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Chapter Sixteen: Fantastic Fornication

I would need to mass allies to bring about the demise of the Avengers, of
that there was no doubt, but I truly believed that it was just a matter of
choosing the right time and preparing myself properly. Timing and a bit of
luck, that was all it would require. But now was not the time, although
fortune was clearly favouring me.

Case in point: the diamond-encrusted ring that lay on a velvet cushion in
front of me, the so-called Band of Tyr. For the last 18 months I have been
heavily financing a series of Scandinavian archaeological digs, specialising
in the recovery of lost Norse treasures. The Band was such a treasure... a
hugely important piece of history that would again make a lasting impact on
the world... but not for a while. I replaced the artifact in my safe -
knowing that it would be there for when I needed it. My plans for the
Avengers required the recruitment of two more allies - the Band would ensure
the Enchantress's... co-operation. And as for the other required ally...
well, that was the void in the plan that Mystique would help me to fill. In
the meantime, I returned to the present, checking that everything was in
place in the basement for the magical rituals that would be performed there
in a few days time... when the beautiful Scarlet Witch would be mine, and the
take-over of the Avengers would begin.

In truth I was killing time until my next guest arrived at the Bedford
Towers, my mind alive with anticipation at what was going to occur within
these walls within the hour. Already I felt a profound sense of triumph in my
capabilities. Even before Phoenix led Susan Storm Richards into my domain,
the Fantastic Four were finished. Getting to grips with the Invisible Woman
was merely the icing on the cake, the final flourish on what had been an
exceptionally simple series of manoeuvres that had isolated the gorgeous
bitch and left her ripe for the taking.

When I was a kid I had always nurtured a mad crush on the then Invisible
Girl. She radiated a strength of character that had me spellbound, but more
than that she possessed a body that was the stuff of a young boy's dreams...
wet dreams. My first moist morning had followed an intensely erotic dream
concerning Mrs Richards, myself and a seedy massage parlour.

I had spent thousands of dollars buying a very limited series of pictures of
Sue Storm in a lingerie shoot obviously taken during her college years.
Although pretty tame by today's standards, it was what was not shown that was
even more arousing than that which was - the push-up bra emphasising the
curve of her tits, the mere suggestion of a perky nipple behind a satin
waist-length nightie, the 'fuck me' looks she gave the camera... and in my
mind I had fucked her, scores of times as I jerked off furiously.

It amused me to think that the Fantastic Four had fallen so easily. Despite
the Invisible Woman being the last member of the Four left at their
waterfront warehouse HQ, it had been a simple matter to convince her to pay
me a visit. I just asked Phoenix to take a trip over there, tell her that I
had information on the location of her team mates, and then bring her back.
The irony was that everything about it was true. The only falsehood was a lie
of omission; sure Sue would find out what had happened to her family... but
she'd also get a great deal more into the bargain. It would be a long very
pleasurable evening.

The minutes crawled by, so I returned to the main lounge and just sat out the
final few minutes before Phoenix returned. My consort knew me too well - she
deliberately toned down the level of our psionic rapport, denying me any kind
of information about that which was to come, teasing me as only she can. Our
contact was limited to just a vague geographical awareness - I knew where she
was and exactly how long she'd be... the bitch was the ultimate tease.

The entire plan had been perfectly conceived. Once Sue was in this room, it
would be child's play to power-down her cosmic-spawned capabilities.
Additionally Phoenix and I had set up a low level psychic field over the area
which subdued any kind of thought which would lead to violent action. The
Invisible Woman is a skilled martial artist and we had prepared for that
eventuality. Everything was perfect.

Finally the moment came, Phoenix entering the main room, Sue Richards in tow,
her gaze caught up in the elaborate trappings of my home. Both her and my
consort were dressed in smart designer casual gear but obviously my gaze was
caught up on the stunning Invisible Woman. Although not especially tall, she
was an absolute picture - her face was classically beautiful, deep blue eyes
and high cheek bones accentuating her desirability, large firm breasts
clearly prominent, standing clear from her flat stomach and shapely legs.

As with all these super bitches, she carried herself with a sense of
importance and arrogance that I found disgusting; it made me want to knock it
out of her all the more. I wondered if she had ever known fear, ever known
the feeling of complete powerlessness in the face of an unspeakable evil. Her
strength of spirit had seen her survive incredible terrors such as Doctor
Doom, but did she actually feel fear in the presence of such power? How much
confidence did super powers like hers endow her with? More to the point, how
would she feel without them in the face of one who desired only to fuck her?

