come, and..."  he licked his
lips.  "Young lady, do you have to sit like that?  Are you just
teasing me?"

Dorothy glanced down, and realized that she was exposed.  "Not
intentionally," she said, tugging her skirt over her knees and pulling
it down to cover her exposed groin.

"Why did you spoil the beaver shot?" the Tin Man complained.

The Lion moaned.  "It's just that... that..."

"He's a horny lion," the Scarecrow grinned.

The Lion nodded.

"Why didn't you say so?" Dorothy asked.  "We could arrange

"Really?" the Lion's head raised.  "Would you?"

"Why not?" Dorothy smiled.  She stood up, and pulled her gingham dress
up and over her head.  She twirled naked in front of the Lion.  "Like
what you see?"

"Well, you're not a lion, but you'll do," the Lion beamed.

Dorothy lay her dress on the bank next to the road, and lay down on
it, her knees bent and spread wide, opening herself up.  She motioned
to the Lion.

"Ummm," the Lion hesitated, one claw in his mouth.  "Would you mind
turning over?"

Dorothy's brow furrowed a moment, but a smile crossed her face.  "Of
course," she grinned, "you want it doggie style."

"Lion style," the Lion corrected.

Dorothy nodded.  She rolled over, raising herself on her hands and
knees, and pressed backward, her ass in the air.

The Lion moved up behind her, and stuck his nose into the cleft
between her asscheeks.  His long tongue snaked out, curling over the
young girl's pussy lips.

Dorothy felt herself relaxing, her pussy responding to the warm
strokes of the Lion's tongue.

The Lion climbed over her, hooking his arms around her upper body,
pushing his hips against hers.

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion bounced against her ass, his breath hot on the back of
Dorothy's neck.

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion shifted forward, rotating his hips against the smooth, white
skin of Dorothy's backside, rubbing himself against her.

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion huffed and puffed, his paws gently stroking and squeezing
Dorothy's tits.  His pelvis slid against her.

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion rolled over with a whine.  "Dammit, dammit, dammit!" he

Dorothy dropped down to one hip, and looked at him.  "What's wrong?"

"I just can't get it up!" the Lion cried.  "Could you roar, or meow...
or something?"

Dorothy put one hand on his flank.  "It's all right," she cooed.  "It
happens to everyone sometime or another."

The lion whimpered.

"Maybe we know what the Wizard can give you," the Tin Man grinned.

"Maybe," Dorothy smiled, "we can try again later."

"Sure," the Scarecrow chimed in.  "Maybe he likes to watch..."

"Watch what?"

"Watch this," the Tin Man said.  He popped open his groin door, and
extended his tool.

Dorothy rolled over, and the Tin Man slid over her, his mettallic cock
sliding deep into Dorothy's cunt.  It began to vibrate and rotate.
Dorothy began to moan softly.

The Lion sat up and watched interestedly as the Tin Man moved slowly,
pushing his manhood deeply into Dorothy's pussy and then withdrawing
just as slowly until just the tip rolled against her clit.

"It's toys like that make a guy feel inadequate," the Lion whined.

Dorothy moaned.  "But it feels so gooood," she breathed.

She began to writhe under the Tin Man.  The Lion and Scarecrow watched
as she began to work her hips with the Tin Man's movements, meeting
each pelvic thrust with one of her own.

"Ohhhh," Dorothy gasped, "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"So am I," grunted the Tin Man.  "Just one more... Unnngh!"  He thrust
deep into Dorothy's cunt, practically lifting her off the ground as he
ejaculated silicon grease into her.

Dorothy's body quivered with the force of her own orgasm.  She felt
her cunt fill with grease.

"Just let me keep it inside you a little bit," the Tin Man whispered.
"The better to grease the joint."

Dorothy smiled through half-closed eyes.  "As long as you keep it
buzzing on 'low'," she whispered back.


The Wicked Witch of the West paced nervously in her chambers.  The
crystal ball on its pedestal revealed the wereabouts and activities of
Dorothy and her companions.

But the Witch wasn't paying much attention to the scene of the Tin Man
and Dorothy.  She was muttering to herself.

"She's getting closer," she griped.  "Closer and closer."

"Looks to me like she's already come," the King of the Flying Monkeys

"Shut up!  I've got to think of something to slow her down.  She can't
go to the Wizard... Not yet!"


The Tin Man rolled off of Dorothy, who yawned and stretched.  She sat
up, and looked down at herself.  There was a dribble of whitish fluid
flowing from her cunt.

"This stuff won't hurt me, will it?" she asked.

The Tin Man shook his head.  "Nah, its supposed to be

The Scarecrow stood up.  In his hand was his corncob.  When Dorothy
looked at him, he shrugged.  "Just polishing it up a little."

"If you keep doing that, you'll go blind," she grinned up at him.

"Can I just do it till I need glasses?"

Dorothy got up and redonned her gingham dress.  They picked up their
things, and continued down the road toward the Emerald City of Oz.


Chapter Six:    "Hemp Hump"

The yellow brick road lead around a bend, and to the crest of a small
hill.  At the top of the hill, Dorothy and her companions looked ahead
to see the Emerald City of Oz on the horizon.

"It's so beautiful!  And CLOSE!" Dorothy exclaimed.

The companions resumed their journey with renewed vigor.  They
practically skipped down the yellow brick pathway.


The Wicked Witch of the West gazed into her crystal ball.

"Ah, yes,... yes!" she cried.  "Perfect!  This will slow her down!"

She waved her hands over the crystal, and chanted in a low, gutteral

"Look!" shouted Dorothy, pointing off to the left of the pathway.
"Aren't the flowers lovely?"

Dorothy left the path, and wandered through the red flowers.  "What
kind of flowers are these, anyway?"

"I believe they're poppies," the Scarecrow said, wrinkling his

"Poppies...?  I haven't seen any so big before."   Dorothy picked one
of the blossoms.  A thick, white sap bubbled up on the broken stem.

The others gathered around her as she sniffed the poppy.  "Not much
scent," she commented.

"That's not what makes these valuable," the Lion smirked.

"What do you mean?" Dorothy asked.

"These are opium poppies," the Lion said.

"Leave it to the vegetarian Lion," the Tin Man grinned.

"Opium..." Dorothy mused.  "How do you..."

"Forget it," the Lion snapped.  "It takes too long.  You want to get
to the Emerald City, right?"

"Right," Dorothy nodded.  She looked around her.  Growing off away
from the path was a patch of tall, green plants.

"Now those I recognize," Dorothy said, smiling.  She waded off toward
the greenery, the others following behind her.

"Yes indeed," she smiled as she neared the plants.

"So what's this?" the Tin Man asked.

"Hemp," Dorothy grinned, grabbing one of the tall plants and bending
it toward her.  "Ganja.  Weed.  Mary Jane."

"All those names?"

"Marijuana," the Lion said, helpfully.

