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Chapter Fifteen: Test Subject

Everything was going to plan. I had quickly learned that besting the planet's
mightiest beings wasn't necessarily a case of outmatching them with brains or
power, it was more to do with timing. .. and luck. I couldn't really take all
of the credit for disbanding the X-Men - the events of Onslaught, the
subsequent mutant vilification and Operation Zero Tolerance had weakened them
enough to make them easy pickings. With Storm, Phoenix and Cyclops out of the
picture, the heart and soul of the team was cruelly ripped out, leaving me to
pick and choose which of the hapless sluts I would use in my grand design.

Even after only a couple of weeks, Emma Frost was doing a magnificent job of
enslaving Sebastian Shaw, with day upon day of increasingly rampant sex
slowly destroying his mind, making him an effectual puppet leader at the
Hellfire Club. Silver Sable, Psylocke and Rogue were quickly added to the
whore house, all of them under the 'protective' custody of the Black Queen,
who had subjected each of them to vastly humiliating sexual acts before
allowing them to service the club members. However, the Queen herself was
fighting a losing power against my will. Each whore I sent her was rife with
bonding agent, imprinting on her the sexual imperative to fall before me. And
given time, she would, just as Shaw's mind would eventually crumble beneath
the White Queen's powers, leaving the leadership of the Hellfire Club open
for my taking.

Effectively, the two most powerful East Coast based mutant organisations were
mine. But I wanted... no demanded more. And now I sensed that the challenge
would truly begin. New York City played host to two of the world's most
renowned super-teams: the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Both were viable
targets with easy to exploit vulnerabilities, particularly the FF, who
operated more as a family unit than a team of super-beings. Even with the
resources at my disposal I felt sure they could be taken down. The Avengers
would be far trickier, hidden as they were behind Tony Stark's patronage and
technology, led by the seemingly unstoppable Captain America, with the raw
power of the Norse 'god' Thor at their disposal. Defeating them would be a
huge challenge and yet just staring at the Scarlet Witch made me want to get
started right away. I would have to learn patience even as my body yearned to
plunge her into the purgatory that was synonymous with sexual servitude.

In the meantime I entertained myself with a smaller project that had been
occupying my mind for the last few weeks. During the recent 'absence' of the
FF and the Avengers, a new team of do-gooders, known as the Thunderbolts, had
taken residence at Four Freedoms Plaza - their aim seemingly to pick up the
task of protecting the city in the absence of those famed 'heroes'. Their
accomplishments before the heroes' return were impressive, making them worthy
of my attention.

My interest was especially piqued once Phoenix and myself had made an astral
visit to the Thunderbolts' base. The aura of evil was so thick you could
almost taste it, particularly whilst in the presence of Citizen V, the man
that Phoenix mentally unmasked as Helmut - thirteenth Baron Zemo. The truth
shocked me - the Thunderbolts were the Masters of the Evil in a sick
masquerade designed to hand them world domination. I have to admit, that as
far as megalomaniacal  schemes goes, this was one of the best.

Phoenix and I had allowed them to continue, studying their team dynamic,
noting the isolation of Citizen V, Meteorite's psychological evil and
sureness of purpose, Mach-1's need to be accepted... I could go on, but both
Phoenix and I knew that the core of the team lay in Jolt, the adolescent girl
that was the only true hero amongst them.

She intrigued me. Sure she was possessed of a spectacular body for one her
age - lean, perfectly proportioned, with a neck length burst of jet-black
hair and perky, apple-sized breasts, but it was her purity of spirit that
brought out my basest urges... in addition to her untouched virgin snatch.

One evening Phoenix and I remained in our astral bodies, watching the young
heroine frig herself off in the seeming privacy of her quarters, each of us
taking turns to imbue areas of her firm, lean body with sexual energy just as
Phoenix had done to bring about the degradation of Silver Sable. Jolt's
codename gained new meaning as she had writhed in wanton ecstasy beneath our
phantom caresses.

We had decided there and then that she would be used, violated for our
pleasures before being left to Selene's not so tender mercies. Her
indoctrination to the real world would begin here and now. Phoenix
instinctively knew the rules - Jolt could be taken right to the limit, but
only I would be permitted to tear through her precious hymen and possess her.
It didn't matter how powerful her convictions and mental strength were -
against my power, all virgins are easy prey.

