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Warning [or welcome ;-)]: This is a story about a group of boys doing 
dirty stuff to an adult like
wanking and scat and spanking and mind control.  The poster at the above 
e-mail address will
pass on all comments.  He has to.
                         At Their Mercy - Part 1

     Crouching behind my car, I pretended to be checking the tires while 
I waited for the boys
to return home from school.  To my disappointment, only one boy 
appeared.  It was the one I
heard the others call Jay, and who seemed to be the leader of the group.  
Dark-haired and dark-
eyed with a perpetual sassy look, he was four foot ten inches and 
seventy-five pounds of devilry. 
True to form, he brazenly walked right up to my apple tree and tore off 
an apple, along with part
of the branch and several leaves.  Leaping up from my hiding spot, I 
confronted the little thief.
     "Like what's the big deal.  You got hundreds of apples."
     "That is the deal.  They're my apples."
     "So the deal is you're a stingy shithead."
     He could not be more than eleven.  I don't particularly like kids, 
and insolence really gets
my hackles up.  Besides, the use of vulgar language by children 
certainly gets my blood boiling.
"If you were my son, I'd wash your filthy mouth out with soap."
     "Oh yeah?  Well, if I was your son, I'd tell you to stick the soap 
up your ass," he retorted
as he tossed the half-eaten apple into the street.
     That was the limit of my patience.  Needless waste I have no 
tolerance for, and especially
when it is wasting something that belongs to me.  I reached out to grab 
the arrogant little brat. 
He stepped back just out of my reach.  I took several quick steps and he 
turned and began to run. 
Since he was just over an arm's length away, I began to chase him.  He 
ran down the street and
ducked into the alley with me right behind him.  Running down the alley, 
he cut across the corner
park and headed for the ravine at the other end.  Although four times 
his age, I keep myself in
good shape and I managed to keep right behind him.  Actually as he 
charged down the steep path
with me at his heels, I was quite proud of myself.
     Coming to a fork, he took the less used path and then cut through 
the brush in what I
thought was an effort to loose me.  I charged through the bushes after 
him and almost ran over
him when I emerged into a small clearing on the other side and found him 
     Before I could react, he gave me a swift punch in the stomach, 
knocking the wind out of
me.  At the same time four boys leaped up from where they had been 
hiding.  They immediately
tackled me and pulled me to the ground.  Managing to throw them off, I 
began to get to my feet. 
Jay got to his feet faster, and approaching me, he kicked me between the 
legs.  As I clutched
myself and sank to the ground in pain, the others pinned me down on my 
back, one boy holding
down each arm, and one boy sitting on each leg.  Jay flopped down on my 
chest with all his
weight, which at seventy-five pounds, was enough to have broken a rib.  
Twisting off the top of a
soda bottle, he pulled open my jaw and poured some of the contents in my 
mouth.  It tasted like
Coke but I knew it had to be something else.
     "Wha awre you doin'?" I managed to ask.
     The boy responded by pinching my nose shut and ramming the neck of 
the bottle down my
throat.  I had no choice but to swallow the fluid.  He emptied the 
entire bottle.
     "What was that?"
     "Just a little something to make you cooperative," Jay said with a 
leer, and the other boys
     "A drug of some sort?"
     "Oh, smart.  You shoulda been a brain surgeon," he said and the 
others giggled.
     "What sort of drug?"
     "Rohypnol.  Not that it matters to you."
     "I've never heard of it."
     "Roofies, R-2, it got lots of names."
     "What does it do?"
     "You'll see," he replied with a grin, "or maybe you won't."  The 
others laughed again.
     He got off me and I tried to shake the other boys loose.  Jay 
kicked me in the ribs with all
of his eleven-year-old force.  I decided it best to just lay there and 
wait for my chance.  At least
half an hour went by.  I began to feel dizzy and very drowsy.
     "So how ya feelin'?" Jay finally asked.
     "Dithy," I replied, my tongue feeling thick and everything 
beginning to spin.
     "Hey, guys, I think it's started working already."
     "Probably because the old man's heart is still pumping from the 
race you put him
     Old man, at forty-four!
     "Now, listen to me," Jay said.  "Just lay there and relax and 
breathe nice and slow.   We
aren't going to hurt you.  Just lay there and listen to my voice and 
relax.  You're getting very
sleepy.  Your head is spinning and you just want to lie back and sleep 
and listen to my voice."
