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Teilchech, after dinner,  was stuffed, filled, and bored.  It was time to get

With the corporals by his side, clipboards in hand, he confirmed each woman's
name and address.  He held their heads between his hands, probed their open
mouths, pinched their noses, nipples, and plucked at pubic hair.

Teilchech fondled every part of the nude women's bodies.  One very skinny
woman, about 20 years of age, recoiled and bucked with great fright as
Teilchech probed her rib cage.  The guards restrained her, twisting her arms
behind her back.  Teilchech's prick raged.  He found a ticklish one.

"Take this one to Room 1".   The woman screamed as she was led away.
In  Room 1, she was tied down naked face up, arms and legs spread wide,
but not painfully so.  Teilchech did not want any distracting discomfiture.

Teilcheck circled the rack where the bound nude woman was tied. He ran
his finger nails up and down the soles of her feet, poked at her under arms,
rib cage, soft belly, then soothingly massaged her prominent mound.

The woman shrieked at every touch, begging in panic, not to be tickled.
She was promising anything, and Teilchech took advantage.  He squatted over the
woman's face, spread his legs,  and ordered her to lick his asshole.

The terrified woman warmed to the task and Teilchech settled back, enjoying the
woman's darting tongue, slurping at the sensitive membrane of his anus.  As he
sat quite comfortably on the woman's face, he used the opportunity to pluck at
her nipples and part the hugely dense hairs between her legs.

Once again he became bored, and rose from the woman's spread body.  He summoned
the guards over.  "Tickle her until she squirts".  The guards laughed and
surrounded the naked woman.  The woman begged and begged, cried and begged. 
The guards smiled.  They started with her feet, running sharp finger nails up
and down the souls of her feet.  Others, shaping their hands into claws,
gripped and tickled her thighs and  flexing belly.  When merciless fingers dug
into the hollows of helpless underarms and naked rib cage, the woman nearly

The guards laughed more loudly as wee little arcs of piss squirted from the
uncontrollable urinary muscles of the woman's splayed sex.  Each guard caressed
and teased the tortured sex slit, while continuing to tickle the nearly mad
woman.  Finally, she passed out.

Teilchech's after dinner pleasure was interrupted by a special courier
dispatch.  The Mayor and his wife were suspected spies.  "Extract
information", was the only order.  Teilchech was pleased.  Extracting
information from the unwilling was something he enjoyed.  

Turning, he gave the order.  "Arrest the Mayor and his entire family".

The army grapevine informed Lt. Sylva Chekoff of the dispatch.

She began to sterilize her 'special' tools in the field hospital.




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