Dorothy plucked a few choice buds from the top of the plant.  She
rolled them between her fingers.  "Good shit," she grinned broadly.

"Yeah, man," a voice echoed from amongst the plants.  "Really good

The Tin Man pushed a couple of hemp plants aside, revealing a tall,
thin man, dressed in a green soldier's outfit, with a long, green

He was also wearing dark-lensed granny glasses, and was holding a
green glass bong.  A thin stream of smoke plumed from the pipe.

"Hi, dudes," the Soldier grinned, weaving a little as he emerged from
the plants.  "And dudette," he added, looking Dorothy up and down.
"Want a hit?"

Dorothy nodded.  The Soldier handed her his bong, and Dorothy puffed
the chamber full of acrid smoke, then inhaled it.  Holding her breath,
she passed the bong to the Lion.

"'ere" she croaked, holding as much breath as she could.

The Lion puffed at the pipe expertly and filled his lungs with smoke,
and handed the pipe off to the Tin Man, who shrugged and offered it to
the Scarecrow.

"No way," the Scarecrow said, backing away.  "That's fire."

The Tin Man handed the bong back to the Soldier.

"You don't want any?" the Soldier asked.

The Tin Man shook his head.  "Doesn't work for me," he said, sadly.
"Used to use it, before..."

The Soldier blinked at him, then said, "Oh, yeah, man...  You're made
outta metal.  Bummer, man."

He took another hit from the bong, and passed it back to Dorothy, who
began to fill the chamber with smoke again.

Finally exhaling his smoke, the Soldier asked, "Where are you dudes

"We're heading to Oz to meet the great Wizard," the Lion said, taking
the pipe from Dorothy.

"Oh, the Wiz," the Soldier said.  "Know him well."

"Really?  Is he as great a Wizard as we've been told?"

"Absolutely," the Soldier said.  "I'll introduce you...  if..."

"If?" Dorothy frowned.  "What do you mean 'if'?"

The Soldier smiled strangely.  "Gimme a little piece?"

Dorothy looked at him, puzz!ed, for a moment.  Then it dawned on her
cannibis-dimmed mind.  "A piece of ass?"

The Soldier nodded.  "Ass for grass.  That's fair, isn't it?"

Dorothy smiled.  At least the guy was fairly human, despite the green

She quickly removed her dress, standing naked before the soldier,
except for her red shoes.

"Oh, wow," the Soldier grinned.  "Wow."

Dorothy stepped up to the Soldier, and reached down to cup his groin.

"Mmmm," she said, "feels like you've got the right equipment."

The Soldier quickly undressed; his beard covered his chest, down to
his navel, but it was his over-large cock that had Dorothy's
attention.  It was standing straight up, and throbbed with every beat
of the man's heart.

Dorothy knelt down in front of him, and kissed his cockhead.  It
responded by issuing a large, sticky drop of pre-come.  Dorothy licked
it away, and another appeared.

Dorothy lay back, pulling the Soldier by his cock over her.  She
guided his cockhead to the entrance to her pussy, then reached back to
grab his ass, pulling him into her.

He let her guide his motion to begin with, but as his large dick
bottomed out, he held it inside her, as he nuzzled her small but
sensitive nipples with his lips.

"Come on, big guy," she whispered. "Fuck me.  Fuck me hard."

"Yeah," the Lion said, his paw on his organ.  "Fuck her.  Make her

The Scarecrow had his corncob out, polishing it again, and the Tin Man
just stood there, watching, with a big grin on his face.

The Soldier began stroking; deep and slow, his asscheeks clenching on
each in-stroke as he drove deeper and deeper into Dorothy's
appreciative cunt.

Dorothy's breath quickened; she was moving with him, meeting each
stroke with one of her own, rocking her hips back and forth, squeezing
her pussy muscles around the cock inside her.

She felt her pussy begin to clench; the contractions began inside her,
and her body shook as her orgasm overtook her.

Her cunt squeezed at his cock; so hard that he could not move.  The
pressure was too much for him.  "I'm coming," he gasped.

"Come on," she gasped back at hime, "Come inside me."

His cock jerked as his balls exploded deep inside her; Dorothy felt a
warmth as her pussy filled and dribbled back out, flowing down her
slit to her asshole.

The Soldier moaned and collapsed on top of Dorothy.  He rested there a
moment, while his cock deflated.

Dorothy waited for him to catch his breath, then pushed him gently on
the shoulder until he rolled over and off of her.

"Enjoy yourselves, fellas," she asked her companions.

"Immensely," the Scarecrow grinned.

The Soldier stood up and retrieved his uniform.  He reached into a
pocket and pulled out a pocketwatch.  "Ohmigosh," he exclaimed.  "I'm
supposed to be on duty."

He dressed quickly.  As he turned to leave, Dorothy grabbed him by the

"Don't forget your promise," she said.

The Soldier nodded, and ran off in the direction of the Emerald City,
disappearing over the hill into the poppy patch.

Dorothy bent another hemp plant toward her and pulled off a few more
buds.  "For later," she grinned.

She retrieved her dress and slipped it over her naked body, and tucked
the buds away in her pocket.

"To Oz!" she grinned.  The four companions linked arms, and skipped in
the direction the soldier had disappeared.


Chapter Seven:  "It's Not That Easy Being Green"

The foursome -- along with Toto, trotting along behind them -- arrived
at the great door to the walled city.

Dorothy stepped up and pressed the doorbell button.

A small window opened in the huge door.  A head stuck out the window.

"Who rang that bell?  Oh, it's you!  What took you so long?"

Dorothy smiled as she recognized the Solder with the Green Beard.

"Wait just a minute," the Soldier said, and closed his window.

The foursome heard some grating sounds, sliding sounds, and finally a
loud CLACK as the great door slid slowly open.

The Soldier stepped forward and saluted.  "Welcome to the Emerald City
of Oz."

"Remember your promise," Dorothy warned.  "You said you'd take us to
meet the Wizard."

"Of course," the Soldier grinned.  "But first, there are a few
preliminaries.  Here."  He handed Dorothy a pair of green spectacles.

"What's this for?" Dorothy asked.

"It's the law in the Emerald City," the Soldier explained.  "You must
all wear these spectacles in the city."  He leaned forward and
whispered into Dorothy's ear.  "It makes everything look green -- much
easier than painting everything."

Dorothy slipped on the spectacles, as did the others.

"Even you, little fellow," the Soldier said, as he put a pair of
glasses on Toto.

"Now," the Soldier said, straightening up.  "You must all freshen up."
He sniffed.  "You smell of the road -- and other things."

Dorothy nodded.  The Soldier led them through the door and closed it
behind them, then led them down a side street.

The first building on the left was a "Clip and Groom" shop; the Lion
and Toto were escorted inside.  Up the street on the right was a
Livery Stable with lots of fresh straw.  The Scarecrow was led through
that doorway.