Introductions were quickly made. I could sense that Susan was very much
preoccupied, but then that was to be expected. Ben Grimm aka The Thing had
left the FF headquarters five days ago and was still unaccounted for. The
Human Torch went out for dinner with a beautiful blond-haired woman... and
never returned. Sue's beloved husband, Reed Richards, had not come home last
night for the second day running. 'Concerned friend' Jean Grey had contacted
her, telling her that I had information about their location that I would be
willing to trade. And so here she was, walking into a trap simple in its

"I do have information on the status of the other members of your team," I
told her earnestly. "But I don't mind telling you that there was a fair
degree of cost and risk involved in acquiring it."

"Look... just tell me where they are and how I can get to them... I don't
give a damn about the cost... the full resources of the Fantastic Four are at
your disposal."

Preoccupation  gave way to frustration before my eyes. God this was going to
be good.

"Listen, Mrs Richards, I have very little interest in money as such..."

"Then what do you want? Damn it, I need answers, there could be lives at

Frustration was now giving way to some semblance of fear, and I liked it. Now
was the time to push her to the limit.

"To be honest, Mrs Richards, I'm very interested in the application of your
powers of invisibility. As far as I understand it, not only can you make
yourself invisible, you can also make just about anything you want disappear
too, is that the case?"

"Yes, but what in..."

"Then here's the deal," I interjected, butting her short. "You make your
clothing invisible and I'll let you know exactly what's happened to the rest
of the FF."

Susan Richards was immensely attractive when she was angry, her eyes
narrowing, her cheeks blazing red, her teeth clenched.

"You... you must be kidding! Who do you think you are? I could beat the
information out of you, so change your attitude and talk!"

She started walking towards me, raising her fist in anger, before suddenly
collapsing, clasping her head as she wailed in excruciating agony.

"Oh that's too bad, Susan," I mocked gently. "There's a psionic field in this
room that punishes any kind of violent thought... and before you even think
about it, the only powers of invisibility you have now are the ones I have

Realisation dawned on her just then even as she tried to access her awesome
super powers, her brow furrowing in concentration as every attempt to make
use of her myriad capabilities failed miserably. I felt myself throb with
lust as I saw the wind leave her sails. Her head bowed in defeat as she began
to face the inevitable.

"You... you fucking sick pervert,"

I decided to give her some kind of choice...

"Listen Susan," I began, my voice sounding calm and reasonable. "This doesn't
have to be like this. If you do not want the information I possess, I'll let
you leave now. Phoenix will remove certain details from your mind and you can
find your team mates through more conventional means."

It wasn't really much of a choice at all. Susan turned to face the being that
was once Jean Grey, clearly attempting to appeal to her former friend.

"And what about you, Jean? Are you going to let him sit there and do this?"

"Uh-huh... yes I guess I am Sue," Phoenix replied earnestly, her hand
subconsciously stroking her breast. "I'm quite looking forward to seeing your
body myself."

"You... you aren't Jean Grey..." she stuttered, eyes wide, her mind wondering
just what had happened to her old friend. "Who.. who are you?"

"Her identity is not any of your concern, Susan," I retorted quickly, getting
her back to the real crux of the matter. "The bottom line is that if I really
wanted I could get Phoenix to telekinetically shred your clothing right now.
Now will you acquiesce to my demands?"

"Yes... okay, I'll do it... you pathetic sick little boy."

"You really don't want to fuck with me, Susan," I replied. "At the moment I am
being more than reasonable compared to how I usually am."

"Let's just get on with it..."

Susan Richards had a very strong will, even after strong coercion she still
retained an element of defiance that I was determined to break and this first
submission was a good start. When this endeavour had begun I would have been
content simply to tie her down and force my cock into her, revelling in her
rape before taking possession of her as I came. But I knew now that this was
not enough any more. I had to bring them down and rebuild them in the image
of my choosing.

"Take off the jacket, Susan, you will not be needing it."

She did just that, tossing the white designer jacket onto the couch next to
her. She was clad in a matching mini-skirt that emphasised her excellent
legs,  and above that she wore a lacy frilled blouse, perhaps a tad too small
as her breasts jutted out tremendously against the material. I felt the first
shots of blood course through my prick and knew that this erection was going
to be painful unless I freed my cock from my pants.

"Let's begin... I want you to make your blouse invisible, Susan," I requested
in a calm tone of voice, barely suppressing the excitement at seeing my
childhood crush forced into becoming naked before me.

She sighed visibly, closing her eyes, her blouse slowly dematerialising,
revealing a lacy, yet quite conservative bra, and a great, trim figure. For a
woman who had given birth, she looked extremely fit and most delicious. A
tent was beginning to form in my pants as my cock grew to attention. The
sight of the flesh-revealing heroine was enough to attract Phoenix, who
walked closer to our prey, standing at my side, eyes locked on the erotic
vision before us.

"Now... the skirt."

