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Chapter Fourteen: Cherie's Mystique

Breaking Rogue had been a long, sometimes frustrating but always satisfying
experience. Despite her lack of conscious control over her superhuman
capabilities, it appeared that her body retained its resiliency levels,
including a certain degree of resistance against the chemical bonding agent
in mine and Stephanies' fluids. Bringing her to climax remained a relatively
simple affair - however, bonding her to my cream had not been so easy.

All three of us had enjoyed that first fuck intensely - Rogue even delayed
asking questions about her debilitated condition until we had all returned to
the hotel suite, but at the same time she was evasive about answering my
questions about how she had wound up taking cum on her face for a living in a
Vegas strip joint. After all, with her prodigious power she could have as
much money as she wanted just by putting her fist through an ATM. I began to
believe that someone else may even have some kind of hold over her, and
having read the Cerebro files, I did have certain suspicions. Suspicions do
not constitute proof however; I needed to hear it from those gorgeous lips, I
wanted her to answer all my questions, I desired her every utterance to be
followed with the word 'master'.

I figured that it would require a team effort from my sister and I to break
through her superhuman resiliency, with the both us pushing her to her
limits. I knew that Stephanie would be invaluable. Obviously her familiarity
with the female anatomy was in excess of my own, and she possessed a
wonderful skill in the field of sexual torture, combining her instinctive
knowledge of another woman's erogenous zones with a vindictive psychology
that could bend the will of even the purist soul.

She had began the final seduction, stripping both herself and Rogue and
kissing her deeply, drooling into her mouth as the tongue dance became wetter
and sloppier, knowing full well that if her resilient skin would not absorb
her chemical bonding agent, she'd stand a much better chance getting her to
succumb to it orally. Stephanie is a great kisser, much better than I am, and
just watching the pair of them lying naked on the bed, connected only by the
mouth was seriously arousing.

After finally breaking off, Stephanie began to rub herself across Rogue's
body, moving her breasts across her stomach, grinding her pussy into Rogue's
leg, her fingers drifting down into her thatch of red pubic hair, digging
deep inside as the X-Man squirmed and gasped in joy beneath her. The rubbing
had continued even as Stephanie moved north, dragging her heavy breasts
across Rogue's face, inviting her to suck her nipples, beginning the binding
of Rogue's will. She had sucked fiercely, taking Stephanie's jets of milk
ravenously, sending my sister into a state of sexual bliss that no other act
can produce. I could tell she was hotter than ever - even as Rogue closed her
eyes and continued nursing on my sister, I saw her other breast begin to weep
its sweet nectar in sympathy, seeping down the X-Man's neck and between the
valley of those superhumanly maintained tits, their nipples standing proud to
attention. I began to feel my cock leak - this time there would be no effort
of will in stopping my cum surge - instead I would feed it to my new slave,
not stopping the stream of spunk until both her mind and her body were owned
by me.

Stephanie pulled free of Rogue and began to move down, exploring her new toy's
buoyant breasts, her hand returning to her pussy, two fingers impaling her,
moving deeper and deeper inside as two superbly muscled thighs spread wide in
response. This was her signal. In a moment, I knew that our new pleasure toy
would be at her most vulnerable state, such was my faith in my sister's
capabilities. As Stephanie moved her head down level to Rogue's snatch I moved
in closer, witnessing that delicious moment as my sister's tongue teased her
clitoris and her fingers savagely dug deeper.

The movement took Rogue's head off the edge of the bed, and that gorgeous
skunk-bleached mane of hair dropped back as the former heroine opened her
mouth and gasped out loud in carnal pleasure. By now rivulets of white cream
were running down the shaft of my cock, so I moved in even closer and wiped
it off under her nose and across her mouth, thrilling as her tongue emerged
to take the cream I proffered. I moved behind her, my scrotum resting on her
nose as I carefully pushed my prick into her mouth, all the time savouring
the feeling of fresh cum being drained from my balls.

