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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Thirteen: Vegas Jackpot

I met up with Stephanie at Las Vegas airport after what had been a very long
and extremely tedious cross-country flight. Usually I would have amused
myself for the duration with some female company, but this time I chose to
see Stephanie alone considering the manner of her departure and the tone of
her call once she had finally made contact. The reconciliation had been
pleasant enough; once I had explained exactly what had happened, she took it
all very well. Things were pretty much back to the way they were once I had
told her how important she still was to the overall plan. Besides, not having
her close to hand was a liability considering how much she knew.

Just one question remained.

"Why Las Vegas, Stephanie?"

"Probably because I knew that you would not follow me."

True enough. For a girl with Stephanie's looks and huge sexual needs, a place
like Vegas would not turn her away - far from it. However, for a 16-year-old
guy like me, things don't quite go so well - in my previous experiences of
the place I just didn't get any kind of respect or recognition... not even
the whores like to go near guys as young as me.

"You know you could have come back at any time... I'm surprised you made me
fly out all the way over here, especially as you know how much I despise the

"I know," Stephanie giggled. "But I found something here that I think you are
going to enjoy."

"Somehow I doubt it... severely."

After I had dropped off my bags and freshened up at the penthouse suite of
Stephanie's chosen hotel, we stepped out into the neon lights of Vegas's
famous Strip. My sister took me by the hand and together we entered one of
the classier whoring establishments in the city. This is what Las Vegas is
truly about - watching women take their clothes off whilst dancing and then
bargaining for their bodies afterwards.

Stephanie had told me that she had visited the place through curiosity and was
offered work by the manager, a tall blond woman who wore too much make-up and
too few clothes. Clearly she was an ex-hooker who'd re-invested her cash back
into the hundreds of men who'd fucked her over the years. Her name was Cherie
and I really did not like her.

"My, er, boyfriend wanted to check out the place before he gave me his
blessing for working here," Stephanie explained after asking Cherie to show
us what happened 'back-stage'.

"I bet he does, baby," she replied looking me over suspiciously. "OK, I guess
I'll allow it this once."

I mentally controlled my anger towards this woman as she took the pair of us
behind the scenes, so to speak. Despite my sexual nature I despise these
kinds of establishment, just the thought of handing over money for any kind
of sexual encounter was contrary to everything I believed in. I actually
began to wonder whether Stephanie was just making me pay for her treatment
last week as I saw fat old men letch over not-so-attractive hookers... until
we reached the final part of Cherie's nauseating tour.

"I think this is what your girlfriend really wants you to see," sighed Cherie,
grinning inanely. "She's a new girl who joined us a couple of weeks ago."

"So what?" I replied, getting very bored by this point.

"She's a real honey... but right from the outset she said she wouldn't fuck
or suck and wouldn't allow us to carry out the usual tests... figure maybe
she has Aids or somethin'... that's why she's in the cage."

As we entered the room I could see what she meant. The place itself was
pitch-black, save for a spotlight which illuminated a metal cage in the
centre. Running down the centre of the cage was a pole, around which a
beautifully proportioned bitch danced to high-energy dance music. Clearly the
act had been going on for a long while as she was now quite naked, and around
six or seven men gathered around the sides and back of the cage, poking their
cocks through, masturbating at the sight of the woman in front of them.

"Ain't she something," Cherie sighed, apparently turned on herself by the show
in front of her.

"Can you see who it is yet?" Stephanie whispered in my ear.

Before I could answer, Cherie grabbed my arm.

"One of the guys is making the signal... watch this, baby..."

The woman momentarily left the pole, kneeling in front of the man who had
'signalled', opening her mouth and pressing her large, rounded tits together.
As the man gave up his load of semen into her mouth and across her face and
breasts, I finally got a good look at her. The skunk-like strip through her
red hair gave it all away.


It was fair to say that my interest livened up considerably at this point.
Suddenly the 'no fucking' demand made sense - presumably Rogue's mutant
powers were still in full effect. Should she touch another person skin on
skin, she would absorb their memories and powers. But what in god's name was
she doing in a Vegas skin joint? How did she get here? Surely there could
have been a thousand other places to be? My mounting arousal demanded that I
ask these questions after I'd fucked her.