     I knew what he was trying to do.  Well, my mind is a lot stronger 
than any eleven-year-
old's, and everyone knows you cannot be hypnotized against your will.  I 
lay there and fought his
voice despite the drug.  I was sleepy and very relaxed, but I had a 
strong will.  As I  lay there, I
decided to pretend to be falling under his spell.  All I had to do was 
wait until their guard was
down and then get free.  Through the fog my mind was in, I heard him 
asking the others if they
had thought up what they were going to tell me to do.
     Finally they let go of my limbs and I slowly sat up.  I knew all I 
had to do was wait. 
Feeling too weak to make my escape, I decided to just sit and rest for 
the moment.
     "Okay, who's going first?" I heard Jay ask.
     "I will," announced a blond-headed boy I figured to be the same age 
as Jay.  "Tomorrow
when we come past your place from school, you'll have picked the biggest 
and best apples from
your tree and you'll give us each one, understand?"
     "Yeth," I replied automatically, my tongue feeling like it had 
swollen to twice its size.
     "And you'll give each of us a smoke, understand?" said the next 
boy, who looked a year
     "Yeth," I replied again.  I could not understand why I was agreeing 
so readily, but in the
back of my mind, I told myself if I just did what they said I'd get out 
of there.  Besides, what I
was agreeing to was not that bad.
     They looked at the next boy.  He had to be about nine.
     "Well, Billie?"
     "Well, mine's sortta goofy."
     "Go ahead anyway."
     "I want you to get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog."
     I slowly got on my hands and knees and barked.  I was not humouring 
them, and I was not
thinking what I was doing.  To my consternation I could not stop barking 
either, and the boys
were hooting with glee.  Why I could not stop I could not understand.  
The boy told me to beg
and I did.  He threw a stick and I staggered after it and brought it 
back in my mouth.  He told me
to chase my tail and I ran in circles until I was exhausted.  By this 
time the boys were doubled
over with laughter.
     "That's it," he finally said.
     "I'm gonna change my idea," said the next boy, whose size would 
place him between
Billie and Jay.  "Pull down your fly and take out your dick."
     His friends giggled and glanced at each other uncertainly and with 
a bit of embarrassment
and then back at me.  I fought back, but my hand slowly went to my 
zipper and pulled it down. 
What was going on?  I concentrated with all my effort, but I could not 
stop my fingers from
slipping into my open fly.  This was impossible.  The eleven-year-old 
could not have hypnotized
me that easily.  Besides, you can not hypnotize someone to do what he 
does not want to do, and
this certainly was not something I wanted to do!  However, there I was, 
pulling out my penis in
front of the five preteens as they hooted and slapped each other on the 
back.  I wondered just
what sort of drug this Rohypnol was.  If the boys were slightly 
embarrassed, I was totally
     "Now, puppy, go over to that tree, raise your leg, and pee like a 
good little dog."
     I staggered over on hands and knees almost as if I was drunk, 
raised my leg, and emptied
my bladder of what little was in it, again to my amazement and shame and 
to the boys'
     "I'm changing my idea too," said Jay.  "Come over here puppy."  I 
waddled over to him. 
Dropping his jeans and underwear, he got to his hands and knees in front 
of me.  "Come check me
out boy.  Come sniff my ass like a good puppy dog."
     I could not believe it as I went over to him on hands and knees and 
sniffed his bumhole
and his little dick and balls.  The boys all howled.  I was embarrassed 
and frustrated as hell.  How
could I possibly be doing these things?
     "Now," Jay finally said, taking my head and holding it up so we 
were looking into each
other's eyes, "I want you to listen real close. . . ."
     When I woke up the next morning, I had a throbbing headache like 
the worst hangover I
ever had.  Thinking back to the previous day, all I could recall was 
chasing Jay into the ravine,
and what the boys had done to me up to the point Jay had looked me in 
the eye.  The rest of the
day was a blank.  I perked a pot of coffee and opened a can of beans for 
breakfast.  I had no idea
why, but I had a craving for both.  I even had beans for lunch, and I 
must have drunk two pots of
coffee myself by five.