*Leave it to me... just keep the little virgin hot before I serve up her

Phoenix's astral form merged with the wall, leaving me alone with the wildly
masturbating girl, her fingers strumming incessantly across her sparsely
haired little pussy, which glistened with blatant arousal. I ran my
intangible hands just across her straining nipples, bringing forth a
restrained gasp of lust, as her spare hand closed around her tit, pulling at
the erect bud before grasping her breast in its entirety, digging deeply into
the flesh.

"Oh Hallie, what are you doing?"

Jolt barely suppressed a scream, pulling up her bed sheets as Meteorite, the
Thunderbolts' second-in-command stood framed in the doorway, wrapped in a
satin dressing gown, chuckling silently to herself.

"No... nothing!" Jolt replied, a scarlet pigment covering her cheeks as the
embarrassment of the situation struck home.

Dr Karla Sofen strode confidently into the room, followed closely by the
astral form of my consort, who had clearly led her here. I could see her
caressing Meteorite's breasts, providing that sexual transfer of energies
which would drive her to do anything... anything to relieve the terrible
lusts of the Dark Phoenix's soul which were now polluting her mind.

"Come now, Hallie, you know you can talk to me about anything... I am a
qualified doctor you know... and a woman. I know exactly what a budding girl
of your age is going through and I want to help."

Through the shame of being caught in the act of wanton masturbation, Jolt
looked up with some element of trust in those beautiful dark eyes.

"You really want to talk to me?" she asked plaintively, her eyes moist with

Meteorite sat on the bed next to the youngest Thunderbolt and placed a tender
hand on her shoulder. She shivered at the touch, maybe because my phantom
fingers were slowly caressing her weeping snatch beneath the bed clothes.

"Of course I do," the doctor replied. "I remember the rush of hormones when I
was your age. I remember last period at school, so desperate to get home, get
into my bedroom and masturbate furiously... just as you were doing..."

"I don't know what's been coming over me recently," Jolt confessed, head held
in shame. "I just feel the need to... to do it... whenever I see a man with a
woman I can't help but imagine what... it... must be like."

Phoenix continued to work Meteorite with a seemingly professional precision,
arousing every erogenous zone on her body, building her lust from a small
spark into a raging inferno. The Thunderbolt lifted Jolt to her and clasped
her close in a lingering hug. I thrust my hand into the girl's crotch and ran
my free fingers across her nipples. The poor girl let out a moan of sexual
need whilst in Karla's arms and the bed sheet fell down as Jolt pulled free,
afraid of more betrayal by her own body. She watched with a mixture of fear,
anticipation and arousal as she noticed Meteorite hungrily look over her
perfectly proportioned ripe body.

"I could tell what sex is like if you want," offered Meteorite, her voice
husky with desire, her lusts slowly being brought to the surface.

Hallie nodded slowly, backing away slightly, as if scared by the knowledge.

"It's a remarkable feeling of intimacy, allowing another human being to hold
and touch you, to give you such unparalleled pleasures. Sex with a man can be
wonderful, either gentle, passionate or savage. But only with another woman
can it be truly called 'making love'."

Karla again moved closer, propelled by a wild lunge from Dark Phoenix into
the deepest regions of her cunt, empowering her with an overwhelming lust to
lay her hands on her maturing young body.

"Please... Meteorite... this... this isn't right."

The Thunderbolt merely shrugged, her dressing gown falling from her
shoulders, exposing her large, rounded breasts to Jolt's ravenous gaze. My
hands balled up into fists, I punched through Jolt's little titties, sending
a brutal wave of coarse lust through her lithe form, manifesting itself
through her as a sudden gasp of sexual need.

Meteorite took one of Jolt's hands and ran it over her exposed breast.

"Feel it, Hallie... that's it. Run your hand over my tit, feel the hardness of
my nipple. I've got the need as well... it's last period at school and we both
need it so bad... don't we? We can help each other little one... we can both
feel so good..."

Jolt's gaze was mesmerised on her hand as she slowly stroked Karla's tit,
marvelling at the firm flesh, teasing the nipple and making it spring out,
erect with desire. She sighed and thrust her own tits forward, giving them up
to her prospective lover. Meteorite leaned forward and ran her tongue over
the edge of her breast, until she reached the nipple, whereupon she sucked
hard and started a slow, sensuous nibbling that drove Hallie crazy.

"This... can't be right..."

Jolt's feeble protests were silenced, replaced with a long moan as Meteorite
pulled the sheet away from her young virgin's legs, revealing her cute little
pussy, beginning a slow, rhythmic stroking of the vaginal slit, her thumb
flicking gently against her clitoris.

"If it feels this good, Hallie, it's got to be right."

