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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Seven: The Death of Jean Grey

Two days had passed since Jean Grey had touched my mind and revealed the
incredible truth to me. In that time I had remained in my private sanctum,
meditating, planning, fantasising... masturbating. From my psychic rapport
with Stephanie I had a dim awareness that she had left the Towers, probably
eager to seek out fresh meat to enjoy, to re-impose her sexual superiority
over men and women. I suspected that this time, women were singled out for
her pleasure, but it mattered little to me.

For two days I had felt near uncontrollable lust for Jean, an urge to be
inside of her, cumming continuously, moulding her, shaping her. Making her my
perfect consort. I knew that inside of her was a being of immense sexual
potential; despite only being with her for less than an hour she had already
taught me so much. And I had no doubts as to why Jean kept this aspect of her
personality deep within herself. It was evil, sheer evil that expressed
itself through her unleashed sexuality.

Truly she was my match, my complement. Together we would be unstoppable.

I spent many hours contemplating how to best manipulate her evil, how to
enhance her powers so as to augment my own. But always I knew that simply
fucking her cunt would not bring about the transformation I wanted. The
darker Jean was right; to truly make her mine I would have to effectively
murder that part of her mind which currently enjoyed control.

I learned to harness the lust-madness that consumed my mind. I used it to come
up with 10,000 different ways to humiliate and dehumanise Jean Grey. I smiled
and laughed as the insanity grew, as the plans for her debasement became ever
more elaborate. Finally I knew how to shatter her.

I summoned the White Queen who arrived looking hornier than I'd ever seen her.
She needed cum badly but I was not the man to give it to her.

"Have the Phoenix prepared," I ordered and slowly she turned away, shoulders
slumped as the realisation that she would get my sex hit her.

"Wait!" I barked. Instantly she turned around. "How have you felt without me,
my Emma?"

"I am... incomplete. Were it not for your order to telepathically take
Psylocke I think I would have died."

She was not joking. The White Queen had grown accustomed to taking load after
load of my orgasm. I would have to address this problem - the more of these
bitches I enjoyed, the more I would have to service. Each has their own
charms, but even I won't be able to keep them all happy.

"How have you entertained Ms Braddock?" I enquired, eager to know what horrors
Emma had inflicted on her.

She sat down before me, looking more than succulent in her white negligee.

"I gave her our first sexual encounter. I had her drugged, tit-fucked and
face-fucked until your cum ran out her nose. I made her submit the way you
made me submit." She then moaned as the reminiscences flooded her mind. "She
will be your whore now with no questions asked. She will give herself to you.
She will beg for you."

"You enjoyed it," I stated. "You desire her."

"Yessss...." She murmured, stroking herself. "But I need you. I need your
cum. Please... please!" She was shaking now, the need deeper than ever. I had
not seen naked greed for sex like this since the day Stephanie came to me,
begging me to repeat the rape of her ripe young cunt.

I ignored her. "Have you prepared Phoenix?"

She nodded, then turned to me and continued her begging. She made herself
look fucking alluring - the swell of her tits through her tight lingerie, the
clear exposure of her weeping pussy, the circling of her tongue around her
pouting lips. I had never seen a woman more desperate for my cum. But she
would have to wait.

I felt the surge just then, the need for sexual completion with my chosen
consort. I rode the wave of it, my mind never clearer. I strode purposefully
towards the chamber that contained my Phoenix, the White Queen following
behind me. She would be a required element of my mental and physical rape of
Jean Grey and she shadowed me eagerly, desperate for some kind of sexual
release, anything to dull the edge of her lust for my semen.

Emma had prepared her well. Jean lay spread-eagled on the bed, clad only in
black, lacy lingerie, which accentuated her curves, presented her breasts and
provided sweet teasing by barely covering the pussy I would be driving myself
into in due course. The cock throb I felt became even more pronounced, another
feeling I had not experienced since the day two years ago when I had first
discovered my terrible capabilities.

"Hello Jean."

"You... you... let me out of here!" her voice was desperate, demanding,
tinged with the terror that she knew was coming. Up against a fully aware
Jean Grey I am sure she would be able to resist the coming torture, but in
her current state she was more... pliable.

"All your life you've struggled to hold back her darker aspect. You fear me
because I've exposed it. You know how powerful it is, what it will do to you.
It expresses itself through your sex."

"You don't know anything!"

"That's why poor Cyclops never got the best out of his beautiful wife. You
were scared of letting your perversions run riot. Tonight we shall explore
them together. I shall let your dark side take over."

"You don't know what you're doing... don't do it!"