I looked down at Stephanie and noticed the evil, malevolent look of torturous
intent on her face as she slowly rotated her fingers in Rogue's cunt, her
tongue flicking on her engorged clit. I had seen this before. My sister was
plundering the inexperienced bitch's g-spot, forcing a deeper sense of sexual
need into her with each rhythmic caress, yet denying her the orgasm she
craved so badly. Rogue seemed to be seeking relief by sucking very hard on my
prick when the sensations were almost too much for her and my cock obliged by
producing an even more thick and viscous supply of mind-bending sperm. She
swallowed every single drop as it emerged.

Now it was only a matter of time, but I sensed the tightness of my scrotum
increase as my testicles prepared the last load of cum - the special, nurtured
sperm that set about the final transformation of the spunk-swallower below me.
As the tightness increased to unbearable levels, I leaned forwards and cupped
Rogue's sweet titties in each hand, rubbing in Stephanie's milk with firm,
massaging movements.

Stephanie's timing was perfect - even as her head disengaged from Rogue's
clit, her free hand squeezed hard on her right nipple, sending spurt after
spurt of her milk over our prey's snatch and puckered asshole. Both of us
took her beyond orgasm as my cream boiled forth from my balls and blasted its
way into her mouth as simultaneously Stephanie masturbated her pussy and
tongue-bathed the rim of her anus, burrowing her head into the juncture of
her thighs and then sucking hard on her asshole. Rogue screamed hard, sending
delicious vibrations through the root of my still-spasming cock, her hands
balled into fists, beating the bed under her with orgasmic fury.

Moments later she called me 'master' and sung like a bird on any and every
topic I could think of quizzing her on. Everything fell into place so
quickly. Rogue had fell into prostitution simply because she needed some
outlet for the intense sexual frustration she felt - her superhuman power
gave her incredible resistance to injury but also lowered the sensitivity of
her sexual response. Only by overcoming this mental block could she find
sexual release of any description.

But this was not the limit of the new knowledge I learned. Rogue confessed
that the joint was owned and now run by her surrogate mother, Mystique, the
siren-like shape-shifting mutant whom I had read so much about in Xavier's
precious files. She had taken her in once the X-Men had disbanded, and had
adopted the guise of Cherie in order to avoid detection in the more
mutant-heavy East Coast of America. Judging by her performance earlier, she
was an Oscar-calibre actress and possessed of a rare gift. My mind boggled at
the potential of her shape-shifting power and found myself integrating
Mystique's downfall into my overall game plan. In fact, she would comfortably
fill a void in my scheme which up until now I had been unsure as to how I
would fill.

Mystique had been incognito for months now in her Cherie guise and even
though Xavier's files described her as dangerous to the extreme, I knew I
would be able to subjugate her fully with little or no danger to my person,
particularly as Rogue lived in the same apartment, had keys to the place, and
I even had some heavy sedation chemicals and a mutagenic inhibitor dart gun
in my briefcase. I hoped I wouldn't have to use it, and consciously planned a
more passive approach for integrating her into my harem of whores.
Regardless, I'd have to be prepared.

Rogue looked worriedly at me as I fished out the weapon and began to load it.

"Ah don't want you to hurt mah mama," she complained... before quickly adding,
"... Mastah."

"What you want and don't want should be no longer your concern, my dear," I
swiftly replied. "And it's certainly of no relevance to your actions... nor

"Come now sweetie," Stephanie purred, "We only want to give your 'mama' some
of the same good feelings we've given you."

"Ah try..." Rogue murmured pathetically. "Ah try to... make her feel..."

"You mean Mystique has sexual relations with you?" I asked, quite surprised,
not least at the logistics of the act in question - that thought followed up
quickly by the incestuous nature of the relationship.

