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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Twelve:  Evil of the Black Queen

It had been over a week since my sister's subjugation at the hands of Phoenix
and I must admit to some level of curiosity about where she had been and what
she had doing. She had consciously blocked off the psychic rapport we share
as brother and sister, denying me any kind of information regarding her
condition. This was not good - Stephanie was still very much an essential
element to the plan and without her I would have to waste months preparing a
new seductress of her calibre. Even I had no idea just how far Phoenix would
have pushed the envelope with my sister. True, I suspected something like
that to happen, but so quickly? Another miscalculation of this magnitude
would bring the wrath of the world's most powerful super-beings to my front
door were I not careful. Especially now as I raised the stakes. I sat in the
monitor room, watching the latest element of my scheme play out in front of
me: the beginning of the end of the so-called mighty Hellfire Club.

"These are uncertain times. Nobody could have imagined this extraordinary
capitulation of the X-Men. Already the team has scattered - some have
disappeared across the world, others have joined other organisations. Despite
the enmity between us, a couple of their number have already pooled their
resources with us. What has been their greatest defeat could be our best
opportunity to seize power."

Sebastian Shaw had recently retaken the reins of power at the Hellfire Club,
Manhattan's notoriously decadent organisation which was really a front for a
sizeable mutant hierarchy with world domination its eventual aim. Now he had
requested this meeting with Emma Frost, the former White Queen of the
establishment, to state his case, to re-recruit his prized telepath.

"You are one of the world's greatest telepaths, the feared White Queen of the
Hellfire Club! Join with us again and our power will be unstoppable."

Shaw was doing everything I had predicted of him - his own lusts for more
power would bring about his downfall and the powerful Hellfire Club would be
mine. Little did he know that through our recently acquired Shi'ar X-Men
technology, the primitive security systems of the Hellfire Club had been
easily breached and integrated, allowing us total access to their
headquarters, providing me with the opportunity to spy on every part of
Shaw's empire - an organisation that I planned to acquire.

When the invitation for this meeting had arrived at Emma's Massachusetts
Academy, the plan became so simple. The Hellfire Club had the resources I
required; more potential 'recruits', a roof over the head for my current
conquests and a pliable figurehead in control. The White Queen would instigate
the appropriate changes, adding to my power base, whilst I attended to other
more pressing matters.

We had treated the previous evening as though it would be Emma's last night
with us and both myself and the Phoenix had used her well, sexually adapting
her psyche to best take advantage of Sebastian Shaw's desire for his former
White Queen. We gave her a more subtle version of the sexual imprinting
techniques we use to ensnare our prey, knowing that the more sex Emma gave to
Shaw, the more he would be in her power.

Despite being a man driven by his desires, Shaw was a realist as well. He
would need convincing that the White Queen had indeed returned to the fold
and just letting him have her body would not be enough. It had proved to be a
prudent strategy as Shaw had brought Selene, the Black Queen, to this
particular rendezvous. An immortal being of considerable power, I considered
her to be the primary threat against my take-over, not least so little was
actually known about her capabilities. As a show of good faith, I had allowed
Emma to take Kitty Pryde and Storm with her, gifts for their pleasure. I
dipped back into the meeting.

"Xavier's teams are disbanding for good," I heard Emma reply. "The X-Men have
been decimated, scattered. The ones that came to me where easy for me to mould
and control. I have developed a new telepathic control which makes turns them

"Pleasure toys," Selene replied. "Those two exquisite creatures will whore for
our members, after I have... tested them."

"My agents are searching for the remaining members," Emma continued. "Plus I
believe that I will surprise you with a number of other recruits who will
perform equally as well, maybe not mutants, but all equally as... comely."

"Excellent!" Shaw roared. "Already our enemies begin to fall before us!
Selene... take personal control of the recruits situation. I'm sure you can
conjure up some imaginative tests for them. Shadowcat and the mighty Storm...
whores for the Hellfire Club. Make sure it is all videotaped."

Selene smiled, then rose, ordering the guards to bring the new acquisitions
to her chambers. I closed my eyes and turned off the monitors, allowing my
mind to travel the Astral Plane, meeting then merging with the White Queen.
The process had become so much simpler since Phoenix's transformation. I was
seemingly able to draw upon some of her telepathic reserves and a psi-link
was now the simplest of tasks.

Shaw began to advance on the White Queen, offering her a glass of red wine,
which Emma readily accepted.

"So... the White Queen returns to the fold," he leered - business now
complete, he sought his pleasure.

"As you say, it's an uncertain time, a woman needs to know she can feel safe."

"I'm sure you'll feel very safe in my private chambers."

Emma chuckled at the clumsy come-on, more than aware of the closeness of
Shaw's hulking body.

"What is this?" she asked. "A nice fuck to firm up our relationship?"

"You know that I have always desired you, Emma," he murmured, pulling open
her jacket and running a large open palm over her left breast. "Now you've
come back to me I have to got to have you."

Emma grasped the hand that kneaded her tit-flesh through her blouse and moved
to it to the other, cooing softly.