Farther down on the left was a tinsmith, where the Tin Man entered;
the last building on the right was labeled "Venus Spa and Beauty".
Dorothy stepped inside the door.

The Soldier called after her.  "I'll be back shortly to take you to
the Wizard."

"Oh, my," the elderly lady behind the counter said, looking Dorothy
over from head to foot.  "We've got a LOT of work to do.  First,
bath... and laundry."  She snapped her fingers, and two young women
appeared, dressed in crisp, green uniforms.  "Take this young woman to
the baths," she ordered.

The two women stepped forward and escorted Dorothy off through a
little door.  Inside the small, darkened room, Dorothy was quickly
undressed.  The two women disappeared, along with Dorothy's clothing
and green spectacles.

Without warning, water began spraying Dorothy's naked body from three

Sputtering, Dorothy momentarily panicked, but quickly realized that
the warm spray was comfortable, and meant to be a shower.  She turned
in the flow of water, allowing the dirt -- and other stuff -- to be
removed from her body.

Just as she was beginning to enjoy it, the water stopped.  A second
door opened, and the two women appeared again, and escorted the nude
Dorothy to a large, sunken bathtub.

Dorothy stepped down into the water; it was warm -- no, it was hot --
and scented with roses.  She sank down into the tub, sitting on a
little platform.  She leaned back, luxuriating in the sensation of the
warm water.  She closed her eyes.

The tub was big enough for her to float.  Her body drifted up, the
nipples on her firm breasts broke water; along with her toes; a cool
sensation compared to the warmth of the water.

She floated effortlessly in the water, her eyes closed, until she felt
the hand on her leg.  She opened her eyes a crack, and saw that the
two women were now equally naked, and in the tub with her.

The dark-haired one on Dorothy's left pressed a button, and jets of
air and water began to flow through the tub-water.

Dorothy smiled.  She had heard of hot-tubs, but had never been in one.

The two women began to rub Dorothy's body with soft cloths, continuing
the washing that had begun in the shower.  Dorothy closed her eyes and
relaxed, letting the women continue their work.

They scrubbed diligently at her feet, and hands and arms and legs,
then belly and back.  They seemed to stay away from her private parts,
much to Dorothy's dismay.

When the red-head at Dorothy's right used her cloth on Dorothy's inner
thigh, Dorothy decided to make a move.  She moaned softly, and opened
her legs wider.

The red-head's movements slowed noticeably.  Dorothy opened her eyes a
slit, and watched the red-head's face.  The red-head reached over and
used her cloth to stroke Dorothy's slit.

Dorothy moaned again.  The red-head glanced at Dorothy's face, then
dropped her cloth, and used her fingers to caress Dorothy's lower

Receiving no objection from Dorothy, the red-head gained boldness.
She reached in with her other hand, and separated Dorothy's outer
lips, revealing the pink within.  She caressed Dorothy's clit, rolling
it with the tips of her fingers.

The dark-haired girl watched a moment, then bent forward and placed
her lips around Dorothy's left nipple. She sucked gently.  Dorothy
felt her nipple stiffen.

The red-head slipped a finger inside Dorothy's pussy, while pressing
on her clit with her thumb.

Dorothy gasped; the red-head considered it an invitation, and slipped
in another finger.  She pressed upward with them, finding a sensitive
place inside Dorothy's wet cunt.

The dark-haired girl switched breasts.  Dorothy reached up and grasped
the dark-haired girl's breast, now within easy reach from her floating
position.  The girl moaned as Dorothy tweaked her nipple, the
vibrations of her voice adding to the stimulation her tongue was
giving Dorothy's tit.

The redhead moved, sliding around Dorothy's leg, without losing her
grip on Dorothy's pussy.  She pushed Dorothy gently to the edge of the
tub, which was padded.  Dorothy's head rode up over the edge, as the
red-head dipped down into the water, her face now level with Dorothy's

She removed her thumb from Dorothy's clit, but replaced it with her

Dorothy gasped with pleasure as the girl swirled her tongue around and
over her sensitive clit.

The dark-haired girl stood up.  Dorothy's hand fell away from the
girl's breast as she stepped up and out of the tub.  Dorothy's eyes
opened fully.  She watched as the dark-haired girl stepped around the
edge of the tub, then stood over Dorothy's head.

Dorothy gazed up the legs of the dark-haired girl, her view unobscured
of a naked, shaved pussy slit.

The girl squatted down, lowering her pussy down to Dorothy's face,
hovering an inch away from Dorothy's mouth.

Dorothy raised her head a bit, extended her tongue, and touched it to
the point of the girl's slit.

The girl pushed down against Dorothy's tongue, pressing her cunt
against Dorothy's mouth.  Dorothy's tongue slid down the slit, feeling
it open to her, tasting the warm and musky flavor of the girl's cunt.

She found the girl's clit; it erected under her tongue.  The girl drew
in a deep breath as Dorothy sucked gently at it, flicking the tip of
her tongue over the little bud.

The red-head was doing exactly the same thing to Dorothy.  It almost
felt to Dorothy that she was doing it to herself.

She felt herself tighten; the familiar feeling under her breastbone, a
warming in her groin.

The red=head pressed her fingers deeper into Dorothy's cunt; that was
all she needed.  Her body convulsed as the orgasm washed over her.

The girl squatting over Dorothy's face pulled up as Dorothy's body
it was as powerful an orgasm as she had ever felt.  Even the Tin Man's
magical toy hadn't given her quite this pleasure.

As the contractions slowed, Dorothy opened her eyes again.  The two
women had vanished.  She was alone in the swirling waters of the

Dorothy looked to her right and left.  To one side was a large, fluffy
towel.  On the other side was a stack of clothing.

Dorothy rose from the tub, and towelled down.  When she was dry, she
picked up the stack of clothing.   On top of the stack was the pair of
green spectacles.  Her gingham pinafore had been cleaned and pressed.
Under the dress was a new green brassiere, and a pair of green
panties, and under the whole stack was Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Dorothy put on the panties and dress, leaving the brassiere behind.
She slipped on the shoes.  As soon as she was dressed, a door opened,
and Dorothy followed the light.

"Now, my dear," the elder woman smiled.  "Let's try to do something
about that hair."


Some time later, Dorothy emerged from the doorway of the spa, feeling
clean and refreshed.  She looked down the street, and saw her
companions also emerging from doorways.

The Scarecrow's clothing had all been washed and restuffed with fresh
straw.  He stepped up beside Dorothy.

"I feel like a new man," he whispered.  "Everything's all fresh and
clean -- everything except my corncob, that is."

Dorothy smiled.

The Tin Man's metal body was all polished and buffed.  He stopped and
did a little turn in front of Dorothy.  "Neat, eh?" he grinned.  He
leaned forward to whisper, "And just wait till you see what else got
an improvement!"

Dorothy laughed.

The Lion bounced out of the "Clip and Groom"; his mane was positively
shiny; he had been curry-combed, and looked sleek and handsome.  "I
feel terrific," he boasted.