"Uh-huh... Ah mean Ah know she watches when Ah get mah men off... sometimes we
take 'em back to our place... Ah dance and strip and mama touches them until
they..." she stopped short, looking deeply ashamed.

"Until they cream all over your face and tits, darling," Stephanie whispered
hotly, finishing Rogue's sentence as the girl just nodded dumbly and turned
crimson red.

I lifted Rogue's face by the chin and stared into her hazel eyes before
kissing her deeply.

"I want to take her on, darling," Stephanie breathed, stroking my cock. "She's
already made it blatantly clear that before any one else has the pleasure of
using one of her whores, she wants a taste first. Well, she wanted me pretty
badly and now I know it's Mystique, I want her too."

"It's not going to be completely straightforward though, is it Stephanie?" I
questioned, caution on my mind following my sister's capitulation to Jean
Grey. "This bitch has got the better of the X-Men, X-Factor and even the

"Ah'll look aftah her," Rogue piped up, her allegiances now perfectly clear,
and ready to be tested.

"And you can be in my head too, sweetheart," Stephanie insisted, a wicked
gleam now in her eyes. "You can see exactly how I'll give Mystique to you...
totally fucked up."

The two girls were back in 'Cherie's Nest' within the hour, whilst I reclined
in a near comatose state back in the hotel suite. The psionic link with
Stephanie now seemed to be stronger than it had ever been in the past, even
during the times we had become one to share our orgasms whilst fucking. I
could sense with her senses, I could even perceive her moods, her very
thoughts. It had to be Phoenix. In some way, our powers were slowly merging,
gradually becoming one. Had I desired it this way? Did every fuck I share
with my consort imbue me with more of her mutant talents? What if she was
draining something of my essence as well? These were questions I would have
to get definitive answers to fairly quickly. But in the short term I would
enjoy the show my two women were about to give to me.

The meeting with Cherie had gone as Stephanie and Rogue had expected. My
sister had explained that seeing Rogue's lap dance had convinced her that she
would like to prostitute herself at Cherie's establishment. I could see the
lust in Cherie's face as she told of her 'decision' and I could feel the
resultant feeling of anticipation and sexual arousal flood through
Stephanie's body.

"I'm so glad you're going to join our little family," Cherie remarked, her
eyes dancing over my sister's body. "But I really want to know if you are
quite aware of what you're getting into here... you're so... young."

"I know I am," Stephanie replied candidly. "But trust me, I've got plenty of

"I bet you have," Cherie nodded, "but would you submit to answering some
questions and undergoing a little... examination... before we continue this?"

I could sense Stephanie hold back her laughter, but she readily acquiesced
and I felt her eyes lock on to Cherie's, giving her that knowing look that
spoke volumes, the look of pre-coital consent. She merely asked that Rogue be
present during the forthcoming event, a request that seemed to arouse Cherie
still further. I had been on the receiving end of Stephanie's look so many
times, and the effect it had on Cherie seemed pretty identical to how I
reacted to it. A slow, widening smile. Pupils dilating in pleasure. The
imparted knowledge that her body was there to be taken.

The two women were led to another inner office in the building, this one
looking slightly clinical - perhaps down to the massive gynaecologists 
reclining chair in the centre of the room, the two stirrups spread wide
apart. I think I got the idea of how Mystique carried out her...
examinations. Cherie motioned Rogue to sit down then addressed my sister

"Now then, shall we get down to business?" Cherie asked, the tone of her voice
barely disguising her arousal. "Perhaps you could remove the jacket and top to
begin with."

"Certainly," Stephanie replied, nonchalantly removing the jacket and tossing
it aside and then pulling at the midriff-exposing rubber crop-top she wore,
baring her magnificent breasts to Cherie's hungry gaze. The exposure was like
a siren call to the madame, who closed in on my sister, staring with a naked
lust at Stephanie's breasts.

"May I?" she asked, reaching out with both hands towards my sister's twin
globes of loveliness.