Again there was instant compliance and I watched dumbfounded as the indicated
piece of clothing slowly materialised. Surely she could do it quicker...
surely she couldn't be teasing us? Despite the fact that she wearing fairly
ordinary knickers and pantyhose, both Phoenix and I caught our breath at the
curves of her body, now fully exposed. I watched Susan's force contort with
disgust and hate as I slowly pulled down the zipper on my pants, Phoenix
reaching inside to pull out my bloated cock. With her first jerk, I hissed in

"Lose the hose," I demanded... again surprised at her instant compliance.

My consort's teasing masturbation continued, both of us rapt in attention as
we saw the mighty Invisible Woman gradually reveal herself in front of us. I
knew that by now my body was kicking out the imprinting pheromones that would
dull her mind of its inhibitions and actively turn her burgeoning hatred into
our favour. I felt a similar response from the beautiful Phoenix next to me.
I find her scent extremely arousing at the best of times, but when she
desires new meat, there's a different, fresh aroma to her. I'm supposed to be
immune to it, but I'm not... how on earth will Susan respond to this
will-sapping intoxication?

"Turn away from us... and now get rid of the rest..."

She did just that, head bowed in defeat, so desperate to know what had
happened to her family that she was willing to expose everything to us.
Again, the dematerialisation was slow, slower than ever. The full beauty of
her toned back aroused me still further, causing precum to gather at the tip
of my cock and as it oozed down over the shaft and into Phoenix's fisting
hand, I gazed down and looked at the flare of her hips, her amazing
buttocks... the perfectly sculpted thighs.

"Show us your tits," I crudely ordered, the excitement now unmistakably
evident in my voice.

Slowly she turned around, allowing me to fully appreciate her body in all its
glory. My eyes sought out her full breasts as they came into profile, puffy
nipples clearly on display. As she faced us I gazed down at her trimmed blond
snatch, my mind alive with thoughts of how this excellent specimen of
womanhood would be degraded and defiled at my hands.

I delved into her mind, relishing her sensations of humiliation and unwanted,
building lusts.

"Now you show me my family," she spat in disgust.

I waved Phoenix away from my engorged shaft and stood up, removing my shirt,
walking towards her. As I drew nearer I saw the pain cross her face as
thoughts of violence permeated her mind. How she wanted to make me suffer for
what I had done.

"I suppose I should give you the bad news first, my dear," I began, noting
the look of fear on her features. "I'm afraid that Ben Grimm is going to
spending the foreseeable future in intensive care. You see, there's no way
that our particular methods of corruption would work on that monster, so to
begin with we sent him a few of these pictures..."

Phoenix came forward, throwing a few of the college lingerie snaps on the
table in front of the Invisible Woman, deepening her shame still further.

"They're hardly pornographic, but you wouldn't imagine the amount of times I
jerked off to them when I was younger..."

"Just... tell... me... about... Ben!"


"I met with him so he could buy the complete set," Phoenix began, "just so
they wouldn't end up being published you understand. When we met I had a look
inside his mind, finding that he'd actually masturbated to those pictures of
you. Can you imagine that? I found his feelings of guilt and release so
intriguing I made him experience them again... and again... and again..."

"He's lying in an alley way in a coma, if you really want to know. When you
arrived I made sure the authorities were informed. They're taking good care of
him, but I think he'll probably be out of action for a while."

"You... you fucking son of a bitch! Why are doing this? Haven't you got a

"No... no conscience. I desire you and conceived a plan to make you mine,
that's all."

"And you'll kill to do it?"

"Yes... I suppose I will. I had Cyclops murdered in order to bring about
Phoenix's enslavement... and she's never been happier."

I saw the penny drop, finally. I felt the terror in her heart as she wondered
about the fate of her husband and brother. I experienced her powerlessness as
she realised that both their fates had already been decided.

"You've killed them all, haven't you? Just to make me vulnerable, you've
killed my family."

I threw her a lifeline.

"No... both of them are alive and healthy, currently enjoying the varied
services of the Hellfire Club, a charming establishment I recently acquired."

"We just want to give you the happiness the master has given to me," Phoenix
chimed in, moving behind Susan and caressing her shoulders, causing a visible

"And I'm afraid that Susan Richards is the only member of the Fantastic Four
that has to die," I added, sitting on the table in front of the stricken
heroine, slowly jerking off in front of her.

"Just as Jean Grey is truly dead," Phoenix quickly explained, leaning into her
neck and kissing her tenderly.

"What...what are you talking about?" Susan cried, confused and emotional,
shying away from Phoenix's touch, averting her gaze from the blatant sex act
taking place in front of her.

"We've done our homework, Susan. We know all about Malice, the evil version of
yourself you absorbed a while back. I understand it's a terrible day-by-day
struggle to keep her at bay. I don't know why you bother, she strikes me as
being such a nice girl."