As Karla continued massaging Jolt's squirming box, she noticed the young
girl's eyes locked on her breasts, so she moved closer, feeding her a nipple,
allowing her to bring her hands back up to those superbly defined beauties,
cooing in pleasure as Hallie kissed them tentatively then sucked deeply.
Karla responded by digging her fingers into Jolt's hot, wet, yielding snatch,
building up her pleasure before moving down, forcefully spreading her legs
and using the fingers of both hands to open up her virgin lips, exposing the
wet pinkness to her gaze before tongue-diving into her depths, starting a
rhythm I knew would take her over the edge.

I could see the young girl get closer and closer to the climax of her first
fuck and marvelled at the responses Meteorite's talented tongue brought forth
from the young girl. I yearned to hold her myself, to fuck her, to thoroughly
drain myself in her. My own desires reached a zenith as Jolt finally
climaxed, Meteorite lifting herself up from her cunt, juices dribbling from
her chin, a wicked smile of pride plastered over her dripping face.

As Jolt came down from her high, I could see the shame return; as the passion
abated and reason prevailed, she knew that what she had experienced was wrong.

"Please... Karla... please go... this has been a terrible mistake..."

"Come on little one, I have the same urges as you... I want you to suck me..."


Meteorite climbed up on top of Jolt, using her superior strength to pin her
down, before positioning her needy cunt over her face.

"Suck it you little tease... SUCK IT!"

Poor Jolt struggled in vain as Doctor Karla Sofen's weeping cunt descended
onto her features, seeking her mouth, expecting her questing tongue.
Meteorite hissed with rage as Hallie desperately tried to escape, shaking her
head left and right. Now enraged and alive with both anger and desire, Karla
sought her pleasure simply by grinding her cunt roughly over Jolt's face,
reaching down to squeeze on her tits, increasing the pressure and the pain
for every second that Hallie denied her.

"Fuck yeah!" she cried as orgasm loomed closer, fuelled by the friction on
her cunt and the brutal abuse of Jolt's body - her frustrations of putting up
with this goody two shoes for all these months finally finding a channel for

I could sense it within her. Her erotic, yet brutal rotation of her hips on
Jolt's face reached a peak and she hissed her orgasm as she drenched Hallie's
face, pulling her tits up as far as she could using her pliant young nipples

"Moonstone! Stop it!"

The Thunderbolts' hulking strong man, Atlas, rushed into the room and pulled
Karla off the still-struggling Jolt, tossing the naked woman on the floor.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he asked, face contorted with rage as Jolt
simply turned over and started to cry. I could see her mouth the word
'Moonstone' and it was pretty clear to her now what was going on. I almost
felt pity for her. Not only had she just been raped, everything that was of
value in her life had now been ripped away with just one word. She knew that
the Thunderbolts were simply a facade for the Masters of Evil.

"The little tease needed a good fucking," Meteorite defiantly replied, using
her powers to construct the Thunderbolt costume around her person. "She's
been asking for it for months."

All hell broke loose as Atlas and Meteorite actually came to blows, and as the
other team members were roused from their slumber and sought to stop the
fighting, a morose Jolt simply collected her costume and a long rain coat, and
left the building, pausing only to put her uniform on as the elevator took her
to the ground floor.

Within half an hour, she'd been taken down with a tranquilliser dart and
brought to me, unconscious. There were only mere minutes of the dosage left
as Phoenix entered the room, to join me in the depredation of the young girl.
I noticed that she had altered her uniform drastically. The green-gold colour
scheme remained, but the jumpsuit had been changed into a midriff-exposing
crop-top, exposing her generous cleavage. She wore no pants or skirt -
instead, the gold sash around her hips was larger, sheer against her perfect

"New tailor?" I enquired, eyebrow arched at the new look.

"New Phoenix," she corrected, drawing close to me and kissing me deeply, her
hand searching for my cock.

"I have been doing some research," my consort remarked, drawing back from my
hungry lips.

"Of what kind?" I wondered.

"I'm fascinated by the physical transformation powers you possess. When you
took me, it required a vast force of will to affect change. I think that we
can adapt the process, stimulating the mutagenic aspects of your semen with
my telekinetic powers."

Phoenix's line of thought excited me a great deal. The ways we used our
powers effected change mostly on a chemical and mental level - we turned our
prey into addicts for our fluids, mentally dominating them simultaneously
into sweet submission. The transformation of Jean Grey into my Phoenix
remained my crowning achievement... who could tell the limits of the
degradations we could impose if we mastered a physical metamorphosis too?