"Sweet Jesus," Cherie moaned as she cupped Stephanie's titties, rubbing the
nipples into erectness, stroking the sides as she watched them seemingly swell
in her hands. "How big are they?"

Stephanie laughed at the question but I knew exactly where the woman was
coming from - my sister's tits were unbelievable. She possessed a truly
wasp-like figure, her breasts jutting out so far, their width was seemingly
larger than the width of her back.

"They're 32E," Stephanie replied truthfully, with more than a little pride.

"Sweet Jesus," Cherie repeated, lowering her face into her cleavage, rubbing
her cheeks around each breasts, repeatedly kissing the skin as new pastures
crossed her mouth. "So fucking sexy..."

Stephanie encouraged the erotic nuzzling with a series of small moans, knowing
the effect her submission would engender... Cherie would stop short at nothing
less than fucking her. I had to congratulate the disguised Mystique for her
willpower in pulling back from Stephanie's body.

"Take off your skirt and show me your pussy," Cherie ordered, standing back to
appreciate the view as my sister again submitted to her demand, smiling as her
weeping sex was exposed, leaving just her high-heels and stockings on. "You're
so beautiful, baby..."

Cherie took her to the chair and laid Stephanie onto it, guiding each of her
legs into the stirrups, spreading her wide, leaving her open. I noticed my
sister check on Rogue, and we both saw her sitting in her chair masturbating,
eyes locked on the scene in front of her.

Cherie began to move her hands across Stephanie's thighs, feeling their silky
softness, moving up ever so slowly to my sister's wonderful pussy, the place
where I knew Mystique's will would meet its now inevitable demise. It was so
good. This woman had comprehensively outwitted Earth's mightiest heroes and
now she sought to dominate a sixteen-year-old girl - a young woman who would
bring about her ultimate downfall.

"I take it you like a woman's touch..." Cherie suggested, as her hand cupped
Stephanie's cunt, a single finger tracing the furrow delicately yet
rhythmically. "Are you bi?"

"I like to fuck anything... anyone!" Stephanie gasped at the exquisite
teasing. "Boy or girl... I just love making people cum."

With this response, Cherie slid two sawing fingers into Stephanie's clasping
snatch, teasing her now erect clit with her thumb, hypnotised by my sister's
response... and also by the lust-inducing pheromones I felt her produce.
Cherie was imprinted now, bonded to a sexual need to orgasm with the use of
Stephanie's body. To get better leverage, she climbed between Stephanie's
legs and rested between the stirruped legs, continuing her maddening

"How do you like to fuck?" Cherie asked candidly, eyes locked on her own
fingers as they disappeared in and out of Stephanie's red-furred cunt.

"I like it any way..." Stephanie gasped loudly. "Oral... anal... deep in my
pussy... I like to be tied up... I want to feel... used."

"Call me 'mama', sweetheart."

"I... like to feel... dirty, mama."

"Which part of you does your boyfriend like the best?"

"My titties... definitely my titties... I... I... like him to nurse on me...
sucking my milk from me..."

I could sense that Mystique was losing her battle against not taking my sister
so quickly and Stephanie planned what she said carefully. Sure enough, it was
barely moments later that she was bound to the chair in the Y-shaped position,
and the inevitable swiftly followed.

"I gotta fuck you, baby," Cherie breathed, leaning over her from behind,
whispering in her ear, the sound of clothes hitting the floor clearly evident.
"But not like this."

"Here's where you get the surprise of your life, sweetie," Rogue called as she
gasped at her first climax, three fingers stuck far up her spasming snatch.

Despite knowing Cherie's true identity, there was no denying the surprise on
Stephanie's face as the madame's overly made up face and sagging middle age
body slowly transformed, becoming deeper in colour, tighter, more
well-defined, her breasts rising and becoming larger, perkier, the only
constant being the deeply aroused torpedo-shaped nipples. Even as the shape
seemed to remain static, the colour deepened still further until Mystique's
dark blue skin and crimson mane of hair finally stabilised in pigment.