Toto trotted along behind the Lion; he had also been groomed, and
looked better than Dorothy had ever seen him.

"Ahem," a voice came from behind them.

Dorothy turned.  The Soldier with the Green Beard stood at attention.

"The Wizard will see you now," he said, stiffly.  He turned, and
marched off.  The companions followed closely behind him.


The corridor was long, tall, and impressive.  Their footsteps echoed.

They made their way quietly down the hall, awed by the magnificence of
the structure.

At the end of the hall was a tall stairway.  Dorothy led the way up
the stairs.  At the top of the stairs, the room opened into a huge,
cavernous area, lighted by two flames that shot out of the floor to
the ceiling, fifty feet above.

Hovering over a gilded throne, was the huge image of a human head.

"Very impressive," Dorothy muttered.

"I am Oz," the Head spoke.  "The Great and Powerful."

"I am Dorothy, the Small but Sensuous."

The Lion snickered.

"Silence!  I know who you are.  I know what you want,"  The voice
thundered.  "You, Straw Man, step forward."

The Scarecrow stepped forward.

"You want a brain," the Head bellowed.

"Yes sir," the Scarecrow whimpered.  "Yes, your Majesty."

"You, Tin Man," the Head spoke.  "You want a heart."

The Tin Man shivered, his joints clattering.  "Yes, sir."

"And you, Lion, you want courage."

"Well, since you're asking, I want potency," the Lion whined.

"SILENCE."  The Head glowered.

"And Dorothy," the Scarecrow squared his shoulders.  "She wants to go
home to Kansas."

"I SAID SILENCE," the Head screamed.

The foursome cowered.

"I have every intention of granting your every wish," the huge head
thundered.  "But first, you must bring me the dildo of the Wicked
Witch of the West."

"But to do that, we may have to fuck her."

"You pays your money, you takes your chances," the Head said.  "Now


Chapter Eight:  "I don't give a flying fuck!"

The foursome walked slowly down the green-bricked road.  Here the road
was not well maintained.  In several places, bricks were broken, and
some were missing.  Weeds sprouted in the holes, and in some places,
the weeds completely covered the pathway.

The woods on each side of the road were dense, dark and frightening.
Dorothy and her companions kept tightly together.

Around a bend in the road, they came across a sign.

"Haunted Forest", the Lion read aloud.  "I'd Turn Back If I Were You!"

With a cry, the Lion turned and prepared to run, but the others
stopped him.

In her bedroom at the Castle, the Wicked Witch of the West reached out
from under the covers, and caressed the huge crystal ball.  The scene
of Dorothy and the others faded away.

"She's no fun at all to watch," the Witch grumbled.  "Let's try
another channel..."

Mists inside the crystal formed another scene.  A room dressed in pink
and white, with glitter and sequins on almost every hard surface.  A
woman was lying on the bed, completely naked, covered only by a
strapping young, naked soldier.  The soldier's hips flexed, driving
his sizable cock deep into the woman's eager-looking cunt.

"Glinda's always good for a peep-show," the Wicked Witch smiled,
picked up her vibrating dildo, and lay back in the bed.

She switched on the dildo, and held its head against her massive,
green-tinged clit.  Shivers of pleasure rushed through her body.  She
kept her eyes on the scene of her cousin Glinda and her soldier, as
she plunged the dildo inside her.  She matched the soldier's thrusts
with thrusts of her own.

In the crystal, Glinda was nearing orgasm; even though she had not
conjured sound into the scene, the Witch could imagine the shrieks of
delight that Glinda would be making right now.  She knew Glinda was a
screamer, and that was the reason she had not bothered with sound.

The soldier in the crystal stopped thrusting, and Glinda pushed him
over onto his back, moving quickly to place her lips over his cockhead
as the man spurted.  Glinda caught his emissions in her mouth and
swallowed with a smile.

Instantly there was a shimmer; a sparkle in her countenance.  The
Wicked Witch watched as she youthened.

"Damn her," the Wicked Witch grimaced.  "There she goes again!"

She quickened up the pace of her thrusts with the dildo as the scene
in the crystal faded.  She could feel herself on the edge of orgasm.
Just a few...more...seconds...

The crystal ball screamed for attention.

She ignored it, thrusting the dildo deep into her cunt, twisting its
base against her clit, the vibration turned up to "high".

The crystal showed a scene of Dorothy and her companions on the near
edge of the Haunted Forest.  Within a few minutes, they would arrive
at the castle.

"Damn!  Damn! DAMN!," the Witch huffed.  "So close... So close, and

She tossed the dildo aside, jumped out of bed, and threw on her long,
black bathrobe and grabbed her pointed hat.

She stomped out of her room and down the hallway, threw open a door.
Inside the room were two winged monkeys; the King of the Monkeys and
his latest concubine.  They had evidently just finished a bout of sex;
the King was smoking a cigarette, and the Queen was catching a quick

"Put that out," the Witch hissed.  "You know nobody is allowed to
smoke in this castle!"

"Nobody but you," the Monkey leered.  "Trouble is, you haven't smoked
in years."

"Look here, you insolent beast," the Witch shouted.  "I've got a job
for you if you haven't exhausted yourself."

"Me? Exhausted?"  The monkey grinned, and pulled aside the sheet.  He
had an evident erection.  "Look who's sleeping, Bitch."

"That's Witch, not Bitch," the Witch growled.

"If you say so."  The monkey laughed.  "What's the job?"

Dorothy and her companions stepped out of the shadows of the forest.
They gazed upward at the castle perched atop what seemed like a pile
of boulders.

"The Wicked Witch of the West lives up there?"

The Scarecrow nodded.  "But how do we get in?  She's got guards and

Suddenly a dark cloud flowed out of one of the castle's towers.

"Whazzat?" the Lion whined.  "Whazzat?"

The cloud descended toward them.  As it came closer, Dorothy could
make out that it was made up of individual creatures.

"Oh my gosh," the Tin Man shouted.  "Flying Monkeys!  Run, Dorothy,

Dorothy turned and bolted, Toto at her heels.

The Tin Man swung his axe, coming close to but not hitting the
approaching monkeys.  One of them grabbed his axe, and snatched it
away from him.  Another pair of monkeys grabbed him, and carried him
up into the air.

The Scarecrow flapped his arms ineffectively at the flying creatures.
Two grabbed his arms, another two grabbed his feet, and they pulled
him apart, scattering his straw stuffing on the ground.

The Lion, totally in a panic, dashed toward the forest.

Two monkeys chased after Dorothy and caught her.  They grabbed her by
the arms, lifting her into the air.

The King of the Monkeys flew up beside Dorothy, hanging in midair
between two of his underlings.  He deftly unbuttoned her pinafore,
revealing her small but shapely breasts.

The King fondled her nipples roughly, and in spite of her predicament,
Dorothy could feel them responding, growing taut and standing tall.