     Arriving home, I immediately went to the apple tree and picked the 
five largest, ripest
apples and then sat on the front step.  I knew I was doing it because 
that was what I had been told
to do, but I had no idea why I felt compelled to follow the child's 
orders.  Five-thirty, the five
boys passed by on their way home.  Upon seeing them, I walked out onto 
the sidewalk to meet
them.  I handed one of the apples to Jay.
     "Well thank you," he said, and I responded with a resounding fart 
to the joy of the others.
     I handed the next boy an apple and he smiled knowingly as he said, 
"Well, thanks."  Again
I farted and the boys laughed louder.  The same happened with the 
remainder of the boys as I
tried desperately to figure out what was going on.
     I then reached into my pocket, and taking out my package of 
Exports, gave the nine-year-
old boy a cigarette.  "That's real nice of you," he said with a 
mischievous twinkle in his eye.  I
immediately felt the need to piss, the first time for the day I suddenly 
realized, and try as I could, I
could not hold it back.  I stood there helplessly in front of the boys 
as I began to empty my
     "Hey, how about a cigarette for me, asshole?" Jay asked as the 
nine-year-old lighted his
up.  Managing to stop my bladder, I handed him a cigarette.
     "Well," he said and I farted.  "That's nice."  He grinned at the 
others and I began to feel
the piss rising up my dick again.  I stood there as it soaked into my 
underwear and a dark patch
began to appear just above my right leg.
     "Well," said one of the other boys and I farted again.  "Lookit the 
asshole pissing his
     I managed to regain control of my bladder.
     "That's not nice," one of the boys said, and to my dismay I once 
more felt the urine begin
to flow.  I could not stop it this time and it ran down my leg and 
formed a yellow puddle on the
sidewalk.  As I stood there with the inside of my right pant leg soaked 
in piss, I knew that
somehow the boys had control over my bladder instead of me.  I could not 
see how that was
     "Hey, Mr. Wallace, by the way, thanks for the apple.  I was 
     Inexplicably, I reached up, and sticking my finger in my nose, 
pulled out a booger and
popped it in my mouth.  The boys roared as I stood there helplessly and 
chewed on the salty snot.
     "Yeah, but you shouldn't have done it," laughed Jay.
     Suddenly I felt the need to take a crap, and once I felt it, I 
could not hold it back.  I could
do nothing as I felt the first turd begin to leave my anus.
     "The asshole's really shittin' his pants!" the blond boy said in 
amazement as the second
turd pushed out into my underwear.
     The need suddenly ended and I stopped evacuating my bowels.
     "Ah, you boys will have to excuse me," I said awkwardly as I began 
to back away.
     "Sure, but before you go," Jay said and I stopped immediately as I 
began to fill my
underwear again.  "I want you to listen to this, shithead. . . ."
     The next thing I remember was going into the bathroom and removing 
my soiled pants,
underwear and socks.  It was a stinking mess but I was not about to 
throw away good clothes. 
As I washed them out in the bathtub, I could not understand what had 
come over me.  It had to
be all the coffee and the heat of the sun, maybe the stress at work or 
something.  Never had
anything like this ever happened to me before.
     When I opened a can of beans for breakfast the next morning and 
drank a pot of coffee
before going to work, I knew something very unnatural was going on.  I 
knew I was acting totally
on impulse, but I could not understand why, and I could do nothing to 
stop it.  After work I
hurried home and sat on the front steps.  I had no idea why, but I knew 
I had to do it.  The boys
arrived at their usual time and as they came up to me I stood to greet 
     "Well," said Jay as a greeting and I farted.  I stood there in 
     "Nice fart," his friend said and I could not hold back my bladder.  
The hot piss formed a
dark patch about my groin and began to spread down my pant leg.
     "How about letting us have an apple, we're awful hungry," said the 
third boy.  I reached
into my nostril.  Slipping the booger in my mouth, I chewed and 
swallowed it as my hot piss
continued to spread across my pant leg.
     "Well," said the fourth boy, "not that hungry."  I farted as I 
pulled out another booger.
     "But don't let us stop you," said the youngest with a giggle and I 
began to evacuate my
     I stood there, my piss pouring down my leg and my underwear filling 
with hot shit.  I
stared at the boys helplessly and they smirked at each other.  I tried 
to leave, but my feet were
rivetted to the sidewalk.
