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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Ten: Storm's Pryde Betrayed

Phoenix had very specific plans for the enslavement of Ororo Munroe, the
X-Men's weather witch, and in order to test her bonding with me, I allowed
her full rein in taking control of the beautiful African goddess. Ororo had
been her very greatest friend - they shared a love that was deeper than that
she felt for her own baby sister. I didn't know whether to worry for
myself... or for Storm.

The being that had once been Jean Grey had transformed under my cock,
becoming an entity that I could only call the Dark Phoenix. I noted that she
despised being called Jean now, that part of her personality dead and buried
with her X-Man husband. How would she treat her old friend? Would she take
her as a lover or put her malevolence to use the way she had in subjugating
Silver Sable to our will?

The power of Phoenix's ruthlessness had been plain to see... Sable herself
had been fucked out of her mind and the six Wild Pack rapists had experienced
orgasms so intense, they'd retreated into comas and then into death... just
like Cyclops had under my sister's power.

Phoenix had arranged for Excalibur's Kitty Pryde to visit, my consort
claiming that the girl was instrumental in her scheme for Storm's seduction
into our dark world.

"I won't use my powers on Ororo," she had claimed. "I'm going to blackmail
her into tasting me... after I have betrayed her love for me in the most
obscene way possible."

She had laughed then, a near insane-sounding mocking laughter... I knew then
that Ororo Munroe was in for a bad time at the hands of her best friend.
Phoenix had brought Pryde to me in a near-catatonic state, my dark lover
stating that she had muted her mind until she was needed.

The girl intrigued me. She must have been about the same age as me and yet I
considered her a child, knowing to the touch that she was a virgin, a fact
that in itself aroused me. She was a gorgeous creature, finely toned body,
fair-sized breasts, cute face. Phoenix noted the swelling of my cock as I ran
my hands over Kitty's titties, the unmistakable firmness of still-budding

"Leave her be, lover," she sighed. "Storm will do anything to stop you
molesting this sweet creature... and once she's given herself to me, she can
watch as Pryde becomes a woman at your hands... a woman enslaved to your
gorgeous prick."

My Dark Phoenix moved behind Pryde and started massaging her temples, coaxing
her young mutant charge back into consciousness.

"Storm will be here in a moment... this has to be done properly. Take out your
cock," she breathed, eyes locked onto my member as I did her bidding.

It was the first thing that Kitty Pryde saw when she awoke. She began to
scream, causing Phoenix to instant cover her mouth with one of her hands, her
telepathic powers then sedating the girl with ease.

"Now then Kitty, it's me... Phoenix," she purred with her honey-voice.

"Jean? Wh... where am I?" I could sense the confusion and pain... Kitty Pryde
knew something was terribly wrong.

"Yes, it's me, Kitten... I want you to relax... relax..."

I noticed the girl become heavy-lidded almost immediately as Dark Phoenix
massaged her temples, caressing her hair, feeding her telepathic power into
the defenceless girl, a smile of sexual superiority plastered over those
perfect features.

I realised that her mental awareness was now inside Kitty's mind, the young
girl's eyes locked on my burgeoning prick. When Kitty spoke, Phoenix mouthed
the words behind her.

"I... I've never... seen a man's penis before... It's so big... so hard... I
want... I..."

Suddenly she screamed "NO!" and the smile on Phoenix's face widened as she
bore down with more telepathic power.

"I need to touch it," Kitty whispered. "I want to know how it feels... in my
hand... in my... my... mouth... in my... pussy."

 I can sense a girl in heat and I knew that Phoenix was channelling her
powers and fuck lust into the girl, a virgin who didn't know how best to act
upon those feelings. Phoenix smiled at me as I began to masturbate inches
away from Kitty's face.

"See that Kitty?" my angel of sexual evil murmured. "That's going to be inside
you. It'll make you a woman... a real woman. But you've got to do as I say...
don't touch it until I tell you. We're going to make you feel real good."

Kitty Pryde leaned forward to get closer to my cock, eyes locked on my
fisting hand as I jerked myself off slowly. There was no danger of me cumming
too soon, I controlled myself, storing up the sperm as my testes pumped it
out at a prolific rate. I chuckled to myself... Kitty's deflowering was going
to be a very wet affair.

The door opened and I noticed that Kitty was completely entranced, her gaze
never faltering from my prick. I saw drool escape from the edge of her mouth
and smiled to myself. Looking around I saw Emma lead in a blind-folded, bound
Storm, dressed in a simple colourful floral dress.

"Hi there Ororo," Phoenix lightly greeting her old friend.

"Jean? Is that you? What is happening here?" Storm sounded confident and
powerful, despite her current bondage.

Phoenix sat her down in a chair facing Kitty and I, standing behind her as she
removed the blindfold.

"Welcome to hell, my sister."

I did not look at Storm but I could hear her gasp of horror as she surveyed
the scene in front of her.

