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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Eight: Transformation

Cum travelled leisurely through the root of my cock and lazily pooled in
Phoenix's inner lips, a testament to the delicious friction as I pulled out
of her cunt, my tool coated in the thickest, most luxuriant juices I've ever
coaxed out of a woman. She sighed beneath me, her legs still wrapped around
me, her body unable to fully release me from the sexual embrace.

I still lay on top of her, my chest mashed against her voluminous tits, her
nipples still thrilling me as her smooth movements rubbed them through my
sparse hair. My eyes were locked on hers, I couldn't escape their searching
intelligence, coupled with the lidded look of post-orgasmic contentment.

She smiled at me, knowing that we were now one, realising that her life would
never be the same again, understanding that she had been given power beyond
the comprehension of the old Jean Grey. My Dark Phoenix had changed beneath
my thrusts, both physically and mentally.

I remembered the delicious sensations of her already tight cunt taking shape
around my cock as I fucked deeper into her, knowing that my lust for her was
physically changing her to further enhance our sexual compatibility. When I
came hard within the tight confines of her exceptional cleavage, I felt her
breasts rise and tighten, before expanding slightly to further conform to my
vision of sexual perfection - her nipples grew larger and I felt a lance of
concentrated lust course through my body again as tiny droplets of milk
gathered on each magnificent crown.

When she took my cum and rubbed it into her face, I could visibly see the
tiny ravages of time erased from her features and as I smeared my drooling
cock on her lips, I detected a slightly more pronounced pout take shape
before my eyes, before she engulfed me, tasting and teasing me.

No matter how much jism erupted from my dick, there was always more to come,
and what orgasms I had felt were as nothing to the final, true, climax we
shared as our bodies locked together, our thrusting perfectly co-ordinated,
her perfect snatch milking me from within. When I felt the orgasm begin I
gave her everything I had - I felt my powers replicate in her mind and body
as she hit her own sexual heights, her back arched beneath me, her head
thrown back, her tits thrust into my face. I bit down hard on her nipples as
her cunt flushed its juices over my prick and her breasts surrendered their
precious load to my sucking mouth.

I turned over and laid on my back, pulling her with me, that magnificent mane
of red hair on my chest, those incredible tits flush with my cock, one of her
nipples teasing the underside of my scrotum.

"You actually did it," she breathed huskily. "You drove out Jean Grey from her
own mind."

"I couldn't have done it without the information you gave me, lover," I
replied as I caressed her scalp and toyed with her hair.

She laughed quietly, but it was a new, sinister-sounding chuckle that turned
me on immensely.

"We're going to do it together," she whispered. "We'll make them all our
slaves... the X-Men, the Avengers... we'll take them all of them. I can feel
your powers within me... you realised that only by sharing everything with me
would I become the consort you so desire."

"How do you feel?" I enquired, curious as to how pronounced her mental
transformation had become.

She looked up into my eyes, "Insatiable...unstoppable... I feel dirty...

My cock jerked beneath her and I instantly felt one of her soft hands begin a
wonderful masturbation technique that made me gasp in surprise. Hands had
never felt so good as they did when the second joined forces with the first,
so soft yet so purposeful. I shut my eyes and let the sensations flow through

"I don't think you truly know the full extent of the changes you've put me
through," she purred, moving down, each breast teasing one of my thighs. "Let
me show you, boyfriend."

Looking down I saw her elbows either side of my hips, her forearms a pyramid
around my cock. I heavily spurted straight into her mouth as I saw her head
descend upon my pole, taking me deeply and near completely in a single
motion. The feeling was indescribably good as I felt her circle and bob her
warm wetness around my cock, the icing on the cake coming from an incredible
humming that issued from her throat. Her throat, god! She took me even
deeper, right down into her clenching windpipe, perfectly regulating the gag
reflex to bring me immeasurable pleasure.

But there was something else too. Her breasts leaked milk profusely over my
thighs, the warm fluids sensitising the area to a new degree, and I noticed
her hips desperately seeking friction. Regardless of the frustration she felt
from not finding it, I knew her climax was approaching. How? The answer hit
me as my cock passed the point of no return - huge globs of cum blasted into
her mouth and I roared my pleasure at the stunning sensations passing through
my cock and balls as they were expertly drained. Then I saw the grip of
orgasm take my Dark Phoenix and as she feasted on the dregs of my orgasm, she
opened her mouth slightly to the most incredible sight I'd ever seen. Copious
jets of what looked like thick saliva spurted from the sides of those perfect
lips, mixed in with my own sperm, pooling over my cock.

I realised that I had given my consort the ability to orgasm orally, with a
tangible release, and despite the disturbing effect, I found it a huge turn
on. She pulled herself up, sensitising my chest with her perfect globes as
she rubbed them against me on her way up, then she wrapped her arms around my
neck and kissed me deeply, allowing me to taste her new ejaculate. As I
savoured and drank in the taste, her words echoed through my mind.

*I don't think you truly know the full extent of the changes you've put me

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