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This is the final chapter written so far for 'Submission Agenda'. More will be
forthcoming soon and in the meantime you can contact me with comments at

Chapter Eighteen: The Power of Malice

The changes that Susan Richards had undergone after her ordeal at our hands
were fantastic. After Malice had taken permanent residence inside Sue's mind,
she had quickly adopted a whole new wardrobe, exchanging the Fantastic Four
uniform for an all-over leather costume that clung to her slender frame right
up to her cleavage, where it opened out, revealing her the generous curvature
of her breasts. Around her neck she wore a studded choker collar, and her
mouth occasionally flashed as she spoke when the light caught on the tongue
stud she had recently acquired.

Malice was an incredible animal, bringing any man she chose to his knees,
adept in sexual seduction techniques that astounded me, capable of inducing
an addiction as binding as mine or Phoenix's, yet reliant on no chemical
inducements whatsoever. Her transformation, both mental and physical, had
been absolutely stunning. She was a chameleon, whose body reconfigured itself
to best ensnare her prey, whilst retaining dominance at every turn. As a
bonus, of course she still retained the incredible power of the Invisible
Woman, one of the formidable super heroines of the age.

Like all of my 'acquisitions' I had to test this new addition to my ranks,
setting a challenge to make sure that she had the necessary fibre to perform
well in her part of the overall scheme. Two new recruits to the Hellfire Club
were brought to my apartment complex in New York: Roberto de Costa and Tabitha
Smith, aka Sunspot and Meltdown of the now defunct X-Force. Before the Black
Queen had got around to dealing with them, I had them seconded to the Bedford
Towers, where Malice would lay out her credentials.

I had read about both of these mutants in Xavier's files. Neither were really
worth my attention - Sunspot was something of a "hanger on", hardly worthy of
a second glance. Meltdown on the other hand was of some interest. Despite
being little more than gene trash in terms of the power of her mutant X
factor, she was possessed of a very lean, toned body, which despite its lack
of height, was attractive enough to spark some desire in me. Her short blond
hair made her look like the whore she was about to become. My orders to
Malice had been straightforward. Evidently there was some unconsummated
relationship between these two - she was to seduce de Costa in front of
Meltdown, and then bring about the young girl's debasement. The girl was not
to come to any harm; however, she had carte blanche with the boy.

I decided to use my rapidly evolving psi-powers to hitch a ride inside
Malice's mind, to submerge myself in the evil she was about to perpetrate, to
fully comprehend the limits of her new personality and evaluate her for
future tasks.

Of course, when she had first met them, dressed in her full leather catsuit
and thigh-length boots, there had been some attempt to attack her and win
freedom, but it was a pointless effort. Without the use of their mutant
powers, they stood no chance against a fully empowered Malice. Their attack
stood only to offend her - which is not a good plan of action.

"If you try anything of the sort again, I will be... more violent," she
promised in a sinister tone of voice, using her force field powers to knock
the wind out of Meltdown and propel Sunspot onto the bed.

"You... you're not Susan Richards," stammered Roberto, looking up on the
bondage goddess who knelt on the bed in front of him, licking her lips

"No... there's someone new and exciting inside her now," she replied, slowly
crawling towards him, the boy staring uncontrollably at the breasts which
seemed destined to spring forth from Malice's tight leather costume. "My name
is Malice and I'm your dream woman."

I felt her chameleonic powers take effect just then as her hyper senses
adjusted to Sunspot's psyche, slowly morphing her body into the shape which
her prey would be unable to resist, her mouth humming in arousal as she drank
in his desires.

"My god... you're...changing!" the boy stammered, eyes glued on her tits,
which seemed to blossom still further until Malice sported a pair of 38Ds,
jutting out obscenely from her chest. Her hips grew wider, giving her a more
curvaceous look, whilst her legs seemed to grow a few inches longer. Susan
Richards' company had access to her husband's inventions, meaning that it had
been a simple matter for her to obtain a suit made from unstable molecules,
capable of adapting with her as her body transformed.

"This is how you want your first lover to be, darling," she replied slowly,
her mind concentrating as she started to form a force field around his skin
that would soon expand to shred his clothes. "Hmmm... it's a fairly
unimaginative fantasy, but typical for a fucking virgin."