     "Thanks for the entertainment, asshole," Jay finally said.  "Now 
shithead, for tomorrow
listen to this. . . ."
     As I went in the house, I knew I should do something about this, 
but I didn't know what. 
How can you stop something you have no control over?  How do you explain 
to someone that a
gang of preteens has given you the bathroom habits of a two-year-old? 
     The next morning began like the previous two, a pot of coffee and 
beans for breakfast and
a pot of coffee and beans for lunch.  The only difference from the 
previous two days was that it
was Saturday.  That afternoon I stopped at the bank and took out two 
hundred dollars, and then I
caught the bus to Toys R Us at the mall.  I had no idea why I was doing 
that, but when I arrived, I
was not surprised to see the five boys.  In a matter of minutes I had 
spent the two hundred dollars
on games and toys.  We then went to the bus stop.
     "Well, thanks for the toys, Mr Wallace," said one of the boys and I 
     "Well, what shall we do next?" asked another and I farted again.  
Several adults waiting
near me moved away.
     "Well, we could get something to eat, I'm hungry," suggested 
another and of course I
farted and dug out a booger.  I looked straight ahead in mortification 
as everyone waiting for the
bus stared at me.  By this time I had figured out the key words that 
were triggering my reactions,
and I prepared myself for what the boys would inevitably say next.
     "Well," said the lady beside me, and I farted loudly.  The boys 
doubled over in laughter.
     "That was done well," laughed Jay and I farted again.
     "Well, I never," the lady snorted and I farted as she left and the 
boys rolled on the
sidewalk in hysterics.
     Jay and his buddy returned with me to my house.  "Okay shithead, 
lets go inside."
     I felt myself falling into a stupor as we entered my house.  Once 
we were inside, Jay told
me to strip to my underwear.  I did so without hesitation and stood 
there in my jockey briefs. 
You are not supposed to be able to tell people to do things that is 
against their beliefs or morals,
but there I was standing in just my underwear and feeling as embarrassed 
as hell but compelled to
do it anyway.
     "Nice underwear."
     I was unable to move as I began to piss.  The hot fluid soaked into 
my underwear, and ran
down my leg to soak into the carpet.
     "But now you've ruined them pissing in them."
     I opened up my anus and began to evacuate my bowels.  Thick, warm 
shit oozed out of
my rectum and began to fill my underwear.  Constrained by my jockey 
briefs, the soft shit spread
down my crack and across my butt.  My briefs began to sag and droop with 
the fresh, moist mush. 
Some of it oozed out of my leg holes and down my legs.
     "Ah, look, little baby go poop," said Jay and he and his buddy 
roared.  "Later, asshole," he
said as they headed for the door.  I felt helpless and used as I stared 
after them.
     Sunday afternoon I was working in the yard when Jay, his buddy and 
the nine-year-old
showed up.  My heart sank.  Not more of their juvenile bathroom humour!
     "Hi, shithead," Jay greeted me.  "Showtime!"
     I stood there staring at him, unable to move, unable to say 
anything.  By then I knew that
"shithead" was the subconscious cue for me to fall under his spell.
     "Whenever we tell you to do something, you'll say, yes master, 
     "Yes master," I found myself saying.
     "Go in the house, get us each a soda, and a plate of cookies, and 
be quick about it."
     "Yes master."  I hurried into the house to do as I had been told.
     "That wasn't very fast, was it guys?" Jay asked as I returned with 
the pop and cookies.
     "No, it wasn't."
     "I think ol'man Wallace needs to be punished."
     "Right," they agreed with a grin.
     "So, what do you think we should do?"
     "Make him serve us in just his underwear," suggested his friend.  
The younger boy
     "You heard Tyler," Jay said to me.
     "Yes master."
     I stripped down to my underwear.  I don't know what I was feeling 
most, anger with the
boys, embarrassment over the children seeing me in my underwear, or fear 
the neighbours might
see us.  Regardless of my feelings, I obediently did as I had been 
     "We need more cookies.  And you had better be faster this time."
     "Yes master."
     I practically ran into the house and back out.
     "What do you think guys?"
     "Naw, he could have been faster," said the youngest with an impish 
     "So what punishment should we give him this time?"
     "I think he needs to be spanked," Billie suggested with a grin.
