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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Six: Stephanie's Successor

In the clarity that came after my release, I knew that something had gone
wrong. Why had my sister succumbed to the Phoenix? Where did these powers
come from when I had personally felt Stephanie dull that part of her mind? I
pulled Jean away from Emma's tits, where she had resumed feasting on my cum
after my own supply had ran out. I demanded answers and I got them.

Jean laughed at my clumsy questioning. "Oh dear," she smiled. "You're not even
sure of what you're capable of, are you?"

Up to this point I hadn't had any worries about my capabilities, but with Jean
this was so different. I didn't know what do think. How could I take the plan
any further if I was not even sure of my own powers?

"I felt your hunger, your desire, as soon as I was in the water. I felt your
cum attacking me, arousing me, tempting me into the darker recesses of my
mind. It was you that opened those up for me. It was your personal lust for
me to be like this that turned me."

"I know my sperm has certain... addictive and sensitising properties... but
it's never gone this far before. It's never done so much."

She smiled that malevolent smile and chuckled to herself.

"That's because you've never desired someone as much as you lust for me," she
stated matter-of-factly. "You wanted me to dominate Stephanie, you wanted me
to gain power from her, you wanted me to fuck the superiority out of her."

I struggled to grasp the concept. Jean nodded as I looked her in the eye, the
realisation suddenly dawning.

"Uh-huh, that's right lover, your cum has the effect you want it to have,"
Jean smiled. "The scope of your desire has never had such a deep foundation
as it has with me. Hence the different result."

Satisfied with her explanation, Jean moved back down to Emma's face, and
started to lick her cheeks, scooping up my cream with her tongue. Having
experienced Jean's power close-up, Emma lay transfixed, shaking at the power
of her old enemy.

I found the sight deeply exciting. "Haven't you had enough yet?"

"The old Jean Grey is fighting back. The elation I get from your cum drives
her back... again, it's another manifestation of your lust. You desire to
bend me to your will, to break me."

"This has never happened before..."

Phoenix looked at me and smiled. "Are you absolutely sure about that? Really?"

I nodded emphatically, to which Phoenix shook her head sadly. She got up and
walked to me, my eyes looked to her swaying breasts, nipples erect. She
grasped my temples and stared straight into my mind.

"Let's go back, lover, back."

My mind blurred, my vision blackened and suddenly... I am elsewhere. It's
Christmas, two years ago. I'm 14 years old. I'm sitting in my bedroom,
masturbating furiously, my eyes shut. I'm also standing at the door, in front
of Jean, and we're both watching my younger self. Phoenix has taken us to the
Astral Plane, moulding it around my memories.

Phoenix has one hand snaked around on my chest, the other cupping my groin.
"What's going on here, lover?"

I'm looking at myself, so desperate to come. "I've just seen Stephanie step
naked from the shower.	I saw her titties, her beautiful pussy. I can't
control myself... I've got to cum so badly."

The younger me is moaning in frustration, my face is reddening. I'm starting
to cry.

Jean intensifies the massage on my groin, moving her spare hand down to pick
out my erect organ and start a purposeful jacking off movement. "Why are you

"I can't cum. I don't know why... I've never felt so horny. It just won't
shoot. I need it so badly..." I hear a gasp from beside me... the 14-year-old
Stephanie has just walked in, towel wrapped tightly around her teenaged

"Miles!" she exclaims, eyes locked on my violent cock strumming.

Jean continues masturbating me as I watch myself look up in shock, before I
see an unfathomable evil cross my face. I get up, my saliva-lubricated cock
jutting into the air. I lose myself in the feeling of Jean's hands as I watch
myself rip off the towel protecting Stephanie's modesty, pin her to the floor
and clumsily force myself inside my virgin sister, as she struggles beneath
me. The rape is quick and more brutal than I remember it. She doesn't scream,
she just whimpers as I slam myself into her, busying myself on her tits as I
feel myself build up to climax. I see all resistance leave my sister as the
cum fills her and then it becomes all so clear.

"Your sister isn't a mutant, lover," Jean murmurs in my ear, slowing her
jerking motion. "You gave her your powers and refined what you wanted from
her with each subsequent fuck... when I took her it was what you wanted...
you gave your own slut sister to me, sweetheart..."

And with that the vision vanished and we were back in the monitor room,
everything now so clear. My cock throbbed with an unholy lust and Jean
recognised it immediately.

"Get your whore to blow you," she spat with contempt pointing at Emma's
huddled form. "Because when we fuck you're going to need to know exactly what
you want from me. Do me casually and I'll just be another toy to join your
legion, like Ms Frost here."

I looked at the fearful White Queen with sexual intent and she crawled towards
me on her hands and knees, before beginning her oral magic.

Jean pointed down at the enslaved bitch. "When she's done, lock me away and
allow the real Jean Grey to retake this body. Starve yourself of all physical
release. Think only of me and what you want of me. Masturbate for me but deny
yourself orgasm. When you are even more horny than you were when you took your
sister, come to me."

Emma's head was exquisite as always. Her tongue danced around the beet red
tip of my cock, the sloppy sucking sounds turned me on ever more, the perfect
application of oral suction taking me right to the edge. But I didn't cum.
The White Queen's cock-teasing was second to none but my eyes were locked on
Jean's as I reached the brink.

Phoenix broke from my gaze and clasped her head, seemingly in pain.

"She... she's fighting again... so strong... I can't..." she concentrated
then looked at me with her last moment of evil clarity. "You need to destroy
her mind before taking her body. Take all meaning from her life then allow
her to accept me... to make me eternal! I can be the most powerful woman on
earth... your consort... your lover!"

Emma used her hands to aid in adding exquisite sensations to her oral powers,
but it was no good. As Phoenix's internal conflicts overtook her and collapsed
her mind, I humped hard into the White Queen's mouth, desperately seeking that
one final release before preparing myself for the ultimate fuck seduction. But
for the first time in two years I could not cum, regardless of the strength of
my lust, the urge to bathe her face with my cream.

It had begun.

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