"Stay away from him!" Meltdown had been stunned into silence by the impossible
vision in front of her and only now had the guts to speak up... but it had no
effect on Malice who completely ignored her, maintaining a force field around
her that prevented her from interfering.

Chuckling to herself, Malice viciously expanded her force field, suddenly
annihilating Sunspot's clothing, revealing his impressive musculature, his
cock pointing straight up into the air, hard with arousal, even leaving a
small dollop of precum on the tip of his black prick.

Roberto gasped for air as he felt the sheer leather costume Malice wore rub
against his thighs as she slowly worked her way towards his cock.

"Tell me... are you in love with that little girl?"

Sunspot nodded, "Yes... I guess I am..."

"But you haven't fucked her... or any one?"


"Don't lie to me... I can smell the stench of virgins and both of you reek of

"No we've haven't... but we've... touched..."

Malice smiled as she brought both of her hands around Sunspot's engorged cock,
slowly throttling it, milking it as Roberto gasped.

"Like this?" she enquired sweetly, continuing the sweet milking motions on his

"Yes! N-no! Not like that!"

"What's the difference?"

"You're... Ahhhh... you know how to... m-make m-me feel... Aghhh!"

"I suppose I do," Malice sighed, before moving her lips to his bucking
crotch, blowing cool air over the tip, giggling evilly as the bucking became
more violent. Then, two hands still jerking off the boy, she kissed the
glans, using her tongue to smear his precum over the head, running her stud
along the underside, pulling away both hands and mouth as she felt the
beginning spasms of orgasm shudder though his cock.

"No... not yet," she snarled, watching his hips thrust impotently as his cum
urges slowly died off. "Tell me Roberto, have you ever seen Tabitha naked?"


"Roberto!" Tabitha exclaimed in shock.

"Would you like to see me naked?"


"No... Roberto - don't!"

"Here's the deal. I'll give you what you want... everything you want... if
you give me Tabitha.  Just say the word and I'll show you the body you dream
of. Say the word and I'll blow you until you cum. Just say the word, lover,
I'll maybe even fuck you..."


"But there is a condition. I want some fun too. And I want that fun to be
with your girlfriend. You've got to know that everything you ask me to do,
I'll force on Tabitha... and I think we can safely assume that what your puny
virgin mind can come up with will be interpreted ten times more...
imaginatively when I get to grips with her."

"Roberto if you love me you'll tell this bitch to fuck off!"

Malice laughed, throwing back her head with peals of diabolical laughter,
further exposing her new, massive breasts to Sunspot's saucepan eyes.

"Of course you're right my dear, and it is his choice."

"I'm sorry... so sorry Tabitha... but I can't resist her... I n-need..."

Despite her hard nature, Meltdown began to cry in front of her boyfriend, head
clasped in her hands as she refused to believe what was happening.

"You've earned your first reward, lover," Malice smiled, slowly unzipping her
catsuit, allowing her voluminous tits to ooze out of the costume.

Sunspot instantly sprung forward to bury his face in the proffered expanse of
flesh, turned on by the sheer fantasy size, his arousal for dirty sex
heightened by the sight of a nipple ring pierced through Malice's right tit.
Consumed with lust he kissed, bit, nibbled and sucked on the available
breasts, his mind thrilling at the new sensations.

The woman who was once Susan Storm Richards, the heroic Invisible Woman, put
her hands on his head, guiding him ever deeper into her wondrous cleavage,
her gaze locked on Meltdown. Both women met each others' stares, Malice
smiling as she used her force field to rip open Tabitha's top, exposing her
perky, rounded tits to the older woman's gaze. Scooping up Meltdown with
another field, she unceremoniously dumped her on the bed beside the
tit-crazed Sunspot, pushing him away when Tabitha was close enough.

"Now it's my turn," she stated simply, moving lithely to kneel over the
stricken Meltdown. "Your boyfriend likes big tits... and so do I actually. It
has to be said that compared to Roberto's ideal, yours come up a little

Roberto himself didn't say a word, simply savouring the sight of the most
beautiful woman he'd ever seen make sexual advances on his girlfriend, whose
lovely little breasts where also on display for him.

"What are you gonna do?" Meltdown spat, some of her venom returning. "Give me
"In a manner of speaking," sighed Malice as she began to knead Tabitha's firm
little titties. "I'm currently creating thousands upon thousands of small
invisible fields inside each of your breasts. I'm shortly going to expand them
to loosen up the fat.. enlarging them."