     "Bare butt," Tyler added.
     "Drop your underwear and bend over."
     My heart racing with anger and every muscle in my body fighting the 
order, I slowly
turned around, pushed down my underwear, and bent over.
     "It was your idea, Billie.  Go first."
     The nine-year-old boy stepped up behind me and gave my butt a slap.
"Com'on, you can wallop him harder than that.  Hit him like your dad 
hits you." 
     The next slap resounded loudly and stung.  He repeated it at least 
a dozen times.  Then
Tyler took over and delivered my stinging rump a dozen sharp slaps.  My 
butt felt like it was
     "Hey, Tyler," Billie giggled, "Every time you slap his butt it 
makes his thing bob."
     "Oh yeah?" said the blond-haired boy as he gave me a particularly 
hard slap.
     "I think there's something else ol'man Wallace can do for us," 
observed Jay
     "What's that?"
     "Wank your dick for us," Jay ordered.
     I fought the temptation as my hand slowly began to reach for my 
cock.  This was unreal,
like a grade B movie.  My hand slowly inched for my prick like it had a 
mind of its own.
     "You heard me."
     "Yes master," I replied, unable to fight the impulse any longer.
     Taking my limp cock in my hand, I slowly began to fondle it.  I had 
done that hundreds of
times as a teenager and young man, but as I had grown older and realized 
I was destined for a life
of bachelorhood, I had gradually replaced my sexual interests with my 
job and physical exercise.  I
had not done this for years.  It was not long before I was erect.
     "Oh, wow, lookit the size of it!" Tyler commented in awe.
     I was average in the size department, but to the boys my six-inch 
erection must have
looked gigantic.  The boys gathered in front of me and stared at my 
organ as my fist slowly began
pumping.  I was embarrassed as hell, but could do nothing to stop this.  
It was sick, a forty-four-
year-old man masturbating in front of three young boys not even in their 
teens.  My breathing
started to get heavier as I felt my arousal reaching its peak.  I wanted 
to stop but I could not do it
on my own, and I could not tell them why.  I knew if I did, it would 
only encourage them to make
me continue.  It was better not to go through the embarrassment of 
telling them what was about
to happen and having them ignore my plea anyway.  Finally I felt my 
balls twitch and my semen
rose up my cock and spurted out onto the lawn.
     "Oh shit, lookit it!" Tyler exclaimed.
     Jay snickered.  The other two stared at me in awe and then at Jay.
                                        "What is that?" asked Billie. 
     "His stuff."
     "You know, the stuff that a guy squirts in a woman to make a baby."
     "Jeez!" exclaimed Tyler, evidently as unknowing as Billie.
     "That makes a baby?" Billie asked.
     "I didn't know a guy could do that," Tyler confessed.
     The boys stared at my softening cock, the last drop of semen 
clinging to the tip, and
then down at the gobs on the grass.  I stared straight ahead, confused 
and ashamed.  Jay smirked
at me with an evil look in his eyes.
     "Well, I'm getting bored with this shit," Jay announced.  "Wanna go 
to my house and play
Space Invaders or something?"
     "Sure," his two friends chimed.
     "You guys go ahead, I wanna have a word with ol'man Wallace first."  
The two boys
headed down the street.  Jay was their leader and they obeyed him 
unquestioningly.  He stepped
up to me.  "All right shithead, listen up. . . ."
     After the boys left, I put on my clothes and went inside.  I began 
to write up what has
been happening to me as Jay had told me to.  Jay said that he knows a 
guy who can put what I
write on the Internet, and that there are lots of guys who'd like to 
read about it.  He said even
some kids would probably read it and get a kick out of it all.  He said 
maybe some guys will even
write back and give him and the others some other ideas of stuff they 
can do to me, and then I can
write about that too.
     I don't want to be writing all this, but Jay said I had to, and I 
have to do what my master
says.  I think maybe he's just joking about knowing someone who can put 
this on the Internet. 
Even if he does, I don't see why anyone would want to read it, and even 
if anyone did, I don't
believe anyone would really write back, men or boys.   Besides, I don't 
see what else anyone can
suggest Jay and his friends can do anyway, so I guess the joke is going 
to be on them.  I will find
out, and when I do, I will tell you.  My master Jay said I had to.

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