"Once you've had me once, you'll never settle for another woman," she
boasted, feeling her nipples poke through her bra and blouse as arousal
gripped her, much to the delight of her prospective lover.

"I know that," he replied.

Moments later, Emma hit the bed hard as Shaw kneeled above her, pulling out
his lust-bloated cock. Her blouse was ripped open, revealing her trademark
white lingerie. The perfect curves of her enticing cleavage fixating the
Hellfire Club's Black King as he leant down and burrowed his face into her
inviting tit-flesh, his hands clumsily pulling at her brassiere, finally
exposing her fully erect nipples.

As he sucked greedily on her mounds, Emma suddenly found herself intensely
aroused and quite wet, instinctively spreading her legs wide.

Noting the movement, Shaw pushed her skirt up, moved the crotch of her white
panties to one side and fumbled for his cock, penetrating her mouth with his
tongue in a deep kiss simultaneously with his fat cock's taking of her cunt.
Involuntarily, Emma continued moaning, bucking her hips at the sudden
intrusion, finding herself even wetter, despite Shaw's poor sexual technique
as he sawed in and out of her pussy.

Demanding control, she flipped him over, straddling his body, continuing the
irresistible urge to thrust herself onto Shaw's cock., leaning over to tease
his face and chest with her roving nipples. Her excitement built far quicker
than it ever had before and as he pushed up inside her, blowing his load into
her in one sudden lurch, she found herself reaching orgasm simultaneously,
spurting her own love cream over her new lover's cock. Emma smiled as she
realised that my new conditioning worked perfectly... she had become Shaw's
perfect mistress, with every orgasm she gave him slowly subverting him over
into her power.

I left her mind, returning to my physical form in the monitor room. I was
fairly certain that by sending in Storm and Pryde, I would witness how Selene
operated, maybe learning new intelligence that I would eventually use against
her. My curiosity was also piqued by what 'tests' she would conjure up for
them. I knew this Black Queen by reputation only, there being scant knowledge
of her in Cerebro's database, but all indications were that this bitch was
seriously bad news. She seemed to have taken an instant shine to Kitty, the
security cameras switching back to her chamber as she entered it, Pryde
already lying on her bed, clad in a black brassiere, g-string, stockings,
suspenders and high heels.

"What a wonderful gift this is," she purred seductively, eyes lighting up as
she witnessed the erotic spectacle of the auburn-haired minx dressed in the
Hellfire Club's traditional whorish apparel, laid out invitingly on her bed.
"Have you any idea why you are here?"

Kitty looked up, some element of fear evident in her eyes. "Did you wish me to
pleasure you... mistress?"

Selene laughed quietly, "Oh yes... but not yet. It's clear you've had some
instruction in discipline in your transformation from heroine to slave. We're
going to explore that discipline together. You call me 'mistress' with no
clear idea of what it truly means. I shall give that word true meaning for

I could see Kitty shiver and the fear this woman engendered excited me.
Physically the Black Queen was exceptional - she dressed to display her
curvaceous figure in figure-hugging, cleavage-revealing leather, and her
waist-length jet-black hair seemed so dark, you could lose yourself in it.

Kitty flinched away from the Black Queen's caress as she moved closer, running
her hand down her cheek, over her chest and into the cups of her brassiere,
squeezing her new toy's breasts and seeking out her nipples.

"I've got a little surprise for you, my dear," she murmured, breaking away
from her flesh for just a moment. "Call it a little reunion."

Selene moved over to the edge of the bed, pressing a concealed button.
Moments later the door opened, and a young man dressed in just a choker
collar and black thong strode into the room.

"Sam!" Kitty gasped, astounded by the former New Mutant's appearance. It was
Sam Guthrie all right, but not the Sam she knew.

"When the X-Men disbanded, I happened to chance across Cannonball here in
Monte Carlo," she paused for effect. "Alone... on the run, it was a simple
matter to corrupt him. I very much enjoyed his... company. Unfortunately, I
believe I may have blown his mind... now he's only good for one thing."

Selene felt Kitty shiver even more intensely beneath her as Sam advanced,
pulling away his thong and allowing his cock to grow before her eyes. The
Black Queen stopped his advance with a single gesture.

"I think he likes you," she goaded, returning to her exploration of Kitty's
breasts. "We're going to find out just how much!"

Kitty turned to face her, defiance in her eyes, a hard tone to her voice.

"What have you done to him?"

Selene's gentle caresses stopped suddenly as she took offence at the defiance
of her new toy. In a savage motion, she pushed Kitty back onto the bed,
producing handcuffs which she bound her with, attaching them to the metallic

"Let's explore discipline. Firstly, it's about knowing your place, slut!"

Selene stood, opening a mahogany cabinet and producing an evil-looking tawse
- a wooden stick with multiple leather straps sprouting from the end. A
sadistic smile crossed her face as she lashed out with it, striking Kitty in
the midriff, causing the young girl to scream and writhe on the bed in front
of her new mistress. Two more blows quickly followed, before Selene straddled
her  painful stomach, and pulled off Kitty's brassiere, exposing her
well-formed chests to the Black Queen's hungry eyes.