I watched almost hypnotised for the next 15 or so minutes as the mysterious
Rogue pole-danced within the cage, thrusting her hips against it, licking it,
making love to it, her gyrations interrupted as she took the spunk of the men
jerking off outside, mostly on her tits, sometimes on her face, once even on
her back, wiggling erotically as the spunk disappeared between into the cleft
of her buttocks.

"When does she, er, get off, so to speak?" I asked Cherie, eyes still locked
on the writhing woman.

"Oh she's almost done now, honey, but remember she'd don't fuck and she won't
suck you either."

"Well what does she do?" I asked, my irritation at this unbearable woman
starting to surface - but presumably she was used to it.

"The lady'll give you a private dance for $500 - that's a lot of cash, but I
guarantee she'll get you off real good."

"And if she doesn't? I'll give you $700 if my bitch can come too - if the
whore's just a tease, I'll need somewhere to get my... satisfaction."

The deal was made, money exchanged hands, and Stephanie and myself were led
upstairs to a special room - we were both under explicit instructions not to
touch unless the lady asked for it and Cherie had laughed when she said this,
knowing full well that only Rogue herself would be allowed to make any
contact. Personally I was curious - how could she perform a lap dance without
our skin touching? I guess I'd find out soon enough.

"Well hi there sugah..."

Rogue entered the room, ignoring Stephanie and addressing me with her most
beguiling look. She looked gorgeous, no doubt about it. Since the cage, her
hair had been restyled, her slutty make-up reapplied and she'd put some
clothes back on - specifically a see-through lacy black dress (little more
than a negligee really), matching lingerie and elbow-length silky gloves. She
walked towards me, swaying seductively on her high heels.

"Ah just got a couple'a rules before you get you paid for," she began, her
voice dripping in that distinctive, sexy southern drawl. "Keep your hands
away from me, behind your back, and secondly, let me do all the work..."

I hurriedly complied with her request, clasping my hands together behind the
chair I sat on, feeling the first throbs of blood work their way into my cock
as I beheld the stunning creature in front of me. There was something about
her quite unlike any woman I'd ever beheld before and I must admit to some
interest in discovering exactly what that was before I fucked the life out of
her. And fuck her I would - already I had been inside her mind, simply and
effectively powering down her absorbing powers. Her powers of flight and
superhuman strength also gave way to the mental probe, a task that proved
that I would be able to use this facet of my capabilities on non-mutant
super-powered prey as well.

And then, no music, no real dancing, it just began. Rogue began to strip in
front of me. The see-through black lacy dress was torn slowly downwards,
inches from my face, revealing the woman's outstanding, brassiere-encased

"Ah take it you like mah titties," she murmured, my eyes locked on to the
valley of her cleavage. "Maybe Ah'll let you cum on them... maybe."

This was astounding - I could sense that Rogue was a virgin, and yet she had
a sexual confidence and power about her that was anything but. The ripping
continued until the entire dress lay in tatters on the floor - now Rogue
pushed	my head down, caressing my face with her black lace-gloved hand, as
she slowly started to remove the clips from each suspender, freeing the
stockings on her finely toned legs. The removal of each clip was a tease and
now I could feel the rush of blood into my prick, the sudden loss of control
of my pheromone powers, and only sheer will power alone preventing me from
giving the tease what she would soon be begging for.

With the suspender belt now gone, she climbed up onto the chair with me,
straddling me, kneeling, her legs either side of mine, her crotch teasingly
making a small amount of contact with the tent in my pants.

"Ah don't want you to cum too soon," she pouted. "'Cos there be a couple'a
things I want to show you first."

With that, her hand cupped her breasts, rubbing slowly, the only things I
could see now, she was so close. The clasp was at the front and I willed her
to reach for it, to open it, to discard the brassiere for good and let me see
those beautiful tits. She delayed it to the last possible moment, my hips
bucking beneath her, desperately seeking friction with her own crotch, so
tantalisingly near and yet too far.