"Jean! What are doing! Stop this at once!"

"Oh Ororo... you don't understand do you? I'm not Jean... not any more. That
man there has changed me... I'm Phoenix now and forever, a creature dedicated
to my lover and my lusts... and together we're going to make you suffer."
Again that laugh. Subconsciously I began jerking myself quicker, realising
the full evil of my consort's mind.

Phoenix leaned over her friend, unbuttoning her dress from behind then
slipping a hand around to cup Ororo's left tit. I could see the outline of
her hand massage the large gland, before I witnessed the savage twisting of
her nipple, causing Storm to gasp out loud in pain.

"Hmmmmm.... Just as good as I knew they'd feel," she sighed, drinking in
Storm's new fear as she realised the terrible situation she was in.

"Here's the deal, Storm," Phoenix stated, a new seriousness to her voice.
"I'm going to untie you and you're going to follow my every order,
surrendering your body to me and pleasuring me as I command ... an experience
I guarantee you'll love."

Storm shuddered as she heard these words come from the mouth of her best

"And if I refuse?"

The woman who had once been Jean Grey chuckled to herself before replying.

"First of all, I shall get Kitty to remove her clothing. Then she touches his
cock... then she smells it, tastes it, jacks it off, sucks it... makes it cum
all over her face and tits. I think you can guess what happens after that, my

I heard another gasp and returned my gaze to the two women. Both of Storm's
breasts were now being molested and the self-same smile of sexual superiority
played over Phoenix's face... then she thrust her mouth into Ororo's neck,
kissing and nipping at the sensitive area. I watched with satisfaction as
Storm arched her back to her ministrations and I knew her to be wet.

"Submit to me, Ororo, and I will make you feel so... fucking... good...."

Then suddenly Storm strained at her bonds and screamed "NO!"...

Dark Phoenix stood and walked in front of her, ripping off the gold sash of
her costume and pulling the zip of her jumpsuit down, exposing her colossal
breasts to Ororo's stunned gaze.

"Are you sure, Ororo? I know you've always desired me - I'm a telepath,

"I'll... never... submit...!"

My erection grew even bigger, even harder as I anticipated what would come
next. Phoenix returned to her position behind the young girl and whispered in
her ear. Automatically, Kitty pulled off her mini-skirt, and began tugging on
her leotard, until her girlish tits sprung free. Although nowhere near as
large as the sizeable charms of the women in the room with her, they were as
beautiful as I imagined they would be, perfectly shaped, with fat, erect
nipples standing to at the crown of each.

I watched the shocked gaze on Storm's face as tentatively her hands came
forward to touch and investigate the feeling of my prick. As contact was
made, I felt an incredible charge of energy pulse through me. Her cautious
grip on my cock felt like heaven and I saw her tongue leave her mouth,
obviously curious about the taste and texture of my pole. It took all my
self-restraint to stay in my seat, stopping myself from leaping up, pinning
her down onto the ground and savagely ridding her of her maidenhood.

I could hear Storm saying the word "no" again and again, sometimes loudly,
sometimes under her breath as she witnessed her beloved Kitty clumsily
explore her first cock. She was getting more confident now, mimicking my
previous masturbation technique, adapting her style to please me as I moaned
to her more exciting strokes. I groaned and a blob of my clear precum oozed
from the swollen head of my cock.

The heavenly sight of Kitty's head descending to taste my cock nectar was cut
short as Storm cried "I'll do it!"

At a telepathic prompting from Phoenix, Kitty withdrew, her drool escaping her
mouth and landing on my scrotum, causing a sustained jet of clear juice to
spring from my cock in response, flowing down the side of my exquisitely
tortured tool as the virgin backed off, eyes still anchored on my prick.
At Phoenix's telekinetic bidding, Storm's bindings fell away and she stood
facing my lover, her face looking down on the floor, her dress ripping under
telekinetic duress.

"Look at me, Storm," Dark Phoenix challenged, lifting Ororo's face with her
gloved hands. "Aren't I the most beautiful woman you've ever seen?"

I felt myself become even more horny as I saw tears fall from Storm's
incredible sky-blue eyes, before she nodded slowly and moved her face closer
to her new mistress's. I saw Ororo open her mouth uncertainly and lean even
closer... and once contact was made with Phoenix's incredible pout, I saw my
lover seemingly devour poor Storm with passion, thrusting her tongue into the
wind-rider's mouth, exploring, ravaging, taking.

I kept my cock away from all physical sensation as I watched what happened
next. The mere sight brought me to the brink of climax, such was the erotic
power of my lover taking possession of a new slave. Phoenix leaned back in a
chair, allowing Storm to pull off her jumpsuit, fully exposing the incredible
body that I had sculpted through the sheer power of my lust. Her breasts
seemed even larger than usual, the nipples like inch-long torpedoes.