"Make them bigger, Malice," drooled Sunspot, eyes locked on the molestation of
his girlfriend's titties.

"It's going to be quite uncomfortable. I should warn you."

Malice simply hummed with delight as she got to work, exercising a terrific
degree of concentration as she poured her cosmic-spawned energies into the
virgin girl's breasts, causing thousands upon thousands of warm feelings to
course through her mammaries. Then the warm feelings changed into hot shards
of pain. Meltdown convulsed in agony, letting out a huge scream of intense
suffering, which was quickly gagged by another quickly constructed force

"Y-you're hurting her..." Sunspot realised, the erotic scene shattered as his
girlfriend screamed silently under Malice's ravaging hands.

"Those are the rules, Roberto," Malice replied, eyes locked on the contorted
expressions of torment crossing Meltdown's face. "As consolation, I'll let you
come in my mouth when I'm finished here."

Moments later, Malice had finished and shuffled back to examine her work.
Tabitha's tits were much larger now, a good 50% increase in volume and the
sadistic former heroine took pride in her work, caressing her larger
aureoles, casually flicking at her engorged nipples. Meltdown herself was
shaking, coming to terms with the abuse her body had undergone, her mind
still numb from the excruciating pain, large bruises appearing on her
titties. As an afterthought, her gag was removed.

"Y-y-you... I-I'll... kill..."

Malice returned to Sunspot, ignoring Meltdown's attempt at a threat,
dismissing even its possibility.

"What next, Stud?"

"Like y-you said... I want to cum... cum in y-your mouth... please...

Malice shuffled forwards, capturing Sunspot's rampant cock, then slowly
inserting it between her mammoth tit glands, Roberto sighing in delight as
another fantasy was made reality by his dream woman. Her ministrations were
superbly arousing. Roberto's cock sent exquisite sensations through his body
as Malice's mane of blond hair flicked across his stomach, her lips
encircling his cock head, her tongue deftly coaxing huge jolts of excitement
from him. Malice put both hands around her tits, squeezing them around his
prick, increasing the sensation still further until she pulled him free from
her cleavage and simply... swallowed him.

Roberto's gasp of surprise was matched only by a look of morbid curiosity from
the slowly recovering Meltdown, who witnessed Malice take all eight inches of
his cock inside her in one fell swoop. Sunspot was nearing the edge, the
glorious point of no return as Malice's clenching throat sent incredible
feelings through his cock , crossing the limit as she pulled him back into her
mouth, sucking fiercely, her studded tongue taking him into the realms of
orgasm... his first face fuck.

Malice was careful to save every single drop of cum as Roberto hosed into her
sucking mouth, falling back temporarily sated, a single leak of pure white
cream dribbling from the side of Malice's mouth as Meltdown looked on
dumbstruck, having just witnessed her first male oral climax.

Malice turned to her and straddled her stomach, leaning over and kissing her
fiercely, her boyfriend's cum being squirted into her mouth, until it was
full, whereupon Malice backed off, spitting out the remaining white cream
over her face, swivelling her hips over her prey, sweet friction sending
sexual flares of excitement through her crotch, her hand locked on Tabitha's
face, prevented her from spitting out her gift.

"Swallow," she ordered, her spare hand massaging Meltdown's throat, causing
her to involuntarily comply.

Sunspot turned to face the tableau, recovering sufficient strength to watch
the violation of his girlfriend. His eyes locked on to the sheer leather
costume, creasing slightly around Malice's perfectly sculptured thighs and
she turned and smiled malevolently at him.

"Why don't you tell me what you want to see?"

"I'd die to see you naked."

That smile played across her lips again as invisible force fields pulled off
her thigh length boots and carefully removed her catsuit, Malice barely
cocking her legs as the costume was taken out of the equation, the enticing
screwing motion of her hips not missing a beat.

Beneath her a worried Meltdown awaited the inevitable... but whereas Malice's
disrobing had been a fluid controlled motion, her prey was slightly less
fortunate - her tattered top and skirt literally exploding under the beautiful
dominatrix's intricate force field work.

"What do you want to do to her?" Roberto asked, anxious to please his
mistress. "Do you want to fuck her?"

"If it gets you hard again, baby."