"If it wasn't for you Jean I wouldn't be able to. But you taught me that I
have the power to do absolutely anything I want to any woman I please," I
felt my cock pulse and the delicious sensation of pre-cum oozing from my

I uncovered each of her delectable mounds as she whimpered in fear below me. I
scooped up tiny droplets of my juice and allowed it to drop onto each of her
beautiful tits, catching her square on her nipples. With each contact she
gasped, her hips bucking.

"Feel it, Jean. Feel the lust for me. Know that the sensations increase as you
resist me."

"No! Arghhh!" I heard her genuine pain and grew more aroused. Glancing down
at my cock, I noted with admiration that it was more swollen then ever
before, the head a deep purple, clear viscous fluid running down the side.

"Only your love for the X-Men and your husband stops you from giving yourself
to me, Jean. But ironically it's what's going to make you my consort."

"Never!" she hissed. "It's what will defeat you!"

Defiant little bitch.

"Come now Jean. Let's face facts: you're here, powerless. The White Queen is
my slave. Poor Psylocke has been mentally raped night after night... and now
she begs for physical fulfilment. You telepaths are the only competition I
would have in breaking you all... but you're all mine!"

"We... will... beat... you!"

I leaned close to her, allowing her to sense my musk, the smell she would be
bonding to once her mind was broken.

"Fucking Rogue will be simplicity, you know that. So who does that leave?
Jubilee? She isn't too young for me, you know. I love fucking virgin pussy!"

"You... fucking pervert!"

"Come on Jean, admit it, it's only your hang-ups that stop you having Storm
yourself! She'd never turn you down, you know it. And Psylocke would fuck
anything that moved... wouldn't she love to dominate you, make you cum as she
ground her cunt into your face... anything to make up for the fact that Scott
chose you and not her."

Jean is shaking her head, trying to block out the images in my mind, which
Emma covertly transfers into her. The imagery, combined with the maddening
sexual itch on her nipples, is starting to unhinge her mind. I take more of
the leaking precum from my cock, and leave a trail under her nose. The
physical expression of my unfulfilled lust burns into her mind and she
screams. But she's still hanging on.

"How does it feel to have all the X-Men lusting after you, Jean? Storm wants
it, Rogue could if she would and little Jubilee would love to explore the
body she desires to grow up into."

"You... you don't... don't know anything about us!" She's losing coherence
now, and her body is a blur of bucking and convulsions next to me. "We're not
like that!"

I am a man possessed, a man whose cock yearns for cunt in the most primal
way. It takes every effort of willpower to stop myself ripping off her
panties and burying myself in her. More precum leaks down my cock and I
collect a small part of it, pulling her underwear down a tad and dripping it
into her tangle of red pubic hair. The sensation causes her to continually
shout the word "NO",  as it travels down and coats the exposed clitoris. I
own her body now.

"Your team mates just want to fuck you Jean, you know it and so do I...
Wolverine would get inside you in a second if you'd let him. I'm sure you've
felt Gambit's desire for you. Why don't you let them both have you, my
Phoenix, one in the mouth and one in the cunt."


"Even Xavier wants to coat the inside your pussy with his cum, Jean. Tell me
it isn't true!"

"I... I... No... I... NO!"

"You're so strait-laced, my Phoenix, but I'm going to be the first man ever
to take you to the heights of sexual release... you've never let yourself cum
when Cyclops fucked you, have you? Why didn't you let him go down on you? Why
did you never take his cock into your mouth? Why did he have to go elsewhere
to seek sexual fulfilment?"

This was the key. I moved my hand into her panties,  slipping two fingers
easily into her cunt. I rubbed frantically, circling her prominent clit with
my thumb.

"He... would... never!"

Emma moved forward and intensified the link between the three of us and I
poured Stephanie's seduction experience into my Phoenix's mind. The flash of
cleavage... the intoxicating smell.. the 'fuck me' look... the opening
door... the brutal intrusion... the flush of climax... the oral sex... the...

"YOU KILLED HIM!" she screamed between sobs of sorrow, the resistance
crumbling, the rise of her climax biting into her mind, despite the
realisation that Cyclops was now dead.

Her mind numbed before me and I could feel Jean Grey die beneath me as her
body grew taut beneath my masturbation. All at once, I heard a cry of sexual
ecstasy escape her lips and my hand was flooded as she came hard, the first
time ever that a man had done this to her. I ripped off the bra and panties
and Emma untied her.

Never before had I felt a sense of impending... completion. The Phoenix was
dead and with my sex, she would arise from the ashes in a new image, taking
her place as my true consort. The torture was finally reaching an end as my
neglected cock snaked up between her thighs, drooling liquid lust on her skin
as it sought its most cherished destination. As I pushed inside her, I felt
the oozing precum become thicker and creamier and realised that my cock's
capability for climax had returned. The Phoenix was my canvas and through
orgasm I would create a work of art... a work of sexual evil.

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