As Storm kissed up her thighs and over her stomach, Phoenix murmured, "My
precious Ororo... so sweet... so sexy... my breasts are so heavy for you.
Touch them... caress them... love them..."

The sight of the stunning black woman licking at my Phoenix's breasts seemed
almost too much for me. Phoenix faced me, a look of sexual contentment on her
face as Ororo massaged her vast, firm mammaries, an act I knew to be
tantamount to masturbation when dealing with my consort.

"Suck me..." she urged. "Drink from me..."

Ororo Munroe's life changed for good as the chemical addiction to our
unearthly powers kicked in. She nursed on Dark Phoenix's tits, pulling,
sucking and coaxing the milk from them. My lover squirmed, moaned and cried
out in ecstasy as Storm continued stroking and caressing her until I saw her
tit rise, stiffen then spew out milk-cum all over Ororo's face and chest. She
forced her to the other breast and the process repeated itself. This time the
black X-Man desperately tried to take it all in her mouth, but the volume was
way too great and as the final spurts covered her face and shot into her
hair, excess ejaculate sprung from her mouth and collected on her chin,
before dripping down to join the rest on her breasts.

For the final submission, the Dark Phoenix turned Storm to face Kitty and I,
and with a telepathic prod, Kitty moved forward and began licking the precum
from my cock, teasing me ever closer to orgasm.

I saw Ororo start to cry again, to begin a protest, but Phoenix's attention
was locked on Kitty's mouth and my cock, and she effectively silenced her new
toy by smearing her cum on her fingers then pushing them into Storm's slack

Experimentally, Kitty took the head of my penis into her mouth and hummed her
appreciation at the taste as she licked the precum from the source, my now
hyper-sensitive slit. I could take no more of this virgin torture and pushed
her head down viciously, savagely humping into her mouth as she choked around
my cock. I finally pushed myself over the edge and the torrent of spunk
sprung into her mouth, then intensified as I pulled her mouth from my cock,
her teeth grazing the head, bringing forth even more white goo to spurt over
her face, hair and tits. I grinned as I witnessed the terror and revulsion in
her face, wiping my cock across her lips, satisfied as a tiny spurt of my
cream disappeared up her nostril.

Still dripping cum, I lifted Kitty and threw her on the couch next to Ororo,
her lovely sopping wet teenage breasts rubbing against Storm's thighs. I
didn't care about any pain the young girl felt - I just thrust my tortured
cock deep into her snatch, feeling her hymen stretch and break as I ploughed
into her. Before I gave Kitty Pryde's tight young snatch its first feeling of
cum, I pulled out and made Storm lick off the girl's virgin blood from my
cock, even as my cream pulsed over her face, before returning to Kitty's
tight young cunt, ramming into it as hard as I could, bringing forth a scream
of pleasure-pain from my new teenage slut.

The sensations broke through her mental conditioning and she looked up
imploring at the greatest mother figure of her young life.

"Please Ororo, help me... I can't..."

Kitty gasped as I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of her delicious tit
flesh, using the resilient mounds almost as handles as I pushed further into

Phoenix's hands were all over Storm's pendulous breasts, kneading, teasing
and rubbing her ejaculate into her new possession, binding excruciating
feelings of sexual pleasure to the sight of a young virgin being roughly
taken. She almost peaked as her mistress dived into the nape of her neck,
planting kisses there and over her shoulders as the breast massage continued.
Her eyes closed, giving in to the rapturous pleasures being forced upon her.

"Storm! Please!"

In response, the white-haired mutant, previously so reserved and
conservative, merely spread her legs wide, exposing her hairless cunt,
glistening in arousal, clitoris unhooded, prominent and erect. I forced Kitty
forward, pushing her head into the juncture of Storm's legs, continuing the
pounding of her pussy, leaking cream down her silky thighs, giving her the
ultimate taste for cock that would never diminish.

"Suck her cunt," I urged through clenched teeth.

"Uh-huh... lick it Kitty," Phoenix ordered, turning to face Ororo, blowing
softly into her ear, rubbing her breasts over Storm's back, driving her even
more wild with sexual desire.

I was on the brink of total climax, my testicles bringing forth the cream that
would forever bind Katherine Pryde to her baser desires, and this was the
defining moment of her sexual existence.

Storm looked down on Kitty, her face inches away from her weeping snatch, and
smiled that wanton grin of sexual debasement, pushing her cherished Kitten's
face into contact with her cunt.

When Storm uttered the words, "Suck it Kitten," I knew that the deflowered
virgin began to lap at Ororo's clit in defeat and I could finally release the
stored reserves of submissive cream that shook my new slave and myself to the
core of sexual ecstasy. Kitty screamed into the cunt she licked so well as
orgasm shook through her and Ororo rode the wave of climax near
simultaneously - jamming her young pussy licker's face deep between her
thighs, not releasing her until the last dregs of pleasure were sought out
and enjoyed.

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