"Very responsive," muttered the King.  "Just the way I like 'em."

He reached down and pulled up her skirt.  With a smile, the King
grabbed her green panties, and tugged them down.  They fluttered to
the ground, some twenty feet below.

He reached out and slid his fingertips through her sparse pubic hair.
Dorothy began to kick.

"Get your fucking hands off me!"

"Interesting word usage, little lady," the King grinned at her.  In
fact, fucking is just what I had in mind.  But you really shouldn't
kick like that.  If the two monkeys holding you simply let go..."  He
didn't finish the statement, but looked down to the rocks below.

Dorothy looked down, then into the Monkey King's face.  He bobbed a
little as his wings beat the air, hovering in front of her.  She
glanced down his body, and saw his penis, erect and demanding
attention, emerging from his furry pelvis.

"Oh well," she breathed to herself, "after the Munchkins, and the Tin
Man, and the Scarecrow and the Lion... what's one more?"

"All right," she said out loud to the Monkey King.  "But I don't give
a flying fuck.  Just put me down on the ground -- in a soft place,
please -- and I'll fuck your nuts off."

The Monkey King cocked his head, considering the offer.  Finally, he
nodded, and chattered in his own language to his minions holding her.

They swooped down, skimming over the rocky area, to a large pile of
dried leaves.  They set down, but kept hold of Dorothy's arms.

The Monkey King dropped down beside her.  "Remember your promise," he

Dorothy nodded.  "But let go of my arms so that I can take off my

The King nodded.  The other two monkeys let go of her.  Dorothy
reached down, grabbed her skirt, and pulled her dress over her head.
She stood in the leaves, naked but for her ruby slippers.

"Do you mind if I keep my shoes on?"  she asked.

The Monkey King shook his head.  "Not at all.  I can see all the good

Dorothy dropped down to the ground, lay on her back, and lifted and
spread her knees, opening her cunt for full view.

The Monkey King knelt down between her thighs.  He reached out with a
fingertip, tracing the contours of her pussy lips, as his wings folded
close to his body.

"Are you going to just look, or are you going to fuck?" Dorothy asked.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck," the Monkey King said.  "Its just that the
only cunt I get to look at is Monkey cunt -- or the Wicked Witch."

He moved forward, and lay his body over hers, his little cock sliding
into her pussy.  He began to thrust rapidly, then grunted, pushing as
deeply as he could inside her as he came.

Dorothy blinked into his grimacing face.  "Is that all there is?"

"Hardly," the King grunted.  "Just wait a minute."

Within a few seconds, the King began thrusting again.  Again, rapid
thrusts, and another grunt and ejaculation.

"Hold on," the King grunted, and a few seconds later, he began again.

"Wait," Dorothy said, wrapping her legs around his hips.  She rolled
them over so that she was on top of him.  She pushed her hands against
his shoulders, settling her hips on top of his, holding him inside

"What are you doing?" he hissed.

"Just wait."

She began to rock her hips, contracting her pussy muscles as she
worked his cock around inside her.

"Whoop!  Unghh!" the King grunted.

She felt his cock jerk with ejaculation again, but it remained hard,
so she kept working back and forth, squeezing the short length of him.

"Unnnng!" he grunted again.

Dorothy kept humping.

"Ooooooh!" he cried.  "Stop! Stop!"

"Stop?" Dorothy cooed.  "Stop what?"  She kept rocking back and forth.

"Unnnnnnn!" the King grasped at her arms.  "No... I can't..."

Dorothy felt his cock slide out of her, totally drained.  She stood
up, glancing at the other two monkeys, who had watched the whole
thing.  Their cocks were poking through their fur, looking for

The King pushed himself up to his elbows.  He too noticed their

"No way," he commanded.  "You two go away.  NOW."

The two minion monkeys took flight.

"Sit down," the Monkey King motioned to the leaves beside him.

Dorothy sat down.

"I am bound by magic to the Wicked Witch.  I must follow her commands,
as long as she holds the Magic Cap.  So I've got to take you to her,
since that is what she commanded me to do."

Dorothy nodded.  "I understand."

"But that doesn't keep me from telling you her secrets -- as long as
you promise to steal for me the Magic Cap."

Dorothy smiled and nodded.  "I'll help you.  Just tell me what I have
to do."


Chapter Nine:   "Climax in the Witch's Castle"

"I am bound by magic to the Wicked Witch.  I must follow her commands,
as long as she holds the Magic Cap.  So I've got to take you to her,
since that is what she commanded me to do."

Dorothy nodded.  "I understand."

"But that doesn't keep me from telling you her secrets -- as long as
you promise to steal for me the Magic Cap."

Dorothy smiled and nodded.  "I'll help you.  Just tell me what I have
to do."


The Tin Man looked down.  He was hanging upside down from the limb of
a tree.  He went through a check list, flexing his wrists and ankles,
and hearing a rusty creak each time, he knew he was still in one
piece.  At least the monkeys hadn't pulled him apart as they had the

He looked again at the straw scattered on the ground and shook his
head.  A tear formed in his eye as he began to sob.

"Hey, up there!" A voice from the ground shouted.

The Tin Man looked around.

"Hey!"  The voice again.

The Tin Man squinted.  Over there -- beside the rock.  There was the
Scarecrow's head.  And the mouth was moving!

"Scarecrow!"  Tin Man shouted.  "Are you all right?"

"You can ask that?  You can see I'm scattered over half the forest!"
The Scarecrow scowled.  "Get your tin butt down here and help me out!"

The Tin Man looked up at his feet, and tried to figure out how his
legs were tangled around the branch.  "All right," he said,
breathlessly.  "Just as soon as I..."

He moved one leg, just slightly.  But just enough to loosen himself.
He slid off the branch and fell to the ground below.  He rolled over
onto his back.

"Tin Man?"  The Scarecrow called.

"Be right there," Tin Man finally moaned.  He pushed himself to his
feet, and glanced down at himself.  There was a deep dent in his
groin, next to the door where his penis was contained.  He tried the
catch, but it was jammed.

"Damn," he muttered.  "I can't even take it out to piss."

He began to gather the scattered straw and pieces to the Scarecrow's


The Monkey King spoke in a low, ernest voice.

"I've been in servitude to the Wicked Witch of the West ever since she
stole the Magic Cap from her cousin Glinda."


"The Good Witch of the North."

"Oh.  I didn't know her name.  I only met her the once."

The King nodded.  "Anyway, the Witch has two secrets.  The first one
is that she's queer."

"A lesbian?"

"Yeah.  But that's complicated by the fact that witches can only gain
and keep youth and beauty through orgasm.  They must be brought to
orgasm, then drink human semen, to remain young and beautiful."

"And the Witch of the West?"

"Oh, she uses a dildo.  It's about this long," he held his hands apart
about a foot, "and it buzzes.  Sometimes she straps it inside her, and
walks around with it, just buzzing."  He shook his head.  "But she
never comes.  She keeps looking for ways to make herself come."