I looked down as Jolt started to stir, writhing on the bed in front of us as
her body sought to shake off the sedative. Now I knew why Phoenix had chosen
this moment.

"You want to try out the technique on this girl?"

"Why not? After all, she's only going to whore for us at the Hellfire Club
regardless... if we do this right, Selene will have an especially tasty little
gift waiting for her."

Her dark logic was unquestionable, and I felt that surge of electric lust
course through my veins, surging through my cock. I knew that tonight it
would be more than Hallie's virginity that would be taken.

"Wh... where am I?" Jolt asked, confused by her surroundings, her mind still
lost in the drug-induced fog - a mental confusion that Phoenix quickly lifted
using only the tiniest fraction of her enviable mutant powers. "You... you're
Jean Grey... why are you dressed like that?"

Phoenix sat on the bad next to the young girl, stroking her face with the back
of her hand with an evil expression of affection that made her shy away.

"Maybe because I know that showing a lot of flesh turns you on, sweetheart."

"How... how did you..."

"I'm a telepath, Jolt, remember? I know exactly how you teased your team mate
into giving you what you wanted."

"No... it wasn't like that... why are you being like this - you're one of the
most celebrated heroines, you're my... role model!"

"I'm the Phoenix, darling, and I am bound heart, body and soul to my master,"
she breathed, pointing at me, as sheer dread crossed Jolt's face, realisation
sledge-hammering into her soul. "Just as you will be."

I drank in her fear, not just from her cowed physical expression - I could
sense it emanating from her mind, truly my merging with the Phoenix was
becoming more evident with every passing day. I did not say a word. I merely
disrobed in front of the fear-frozen girl, allowing my erect cock to spring
to attention inches from her face.

"We've been watching for quite a while, Jolt," I told her as she flinched
away from my exposed pole. "I loved to see the way you kept the Thunderbolts
away from the temptations of evil, emphasising their heroism, certainly the
example of purity and light. But you really had no idea what they really
were, did you? I did pity you once you discovered the truth."

"I don't want to be pitied," she snarled. "Why don't you just cut to the

"Of course, my dear," I chuckled, aroused still further by her defiance.
"Where you are purity and light, I am decadence and darkness... and you would
be surprised at how quickly one can be changed into the other. Tonight we're
going to enslave you, change you, and rob you of your virginity. But more
than that, you're going to be turned into a whore, addicted to the pleasuring
of others... a beautiful addition to my prostitution ring at the Hellfire

Even as I told Hallie of her fate, I saw Phoenix join her on the bed,
telepathically heightening her feelings, but dampening her urge to resist
physically. She simply stared at me with a terror that I enjoyed on both the
physical and mental level. I could feel the sudden rush of sperm bloat my
scrotum, my arousal for her untouched body kicking into high gear as I slowly
walked towards her. Just as Stephanie had done with Mary Jane Watson, I saw
Phoenix lay against the back of the bed, opening her legs and pulling the
much smaller Jolt back between them until both women were sandwiched in front
of me, awaiting my pleasure.

I closed in on the virgin, reaching for the neck of her jumpsuit, pulling the
thunderflash insignia on the front apart as the costume ripped under my
hands. I continued as she whimpered at my touch, beginning to cry as I
exposed her pert little breasts.

"Let's begin here," I suggested, Phoenix nodding, as I slowly began to jack
harder on my cock, the flow of white cream turning into a spurt with each
pull. Jolt watched with a fascinated terror as I moved my spewing cock to the
valley of her little titties, closing them around the head only as I began a
slow pumping, massaging the cream I had split on my hands over her small

"A good whore loves taking it over the tits," Phoenix hotly whispered into
Jolt's ear, her hands coming around to cup her little perky assets. "But in my
experience the best sluts have got a whole lot more upstairs than you have,

Then it began. Phoenix closed her eyes and concentrated at she continued her
massaging of Hallie's perky little breasts. I saw the lust on her face as she
began to access the full scope of her powers, the beautiful Phoenix energy
construct slowly taking shape around her, Jolt's breasts slowly beginning to
gain volume, her nipples expanding, deeply arousing cleavage taking shape
between Phoenix's hands. Hallie herself looking down in horror at the bigger
mammaries she now possessed, the C-cup breasts she now had being at the limit
of their potential for one her age.

Phoenix kissed the side of her head, as she bathed in her power.

"They look good enough to eat," she salivated, testing the resiliency of the
orbs in each of her hands. "But I want you to be able to cum from touching
them, just like me."