And then they were free, two large, firm, perfect breasts, topped off with
large nipple buds. Now with all her torso exposed to my ravenous glance I
could see why Rogue was different from all the other women I'd seen. Her body
had a firmness and... well, ripeness, I suppose that only a woman with
super-human strength could have. The muscle tone and ligaments were kept and
maintained in perfect order by virtue of her incredible power and that meant
a level of physical perfection that no woman could match.

"Hmmmmm" she sighed. "I don't know what you've got, but I feel soooo hot! And
I got to share it with y'all..."

With that she stood before me and an in a single, non-teasing motion, ripped
off her lace panties, exposing her perfectly trimmed bush and weeping cunt.
There's no doubt about it - my powers were kicking in, turning her on, making
her push the envelope. Descending, she balled up her little panties and
pushed the crotch of them into my mouth, then began to rub herself on the leg
of my pants, beginning a husky moaning that I could only match her by gasping
myself as her hand moved to my crotch, rubbing itself on my cloth-trapped

"I tell ya, sugah, this is as much for me as it for you," she sighed, moving
back into the straddling position and beginning a sudden, savage rubbing of
our crotches.

She bucked and circled her hips on my pants, bringing excruciating levels of
trapped pleasure from my groin, desperately willing myself not to cum as I
saw her reach the peak in front of me, grinding herself onto me with the
finality of the female climax, shouting out load as she came.

Seconds later, as she recovered, she marvelled at the feeling of hard cock
still beneath her.

"Oooh, such stamina... you're the first man who's lasted the entire routine,"
she breathed, still coming down from her own high. "For that you get a special

She moved off my lap and unzipped my flies, pulling out my beet-red rock hard
cock. Her eyes locked on to it as she slowly jerked it off with both her
lace-gloved hands. Good masturbation can be an incredible sensation and I was
reminded of the occasion Mary Jane Watson had done just this to me, but this
time, my cock was on the limits of its endurance, my mind consumed with lust,
no longer willing to stop myself from taking her.

"Open your mouth and close your eyes, baby," I ordered between clenched teeth.

"Yeah, Ah guess you've deserved it," she replied and those heavily glossed
lips opened into an O shape before me, eyes closing.

Like a man possessed I reached forward and pushed her mouth onto my cock just
as I reached the point of no return. I howled savagely and pushed her head
down as far it would go and then I simply burst in orgasmic delight as I
humped into her face, knowing that now she would realise that the game was
up, that her mutant powers had been compromised and that she about to enter a
world of shit. I felt her scream through my cock as the sperm quickly filled
her mouth and seeped out of the side of those gorgeous lips.

Then Stephanie was behind her, smiling, running her fingers into her pussy
hair, dipping a finger into Rogue's clenching, gripping, snatch, kissing her
exposed buttocks and pulling her ass cheeks apart, burrowing her little
talented tongue into the rosette of her asshole.

"We know who you are, Rogue, we know what your powers are and we've put a stop
to all of them. You're about to become a possession, bound to my cock until I
allow you freedom."

Rogue finally pulled her face free from my still-spurting prick, her cheeks
and chin dripping with my heavy juices. I could sense the conflict within her
- the urge to escape swiftly falling foul to the sensations my cream was
sending through her incredible body as well as the ministrations of my sister
on her pussy and ass. My cock still had plenty of life in it thanks to this
bitch's teasing and all suggestion of rebellion left Rogue's eyes as
Stephanie and I pinned her to the ground and my cock snaked up her thigh,
seeking the honey pot that would forever bind this bitch in heat to my
all-powerful sexual will.

As my cock claimed her untouched cunt and my hands sought out her tits,
marvelling at their super-powered resiliency, I leaned over and kissed my
sister deeply, thanking her with all my heart for this wonderful new
acquisition, all thoughts of my new consort - the Dark Phoenix - temporarily
out of mind as I enjoyed her mouth and my new slave's writhing virgin body.

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