"Holy shit..." Stephanie gasped, eyes like saucers... "What are you?"

A fully naked, blatantly aroused Mystique advanced upon Stephanie, the very
picture of feminine lust - the sway of her hips, the movement of those
wonderfully high breasts, the wide smile and evil gleam in those pupil-less

"I'm going to be your greatest fuck ever, baby. You don't know what sex is
until you've been taken by a shape-shifter."

I could feel Stephanie enjoy the bondage as she lay back helpless, Mystique
climbing onto the couch between her splayed legs, licking her ruby lips in
anticipation as she sought to take possession of my sister, her lusts
exponentially intensified by the arousing powers being brought to bare upon
her person. I felt Stephanie's huge rush of sexual anticipation and barely
suppressed power as Mystique laid on top of her, breast against breast, cunt
on cunt.

"I can change and adapt any part of my body," Mystique breathed, her lips now
less than a couple of inches away from my sisters'. "But best of all, I have
the ability to relocate my erogenous zones. Have you any idea of the myriad
methods I can employ to fuck you senseless?"

Stephanie met Mystique's challenging glare with equal intensity. She made it
abundantly clear that she wanted to find out.

"Show me."

The beautiful blue-skinned mutant smiled slightly, then opened her mouth,
closing in on my sister's, giving into her passion and seemingly devouring
Stephanie's face. Through Stephanie, I could sense her intruding tongue
probing into her mouth, rubbing against the back of her teeth, my sister
returning the compliment in style, her own tongue darting inside Mystique's
mouth, beginning an insistent thrusting motion over her lips.

Mystique broke the kiss, leaving Stephanie aching for more. I began to wonder
whether my sister had the desire to take her. Rogue's offer to step in if
things looked doubtful was unlikely to be fulfilled - I could see her face,
twisted with lust and anticipation, waiting to see if her 'mama' would
survive the bonding act.

"You french real good," Mystique sighed, grinding her body into Stephanie's
with a feeling that neither of us had ever experience before. "But if you're
gonna whore, you need to know another kind of french." She closed in again
and once again began her sloppy, maddeningly arousing intrusion into
Stephanie's mouth with her tongue. But something was different. Her tongue
had lost its questing desire to explore my sister's mouth. Now it sawed in
and out, completely devoid of its pliability, getting longer, harder,
changing shape right in her mouth. The sensation was completely unfamiliar to
me, but Stephanie moaned in lust as her changed her kissing into a sucking
motion, her tongue dancing around Mystique's, paying careful attention to the
tip, rubbing the underside, all the time thrilling to the in and out motion.
And then it hit me.

Stephanie groaned loudly around the intruder as Mystique hummed in
appreciation at my sister's oral talents, as she carefully blew Mystique's
shape-shifting tongue-cock. I sensed some element of fear from Stephanie as
the cock grew still further in her mouth, beginning to reach towards the gag
reflex inducing back of her throat. But at the same time, her new lover
continued her small, all-over body grinding motions. Everywhere Stephanie
arched, there'd be a perfectly placed caress waiting for her. Mystique's body
was changing itself to please her new whore.

Stephanie responded exactly as instinct intended, increasing the pleasure she
orally gave, desperately attempting to take Mystique over the edge and into
orgasm. There'd be no doubts as to where her pleasure centres were
concentrated now. Stephanie's ministrations became short and savage as she
took every inch that Mystique sawed in and out of her mouth.

Finally Mystique pulled her tongue back and her lips left my sisters', drool
escaping from the corners.

"You blow like a pro, sweetheart, but I want to fuck you like a man."