Phoenix's hands glowed and the energy behind her seemed to arch out and
scream as Jolt writhed in ecstasy, new orgasmic pleasure centres forming
around her nipples. After she came from Phoenix's continued groping, Jolt
slumped forwards, despair ravaging her psyche as she looked closely at the
physical transformation she had undergone.

I lifted her face by the chin, my eyes locked on her generous flesh.

"Next time your tits make me climax, you'll be cumming hard, whore," I
sneered, my cock bobbing before her face.

"Don't you feel the need, Hallie baby?" Phoenix murmured in her ear. "You've
had one experience of what his cream can do for you and you must hunger for

"No... I won't... do what you want with me... I won't..."

I took her head between my hands and rubbed my spunk-dribbling cock across
her lips, sighing in need and pleasure as I felt the inevitable roughness of
her tongue against the smooth glans, the teasing exquisite as her lips
opened, allowing the head of my cock to penetrate into her wet opening, the
tip rubbing on the roof of her mouth as I began to gently thrust into her,
her tongue now moving beneath my tool, exploring the texture of my prick as I
took her oral virginity.

"Suck it dry," Phoenix urged as Jolt hurriedly complied. "Suck it like the
whore you will become for us."

Spurts of my cream now jetted into her mouth with each thrust and I began to
feel my first climax approach. I gasped as I gave her several powerful spurts
of my liquid silk, my arousal heightened still further rather than blunted by
that sensation of release. As I pulled my cock free from her still sucking
mouth, Phoenix sent a couple of fingers inside and again I saw that eerie
glow as the Phoenix effect took shape.

"Good sucking, whore," she sneered, planting another pleasure zone on the roof
of her mouth, as sensitive as her clitoris. "Now you're going to feel the same
ecstasy from your mouth as your johns will from their cocks as you blow them."

Jolt sucked wantonly on Phoenix's finger as she stroked it on her new oral
g-spot, her eyes closed, her body now submitting entirely to the rapture we
were visiting upon her. There was only one final act required to purge her of
all her previous purity.

"Phoenix. Strip her."

She smiled as she complied to my demand, forming a telekinetic skin under
Jolt's costume and savagely expanding it, laughing with abandon as shreds of
Jolt's Thunderbolts uniform were propelled to the corners of the room. The
action shocked Hallie away from Phoenix's pleasure-giving fingers, and I saw
the return of her fear as my red-headed cock drooled pure white cum over her
thighs on its journey up to her little pussy.

"Get used to this feeling whore... I'm the first but hundreds will follow."

I ran the bloated glans through the fine fur that surrounded her hole, before
using my fingers to pull apart her outer lips, sighing at the contact as the
tip of my cock slowly disappeared inside of her, still pumping out its
mind-warping cream. I could see the sensations of sexual joy course through
her as I dug deeper and deeper inside, flicking my hips and brutally breaking
through the membrane of her maidenhood. I saw Phoenix retreat, allowing me to
lay Hallie down on the bed as I probed deeper into her cunt, her splayed legs
slowly gathering around my buttocks, allowing me extra penetration as I
pushed deeper still inside of her, all the time continuing the cum-producing
thrusts that were slowly driving Jolt our of her mind... and into my

"Fuck!" I gasped between moans of gratification, feeling Phoenix's talented
tongue tease and tickle my swinging scrotum as I buried myself inside little
Hallie, pounding away inside of her whilst my hands were drawn to her swollen
tits, kneading and worrying the nipples, knowing full well what effect it
would have. She writhed beneath me in sexual abandon, her hips now thrusting
back at me, anxious to fill herself to brimming with my cock juice as streams
of it shot out into the too-hot clasping cunt.

Suddenly she bucked violently under me, screaming "My ass!"

Still not missing a beat as I ploughed into her, I saw the Phoenix effect
again, this time with my consort thrusting a longer finger straight into her
anus. I smiled evilly at the knowledge that as I fucked her cunt, Phoenix was
plundering her rear, again creating a new zone of orgasmic joy for the girl.
I lost it badly as I felt her finger rubbing through the connecting membranes
onto my pillaging cock. I could sense each individual movement as my
testicles drew themselves up and despatched their final sticky load into the
young Jolt, the final inducement required to execute a double orgasm - one in
her ass and the other inside her gorgeous, tight pussy. She immediately
passed out, her mind awash with mind-numbing pleasures, her only need to
recapture that indescribable ecstasy by fucking whoever presented themselves
to her. It would be a life-long quest that would never end.

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