"G-God... yes!"

"Roberto... don't! Please! I beg of you!"

Malice lifted her legs off Meltdown's body with a practised ease, flipping
her over onto her stomach, simultaneously using the unyielding power at her
command to splay her prey's legs wide. She sent her questing fingers brutally
deep into Tabitha's cunt, scooping up her juices then leaving her pussy
equally as quickly, bringing her digits to her mouth, sucking hard, her
tongue savouring the musky taste of her unwilling arousal.

She fed on the flavour, pulling Meltdown onto all fours, leaning over and
rubbing her enormous mammaries over her back, before she mentally constructed
her first invisible force field dildo, attaching to it to her crotch then
flicking deeply inside Tabitha's cunt, eliciting a scream of agony as she
robbed her of her virginity, building up a steady thrusting motion with her
unseen intruder. Malice bit down into her neck, constructing two more
vise-like fields that crushed her tortured breasts, bringing out another wail
of agony.

Malice straightened up, arching her back, thrusting her deeply curvaceous
hips violently, subconsciously hardening her invisible dildo, lengthening it,
making her powerful thrusts even deeper, even more possessive, than before.

As the rhythm continued, she barked orders at her submissive slut-to-be.

"Take it you little blond bitch... feel my cock! That's it, fuck back on me
you whore... yes! Swivel your sexy little ass!"

Malice knew her trade well. Despite the pain she inflicted on Meltdown's
abused tit flesh, despite the brutal thrusting into her ravaged pussy, she
also created soft, wave-like caresses that danced along the inside of her
cunt, tantalising her erect clit, sending waves of ecstasy through the young
girl that would forever bind her to masochistic submission. Meltdown's orgasm
was inevitable and with it, a submission that would give her pride of place
in the Hellfire Club 'dungeon'. From now until the day she died (which I
considered not to be too far away now) she would serve her masters well. When
she did finally submit, she screamed a single word.


The intensity of the scene temporarily cut off my psionic connection with
Malice, the sensations of her triumph, her mastery over new meat, her thrill
at taking possession overwhelmed me and I returned to my physical form
shaking with a sexual energy that I would soon expend on one of my sluts.

When I re-established the link, Malice was already riding Sunspot hard,
showing no mercy as she slammed her tight cunt up and down over Roberto's
straining pole, desperately digging for her own release, her mastery of
invisible force fields preventing the young South American from reaching the
zenith of his climax.

With Malice's eyes I saw Sunspot's expression - a look of sheer sexual
fulfilment as his eyes danced across the body that had sculpted itself to his
lusts, a vision of carnal perfection that was giving him his lust's desires -
undiluted rapture from a woman who knew exactly how to excite him.

But we both knew that the boy served only one purpose now - to satiate,
albeit temporarily, Malice's insane lust for orgasm. She knew that he should
be allowed to cum now, to alleviate the torture of the indescribable high of
the peak of sexual pleasure, to allow his cock to spew its cream into her
womb. But a spent prick meant a soft prick and Malice had no intention of
allowing him to cum until she had found her own release.

Roberto de Costa's mind broke under the intense rapture, the lobotomised look
on his face as coherent thought was annihilated finally being the last push
Malice needed to reach climax. He was essentially a vegetable now, devoid of
intelligence, his last thoughts before oblivion thrilling to the sensation of
the perfect woman gushing her orgasmic love juices over his tortured cock.

Malice pushed the brain dead corpse aside, returning her attention to the
debased Meltdown, eyeing her bruised body lustfully, her desire for her
brutal sexual expression still not fully sated. I revelled in the dirty
pleasures she mentally decided on inflicting on her toy... expanding force
probes deep in her ass, making her eat out her still ravenous cunt, torturing
her clitoris with multiple fields, whipping her back, tits and ass whilst
making her orgasm, pissing on her... her mind was alive with one thousand
expressions of sheer sexual malice.

I disengaged from her mind more than satisfied with the latest addition to
the team. I would need to recruit one final dark angel before making my move
on the Avengers - one last, magical, addition that I would require before
setting about the seduction of the jewel in the crown of the 'world's
mightiest heroes'... I knew that when the Scarlet Witch was mine, I would be
unstoppable, but first I needed to draft a controllable woman whose powers,
in concert with my own, would bring about her most humiliating defeat.

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