She pulled herself back, looking at Stephanie's so-hot body, covered in a
sheen of perspiration, tiny drops of milk gathering on the summit of each of
her enormous breasts. Taken by what she saw, Mystique reached over and
started to pull rhythmically on one of my Stephanie's breasts, much to my
sister's obvious enjoyment. Her tit-cream was coaxed forth, which Mystique
raised to her mouth on one finger and sucked dry. She sighed at the taste,
knowing nothing of the fact that her final fate was now taking shape.

"Tastes so fucking good... I can tell why you boyfriend loves those tits

"I want you to love them 'mama'," Stephanie sighed, arching her back, offering
her bare, leaking breasts to her lover. "Suck me... and fuck me."

My sister sighed in satisfaction as she caught sight of Mystique's large,
protruding clitoris, which grew bigger, fatter and more pointed before her
eyes, the shape-shifter's snatch closing up as she grew her cock and nestled
it between the lips of Stephanie's sopping snatch. Stephanie moaned as
Mystique began to push her blue approximation of a cock into her cunt,
twisting as much as her bondage would allow as she felt a mouth suck on her
titty, drawing forth the mind-sapping cream.

Now was the time to strike. Telepathically, I wrenched Rogue from her
masturbation and urged her to untie my sister, which she achieved in
double-quick time. Stephanie worked quickly in bringing her hands to
Mystique's head, moving her from one breast to the other as the woman sucked
hard and fast, her hunger for cream insatiable as her cock continued to
thrust ever deeper into Stephanie's willing pussy, in time growing a small
stump that rubbed against my sister's clit in order to heighten her ecstasy.
I could sense that Mystique was now ours, I see her thoughts as clearly as
Stephanie's and Rogue's and despite my reluctance to tackle this dangerous
woman head on, I entered her mind and through sheer force made my will
dominant in the shape-shifter's incredible body. It was the ultimate high,
risky but hugely rewarding as I made the possession truly complete in a way
that I had never dreamed possible before bonding with the Dark Phoenix.

I pulled out Mystique's 'cock', and felt that the bitch was the on the edge of
climax. I grabbed Rogue's head and pushed it onto Stephanie's tit and she
happily began to suck heavily from the tit flesh on offer.

I drew back and watched the beautiful site of my sister administering her
brain-softening cream to another hapless super heroine. Moving behind Rogue's
bobbing form, I lifted her skirt, and thrilled at the sight of her naked ass.
I decided that Mystique's first orgasm of her new life would involve her
sodomising her own adopted daughter.

As I began the thrust forward, I could sense the submissive spirit's dread
and horror at what she was about to perform, coupled with a thrill of sexual
ecstasy as her cock located Rogue's bone dry rectal passage. I shifted the
cock into a much thinner configuration, prying it into her anal virginity,
pushing it deeper and deeper as she writhed beneath it, her face still locked
onto Stephanie's tit.

I looked at her, her eyes watching me, knowing what was about to happen,
understanding who was in control now. I began the thrusts into Rogue's ass,
all the time expanding the girth of Mystique's cock, until with satisfaction
I heard whimpers of pain escape from the beautiful skunk-maned slave slut in
front of me. I slowly allowed Mystique control over her own body again and
the obscene incestual buggery continued apace - she knew what my will was and
readily acquiesced to my horrible urges, continuing the rape, continuing the
horrific cock expansion in her ass.

Rogue left Stephanie's tit and screamed aloud in agony as Mystique reached
climax, her juices channelled through her shape-shifter's cock and propelled
deep into her 'daughter's' bowels. I could already sense her mind eager for
more. More of the ecstasy Stephanie and I had given her, more of Rogue's pain
and more of the her new mistress's delicious juices.

I returned to the hotel room, now completely pitch dark, my cock still
spurting jets of warm cum over my chest and stomach. I sighed at the waste,
but truly my mind was elsewhere. Bigger conquests awaited my attentions. One
day four years ago I had made an oath to take them all down and I would do
just that. The world would pay the price for what they had done. I'd make all
the fuckers suffer for what they had done. Everything was so clear to me now.

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