The Monkey King scowled, thinking.

"Then there's the matter of the human semen to drink afterwards.
Monkey spunk won't do it -- god knows she's tried to suck me dry.
Even when I couldn't quite get it up looking at her."

The King looked over at Dorothy, sitting naked across from him.

"And speaking of monkey spunk, I think I'd better take you over to the
creek to freshen up."  He stood up, picked up Dorothy's dress, then
wrapped his arms around her and spread his wings.  "It's quicker to
fly, I think," he said, and took off, heading for a clear, winding


The Tin Man stuffed as much straw as he could find into the
Scarecrow's clothes, then filled the rest with fallen leaves.  He
pinned together the shirt and trousers, and set the Scarecrow's head
in place.  Instantly, the body came back to life, and the Scarecrow
jumped up and danced around.

"By golly, that feels better," the Scarcrow crowed.

Suddenly, he stopped, and felt at his crotch.  "You forgot my

The Tin Man shook his head.  "I couldn't find it."

The Scarecrow shook his head slowly.  "Damn.  Well, let's see if we
can find the Lion."


Dorothy washed herself off in the clear water, and using the stream as
a mirror, she straightened her hair, retying her pigtails.  She
stepped back from the water, still naked except for her ruby slippers,
and walked over to the Monkey King.  He handed her dress back to her.

"I guess you know I hate to see you put that back on," he grinned.

"All good things,..." she shrugged, and put the dress over her head.

"Now," the King said, "Don't forget what we planned..."

"I won't," Dorothy said.  "I'm thirsty -- is this water good to


The Wicked Witch adjusted the strapping holding the dildo inside her
cunt.  She switched on the vibrator, and it emitted a low buzz.  She
wrapped her black dress around her greenish skin.  She donned her
pointed hat, and stared at herself in a cracked mirror.

"Damn you, Glinda!" she muttered.  "I'll find a way, yet!"

There was a tap at the door.  The Witch stomped over to the door and
pulled it open.  The soldier at the door stepped back.  "The Monkey
King has returned," he reported, crisply.

"And the Girl?"

"He has her."

The Witch nodded.  The soldier stepped aside, and the Witch stomped
past him.  He listened for, and heard, a muffled buzzing coming from
her.  Stifling a smile, he followed her.


The Tin Man stopped.  He put out an arm, stopping the Scarecrow.  He
motioned for silence, then pointed.  There, behind a tree and a rock,
was a long, brown tail.

Silently, the two tiptoed up to the rock.  The Tin Man lifted his
foot, and brought it down hard on the tail.

With a howl, the Lion jumped out from behind the tree.  He looked at
the other two, then collapsed into a sobbing heap.  "Where's Dorothy?"

"We think she's in the castle.  Come on, we've got to rescue her," the
Scarecrow explained.

"You two go ahead," the Lion sobbed.  "I'll wait for you here."

The braver two lifted the Lion to his feet, and they headed wordlessly
toward the castle.


"Ah, yes, my pretty," the Wicked Witch cackled.  "You're going to be
of aid to me."

"Oh, really?" Dorothy asked.

The Witch nodded.  "You are going to help me regain my youth and

Dorothy pretended puzzlement.  "How am I going to do that?"

"First, you are going to get me some human male sperm."

Dorothy's brow furrowed.  "Do what?"

"My soldiers cannot stand the sight of me.  They all are rendered
impotent around me.  So I can't get anything out of them.  But you --
you're so young, so pretty -- for you, they can and will perform."

"So how do I collect the --- stuff?"

"With your mouth, dearie.  Just don't swallow.  Put it in this."  The
Witch handed Dorothy a small bottle.  "When this is full, we'll talk
about the second part."


Dorothy's three companions climbed over a rock and looked at the
entrance to the castle.

"So how do we get in there?" the Tin Man asked.

"I've got a plan," the Scarecrow said.  "Come on."

They sneaked down to the entrance.  As the last three guards marched
past them, the three jumped out, grabbed and overpowered them.  The
three stripped off the Guards' uniforms, and put them on themselves.
They hid the three Guards' bodies, and waited for another troup of
guards to emerge from the castle.

As they did, the Three joined in line behind them.  They marched
around the perimeter of the castle, and then back in the front door.
As the door to the castle closed behind them, our heroes stopped,
letting the Guard troup disappear down the corridor.

"What now?" asked the Lion.

"Upstairs!" said the Scarecrow.  "She must be upstairs."


Dorothy sat on the edge of the setee, leaning forward.  The Guardsman
opened his trousers, allowing a fairly large erect male organ to

Dorothy grasped it, and applied her lips to the purplish cockhead.
She rolled her tongue around the head, while stroking the shaft of his
penis with her hand.

It didn't take long.  The man came, suddenly, with a grunt, filling
Dorothy's mouth.

The Guardsman stepped back, tucked himself back into his pants,
saluted, and marched away.

Dorothy picked up her little bottle, spat the semen into it, then
peered at it, estimating the number left to fill it.  "Well, I've done
ten... and its only a quarter full.  NEXT!"

Another Guardsman stepped up and unbuttoned.  Dorothy sighed, and
continued her task.


The Tin Man peered around a corner.  He spotted a line of Guards
leading to a closed door.  As he watched, the door opened, a Guardsman
stepped out, and another stepped in.  After a few minutes, the same

He pulled back around the corner, and whispered to the other two.
"Something tells me Dorothy's in there."

The Lion began to weep.  "It makes me sad to think of Dorothy in

"I think that was my line," the Tin Man whined.


The Guardsman grunted, and filled Dorothy's mouth with semen.  He
stepped back, and Dorothy transferred the load to the bottle.  She
examined the level again, and looked up at the Guardsman.

"How many more are out there?" she asked.

"I don't know, M'am," he said.  "Three, I guess."

"Send in the next one, then."

The Guardsman left.  The door stood open a second, then another
Guardsman entered.  He stopped, then looked back out the door and

Two more Guardsmen entered.

"Now wait a minute," Dorothy said, not looking directly at them.  "One
at a time, please."

"Dorothy!"  The Tin Man said.

Dorothy looked at the Guardsmen.  They were her friends.

"Oh, I'm happy to see you!  But how can we get out of here?  The
Wicked Witch will be back any moment.  I've sucked off her entire

The Lion picked up Dorothy's bottle.  "You supposed to fill this up?"

Dorothy nodded.

"You aren't even half done.  You'll have to make a second round
through the solders," he winced.

"Unless you guys help out," Dorothy whined.

"Don't look at me," the Scarecrow said.  "I don't even have my corncob
any more."

"Don't look at me," the Tin Man said.  "My trap door is jammed shut."

They all looked at the Lion.

"Oh, no!" the Lion grimaced.  "You know my condition..."

"You're the only one who can provide the necessary fluid," the
Scarecrow pontificated.