"We all have our dark sides, Sue," Phoenix whispered seductively, both arms
wrapped around Sue's shoulders. "You know I'm a telepath, you know I can feel
her. I sense she's turning you on to all of this right now. Let her come out
to play for a while. It'll feel so good."

I heard a loud, ripping noise. Despite nothing being out of the ordinary to
the naked eye I knew that Phoenix was telekinetically stripping Sue of her
invisible attire, her hands moving to cup the naked breast flesh as it became
free. Our prey sighed very softly under the assault, Phoenix's other hand
slowly snaking down, over her chest, down her stomach, moving further south

"NO! Stop it... please! Just tell me that my family is safe."

Phoenix and I made eye contact, our minds quickly merging, assimilating the
data on the seduction of Susan Richards' dark side, a new plan of action
taking shape within the blink of an eye.

"Let me show you right now how your brother is enjoying the free time he has
on his hands," I offered, pushing a button on the desk, revealing a large
projection screen monitor hidden behind a false wall.

"Johnny Storm's having the time of his life."

Sue turned to watch the monitor, trying desperately to ignore Phoenix's
continued arousal of her body, her questing hands seeking out every available
erogenous zone, always smooth and gentle, occasionally rough, eliciting a
sudden gasp of shock from our prey. I noticed with satisfaction the her
resistance was ebbing - no longer was she backing away from the
pleasure-giving hands that surrounded her. She didn't even notice as Phoenix
telekinetically removed her own costume, my gaze momentarily caught up in the
sudden jiggling exposure of her massive, cream-laden breasts.

Sue's attention was monopolised by the screen as it flashed into life. The
screen was filled with the image of the White Queen reclining on an ornate
four-poster bed, sighing in pleasure, her legs spread wide as Johnny Storm,
the Human Torch, forced his tongue into her snatch, moaning incomprehensibly
into her genitals as he licked furiously at her.

"Your brother hasn't got too much in the way of brain power," I remarked
dryly. "He still doesn't realise what's happened to him."

Sue's attention never left the screen.

"What's... w-wrong with him?" she stuttered.

"Oh not a great deal, Susan. It was relatively straightforward for a telepath
of her magnitude to make the switch. I wonder how long it will take you to
figure out just what she's done to him?"

On screen, Emma pulled the Torch away from her crotch, offering her plumb
breasts to his upturned face, tits he quickly devoured.

"Come on little brother," she urged through clenched teeth as he sucked hard
on her mammaries. "Fuck me!"

The only word he could utter, albeit repeatedly, was "yes!" as he slowly sunk
his tortured pole deep inside Emma's snatch. I awaited the moment of
realisation. I did not wait long. Emma's long, shapely legs, surrounded his
thrusting buttocks, allowing him to go deeper inside of her.

"God, yes, Sue!"

"NO!" Susan screamed, tears streaming from her eyes.

"The White Queen entered his mind, Susan. She changed his perceptions. When he
sees her, he sees you."

"This isn't true, it's all a lie!"

"Come on Sue," Phoenix continued, kissing her again. "You can't doubt Emma's
skill. Just to let you know that it took some hours of careful work in his
mind to cultivate his lust for you. But it was there and you're looking at
its ultimate expression."

She made Susan look back at the screen, where Emma was now on top of her
bucking lover, screwing her hips around his cock in an intensely stimulating
position - as I knew too well. She was giving him an exceptional fuck.
Looking at the scene unfold, knowing the effect it was having on Sue, made it
all the sweeter. My jerking became more pronounced, faster, as I sought to
coax out the cream I'd been holding back for so long.

"Sue... your cunt feels so good!"

Every time she heard her brother cry out her name in lust, she visibly shrank
before my eyes, the spirit I admired so much gradually deserting her. I
jacked faster, the muscles throughout the lower half of my body tensing as I
approached orgasm, Phoenix's gaze firmly adhered to my efforts.

"I'm gonna cum, sis!"

Susan was now cradled in Phoenix's arms, every noise coming from the monitor
another lance of agony through her heart and mind. I started groaning in lust
myself, my gaze fixed upon that supine and lovely body it was my destiny to

"Give it to me on the face, sweetheart!"

"YES! Arghhh! Yes!"

"You can't take what we're going to dish out to you, baby," Phoenix murmured.
"Let Malice come out to play. Despite the tears, I can feel her enjoying every
moment of this. Give in to her."

Phoenix pulled her hair back savagely, causing poor Sue to arch back her head
in pain, her reddened eyes wide open... just as I reached orgasm, groaning
loudly as I sent arcs of cream flying across her face, just as Johnny Storm
had done to his "sister" on screen. She tried to move out of the path of the
wads of jism flying onto her, but my consort held her head still,
occasionally licking off excess cum that had ended up in her hair. Towards
the end of my climax, I noticed her tongue creeping out of her slack mouth,
tentatively tonguing at the sperm that coated those beautiful features.

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