Selene ran a finger along the side of one exceptional tit, watching the
expression on Kitty's face.

"You're so sensitive, Kitten, can you imagine the pain I can give you via
these beauties?"

Tears streamed down Kitty Pryde's face as the pain mingled with Selene's
soft-as-silk caresses on her breasts. In desperation she looked to Sam
Guthrie, her friend, despair striking her as she watched him slowly
masturbating at the tableau before him.

"I wouldn't look to him for too much help," the Black Queen giggled. "Seeing
the two of us together is going to be sheer torture for him."

"Please don't hit me again." Kitty's voice was pitiful, punctuated by her

"Will you give your cunt to me, Kitten? Will you allow me to use it as I see

"Yes... yes, I will. I swear!"

"Will you pleasure me in any way that I desire... will you fuck any man or
woman who I send to you?"


Selene got off Kitty's stomach and laid to her side, opening her legs, and
toying with her pussy.

"You're so wet Kitten..." she marvelled, before slipping a finger into the
folds of her labia and driving it up into her cunt. "And so tight too."

Selene concentrated for a moment, shutting her eyes, her mind distant, perhaps
summoning forth some kind of power that she commanded. She moved around until
she was positioned above Kitty's pretty little pussy, fully exposed now after
Selene had ripped off her delicate panties with her teeth alone.

I thought she was about to go down on her new toy, until she stopped inches
above the glistening cunt below her. Suddenly, a thick, black, oil-like
substance sprung from her mouth and coated the young girl's cunt. She looked
up at Kitty's questioning face, as the last drops fell into her pubic hair.

"That's the essence of my lusts, Kitten, the dark and rank perversions that
as Black Queen I enjoy so much. Once it's inside of you, it'll grow and
nurture itself, shaping, bending and moulding you into the perfect Hellfire
Club whore. Can you feel it? Even now?"

Kitty Pryde shivered and nodded slowly as the ooze seeped into her nether

"I could just leave you and let my essence do its work of its own accord,"
Selene explained. "But I really like to do the job properly, to make sure it
gets... right... inside."

She leaned forward and once again began masturbating Kitty with a single
long-nailed finger, her thumb daintily caressing her clitoris. The young girl
began to moan at Selene's finger fucking, each time taking more of the black
essence inside of her. Feeling bolder, the Black Queen easily thrust another
finger into Kitty's yielding snatch, feeling resistance as she forced in a
third. Both pain and pleasure crossed Kitty's face as Selene abused her little

"Oh Kitten," she sighed. "This is going to be so painful for you..."

Poor Kitty screamed as the Black Queen scooped up more of the black substance
on a fourth finger and then began to ease it into the resisting cunt beneath
her. Selene looked over her shoulder to where her faithful slave Sam Guthrie
continued his tortured masturbation.

"Fuck my cunt, slave," she ordered. "But save your cum for this little girl."

Obediently Sam moved up behind his mistress, pulling down her panties and
thrusting into her with his rock hard cock. Selene gasped at the penetration,
even as she positioned her thumb at Kitty's distended cunt. Blood sprung from
the Black Queen's pistoning fingers as the thumb of her hand forced its way
in, but Kitty's pitiful screams were lost on the fucking couple in front of

Selene pushed deeper, deeper, until inside the poor girl's cunt she formed a
fist which she attempted to ram even further inside of her. At that point the
Black Queen climaxed, focusing her mental powers on the fist in Kitty's
ravaged vagina, transferring the orgasmic energy from her into her new toy,
knowing the effect that it would have on the poor girl beneath her.

Kitty's cries instantly stopped and an evil expression of rapture swept
across her features. At Selene's insistence, Sam removed his cock from her
cunt and moved across to the head of the bed, allowing Kitty to begin her
oral talents. Down below, a sated Black Queen marvelled at the wrist lodged
inside her whore's cunt, only pulling her hand free as Sam Guthrie's tortured
climax was orally engulfed by the new Kitty Pryde.  Selene marvelled at the
scene before her as she sucked Kitty's fluids from each of her fingers. I
figured that she had power which had enabled her to elasticise Kitty's
pussy... I knew from experience that no-one would be able to perform what she
had just done to a kid who had been virgin just a few days before.

Despite the debasement she'd just performed, the Black Queen's	new charge's
hunger for cock was insatiable and even as jism dribbled from the corners of
her lips, she redoubled her efforts on Cannonball's cock, sucking, licking
and tonguing his shaft, her fingers tickling the underside of his straining
scrotum in an attempt to coax new hardness into his exhausted prick.

Having just witnessed Kitty Pryde's indoctrination to her new world, I almost
pitied what ordeal must lay in front of poor Storm and the other conquests I
would populate the club with over the coming weeks... Still, I had better
things to worry about, so I turned off the monitors and left the room, lost
in my thoughts. This particular part of the plan was progressing nicely
enough without any more personal observation required on my part for the time

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