"Wait-- all of you," Dorothy snapped.  "Just a minute."

She cleared her throat, then she closed her eyes, focused, then began
a throaty purr; a deep, snarling purr.

The Lion's ears rotated forward.  He listened intently.

Dorothy continued to make the sound as she slid off the Witch's bed
and knelt down in front of the Lion.  She reached forward with one
hand and gently touched the Lion's penis.

The Lion closed his eyes.

"I think I see some life down there," the Scarecrow whispered.

"Shhh--" the Tin Man hissed.  "Don't break the spell."

There WAS life in the Lion's cock after all.  Still making the throaty
purr, Dorothy gently stroked the Lion's organ until the tip emerged,
red and stiffening.

Dorothy used her thumb to stroke the tender head of the Lion's male
member until she felt his scrotum begin to tighten.

She quickly held the bottle to the tip of the Lion's cock, just as he
ejaculated.  Spurt followed spurt until the bottle was nearly full.

Dorothy stopped purring.  The Lion collapsed backward, landing on his

"Oh, my!" he gasped.  "Oh, my!"

Dorothy held the bottle aloft, peering at it.  "All done!" she
whispered, almost voiceless.  She set it on the end table

"Now you guys hide.  It wouldn't do to have the Wicked Witch find you

The three males scrambled around, finding hiding places.  None too
soon, either, because just as the Lion tugged his tail behind the
draperies, the Wicked Witch of the West swept in.

She went directly to the bottle sitting on the end table.  "Ah, yes,"
she cackled, "Very good.  You have done well, my pretty."

"Now what?" Dorothy asked, trembling.

"Now you are going to make me come."

"You're kidding!" Dorothy gasped.

"You ought to know I don't joke much," the Witch scowled.  She reached
up and pulled off her pointed hat, and tossed it to the side of the

The Witch untied her belt.  Her black garment opened at the front,
revealing a skinny, greenish-tinted body.  She shrugged out of her
dress, letting it fall to the floor.

Dorothy stifled a giggle as she looked over the Witch's frame;
withered-looking breasts slung low on her chest, the dark nipples
pointing at the floor, a skinny body -- her ribs showed clearly under
her skin, narrow hips.  And below, a pair of leather straps held
something firmly over -- or in -- her cunt.

The Witch reached behind her, and the straps loosened.  A noticible
buzzing grew louder as a long, black dildo slid out of the Witch's
pussy.  The Witch switched it off, and dropped it to the floor.

She climbed up on the bed, and spread herself out, lifting her knees
and separating her thighs in a vulger, obscene display.

"Now, my pretty," the Witch tried (unsuccessfully) to whisper
seductively, "Come join me.  Make me come."


Chapter Ten:   "There's No Place Like Home!"

Dorothy fought off a shudder.  She started to climb up on the bed.

"Wait one minute, my dear," the Witch said.  "Haven't you forgotten

Dorothy looked puzzled.

"Your clothing, Dorothy.  Take off your dress."

"Oh."  Dorothy took a deep breath.  "O.K."

She lifted her skirt and pulled her dress over her head, standing
naked except for her ruby slippers.

"Very pretty, my pretty," the Witch cackled.  "Now..." she gestured.

Dorothy slowly climbed into the bed.  The Witch took hold of Dorothy's
hand, and placed it on her drooping breast.

"So, what they've always said is right," Dorothy said.

"What do you mean?"

"It's cold."

The Witch chuckled softly.  She took Dorothy's other hand, and
directed it toward her lower lips.

Dorothy's skin crawled as her fingers explored the Witch's mound; the
sparse, black hair, the thin, dry lips.

Protruding slightly was a darker, greenish-toned clit.

"Use your mouth... your mouth," the Witch moaned.

Dorothy bent down, and holding her breath, touched the tip of her
tongue to the Witch's clit.  It was also cold; as if the Witch had no
circulation at all.  She diddled at the clit without enthusiasm.

After a few moments, the Witch moaned, "Come on, dearie.  Turn around
here so we can sixty-nine.  I want to smell that snatch of yours."

Dorothy grimaced, her face out of sight of the Witch.  But she did as
she was told, turning to straddle the Witch's face.

The Witch slid her long nose along Dorothy's slit.  "Delightful
scent..." she muttered.

Dorothy bent down again to tongue the Witch's clit.  In this position,
she began to feel the intense feeling of a full bladder.

She sat back on her heels, raising herself slightly above the Witch's

"I've got an idea of something that might turn you on," Dorothy
whispered, huskily.

"Oh yes dearie," the Witch whispered back.  "What is it?"

"A golden shower!" Dorothy cried, and let go.

The stream of urine splashed directly into the Witch's face; the Witch

"What are you doing, you wicked girl?  You wicked, nasty girl!"

The Witch sat up; her skin was smoking.

"I'm melting!  I'm melting!" she screamed.  "I liked it, but I'm
Oh! Oh!  I'm... coming!  I'm coming!"

Dorothy scrambled off the bed, and her companions scrambled out of
their hiding places.

"I'm coming!  I'm melting!  You wicked, wicked girl!" the Witch

"Imagine that," the Scarcrow laughed.  "Coming and going at the same

The Witch collapsed into a heap, rapidly diminishing in size, forming
a small, greenish puddle on the bed.

The door to the chamber burst open.  Three burly Guardsmen dashed in.

"You've killed her," one of them said.  "Three cheers for Dorothy!
The Wicked Witch is Dead!"

Dorothy stepped over to the nightstand and picked up the Witch's
pointed hat. As she lifted it, a small, silver cap dropped out of it.
She picked it up.

She also picked up the Witch's black dildo, which was lying on the

"May we?" she addressed the guard, holding up the two items.

"Please do," the Guardsman said.  "And take them with you."

Dorothy and her companions filed out of the room, accompanied by the
cheering Guardsmen.

Outside the room, perched on the railing of the balcony, was the King
of the Flying Monkeys.  Dorothy stepped up to him, and held out the
silver cap.

The King took the cap from her gravely, put it on his head, then
grinned broadly.

"Thank you, fair lady," he said.  "I promise -- cap or no cap -- I am
at your service forever."  He bowed to Dorothy.

Dorothy curtsied.

"How about a lift back to the Emerald City?" the Scarecrow asked.

"Absolutely," the Monkey King grinned.


The Flying Monkeys set the four companions and the little dog gently
on the ground inside the walls of the Emerald City.

Dorothy released her hold around the neck of the Monkey King, and
kissed his cheek.  "Thank you."

"You're very welcome," the Monkey King grinned.  "Anytime you need me,
just call me.  I'm in the book."

The Flying Monkeys took off.

The foursome marched up to the palace doors.  The Soldier with the
Green Beard blocked their path.

"Sorry, the Wizard is indisposed."

"Out of the way, pinhead," the Lion blustered.

"We've just returned from the Western lands," Dorothy said, standing
stiffly in front of the Soldier.  "I destroyed the Wicked Witch of the
West, and I'll be damned if you're going to stop me from seeing the
Wizard now."

"How about a little piece?" the Soldier asked.

Dorothy grimaced.  "Maybe later.  We've got business with the Wizard."

She pushed the Soldier to one side, and marched past him.  Her three
companions followed along behind her.

Dorothy stormed up the corridor, up the steps, and stood in the great
hall.  The flames were there, the throne was there, but the Head was

Dorothy stood, her hands on her hips, while her companions caught up
with her.

There was a small curtain off to one side of the room that she had not
noticed before.  And there was a muttering sound coming from it.

Dorothy walked over to the curtain and drew it aside.  A short,
bald-headed man was fussing over some kind of electronic equipment,
marked with the letters I.B.M.

"Goddamn it," he muttered.  "I can't get this damned Windows 95
installed to save my..."  he turned and saw Dorothy and the others
staring at him.

"You know anything about computers?" he asked.

"Who are you?" Dorothy asked, hands on hips.

"Oh," the man shrugged.  "I'm the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz."

"He looks a lot smaller," the Scarecrow commented.

The Tin Man handed Dorothy a wrapped package.  She pulled off the
wrapping and handed the Wizard the object within.

"Oh, my," the Wizard said, turning the object over in his hands.
"What is this?"

"This is the dildo of the Wicked Witch of the West," Dorothy shouted.
"You made promises, mister, and you're going to live up to them!"

"Oh, oh!" the Wizard waved nonchalantly.  "I can do all that.  Follow

Dorothy looked around.  "What's that whirring sound?" she asked.

The Wizard paused a moment.  "Don't pay any attention to that.  It's
some fellow named Baum spinning in his grave."

He walked through a small door into a storage area.  Dorothy and the
others followed him.  He reached into a shelf, and pulled out

"Tin Man, my metallic friend, you asked for a heart.  You don't know
how lucky you are not to have one, because they won't be practical
until they're unbreakable."

The Tin Man looked crestfallen.

"But in truth, it is not how much you love that counts, it is how much
you are loved," the Wizard continued.  "So what you really need is to
be loved."

He held up the object in his hand.  It was a ring of keys.  He walked
to a door, and opened it up.  Inside the room beyond were twenty
nubile young women, dressed in nothing more than smiles.

"My private harem," the Wizard grinned.  "If you really want to be

The Tin Man grinned.  "As soon as I make a trip down to the tinsmith,
I'll be back!"

The Wizard handed him the key.  "Any time, except when you find a
towel hanging on the doorknob."  He winked.

He turned to the Lion.  "And you, my dear friend," he went on.  "You
wanted potency.  Your problem is not between your legs, old buddy.
It's between your ears."  He stepped over to a nearby window.

"Look out there, King of the Beasts.  That's your kingdom out there,"
he put his arm around the Lion's shoulders.  The Lion looked out at
the great forests surrounding the south side of the city.

"But..." the Lion began.

"Listen," the Wizard continued.  "Females of any species appreciate
power -- power of any sort.  Act like what you are -- the King of the
Beasts -- and that power will attract any number of women."

The Lion squared his shoulders, cleared his throat, and roared.

"That's more like it," the Wizard grinned.

There was a clatter of claws on linoleum.  Suddenly, there were two
nubile lionesses looking in the doorway.  "You called?" one of them

The Lion roared again.  The two females dashed into the room, and
jumped on the Lion's back, rolling him over onto the ground.  As they
licked and pawed at him, the Lion shouted, "Look!  Look!  I got a

Dorothy laughed.

The Wizard turned to the Scarecrow.  "You asked for a brain, didn't

The Scarecrow nodded.

"You look smart enough to me already.  I think what you really need is
this." He picked up the Wicked Witch's dildo, unfastened the straps,
reversed them, and fastened the device around the Scarecrow's groin.
The black dildo dangled out in front of the Scarecrow's crotch.

"Besides," the Wizard laughed, "most men think with this anyway."

Dorothy reached over and grabbed hold of the dildo, stroking the tip
with her thumb.

"Oooooh," the Scarecrow moaned.  "It even feels better than my old

"And what about me?" Dorothy groaned.  "I don't think you have
anything in here that will help me."

"Girl, you cut me to the quick!" the Wizard grimaced.  "I'm a little
more resourceful than that.  Follow me."

Dorothy and the others followed the Wizard into another room, this one
fitted like a bedroom.

"My private chambers," the Wizard explained.  He stepped over to a
small table and picked up a small device.  He flipped it open and
spoke into it.


There was a flash of light, and Glinda, the Good Witch of the North
was suddenly lying in the Wizard's bed.  She was completely naked, her
legs spread, revealing the pink lips of her pussy.

"Oh, Wizzy," she moaned.  "You caught me right in the middle of..."
She looked up and saw Dorothy and the others looking at her.

"Ooops!" she said, sitting up, covering herself with a pillow.  She
waved her hand, and a gossamer gown materialized around her.

"What is she doing here?" Dorothy asked.  "She said she didn't have
the power to send me home."

"I lied," Glinda shrugged.  "If I had sent you home, then we wouldn't
be rid of the Wicked Witch of the West, would we?"

Dorothy shook her head.

Glinda stood up and leaned close to Dorothy.  "And you'd still be a
virgin," she whispered.

Dorothy laughed.  "Not for long," she said.  "I was about to get a
great birthday present."

"Are you ready to go home now?" Glinda asked.

"Almost," Dorothy replied.  She turned to the others.  "Bye, y'all."
She turned back to Glinda.  "I'm ready now."

Glinda laughed.  She waved her hand, and Dorothy felt the room begin
to spin. Dorothy clamped her eyes shut.

There was the rushing sound of wind; Dorothy felt herself lifting off
the ground.  The wind ripped at her clothing.  She felt one shoe, then
the other fall off; her skirt rode up into a clump around her waist,
then with a ripping noise, her dress was gone.

Now naked, she rode the winds like a swimmer, tumbling and turning,
until with a sudden thump, everything was still.


[Returning now to sepiatone.]

The room was dark.  Somewhere in the distance, a rooster crowed at the
first crack of dawn on the horizon.

Dorothy sat up in bed.  Her bed.  She looked around the room.  In the
first light of morning, she could not see clearly, but the room looked
much the same as it had before the storm.

There was a tap at her bedroom door.

She dropped out of her bed and grabbed a bathrobe hanging from a hook
on the back of the door.  She slipped it on, and opened the door.

"Shhh," the tall hired hand whispered.

Dorothy stepped back from the doorway as the three hired hands entered
the room.  They were all naked, their erect cocks in their hands.  The
fat one closed the door and threw the latch.

"Happy birthday," they said in unison.

"Ohhh!" exclaimed Dorothy.  "There IS no place like home!"


                           the end

Entire story copyright (c) 1996  Shelby Bush.  All Rights Reserved.


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